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Exit interview: Mitch Kupchak says current roster 'can continue to contend'

Photo: Mitch Kupchak. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times. Among the highlights from Mitch Kupchak's exit interview:

Mitch Kupchak exit interview

-- He said there is no timetable on a coaching search: "We'll be taking our time making that decision. I have not met ownership yet, so that process hasn't really begun." He declined to specify whether a possible NBA lockout would affect the hiring process, but added, "We're probably not going to handle the hiring of our new coach this season any different than we would've done two, three or five years ago."

-- Kupchak said he doesn't have a "parameter" of what qualities the next coach should have, but acknowledged that unnamed members of Jackson's coaching staff are being considered (Brian Shaw, Chuck Person).

-- He said he will report to Jerry Buss and Jim Buss on basketball operations.

-- Kupchak noted parallels between the 2010-11 season and the 2002-03 season, when the Lakers lost in six games to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals, including a 110-82 Game 6 defeat. The Lakers returned to the NBA Finals the following season, though they fell in five games to the Detroit Pistons.

--On Andrew Bynum's ejection in Game 4: "We don't condone that type of activity and behavior. That's not how the Lakers should be represented. I don't want to belabor that. The player has addressed it and the NBA has addressed it. We'd like to move on right now."

-- On whether he regretted not making a trade leading up to the Feb. 18 deadline: "Our feeling was this group earned the right to fight this through to the end with this existing group. Maybe we could've tinkered somewhere. Certainly we didn't come across something that we didn't think was unnecessary to do. But they earned the right.... There was no deal that came across the table that could've changed the course of the outcome of the season."

On whether Lakers can win a title next season with the current roster: "I think the team can continue to contend."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Mitch Kupchak. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times.

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Mitch Kupchak says current roster 'can continue to contend'



"-- Kupchak noted parallels between the 2010-11 season and the 2002-03 season, when the Lakers lost in six games to the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals, including a 110-82 Game 6 defeat. The Lakers returned to the NBA Finals the following season, though they fell in five games to the Detroit Pistons."

If he notes a lot of parallels, I guess he is saying that the current roster can't continue to contend, because I remember the Lakers making a lot of changes after that 02-03 season.

I wish we had some talented outlaw computer types in the blog who could hack their way into Mitch Kupchak’s email account to let us know what kinds of deals the Lakers front office were considering. That would give us a rare glimpse inside the minds of Mitch Kupchak and Lakers management that would be as fascinating to Lakerholics as Osama’s personal journal would be to Homeland Security.

The Lakers’ first priority will be to decide who will be Phil Jackson’s successor as head coach as that decision will in turn determine the team’s offensive and defensive systems to be used going forward and the changes that need to be made in the team’s roster to be able to effectively run those systems. While I love the Triangle Offense, it is far more important that the Lakers to select the right man.
While I like and respect Brian Shaw who seems to have the blanket endorsement of Kobe, Fish, and most of the Lakers, I have slowly come to the decision that the Lakers need to bring in a coach from outside of the organization with a fresh point of view to oversee the inevitable tweaking of the roster. The selection of the right person for the job is far more important than the offense we would run.

Had we won the championship again, I would have wanted to keep this group together and promote Brian Shaw to replace Phil. But the way we fell apart and were sent fishing in the second round tells me that we just cannot stand pat again. We desperately need leadership and direction from the new coach and probably a new approach on offense and defense to rekindle the team’s desire to win.

The big problem I see with looking outside the organization for the next head coach is the lack of viable candidates who could conceivably step into the giant sized shoes and expectations that Phil Jackson has left behind. Coach K has said he is too old to leave Duke at this point. Rick Adelman, Doc Rivers, and JVG would respectable options but somehow don’t seem right in purple and gold.

My personal choice to succeed Phil has always been Derek Fisher. While he may not have any experience as a head or even an assistant coach, Fish has always been the one player whom NBA general managers agreed would be a great head coach someday. The ideal solution to me is for Derek to retire as a player and then to sign a new contract to become the team’s next head coach.

