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Caught in the Web: Previewing Lakers-Mavericks series

61280016--The Times' Mike Bresnahan explains how Andrew Bynum is different from Shaquille O'Neal.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman looks at the Pau Gasol-Dirk Nowitzki matchup.

--The Times' Mark Heisler pokes fun at the storylines surrounding the Heat-Celtics series.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore highlights Bynum's success in the Lakers-Hornets series.

--ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan explains the importance that Tyson Chandler performs well against the Lakers.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding compares and contrasts Kobe Bryant with Dirk Nowitzki.'s Scott Howard-Cooper believes the Lakers' swagger is back.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky talks with ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon about the Lakers-Mavericks series in their latest podcast.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen explains why the Lakers don't expect their recent hostilities against Dallas to carry over. Lassen also highlights the Lakers' contention that their competitive first-round series against New Orleans helped prepare them for Dallas.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin provides an injury update to Kobe Bryant.'s Ty Nowell puts together a must-see video poking fun at The Times' Broderick Turner and his basketball shooting. 

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko highlights DeShawn's Stevenson's contention that Chandler will respond if the Lakers try to "punk 'em."

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford features Matt Barnes' avoidance of trash talking on Mavericks guard Jason Terry.'s Mike Trudell details Bryant's injury.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz explains the importance of Barnes' physicality in the Mavericks series.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Saurav A. Das provides a positional breakdown of the Lakers-Mavericks series.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano analyzes the Lakers' offense.

Tweet of the Day: The Lakers will struggle in the 1/2 court if they do not get the ball moving from side to side! They play a LOADED defense like Boston" -- coachdavemiller (710 ESPN NBA analyst Dave Miller)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: This will be a great series (Lakers-Mavericks), but if Lakers don't give up any home games like they did to the Hornets in game 1 then the Lakers should be fine becuz it is not that difficult to win in Dallas. Dallas is nowhere near as difficult as playing at Portland or at Boston, or at OKC. Lakers have the talent, size, depth,and Kobe Bryant to sweep Dallas but even as a devout Laker fan I don't think L.A will sweep Dallas becuz of Dirk and Dallas is kinda fiesty.

Matt Barnes will do anything to beat the Mavs after wat happened in L.A when the Lakers blew out the Mavs by 28 becuz Jason Terry was tryin' to fight Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. Also Lakers have KOBE BEAN BRYANT, which is the most obvious advantage (also Lakers size obviously); but Mavericks have Dirk Nowitzki, but if Pau Gasol finally starts playing better, Pau and Dirk matchup great and Pau could make Dirk work.

Also when Odom comes off the bench he can guard Dirk. I think L.A just has too many weapons. All Lakers must do is watch the shooters (Peja Stoujakavic, Jason Terry, Stevenson, Jason Kidd) and watch Dirk and L.A should be fine. Kobe should average 26-30ppg and 6apg and Bynum should dominate, Pau should be around 18 and 10, the bench should do well." -- jordan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: The Lakers' chances of advancing to the Western Conference finals could hinge on how well Lakers forward Pau Gasol, left, plays against Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki. Credit: Jae C. Hong/Associated Press

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Memphis-pretty good!







===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 0 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

JovBatz24 - In my opinion, THE LAKERS WILL SWEEP THE MAVS.
Caliphilosopher - Lake Show in 2 - they beat Dallas so badly that anything and everything "Californian" or "West-Coast" gets banned from the state of Texas for 3 months.
segeboy - see our bigs drawing the attention and Kobe burning them in the first two games ...I'm calling a sweep...



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 1 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J
LEWSTRS - Lakers in 5...we close this at home...
cofm99 - Add me to the 5 bus...
Lakemelody - I say Lakers 4-1.
KobeMVP888: Lakers in 5.
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board
mclyne - LAKERS IN 5! We have officially gained our swagger back and will dominate the soft Mavs for four out of the five it will take.
Wallace - Just got my bus pass. I'm on board. It will be another week before I return home from Thailand
Fatty - Who predicts the Lakers in 5 LEWSTERS.
Maxximo - For the last time...Lakers 4 vs Dallas 1
Purple & Gold Reign - My newly cleaned and polished-up Crystal Ball tells me the Los Angeles Lakers will crush the Dallas Mavericks in 5 thrilling, hard-fought games.
LakerSean - Been away for a while, it's good to be back with the Laker Mafia. we're a family, once you're in, you never leave. Lakers in 5.



