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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Game 4 against Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd forces a jump ball with Lakers forward Lamar Odom during Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times  --The Times' Mike Bresnahan says the Lakers' struggles against Dallas has a similar feel to 2004 when the Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals and then made significant roster changes.

--The Times' Broderick Turner explains how the Lakers are preparing for the difficult task in overcoming a 0-3 deficit to the Dallas Mavericks.

--The Times' Mark Heisler notes that the Lakers and Celtics are on the decline for similar reasons.'s J.A. Adande looks at the end of the partnership of Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick details how Pau Gasol's handling the criticism for his poor postseason play.'s Ken Berger looks at the possibility of the Lakers getting Dwight Howard in the offseason. 

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore says an 0-3 deficit will be too hard for the Lakers to overcome.

--ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher argues the Lakers need to make plenty of changes during the offseason. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky lists things to watch in Game 4. 

--ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon credits Brendan Haywood's efforts against the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin features comments from Gasol and Bryant about Internet reports suggesting Gasol's relationships problems have hurt his on-court play. 

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller explores Ron Artest's off-beat comments.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton explains why the Lakers aren't close out games. Patton also highlights Phil Jackson's contention that he's not thinking this might be his last game

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko notices the Mavericks aren't getting consumed with possibly sweeping the Lakers. 

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears focuses on Jackson's refusal to wax sentiments on his Hall of Fame coaching career just yet.'s Sekou Smith explains why Bryant remains confident about the Lakers' chances to come back. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford wonders if this is the last game for Jackson.'s Mike Trudell details Saturday's practice. 

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz details how the Lakers are handling with the possibility this could be their last game. 

--The Orange County Registers' Randy Youngman lists 10 reasons the Lakers are about to get eliminated in the playoffs.

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark reflects on Jackson's coaching career. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano previews Game 4. 

Tweet of the Day: "Just as you wonderful moms out there love your kids, love for this Lakers team is unwavering. Bring your best & no regrets. #Lakers" -- Jeanie Buss (Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "No matter the outcome of game 4 tomorrow, I will always support my Lakers team and be a Lakers fan till the end. I live in Dallas, Texas, and I wear my Lakers t-shirt with pride whether they are losing or winning" -- Buddy

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd forces a jump ball with Lakers forward Lamar Odom during Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times 

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There's only one thing to do today:


I still believe, and I always will.

Go Lake Show!

My beloved Lakers: Give us a full game of the defense and tenacity you brought for 3 1/2 quarters in Game 3, and we'll be going back to LA down 1-3. As they say, anything is possible.

Go Lake Show!

Lakers win in a blowout, no doubt.

I have a feeling there's gonna be a game 7 in this series.

"As someone else pointed out earlier, did Dr. Buss blow up the Lakers after Magic's team choked in the first round against Houston in 1981, or when they got swept by the Sixers in 1983 (I was 13 and remember crying it was so horrible) or in 1986 when Ralph Sampson hit that famous jumper at the buzzer in the Western Conference Finals. Not to mention the 1984 Lakers and the 1989 Lakers (who were swept by the Pistons, although Magic and Worthy were injured) and the 1990-1991 Lakers loss to the Bulls. Magic's record in the Finals is 5-4, not including the early exits against Houston ('81 and '86)."


I don't have time to read every post on the weekend (I'm not getting paid to do so lol), but I do always speed read through the post and I found yours in the last two days the most rational and reasonable. Your take above is excellent and exactly right.

Idiots who think this is an "end of an era" need to get fired for writing such stupidity. Have they not followed this organization for the last 60 years? Don't have the time to get deep into this so I leave it to people like Ludwig.

As for those who suggest we trade Bynum, I'll scroll right past your stupidity. Have you not been watching these playoffs?

Bynum Is Our Future!
Lakers in 7!

This ain't like playing a mediocre Utah team or injured Houston team (second round matchups in 2028, 2010 and 2009) Dallas is actually an elite team that can fight back, hell they won as many games as we did this year.

We are being exposed as the posers we are.