The beauty of this move is it not only gives the Lakers the ideal head coach, a man deeply respected and loved by everybody on the team, but it also frees $14M in salary and luxury taxes for the next two years that could be used to bolster the roster in needed areas. After all, the last time the Lakers hired a head coach with minimal coaching experience was Pat Riley, which worked out pretty well.

I am very disappointed about this lakers season and Playoffs. i hope lakers can wi n a championship next season and years to come and play a lot better next season and playoffs. Play championship kind basketball next season and playoffs.

Bay to LA,

Great observation -- Please no more retreads looking for a ring!

He's kidding, no deal that he liked....Peja killed us in 2 games. If the Buss family believes this, I have land to sell them near the Mississippi river in Louisiana.

Bet there are Bigger changes from the top down.

As much as Bynum impressed me in the playoffs, I hope Dr Buss was disgusted enough to trade him to the Magic.

Funny how he says he believes this same team can contend.Maybe it's the rope a dope,besides kobe said the same thing.however kobe still hinted it's mitch's job. What's funny is that phil actually said the team neede speed.Wow,really phil??At least your honest.Is blake faster than fisher??Phil also said you need talent to win.He also said he wasn't good at strategy(adjustments?),last minute plays.Well thanks for the honesty you would make pfunk proud.all true statements,when we lost,we lost badly.

Anyways the glaring thing is phil says we need speed,mitch says we need nothing??? O time,time will tell..........

Posted by: LakerTom | May 11, 2011 at 04:07 PM

Great post,not much to disagree with there,plus no bynum comment lol. Though people talk about kobe,fisher seems to have to much pride.This should definately be the year he hangs it up or come off the bench.I feel he may one day coach,but the guy feels he's got alot left.While I must admit he stays in great shape,but turtles are slow and live longer than lots of animals.(lol).

This is the favorite line of Mitch...we will continue with this roster. He said that during Smush, Kwame & Cook that it needs only little tweak. I don't know whether it is part of his bargaining chip to talk tough that his team is really in great shape.

How many knowledgeable ex-players and coaches saying, Lakers are too slow and no less than from the departing Coach who said that his players this year could not adjust from their previous mistakes. I wonder whether Mitch is just playing with words by starting the negotiation through media. On the starters alone, they're tall in the post but slower in facilitating, spent too much time in passing the ball, no cuts, no p & r except those Kobe and Gasol. Lakers badly needs a PG who is fast and good IQ, Shannon is fast but is decision-making is flawed. Lakers is in dire need of three point shooters, Peja sounded the Lakers first before the Mavs. Mitch continued getting players who accumulate cob webs on the bench. NBA was dramatically changing much, much different from last year or the year before that. It used to be height is might in NBA in the olden times and recent pass Russel, Wilt, Olajuwon and Shaq. Well, in this day and age: it is speed, 3pt. shooting and a court management of a high IQ PG.

Mitch made some bummed decisions and was also great in acquiring Ariza, Gasol and Artest from nowhere that led to two Championship but after watching the ON and OFF Lakers 2011, we also witnessed the new breed of NBA players. The question paused on the table, will we have a dynamic Lakers in 2012 & 2013 last years of Kobe or a stagnant Lakers same-same On and OFF games? With the exit of Phil, IMHO Mitch has to follow Phil and hand the GM job to another GM with new vision and philosophy. Just my 2 cents, however if the Buss Family thinks that only Mitch can draw success in the future, I will join other to just bite the bullet with the status quo and ignore the opinions of his former mentor, Jerry West, the greatest PG ever, Magic Johnson and lately, the exit interview of Phil Jackson

Get CP or DWill! Kobe and either of those two would have constant field days!

Hey boogeyman.. Show yourself or forever hold your peace!

Ps...And I'm not scared of u anymore but may need your services soon to help put the kids to bed!

