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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 93-81 Game 2 loss to Dallas Mavericks

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-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan details the Lakers' frustration over their 93-81 Game 2 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, including Andrew Bynum's contention that the team has "trust issues."

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding looks at the odds the Lakers have to overcome from a 0-2 deficit. 

The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen notes this interesting nugget: "Only once in their history have the Lakers rallied from a 2-0 deficit to win a playoff series: 1969, when they defeated San Francisco in six games in a first-round series."

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko notices the Lakers have no answers for stopping Dirk Nowitzki.

-- The Daily News' Elliott Teaford looks at why the Lakers have unraveled. 


-- The Times' Bresnahan catches up with former Laker Caron Butler.

-- The Times' Lisa Dillman highlights Dirk Nowitzki's performance.

-- The Daily News' Jill Painter credits J.J. Barea's effort.'s Marc Stein details how the Mavericks are overcoming the odds. 

--The Dallas Morning News' Bob Sturm credits the Mavericks' defense. 


--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen details the NBA's clarification on officials disallowing Phil Jackson from making a late-game substitution in Game 1. 



-- The Times' Bill Plaschke puts most of the blame on Pau Gasol.

-- The Times' T.J. Simers pokes fun at the Lakers' struggles. 

-- The Times' Mark Heisler believes the Lakers' Game 2 loss to Dallas will come back to bite them.'s J.A. Adande have written the Lakers' off despite Kobe Bryant's insistence to him that he "be careful what you write."

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick believes the Lakers' ending may come sooner than expected. 

-- The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore documents Gasol's inconsistency. 

--The Dallas Morning News' Tim Cowlishaw details the chemistry between Jason Kidd and Jose Barea.

--The Orange County Register's Ding argues the Lakers need to play with more confidence.'s John Hollinger calls the Lakers' chances of three-peating on "life support."'s Scott Howard-Cooper believes it's now time to panic regarding the Lakers' chances to three-peat. 

--Yahoo! Sports' Johnny Ludden argues the Mavericks have pushed the Lakers over the edge. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Tim MacMahon believes the Mavericks have been playing like champions. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin wonders what happened to Gasol. 

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton believes the Mavericks are simply a better team than the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne believes the Lakers simply don't have any energy left. 

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz believes the Lakers are on the ropes. 


--Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine argues Ron Artest hurt his reputation with his ejection. 

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin believes the Mavericks will continue showing they're able to match the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss to Dallas. 

--Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe praises the Mavericks' effort.'s Mike Trudell details the game in a running diary. 

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore doesn't think the series is over, but concedes the odds are stacked against the Lakers. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano called the Lakers' Game 2 loss to Dallas the "most important game of the season."

Tweet of the Day: "Bynum should have never made those comments publicly. Call a players only meeting and discuss those issues internally with your teammates." -- Magic Johnson (Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "saw a tweet this morning that asked obama to find the lakers since he found the all time hide and go seek champion... couldn't agree any more. they're so asynchronous =[ my facebook timeline was full of people jumping off the bandwagon last night... it was pretty sad. i'm a die hard fan and the team honestly hasn't proven this year that they deserve another ring, except maybe Kobe and Fish.

I can accept and respect dallas being the better basketball team. i can't accept the fact that there's no drive to make this competitive, interesting and entertaining. either way, it's still early. dallas needs to win 2 more games. we need 4. i'll be nervous if we lose game 3 and are down 10+ in the 4th quarter of game 4. heroes are remembered; legends never die. TIME TO WRITE A HISTORY BOOK. LIKE A BOSS" -- soshibo

--Mark Medina

Top Photo: Kobe Bryant remains confident about the Lakers' chances even though the team will hit the road trailing Dallas in their Western Conference semifinal playoff series, 2-0. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times. Bottom Photo: Mavericks point guard Jose Barea is fouled on a drive down the lane by Lakers power forward Pau Gasol during Game 2 on Wednesday night at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 4, 2011

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Lakers in 6!!!

Nice spirit Soshibo but Obama will not help at all. He's looking forward to the Bull ascension. Congrats.

Is there anything to analyze from the game last night?

We can sum it up with two reasons: First, they are unlucky to get a 3 pt basket. Second, they were outplayed by Dallas both offense and defense, Lakers can't do anything right. Conclusion: LOSS, find another method to win on Friday and Sunday.

Phil Jackson is clearly ready to call it quits. We saw it when he played the scrubs for extended minutes in the 4th quarter of game 1.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Please get Dwight Howard!!!!!!!! Thank you for all you've done for us, Gasol. It's time to part ways. While we are at it, bye bye Odom. You can do your reality show full-time now.

I agree with Magic J... they do need to call a players only meeting at someones house and let the 2 losses sink in and realize that you guys are on the brink of destruction if you dont start playing like the champs we know...

I still belive that this is all Mr David Sterns antics, I mean everyone knew this was going to be a good series with Lakers vs Mavericks, and this will go to 7 games to sell tickets and bring more viewers to the Palyoff programms...

The officiating last night sucked, I mean they called fouls on the Lakers when they showed the replay it showed beraly any contact, and the crew at TNT analysts kept on getting away from the foul when showing the replay, I honestly feel this game is going to go 7 games and lakers will dominate in game 7...

First game, everyone favored lakers in Vegas, when they lost, a lot of people lost money, then they said second game for sure the Lakers will win and yet again they lost, so now everyone is doing the bandwagon hopping and are betting all their money on Dallas to win Game 3 and Game 4... and you go ahead an guess whos going to win those games...??

so this is all a show put on for the people you just watch and see, deep down im not worried about it at all...

Game 1 was clearly rigged at the end. Horrible officiating. Game 2 the same. Lakers don't even get calls at home. Screw the NBA. I'm not wasting my time watching these fixed games.