Total Minutes Played during the regular season:

Pau - 3037 min
Kobe - 2779
Lamar - 2639
Ron - 2410
Derek - 2297

Pau has played the equivalent 22 FULL Quarters more than the next Laker (Kobe). And we are bashing him for lack of energy? Give the guy a break; he may have 'hit the wall' at the wrong time.

GREAT point "The Snake". I fault Lakers Management for putting Pau in the position to play so many minutes. Phil Jackson not playing Joe Smith a few minutes per game when he had the chance during the season doesn't help his case either.

One other thing...

Those of you and the idiot talking heads blaming Phil Jackson are clueless NBA fans. He's not coaching the Bulls, Thunder, or Memphis; he's coaching vets that been in the league for how many years making how much money and been to the top how many times? How in the &#^@ is the "his message" not getting through?

I've been supporting 100% until that performance in game 3 where he looked like not only was he not giving a full effort but it looked as if he were a sabotage to the Lakers mission. Want a trade suggestion during a playoff run? Here you go………

Trade Gasol for CP3 or DWill………..
Bynum Is Our Future!


Lakers management or Phil Jackson?

obviously talking about Gasol

Bynum Is Our Future!
Lakers in 7!

Posted by: NBA4ever | May 08, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Yep the future kandi man if he keeps getting injured.Or see joe smith,teo ratliff,mayben glenn robinson.Whatever management decides I'm still a fan.Heck they decided not to trade and now we are looking down the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun,but i'll still watch the game today.Unless your lakertom in disguise don't make bynum out to be better than he is.Guess fisher is an all time great also.

Pau has played the equivalent 22 FULL Quarters more than the next Laker (Kobe). And we are bashing him for lack of energy? Give the guy a break; he may have 'hit the wall' at the wrong time.

Posted by: The Snake | May 08, 2011 at 11:03 AM

What wall??John Wall?Paul Wall??Wall Street??Rookie Wall??? WTF that's why some of these players must go.Kobe's will can only carry so much teamates.You ever think that maybe the spaniard is content with his 2 rings??These guys do get paid millions ya know. Kobe would play with a crutch.Rondo played with one hand.Do we have a bunch of Paussys on this team.

Please look at previous thread.Again if MM can take it down a notch.MM uts up posts faster than this team can score.He'll reach 100 points b4 the lakers post 100 in this series...Tacos anyone???......LOL

Screw you lakers fans mavs all the way how does it feel for team to be 3-0

This Pau hate is killing me...Yes he is not our regular Pau Gasol...very puzzling, except for the broken heart explanation...

No matter what...we wouldn't had our run and success without Pau since he came in 2007...

I can't say the same about Andrew Bynum...

How about we pick someone up when he is down...instead of kicking while he is on the ground...

The truth is evident...we don't go anywhere without Pau being give him support in his dark situation, instead of berating and insulting him and running him through the coals...

Let's be positive instead of vindictive...

Just my 2 cents...





