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Caught in the Web: Chuck Person to interview with Golden State Warriors

Photo: Lakers assistant coaches Brian Shaw, left, and Chuck Person. Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times Note: We will have a live chat today at 1 p.m. Bring your questions!

--The Times' Broderick Turner reports that Chuck Person will interview this week for the vacant head-coaching job with the Golden State Warriors. Turner also reports that Person expects the Indiana Pacers to contact him about their opening.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore looks at the possible candidates to coach the Lakers.

--The Sacramento Bee's Tom Couzens argues that  Rick Adelman would be a great fit for the Lakers. 

--Pro Basketball Talk's Matt Moore says Shannon Brown's tweet denying a report that he slept with Pau Gasol's girlfriend was unnecessary. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky provides a player report card for Matt Barnes.

Tweet of the Day: "You wonder what's wrong with this country? Khloe and Lamar is trending higher than Taj Gibson right now...." -- AndrewSiciliano (DirectTV's Andrew Siciliano)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "Very impressive win by the Bulls. Outstanding defensive strategy, and tenacious execution (hopefully Jim Buss is taking videos to put in front of whoever is his new coach, saying, "Here, we want our team to play like THIS."). Seriously, this was a real pleasure to watch for any fan of the game. It also confirms that the real genius behind the Celts' run the last few years was Tom Thibodeau. Chicago is in good hands whether they win it all this year or not. Their only vulnerability right now is the lack of size in the middle (something that Bosh exploited for 3 quarters)." -- Corner J

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers assistant coaches Brian Shaw, left, and Chuck Person. Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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Best wishes to the Rifleman on his job search. Although as the architect of the Lakers defense…that playoff Swiss cheese performance will hurt his chances.

@ Corner J - Congrats on the Friedman. You said at the beginning of the playoffs you had the Bulls coming out of the east. So far so good. That defensive performance was outstanding. I think coach Spoles made a big mistake going small. The Bulls pounded them on the glass. It’ll be interesting to see if Spoles goes back to that small lineup in game two.

The Lakers can’t emulate the Bulls defensive model with their current roster because they don’t have a (Big) defender as skilled as Noah. The Lakers are just built differently. Yes, they need to play much better defense, but the new coach would also need to devise a game plan to maximize the Lakers strengths.

@MM – Thanks for addressing the jacking. Of course you were right over the weekend also :-)

I hope the Bulls can beat the Cheat in their series. I would like to watch the finals, but if the Cheats in...forget it!!!
Only one more dinosaur team left playing(the Mav's), can they beat OKC?
My guess is we will be seeing D.Rose going against KD in the finals...the young superstars of the NBA...that would be cool.
LaBum should have signed with the Bulls...what a dufus!

The Lakers just need to sign Brian Shaw as their new head coach and quit F'ing around with a bunch of old retreads.

Good riddens.

Nice defensive scheme this year, Chuck. Well fricken done.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Wow - how about them Baby Bulls? The effort - the intensity - the heart - the hustle - ALL things that I wanted to see from our beloved Lakers and didn't. Someone mentioned hoping that Jim Buss made a video of that game and would show it to our new head coach - whoever he is. I second that emotion. THAT was how the Lakers should have played...COULD have played....but didn't. I'm still feeling so let down. But my life was brought a little ray of sunshine courtesy of the Bulls yesterday!. As long as they continue that play and beat the Heat, all is not lost!

(And DANG - that dunk over Wade was a thing of beauty!!)



I just read the above article about coaching possibilities and it doesn't mention Jerry Sloan. A poll on Laker Nation has Jerry a strong third choice behind Shaw and Adelman.

I posted Shannon's tweat yesterday and nobody commented on it. I think he protests too much... ;-) Something went down. We will probably have to wait for the book.

Major props to the Bulls for handling their business in game 1.

Today’s song is for Noah, Gibson, Asik and the less heralded Bulls for doing all the “Dirty Work”…

Steely Dan – Dirty Work (From the Dan's first album)



Who is mary chandler?


Anyone remember that hellacious jam that D-Wade had over Kendrick Perkins a couple of months ago? Well, what goes around comes around. Taj Gibson was all kinds of nasty on that dunk over Wade. Absolute filth. GACK!


You are so funny Justa, but I agree with you, ha, ha. Go Bulls!


