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Full video of Mike Brown's introductory press conference

You already got the brief synopsis a few posts earlier on Mike Brown's introductory press conference. You'll soon receive full analysis on Brown's official first day as the Lakers' Coach. But for now below are all the videos of Brown's press conference.

--Mark Medina

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After the Heat's victory... I suddenly find myself becoming increasingly interested in NHL.

I just want to cry.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K no need to cry man. There is no crying in basketball. Van Gundy said it best, it boils down to the heat having the king and dwade and dallas not having them. America's king laid a royal beating on the german dirk noWINski.

Game 1 was not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. Game 2 should be better. For the heat that is. The heat is playing lockdown defense. Holding the mavs to 82 points? I hoped kobe watched last night's game. He would noticed how dwade brutalised the kobe stopper jason kidd. Plus he would notice how dwade and the king plays man to man defense and not that roaming stuff kobe plays. In the 4th quarter the king focused on the jet and grounded him. But after not playing defense all season kobe was named to the 1st defensive team? I predict that the king will drop 35 on the mavs and dwade will add 30 to crush the mavs. PSP will be getting 1sr class ticket to attend 1 of the games in dallas to sing. You know the old saying it is not over until the fat lady sings.

This guy may be the most unfairly maligned new coach ever hired in LA. What happened to the guy who was supposedly such a poor speaker? This guy could make a great living just giving motivational speeches without notes. He has amazing enthusiasm, is a defensive genius, and a workaholic. I'd say those qualities pretty much sum up the three areas the Lakers need to improve on. Regarding personnel, they need two things: 1) a great staff (which will be a given with Jerry Buss fully engaged in the process as we learned at the press conference that he is) and 2) a couple of strategic upgrades in the roster (never a given, but if there's any possibility out there Kupchak will do it). Any LA sports fan who has been around for more than a few years knows how fortunate we are to have Jerry Buss and the Lakers. He is the only owner in LA history with as much passion and desire to win as the fans. He has now hired a coach with the same qualities.

Jon K, I'm with you on this one. My interest in the NBA is fading. What team out there is going to compete with the Heat next year? The answer is, no one. And since the regular season doesn't seem to matter much anymore, why put the effort into watching any games?

I don't know how Pat Riley did it, but he managed to get just about every quality player, including role players, on one team. How could this happen?

And please don't say the Lakers did the same thing. BS! Kobe is the only superstar on this Lakers team. Pau, Lamar, and Bynum are all second tier players, not even close to being where Wade and Bosh are as far as effectiveness as players.

Yes, the Heat will win it all this year, and it will cap what will be the worst NBA season for me in years. And with the lockout, it's aftermath, and no team on the immediate horizon that can challenge the Heat, I see no reason why to continue watching the NBA on a consistent basis.

Only my Lakers can stop this plague Pat Riley and the Heat have unleashed on the NBA, but with the current roster, I see no hope for the Lakers anytime soon.

Other than my occasional visit to this blog, I'm on a sports black-out. No more sports talk radio, no ESPN, no nothing. I don't want to hear/read one thing about Lebron's and Wades gloating.

These are dark times for us basketball fans...

just out of curiosity, does anyone still think not trading Bynum for Bosh
was a bad idea?

I'm remembering all of those conversations about the value of a back to the
basket center ....

Who's the back to the basket center for Miami & Dallas?

This shows you what a real defense can do. Dallas hasn't seen anything like it in the playoffs. Heat will win in 5, and unlike in 2006, Mark Cuban can't blame the refs this time.

Still not happy about the Mike Brown signing, but if he can do something similar with the Lakers on defense, I'd be happy.

Who will stop the Heat? Most likely the new CBA, the Heat's backloaded contracts, wear-and-tear, and fatigue--the downfall of the Lakers this year, not age.

Island Priestess,

How are you doing lady? The PSP missed you; btw I don't appreciate you not sending me the first class ticket you promised to Miami. I guess you're not a woman of your words.


As the PSP watched the conference finals and watches the on going finals, it's painfully obvious how slow and unathletic our team is. If we are going to stay relevant, we will need to address that situation asap.

PSP Intern


Can we switch your question around a little bit?

Is it safe to say then, that you think Miami with Bynum in place of Bosh or Dallas with Bynum in place of Chandler that each of those teams would be worse than they are now?

What happened to the Mavs?

No question Miami plays some serious defense but the Mavs were missing open shots, especially the likes of those Laker killers JJ Barea (1-8) and J Terry (3-10), and Stojakovic (0-3).

If they Mavs had played like that against the Lakers, oh well, if, if, if...

