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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Game 3 against Dallas Mavericks

61403703-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan will be hosting a live chat today at 2:30 p.m. using the Cover It Live Interface. It's just a hunch, but it's possible there's a few things to talk about heading into Game 3 of the Lakers-Mavericks West semifinals series. Though the Lakers have a 2-0 deficit, Bresnahan details how the Lakers are remaining calm.

--The Times' T.J. Simers believes the Lakers will still beat the Mavericks.

--The Times' Mark Heisler believes injuries, advancing age and a lack of hunger has contributed to the Lakers' woes.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick remains perplexed about the team's even-keel attitude.

--Fox Sports' Todd Behrendt debates whether the Lakers can recover and win the series. 

--The Orange County Register's Earl Bloom argues the Lakers have no answer to stop Dirk Nowitzki.

--ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan details Jason Kidd's longevity. 

--Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine features a funny photo of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen looks at how Ron Artest's one-game suspension will affect the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky dissects the Lakers' poor shooting. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi noticed the Lakers' inconsistency existed long before their 0-2 deficit to Dallas. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin details the Lakers' cheerful demeanor during Thursday's practice. 

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller believes the Lakers can still win the series if they pull together. 

--Fox Sports' West's Matt Mosley details how Mavericks guard J.J. Barea came out of nowhere. 

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko explains how the Mavericks have thrived defensively against the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne looks at how Phil Jackson's calm demeanor has helped secure his 11 championships. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford focuses on Artest's one-game suspension.'s Mike Trudell mentions it's unlikely Lamar Odom would start. 

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark believes the Lakers are currently experiencing karma. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano looks at the tactical mistakes the Lakers are making. 

Tweet of the Day: "i don't know who phil will start for ron but it wouldn't surprise me if he went walton ... my thinking is the rotation can be relatively normal with walton in ron's place - with probably more kobe at 3 throught game" -- EricPincus (Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "Well, I agree with Barkley, the Lakers are Done. But man, I still have to watch this series out. I just have to. That's what real fans do - they continue to watch and support the team even if it's very painful to do so.

My wife asked me years ago: "Why are you still watching the Lakers if they're losing?" The only thing I could come up with was, "Because I'm a fan, and that's what fans do." I'll be watching Friday and Sunday, enjoying the Mom's day weekend, celebrating with families and friends, partying, and and win or lose, I'm still watching my team to the (bitter?) end. Thanks." -- Rob in L.A.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson disagrees with a referee's call during Game 2 Wednesday night at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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Gameday and already got the butterflies in the morning!

Just one thing to say: If lakers go down tonight they better damn go down swinging!



I will say this about watching the Lakers lose...

I cannot do it.

If it's close, then I'm watching. But if the Lakers are getting blown out, I liken it to watching someone I love get tortured to death. I would never want to watch someone get tortured to death unless it was someone truly evil like OBL.

Even if the analogy isn't quite right, I just can't stomach to watch the ones I love suffering. It hurts too much. But a close fight, or even a realistic fight, I'm in there cheering them on!!

They say that when a team has its back against the wall, you start getting clawed (or something like that). Even though the Lakers are short handed, I expect to see those claws come out and draw blood across the face of the Mavs


i care about lakers winning. … personal vindication means nothing … what difference will it make if the Lakers are eliminated? :-)

@MM ... Old news. I posted the same 4 options yesterday. LOL and great minds.
@ART ... Yes, it looks like another rebirth for ouchhhhhh ... or was that afterbirth?
@TOM D ... You know, it would not really surprise me to see Luke start. LOL.
@DAVE M ... I actually hope we don’t move Kobe to small forward. It would be Phil blinking and trying to matchup with the Mavs small ball guards. And it would have Marion guard Kobe.
@ ROB IN LA ... Congrats on the Friedman. Watching the Lakers lose is like watching car crashes.

Jon K! ----Hey, I'm glad you got a chuckle out of that.

GDub ---Clifford was the real deal, might have been Jazz' greatest virtuoso. Scary to think how good he would have been had he lived longer.

Joy Spring:





Monday May 6, 2011
Venue: American Airlines Center
Series: LA 0 - DAL 2
Game Time: 6:30 PST

|____ LAKERS 3 PEAT BUS _\__\__

Rick Friedman – This Season is Dedicated to You!

