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Highlighting the Twitter reaction regarding Mike Brown being named Lakers' coach

photo: People within the Lakers organization have not said much publicly about the team's decision to hire Mike Brown as its new coach. Credit: Matt Sullivan / Getty Images / April 18, 2009 Forget about reading Tweets in 140 characters or less. When it comes to big news, such as, say the Lakers (or Jim Buss) hiring Mike Brown as their head coach, the tweets are going to come out in full rapid fire. It's easy to follow this since I as well as many others make a timeline featuring NBA/Lakers tweeters, but some don't have all that luxury. 

Plus, it is sort of fun, not to mention excruciatingly time-consuming to go through everything NBA players and media types have to say about the hire. A few things are clear: reporters have way much to say about it than the players do for obvious reasons, there's plenty of skepticism on the hire and there's plenty of open-mindedness to see if this might actually work. Enjoy.

Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson)

@Lakers business - Mike Brown, new head coach? What will happen to the roster? It's going to be an interesting summer.

If Mike Brown is the @Lakers coach, there's a few reasons: hes a defensive coach, familiar w/the west, & has experience coaching a superstar.

"Congrats to Mike Brown, the new coach of the @Lakers. Good luck & look forward to seeing you lead them to another championship."

"Brian Shaw has been a champion Laker both as a coach & a player. I hope everything works out well for him."

"For Jim Buss, this is a bold move hiring Mike Brown and I hope it all works out."

Lakers guard Derek Fisher (@derekfisher)

"A lot of really great coaches were being considered for the job. B Shaw was at the top of the list! He'll be amazing and wherever he goes is lucky to have him.Will miss Phil but excited to start a new chapter under Mike Brown. Looking forward to a different style and energy!!"

Lakers forward Pau Gasol (@paugasol)

"I'm excited about our new coach, I hope he can lead us to more titles"

Lakers forward Ron Artest (@ronartest)

"Wow I spoke to coach brown"

Nowhere have  Lamar Odom or Jeanie Buss given any official comment about Brown's hiring despite their frequent Twitter usage. 

Former Cavaliers guard Mo Williams (mogotti25)

"Congrats to mike brown... Lakers won't be sorry for that hiring"

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan)

"Congrats to Mike Brown and family on new opportunity in L.A. MB is one of highest character human beings I have ever met. Class all the way"

L.A. Times NBA Columnist Mark Heisler (@MHeislerLATimes)

"REMEMBER RUDY T? MEET RUDY II: Mike Brown as same mistake Jimbo made it '04, only this one may not bail in 3 months, leaving $27 mill behind" 

"NOT THAT JIMBO ISN'T UP TO THIS: In one week in '96, Jerry West got Shaq & Kobe... In one week in '11, West went to GS and Jimbo Era began" 


"NOT THAT IT'S ALL OVER (YET)--But guess who'll be making all those key personnel decisions?... Whole sordid story in our Thursday paper."

L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Mike Bresnahan (Mike_Bresnahan)

"It's (practically) official. Consider me surprised. Very. RT @BA_Turner: Mike Brown to Lakers...$4.5 mill a year, 3 yrs, team option for 4th

"Kobe confused by hiring of Mike Brown, had no comment when reached by The Times. He would've endorsed Brian Shaw."

"Lakers release statement saying they're "very impressed" by Brown + have "outline for agreement in place." Contract 2B signed w/i a few days"

L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Broderick Turner (@BA_Turner)

"Mike Brown to Lakers, when he agrees to contract, $4 to-$4.5 mill a year. 3 years, team option for fourth year, accouring to NBA people." 

"Got to admit, Lakers surprised me with decision to hire Mike Brown. Jim Buss all the way in this"

L.A. Times Clippers beat reporter Lisa Dillman (@reallisa)

"Money quote from Mo, about Mike Brown taking bullet for his players. “Oh man. He’ll take it,” Williams said. "Without a bulletproof vest on”"

"See that Mike Brown trending in Canada, Italy, Spain & Philippines. Waiting for Germany, France & South American countries to get w/program." 

