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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 98-92 Game 3 loss to Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson communicates with his players on the court after a basket by the Mavericks in the fourth quarter of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times Note: We will have a live chat today at 5 p.m. during the Heat-Celtics game. I figured it'd be a good forum for Laker fans to vent out their frustrations on the team's play, the opponents they're seeing on the screen and everything else in general. 

Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details the Lakers' unraveling in their 98-92 Game 3 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, also reporting that the Lakers held their longest morning shootaround since the 2008 NBA Finals. Obviously, the extra preparation didn't work.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding notices the Lakers' emotions are getting the best of them.

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko looks at Peja Stojakovic's defense on Lamar Odom.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford credits Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki and Peja Stojakovic for beating the Lakers in Game 3.


--The Times' Bresnahan focuses on Pau Gasol's disappearing act in the NBA playoffs.

--The Times' Broderick Turner highlights Phil Jackson's animated pressure on the Lakers' big men.

--ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan credits Nowitzki's leadership.

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears focuses on Bryant's optimism. 


--The Times' Bill Plaschke believes the Lakers' dynasty is ending.

--The Times' T.J. Simers agrees with Kobe Bryant: The Lakers will still end this series.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick details the Lakers' unraveling. 

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore credits the Lakers' effort, but believes Dallas is now the better team.

--The Orange County Register's Ding describes the Lakers as "chokers."'s Scott Howard-Cooper argues Gasol's poor play is the major factor to the Lakers' demise.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looks at how the Lakers' underachieved all season.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller is shocked at how poorly the Lakers are playing.

--The Dallas Morning News' David Moore argues the Mavericks are simply the better team.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz blames the Lakers' loss on Ron Artest.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky argues Gasol's poor play in the 2010 NBA playoffs will hurt his legacy with the Lakers.'s Mike Trudell provides a running diary of the game. 

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore sums up the Lakers' situation this way: "the magic is over."

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano breaks down the Lakers' loss to the Mavericks. 


I talk with Laker Nation's David Brickley and Jason Riley about the Lakers' Game 3 loss to Dallas in the audio interview below. 

Mark Medina on Laker Nation

Tweet of the Day:"Reason the Lakers have been the favorites the past 3 years is it's hard to imagine anyone beating them 4 times in 7 games, but 4 straight?" -- ArashMarkazi (ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day:"Watching Pau in these playoffs actually hurts. It could be life threatening. I don't think Pau is done. He is a great player and he will play that way again. But, as Norm McDonald says, What the H? What is going on with him? In the fourth quarter when he had a 15 footer with 3 seconds left on the shot clock but instead passed to Kobe wayyy behind the 3-point line I just thought (dirty word) his (dirty word ) heart just isn't in this. I know that was late in these playoffs to think that. But it was such a simple thing for Pau to face up and shoot. And he didn't. What the H?" -- Tom Daniels

--Mark Medina

Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson communicates with his players on the court after a basket by the Mavericks in the fourth quarter of Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Edwin: I don't think that Phil has done a bad job, nor do I think he's being out-coached or whatnot. I just think his voice and his way of coaching has grown old on this group of players. It's lost some effectiveness. Look at Pau, sometimes it looks like his head is on a swivel getting directions from everybody.

I'm not saying that the players aren't getting it done, they're not. Even Kobe is not above criticism in how he dominated possession throughout stretches of the first game of these two series. The triangle though, it has run its course with this group. These aren't the Bulls-level of talent, Kobe has no Pippen at his side, and the Lakers don't have the gamut of dead-eye shooters that was a hallmark of those Chicago teams as much as MJ's tongue flapping.

When Phil can't get the guys on the same page offensively, or defensively, well change is coming at the right time. I think they need a new system, a more rigid system. That's all I'm saying.

- - -

LRob: Yeah, the Lakers have just seized-up at the end of these three games. The Mav's have not dominated the Lakers at all. It's poor Laker execution. Slow defensive rotations. It's also a cockiness that L.O. talks frequently about, like they should win just because. A complacency. A lack of respect towards the Mav's. Taking them lightly.

Would anyone doubt the Lakers would have played harder if these were the Celtics?

All of these things though one can trace back to the coaching staff, along with a level of mental fatigue in an aging team. It's the '86 Lakers all over again. That is the reason I argued they needed an infusion of new-blood to help reinvigorate them after their mid-season struggles. Much like Mychael Thompson provided in '87.

The main point is, what has happened here might serve as notice that the Lakers need a new direction and new voice. Perhaps, a strong, veteran coaching presence is needed, especially now that the offense is now almost freelanced and player-coached by Kobe.