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dave m - 'm' stands for MONEY...Lakers 3Peat
London Laker - my girlfriend and I just watched our first Laker game...she hates paul peirce now :p, she doesnt know who he is but she hates him
VirginiaLakerFan - Go Lakers--all the way to 17 & a 3-Peat.
Lakers Por Vida - Livin' La Vida Loca
Jolly Rancher - Lamar's favorite baybee...
AndTheJellosJigglin - Chick's legacy lives on!
Don't Blame Del Harris! - I haven't been this excited for a new season since the summer of '96! Woot-woot!
Allnet - Like in "swish"...
The Outlaw - Wanted Dead or Alive
htj - "I'll take our best two vs.their best two, any day and twice on Sunday."
Kobe81pts - "absolutely don't ever want LBJ, the big spoiled brat to play for the Lakers....NEVER!!!!"
LakersWorld - Global Warming
Let's Go L's! - Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! Peace.
JustASouthCalFan - Laker fan for 28 years...
TNTLakerFan - It's time to proceed on the quest for the 3peat!
longtimelakerlover - GO LAKERS!!!!!!!KILL HOUSTON!!!!
wildone - This could be the greatest Laker season ever...
Larry of LA - Really psyched about the season...
WintonDupree - Let's get this Three-peat 2.0 party started!!!!
Kobefan in Cupertino - Oh yeah baby...... we're BAAAACCKKKKKKK
Jeanette - "I love Ron so MUCH..."
OCisMambaCounty - 1, 2, 3, RING!!!
Purple & Gold Reign - Thy Kingdom Come...We get another One!
OneLakerNation - Is there any other?
Jackie Robinson - G-d bless the Lakers!
srafrank - The most interesting man...
Lakerman420 - "I need to post"
D(erek)J(eter) - Lakers will hold up my Yankees...
Art - FL Laker Fan - Covert opps deep behind enemy lines...
DC Mamba - Can't wait for the Ring Ceremony!
traveling laker - All roads lead to Staples...
qs - i think it's just right that i start the season right...let me in that bus. =)
LakerSunshine - ShineS as bright as Laker Bling...
Magia32 - Glad we didn't go for Bosh
Laker Kev - serving up baguettes and eclairs on the glorious Laker bus
Kobeayashimarue - Oh, by the way, is it to late to jump onto the buss...LOL?
alberto esmeralda - No. 1 in the regular season is overrated.
Angelica - Kobe is the greatest LAKER and one he will be the greatest of all time. Nobody can touch Kobe.
alekesam - And LO better get sixth man this year.
YRM - NBA effectively set up what happened with Kobe tonight in that everyone knows it's open season on L.A.
soshibo - Tex Winter in the HOF...about time!
Annanotherthing - can't we all just show a little more love?
Lakerholic - Go Killer B's...Go Lakers...I am a Lakerholic...
E! - At least Kobe is the MVP financially! And Phil as MVCoach financially.
Laker Fan in Seattle - As long as Bynum is healthy and Lamar is putting up 15 points a game, 3 peat sounds ensuring.
Doug from ME - The Lakers are the freakin' Borg! Resistance is futile!
Oregon Wade - Ah yes. Life is good...
NuggetsCountry - Kobe's 81 brought tears to my eyes to watch it live.
Stockton Showtime - We're only gonna be in Texas for two games, just long enough to install some steer horns on the hood. I'm on the bus with a broom.
Jack Bauer - Kobe and co. will be OK. Go Lakers!
DOC4DaLakeShow - Lets count your nugget titles...done...go away
desertlaker - 2nd seed in the west is a good draw. Go Lakers
dan the man - The fact that Kobe isn't the runaway favorite for M.V.P. is a disgrace to basketball.
Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!
Lake Show - The check is in the mail...
michael H - Pau and Drew are usually more involved in the offense. We have to get back to that.
Joe_Corad - If you don't like Kobe, just come out and say it without mentioning Jordan.
Ludgwig - this is America after all, not Lybia --
willie charger - I hope Trey makes it in the NBA.
rickbrad - Simple. FEED THE BEAST the beast has risen LONG LIVE THE BEAST
Shivalingam Ramanatham - basketball is not a one on one game — it's a team game."
Lakerlady - Let's go get it, Lakers!!
millie - Good win tonight!!! You can't spell LouisianA wthout an LA..!!!!!!!!!
PNoy News - shaq will shut his mouth after kobe surpass him on scoring list.
Lonestar - Lakers look like the team to beat this post season.
lakers_coop - I would love to meet the Boston one last time in the finals and beat them for # 17.
Ruud van Nistelrooy - He must be one of the most pathetic souls on the planet - calling out the team's/league's best player who has delivered us to the promised land time and time again.
Benjamin - And SA, wow, major oops. Ginobli couldn't flop his way out of that one.
Mikey - The trick is to pickup one or two potential franchise players at the start of their careers rather than to try to buy a championship right out of the box, like say this years Knicks or Heat.
Cornell - Kobe is a warrior. He knows if he can play or not.
teamn - I always expect the best from the Lakers, so here's to the threepeat!
Diandra - Derek Fisher was playing like he was 30, Kobe like he was 25 and Pau Gasol was playing like it was last season. Has the "switch" finally been switched?
Jesterguru - Closeouts are our specialty. Eat it, Nawlins! #17, here we come.
InDaFridge - Now, go out there and WIN GAME ONE. And have fun while watchin' Mark Cuban COME UNDONE!
Lakergurl - This has to shut up all those Derek Fisher bashers. Straight from CP3 himself; one of the elite if not the best point guard now. Yeah Fish!!!
sbfern - Regular season games dont mean anything. That being said Lakers 3 pete!!!
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board
HBMatt - LA Lakers 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions
blusky - Do they have an answer for Bynum ? Lakers in six.
Triangle-Offense - In Buss, Kobe, Phil, we trust.
Long Live Chick - Hey Pop, You still think that Pau Gasol trade was that one-sided???
VI Lakerfan - Now 2 outta three texas teams have flamed out in the 1st round against 8th seeds.Will the rockets 1 day keep the streak alive???
Nocal in S Valley - What a shame, season is not even over and the ingrates are ready to put coach Phil out to pasture.
Mark G - there will always be enough people that hold the college game in high regard that successful college coaches will also be held in high esteem.
The Snake - PJ's defensive philosophy is to give up the lower percentage 3 rather than the drive to the basket.
Laker Girl Brittney - Pau Gasol. His size and presence both dominate the court. Yet, he is able to move with so much agility and speed for a “big man.” He’s a great asset to the Lakers.
Bay to LA - HCA gives you a head start in every series and that momentum is huge.
Thirty2 - By By Spurs....The best record means didly squat
PNoy News - man, the team will suffer if kobe refuses to admit his real health condition.
slimtata - Phil heads into the sunset having blown everyone's mind one last time.
Triangle-Offense - In Buss, Kobe, Phil, we trust.
Robert E. Houston - Lakers show us all that this team is the real champion. Let's play ball the way I know this team can.
Troll Man - Just can't stand watching post game interviews with Lebron and Wade
jerseylakersfan - Kobe single handedly gave the lakers the best record in the west last season with SEVEN game winning shots!
Patrick - when we build a lead tonight, let's keep it!
GOD - Phil Jackson knows this team and its history and tendencies better than anyone