So if you compares this team to that 2002/2003 team, does that mean next year we go out and get Chauncey Billups and Tim Duncan??? aka Gary Payton and Karl Malone

Comments if boston goes home tonight....

"We won 1 more game than la."
"Rondo was injured."
"Shaq was injured"
"Garnett was injured"
"Pierce and Allen too"
"We would have won if they had house"
"We would have won with perk"
"They never beat our starting 5"........rotflmao

"Bay to LA,

Great observation -- Please no more retreads looking for a ring!

Posted by: Teamn | May 11, 2011 at 04:31 PM "

I can see it happening again. After winning last year, the Lakers let their younger players like Farmar, Powell, Vujacic go. Even Mbenga can be thrown in there since they replaced him with someone a decade older.

Unless they hire someone from outside, I think Fisher will still be starting and their age/speed issues will still dog them.

I'm surprised there's not a bigger uproar in this blog over pau's mental meltdown. Why is he getting a free pass from the media?? I can excuse bad play for many reasons but lack of effort is NOT one of them.. While I can appreciate his contributions for the last 2-3 years I will NOT forgive anyone for quitting on the team and I doubt kobe or mitch or even buss will too... And YES he QUIT on the team (go back and watch the tapes and I can provide stats to back that up)

Pau was consistently abused from the very first game against carl freakin landry to the very last in the playoffs... He was also very noticeably *THE* weakest link on both offense and defense... If he can't be even be a consistent 18-8 second option nxt to kobe in the playoffs then we should rethink spending 18MIL on someone more reliable.. Ask yourselves if you really want to go into battle next year in the playoffs with someone with such a weak fragile psyche as pau's?? And can you guarantee he won't have any more personal problems next year or the year after that? Unfortunately by quitting on the team his stay here has run its course and if the lakers wanna regain their competitive edge then pau is the first one that needs to go.

Say no to pau!

I remember Mitch K as a player, he was a tough in rebounds and post plays. It did not deter him to go for the ball although he was wearing leg braces. Never had a clue that he will become a GM, until he retired from being a player and continued his career as the assistant of the Logo. I think with his Championship in his resume, he will soon surpass the logo. However, it was Bill Sharman and Jerry West who were really responsible in building the foundation of the Lakers. After the Showtime era, players dreamed that someday they will be playing with the Lakers as part of their NBA career. It is carried up to this day, if a draft pick is chosen by the Lakers, it's heaven and if chosen by our neighbor Clippers which is usually the first five draft picks, it's purgatory for the next three years until that rookie season expires. lol!

Mitch K., c'mon put some guts on the remaining creative cupcakes you have in your pocket, lets deal more u already got a triple now aim for a full house.

Hopefully Mitch just said that to throw off everyone, or he is being extremely lazy. This team needs a rework, but there are a couple of pieces already on the roster (Ebanks and Trey Johnson) that need more playing time. TJ might actually turn out to be a decent PG, but if not, I think he's still an upgrade over Shannon Brown. Ebanks has Ariza written all over him and should be thrown in the fire to replace Artest. Phil Jackson has really shortchanged a lot of Laker rookies. Even Bynum languised under his watch, probably required a lot of arguments from Jim Buss to even get him off the bench. However a nice upgrade at PG should be in order. Maybe San Antonio would take LO or Artest for Parker. They seem to be sold on Hill anyway...

Lakers are tooooooo slow and not athletic enough to compete such teams as Miami, Ok Thunder, Chicago Bulls, Mavs

and they are equal to Spurs and even Celtics are a bit faster and athletic than the lakers.

Trade NOW!!!

First of all, no one is going to tell the truth in these "exit" interviews. Do you really expect Kobe and Mitch to tell the world that the team "sux" & they're about to blow up the whole enchilada? If so, shame on you.

It was a "wasted year" for Kobe and the team "earned the right" to compete per Mitch. Translation: It's going to be a busy off season.