The same freedom that Phil gives his players has resulted in a lackadaisical and self-reliant attitude toward the offense and defense equally. That is also Bynum's 'trust' comment, guys are playing their own games - which is ironic because an offense like the triangle, without the rigidity that set-plays offer, necessitates a higher-degree of cooperation amongst players in order to execute.

Anyways, this might mean the Lakers need to look beyond their coach-in-waiting Brian Shaw and put in a more proven, rigid coach. Jerry Sloan on a two-year deal might be the right tonic to refuel these guys, get them going enough to make a last stand with this group (since they do have some pretty unmovable contracts). Brian Shaw could be retained and assist.

There are very few coaches that could command the respect of this crew, Kobe especially. Sloan is one of the few. I'm a huge Brian Shaw fan, but watching what is happening with this group has me thinking a strong-handed approach and proven coach like Sloan is necessary to coax the last bit out of this nucleus.


Dude... turn out the light's this ship has sailed.

TREYBLING... It's a Ring Thing

Defeat the 'peat - Say No to Pat Riley

Talkin' 'bout my Lakers

All breathing that "Last Gasp"!?
Say it isn't so!!!

What is there left to salvage?

Some pride perhaps. The thought that you went out trying.

Too many times I've seen the Lakers completely implode when the odds say they have no chance. I can respect that they don't have a chance, but I can also respect that they're better than getting swept by this Mavs team.

So since the season is totally wrecked, I've decided we need to just haul this thing back to Los Angeles for further evaluation. As I stated this morning, usually the totaled vehicle (in this case, the three-peat mobile) is torn apart and sold for parts. Other times a mechanic can actually repair the busted up vehicle and put it back on the road. When this happens, the title declares it Salvaged.

So, having spruced up the Laker Tow Truck, I'm taking the busted up three peat mobile back to Los Angeles. Anyone want to ride shotgun???

.. /\\Back to LA______
./ ..\\______/___|___\______
/ .....|-----16B |Laker Tow Truck _ `|

"Would anyone doubt the Lakers would have played harder if these were the Celtics?"

I think in game 1 there would be NO WAY that PJ would have allowed the lead to go from 16 to 3 before calling a time out if this were the Celtics.

The Lakers had been down this road before, and that crumbling is what toppled the Lakers.

Now it's time to put this baby in the shop, replace the busted parts, fix it up new, and hopefully get it out on the road with a Salvaged Title.

Win one tomorrow and the Lakers come back home. It also means the Lakers would need win only one road game more to win the series, given they protect home court.

Come back to L.A. and win, suddenly it's all the pressure on the Mav's. It's the Heat nightmare revisited for them. Did you see how much Cuban was gripping when Kobe smiled at him after that made shot? You could read the nervousness in his body language.

So, no, Lakers aren't out of it. History can be made and the Lakers might be the first in 99 tries to do it. How good would that be???

One game at a time...


It ain’t over until it’s over. That’s something every Yankee fan learned the hard way. Yeah, it looks like a long shot, especially with Pau playing like a punk, chump, and a half dozen other “u” words, but there’s always a first time and as a true fan IMO if you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar. So save the eulogies for now and just hope and pray the Lakers can somehow get their mojo back.
Maybe the players will all suffer an epiphany and suddenly realize that they should have gotten the ball to Drew or attacked the rim instead of lofting all those long jumpers? Maybe Kobe will suddenly rediscover the 4th quarter magic we have so long taken for granted? Maybe Pau will finally pull his head out of his rear and play like the player he once was. Maybe the Lakers will make history.
The glass is still not empty. The seeds still remain for the Lakers to rise up and miraculously take this series. The Mavs have to be feeling like they’ve got this series in the bag since no NBA team has ever come back from a 0-3 deficit. But what happens if the Lakers manage to defeat the odds and the Sunday afternoon jinx and win tomorrow to make the series 1-3 heading back to LA for Game 5.
Then imagine the Lakers win on Tuesday at Staples to make the series 2-3. Suddenly the Mavs would be faced with a must win Game 6 on Thursday knowing if they lost that game the series would suddenly be tied with Game 7 looming at Staples. This team is capable of winning 4 straight against anybody and I still believe evidence to the contrary that the Mavs are capable of losing 4 straight.
Win or lose, Lakers fans should be grateful for the greatness we have witnessed and shared the last two years. This team will still compete for years to come. And the emergence of Andrew Bynum is a far more significant development for the future of the franchise than the disappearance of Pau Gasol. There will be changes for sure but make no mistake the future of this team will be built around Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, our present and future team leaders, MVPs, and franchise players.