All together now...

May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory.

Keep us free from injuries and injustice.

Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.

We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.

No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!








*LAKERS IN 4* : [Crashed, 2 flats and out of commission]

===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\___.,,,
ll l ------- Lakers 4 - Mavs 0 --------##
L___(X)l______l__ ____l(X) {

JovBatz24 - In my opinion, THE LAKERS WILL SWEEP THE MAVS.
Caliphilosopher - Lake Show in 2 - they beat Dallas so badly that anything and everything "Californian" or "West-Coast" gets banned from the state of Texas for 3 months.
segeboy - see our bigs drawing the attention and Kobe burning them in the first two games ...I'm calling a sweep...
LakerTom - Game 7 would be played on the 15th. That would be a great game for us to watch when you come north. But… sorry, Lew. Lakers in 4...
Xeoh - Lakers in 4!
The Snake - I will ride the trend and say that we sweep 4-0 in the second round, just as it happened last year.



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\___.,,,
ll l ------- Lakers 4 - Mavs 1 --------##
L___(X)l______l__ ____l(X) {

LEWSTRS - Lakers in 5...we close this at home...
cofm99 - Add me to the 5 bus...
Lakemelody - I say Lakers 4-1.
KobeMVP888: Lakers in 5.
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board
mclyne - LAKERS IN 5! We have officially gained our swagger back and will dominate the soft Mavs for four out of the five it will take.
Wallace - Just got my bus pass. I'm on board. It will be another week before I return home from Thailand
Fatty - Who predicts the Lakers in 5 LEWSTERS.
Maxximo - For the last time...Lakers 4 vs Dallas 1
Purple & Gold Reign - My newly cleaned and polished-up Crystal Ball tells me the Los Angeles Lakers will crush the Dallas Mavericks in 5 thrilling, hard-fought games.
LakerSean - Been away for a while, it's good to be back with the Laker Mafia. we're a family, once you're in, you never leave. Lakers in 5.
NewMexicoLL - Put me on the Lakers in 5 Bandwagon...Think they learned a lesson with the Hornets! I Love Our Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim-4-Show - In the end, we're far superior inside, and they really don't have much of an answer for Kobe.
The Outlaw - I won't be surprised if this series is over in 5. I don't think the Lakers will be sleeping on any teams from here on out.
Diandra - Lew- Lakers in 5
yellowfever - Lakers in 5! Or 6 if the refs screw us on the road!
LALakerz213 - Lakers in 5! count em...
Troll Man - Lakers in 5 unless they lose another game



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 2 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LRob - Sorry Cubes, your Mavs are on the tracks and the Laker Express is smoking thru.
OCLEZY - But the Lakers are the more physical team with Bynum up front,and Artest, i'll take Lakers in 6.
Edwin Gueco - Lew, I treat Dallas with respect than NO, so I pick Lakers in 6, I believe in destiny and I also believe in big business. lol
truongcali - Lakers in 6 baby !!!
Art - Once again, the Lakers finish it off in 6.
D(erek)J(eter) - These are still our goofy Lakers, Lakers in 6.
hobbitmage - Lewsters Lakers in 6.
Desi - Lakers over Mavs in 6 (due to lack of motivation; they own Dallas)
longtimelakerlover - I'm looking forward to a GREAT series between these two clubs. I say Lakers in six
Lakeshowinphx - Marion he's an "energy guy" and scares me more than dirk and jason terry. Lakers in 6!
Magic Phil - Put me in the Lakers in 6 bandwagon. Gracias.
jefe101 - Lakers in 6 - while allowing their opponent the customary split at Staples in either Game 1 or 2.
ChicNstu - Lakers in 6. We have the better 6th man but they have a deeper bench.
NBA4ever - put me down for Lakers in 6.
jordan - My guess of the outcome of the series is L.A in 6 games.
Hugo Boss - Lakers in Sixx...
desertlaker - I need a ride on the "Lakers in 6" bus! Lakers should have learned from the first round and come out fighting from the start of this series
Justa (formerly justalakerfan) - Lakers in 6
Troll Man - Lakers in 6 unless they lose another game