Photo: Former Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown, who has agreed to become coach of the Lakers, is known for his direct coaching style. Credit: Tony Dejak / Associated Press / February 18, 2010. Sports Illustrated NBA reporter Sam Amick (@sam_amick)

"Lakers and Mike Brown are close to finalizing their deal. Have to admit I'm shocked with how quickly it went his way."

NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony (@GregAnthony50)

"Jim Buss did not want anything to do with anything that had to do with #PhilJackson Thus Brian Shaw got the Shaft...just talking bout Shaft"

ESPN The Magazine's NBA reporter Chris Broussard (@ChrisBroussard)

"Kobe on board with hiring of Brown, has great respect for him, according to sources." 

"LATimes reports some say Kobe confused by MBrown hiring. I've been told he respects Brown, but I haven't talked to Kobe directly. We'll see." 

Orange County Register Lakers beat reporter Janis Carr (@janiscarr)

Wow. Soon-to-be Lakers coach Mike Brown is a higher TT than @KimKardashian. And he doesn't even have a ring.

Orange County Register's Lakers beat reporter Kevin Ding (@KevinDing)

"What Mike Brown means: fresh voice, intensity on D, Artest/Bynum opportunties, Jim Buss' break from Phil." 

"Mike Brown's contract is not completely done yet. He won't officially be Lakers coach until perhaps Tuesday."

710 ESPN's Beto Duran (@DuranLA)

"Enough with overreacting to Lakers hiring Mike Brown. It's Oprah last show!"

Fox Sports West's Michael Eaves (@michaeleaves)

"He's a good coach.. Only time will tell if he's right choice for LA RT @Lmg11455@michaeleaves u like m brown, u think he keeps cleamons?"

Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin (@basketballtalk)

"All Brown has to do is fill the shoes of Phil Jackson and appease a fan base that isn't happy unless Lakers win two NBA titles a season." reporter Scott Howard-Cooper (@SHowardCooper)

"Said all along Buss history of coaching hires made predicting impossible -- and I'm still surprised. Imagine Lakers fans more like letdown."

"Agree with @lazenby that no way Buss makes this call without Kobe being on board. Jerry Buss, though. Jim Buss, all bets are off." 

"Love the mentions about next Lakers coach as cost-saving move. ANY hire is saving after Phil at $10M. Could have hired Doc or Pop and saved."

"Jerry Buss told me 10 months ago Jim has final say on about 80% of decisions and that calls are being made more often w/out consulting dad." 

"Lakers didn't have to make Kobe a consultant on coaching hire. But they had to let him know decision. Respect for franchise player."

ESPN Los Angeles Lakers bloggers Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky (@espnlandolakers

"If the Lakers do in fact hire Mike Brown, it would be imperative they bring back Ira Newble. AK #KnowsTheSystem

"Great comment from LO'L chat currently underway, re: Jim Buss taking over: This is turning into the plot from Tommy Boy. AK" 

"@bryanboatman one reason Shaw is popular is because he's a blank slate, and fans can project all sorts of good things on to him. BK" 

"@chrisram88 Initially skeptical, but trying to learn more and keep an open mind. BK" 

"We'll know it's a paradigm shift for the Lakers if it turns out Andrew Bynum was consulted before hiring Mike Brown. AK" 

"@forumbluegold It's also more practical to have the conversation. To risk alienating Kobe over something like this is pointless. AK"

"The conversation isn't about kissing Kobe's a--. It's about putting out fires before they even start. AK"

"@TheLakersFreak I don't think feeling a need to talk w/Kobe is problematic. Again, not getting his approval, just showing respect. AK" 

"@TheLakersFreak He doesn't "need" to. But if he'd like the company to run as smoothly as possible, he should do it anyway. AK" 

"@TheLakersFreak Is Jim Buss more intent on proving he's running the show, or having the transition to go as smooth as possible? AK" 

"@TheLakersFreak Dunno if it's a big problem, either. But it "could" be, and in the meantime, easily avoidable. So why not do it? AK" 

"@TheLakersFreak Put it this way: Lotta upside w/ keeping Kobe informed, even w/o a "vote." Can you think of any upside in not? AK" 

"@robbyrobbass I still have my questions, but after talking to some people feel much better about him now than I did before... BK" 

Cavs: The Blog's John Krolik (@johnkrolik)

"Laker fans know that having Gasol, Bynum, and Odom as the 2/3/4 players gives MB more options than Mo/Varejao/Corpse of Shaq, right?"