Yep, when I saw how the Heat dispatched the Celts and the Bulls fight to get through the Pacers and Hawks I began to wonder about picking the Bulls.
But I didn't know about the sweep regular season stat until I heard it announced during the game yesterday. That being the case I am firmly back going with the Bulls. Besides, I much prefer them to make it that you know who.
This still might be a long series though, I don't expect the Bulls to sweep.

@LROB… I agree that the Bulls defense was superb last night but do not agree with your comment that the Lakers “don’t have a (Big) defender as skilled as Noah.” Drew showed during the Lakers 17-1 post all-star break record that he could play post defense as good as anybody in the league IMO.

While it was just one game, the irony that the Bulls now stand in LeBron’s way would be a great way to end this disappointing Lakers season. Once again, control the boards and control the series.

Mary Chandler...It's time to do your home work and get to bed early!!! AND no more writing on the blog or else you'll be grounded!!

MM, thanks for the Friedman, and LRob, thanks for the props. I know I speak for most of the real Laker fans here when I say that I watched that game in both admiration and envy at the great team defense played by the Bulls. Regardless of who our new coach turns out to be, or the final cast of players we end up with, TEAM DEFENSE is a must next year. With Bynum, Kobe, and Artest, we have the nucleus for a potentially great lockdown defense. With a couple of key additions, a well thought out defensive strategy for our kind of team, and a commitment to hustle as a unit, it's definitely possible.

Make it so...

sup DBDH.... sup DJ..... !!!

LRob - I saw your post on the RC. GET YOUR DANG NEW COMPUTER ALREADY!! HAHAA!!!! We'll see you over there soon.

mclyne - I hope you got the link I posted for you.

Oh - and btw - Gibson's put back dunk was SICK too!! More of that all series long please. Maybe over princess? That would make my summer LOL!!!


I posted Shannon's tweat yesterday and nobody commented on it. I think he protests too much... ;-) Something went down. We will probably have to wait for the book.

Posted by: Lakerholic

I missed a lot from yesterday, to save having to go back, would you mind posting that tweet from Shannon again.

I don't have a twitter account, but I'd also like to state that despite the rumors, I didn't sleep with Pau's girlfriend.


Saw your note on the previous thread about the Magic sweeping the Lakers then the Lakers beat them in the Finals.

I stand corrected.

The announcers during the Heat/Bulls game yesterday said that no team that was swept during the season by a team never beat that team in the playoffs.

Maybe they were referring to teams in the same conference.
Beats me.

Dear Lakers Management:

Please make 'the move'!!! the problem is NOT the COACH or WHATEVER SYSTEM IS USED........... It's your OLD, SLOW, & UNATHLETIC PLAYERS!!!

They are not hungry, most are egotistical, as I like Kobe as a player but he is soooo immature, uncoachable in most cases.... and I know that Kobe will never be traded but AT LEAST SURROUND HIM WITH DWIGHT HOWARD AND CP3.......AND EVERYONE ARE ECONOMICALLY REPLACED.....

Please put Fisher in the coaching staff already! He looks like being molested out their against other point guards...... he can hardly run...LOL!

Dear Lakers Management:

I'd like to see Dwight Howard, Bynum (if lucky for next season without ever trading him), Kevin Love, Bryant, and CP3

This would be a smart move: Get Yao Ming as a back up center, & Steve Nash

Why Bynum and Gasol to be traded? Because Pau can be PUSHED AND SHOVED AROUND....... at least Bynum will fight back....

To All Lakers Fan,

remember when Lakers didn't have Artest.... I remember everyone in this blog wanting THUGS in the Lakers uniform because they were easily psuhed and shoved around..... Now, we have Bynum and Artest and Barnes and everyone is complaining.... just sayin' everybody!

Bynum should not be traded! But, Bynum for Dwight.... I would in a heart beat!

At least, Pau can pass the ball intelligently.

Dwight & CP3 should just declare to ONLY play for the Lakers so that we don't make any sacrifices on trades.

Mary Chandler, why aren't you a GM for a team? No other GM seems to know how to put a team of 10-12 allstars together like you do.

Bay to LA,

that's because I just turned 14 years old last month.

Bay to LA,

that's because I just turned 14 years old last month.

I would want to be the only woman to become a GM in the NBA in the near future!!!!

Lakers come on, I belive you!



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