Pau show some Spaniard pride, positive aspects of machismo such as courage, honor, respect for the game.Spain bows its head in shame at this man-child 'disgrace'.

I still believe.. Lakers in 7!


"I just think his voice and his way of coaching has grown old on this group of players. It's lost some effectiveness. "

Granted that Phil looks like an old fool out there with his Zen coaching and sending messages, if these swell headed superstars are mature enough and full pledged veteran, then you should forgive and understand the wishes of the coach. It is like saying that you don't expect to see the same teacher from grade school to high school. They are all different and have different kind of nuances as you grow up. Once you're a grown individual, you are matured enough to to supplement what is lacking in coaching. You are mature enough to listen for the good of the team. This is not an everyday event, but will last only until June. Stick with the plan and follow the coach. For Pau, be the man out there, it is not only Phil saying that your defense is a disgrace after being in this league for more than a decade. It is so fundamentally weak that even a high school baller could detect it. For Kobe, you are the superstar of the team don't endanger the chances of the team if your long ball are not connecting. For Lamar, it is the defense that is lacking and he has been fully scouted from a to z, good in rebound, in ball handling from coast to coast but no freakin' defense. I think Phil gave it all during practices, from video showing, well don't you think they should now know the likes and dislikes of Phil? It his last year, why not lend your ear to the 11 ringed Coach?


blah blah blah

I have never hid my dislike for PJ, so what if you cant take an opposing view. doesn't mean you're a better fan so get over yourself.
There are many who feel the same way.
Next year when we get a coach who actually knows the X's and O's of basketball and the players actually look like they have played basketball before...
you can go visit Phil and maybe he'll let you ride a horse.


What if this ... what if that! Imagine if this ... imagine if that! Maybe if this .. maybe if that!

Please make up another story for us!!

What if the BoSox didnt sign Dave Roberts? Imagine if Roberts was caught stealing!!

Maybe if Torre woulda played the infield back, Jeter catches Gonzo's blooper?

If there was one play that epitomized this Laker team for me it was a 2nd half possession where Kobe, late in the clock, takes a twisting fall away jumper from the baseline in front of the Mavs bench. He makes the shot (a truly amazing shot), and then immediately turns to look at Mark Cuban.

What's so emblematic about this possession? How about this:

1. It shows, yet again, the Lakers failure to exploit their real offensive advantages by pounding the ball inside to Bynum or Gasol.

2. It shows that Kobe is not able to take the ball and get to the rim, where he draws fouls and gets free throws (has a single Mavs player been in foul trouble through 3 games...?)

3. It shows that Kobe's instinct upon making an admittedly great shot was to immediately go into "strut" mode rather than to hustle back on defense.

The fact that Kobe made that shot was, at best, irrelevant, and at worst harmful because it perpetuates his mindset and role as the guy who bails the Lakers out when they don't run their offense (e.g., it furthers the idea of Kobe as the team's crutch).

What is problematic is that at this stage of his career, Kobe cannot be the team's crutch in a playoff series against a very talented team. The Lakers have offensive matchups that favor them with each of their 4 biggest guys (Bynum, Gasol, Artest, and Odom). None of those guys play against defenders who are good individual defenders, with the possible exception of Bynum against Chandler--but Bynum has repeatedly shown that he can dominate Chanlder.

So, why on earth don't the Lakers use those matchups to their advantage? Dallas, which has advantages when THEY have the ball, routinely makes the most of their advantages.

It is clear that this team needs to move beyond Phil Jackson. Some might think that Kobe's "I'm not worried; I still think we're going to win the series" mentality is a good thing, but not me. As I see it, this is not the product of a guy committed to doing everything it takes to win. Instead, it is the product of an arrogance that creates a total lack of urgency by this team from top to bottom.

How many times have you seen a Laker dive to the floor to get a loose ball in this series? How many times has a Laker fought to get an offensive rebound? To my eyes, there was only one guy who visibly demonstrated the appropriate sense of urgency last night, and that was Andrew Bynum. Sadly, Andrew is not good enough to win this series by himself.

At this point I would endorse some sort of aversion therapy for Pau. Sure, it's inhumane, unethical and illegal. Don't care. I wanna win. Stun guns, pepper spray, noxious odors, water in the face, Indian burns, you name it, whatever it is that really bothers him, it's time to use it. There's a motivator out there for the guy and it's about damn time we utilized it. Just because some tall Spanish guy is a little sad is no reason to allow a title to slip away.
We've been truly blessed to get to 3 consecutive Finals appearances and 2 'ships, but I just don't see that it has to end here. I refuse to believe it. And if it's some personal thing, let's send Pau to the hypnotist in Office Space so he'll deal with it later. This simply will not do.