"The real Mike Brown team was the 2008-09 roster. Brown failed to manage the 09-10 frankenfrontcourt created by panic moves."

"Brown can coach an offense, but he's never had to try and coach one with the kind of players the Lakers have."

"@forumbluegold He averaged 63.5 wins in his last two years. Shouldn't be a shock he's not completely incompetent."

"Still kind of in a state of shock about the Mike Brown/Lakers thing. I won't fully believe it until I see him spitting in that cup in LA."

Lakers author Roland Lazenby (@lazenby)

"So Mike Brown is the next Jim Buss disaster?" 

"Mike Brown is a good coach. Question is, can Jim Buss run an organization? We'll see."

"Funny, I've never heard any pronouncements from any basketball folks about how much they respect Jim Buss. Not even peoples on his payroll." 

"Internal complaints about Jim Buss hiring RudyT were that he just did it without consulting others in the organization. Same true this time?" 

"You can understand Jerry Buss as a father wanting his son to find some place in life, to do well. But not here. Not now. Not the Lakers." 

"Good thing the Lakers got swept. Imagine how hard it would be for Jim Buss if Phil Jackson had left a really sizzling stage as a follow act" 

"The Lakers' move toward Brown has to be a blow to Derek Fisher." 

"Mike Brown hire indicates just how much Busses despise Phil. No way they would hire Shaw, a PJ protege. That would give Phil some influence" 

"I don't see Mike Brown as a bad hire, per se. But watching Chicago at the end last night emphasizes that defense alone doesn't win titles." 

"Lakers fans had better get used to trusting Jim Buss. He's got the keys to the machine. It's his franchise to drive into the sunset." 

"The hard part for Lakers fans is they have emotional ownership of the franchise, but Jim Buss has the title and deed." 

"I'm guessing Phil Jackson has spent the day consoling Jeanie Buss and trying to calm her frustration." 

"One thing's certain. With Jim Buss driving while blind behind the wheel of the Lakers, tranquilizer use and therapy sessions will soar in LA" 

"Another thing that's clear: Jim Buss has gained so much knowledge about NBA personnel matters that he decided to cut loose Ronnie Lester" 

"If Jim Buss is making most of the Lakers decisions, it must have been his call to lay off all of the franchise's long-term loyal employees" 

"Have to give him this: Jim Buss can stir more drama than any quiet man in America. Brown hire should be ok. It's just how he goes about it" 

"A Phil Jackson friend said the franchise would descend into chaos once Phil was gone. Lakers laying off the support staff might be the start" 

"I would point out that @JeanieBuss has been silent on the developing news, but what is there for her to say at this point?" 

"Pretty amazing how determined the Busses are to erase Phil's imprimatur and influence. Not even a "farewell" and "nice job" from father/son" 

"Brown does have a history of collaboration with LeBron, until LeBron decided collaboration wasn't what was needed." 

"Morale at the Lakers has to be low. First, Jim Buss lays off the support staff in the midst of a playoff series. ... Now he acts solo again." 

"Phil Jackson spent his entire tenure with the Lakers trying to limit the influence of Magic Johnson. He targeted the wrong foe, it seems." 

"Ronnie Lester was a Buss guy, not a Phil guy. Who knows? Jim Buss has always wondered what's the fuss about scouting. Just ask the barkeep." 

"Lakers fans may not have paid much mind to Jim Buss. But yesterday he got their attention. It's his show now." 

"If Jim Buss is half as smart as his old man, the Lakers should be a'ight. Problem is, he probably isn't." 