A coach will not be the team's first priority. They have to determine who will be on the roster first so you know that Pau, Odom & Bynum will be seriously "shopped" out there and no one else except Kobe is safe and that's because of his "no trade" clause; he would have to approve the destination. Once they figure out the roster, then they'll decide on a system and coach.

I think Kobe will come back stronger and better. He's going to have time to work on his strength and game. We've seen this guy get "better" over the last 15 years that he's been in the league. He was on a roll until the Denver fiasco and has done pretty well since then. Pau, take note on how to handle off court distractions.

Kobe will be selling his talent to potential prospects who will consider joining the team. He's going to have to convince them that they can win with him on the court because the real lure for coming to L.A. is gone - Phil Jackson.

Btw, jason kidd is one of the most craftiest and dirtiest defenders in the league.. He's definitely been watchin too many bruce bowen videos.

If there's an ALL HANDS NBA DEFENSIVE TEAM he would FIRST TEAM every year.

Jesus, people...

GMs and the sort NEVER say in public what they're really thinking deep inside... For Chrissakes, don't you people know anything?

By the way, ***LakerTom*** (BEAUTIFUL post, I completely agree with just about everything, DFish should be the next coach, it would be a BOLD move and his intensity, work ethic and pride would overwhelm any rookie coaching blunders.

Back to Kupchak -- he's not going to show his hand, he talks to Phil and if Phil thinks this team needs speed, so does Kupcakes.

I just wish we could someday ask Kups WHY THE FRICK did he ever give BOY WALTON a lifetime contract??? In the NBA, 6 years is a lifetime, by the way!

WHY, Kupsie?

For the love of sonny Jesus, WHY???


You loved his talent that much? Not 3 years or 2 or 4, but SIX YEARS???



Don't you have a business to run?

Jesus, you don't know squat about diddley! The very same slow and un-athletic Lakers won 2 championships and went to the Finals 3 years in a row. They sucked it up this year, not because they're old and slow. Although they could surely use some speed as PJ says. They need a shooter, period, maybe a JJ Ridick, who could handle the ball as well. And maybe a specialist like Peja. That's it. Don't expect a huge yard sale at Staples, it won't happen. You have a championship nucleas here, why would you wanna yard sale and risk years of potential mediocrity (2005-7)?

Sorry Shaq, you will retire with less rings than Kobe...

Well here come the excuses for boston.Anyhow wade an d bron acting like they won the finals,I guess they figure that was there hardest opponent.Biy its easy to dislike those guys,bron really looked like a goon or gorilla while celebrating after making those last plays.wade looked like he was about to cry...

IMO, we need to add SHOOTERS.

Jason Kapono? JJ Reddick?


Bye bye to Boston. Up to the Bulls and Dallas to beat the Heat.

Welcome Boston Celtics to the Offseason!!! :)


I can just see the look on Shaw's face when buss says Fisher is our next coach. Not that its ever going to happen.

Can We somehow get Jeff teague from Atlanta as part of a package deal?

Cheer up Celtics fans! Your team may have gotten eliminated too, but like us, you'll always have last year's championship to remember... Oh wait, nevermind. LOL

Always a tough call to make changes to a championship team. Given contract situations, I understood the changes the Lakers made this past season -- didn't love them, but understood. But now, there is a clear choice between real change and trying to "contend" with this group. Contract issues still a real challenge, but I would think Mitch has to pursue serious trade options. Or, hope for a full year lockout and see what happens with free agents.

And, too bad Celtic fans...NOT!

Dude...Lakerholic please make room on the couch for the C's, you both can watch the King get his RING. C'mon HATERS, it's like getting kick in the BALL'S. I told you clowns the Heat will be the New NBA Champs at the beginning of the season, you talk and had BANDWAGONS on how you were going to win 72 games. I guess you feel a little STUPID now, I knew the blog27 were retards.

how can okc fans criticize westbrook? the guy is layin it on line sacrificing his body and not quitting on his team... dont they know how good they have it at the PG position.. maybe they should borrow dfish for a week and then we'll see how they feel

good point, yellowfever,

Pau, the single biggest reason for why the Lakers lost, gets a pass for him mental weakness, while Bynum is lynched by media for a hard foul.