@Tom Daniels - congrats on the Friedman. Pau's poor playoff showing has frustrated all Laker fans. Oh well...he'll have another shot at showing up tomorrow otherwise it's going to be a long summer.

@Cyber - yep, I can see the parallels with the 86 team. It seem like Houston made every big play that series also. It also signaled the change from Kareem's being numbero uno to Magic taking charge.

I was fully behind BShaw, but if the Lakers go out quietly, like it appears....then all options will need to be considered. However, I'm still not sold on Sloan being the solution.

@Tim-4-show - Thanks for repairing the


Yes, we are not in the past tense but the wound is so deep and it is hard to stop the bleeding. WE are just anticipating for the sad event, if and when it happen let's pre-empt that for a moment.

I know you my friend u like Andrew so much and btw, who does not like what Drew is doing and contributing? However, if an offer is on the table for Drew for Dwight, It is really hard to refuse. Those on the Celtics and Magic side saying why will Magic go for Drew? Because he has the best credentials out there in exchange of Dwight? Will u exchange Dwight for Kmart? Nope; Will u exchange Dwight with Wallace or Shaq? No can do. If Dwight is traded to another team, will he extend or renew his contract with a bad team? Why not control your destiny and wait for the LA fortune? Whoever gets him will also lose him at the end of 2012? If you are that team, are u willing to get Dwight for one year only who has player option at the end of season '12?

Another avenue is through NO, Gasol for CP3. The same scenario, will CP3 accept another cellar dweller team? He will just go for that new team for one year and move to the Lakers.

Lakers has a very enticing proposal. Kobe's time is expiring, this is your chance to get a ring and also fill that void in the future. The team and its fans are always aiming for Championship. It is the best place to grow and establish roots, a good stable contract from a reliable owner, plus ring plus Hollywood fame and fortune. If Lamar and Artest can go higher places in the film and social media, Why will u not be attracted to a big market like the Lakers?

I have plenty of comments. Im just not sure you want to read them. Im trying not to pile on Laker fan.

Posted by: 131-92 | May 07, 2011 at 11:03 AM

Do share...we can handle it. Hey we talked tough when the Lakers were rolling, we're tough enough to take the good with the bad.

I still believe!!!! Remember when we were 3 and one against the Sun's and they roared back and won that series, when Kobe said either some good players or I'm out of here. I truly believe we can still do it. Positive thinking. Also, kind of hard to win when their free throws doubled ours in the last two games. We had 11 free throws at half and about three in the 2nd half. Just saying!!!!

@LT - nice post. I definitely expect a victory Sunday and take it from there. I haven't thrown in the towel or waved the white flag....thus my song for today for all Laker fans....If only you believed like I believe baby...If only you believed in miracles...

Jefferson Starship - Miracles

PS....Last night...despite the poor offensive execution in the 4th the Lakers still could've won if they had got a few stops. Giving up 32pts in the 4th....


I hear what you are saying.

I'm seriously impressed with Andrew Bynum.

He's getting closer and closer to viewing the Lakers as HIS team, and that's what he needs to do. Take this ISH personally!!

The last time Bynum was healthy enough to work out over the summer, he came in and dominated... he single handedly turned Kobe into a smiling content superstar from a "ship his *** out" = quite a turn around.

What will we see next.
I'm not convinced DH would be better than Socks right now.

I am convinced of a few other things.

So as I haul this totaled wreck back to LA in the Laker Tow Truck, I'm thinking that at WORST, we can overhaul this puppy and it can be better than ever....

One more thing....Ron Ron better have the game of his life Sunday!

Mitch Kupchak must resign!

Kevin Ding writes, "Stojakovic, who ranked the Lakers among one of his three preferred destinations in January upon being bought out by Toronto but went to Dallas with the Lakers having the now-useless Matt Barnes and Luke Walton."

The Lakers last night lost because of the daggers spun by Peja in the 4th quarter in which he had 11 HUGE points! Peja wanted to come to the Lakers, a team who's been lacking a 3-point threat since the heady days of Glen Rice in 2000. Why the frick did we not go after the dancing queen when we desperately neeeded an outside threat?

Dallas went after the former queen even though they didn't really need another 3-point threat. This is just like 2002-2003 when the Spurs re-tooled with Stephen Jackson and Speedy Claxton and we stood pat, frozen in past glory. Joe Smith? Theo Ratcliff? Are you kidding me?!

Mitch Kupchak STINKS!

Yeah, I think if Ron Ron doesn't have a very strong game, he won't be back. Just a guess though. I mean, we won't know more until we get this heap back to LA...