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 3 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LakersRule(Amit) - I think Dallas matches up well with LA..and they have certain definite advantages over us...Lakers in 7.
Kobeayashimarue - Cuban built this team to match up with the we'll see. Glad we have HC, I'm thinking 7 games for sure.
Long Time Laker Fan - I have a feeling this is going to be a tough series for the Lakers. I think it'll take them 6 or 7 to get past the Mavericks.
Bay to LA - I would really be shocked if this wasn't at least 6 games and I still see it going 7.
Lakers in 5 unless they lose another game
Troll Man - Lakers in 7




***********WE STILL BELIEVE************

It is so funny how people hate on the Lakers cause they are good you have other teams that have to go out and get players from everywhere to try and compete with the Lakers but it just want work a real Laker fan really don't have to argue the team speaks for it's self I will go out on the limb and say it now we will beat Dallas and go on to send Phil out with another ring... Laker Haters!!!

a few day ago i've read a great post by "SLAPPY" for some reason, my bad, i forgot to point it out or to give him props even if i've seen his name for the first time (or just my ADD)

this morning i found a post by "Slappy" on the Forum Bluye and gold. i hope is the same poster. This is even more relevant so i will take the liberty to COPY/PASTE

here we go:

"Slappy wrote on May 5, 2011 at 10:52 pm

From the immediately prior thread:

“One possession in game 2 stood out to me, and I state beforehand that I’m not trying to bash Kobe here.”

I already mentioned in one of my own posts, Pau’s “re-post” two steps farther out than we he took the first pass. Consider as well the play on defense where he literally walked over to “defend” Dirk. To borrow from Phil: There were some things that obviously didn’t look good for Pau tonight. Re the walk over to Dirk, if not for the moderation scheme, my comment would have been, Get Pau the F off the court, as he’s surrendered. Had actually typed that, then remembered the five minute delay for moderation and so decided not to hit submit comment. I lost a lot of respect for Pau in that one singular moment. You can suck. You can never ever quit. And someone needs to tell the child among men that he also has no right to quit just because he perceives that some others have done so. That isn’t “trust issue”, it’s him being a child in a man’s body. So man the F up Andrew.

The relevant numbers otherwise are:

MPG – 39:42
FG% – 53.9 (was 58% in 08-09)
RPG – 11.08

MPG – 35:30
FG% – 42.70
RPG – 7.75

By the way, despite the claim that he had to play more early on owing to Bynum being MIA, he ended up with the same 37 mpg that he averaged the prior 2 seasons. Next:

MPG – 40:06
FG% – 45.8 (was 45.7% in 08-09)
RPG – 6
APG – 5.478

MPG – 34:53
FG% – 44.7
RPG – 3.375
APG – 3.25

Kobe’s RPG/APG wouldn’t match or parallel even if Phil gave him the extra 5 minutes of burn that he isn’t getting this playoffs, but he’s a whole lot closer to last year than Pau. Pau has simply fallen off the cliff.

And he wasn’t being booed for suckitude, but owing to perceived lack of effort. If I were there and had been close enough, I might have hurled my drink cup at him after he walked over to “defend” Dirk. I certainly would have given him an earful.

And those here, to borrow from the one soul, can spare me notion of Pau’s “tricky hamstring”. Kobe’s playing with a not well ankle, fingers of a person 40 years older than he is, and knees with the bones almost rubbing together. So he can make a bad pass, at least he’s trying (and sometimes he doesn’t remember that his ankle, his fingers, and his knees aren’t what they used to be). And, again, he’s a whole lot closer to his last year’s self than Mr. I’m Going To “Re-Post” Two Steps Farther Out Than When I Received The Initial Entry Pass And I’m Going To Walk On Over And “Defend” Dirk.

Lastly, and by the way, how do I know that it’s all in his head? You’ve seen him throw up that running hook shot, yes? Where in the F is that? Grab the damn ball and immediately move towards the middle of the lane and throw up that hook. That’s his answer to their physicality (just ask Kareem, who was more tall than he was bulky). But he’s not thinking of how to beat contact, but how to avoid it by taking two steps away from the basket, and then he can face up, without the contact. Except that isn’t working so well, as Dirk, Marion, Chandler and Haywood aren’t quite so slow and plodding as some other bigs in the league.

For an almost forgot, since I agree, I will echo the same:

Well, now we will see what this team is made of.

Or in my terms, Pau, the hour of redemption is at hand. Carpe diem.

Sorry, yet one more:

“I’m amazed the Lakers just KEEP getting burnt by pick & roll. It’s like they’ve never seen a P&R?? What are the Lakers coaching staff doing? Do they never practice defense on P&R?”

You don’t really want to know the answer to that one. Phil not so long ago said that since the Triangle doesn’t rely on the pick and roll, some really don’t get to see it in practice since it isn’t run in practice. Phil went on to explain that such explains why the team’s defense of the pick and roll usually gets better over the series (as the initial games serve as a form of practice). When I heard that, my thought was, can’t you folks hire some of those uncoachable studs that are the stuff of legend off the streets of LA and see if they can run the pick and roll for you? Since they’re uncoachable studs, they too might not be able to defend the pick and roll, but I’m fairly certain that they could run the thing."


---You picked the strangest sentence to quote me on. I would have gone with "Don't Moderate me Bro!"