"One thing Mike Brown will not do is intimidate Jim Buss. That makes for a comfy Jimmy but a problematic mix for a veteran Lakers roster .... Big Chief Triangle, of course, intimidated Jim Buss just by breathing." 

Sports Illustrated's NBA blogger Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_SI)

"Mike Brown's worst coaching moment was '10 Boston series. Mitigating: 1) BOS really good; 2) Front line constructed last minute."

"Folks I talked to day almost universally said Brown needs a great staff. Can say that about anybody, though, I guess." 

photo: The Lakers have agreed to hire former Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown as their new head coach. Credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images / January 8, 2010. ESPN Los Angeles columnist Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi)

"Not often a team replaces a coach with the highest winning % with a coach with the 5th highest winning % and gets hammered for it."

"Mike Brown has a .663 winning percentage in the regular season. Red Auerbach: .662, Pat Riley: .636, Rick Adelman: .605." 

"Lots of Lakers fans want a "championship" coach but Popovich & Rivers are only active coaches with NBA titles now." 

"Last time the Lakers chased a "championship" coach to replace Phil Jackson they hired Rudy Tomjanovich."

"Mike Brown’s record in five seasons as a head coach is 272-138. Doc Rivers’ record in his first 8 seasons as a head coach was 273-312."

"Didn't think Kobe would pick the next Lakers coach but I'm surprised he wasn't at least consulted."

ESPN Los Angeles' Lakers beat reporter Dave McMenamin (@mcten)

"Mike Brown has had a Forrest Gump-like bball journey: On the floor for Mutombo crying, Malice @ Palace, LeBron's 25 straight pts vs DET ..." 

"Mike Brown facts: His NBA career began as a video coordinator with the Denver Nuggets in 1992" 

"Mike Brown facts: He went to Wurzburg American High School in Germany and later the University of San Diego where he played basketball" 

"Mike Brown facts: He has LAL ties from coaching Ron Artest w/ Chuck Person in IND and having Shannon Brown & Trey Johnson on his team in CLE" 

"Mike Brown facts: He broadcast a Lakers game for ESPN 3D in PHX this year and sat in front of me, blocking my view of the game. Ha"

"Bengals owner Mike Brown said "We want a football player" re: Ochocinco. Will LAL's MB say "We want a basketball player" re: LO's TV gig?"

ESPN The Magazine's NBA writer Chris Palmer (@thechrispalmer)

"Mike Brown doesn't feel altogether right for me in LA. Given the choice I would have hired Brian Shaw."

"The Lakers are big and slow. Mike Brown loves to grind it out. Let the Slowtime Era in LA begin."

Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus (@EricPincus)

"Yeah Rudy T was overpaid by the Lakers back then - but he was a championship coach - I think it's time to let that one go." 
"I can't say if Jim Buss is or isn't ready to lead the Lakers like his father - odds are slim anyone has as much success as Jerry B"

"Just because Jerry West and Phil Jackson - 2 giants at their positions - don't endorse Jim - doesn't mean they're right"
"Jim Buss may not lead the Lakers well - but he might - I can't say either way. I don't jump to conclusions." 

"But if Jimmy championed Bynum - that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm over Rudy T. What else is there to go by?"  

"When it comes to coaching in the modern NBA I think Brown far better equipped than Rudy was at that point however" 

"The big question is - can Brown command respect - Rudy didn't at the time. Not sure yet either way on Mike. Many skeptical too" 

"If it's true that Jim Buss has had a bigger say since about 2004 - Lakers have done pretty well in that stretch - is that independent?"

"All I'm saying - the odds of Jim being as good as Jerry = slim. A lot of detractors naturally. But the reality? Unwritten as of yet."