Having said that, I totally disagree that this team needs to be blown up. The nucleas of the Lakers is solid. All we have to do is somehow find a sucker to take Walton, and sign a better than decent 3-point shooter.

That's all this team needs -- a Kyle Korver type player! This team can still win multiple rings, specially with the emergence of Andrew Bynum. For the life of me I couldn't understand back in the offseason when Korver was available (and I surely don't understand now) WHY THIS TEAM NEVER MADE A RUN FOR KORVER!!!!

That's what this team needs, a goddman 3-point shooter to compliment the inside/outside game!!!!!!

According to Marc Stein, the Lakers had a "staggering" advantage last night with a 56-20 advantage with points in the paint.

Dallas is so beatable, AND WOULD BE, if the Lakers had a knock-down shooter (ala Ray Allen, Mike Miller or Kyle Korver) to complement the inside game!!!!

Stein also brought up another gem: the 2003 first-round series with Portland and Dallas. The Mavs went up 3-0, but true to the Mavs sisssy ways, the series went 7 GAMES!!!

LakerTom --

Jeff Van Gundy seems to agree with you, he said last night that if any team could make history down 0-3 it would be the Lakers with the collection of talent that they have. He said one win could set this miracle in motion.


I still believe!!!


Yep about Ron.
I would guess his head is already on the chopping block for this summer and not sure if a big game 4 will matter, but a crappy one will sure reinforce it.

Unfortunately, the worse these guys play the more they lower their trade value.

Troll Man, you really are clueless. You really should have just left well enough alone. You showed your true ignorance with what you said. I never said I was a better fan, but you just proved to be quite possibly the dumbest. Next year when we get a coach the actually knows x's and o's? That was possibly the single most uneducated comment one could make. And guess made it. You actually showed you know absolutely nothing when it comes to basketball. That's right....nothing! It's uneducated people like yourself that post comments like you did. You should stop posting altogether before you say anything else stupid.

@EDWIN ... If the Lakers break up this team, the logical candidate to be traded is not Andrew Bynum but Pau Gasol. Our problem has not been the play of Andrew Bynum; rather, it’s been the play of Pau Gasol. Our need is not to improve is not at the center position; it’s at the power forward position. Anybody preferring to trade Drew than Pau must not have been watching the Lakers play these playoffs. Your building blocks on this team are Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum.
The time may have come for the Lakers to solve their point guard problem by trading Pau Gasol and moving Lamar Odom to the starting power forward position. Gasol should still have enough value in this era of vanishing big men to bring back some solid backcourt help. And whether we continue to play the Triangle or not, we need a point guard who can penetrate and get the ball to our bigs inside. To count on Pau somehow returning to the player he once was seems to be a fools’ gold.
Frankly, I think Ricky may have been right. Pau has won two rings and it seems as if he no longer has the heart to play. His play yesterday destroyed the team’s chances. I was glad to see Phil finally get into Pau’s face and physically confront him. He has been an embarrassment as a player and as a Laker. Pau has one last chance tomorrow to redeem himself. Otherwise, adios and thanks for the 2 championships but we need players who really want to compete and win. Enough said.

Lakers fans are abandoning ship like rats quicker than a bunch of Beaners seeing the Border Patrol holding a classified ad.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 07, 2011 at 01:04 PM

~~another stolen handle. Who does these silly things? The multiple handle personality or the trolls who could not reason out in the open.

from Marc J. Spears, "Kobe believes in historic comeback"

"Sunday could be Jackson’s final game as he’s expected to retire after this season. He said Bryant told him Friday morning that the Lakers’ situation is a fitting challenge in a potentially final run. Jackson responded by saying it’s a team problem that the players – not him – have to figure out."


"Jackson responded by saying it’s a team problem that the players – not him – have to figure out."

can anyone believe the attitude of this punk, arrogant ZEN Master?

looks like he was ANNIMATED yesterday when the ship was sinking.

where was he all the season?

where was he in the first 2 games?

where was he in the NO series that could have ended in 4 games and no injury to Kobe or the scare/injury to Bynum

maybe he should have tell the players that he told them everything he had to say "3 years ago", so now you can go out in figure out the game


i can't believe any of you are SORRY and SAD if this PRETENTIOUS, POMPOUS … is going to retire


"it’s a team problem that the players – not him"
"it’s a team problem that the players – not him"
"it’s a team problem that the players – not him"
"it’s a team problem that the players – not him"

"not him"
"not him"
"not him"
"not him"

the special case of the COACH not being part of the TEAM

i'm wondering who made the gaffe in Game one in the "famous" substitution sequence at the end when BraIN FART GAS fouled Dirk?

wondering if Buss will fly to Dallas or will just take his time to fill out PINK SLIPS!