MM... someone hijacking my handle?

I made a ton of posts this morning from two different computers, but mostly one computer. This complaint to MM is a forgery.

I guess S Perkins, Sleazy E, Oshea Jackson coming back for retribution for me pointing out all his handles... LOL


Lakers can win, but wow, it looks pretty bad. As in 1% chance bad.

I mean, if you hate that I posted so much, just say so. No need to hijack my handle.

The only reason I posted so much is because I'm freaking DEPRESSED right now, and the Lakersblog is the one place I go to make myself feel better.

I'm going to go get a drink.

Be back later tonight.


Inside out basketball only works when:
- the inside player has an advantage against single coverage.
- the outside shooters can hit open shots when the inside player is double teamed.

Thus far, neither has been the case against the Mavs. The team, especially Kobe, was force feeding Pau last night to get the inside-out game going, but Pau was ineffective. The offense completely stalled in the third quarter because the team went away from its biggest matchup advantage (KOBE) to get Gasol going. Bynum had a solid game, but most of his offense came from offensive rebounds, or when the outside players created easy opportunities for him. He is also having a difficult time scoring against Chandler/Haywood one on one. Basically, our supposed biggest advantage (our length) has been neutralized. The exact same thing happened against the Suns in last year's playoffs, when the Suns packed in the paint, and Gasol seemed lost the entire series. The Lakers won because the team played KOBE BALL to take advantage of the single coverage from Grant Hill. Against the Mavs, Kobe has a similar advantage, and to beat the Mavs, the offense has to go back to playing KOBE BALL.

There are several advantages of running the offense through Kobe.
- he is the only person on the Lakers who can create his own shot against this Mavs defense, and the only person who can create open shots for his teammates. The White Swan is in full force, and rather than force feeding Gasol, it will be up to Kobe to get Gasol easy open shots.
- more offensive rebound opportunities for Gasol and Bynum. When Pau or Bynum shoot, it takes away one of our best offensive rebounders. When Kobe shoots, he attracts the defenses, creating more opportunities for offensive boards, and resulting in an extra big going after the offensive board. This was one of the main offensive strategies for Larry Brown when he had AI. When people look at AI's FG%, they ignore the fact that many of his shots created easy offensive rebounding opportunities for his teammates.

The Lakers were awful last night, but they still could have won if they made some FTs and hit more than 10% from 3 point range. Everyone knew going in that the third year of the threepeat would be the most difficult. I was expecting scenarios where all hope seems lost, similar to the Sacramento series the last time the Lakers went for a threepeat. This team has faced adversity before, and this series is no different. Do not lose faith Laker fans. Adversity will only make this threepeat that much sweeter.

Seems obvious that Pau and probably the rest of the team do not like coby. Who could blame them? Trying to satisfy a prima donna who wishes to cast blame everywhere except himself would drive anyone crazy.

Hey Odum, how is the reality show going? I guess the episodes are coming in which you meet up with Dirk. Happy wife, happy life eh?

Artest, you have gone too far once again. The public and media gave you a pass when you won the title for LA last season. But there was no 2nd chance when it came to violence. Going after the smallest guy on the court with a cheap clothesline? Cowardly. But if it hadn't of been you, I'm sure Derek Fischer would have tried something similar because when LA loses in the playoffs, a cheap shot is to be expected.

Time is running out quickly on our Lakers 3peating,still no time to panic yet.But i have my finger resting on the panic button right now,i'm not ready to push it yet.They say only 3 teams have been down 0-2 in the best of seven serious and come back to win it.Well if anyone can do that i believe its the Lakers,just to much talent man.
Now they say that practice makes perfect;the Lakers have played lackadaisical all season long,and it has become part of their play.These Guys have to show more passion and efford out their.
What's up with Pau Gasol?Is he still playing with the Lakers?The Lakers need him to show up soon before its vacation time.
How about they feed the ball to Bynum more,the guy clearly has the advantage on Chandler.So feed the man the ball and lets play inside out and outside in.Lakers in 6 still.

Go Lakers!

Wow Laker Fans. Way to boo your own players at home, in an important playoff game, you sure showed'em.

And you guys wonder why Laker fans are the most hated fans in Portland. Those same guys just brought you 2 rings. Ungrateful, spoiled and fake.

Pau your welcome to play your ball in Portland wearing the red and black, anytime you want!

It's hard to imagine nothing to watch any sports activities in t.v. in L.A. for the next two months. I don't watch the boring Dodgers and the copy cat Angels at all. I'm used to watching the Lakers in the month of May and June for the last three years. Now, they will be gone by the weekend after the Mavs sweep them. It's hard to imagine this will happen to our beloved team. Well, as a fan we're lucky enough to have 16 championships for our city, unlike fans of other cities in the United States who never experienced having a parade or had a parade decade ago. Don't worry we will be champion again in 2012 when Dwight Howard will team-up with Kobe Bryant. Howard/Kobe a much better version of Shaq/Kobe. Three-peat in the making before Kobe retires.

When everything breaks down hand it to Kobe.

And Bynum trust kobe even though he cannot be trusted to pass you. Trust Kobe to not trust you. You will get another Ring.

Q - game 1 was rigged? WOW!! How about the end of the first half? Take off your purple and gold colored glasses. If anything, the league is fixed in the lakers favor (NOT saying that is the case, btw)

Q - How do you propose to get Dwight Howard? Straight up for Bynum? WHY would ORL do that? No, as an outsider, I'd say you need a PG more than a C. Maybe Stern will let you trade Trey Johnson, Luke, Ebanks and Derrick (lack of) Caracter to NOH for Chris Paul!!