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 2 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LRob - Sorry Cubes, your Mavs are on the tracks and the Laker Express is smoking thru.
OCLEZY - But the Lakers are the more physical team with Bynum up front,and Artest, i'll take Lakers in 6.
Edwin Gueco - Lew, I treat Dallas with respect than NO, so I pick Lakers in 6, I believe in destiny and I also believe in big business. lol
truongcali - Lakers in 6 baby !!!
Art - Once again, the Lakers finish it off in 6.
D(erek)J(eter) - These are still our goofy Lakers, Lakers in 6.
hobbitmage - Lewsters Lakers in 6.



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 3 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LakersRule(Amit) - I think Dallas matches up well with LA..and they have certain definite advantages over us...Lakers in 7.

Come aboard...and join a wagon!!!

Fear the Grizzzzzzzzzzzz. Are you kidding me?? Hey OKC - you better wake up. The Grizz are about to smack you upside your head. LA-Grizz WCF? I've seen it all.

Welcome to the big-time Miami - can you handle it? You will earn it in black and blue marks if you escape.

I'll hop on that Lakers in 7 buss....

The Grizz just mauled the Thunder...they are 4-1 against OKC this year...interesting. They have got a real good big center, a monster power forward, a good small forward, Conley is way under rated, a couple of lock down defenders in Allen & Battier, x factor Mayo off the bench, excellent ball movement and team quickness...dang they are playing solid basketball. YOU GO GRIZZ!!!!

Next up...beat the Cheat you green scum!

Porkins today 3pts (1-3), 6 rebounds, 1 AST, 0 Blocks
Baby Gasol 20pts (9-11) 13 rebounds, 4 AST, 3 Blocks.

It seems that "The hard man" looks like Hello Kitty next to the little brother of Pau.

Very fun to watch.

Today was Zach comming out party. That man is a scoring machine. He was unstoppable against the Spurs on Friday. Memphis is a true cinderella story. Zach said on Friday that he loved Memphis city and they love him back. How come this man isn't an all star? I'm pulling for the heat to knock off the Cs. Lakers/heat finals.

I hope the Lakers are focused enough to win all their home games. We will see, but if Pau shows up this series and gets into Dirk enough, and we cover the 3 well enough, then I see Lakers in 5 or 6.

If none of the above?................ yikes ...............glad we have game 7 in Staples!


Police here, and a happy sunday to you too.

What if Rudy Gay was healthy? Do you think Memphis would be better or worse? Hard to say especially since they are playing really well right now.

PSP Officer

How tough is Memphis,they went into to Okc and punk them.I like them alot in this serious.When you look at their make up they are build for the playoff with the big front line and the two perimeter defenders.And they're playing the right way,inside out.Got to give them a shot with the chance of another upset.

Go Lakers!

I said the Grizzlies could steal game one with their momentum. It will be very interesting game two to see how the young Thunders players hanldle the pressure of "must" win game situation.

I think "the other" Gasol sent the message Perkins.
Gasol: 20 pts, 13 rbs, 4 assts, 3 blk
Perkins: 2 pts, 6 rbs

NuggetsCountry - then I see Lakers in 5 or 6.


Gotta pick one...can't be riding on two buses at same

Miami shooting lights out right now, Paula playing like he partied hard last night, and Rondo sitting out most of the first with 3 fouls.

Van Gundy is a complete idiot; just said James Jones is a better shooter than Ray Allen ... tsk tsk. He better come back and say he was dreaming or something ...

PSP Intern

Memphis will win the series in 6!
Epic series coming up, Celtics in 6! Can't wait.

Posted by: NBA4ever | May 01, 2011 at 10:46 AM


But who do you pick in our series with the Mavs...

Zebo and Gasol are the new Legion of Doom. What a Rush!! I believe LBJ will rain fire and brimstone on the Cs in the 2nd half. Dwade had a dominating 1st half. This series will be over in 6 games.

>>>Matt Barnes will do anything to beat the Mavs after wat happened in L.A
>>> when the Lakers blew out the Mavs by 28 becuz Jason Terry was tryin' to
>>>fight Matt Barnes and Steve Blake.