ESPN Los Angeles columnist Ramona Shelburne (@ramonashelburne)

"If you're not already convinced Lakers want to move on from Jackson era, consider this: Phil has not spoken to Jim/Jerry since season ended" 

"@KJSCV Thanks Ken. I wanna see Mike and hear what he has to say before giving a full opinion. I remain very open-minded on the hire" 

"@JulianNewman Jim's following his instincts. Just not a long-enough track record to know how much confidence that shud give you :)"

DirecTV's Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano)

"If Byron Scott had only waited one more year..."'s Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33)

"Wait, the Lakers didn't hire Dunleavy? I just lost 35 columns over the next 3 years! This is an outrage!!!"'s NBA writer Marc Stein (@Stein_Line_HQ)

"Mike Brown was heavy favorite for GSW job. Then Lakers swooped in on Brown. But Dubs hired Laker legend Jerry West first. Think they'll cope"

"Van Gundy best fit presence- and personality-wise. Adelman fits better style-wise. For my money Lakers got third-best choice in terms of fit"

ESPN analyst/writer Michael Wilbon (@RealMikeWilbon)

"Mike Brown is Jimmy Buss's choice for coach and younger Buss loves Bynum...wonder if this means no way he deals Bynum for Dwight Howard?"

"Also apparently there will be no triangle w/out Brian Shaw as coach. Wonder how Kobe feels about no triangle, no B. Shaw?"


Yahoo! Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA)

"Don't expect Kobe Bryant to have an immediate public reaction to Mike Brown's hiring. He will let Lakers introduce new coach."

"Mike Brown expected to make bid for well-regarded Dallas assistant Tim Grgurich to join Lakers staff, sources say. They're close friends."

"Lakers assistant Chuck Person has good relationship with Brown back to Pacers days. "That could help Mike's transition," says league exec."

Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold)

"In the end, I have mixed emotions but can support this move & see its merits. There are concerns, but would be w/ any replacement for PJax."

"One thing I'm truly interested in is who is on Brown's staff."

"I'm not sure what to make of reports that Kobe wasn't "consulted" before Brown hiring. On the one hand, you'd want him on board beforehand.

"OTOH, Kobe had already publically endorsed Shaw & asking his thoughts on someone other than him puts you in a bind if he disapproves."

"I still think you need to ask him what his thoughts are, but that's a tough conversation if both sides have already made up their minds."

"@jeffskibiski I agree with that. Management should at least have the courtesey of talking, but w/ no guarantees of acting on input." 

Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore (@dexterfishmore)

"Lotta people telling me today that Mike Brown's a good coach. Zero people were saying this a year ago."

"Gotta love all the Cavs and ex-Cavs endorsing the Mike Brown hire. "You know that coach we totally quit on? You're gonna love him!"

"Laker fans hope all pens stolen 'before then.' RT @latimeslakersLakers hope to sign contract with Mike Brown 'within the next few days.'"

"Rumors about top assistants joining Brown remind me of when USC hired Kiffin. "You may not like ME, but look at these fancy coordinators!""

"Mike Brown was the blog community's punching bag for YEARS. Now it's, "You know, Mike Brown's actually a good coach!" Cognitive dissonance." 

Lakers Nation (@LakersNation)

"The Mike Brown hire is like getting dumped by an awful girlfriend. Sure you know it might be a good thing but at the time it seems lousy."

"Obviously the interview was brief but I like Brown's enthusiasm and desire to get to work. Can't argue with that."  

"Speculation: @Lazenby is extremely upset with the way Jim Buss is handling the Lakers"

"Lots of controversy over whether or not the Lakers should have consulted Kobe before hiring Mike Brown. What are your thoughts?" 

"Heard interesting idea this afternoon on Doug Gottlieb's radio show: Lakers understand that Kobe's dwindling and they're looking to move on." 

"Not immediately, but they're starting to look to the future. No doubt Kobe's age and mileage will soon become an issue." 

"Personally I think it would have been a good idea to consult Kobe, but it's not ownership's responsibility to consult with players."

 --Mark Medina

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Top photo: People within the Lakers organization have not said much publicly about the team's decision to hire Mike Brown as its new coach. Credit: Matt Sullivan / Getty Images / April 18, 2009

Middle photo: Former Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown, who has agreed to become coach of the Lakers, is known for his direct coaching style. Credit: Tony Dejak / Associated Press / February 18, 2010.