This is no Vegas conspirecy. Lakers haven't played well since just after the all star break and one game in the 65 game series with the Hornets. You can't beat a good team when you pleay poorly. And I agree Q. Leaving Blake in when all he did was chuck up bricks and turn the ball over on poor ball handling skills and horrible passes. Lamar has had a horrible play off as had Gasol. With only one big playing well. They will never win a game. Last 2 games Mavericks haven't played well either. But the lakers played horrible. With 2 losses at home. This series is over. They win 1 Dallas and come home to lose at home in game 5.

Posted by: 131-92 | May 05, 2011 at 07:21 AM

See you in the Finals.

Posted by: LITTLE TROUBLE | May 05, 2011 at 08:18 AM

Dude...Both of you are on CRACK, it's over. Enough of this silly $hit that you Lakerholic are talking. All this it ain't over till it's over, BULL$'s OVER. Let me be clear IT'S OVER.

Posted by: G.Money | May 05, 2011 at 11:09 AM

Nor overestimate the heart of a choker. I don’t care how poorly we played or how well the Mavericks played because I still believe there still is no way they will beat this Lakers team in a 7-game series. The Lakers will bounce back in dominating fashion on Friday night and crush the Mavs in Game 3, which will suddenly put all the pressure right on the backs of the team known for its lack of heart. When we steal home court back with a win in Game 4 on Sunday, the Mavs’ confidence will wilt and the Lakers will return to Staples to win Game 5 and then close out the Mavs in Dallas in Game 6. Time to separate the real fans from the fair weather fans who have jumped off the bandwagon. Lewsters, put me on the Lakers in 6 bus and give me a row since there are so many empty seats.

what's the difference between losing game 1 and 2 and losing games 3 and 4? - all we need to do is tie up the series, return the favor, and we CAN do it in 7....

....but WILL we do it?

wow so many trolls in here prancing about the Mavs and talking down on the Lakers, geez are these troll on layway waiting for the lakers to loose so they can come here and comment on how Lakers suck and they are gonna loose??

oh and BUTLER its spelled KOBE and its spelled ODOM... thats how you know you have been invaded by TROLLS...

I want to see all the trolls/bandwagon hoppers here on this blog the day, we beat the MAVS, but you porbably wont see that happend since they only come on this blog when their team wins.. ahaha stupid trolls

Lakers in 6!!!

Yeah, it's over. ...Unless by some miracle the Lakers go on a TWO-game road win streak. What are the chances of that? Greater that 1% I think.


CaptainJackSparrow is not a laker fan.. having said that...

Giant Green Bald Headed Lunatic .. u says>> How about the end of the first half?

Jason Terry clearly and so smartly fouls Odom who cannot make a three point shot from the three pont line. How in the world does Jason thinks he will make a three point shot from Laker Half close to Lakers' three point line. Jason you are short and Odom is like 6-10 and why r you gaurding him. He forgot he was a midget. He forgot he was in Lakers Half. He forgot Odom can't shoot from anywhere. I don't think Odom is the dumbest player in NBA. Well I think Howard is dumbest or maybe the point gaurd for Tragic.. whats his name I forgot. Sometimes you wonder if God had given Howard Billups brain .. Possibilities could be endless.

Yeah technical and foul on Artest or by Artest on Nowitzki should have been called otherwise. But Nowitzki retaliated. Artest is despicable spit of pot.

Dallas screwed up big before half. There were.. imploding .. nice ring to it.

Too bad Pau did the same in last seconds of the game.

no cheating there in my opinion

@LakerTom - very well said... the heart of the back to back champions is never to be underestimated, well bounce back and take Game 3 and 4. Like I said before i have a strong feeling this series was made this way to make it more exciting for the people who are watching the Playoff programming, with Lakers dominating the fan base and marketing I dont think that Stern will give this up... he will make sure we go to game 7 and WIN the series...

one thing i hate tho, is when CUBAN starts prancing around Staples Center and high fiving his team like he was a player, sometimes i want to run on the court and punch him in his big ugly face... gets on my last nerv man, its so annoying with his stupid Dallas shirts, jeez i so would love to throw a water bottle at his face just like portland fans.

The B in Killer B's stands for Bricks! I miss Farmar and Sasha. Why doesn't Jackson play a proven player like Walton? Why doesn't he play Trey Johnson, he came in one game and put up 10 points in 10 minutes. If Lakers don't do something soon, it's over.

Imagine Cuban if LAKERS win this series.

He prolly do something TIGERESQUE.. or maybe do a Charlie Sheen on ESPN.

Maybe he will take his DECISION.. I am taking my talents to D-League.. or D-League.. i have no clue what the man is capable of. Never saw Tiger Woods break down like this.. Charlie sheen I saw that coming..

I can definitely see Cuban go all postal if LAKERS win this.

If Artest is suspended, put in Barnes as replacement instead of no defense Odumb. I'm really frustrated with LO who kept on ranting that they're going to win and kept on jacking up shots from perimeter. Since when did he become a pure gunner in that lane. He should go to the basket because of his height and speed, it could easily manufacture 2 pts. Barnes is more respectable in defense. On the 2nd unit, they will play Luke so that is the reason why they would need Odom there too.

can someone post the stats of Lakers shooting last night, more importantly from the 3 point range...

and why is everyone so disguisted by Artest last foul?? what happend? you guys are a fool if you think Artest would intentionaly hit a guy 4 feet smaller than him like that. Artest knows better, he can pick on someone his size dont worry about that.

and as far as the foul, he didnt really take JJ out or anything he was cought in the motion and couldnt stop himself so he ran onto Lamar and he put his hand out so they would foul him in case ODOM missed it.