It's been a long time for me. This is it, Lakernation. History is about to be made and it will start tonight. BELIEVE!

GO LAKERS!!! This is destiny, let it runs its course. Let the collective love of the Lakerholics be the Lakers' force in overcoming this adversity. Blog sync.

@DAVE M ... I actually hope we don’t move Kobe to small forward. It would be Phil blinking and trying to matchup with the Mavs small ball guards. And it would have Marion guard Kobe.

Posted by: LakerTom | May 06, 2011 at 08:32 AM

i'm wondering where did i read that before?

No need to fear - the Black Mamba is here!! Cmon Laker fans- it's winning time. We just have to keep believing, one game at a time. Let's go Lakers!!!!

@Archived.. Ur fandom for the lakers should never come into question! And your ultraleftist and controversial liberal laker viewpoints were sorely missed around here. Hope u stick around! :-)


Heck yeah. Although I like lakers too. But I've been waiting this moment since mav's 06 last game lost at home, just hope to see Kidd & Mavs could share this champ. That kind of feeling kept watching mavs lost in the first series really hurts me a lot, but to be a fan will never give up any chance to see a game, even it have little chance to win.

Mark G - I changed it bro....



#17 COMING UP!!!

@ yellow

as long as my Fav 5 are around (You, Laker Truth, pfunk36, p ang and hobbit) are around, i will always strive to fight for the 6th man … but i can be happy to be a bench warmer like … Luke?! ;-)

… as long as i make the playoffs!

another great point from Forun Blue and Gold:

"chearn wrote on May 6, 2011 at 2:51 am

Interesting article, in that you said that its obvious that the Lakers don’t trust each other on either end of the floor.

Has this not been a problem this entire season? Yes, exemplified by the up and down play of the team.

PJ will have to prove that he still has that fire in his belly to win. Thus far, it is non-existent.

PJ and the Lakers need to reincarnate whatever they did or said to each other after the all-star break when they went on that awesome run.

PJ must summon all of his years of playing and coaching to win the next two games. Or, they will embody the NBA’s playoff mantra, “Win or go home!”

PJ needs to abandon his normal substitution pattern and game schema to make ‘real time’ changes based upon the dynamics of the game."

@Lew, thanks, as always, for the game day roll call and prayer!
@Jeanette - "Let the collective love of the Lakerholics be the Lakers' force in overcoming this adversity. Blog sync." - Amen to that!
After Wednesday night's loss, I honestly didn't think I could stomach a Game 3 in any way, shape, or form...but a peaceful sense of calm has since washed over me and I find myself inextricably drawn to tonight's game - not so much because I'm convinced they're going to win, but moreso because this represent the ultimate opportunity to see exactly what this team is made out of.
It's nearly unprecedented that the Lakers find themselves in such dire circumstances - it's a litmus test to end all litmus tests.
As Kobe said, "If you want to make history, you have to do historic things."

Laker Tom - Haha I just saw your comment. Weird how I came to the same conclusion. I swear I didn't steal your ideas

Start Luke? I have been a Luke fan for many years, but that is just silly. Luke on Shawn Marion? Luke hasn't played much this year. When he has been on the floor, it has not been good...

How many times have I read about some little guard that nobody has even heard of having career games against the Lakers? It is our turn. Play Trey!

Go Lakers!

I've listen on AM710 around noon, and the new is Gasol broke up with his girl friend, that's the reason why he did not play well . They also said when he was in Memphis, he also lost games in the playoffs because the same reason. Jeannie Buss should have a blind date for Gasol in the last several months.

It is time to pay the piper Kobe.Past sins must be purified. You can't escape karma ... It is what it is. It doesn't judge, it's neither good nor bad like most people think. It's the result of all the actions, positive and negative--a constant balancing act of events--cause and effect--tit for tat--reaping and sowing--what goes around comes around ... However you phrase it, it's the same in the end.Dallas Maverick sweep.Its over fat lady sings. Dirk Nowitzki 'MVP' 2011 NBA CHAMPS

Laker Tom - Haha I just saw your comment. Weird how I came to the same conclusion. I swear I didn't steal your ideas

Posted by: Mark Medina | May 06, 2011 at 09:28 AM
Fallower? I'm just sayin.


Reading all these comments, it's ironic that probably the most realistic possibility for our resurrection isn't even being considered anymore: Gasol having a big game/s.

If Gasol would wake the hell up, we could probably still win this series. However, as with the rest of you, I have lost faith in the guy. He seems lost.

IF Gasol's problem is his girlfriend/break-up, he's VERY weak.

I still suspect he may be injured -- maybe that hyperextended knee injury is still bothering him or something. I find it hard to believe a grown man and professional would let a break-up destroy his performance for over a month.