Maybe if the Lakers played D like the Heat, oh well, more if, if, if

Anyway, it's still early, just one game.

after watching the defensive clinic from The Heat last night. It is apparent if The Lakers are to compete, that we to get defensively tougher. Mike Brown can make The Lakers Better. However, if The Buss Family does not get a PG and better bench we are going to suffer again next year. we can't win a championship with an aging PG, and unproductive bench.

Watching the Heat play the Mavs I had the same feelings as watching them play the Bulls. There were times when the Mavs were ahead. They had some nice runs. But it always felt like the Heat was the better team, that they would eventually wear down the Mavs. Dallas has to execute and shoot very well, play an almost perfect game to win.

Dallas can clearly shoot better. Dirk and Berea missed some shots they hit regularly against LA and OKC. They could get hot and pull this out. But it would be an upset. Miami has arrived. They will become an NBA Finals fixture. They are big, athletic and talented. They play hard. They play very much as a team. LeBron is a stud. They are the team to beat.

OK. I am in on Mike Brown. He is a defense first coach. He is a Popovich disciple, and I think Pops is the only guy who is at Phil's level over the last 20 years. He was an assistant on a team that won titles with a twin towers lineup - Robinson and Duncan (so forget about trading Drew or Pau folks). He has experience with a Kobe level star in LeBron.

He also represents real change. Look, I am a Phil Jackson fan. But Phil's methods eventually wore out here, as any coach's will over time, and it is time for a real change. This guy is fiery where Phil was laid back. He is an X and O guy where Phil was a big picture guy. He is hungry, where Phil had more rings than fingers.

I look for the Lakers to keep the core (Kobe/Pau/Lamar/Drew). They need to add a quicker starting PG (and 38 year old Jason Kidd fits that description so it isn't hard). There will be some new young faces on the bench. And this championship caliber core will get a fresh approach to the game to challenge them, and a fresh, enthusiastic coach. Kobe will have to either buy in or waste a precious shot at a title.

If there is a season, it will be a fun one to watch.

Dude... What have I been telling you ALL season long? 99% of you Lakerholics and blog27 were in denial to the fact that the South Beach Crew was building a DYNESTY. Now you're all a WITNESS, It doesn't feel good does it? Jonnie K, go ahead and JUMP, Hobbit...put the gun down, it's a GAME.

I.P dude you are the voice of reason, you're the OFFICAL and new GODFATHER of this BLOG.

Dude...Just in case kobemvp888 decides to like in today. Dude, you're a COWARD couldn't take the HEAT, maybe next season that stupid Practice Season slogan will not return. Next year the New NBA champs vs the Former NBA Champs should be EPIC.

@LATOPIA ... I admit it’s a stretch to talk about Jed York’s success but I think his hiring of Jim Harbaugh will prove to be as important to the 49ers as Eddie DeBartolo’s hiring of Bill Walsh. No question the hiring of Nolan and Singletary, two defensive oriented coaches, for a franchise famous for its offense and great quarterbacks, were serious mistakes but choosing Jim Harbaugh as the 49ers next head coach will prove to be the move that triggers the franchise’s return to greatness.
Nevertheless, there are eerie similarities between the situations that Jim Buss and Jed York find themselves, both given a huge challenge and opportunity to hire a new coach for their franchises. Both have been put through an intensive internship designed to prepare them to take over the reins. Both have actively sought out the principals responsible for their franchises phenomenal success in Jim Buss and Eddie DeBartolo. And both appear to have made wise decisions on their coaches.
@TOM DANIELS ... I echo your feelings about Phil Jackson. As great as Phil was, he ended up being a lame duck coach as this group of players no longer were listening to him. That last Cheshire cat grin as he and his kids walked to his news conference said it all. Phil was just glad that the year was over and he could move on. With all the talk about how hard it was on the players to three-peat, we should remember the toll that it must have taken on Phil. Were it not for the opportunity to win his fourth three-peat, Phil would have been long gone last year. This year turned out to be too much.
I sense you feel that same mixed feeling of relief and excitement that I feel about the Lakers next year. While the hire of Mike Brown surprised me, I am fully aboard on the guy’s resume and fit for our needs. I can’t wait to see what he does with this team. The two big changes that I hope to see are a much more consistent and aggressive defense and an offense that finally takes smarter advantage of our two big weapons – Kobe Bryant and our front court trio of Drew, Pau, and Lamar.

Looking back, Buss wonders if climbing the NBA mountain for a third consecutive season and advancing to a fourth Final in a row was just too daunting.

"I think what I didn't take into account was how difficult it is to go to the Finals four times in a row," Buss said. "We won it twice, but we'd been in the Finals a year before that. That means we played something like a hundred more games than other people.

"That took a toll."


Posted by: latopia | May 31, 2011 at 09:17 PM
Let's do a little math.