Bottom photo: The Lakers have agreed to hire former Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown as their new head coach. Credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images / January 8, 2010.

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5 summers ago, during the TRADE ME- DON'T TRADE ME Summer, I launched a full scale assault on Jim Buss by calling him THE REAL CANCER of the team. 3 Finals appearances and 2 rings later, I called a cease-fire.

After reading Heisler's article, I may have to get my gunbarrels loaded up again.

Mike Brown was the only coach they (JIM!) interviewed? REALLY?


Philip Anschultz of AEG: Please do us all a favor and put Jerry Buss out of his misery and buy the team. Seriously.

The fact that the Lakers held exactly ONE interview with a coach is troubling. This is one of the most prestigious coaching positions in all of sports and they pull the trigger after interviewing ONE guy? Doesn't make any sense.

Posted by: Mark Medina | May 26, 2011 at 08:56 PM

Kupchak said they interviewed three candidates. It's said that on the interview with Dan Patrick today that I posted at 4:46pm.

MM: Nice job compiling the twitter reactions. I hate the way people write in twitter shorthand though.

- - -

The decision to bring in Mike Brown has a lot of people more upset than I am. I'm disappointed that B-Shaw wasn't given a chance but really there wasn't a 'clear-cut, must-have' coach out there like the Phil Jackson hire was in '99.

It's exciting to see that Brown is going to try and bring in a defensive-minded coaching staff. Tim Grgurich is a defensive-oriented coach who the Lakers have had interest in in the past, this coach from Real Madrid is also known to be a defensive guy. We retain Chuck Person and it can be one of the best defensive coaching staffs in the entire league.

To me this defensive emphasis is exciting! One can argue that the Lakers lost their way defensively this year, not on the offensive side of things. There is a lot of untapped player-potential here, defensive potential. Lakers have had great individual defenders, but rarely have they displayed great TEAM defense. Now they have a coach that will coax them and coach them to concentrate on their D, that is great!

As for Kobe being notified, it's not a big deal in my book that he wasn't. He already made it known the guys he wanted. It's possible Kobe would not wanted Brown when asked, and then what? They couldn't ask him his opinion and then turn around and hire him anyways. That would have been worse.

One thing though, papa Jerry was always very close to his players. His relationship with Magic was probably the closest between an owner and player in all of sports. I know there was some rift between Phil/Jeannie and Jimmy - but I hope this doesn't carry forward. Jeannie seems to be a lot more popular amongst players/staff, but Jim is the one with the decision-making power. Last thing we need is an emerging sibling power-struggle.

Last thing, sad to see a longtime-Laker like Ronnie Lester get thrown away like the garbage. Seems like whenever they showed a TV shot of Mitch in the stands, Ronnie was right beside him. I know they are doing a lot of staff cuts since they are expecting a lockout, however they will soon be tapping into that huge television deal revenue and it's a shame to see them penny-pinch that much.



Type pad says I'm a nobody! But I am a somebody! I know I am.

Anyway the way I look at it Mike Brown is tremendous hire if we find a couple of guys that can spread the floor and make teams pay for camping out in the paint or doubling Kobe. If we don't find those guys, he's a bust.


(Michael H)

Richard/ dice8up
How can I change my handle in typepad.... arrgggghhh.. dice8up is my handle...



click on your handle it will send you to your typepad page. Then click on edit your profile and change your display name.

when I first did this it didn't go through right away. Not sure if you have to wait a few minutes or what. But I did it a second and third time and it finally updated.

I personally think the Mike Brown hire was a bad basketball decision. But that pales in how bad an ownership decision it was. I don't know what kinds of people are defending not consulting Kobe, but I bet they have never had a successful working or personal relationship.

Jim may or may not be a moron an imbecile but the way he went about the process he was a moron. Kobe has been a Laker since 17 or 18. He has dedicated every ounce of his will and body and time to the Laker organization. You do NOT as a human being just ignore him during this process. You DON'T. That is bordering on being inhuman.