Scott --

"Cheer up Celtics fans! Your team may have gotten eliminated too, but like us, you'll always have last year's championship to remember... Oh wait, nevermind. LOL"



Man, it still hurts.

And regardless all the other excuses the Celtics bring post-playoffs, they DID actually win one more game than the Lakers, and it was the Miami Sheet at that. (How many times did we beat the Heat this season? I think zero?)

The Bigs were fine until the playoffs. Gasol was doing well, until the playoffs. Bynum never hard fouled anyone, until...well, you get it.

What I would say is this season resolved NOTHING about our bench troubles. No matter how good your starters are, the bench has to take over sometime in the game and that's where the other teams really outperform the LAL (usually by 2:1)

Jackson never really gave anyone else besides the Killer B's much playing time. He never gave them a chance, and was really discriminatory towards playing the rooks. The other guys were all too old to pick up; it's like if you're 38, join the lakers and then you can get a cool mil on your way out the door to retirement for doing nothing!

The new coach, whoever he will be, will think of the bench in a totally different light. And that's where it will really matter. As much as I like acquiring Superman (and would be willing to trade both Artest and Odom for him) we need a bench that can stand up for themselves, not drag the team down every damn game.

PS-In the Made For TV drama about this Lakers season, I suggest John Malkovich to play the part of Kupchak! Long lost brothers!!

Somebody beat the MIAMI SHEET! Don't care who (now that the Celts have been skinned.)

I love Pau, I really do... and do not want him traded,


For the love of sonny Jesus, why doesn't someone tell the guy to hit the FREAKING GYM!!! I love you, Pau, you're such a caring and gentlemanly sort, really, you're a mench. I think your parents are tremendously proud! Hell, who wouldn't be proud of such a son?!


For crying out a shiite load of tears, why don't you hit the FREAKING GYM and bulk up a little so the mofos of the world stop calling you "soft."

Kareem always says that leg strength is huge for a center, so why don't you hit the FREAKING GYM, huh? I know Pau doesn't waste his time reading this rag, but I wish someone close to the dapper don Juan would tell this guy to hit the FREAKING GYM and bulk up a little.

No need to become the next Mr. Olympian, but where's your pride, bro? You got that ugly bastard Perkins calling you a "softie" and others in the league say the same all the time, doesn't this stuff bother you?


Who are you gonna sign this year? DWill, CP3, Howard, Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Amare, Melo, Dirk, Zach, Griffin? Did I miss anybody? Do you guys actually believe all the garbage you talk? Or do you just do that because you dont have jobs? Dont worry, If you dont get all these guys, you still have those sharp shooting poor sport thugs to fall back on.

I really don't get this Bynum hate. First fans say we needed an enforcer would would hard foul penetration to the lane (no easy layups) and bynum does become that enforcer and then he is made to be a loathsome beast hurting poor little guys. The only thing Bynum needs to fix is make the hard foul looks like attempt to block shot and body slam the punk intruder.

We do have pieces on the roster as someone noted. We traded away our speed perimeter players but we still have Ebanks and Caracter. Without total blowup and bring in guys we can't afford like CP3 or DWill we can go after Aaron Brooks. Fish go to the bench as coach and sign as player before playoffs for last time. Then go to bench as coach permanetly. Walton retire go to bench as coach. Shaw can coach and modify the triangle so it can be a system but adjusted to opponent for pick and roll/pop play. bring in mor eyouth and will talk about rest of roster later.


I. If There Is A Lock Out and No NBA Season Next Year (2011-12)

PG: Steve Blake, Derek Fisher (it's his player option year), Trey Johnson
SG: Kobe Bryant, Devin Ebanks
SF: Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Luke Walton
PF: Pau Gasol, Derek Caracter
C: Andrew Bynum , ???