Barnes has even more history with the Mavs. Matt was part of the 8th seeded Golden State team that knocked off 1 seeded Dallas in the first round a few years ago. Barnes was one of the primary defenders on Dirk, and did a pretty good job on him.

And that same year, Golden State looked like they might be able to knock off Utah in the second round... until Derek Fisher showed up late for a game (coming from the hospital where his daughter had an operation) and hit a couple of clutch shots to help Utah knock off the Warriors.

Barnes' tounghness and Blake's calm demeanor and their defense will pay off in the playoffs.

As the playoffs are progressing, the Lakers' compacency is being replaced by the intensity. Watch out!

Who'd you pull for? Celtics or Heat??? or don't give a damm?

Much as I'd love to see the Lakers breeze past the Mavs, I have a feeling this is going to be a tough series for the Lakers. I think it'll take them 6 or 7 to get past the Mavericks.

Dallas did one of the best jobs of loading up the front court to compete with the Lakers - Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood aren't on an offensive par with Pau and Drew, but they are both decent defenders and both have true size. And of course, they also have Nowitzki who has the size and is excellent on offense.

Dallas also has a couple of old guys who've been having a kind of renaissance - Kidd and Stojakovic. And they also have a couple of the kind of quick little guards that give the Lakers trouble in Rodrique Beaubois and JJ Barea. Add Shawn Marion and Jason Terry to that and they have about as wide an array of weapons as any Lakers' opponent.

Should be a good series. I hope the Lakers can get some decent production from the killer B's... they'll need it.

Seems like the younger Gasol wanted to send Perkins a message today,you mess with my big brother you mess with me.Perkins was invisible.

Go Lakers!

@Lewstrs...My post at 11:04 was the last one (under Pau Gasol trade to Lakers ) and on that I wanted to get on the Lakers in 5 Bandwagon!! Thanks!!! I do believe we want the Celtics!!

Still waiting for your Bandwagon selections for the Mavs series...

Laker Tom
Tom Daniels
63 Footer
Hugo Boss
corner J
Jamie Sweet

Roll Call and Series Bandwagons will be posted tomorrow morning...

Have a GREAT Sunday evening all...Tomorrow we get back to business...

#17 Coming Up!!!

As much as I hate the Celtics, I feel for them, and I'd pull for the Celtics on this one. Like the Lakers, the Celtics and even the Magic have been worked and played together for years to get where they are. Then, all of sudden, from nowhere 3 guys got together signed AND had a party very next day like they'd just won the title without playing one game. It just does not sit well in your gut.

The Cs are going down and they are going to go down hard in this series. LBJ had a pedestrian game by his standards. He will rain fire and brimstone in game 2. Dwade as flash is back. I predict Miami and LA in the finals. The Cs miss Perkins.

@LEWSTERS … Great stuff. If I remember correctly, Game 7 would be played on the 15th. That would be a great game for us to watch when you come north. But… sorry, Lew. Lakers in 4. Just finished watching the Celtics get jobbed by Heat and the refs. It’s hard ever to complain about Boston getting jobbed as the city’s’ sports teams and despicable moves have become synonymous.
@EDWIN … Bravo, Edwin. Pretty hard for most of us not to see ourselves in your descriptions. With the ascent of the Grizzlies and descent of the Spurs, the West pecking order is changing. Watching the Grizzlies take it to the Thunder was amazing. Who would of thought that the Pau Gasol trade would end up fueling Memphis’ emergence as the Western Conference power team that matches up better against the Lakers than any other pretender. Dallas? Just another fading flower from Texas.
@THIRTY2 … Great post. It’s easy to understand being a Lakers fan in a foreign city or state within the USA but in a country where rugby rules? Tough sledding. Good thing you’re not a Clippers fan. LOL. All of the Australians I’ve known have been huge basketball fans. More so than Europeans. But getting hooked on the Lakers is something anybody who lived through Showtime understands well.
@LTLF … Great points about Zach. I had not considered trading for Zach when Drew went down and we traded for Pau. But had we traded for Zach instead? Kobe, Drew, Marc Gasol, LO, and Zach!!! That’s a team that might be better than this team. Would you rather have Pau or Marc and Zach? Truthfully, the answer is Pau because his game and personality are the better fits without a doubt.

Thinking about splurging on western conference or finals tickets. If and when the Lakers go.



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