Lets go Lakeshow

all you are doing is hurling insults
that is what people do when they have no recourse

of course you can always tell us about the past
I live in the now

I didn't start this fight you did, I don't get on someone's case because they have a different opinion from mine

You do you think you are buddy

bring something to the table I always do

"Would anyone doubt the Lakers would have played harder if these were the Celtics?"

Dallas would have swept them too.

"BraIN FART GAS fouled Dirk?"

Archived, may I ask are you also The Judge or former Ouchhhh or the thief of handles?

Seriously, it is difficult to keep up with this blog a civil conversation if someone is playing too much gamesmanship and unpalatable language.


It's all about turnovers. The Lakers forced the fifth-most turnovers in the league during the regular season, but their turnover differential this series is only +3--that's only one additional turnover per game. That's not the type of game a strong defensive team like the Lakers should be playing against shooters like the Mavs. Fisher, Kobe, and Artest need to be getting into passing lanes, disrupting Jason Kidd, and forcing mistakes. That's not happening, though, and the Mavs got assists on 70% of their field goals last night. If the Lakers have any chance to come back, it's by disrupting the passer and creating turnovers. Check it out:

Just one win... that's all a fan can ask... one game win against Mavs.

typo, it's who do you think you are

I've been on this blog many years, I'm clueless, stupid?

I show respect to all bloggers opinions. Exactly where do you get off spouting off to me.

My convictions are my convictions. Why so sensitive to mine? Are you losing it like Phil did with Gasol last night?

What have you ever brought to this blog?

Did you ever do a top ten list?
Did you ever write a "Lamar Anthem"?
did you ever write a "Big Bad Drew is Sweet William Now" parody?
did you ever write the 27 Commandments?
did you ever write an "All Luke all the Time" montage?

Tell me just what have you done

@LUDWIG ... Thanks for the comments. I’ve come to look forward to a breath of fresh air every time I see your name on a post. I agree 100% with your point that Dallas is so damn beatable. There has to be a first time for everything. Come on, Lakers. Let’s make history.
I still believe we can do this but it probably depends on Pau which is a pretty damn scary thought. It’s frustrating because you can see that thread hanging that will unravel the Mavs but the Lakers just won’t reach out and grab it by giving the ball to Drew all game long. As for Mitch, who could have really foreseen how Pau would completely fall apart as the season and playoffs progressed.
Korver was also the guy I wanted the Lakers to get during the summer. Win or lose, I say we keep Bynum and trade Gasol for back court help, someone who can defend the quick fast guards and feed the post better than the guys we got. Pau has almost reached the point where moving him is like addition by subtraction. What a sad way to end what was a great Lakers career. Rain in Spain.
@TIM-4-SHOW ... I’m right there with you on Drew. This kid has the character, intelligence, and ability to become our next franchise player. If we trade anybody, it has to be Pau, who can easily bring us one great or two outstanding back court players. It would be foolish to trade Drew when the problems at power forward, small forward, and point guard demand greater and more immediate attention. The Drew for Dwight crowd needs to wake and look again at what this team really needs.
@LROB.... I cannot see the Lakers getting swept. In fact, I cannot see them getting eliminated. Watching the game for me was extra frustrating as both my son and grandson were there so I couldn’t really scream all the profanities and insults that I wanted to. That’s probably why I’ve been unloading on Pau so much today. Come on, Pau. Don’t do this to your reputation. Be proud.
It’s ironic how much your general demeanor suffers when the Lakers falter. This morning, I got out of bed and found I somehow tweaked my back. Now as I creakily get in and out of my car and walk like my age, I can’t help get a feeling of impending change. But getting a chance to vent about Pau and think about the possibilities, my back is suddenly feeling better. Tomorrow, it will be fine.

Edwin: That's well said, this crew should be mature enough to listen to what the zenmaster has to tell them. Phil hasn't suddenly forgotten how to coach, but it seems like they have stopped listening to what he has to say.

- - -

LRob: I'm also not convinced Sloan would be the right man for the job, don't know if he could even be lured out of retirement even if they approached him. other coaches with the clout to command respect along with the savvy that is necessary just doesn't come to mind.

Larry Brown? I can't see that. Pop has got a gig, so does Riles. Jeff Van Gundy? Can't see that either. Byron Scott & Rambis are already coaching. Other choices just don't click. Fratello. Hubie Brown. More recycled names but the only likely candidate that could work in my mind is Sloan.