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alekesam - And LO better get sixth man this year.
YRM - NBA effectively set up what happened with Kobe tonight in that everyone knows it's open season on L.A.
soshibo - Tex Winter in the HOF...about time!
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Lakerholic - Go Killer B's...Go Lakers...I am a Lakerholic...
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Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!
Lake Show - The check is in the mail...
michael H - Pau and Drew are usually more involved in the offense. We have to get back to that.
Joe_Corad - If you don't like Kobe, just come out and say it without mentioning Jordan.
Ludgwig - this is America after all, not Lybia --
willie charger - I hope Trey makes it in the NBA.
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Shivalingam Ramanatham - basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."
Lakerlady - Let's go get it, Lakers!!
millie - Good win tonight!!! You can't spell LouisianA wthout an LA..!!!!!!!!!
PNoy News - shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.
Lonestar - Lakers look like the team to beat this post season.
lakers_coop - I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.
Benjamin - And SA, wow, major oops. Ginobli couldn't flop his way out of that one.
Mikey - The trick is to pickup one or two potential franchise players at the start of their careers rather than to try to buy a championship right out of the box, like say this years Knicks or Heat.
Cornell - Kobe is a warrior. He knows if he can play or not.
teamn - I always expect the best from the Lakers, so here's to the threepeat!
Diandra - Derek Fisher was playing like he was 30, Kobe like he was 25 and Pau Gasol was playing like it was last season. Has the "switch" finally been switched?
Jesterguru - Closeouts are our specialty. Eat it, Nawlins! #17, here we come.
InDaFridge - Now, go out there and WIN GAME ONE. And have fun while watchin' Mark Cuban COME UNDONE!
Lakergurl - This has to shut up all those Derek Fisher bashers. Straight from CP3 himself; one of the elite if not the best point guard now. Yeah Fish!!!
sbfern - Regular season games dont mean anything. That being said Lakers 3 pete!!!
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board
HBMatt - LA Lakers 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions
blusky - Do they have an answer for Bynum ? Lakers in six.
Triangle-Offense - In Buss, Kobe, Phil, we trust.
Long Live Chick - Hey Pop, You still think that Pau Gasol trade was that one-sided???
VI Lakerfan - Now 2 outta three texas teams have flamed out in the 1st round against 8th seeds.Will the rockets 1 day keep the streak alive???
Nocal in S Valley - What a shame, season is not even over and the ingrates are ready to put coach Phil out to pasture.
Mark G - "Don't Moderate me Bro!"
The Snake - PJ's defensive philosophy is to give up the lower percentage 3 rather than the drive to the basket.
Laker Girl Brittney - Pau Gasol. His size and presence both dominate the court. Yet, he is able to move with so much agility and speed for a “big man.” He’s a great asset to the Lakers.
Bay to LA - HCA gives you a head start in every series and that momentum is huge.
Thirty2 - By By Spurs....The best record means didly squat
PNoy News - man, the team will suffer if kobe refuses to admit his real health condition.
slimtata - Phil heads into the sunset having blown everyone's mind one last time.
Triangle-Offense - In Buss, Kobe, Phil, we trust.
Robert E. Houston - Lakers show us all that this team is the real champion. Let's play ball the way I know this team can.
Troll Man - Just can't stand watching post game interviews with Lebron and Wade
jerseylakersfan - Kobe single handedly gave the lakers the best record in the west last season with SEVEN game winning shots!
Patrick - when we build a lead tonight, let's keep it!
GOD - Phil Jackson knows this team and its history and tendencies better than anyone
Rob in L.A. - I'm a Laker fan since the Chamberlain days! hoping for just 1 win today, and we can go from there. Good luck Lakers!
King Kobe - One game at a time. The mavs have proved they can collapse before, let's make them do it again!


All together now...

May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory.

Keep us free from injuries and injustice.

Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.

We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.

No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!




Even though i said i don't think our Lakers can win this serious anymore,part of me can't give up yet.Yes i do believe in the come back happening.All you gotta do is win 1 game today and send it back to La.And take it from there with another home game.This time get the ball into the post in the 4th qt to the bigs.

Go Lakers!

I just want to see the Lakers play with heart today. Win or lose. I don't know if i can handle seeing them lay down and die today. It breaks my heart.

Remember the four peat year 2003? Spurs blew us out in the 6th game at home. Pistons blew us out the next year in game 5. Suns blew us out in that game 7. And of course who could forget 2008 game 6.

Please Lakers. Don't make me watch another one of those today

Lakers management or Phil Jackson?
Posted by: Magia32 | May 08, 2011 at 11:15 AM

My points are that first Mitch and the Lakers Management didn't get a quality backup option for Pau (Theo? Please!) and then secondly that Phil rode Pau too long without getting him some rest.

I mean come on, Pau has looked gassed since December or January!

@Lew..You made a good point about Pau and picking on him,but like I said maybe he's content with his two.What's worst is that he is proving guys like perk and garnett right.Also while you made your point you took a dig at bynum.(lol) This shows that there is a Pau faction and a Bynum Faction.The thing I do know is that while the media and everyone balked about the lakers greatest strength being size it hasn't held through.We have 2 7 footers,and yes they helped us to 2 chips.The problem is we have 2 ok to good players.Not great,people keep making em out to be the next best pf or c. Our real strength is and has been Kobe.As pfunk would say"just give kobe the ball"

This Pau hate is killing me...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | May 08, 2011 at 11:30 AM

make sure you have some room for his moribund a$$ on your bus.
so you can drive together happily ever after into the sunset.
make sure you have a collection of Psalms on your "cassette player".