If he can take on the whole DETROIT pistons in their home floor, i think its safe to say that Artest didnt do it hard or even on purpose. and honestly even if he did, Im not mad at all, Im actually glad, because the way that Dwarf was going in the lanes, i felt like going inside the TV and punching that little guy in his face couple of thousand times, so i dont see anything bad about it, but it just happens, when stupid TERRY intentionaly and clearly pushed BLAKE to the ground during the regualr season, the NBA waved off his technical, but Im sure Artest not only will get suspended but fined. its really not fair on his part, he commited a hard foul and thats about it.

keep biting on that jersey, kobe.
your lakers are toast.

Lakers and Mavs had the same problem, they lost 5,6 games in a row in the end of regular season, but Mavs fixed their problems by playing harder to beat Portland. The Lakers continue with the bad habit, loosing game 1 at home, inconsistent offensive game plan, Lakers still can't defend P&R, they did not learn anything after round 1.

I feel like I haven't been a passionate enough fan. Maybe that's been the case with a lot of us. We've just been expecting for the Lakers to make it to the Finals. Perhaps the Lakers have fed off that energy, because they're not playing with focus, intensity nor courage in these playoffs.

So disappointing to watch.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thanks. I've been waiting all day for your post.

Now, back to my drink

Stick a fork in it!!! They are done!!! No way the Lakers win four out of five. This team is embarrassing by being down 2-0 on their home court. This has to be the worst bench this team has had since Kobe starting winning championships. What was Mitch thinking with an already slower team last year minus Ariza, by trading Sash ,letting Farmar go and replacing this team with has been scrubs.
I think Gasol has all of the sudden has gotten too old and he is not what he used to be. Since following the Lakers in the eighties, I have never ever seen a defending championship team so lazy and just lying down in a must win game by taking a major butt kicking like last night. I think the time has come where the Lakers need to think about the future and think about acquiring a quality point guard, because that is what they are lacking in this series, as it appears the size has had no effect against the Mavericks. Also, I would forget about Brian Shaw coaching next year and find an experienced coach with a new offense and defensive scheme, because this one is just too predictable these days.


SWEEEEEEP! No, I really do think the Lakers CAN stay in it! I mean, jeez... They are the 2 time champs! They need to stop tearing themselves down though! That locker room looks like a bunch of kids in the pricipals office for fighting! And GASOL... You guys stole him away and he played a key role in 3 finals appearances and 2 titles. Even if that's all you get from him and you have to rebuild, GASOL helped you guys big time and you DEF got your money's worth! Stop being fickle haters! Pau has given you TONS! Good luck in Big D! #MFFL

Most of the laker fans except me were too presumptious and disrespteced the game. Regular season games are important and no 3 peat is automatic. Everyone watch the Rocky series. look at the Rocky training montage videos you see him doing the 1 arm pushups, lifting weights running etc. If he took you guys attitude about practise season he would be in his lounge chair stuffing his face with a Carl's triple deck burger sandwich, biggie fries and washing down with an extra large milk shake all the while his trainer Mickey will be screaming in his garvily voice, "you gat to train rock"!! "But Mick this is just practise season man the championship fight is not until 3 months away", replied Rocky.

Kobe needs to step up in the 4th quarter if this is going to get any better. He missed a critical shot–and made a bad turnover–in the final minute of Game One. Last night, he scored only five points in the fourth quarter, and that was in a 30-second stretch when the Lakers were already down 13. That’s not good enough from a team leader, and it has to change. Check it out:

@LL-213 >>>>and why is everyone so disguisted by Artest last foul?? what happend? you guys are a fool if you think Artest would intentionaly hit a guy 4 feet smaller than him like that. Artest knows better, he can pick on someone his size dont worry about that.

1. If I want to watch WWF I will watch WWF.
2. Elbows and shoving people is not defense.
3. Watch Olajuwon's tapes and you will see defense without hurting anyone
- He blocked shots
- He stole balls
- He denied
- He was never dirty
4. As Barkely said.. hit his neck and he won't bother u again or else he will go postal like against Detroit. Detroit played defense and him and his jail mate steven jackson were hitting fans and detroit team like they broke out of prison which is a very high possibility.
5. Old hag Buzzard Phillup likes these guys to win championship to get to oponents heads. PJ is not dat smart so don't give him credit for these antics by Rodman and Artest. PJ learned that technique from the Late 80's Chuck Daley Dirty Empire. Offcourse he could not ever find Lambeer the dirtiest pox but he picked up Rodman to counter slightly fading MJ. So PJ took that page of Daleys book.

Moneky see Monkey do.. Albeit its not a kapuchin.

Artest looks like a Card Board box and from time to time will have a shot going in.

Barkeley would have stomped all over him but this NBA lot r divas in 7 foot men's bodies. Like Pau. Drag Queens.

I would like to see shaq play 5 min and stomp on Artests' @$$..

BTW watch the first meeting with MIAMI and see Artest trying his best to bother Lebron. Did not work PJ. But it did look really annoying and disgusting.

Really taints PJ's championship teams.

and why is everyone so disguisted by Artest last foul?? what happend? you guys are a fool if you think Artest would intentionaly hit a guy 4 feet smaller than him like that. Artest knows better, he can pick on someone his size dont worry about that.

and as far as the foul, he didnt really take JJ out or anything he was cought in the motion and couldnt stop himself so he ran onto Lamar and he put his hand out so they would foul him in case ODOM missed it.

Posted by: LALakerz213 | May 05, 2011 at 11:38 AM "

No. It was a frustration foul and we all know it. When Ron got the technical and was ejected, he had no response. He knew what he had done and just put his head down and left.

Lakers need to go jogging in the noon day sun, and know whats like to get a real work out they look unfocussed and poorly coached.

There is no more of a frontrunner fan here than Laker Tom, You sir are a disgrace to this site.

Posted by: CaptainJackSparrow | May 05, 2011 at 11:41 AM

>> Not me mate!