Team signs Bynum to a reasonable extension during the lock out, say, 5-6 mil a year which will be freed up by the expiring contracts of Brown, Barnes, Smith, and Ratliff. They sign Ebanks and Caracter to rookie league minimum contracts. Payroll stays the same (high), reliance on Ebanks and Caracter to mature is high overall age of the team...high. We would need another center and I'd like to see some youth from whatever draft they construct get a shot.

Pros: This is aveteran group that has been all the way, they know each other and after over a year have regained the edge we saw dulled this season. We bring in Shaw or by then Rambis to run the triangle, cross our fingers that all those 30+ year old ankles and knees hold up and all of us hope Kobe reconsiders and goes ahead with surgery.

Cons: This is a team full of codgers who were kept together one season too long LAST season, to say nothing of basically two years from now. The overall speed of the NBA runs circles around our aged peimeter defender putting much on the plate of young, rusty Andrew Bynum. He starts the season slow and gets discouraged. The fans, media and a small dog outside of Toledo go nuts on a daily basis and the potential for Bynum becomes synonymous with the potential of Michael Olowokandi.

Prediction: A year+ of rest does wonders for Bryant, Gasol, Artest and Odom (cancels his lame reality show, too) and Bynum comes out hungry to show everybody he's ready to be the focal point of the team. Kobe becomes more of a leader/facilitator and keeps defenses honest. Gasol shows everyone how smart Jerry, Jim and Mitch were not to blow up the core of a two-peat team.


I. If There Is A Lock Out and Half An NBA Season (2012)

PG: Derek Fisher, Steve Blake
SG: Kobe Bryant, Shannon Brown
SF: Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, Luke Walton, Devin Ebanks
PF: Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Caracter
C: Andrew Bynum, ???

Basically the same team as last year. Brown and Barnes would have exercised their player options at the beginning of the year and would bring little back in a trade since they make so little money. The same guys nobody wanted to trade Chris Paul, Dwight Howard or Optimus Prime for are the same guys who won two NBA titles in a row. Rick Adelman signs on as head coach for one season to just sort of see if he can squeeze a title out of Phil's old group as the Buss' are leery of signing an older coach for a long contract and getting burned on the deal, Adelman because he's never really coached in a market this huge and wants to make sure he can bail without incurring the wrath of a fan base that borders on maniacal.

Pros: A team that is embarrased this year has recovered enoughy from injuries and wounded spirit to forge the identity of a champion again.

Cons: This group of guys just had the floor wiped with them by a Dallas team we owned in the regular season!

Prediction: NBA title; everyone is so embarrased how it all fizzled out last year and Adelman's fabeled ability to get the most out of spare parts combined with rapport with Artest helps this Laker team lead the NBA in defense while still being effecient on offense.

Kupchak is now a certified 'Retard', if somebody neeeds to be axed first then its him.

If there is no lock out we'll have the exact same team we had this year unless Orlando gets weak in the knees cause Mitch sends them videos of Shaq signing with the Lakers in 1996 so that they send us Howard for Bynum.

The last time the Lakers hired a former LA point guard with no coaching experience to lead the team it didnt work out so well. Fisher will not be the coach.

Dear Mitch:

You're on the clock. The basketball world is watching. You took last year off. You cannot rest on your laurels anymore. It's your show. Let's see what you can do. To date, you have done some good work, but could have done much better. For example, you failed to draft Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, when we needed to fill those holes. You devalued Ariza, after he was instrumental in helping us win a championship. You paid Sasha instead of Turiaf, when we needed that hole filled, then paid New Jersey to take Sasha, with this year's first round pick. You have not brought in any athletic studs, with the exception of Shannon Brown, who was a throw-in, in the Adam Morrison deal, oh yeah, another bust! This current team proved all season it cannot compete for a championship. I saw it, and i know you saw it. That's why neither of us is surprised. They barely got out of the first round of the playoffs. Remember New Orleans' second best player (David West) was injured. We were blown out at home by Milwaukee and Miami (on Xmas), and lost to Cleveland and Charlotte (lottery teams). I saw no hunger, no emphasis on defense, no athleticism, no discipline and no pride. You may think they can contend, but we (Laker fans) are accustomed to winning! Break a leg, Mitch.