even if they 3-PEAT, Gasol is OUT! (but if they lose today, he better drives back to Memphis to his mommy. LA will be a hostile place)

@above post.History repeats itself,peeps talking about a good team and the highest payroll,can't make trades,etc,etc.
remeber the knicks and Zeke. Kupcake overpaid,he overpaid bynum,he overpaid gasoft.Just like he overpaid luke,and we all know how that turned out.You gotta do the bait n switch.Let people think you riding with this team,and won't trade your so called length.When teams come asking then you get the best out of it.Win or lose tonight, this team from a-z cannot comeback to challenge without some changes.It's been four seasons,and funny enough it seems a few players have already checked into a four seasons,and are getting room service.......

@Johnny V - there were many games during the regular season where the game's outcome was already determined and yet PJ kept Pau in the game to play along with second unit. I recall from the live chats where people were asking - 'Why is Pau still in the game?'

Or those weird substitution patterns wherein PJ would bring in the starting five in the closing minutes even though our lead was already insurmountable.

Yep the future kandi man if he keeps getting injured.Or see joe smith,teo ratliff,mayben glenn robinson.Whatever management decides I'm still a fan.Heck they decided not to trade and now we are looking down the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun,but i'll still watch the game today.Unless your lakertom in disguise don't make bynum out to be better than he is.Guess fisher is an all time great also.

Posted by: VI Lakerfan | May 08, 2011 at 11:26 AM

@VI Lakerfan

Comparing Bynum to Olowokandi is just absurd, not even the same Skill set, intelligence, or heart. How many freak accidents do you think he’s going to have? Your response starts to get incoherent so I’m not sure where you are going with the sawed-off shotgun but I agree that if they were to trade Bynum for Howard I would still be a fan.

Personally I would like to see Gasol for CP3; I think that makes the most sense for what we need and what we have. I’m a huge Gasol fan and always will be; it is obvious he would give us the most trade value and we already have another power forward.

Even if Howard is better than Bynum, that doesn’t solve our problems replacing one center for another a little better and more reliable. Bynum is playing at a high level in these playoffs and he is our most reliable player right now and we are losing. The most rational trade would be Gasol for CP3 or DWill.

The Howard for Bynum trade just doesn’t make sense period!

i want circles, i want circles

maximum 48 minutes left in the HISTORY of the TRIANGLE!

time to watch some basketball AGAIN.

VI - I am a big Bynum supporter, and do think he is the future of this team...Jim Buss and Mitch made that clear...

My point was...because of his injuries and missed playing time...Andrew was not a big factor in our run the last 3 years, but no denying that Pau was...

I'm just as frustrated, like everyone, with Pau and his decline since our 5 game losing streak to present...

But I also know, to go all the way to #17...we need Pau to be the old Pau...

I'm one that don't pit one Laker player against another...For this team to be successful...all our players need to do what is expected of them...

If Pau and Andrew play to their potential...there is no stopping this team, and #17 will be accomplished.

Like my kids, I feel a parent is most needed, when they are down and struggling...Parenting is easy when the everything is going good in their lives...our role is most important in situations when they need support and an influx of positiveness...

any favorite funeral tunes for PJ's departure?

who is the DJ in charge?

Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely

or make a choice from:

Top 10 Funeral Songs

Sign me up for crazy. Certifiable. Not giving up.

Defensive effort is gonna turn this series around. Stay on 3-point shooters. They're relaxed & riding the wave. They are living by the 3 -- thriving -- we've got to put out some effort to make sure they start to die by the 3! Once they start missing, doubt will begin to creep in, & the tide will slowly turn. Then quickly. All of a sudden, different game, different series, we can start to believe again. Momentum is a fickle mistress. But she ain't gonna switch teams without some serious, sustained, focused ...

E-F-F-O-R-T !

Offense will flow from there. But NEVER in the other order! C'mon boys -- DEFENSE FIRST!

Okay, that's my pep talk.

And hey, it's Sunday. PRAY!

3-PEAT !!!