When you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate: I’m Captain Jack Sparrow.

@LL-213 >>>>and why is everyone so disguisted by Artest last foul?? what happend? you guys are a fool if you think Artest would intentionaly hit a guy 4 feet smaller than him like that. Artest knows better, he can pick on someone his size dont worry about that.

1. If I want to watch WWF I will watch WWF.
2. Elbows and shoving people is not defense.
3. Watch Olajuwon's tapes and you will see defense without hurting anyone
- He blocked shots
- He stole balls
- He denied
- He was never dirty
4. As Barkely said.. hit his neck and he won't bother u again or else he will go postal like against Detroit. Detroit played defense and him and his jail mate steven jackson were hitting fans and detroit team like they broke out of prison which is a very high possibility.
5. Old hag Buzzard Phillup likes these guys to win championship to get to oponents heads. PJ is not dat smart so don't give him credit for these antics by Rodman and Artest. PJ learned that technique from the Late 80's Chuck Daley Dirty Empire. Offcourse he could not ever find Lambeer the dirtiest pox but he picked up Rodman to counter slightly fading MJ. So PJ took that page of Daleys book.

Moneky see Monkey do.. Albeit its not a kapuchin.

Artest looks like a Card Board box and from time to time will have a shot going in.

Barkeley would have stomped all over him but this NBA lot r divas in 7 foot men's bodies. Like Pau. Drag Queens.

I would like to see shaq play 5 min and stomp on Artests' @$$..

BTW watch the first meeting with MIAMI and see Artest trying his best to bother Lebron. Did not work PJ. But it did look really annoying and disgusting.

Really taints PJ's championship teams.

This year I've followed the Grizzlies more than the Lakers and I feel more vested with that team than the Lakers this year even though the Lakers are my team. One reason I feel that the Grizzlies are an exiting team is because they personify TEAM basketball. I love the game played the right way. The right way to play is is team basketball. (A TEAM WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE WHOLE, PEOPLE CAN DISTINGUISH UNINTERESTED PASES TO A TEAM MEMBER FROM A CARING CONTRIBUTOR, AT 30 I PREFER THIS APPROACH, AS ITS MORE ENJOYABLE TO ME. When you have assets and you don't use it, just let it corrode you are only breeding resentment from your fan base, which will only lead to less fans and less money for you in the long run. I blame PHIL.

The Lakers can still win if they do the following

1.Watch Slumdog millionaire tonight
2. Don't overpractice during practice tomorrow especially shooting ( just enough to warm up)
3. Everyone rest rest rest especially the bigs.
4. Drew should focus all his e n e r g y on REBOUNDS and only rebounds (scoring will come)!!!!!!!!! His practice time today and tomorrow as well as everyone else on the team should be cut short because they look tired out there, what's going on? Its either tiredness or they don't have any motivation. Lakers were 17-1 when he went on that rebounding streak. What the hell happened????
5. Make Luke Walton a starter and have him focus on making timely (when it appers they are getting in position to be opened) passes. He needs to observe who doesn't look lethargic because they have these past 20 games. He needs to play now because maybe he can spark the passing game????
6. They need to get angry by being told a white lie that Dirk Newitzki might have said (hehehe).* I would say that he said something like " we're the real team of destiny this year and the Lakers are simply in our way to glory" (hehehe).
7. N/A
8. Drew needs to issue a sincere apology to the team after the movie . Has to be heartfelt( can be achieved by having Dr Phil ready him for it)
9. Tomorrow simply go through light practice for about 90 min. They only need to go through what the game plan is which is go inside outside basketball. E A S Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Also warm up just before the game to where the shot begins to fall but then stop cold turkey (you don't want to waste unnecessary energy. This part is hard to do because when everything starts falling you want to keep on shooting. Their 3 point shots did not go in because they probably overpracticed the day before or that same day even.
11 Everyone rest rest rest especially the bigs.
12. Steve Blake and Matt Barns both have looser mentality this year (in the playoffs) so limit their minutes to the first half
13. They need a detailed script tomorrow of what can happen tomorrow including details about their adversities and how they will keep fighting through it all with the heart of a real champion. example: "They're trying to be the ones who receive the baton from the us! Who do they think they are, The Mavs didn't anticipate the Lakers will to win. You have used the past 2 games as measuring sticks and now you have adapted to what you need to do to win. Luke will get the ball rolling, the shots will start to swhoosh through the net more and more as the game goes along, the noise would be unbearable to most but they're redirecting that energy and actually getting strength from as the game keeps getting tighter they're getting better and better, and the Mavs also think they're gonna win but one of the Lakers players ,will it be you?, makes a dramatic shot in the last second for a Lakers victory. The Crowd which was so loud goes home unhappy and bitter and disappointed. Another dramatic victory." Phew (I only added 2 % of a script. They need to visualize everything from the intricate muscle fibers of the wrist as in slow motion directing the trajectory of the ball through the hoop to the actual stress felt in their gut but fighting and pushing through it, etc. They need to meditate for 2 1/2 hours or more and include this script, and the bigs will need a 12 minute nap before the game starts.

listen to me and win, or keep your ego and loose.

Posted by: CaptainJackSparrow | May 05, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Thats not me.

The lakers can bounce back from this 0-2 deficit. Kobe must call his big guns bynum, LO, Gastrong, Artest and Fisher and apologise for his poor leadership and hogging the ball. He must specifically apologise to gastrong for throwing him under the bus. To bynum he must say he love him and trusted him and he will gladly share 25% of his shot attempts with Bunum. He must tell his leaders that he needed them and if they play together they will win the game and series. Then the entire team must go to the bench and stress how important they are and they are needed to win this game and series. Again Kobe must apologise for hogging the ball and promise to play team ball. If this is done LA will roll.