Posted by: dewey | May 06, 2011 at 08:35 AM


interesting that you mention a relationship situation for pau. i was considering that being the problem the first two games of the playoffs against the hornets...

i just visited a link (NSFW) that's stating rumors that pau and his gf/fiancee broke up due to a teammate. no wonder he's playing like a chump -- his mind is playin tricks on him! bros > h**s lol

keep in mind though, rumors are rumors and until it's tweeted, i'm not believing it...

pretty sad how my source of news, aside from CNN is twitter =[

Why do p & r strategies succeed against Lakers defense? Because of a free pass on the top of the post either high screen or slow in switching which our tall guys provide a girlie touch from Gasol and slow-foot Drew gets into fouling instead? How do u solve this problem? By talking to each other reviewing the tapes and get your act together. It is not just ranting from LO that "we will win" or a facial expression of Kobe "not in our house" or Drew complaining of "trust issues" nor Gasol saying, "I have to be more aggressive". You win it as a team and you lose 3peat by doing it alone like the dictum united we sand and divided we fall. They should talk to one another and find a cure to this malaise. They knew it, they always brag it during interviews but never do anything to solve it. This is precisely the reason why Lakers fans are disgruntled and frustrated because some players are d*mn lazy to use their intelligence. Glamor and bragging comes first before work. Cockiness is manifested from their carefree mouths because of the belief that they are blessed. Indeed they are all blessed because you were chosen to represent the Lakers, other than that, it is just like any other kind of job, it is work and constant action.

We know u can, if u only try.


Leave it to BOTH Gunner and KL to show up the moment the Lakers lose their first two at home like this.

These aren't fans.

They're pure Kobe haters. It's that simple.

At least Gunner had the nerve to come here after the first title and admit he was wrong that the Lakers would never win one with Kobe

I am with you Tim-4-Show. Watching a slaughter is hard to take. If it is the regular season, I allow myself the luxury of turning it off and going to bed. In the playoffs, you need to suffer through it. Take one for the team! Without the loss in '08, Game 7 would not have been what it was.

Being down 0-2 going into a game three is tough. It is even tougher when you realize that we have been beaten 6 out of 8 quarters on our home floor. There has been no Pau, no answer for Dirk, and no hope in sight walking into Dallas...

This is when it either gets really good or really bad.

I hope I end up in the universe where it goes really well from here out. I can see it. Kobe drops 60 on them, Drew has 30 and 20, Fish hits eight threes in a row and we walk out of the building leaving a shattered team that will be easy pickings on Sunday.

Kobe and Fish get six. PJ goes out a winner with 12 coaching championships. The Lakers tie the dreaded Celtics at 17. Trey gets a ring… ;-) And so it was written. And so it shall be done.

Go Lakers!

@archived.. I am not worthy! And you aint no damn 6th man in my book.. and if ur luke then that makes me travis "the white" knight! Haha Now let us all unite and make history!! :-0

i just visited a link (NSFW) that's stating rumors that pau and his gf/fiancee broke up due to a teammate. no wonder he's playing like a chump -- his mind is playin tricks on him! bros > h**s lol

Posted by: soshibo | May 06, 2011 at 09:44 AM

i did not know that delonte west plays for the lakers!

the game is on ESPN

do we get Reggie or mark & Gundy?

it's funny how in the past 2 games all the media talked how the Lakers could not stop Dirk.

how come not one mentioned how Dallas does not have any answer for Kobe even when Kobe is practicing and training the 4 other brain midgets!

KL showing up to give props to Gunner? Weird. Never would have seen that coming. These guys are TROLLS, and I'm pretty sure KL was banned a long, long time ago.

Whatever. You've been gone for the last two parades, so your opinions mean less than zero to me.

Go Lake Show!

an interesting article:,0,4657653.story?track=-slug&


He warned all the Lakers that if they don't reach their goal of winning a third consecutive NBA championship, next season the faces on the team could look quite different.

Fisher pointed out that the possibility of the Lakers' management making changes was realistic because it happened to him during his first tour with the Lakers.

"When it doesn't work out and you have the talent that this team has, you think going forward, it's not going to be the same afterwards if you don't get through it," said Shaw on Thursday.

If the Lakers fail to win a title this season, "it's not going to be all the same guys and the same faces around anymore," Shaw said.

"If [players] like the palm trees, the sunny weather and the pretty women in L.A. and the other stuff that comes along with it, if you want to keep it, then you better come with it," Shaw said. "If you don't, there are a whole bunch of other guys that would love to be in this position. And this organization is not going to sit around and wait."

my response: ah, suki suki now! Are they finally getting to the "Ugly Truth"?

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Game Day Baby!!!!

WOOTTT go Lakerz!!!

dose anyone have any idea whos starting for our team?

is it Barnes or Walton, but i know its not Odom!?

It's very true that the Lakers won't stand pat if they don't win

It's very true that the Lakers won't stand pat if they don't win

echo... echo... echo... LOL

Seriously though, there's no way management wastes the aging talent existing on this team right now

Fisher pointed out that the possibility of the Lakers' management making changes was realistic because it happened to him during his first tour with the Lakers.

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 06, 2011 at 10:10 AM

the IRONY!

why does Fisher thinks that he will be around next year? to shoot 0-6, ,0-7?

or more speeches?

and same with Shaw? if they change the TEAM and the personnel does not FIT the triangle, what can Shaw do? what else does he know? there is no more Sasha to have arguments with!

if the FO and the coaching stuff are using these cheap shots to challenge the TEAM, looks like the TEAM is done. this is pathetic, i will say almost UNPROFESSIONAL.

sounds like: if you don't eat your veggies, you don't get desert!

"Are you serious?"

this is becoming more and more surreal!