You don't let him make the decision but you do not ignore him also.

How Jerry let this happen is beyond me. But right now Jim is coming off as immature. insecure, moronic in relationships, petty. The kind of person that as an owner destroys franchises. He is exactly the type of personality you do NOT want as an owner. Kobe remembers everything. Why, except he is so petty and needed for his ego would Jim want to anger and humilate publicly the prime Laker asset? To prove as owner players are nothing? Jim is an INFANT if that is the case. And the bodes very ill for Laker Land. Expect this chant the next 20 years unless you grow up Jim: We want Jeanie.

This just shows us the power of the Lakers brand.
We are going into the NBA finals and all the buzz is about who is the next Lakers's coach.

We can discuss it but we can't influence it. The team is ruled by its owners, we just hope that they take the best path.

I understand the decision to move away from Phil Jackson's path. He couldn't sell the triangle (which I like but I feel that lately wasn't executed properly by this team).

About Brian Shaw. I respect him a lot from his playing days and also did some good job as assistant. But I also think he had some bad moments, I think he alienated the young players like Farmar & Vujacic.

About Mike Brown. I think of him as hard work, defense, team play and simple. I have a good feeling about this hire but only time will tell.

Above all I expect a hungry team with good effort. I think the offense will come as natural because we have such fire power.


G.Money in the HOUSE.

Dude...Get real, after that 36 point loss...c'mon now. You have to remember that Phil quit, actually stop coaching. The Players QUIT...YES Kobe, LO, Pau, Fish, Ron and the so-called bench. The only one trying to ball was DREW, and then he QUIT. And this quitting thing started back in the 2008 finals, I feel that some of the core player has that quitter, COWARD mentality in their BELLY.

Mike Brown is a GREAT hire, Brian, Rick are not. Jim made the best choice spending dad's money, Cupkake would give it away. The South Beach Crew looked GOOD again, LBJ the real MVP and best closer in the game TODAY. You do recall a time when Kobe was like this RIGHT? I hate to say it...I REALLY hate to say this. The KING is SUPREME and will have his RING, don't HATE BOW DOWN FOOL'S.


At the start of the playoffs I picked the Lakers and Heat. Well….at least the Heat held up their end of the bargain. Man this could’ve been epic. Probably the only person more disappointed than the Lakers/Laker fans is the Commish.

Anyway the Mavs vs. Heat should have all the making of a great final. Lebron and JKidd going for their first ring. Dirk and Jet looking for redemption. And remember the whole Lebron/DeShawn Stevenson beef from Wash vs. Cavs playoffs when DeShawn said Bron was overrated and Lebron responded saying he’s Jay Z and DeShawn is Soulja Boy.

What about the matchups. Chandler should fair well on Bosh, Marion okay on Lebron, but can JKidd be effective on Wade in 4th quarters like he was against Kobe and Durant? Who’ll guard Dirk on Miami? UD and Posey did a good job of frustrating Dirk in 06, but Udonis isn’t all the way back from his injury and guarding guys 25 feet from the basket isn’t Joel Anthony strength. Bosh isn’t a good enough defender. Thus, I think it’ll be up to Lebron to take that challenge in 4th quarters. So that’s the matchup that could decide it. Dirk’s offense vs. Lebron’s defense in 4th quarters.

@G. Money - congrats to your Heat. So far so good. You got bragging rights thus far. But can you explain how you went from a diehard Laker fan (I think you said you were one right?) to becoming a Heat fan? Or are you just a Lebron fan? Will you be a Heat fan after Lebron and DWade or will you be seeking the next big thing?

""Great comment from LO'L chat currently underway, re: Jim Buss taking over: This is turning into the plot from Tommy Boy. AK"


Love this one! Says it all!

"The KING is SUPREME and will have his RING, don't HATE BOW DOWN FOOL'S."


No one gets my bow except God. And LeCrab has a long way to go before he hits 5 rings. Then you can come on here and talk smack. Until then, all I can say is best of luck. Dallas has surprised everyone this year, and you just might be in for a surprise yourself. At least, I sincerely hope so.