@fever – glad you’re still in the fight. Regarding Pau I wouldn’t say he’s checked out. I thought the effort was there last night, but the effectiveness wasn’t.

@Edwin – good post at 10:01am

@Laker Truth – well said!

@soshibo – Congrats on the Friedman. Preach on!

Laker truth is talking nonsence about Kobeball and the inside outside game.Its the triangular offence,the team was not playing within the offence and Mr Kobe kept jacking up shots eventually loosing the ball in the last minute of game one,he is no Jordan,he is not like Jordan,he wont be like Jordan and there will never be another Jordan.Kobe is not really a team player,he is not clutch,he dont play within the offence.As a captain you have to demonstrate to your fellow players about the importance of the game,play within the offence because it will bring you opportunity to score.Play great defence too.The Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan didnt have no problem with the offence,they ran it with superb ability.These so call laker bloggers who think they know,they dont have a clue.This Laker team even though they may reach the Nba finals are not good enough.

LALakerz213 -
LA - 34 - 83 from the field 41%
2-10 from 3 - 20%
11-20 FT 55%
kobe - 9-20
odom 3-12
Fisher 2-7

34-81 42%
8-25 from 3 32%
17-21 FT 81%
Terry 3-12
Kidd 3-10

Hope that helps

Man talk about being invaded by Maverick trolls...

how come you werent on here last year? or the year before? when we on back to back championships? huh you freaking probably banwagon hoppers, and i bet last year you went with the celtics in Game 7..

remember that true laker fans? last year Game 7, Lakers vs Celtics, what happend throught 3 quarters, we were down... down but not out... then we came back and beat the living sh*t out of the celtics and took the championship home to another parade... something tells me this series is far from over.

Lakers in 6!

@JonK - I totally agree, let's make sure we get extra into it for game 3 and cheer big like dedicated fans should

i think part of why we play harder on the road is because we don't have our fans getting loud than instantly going silent after one little thing goes wrong

@johnny5 - TOO MUCH INPUT!!!!

I honestly can't tell if Johnny5 is serious with those comments or not!!


Dear Lakers Defense - "Say hello to my little friend, Jose Barrea"

Dear Phil - "Ask not what your team can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your team"

Dear Kobe - "There's no place like the road, there's no place like the road"

Dear Pau - " "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you."

Dear Lamar - "" Do you know who you are? You're playing like a dude disguised as another dude"

Dear Bynum - "Make Chandler an offer he can't refuse"

Dear Blake - "You coulda been a contender, you coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what you played like"

Dear Shannon - "Dude, where's your brain?"

Dear Fish - "Run Fisher, Run"

Dear Artest - "Ron Ron phone home. Ron Ron phone home"

Luke - "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"


WOW.. Gasol averaged over 20 points and 10 boards a game in the regular season and people are saying he is done. He is old.. He's playing poorly in the play offs. But he is far from done. Lakers have enough talent with their starting 5 and 6 man to beat anyone. But they are beating themselves. And 2 games down. I doubt they can get their heads in it enough to overcome the deficit and pull out 2 back to back wins in Dallas. We will see what happens on Friday.

My personal take and why my personal angst (as if....):

I started watching every Lakers game about 2000 when NBA League Pass was available for me. Before that it was hit and miss depending on what national coverage was available. Living in SoCal I could always listen to Chick on the radio however. In 2000 I started to get to see a true HOF workaholic and very gifted athlete 'doing work'. That was/is Kobe Bryant.

Over the years of Shaq here and Shaq gone, then to the Kobe-MVP years, and I do mean years, Colorado, then 2008 forward, I marveled at the work ethic and warrior that is Kobe. His drive to push past boundaries of mere mortal athletes in his sport was amazing to watch. 81 was like watching Secretariat at the Belmont in 1973, for those of us who saw it 'live'. Each year brought new challenges that Kobe overcame. Each game/year brought more athletic marvels for my trained eye to enjoy. Injuries that would sit fellow athletes for weeks/months, Kobe played through. etc.

The reason I have loved the Lakers to the great extent I have over the past 11-12 years is Kobe. Yes, I watched the Lakers and became a fan in the 1950's growing up in the Minneapolis suburbs where they came from and even seeing Elgin as a rookie. But I was not a true fanatic until seeing Kobe and his determination and drive, which will continue until they take that round ball from his "cold-dead" hands, so to speak.

So, watching this year's team muddle through the season and now the playoffs with pathetic effort and not giving their all with 100% focus and mental toughness in the spirit of Kobe has made me very sad. Sad because Kobe's team is not driving toward that very achievable goal of another ring. I do not mind when the whole team leaves it all on the floor and the Lakers get beat, but find it inexcuseable when they give games away by not putting out effort. Sometimes a Dirk or such will have a great game and there is nothing the opposing team can do about it. I accept this. Kobe's 81 was like that for Toronto. Kobe's 62 in 3 quarters was like that for Dallas.

Bottom line for me is that watching live the lack of 100% daily support (excepting DFish, RA mostly, Barnes mostly) of Kobe's teammates and PJ is too hard for me to watch, because, I was successful in my later career due to the same exact reasons Kobe is now, which is work harder than anybody else, and 'leave it all on the court'. Drive and determination are available in all of us, but only a very few bring it 100% of the time. So, my admiration for Kobe is as a fellow compadre in work ethic and drive. And that is why I cannot watch this disgraceful team/PJ anymore this season. (If a miracle happens - probably due to Kobe refusing to be 'killed off', I may tune back in later....not holding my breath.) But team bad habits have been ignored the whole season by coaching staff and FO and their lack of effort is too hard on my intrinsic character to wear on my cardiac system.