You guys dont get! When Labron had a boo boo he sat out a few games. Kobe couldnt make a lay up or dunk against Dallas, which showed his foot/ankle was a lot worse than Kobe led on. The only other player who ever played with as many injuries was Iverson. LJ, Wade, Westbrook, Durrant, Anthony, none of these guys could even do half of what Kobe does with half of his injuries. Period! Add Gasol's knee, Lamar shoulder and leg, Blake played hurt, Barnes played hurt; and you wonder why the Lakers didnt play well against Dallas. Last year other than Bonehead Bynum they were all healthy except Kobe's finger and knee and still won it all.

Has everyone forgot, other than the Heat, in the regular season before Kobe's, foot/ankle issues, add that the last game of the year even Gasol got hurt but he played through it, and the bench injuries and they still beat every team out there in a series and this includes the 2 away games in Dallas. The bottom line, a older team doesnt always equate to a slower team but when you add all of the injuries, no kidding, they are not going to far in the playoffs and no wonder they folded in the fourth quarters. I guarantee this, a healthy Lakers team is another NBA Championship. Period!

There was another side of O’Neal as well, of course. He clashed at times with Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson when they were together with the Los Angeles Lakers. When he left the Heat, the relationship between him and the team had eroded badly, almost forcing Miami’s hand into trading him to Phoenix.

The greatest mistake that Mitch has done is signing fLUKE WALTON to a big and lengthy contract without doing good for the team.lakers is spending alot of money in fLUKE's contract.

If Mitch is really serious in assembling a championship caliber team.He has to get rid of his mess and that is to get rid of Luke Walton in the line-up!

If you are interested only in contending for a playoff spot, yes, you're right, the current roster would be able to do that, and then exit on the first or second round. But if you are contending for the rings, you need some faster horses, Mitch.

Derek Fisher for coach? I'll go with that. That, or assistant coach behind whomever we do decide to get for coach. That way, we can get a new point guard without throwing Fisher under the bus (and more importantly as stated by Tom, relieve some much needed cap space). I mean, if Fisher really is here to be the throughline between Kobe and the team, then he can do that as a staff member without being near useless on the court.

If Mitch and Buss keep Fisher as the PG then the season is over. Fish is the worst PG not to mention the slowest, cannot shoot, cannot play defense because he is to slow guard in the NBA. Remember you get what you pay for and there is alot of junk on the bench starting with Luke Walton. What a waste of money. All players who say thengs are fine are not remembering PJ said the same thing because the team got flushed down the toilet by Mavs. Lkers owe too much money and cannot do a thing to get a speed, defense playng PG. Larkers are stuck with Fish. Another long year and if Lakers keep same roster they will go out first round.

Am I the only person that's glad Boston got bumped? Misery loves company I guess. Out with the old, in with the new NBA. Teams like the Cheat &'s a new era and some of the dinosaurs are old and slowly dying.
As for the Lakers, no need to panic. We have a great core of players. We need to solve our point guard problems(Fish & "The Brick"), add some youth and speed and 3 point shooting and we should be right there next year competing for a ring. Ebanks should be developed early next year, I think he could be a huge addition to the bench.
Mitch as his work cut out for him, but the Lakers are going to be just fine. GO LAKERS

>>>Kupchak noted parallels between the 2010-11 season and the 2002-03
>>>season, when the Lakers lost in six games to the San Antonio Spurs in the
>>>Western Conference semifinals, including a 110-82 Game 6 defeat. The
>>>Lakers returned to the NBA Finals the following season, though they fell in
>>>five games to the Detroit Pistons.

... and then they blew up the team and rebuilt.

Sometimes re-tooling isn't enough.

I'm just sayin'



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