As always -

GO LAKERS!! I don't listen to the haters because I've seen the terrific bounce back this club can have, you can't win the title every year, and three finals appearances with two wins? C'mon. LeCrab could not do it and will not do it.

Wish I was longtimelakerlover instead of Longtimelakerlover. But I guess you can't have everything. At least I have my handle!

Stop with the coaching BS. Coaching is overrated for championship teams. So Spoelstra is a great coach now? Coaching matters for inexperienced teams. Talent wins in this league. Before Pau it was Phil stinks. Don't be dumb.

Lebron is the best player in the game now. That does not mean that lebron will win it every year going forward- Kobe has two more runs in him. it is heat in 6- predicted three weeks ago. Mavs have too much pressure to avenge 2006 and they are not up to it. 2-3-2 format is heavy home team advantage.

I look forward to potential Lakers - Heat next year. That will be lots of fun. Lakers need another athletic 2 or 3 to slow down Lebron. The West will be weaker next year. Dallas will have a championship loss hangover. Okc is too inconsistent. Spurs are done. No one else can compete.

Tell you what, I'm happy the Celtics are over. That's a bonus.

Jim Buss....reminds me of an underrachieving spoiled rich kid continually trying to prove he is as important(or more important) then his dad........ Actually, that's exactly what he is.

In his effort to prove he is the "guy", he tries to eviscerate the slightest connection to Phil Jackson. He would probably throw Jeannie Buss into the La Brea Tar Pits if he could get away with it.

All kidding aside, I am dissapointed with the disrespect paid to Brian Shaw and Phil Jackson. There were better candidates out there, even if there seems to be a collective amnesia of how bad Mike Brown's teams tanked in the playoffs, and how his top player played him like a fool.

I smell Lakerkind coming around to Brown, but shifting their ire to untouchable Jimmy.

Re informing/asking Kobe permission to hire Brown: As noted, Kobe'd already publicly endorsed Shaw, without having the understanding of the power struggle within, and alienating the guy who calls the shots, who is not Kobe, but Jimmy. Think: Jim has been rubbing shoulders with superstar owner-types, Mr Magic J, for decades, knowing their influence with the public is titanic, tho when given the chance to prove it as head coach, Magic couldn't deliver. And Jim put up with the brouhaha of Kobe vs Shaq and vs Phil and vs Bynum, who is turning out oodles better than Kobe thought, and proving Jim right in Drew's evolution.

Add to that the fact Brown is a coach DESIGNED to let his superstar run the offense, and you see Jim distanced himself from ever letting another superstar run the office, while at the same time setting Kobe up to act an assistant coach on the floor, running HIS offense FOR Brown. Brown doesn't NEED a set offense with Kobe on the team, let alone on the floor. AS KOBE SAID after Dallas, the team needs D. Jim Buss is giving Kobe his ideal situation: A coach who will not need to rein him in, as Phil always did, but one he can be at ease with, a proven superstar's coach; who also insists on team D.

Jim is giving Kobe the biggest present he could. Kobe will thank Jim, profusely, eventually. Like just after preseason, before his fight for his 6th ring gets underway, as it couldn't be achieved under Phil.

Kobe's 1st ring under Mike Brown and his D will be something MJ never achieved: A ring under someone other than the greatest coach of all time. Which Michael needed. And Kobe won't.

I predict the Jim-haters will be weeping for joy when he wins Exec of the Year, which with this unpopular D-fensive hire he will deserve, and proclaim him, typically fickley, the greater to his father---who had the ken to put him in this position.

As for his roundly-denounced hire, Mr Mike Brown, after this outpouring of disappointment it was Him, the greatest cheers at the next championship parade will be his. LA will want their new championship coach to know they were sorry, and that they appreciate him. Because LA isn't Cleveland.

I'ma gonna kick back, watch it unfold, and the heads spin.

[This is Jon K. by the way.]

Twitter is the Devil.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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