Fisher is basically untradeable; not because of his awesomeness, but because no one else would want him

Even if some how some way the Lakers pull it off and win it all this season, there should be changes. It would be insane to keep this same team together next season.

how come the Mav trolls arnt on this blog today?
wierd!? huh? maybe they are starting to feel the pressure!!

Im going to love tonights game, oh and people please watch the game on KCAL, I personally hate watching on TNT and BSPN because the commentators are so Anti-Lakers, it gets really annoying, except Reggie Miller who its neutral...

Lakerz in 6!!!

entertainment at its best

This place has been difficult to be part of the last few weeks. This may be a good time for Mamba 24's return! He did say he was coming back for the playoffs.

Nice, handle hijacker is back while MM has it off moderation.

LOL. Real funny

so whos our starting 5 today?

Bynum, Gasol, Kobe, Fish and .....??


Is there a way to Perma-ban S Perkins (aka Sleazy E, Oshea Jackson, Jerry Heller, et al)?

I mean, he doesn't contribute anything to the blog other than an occasional laugh because he's so relentless. But the handle hijacking is a bit over the top IMO. He's been banned too many times to count, but he keeps coming back like a bad case of the clap.

Spoke too soon, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Let's go Dallas.

Posted by: LaLakerz231 | May 06, 2011 at 10:39 AM

hey what the heck?? thats not me!!!

oh and you moron you forgot to capitalize the A in my name ahahaha you cant even properly steal my name ahahah lol what a looser!!

folks looks like there is an imposter Troll lurking in this blog, man he/she cant even steal someones name properly, what a soar looser... are you here to boast about your Mavs and how much they stink? i thought so. true coward never shows his face!

sorry mavs troll but your teams going down just like in 06.. enjoy the butt whooping ahahah

S Perkins...

I think your mom just finished that meatloaf upstairs in the kitchen. Maybe a good time to eat some lunch?


if you don't like "your 'paragraphs' of stupid comments", "Toss in your scrolling skills"

funny that someone who "It's been a long time for me." (are you talking about your sex life and orgasms?) "comes" here and starts to patronize bloggers about lengths and paragraphs.

not everyone can be so succinct and simpleton in ones generic cheer-leading, condescending style.

but hey, IT'S GAME DAY BABYYYYYYYYYY! (short enough? - comes with coffee and croissants)

and its 213 not 231! ahahah wow who is this terrorist stealing info??

I just read somewhere that Mike Bresnahan reported that Lamar Odom was practicing with the starting unit during Thursday's practice.
Could this be it?
Could this be the unveiling of Bynum/Gasol/Odom at the 3/4/5 unit?

Okay. Time for joking is over.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

No more Mr. Cle-ee-ean!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Anytime you visit NY City, please check out my favorite gay night spot, The East Side Club, at 227 E 56th St, Manhattan, at (212) 753-2222 This "Spa" and so much more offers the hottest guys in town, we have four floors, a "game" room, if you know what I mean, membership, and so much more. Come visit us, for the very discerning man.

Posted by: LALakerz213 | May 06, 2011 at 10:51 AM

since you corrected your mistakes after i gave you a lesson, now how about you be a good sport and leave this blog huh? feeling void because your not welcome anywhere? so you decide to highjack peoples names and post your own little gay comments and jokes. you seriously need to grow up, and if your a grown man or woman, you need to get a life lol because you know you dont have a life if you go around and steal others peoples names and right stuff.. ahahaha makes you feel big huh?

I can't believe that there will be a time that I will like T.J. Simmers someday. That day was today 05-06-11 when he wrote in his column that the Lakers will still win this series. A big BOOO! to Magic Johnson when he said in his tweet that the Lakers chance of winning the series is SLIM. A bigger BOOOO! to Jerry Crowe who said that the Lakers is done for this year.

LOL @ S. Perkins now impersonating MM

Wow. If there is a Perma-ban, it will be put into place now



"If you want to make history, you have to do historic things"

Lakers will win this series

Fish is talking some people won't be around next year if they lose.
How about take look at that.

You got the Untradeables, Fish, Luke, Blake, Theo, Smith because really now, what kind of value could they get in return? Kobe goes there too,with his no trade clause and humungous salary.

You got the so-so tradeables like Ron and Barnes, Ebanks and Caracter.

Brown has a player option for next year so if he can find any takers maybe he goes.

Then you got Pau, Bynum, and LO as the tradeable aces.

That's it.

I suppose 1, 2 or 3 of them could be traded for some value but would it be equal?

They need a new bench and that's going to be a challenge.

@Rob in LA – congrats on the Friedman. Hopefully it won’t be painful for any of us this weekend :-)

@Lew – Thanks for the roll call.

@Jefe – nice throwback with Talk Talk.


Game day check-in



Did the imposter leave this blog or what?

Some low life highjack my handle. I'm out!

Time for the Lakers to bring the Funk and shine the light in Dallas.

The problem is that while Kobe is around and making 30 million a year, it doesn't make financial sense to re-build. If they try to start going younger, they're throwing away that 30 million a year they are giving Kobe. A lot of big decisions will have to be made in the next few months regardless of how this year turns out.