@TROLL MAN … Actually, the silver lining to these playoffs will be that the Lakers finally learned that Pau Gasol has no heart and is done as far as a premier NBA player and that the big man the team needs to trade is Pau Gasol and not Andrew Bynum. Any fool who has watched the games sees this. If that is what it takes to kill the stupid trade Drew rumors and silence the Bynum Bashers, so be it.

Posted by: LakerTom | May 08, 2011 at 10:34 AM

The Lakers would not have been to the finals three years in a row,
and won two of them, were it not for Pau.
Things can't be much more obvious.
You know it. Everyone knows it.

Have you noticed, generally speaking,
that everyone else on the team can have bad outings,
yet you still manage to win?
But if Pau has bad outings, you lose?
What does that tell you?

Pau is an incredible basketball player,
and an outstanding representative for the NBA, and his homeland.
He was an incredible gift for the Lakers
which resulted in an incredible run.

When I watch the team play, I see a group of aging players
who are exerting themselves, but unable to perform as they once did.
As to Pau's performance,
insomuch as he has been the key to your team's success,
did someone wrong him to the extent that his play could have been affected?
Is anyone looking into that? Is there someone else who shares responsibility
that we're not hearing or talking about? I smell something rotten.

I would bet that many would agree with me that you should relax,
take some deep breaths, give Pau his due,
and restore some dignity and credibility to your normally
sound and inspiring comments, and yourself.

And Andrew? Andrew is one of the best big men in the league
when he is on the floor, but he is injury prone, as he readily admits himself.
Just being ready to go at the beginning of next season will be a feat,
no matter who he's playing for.

I would not wish it on any player, but I wouldn't be surprised
if Andrew must spend the summer healing
from an injury sustained in this, your final game of the year.
Honestly, many would be disappointed, but few would be shocked.
They are going to be playing to prove a point. It could get rough.

Of course, I'm hoping you win today, because this is just too much fun.
Never make your puncture wounds too deep...well, not until it is time.

Posted by: The Judge | May 08, 2011 at 11:37 AM

I hope another fantastic launch three pointer contest by the lakers.
I hope another fantastic perimeter defense by the lakers.
I hope another fantastic defense on Terry, Stojakovic and Barea.
I hope Kobe again exceed Dirk as the goat during the fourth quarter.
I hope our coach Phil Jackson egoless-man, back to overtake its rival in banking.

Above all, I hope the intelligent analysis that members of this blog will have after the defeat. Hysterical screaming like girls as the culprit for the defeat is just one more time Pau.

Thanks M.M. intellectual and philosopher of basketball for helping us to understand such a simple way each loss.

We sing together, Pau has all the blame!!!!!

A great nation like the United States of America deserves a great and intelligent president like George W. Bush I have no doubt.

God bless America!!!

Nadal just lost to Djokovic in the Madrid FINAL

i hope Gasol does not get a tweet.
it will give him just another excuse for his SUCKTITUDE

hide his iPhone!

The Kandi man thing was a lil humor.(lol) I should have said yao ming.That should clear things up.The gun thing well if your staring down the barrel you know what time is coming up. With bynum everytime he lands funny or akward you get that feeling.Again I like the team,just remeber lots of these guys had lots to say,and they took lil zingers at kobe in different ways.Betwenn him and pau have implied they can/should get more shots,be leaders.One is a paussy and one is injury prone.Both at times look unbearable to watch and for all that 'size' get pushed out of position and often out rebounded. While for bynum that maybe hesitance to avoid injury,so how can he play to his full potential if there is one??

@Lew I hear ya. Something in my post above should adress what you said or close enough..

This Pau hate is killing me...Yes he is not our regular Pau Gasol...very puzzling, except for the broken heart explanation...

No matter what...we wouldn't had our run and success without Pau since he came in 2007...

I can't say the same about Andrew Bynum...

How about we pick someone up when he is down...instead of kicking while he is on the ground...

The truth is evident...we don't go anywhere without Pau being give him support in his dark situation, instead of berating and insulting him and running him through the coals...

Let's be positive instead of vindictive...

Just my 2 cents...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | May 08, 2011 at 11:30 AM


"No matter what...we wouldn't had our run and success without Pau since he came in 2007...

I can't say the same about Andrew Bynum..."