Thing is, the handing off of the coaching reigns that we all envisioned, the seamless transition from Jackson to (most likely) Shaw doesn't seem right after this late-season/playoff meltdown. If they don't right the ship and beat the Mav's then management has to re-evaluate things.

It doesn't feel like the no-brainer move it felt like all season.

- - -

LakerTom: How would have 'Melo for Pau have looked right about now?

Unfortunately, Pau has done more to hurt his trade value during this series than if he'd have gone out and committed a crime. If Mitch can turn Pau and another body not named Kobe or Bynum into, say, Chris Paul then let's start building him the next statue outside Staples.


Man, am I ever sick of the complaints that the Lakers are getting beat because the refs aren't giving them the calls.

They are just getting beat.
They are beating themselves but also the Mavs are just plain beating them, they are making the shots when it counts, the Lakers aren't.
Good grief, except it already.

Doc rivers will be an excellent coach for the lakers. He emphasises defense and team work and not who eats first Kobe's failed philosiphy. Like george bush regime change and economic policies were failures. But the Cs will go down and go down hard to the Heat. LBJ will rain fire and brimstone in front of the Cs fans who teased and heckled him last year.

C'mon. The pipe dreamers are just recycling their comments. "Expect win..," too much pride...(huh?) and such. This "team?" has imploded. They will be destroyed on Sunday. Sad way to end the streak. Wouldn't have been so bad if they had gone down fighting and made Mavs BEAT them in all 3 games. But to just give away two games?

Shannon Brown is right, the Lakers are beating themselves!

They can still win against this sissy Dallas team (any team that has a euro player as their leader is soft as a tissue)!

We're not playing against the 1986 Celtics or the 1989 Pistons, not even the 2008 Celtics -- this is a SISSY Dallas Mavericks team with a euro centerfold, Dirk Diggler, as their leader!!! Goddammit, we beat this team by 30 points a little more than a month ago! Did we ever beat the 1986 Celtics or the 1989 Pistons by 30 points???

We can beat this team -- this is all mental!

There's still 48 long minutes left on the clock, that's a lot of time in basketball. Lakers, snap out of it! You can beat this SISSY team with relative ease, just snap out of it!


i will keep saying it over and over get rid of fish or bench him,and start brown or blake if you keep taking brown out of the game when he is playing great and bring fish back in brown will never get the confidence to perform,fish plays like shi....t.bench pau and bring in theo or joe smith.keep artese on the bench or let him come as release man for lo.
the lakers need some shooter beside bbryant..get rid of fish
he sucks as he has all year
blake brown gave the lakers a good lead and pj pull them out of the game and brought fish back in and they lost the lead
the coach is a joke why not get in fish face because that where the problem.cant wait til pj retires should have retired last year.


Do share...we can handle it. Hey we talked tough when the Lakers were rolling, we're tough enough to take the good with the bad."

Posted by: LRob | May 07, 2011 at 12:37 PM

Yes, and I might add that you are a rarity on this board.

One could easily conclude that many posters here are vying to be Peter Pan.
The others are their purple and gold indoctrinated grandchildren.

I can only wonder how many of these oldsters will be wearing their
Kobe and Bynum jerseys when the Lakers are sent packing tomorrow.

No, Rob. You might be able to handle it,
but I assure you they can't.

I'm not convinced DH would be better than Socks right now.
Posted by: Tim-4-Show

Though I have been in favor of that trade earlier in the year, now, neither am I.
Bynum can be the real deal but the thing that scares me about him is his knees.


Laker Tom,

When all the trade talk was going on around the all-star break you proposed that the Lakers keep Drew (of course:)
and instead trade Pau.

In hindsight, if there was going to be a trade then that would have been the right call.
Denver may have taken Pau for Melo.
The same Melo who dropped 40+ in the playoffs on the Celts.
Imagine him on the floor with Kobe, Odom and Bynum...

Wow, Magic Johnson just said the following on ESPN NBA Countdown:

- If the Lakers lose tomorrow, they need to "blow it up" as in blow up the team.
- The Lakers will need to make trades and move some of the players out and bring in new players, and they will start with Phil leaving.
- This group of players have been together too long and they are tired.
- Lamar, Artest and others are too distracted by their off-court activities.
- Lakers need to bring in some new hungrier players to play alongside Kobe.

They also discussed that Bynum / Lamar could be trade-bait for Dwight Howard.

Great analysis on the show. Catch it on the web if you can.

LOL! That was a good one! Very clever. Now go get yourself a life.

Go Lakers!

atleast the world know kobe is NO jordan

LakerTom --

I appreciate the comments, I admit that yours and a few others are the only comments I look forward to as well as I try to navigate away from the trolls and the fair weather fans.