MM, the better question is "What should Ron be doing with his free time tonight?" Here's some possibilities:

1. Charles Barkley'ing it in a downtown Dallas bar watching the game and downing some brews? If so, make sure you sit next to a plate glass window to get the entire Charles Barkley experience. I'm sure that there will be plenty of annoying Dallas fans willing to be thrown through a plate glass window.

2. Auditioning for the Hangover III by breaking into Mark Cuban's mansion, peeing in the pool and stealing Cuban's Sphynx (Canadian) hairless pussycat, Dirk.


3. In the gym shooting over a 1000 outside set shots from both corners and the top of the key preparing for Game 4.

Although all three are intriguing, I vote for #3!


to the handle jacker

can you at least just tone it down some? I really hate moderation

to those being jacked
us regulars know who's who

to MM
Every time you let this guy force you to moderation he wins and we lose.

Bay to LA,

Yes, agree. We know Kobe isn't going anywhere.
Seems to me they can try to get a top notch player for either Gasol, Bynum or LO and then try to sign a decent couple of bench players and start to develop Ebanks. I'm not sure they'll keep Caracter.
I'm in favor of a coaching change from outside, shake it up a little.

"The only question remaining is 'Who will face the mighty Heat?

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 05:47 AM
the hawks or the Bulls
isn't that very clear?

by the way, the HEAT needs 4 victories over the celtics. they have ONLY 2!

hold your horses!"

Posted by: archived | May 06, 2011 at 05:59 AM

No problem. The Heat are the clear class of the East.
They'll be there. It would take a complete idiot to bet against them.
Everyone knows it, but what I was really wondering is whether it will be
the Thunder or the Mavericks.


"Angelo fakers is a miami cheats fans and gay lover of Lebron...hahahahahaha

Posted by: Adrian Palomar | May 06, 2011 at 06:21 AM"

Some people get kicked off of the board for making personal attacks and saying a whole lot less.
I guess it pays to be a Laker fan.

Angelo Faker

Sometimes I really think that Derek Fisher is dead,and what we see is simply a Cardboard replica of him, just posted on the floor, not moving, after all, how would we really know the difference.

Posted by: LALakers213 | May 06, 2011 at 11:08 AM

ummm yea so you left your gay comments and jokes and are going after some not so funny comments about our team.

I have no doubt in DFISH, sure his not consistent like other PG's and he wont be the best sharp shooter, but he has come trough many times before and i have faith in DFISH always... remember .4?? tought so...

why cant you show your face huh? i really want to know who this peron is causing all this chaos, seriously, get a life

to the handle jacker

can you at least just tone it down some? I really hate moderation

to those being jacked
us regulars know who's who

to MM
Every time you let this guy force you to moderation he wins and we lose.

Posted by: Troll Man | May 06, 2011 at 11:15 AM

ageed with Troll Man - lets keep the blog going. Im sure the imposter will get tired eventually, he probably needs to get off the computer to take his pills, lets just have some fun with him, if we go to moderation or whatever you guys call it, then he wins and i really dont like that thing because nothing gets posted for 15 minutes. so lets enjoy and clown on this highjacking terrorists.

Im gonna name him "el troll looser"

Lakers in 6!! go LA!!!

"The only question remaining is 'Who will face the mighty Heat?

Posted by: Angelo Faker | May 06, 2011 at 05:47 AM

based on your previous post, you sound like a "gay lover of Kobe...hahahahaha"

Posted by: archived | May 06, 2011 at 06:26 AM"

I'm surprised that attacks against Islam and sexual orientation are allowed
by the Los Angeles newspaper. Some posters are even allowed to make personal attacks against individuals.

I guess it pays to be a Faker fan.
Maybe the days of moderation for this person are numbered.

Dallas in four. Get out the dust bin.

Angelo Faker

MM ...“The Lakers practiced Thursday with Lamar Odom in Artest's place on the starting unit.” Wow! Now that is some interesting practice information. Sounds like we really might get to see the Big Three lineup get a real chance to see how it would work rather than just a couple of minutes.
As for the four options to replace Ron, either we’re geniuses or the options were patently obvious. Or both could be true. LOL. Keep up the great work. This season still has a long way to go. As the ESPN ad says, we’re going to be witnesses to greatness – Lakers greatness in a season for the ages.

jacker alert at 11:12am!

this is amazing. Just watched some gasol highlights from 08/09. You would not believe it is the same guy...explosive,! Younger Pau, please come back!

Check it here...

Enjoy the day, because the evening will be dreadful.
Oh, the deep, deep pain.

Can just see it now...Lakers play well enough most of the game...
lead comfortably by nine points after 3 1/2 quarters...
Dallas makes its move...slowly, methodically...comes to within one ...
Kobe misses one of two clutch free throws...
Dirk nails a three (over anyone who is defending him; won't matter)
at 1.2 seconds for the win. The Texas crowd goes insane!

Dallas dominates a weak and tired Faker squad to sweep the series.

Break out the good's a toast!

Angelo Faker

Lalaker that was funny about fisher. LOL. hahahaha

medina are you related to gasol? This moderation kills the spontaneity of the Priest's comments. And the Priest comments = ratings.

Let's do it Lakers- Show them how the Big Dogs Do!

To somewhat quote a line from the greatest movie of all time - "All of you Earth people are idiots!" The Lakers have NO chance and if they lose today then Sunday's game will look like game 7 from 2008's older, nastier brother.



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