Totaly agree, read my post here.....November 3, 2009

That was THEN and this is NOW!
Have you been watching the playoffs and watching both of them play?

Not about Gasol, but what's best for the Lakers. For me the trade that makes the most sense is trading one of our two power fowards to get the most at the point. Trading a center for a center is not going to help us and it sounds like a fantasy fan trade and not a trade that a student of the game would propose.

Okay, one more time, like the 17-1 run:

Win one game at a time. Win this game. Nothing else matters. No choking allowed. One win more today. Let's make some shots! GO FOR REBOUNDS - don't just wait for them to come to you! AB, show them your 17-1 game! Pau, if your shot isn't there, then at least get 15+ rebounds! Kobe, if your outside shot isn't there, then crash into the lane (IN CONTROL)! Be prepared for 44+ minutes for Kobe, AB, LO, RA. COVER THE 3pt LINE!!!!! Bench - play like you want to be a Laker for life, since this will be your last chance to stay a Laker! Did anybody on the Lakers actually have game type shooting practice in the last two days!? And can we get 90%+ free throwing!?


One win at a time - today!

The best thing that happened in these playoffs is Drew grew up into a True Warrior Beast! He is our Future!


Sanctuary (An Ode to Pout Gasol)

Your fiancé has dropped your arse
And now your play has become such a farce

You pout and pout during each timeout
And search the sidelines for her as Dirk wears you out

Perhaps it's Dirk that reminds you of her
She's tall and lean and, like Dirk, has become a blur

You've taken a player I nicknamed No-Blitzkrieg
And turned him into the Second Coming of KG

It's not that he plays such tenacious D
It's just that you're preoccupied with she

And if you don't wake up soon The Playoffs will leave you behind
Like that cute little butt that once treated you fine

And now listen and take a lesson from Kobe during times when your heart makes you weary
Man Up and let the hardwood court be your Sanctuary


PS Pout, I've found your next fiancé:


Down 3-0 must feel close to $#itty as you felt when your 60+ win 1st place most valuable pretender team losing to the 8th seed. So go scru urself n take that crackhead jet Terry n midget Barea with you... & Happy Mother's Day!

ok I'm calling out all bloggers who continue to use Dr. Buss quote about this current team

"""this was his most talented team""""

Does anyone in their right mind really think that this is the Lakers most talented team??

We love Dr. Buss and he is passionate so we can give the proud owner of the Lakers a little slack when he makes comments like this. It's the same with his comment about thinking he will win a championship every year.

No slack to posters who want to use this as credible evidence either postive or negative when evaluating this team.

One possession, one game at a time

NBA4ever --

I appreciate that, bro, specially from a fan you like yourself. And I agree, it's ridiculous to read all these trade experts dangling Bynum for this or that.

Magic just said it again, "blow up the team." (and I know he means Bynum or Gasol). God, he's starting to sound like a magical jackass (I never thought I would utter those words!).


WE STILL HAVE A PULSE! 48 Minutes is a long time in basketball!

magic didn't sugar-coat it. "time to blow up the lakers and trade guys." then, without skipping a beat, he rattled off pau gasol, andrew bynum, and lamar odom (in that order). wouldn't surprise me if dwight howard's on kupchack's wish list.

The Lakers have truely put themselves into the "Kobeayashimarue senerio"...a no win situation. But hey, Kirk did it and so can we.
Winning today would be start to making history and be the first NBA team to win a seven game series down 0-3.

LO looks terrible. I am so happy that Barnes cut that stupid looking haircut. WE need to play better defense. Give Bynum like Shaq the damn ball lakers. That is if we want to win.

Fisher is useless man!! how can he keep on leaving The Jet open? Don't leave no 3 point shooting Mavs open play 1 on 1. Hold your man!! Stop shooting jumpshots and give I repeat give Bynum the damn ball now!! Happy Mothers Day mum.

They gamble on the untested vujacic for erratic brown. Remember vujacic have proven on pressure, He win a one game in the finals vs celtics in 2008. He win the most pressure free trows last years in the finals. Kupchack just want to save cash and salary cap penalties which if they go the finals and win will be overcome and have some profits it they are on the finals and not elimated like this series its a million worth of tickets and royalties from tv networks and other sales.

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