It is my birthday on May 6, so I'll be celebrating and not watching game 3 or have to weed through the rancid troll posts on these blogs. I congratulate those respected bloggers/fans (you know who you are) with those rose colored glasses still on and optimistic hopes of history repeated still in their veins. I hope you are right and I am wrong, but too much history has been seen by this old man to ignore patterns. Peace out.

I hope Kobe goes for 60+ both games and let the chips fall where they may!

Throughout Laker history, we have had players who step up their game in the postseason. From Jerry West to Magic to Kareem to Big Game James to Kobe to Shaq. Pau Gasol is supposedly a Laker legend, so why does his game fall off so bad in the playoffs?? It makes me sick to my stomach watching him play at times, especially when the heat is on.

We're looking at the end of this Laker era right now. This is very painful for this fan. I can only hope that I'm wrong about this. I'll be watching and hoping, but at this point, I'm not expecting anything other than what we've seen this whole season out of this team. Which to me, is pretty pathetic for such a great franchise as the Lakers.

What we saw last night was a team that could not capitalize on their bread and butter plays. The Mavs actually stopped them. We're in big trouble folks.

GIT Lakers!


I have a lot of respect for your posts. Obviously, I don't know you personally, but I suspect we'd get along well. I, too, am disappointed watching Kobe's teammates not give 100% every play of every game. That needs to change. And I think it can.

The Lakers will win Game 3 in Dallas if:

- They focus on defending every jumpshot. Every single one. If it goes in, so be it. But make sure your damn hands are up.
- They shoot above 70% from the free-throw line.
- Kobe has 6+ assists.
- They shoot at least 35% from three, and limit those shots to under 20.
- Three Lakers not named "Kobe" score in double-digits.
- They out-rebound Dallas.

These are ALL attainable goals. This Lakers team is immensely talented. They just need to play like they believe, like they trust in each other, and like they want this more than any other team.

Go Lake Show!

I'm sorry laker fans, we will take you down. Thats for sure- remember its our homecourt. You are not in your place mofos. 3-0. then 4-0.
Kobe + surgery = no championship (ask the doctors)

next are the thunders. they are dead too.

at the Finals. It is going to be the revenge. We will destroy the SuperFriends.
To reclaim our pride and win the 2011 NBA Championship.

I wonder how Jerry Buss feels now about giving Phil Jackson $10 million this year

Lakers can get Dwight Howard. He has expressed interest in Lakers. If he wants out of Orlando, Orlando will have to trade him or else they'll be like Cleveland. Lakers can offer Bynum, heck, even Gasol or Odom and the whole bench.

There were two important things to take away from Game 2 of this series and those are that the Lakers first round struggle was not an abberation and the Lakers home fans at Staples Center are terrible fans. Pau Gasol's uninspired frist round play continues but the Lakers problems are much deeper than the Spanard forgeting how to play winning playoff basketball. Shannon Brown has been lost since mid season, Barnes has not yet recovered from his knee surgery, and who knows what happened to Steve Blake. Fisher's age is starting to show with no heroic shot his defensive problems and lack of offense are more noticable. After a strong first round Artest went back to his inconsistent ways along with Lamar Odom. Kobe looks tired and for the first time a little old, still looks like the best player on the floor for the Lakers though. The only person who has played a little above par is Andrew Bynum and that is only because Andrew has been so horrible in past playoffs, due largely to injury but facts are facts. Well, I still can have hope for the Lakers but it looks like Laker fans need to get used to seeing someone else play in the finals this year. If the Lakers are bounced from the playoffs I am at least happy for the past three finals appearances and the two rings that the Kobe/Gasol Lakers have produced.

As for the other point, I have always resisted the urge to talk down about Laker fans at Staples but last nights game proved to me that these fans do not know what home court advantage should feel like, it is an important distinction because there are plenty of hard core Laker fans who genuinely love this team win or lose. It was not the fourth quarter reaction that got to me, it was the pathetic energy for the entire first two games. Clapping and cheering are problably too uncool for the hipsters sitting in the crowd and maybe they chose to show team loyatly through sarcastic comments and not cheering. Every fan should watch an OKC home game to see a real home crowd root for a team win or lose.

Hey Mavsguy:

My advice to you is simple: Act like you've been here before, even though you rarely have. Don't count a series as "over" until the final buzzer. That advice, mofo, might get you into the WCF. Or it might not. Remember that your Mavs are kings of "choke," and they have been for many years.

Go Lake Show!

Have you guys ever considered that that is 100%? That's the most the Lakers are gonna get out of everyone not named Kobe

This Series isn't over till the Mavs or Lakers win 4 games

I am a Laker fan first and last.

I am not a Laker fan like some who say trust Phil and Mitch but I don't ridicule these fans either. there way is so much safer.

I am not a Laker fan who rests on his team past laurels. The past is the past.

I Live and Die on each game, each front office move, each players individual performance, and each coaching decision.

Kenneth do you hear me? who's the real Chicken Little?

I am here win or lose with my convictions.

Again I must ask:

Pretend you're Otis Smith (he's ORL's GM). Kupchak calls and offers 23 yr old, oft-injured, oft-inconsistent Andrew Bynum in a trade straight up for the 3 time DPOY....I think I would hang up on old Mitch, after I finished laughing.

Assuming there is a season, just off the top of my head, DEN could offer Nene (if he doesn't opt out) AND another player.........MIL could offer Bogut AND another player.......CLIPS could offer Kaman AND TWO other players not named Griffin.....WHY would ORL trade their best player to a team they are trying to catch in the standings??

He has said he would like to play in LA, but he has also said he would like to remain in ORL......AND there is an extension on the need a PG more than you do a C! PLEASE stop this nonsense!!