Agree with respect to Pau Gasol, rain in spain is right as rain, and Mitch couldn't have foreseen such a monumental meltdown, but he could and SHOULD have foreseen the lack of a knock-down 3-point shooter on this team. Did he actually think that Shannon Brown would fill that void or Steve Blake or Matt Barnes? If so, he's more stupid than I thought.

Peja the dancing queen was begging to come to L.A. in January after the Raptors bought him off. Why didn't we go after him? He would've been a worthy pick-up -- he's not Korver at this stage of his career, but Peja is a better 3-point shooter than any Laker we have, by far, so why wouldn't he go after this guy? He would've come dirt cheap! Why would he allow a rival to pick him up?

Korver was my choice last year, it is truly criminal that we don't have a solid 3-point shooter on this team to compliment our inside/outside game. This team begs for a sharp-shooter like the old Steve Smith. In this offense, Smith would be a monster! Why didn't we go after Ray Allen back in 2008? Why? Why didn't we go after him when he was with the Bucks?

JERRY WEST gave up a young Eddie Jones (14th pick in the first round, 1994)and Elden Campbell for an old Glen Rice in 1999. Why didn't we go after Ray Allen back then??? That's what this team has been missing since 2000!

Can you imagine a sharp-shooter from downtown (like Steve Smith or Ray Allen) playing along side Shaq and Kobe??? And still, in 2011, we have yet to address this monumental void.

MITCH KUPCHAK needs to take full blame here, 100%. I don't care if Buss signs the checks, Kupchak should have made the imperative case to go out and sign a 3-point threat. Instead, we go out and sign a poor man's Raja Bell and Steve Blake.


face it, the lakers have played more games than anyone for the past 4 years, and throw in the off season games kobe played, and the wear and tear will finally catch up. tired legs, tired concentration, and younger hungry opponents, will get you everytime... they had a good run, and no doubt dr buss will have them back soon....

go bulls.

We are down to the last 48 minutes of basketball, I hope the Lakers come out like champions, play like one. No team has ever climb from 0-3 deficit in the NBA but still believe this team can. IMPOSSIBLE is not a Word, it's an excuse for not keep trying, keep believing and keep working to achieve your goal...I STILL BELIEVE WE CAN OVERCOME THIS.....LAKERS STILL..3 PEAT AND BEYOND...

Hi folks. We must be objective when analysing the case. Not with feelings but with logic. I’m a LAKER fan but not a crazy fanatic, we must accept that we lost this season, no chance after 0-3. There are several issues why LA came up to this point. First, psychological; due to Phil. He shouldn’t have acknowledged that he’ll retire before this season began. It had a negative impact on most of the players, losing concentration and they thought even they played sluggish whole season, they wouldn’t be punished since a new coach will take place. Loss of focus and discipline. This is true in all kinds of sports. (OK, this coach will be away 100% sure next season, so why should we care?) That’s why they lost a lot of back-to-back games before playoffs and eventually they couldn’t get up from their sleep in the playoffs. Second reason, again, due to management and Phil: very bad transfers before this season, rather than getting a bunch of below- average old players, they should have got 1-2 young star talent on the roster. Third; some key players are really old and they must be changed. Fisher, Artest especially. Fourth: Again due to Phil, offensive and defensive tactics are worn out, they should have played alternative strategies in the games, especially against Mavs, trio offense ain’t good against every opponent. Solution: 1. Get a new starring coach with new and more versatile, active offensive & defensive tactics, enabling Kobe, Bynum, Odom, Shannon and the newcomer youngsters play much more dynamic and fast play as in the olden & golden show-time days. 2. Say adios to Artest, Fisher and most of that junk bench. 3. Trade Gasol if possible with a high quality player, CAUTION: I am not against Pau, I do admire him but again thanx to Phil and sucking LA media, his pride is damaged, he won’t ever play confidently and motivated in LA team again. (of course, I know the salary cap options, but they should change the starting line and bench somehow!!)

Troll Man, you don't get respect for being on a blog for years. And especially for making uneducated comments about situations you have no idea what you are talking about. Who cares what you have done? Who cares how long you have been doing it for. That's the first indicator into your ignorance. When you have to spout off what you have done, and justify your existence, it tells me that you have an inferiority complex. Again, you were the one who made the reckless comment about the the Lakers "Legendary" coach, and how we will finally get one that understands x's and o's. You have no idea how difficult it is to do what the Lakers have done for 3 straight years. No idea. If you did, like all the other negative bloggers out there that start to play the blame game, you wouldn't make the comments you make. All you have to do is ask anyone that knows anything about the NBA, which I highly doubt you do. Stop while you are behind!



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