Assume half of the 'something like a hundred more games' were played at Staples (probably a ltitle bit more since Lakers usually have homecourt advantage). That's something like 50 more games at Staples. The Lakers make about $2 M per playoff game at Staples. That's a cool $100M more 'than other people'.

JB must be crying all the way to the bank.

@hobbit - Not doubting Bosh talent, but I felt the players that won back2back deserved a chance to go for the 3peat. But hey...I also wanted Ariza to get a chance to repeat.

@Art - A few things jumped out at me yesterday. Miami never let Dirk or Berea get comfortable. They forced Dirk right and effectively took away his patented step back to left off one foot jumper, whoever Peja was guarding they attacked him and they put Lebron on Terry in the 4th to shut him down.

Both teams were very disciplined defensively. Dallas never went for Bosh/Wade pump fakes and Miami did a very good job of close outs and chasing shooters off the 3pt line.

Just read that BShaw is out of consideration for the GS job. It'll be interesting to see if there's a mutual interest for him to stay with the Lakers.

Gmoney thank you. I know you enjoyed the royal lashing as much as the Priest. The King and Dwade have another gear they can reach and that should be scary for the mavs. Miami has great chemistry. Kobe needs to develop a family atmosphere and comraderie.

troy & Jon K

I'm right there with you guys. I was sort of disgusted last summer when everyone on this blog kept saying "they're unproven" LOL. I learned that lesson too well in 08, and our 04 squad could have easily won it had it not been for injuries.

A team of superstars playing a whole season together is going to be VERY hard to beat by any ordinary team.

The irony of how to fight back vs the evil unleashed in Miami last summer is to fight fire with fire and allow all teams the luxury that Miami had. This means an abolishment of the CBA.

Yes, you heard me. Lift all restrictions and make it a free for all.

That's the only way I can see to level the playing field quickly vs the Cheat. Think about it... you could trade any salary for any salary, you could sign anyone to whatever salary you want, and an elimination of luxury taxes would mean the owner isn't losing half that salary to a stupid subsidy for losing squads. The Lakers, with their recent cable contract, could afford to amass significant free agents and pay them handsomely, while teams that barely make money or lose money could not. This would result in power accumulating into the hands of those that can afford it, and this would level the playing field real quickly, but among the top teams only.

Unfortunately for us Laker fans, the NBA, the players, and most everyone else do not want this. They want guaranteed contracts, salary caps, and restrictions on free agents.

So when a once in a generation deal goes down in Miami, the rest of the league is going to be stuck hoping they suffer injuries or other calamities to keep them from running the table until their players get old.


I can't be any more impressed with Mike's Presser.

He is going to be a refreshing change to "let's walk the ball up, pass the ball around the perimeter, rearely cut to the rim, and jack up 30 footers style offense.

After watching these short minutes of questioning, I can see how th F.O. was sold on Mr. Brown. He not only seems to be a genuine great guy, he has the fire and determination to get it done which has been sorely lacking around here for over a year.

hard to get excited about a team that was rigged by two of the three top players. With the heat, it comes down to two great players against one. For that reason alone, the heat will mystery there. It doesn't take great chemistry if you have overwhelming talent in their prime....just ask Kobe and Shack. It does prove, however, that neither Lebron nor Wade could make it happen as the undisputed leaders of their teams, and never would have.

The two teams that should have challenged the heat, the Lakers and Celtics, were just too worn down this year to make it happen. The Mavs, unfortunatelly, are an overachieving good team that doesn't have the firepower to overcome such talent.

Like how Mike Brown presents himself. Says most of the right things, and shows some passion for a change!

I think Kobe will try out the new offensive scheme, until it sucks..............probably because Brown's vision of a twin towers offense is based on 2 HOFamers in Robinson and Duncan. Pau and Bynum are hardly even All-Stars,let alone HOFers! So, it will be interesting to see if Lakers can pull it off. Entry passes will still be problematic with Pau's Kwame-like hands. Both Robinson and Duncan had very strong quick bases, which neither AB or PG have. AB has a slow base, but slow doesn't get it done in the NBA, except if you are 350+ pounds (Shaq)....and even Shaq had hops back in the day and certainly more quickness than either AB or PG.

Still, I am hopeful just a change in attitude and actual coaching will take us back to another ring...........IF we get help in the 3 areas that have been beaten into the ground at this point. Hard to say if that will get done, as it seems MK is happy withour roster! Yikes!? Or should I say, he is probably resigned to the fact he can't do anything about it, so might as well hype it.

I wish Mike Brown the best of luck. I was doubtfull about this hiring, but his enthusiasm and respect for the game is encouraging to hear.



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