The Mavs are a different team this year than previous seasons. They have shown they DO have heart and the ability to come back from adversity, the Portland series showed this, as did game 1 vs LA when they clawed back from a 16-point deficit to win.

Chandler and Haywood add some toughness as well as length to Dallas, Lakers do not have the size advantage they normally enjoy and the poor play of the Lakers bigs shows this.

Dallas has a better bench, plays more cohesively as a unit, and simply looks much fresher and younger than LA. Jason Kidd is 38 but still plays with more energy and vigor than most of the Lakers.

I think to stand a chance, LA needs to pound the ball inside to Bynum as the second option instead of Gasol, and Kobe really needs to up his game and "take over" when necessary. This does not mean jacking up a million 3-pointers like he has been doing. It means getting those nice 15-20 foot fadeaways, cutting inside, getting to the hole, dunking on people like he did against New Orleans. The rest of the Lakers are just NOT getting it done. Blake and Barnes have been equally useless this series.

@ Rocky - I get that you are upset with the Lakers and Pau recently but the guy has proven that he can bring a high level of play in the postseason in 2008 (even though they lost the finals they still made it and people tend to forget that Pau really wasn't the Lakers biggest issue in that series), 2009, and 2010. As a Laker fan I get a little annoyed at all the fans with such short memories of what a player has contributed, it is why I tend not to criticize Derek Fisher too much. Hopefully the Lakers and Pau can rebound and at least make this a competitive series but even if they do not try not to discount all the great things this team has done in the past three seasons.

Okay let me add some points here, the main reason for Lakers losing is Pau Gasol's poor performance, it's having a ripple effect, it'smaking Kobe wanna score more which makes him more prone to turnovers, The reason why Gasol is having trouble
Gasol is not athletic enough against bigger, rougher psysical defenders, just watch him drive against a physical defener he almost always loses the ball, or he passes it off. Compare his drive to someone like Amare Stoudamire you will the difference.
So this is nothing to do with Gasol just having a bad game, it's all defense, when you strip away a height advantage from Gasol and body him up he becomes mortal it's a constant trend, what good is height if a defender can keep you out of the post area.
I conclude that Gasol isn't explosive against this team to get to basket, he has to settle for jumpers, and he isn't mentally strong, it's not in his make-up, it's not his fault, he just not that great when his advantages are taken away from him

@ Mavsguysincebirth - Have fun winning your second round playoff series, make sure to hang your division titles next to your one Western conference title banner because her in LA we only hang what matters, Championship banners. Even if you guys don't choke (which by the way is a very big possibililty considering it is the Mavs we are talking about) you will probably lose to the Thunder or will definitely lose to the Eastern Conference team.

Lakers in 6!!!

Posted by: LALakerz213

I'm a Laker fan too, but a realistic kind of fan. There's no way they can still come back with a 0-2 defictit with the next two games in Dallas. If this is the team then which is composed of Magic, Worthy, Jabbar, Byron, A.C., Cooper and co. I can say that they have a chance to come back and win the series. But this present Lakers line-up are a different kind of animals that if they face this kind of adversity they will just roll-over with no resistance at all. Just watch how the game tomorrow played-out. The game will be close until the last five minutes of the fourth quarter and Kobe will take over and lose the game because of his ball hogging. The game on Sunday will be a disaster because the Lakers will not show up the way they did against the Phoenix in game seven and against Boston in game 6 in the 2008 finals. A blow-out win by the Mavericks in game 4. It will be a sweep! I will post again on Monday May 9, 2011 and have these words "I TOLD YOU SO"

hey Mavsguy,
you better be right otherwise this will be ANOTHER epic choke for your team. let's see how tough your team really is, I bet we'll be coming back to LA myself.

considering how Miami took care of your team in the finals that year you are pretty foolish to call sweep at this point but that's one you..

the lakers deserved to be booed last night, that's what being arrogant and playing lackadasical will get you..


>>>Seems obvious that Pau and probably the rest of the team do not like coby

REally? You're back spewing that rehash bucket of bile?

THEY LOVE to be on Kobe's team. Most of them have said it publicly and several of them, including Pau, Lamar, and Fish SPECIFICALLY mentioned that one of the reasons they signed extensions or re-signed with the Lakers was to play with Kobe.

Seems obvious that BUTLER does not like coby.

The rest of the team (and most Laker fans) like him fine.

Oh, and by the way... EVERY ONE ON PHOENIX LOVES Steve Nash.... how many rings do they have for playing with him?



I'm Long Time Laker Fan, and I endorse this message.

Been a Laker fan all 30 years of my life. But I have to agree with LALakerz213. Don't see this Laker team pulling it off. If they don't keep it close till the end. Or blow out the Mavs on Friday. Then pack it in there swept. Even though they have accomplished allot with back to back championships. And 3 straight final appearances. They still posses more talent than just about any other team in the league. And oh yeah they have the best head coach in the history of the game who only knows how to win championships. Which is why he has more rings than fingers. And more rings that most franchises. To be blunt. Lakers are playing like crap. They are not playing to their potential. I watch the game and cannot believe they are losing to the Mavericks. Remember they had a 16 point lead in the 3rd quarter on Monday that they blew. This is why they are down in the series. They can be beat the Mavericks easily. But with the poor shooting and lack of energy by anyone other than Kobe and sometimes Bynum and Artest defensively. They will not be able to pull off game 3. Down 3 games they won't even show up for the fourth.

geez are these troll on layway waiting for the lakers to loose so they can come here and comment on how Lakers suck and they are gonna loose??

oh and BUTLER its spelled KOBE and its spelled ODOM... thats how you know you have been invaded by TROLLS...
Posted by: LALakerz213 | May 05, 2011 at 11:22 AM

Yeah and it is LOSE, L O S E as in LOSER, basketball genius!



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