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Caught in the Web: Lakers prepare for Game 2 against Dallas

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant doesn't seem too worried that the Lakers are off to a bad start in their Western Conference semifinal series against Dallas. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images / May 2, 2011 --The Times' Mike Bresnahan highlights Jerry Buss' visit to Lakers practice.

--The Times' Mark Heisler wonders if the Lakers are really in OK shape.

--The Times' Broderick Turner looks at the Game 2 adjustments the Lakers need to make.'s J.A. Adande looks at the rivalry between Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick argues the Mavericks are a tougher team.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore believes the Lakers' game of chicken will eventually cost them.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr highlights the Lakers' optimism.

--ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan details how the Mavericks' mental toughness has improved.

--The Dallas Morning News' Tim Cowlishaw argues the Mavericks can upset the Lakers.

--Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine provides a funny photo of Nowitzki.'s Scott Howard-Cooper believes it's plausible Ron Artest will guard Nowitzki in Game 2.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down Bryant's shooting in Game 1.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen faults the Lakers' human nature for having a situational attitude toward games. Lassen also explains what the Lakers plan to do to get their big men more involved in the game.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne believes the Lakers and Mavericks will soon come to blows.'s Sekou Smith notices the Lakers' calmness during their current struggles.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford examines the Lakers' Game 1 loss to Dallas.'s Mike Trudell details Tuesday's practice .

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders about Kobe Bryant's playoff clutchness.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano believes the Mavericks could pose a threat to the Lakers.

Tweet of the Day: "Lam needs to eat good for the game tomorrow. So I went a tad cray cray with dinner tonight." -- KhloeKardashian (Khloe Kardashian, reality T.V. star and wife of Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "Despite everything, we should have won the game, but a lack of focus in the fourth quarter led to turnovers that literally cost us the game when it could have gone the other way. Beyond frustrating. The team needs to get the Eye of the Tiger back. " -- Jon K.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant doesn't seem too worried that the Lakers are off to a bad start in their Western Conference semifinal series against Dallas. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images / May 2, 2011

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@LEWSTRS - thanks for the roll call


game day............ that's about all the enthusiasm I can get when really I cringe through each game they play this season........

Using way too many nitro pills and sedation techniques for what used to be a fun team/Kobe to watch. DF is there mostly. Pau/AB/RA/LO need to consistently show up - not hero games, but if they all show up, we win hands down. Kobe is Kobe and will be there all in. He can score 30+, but without consistent help he HAS to score 30+. Last game in 3rd quarter I stated he had to score 40 that night for them to win, just because I could see the stagnation and lack of effort on the boards and movement. Turns out only 39 was needed, but you get my point.

Please bench Shannon in favor of trying Trey for 3+ minutes, PJ!

Must win tonight, as is games 3,4, and 6, according to my former posting of the exam of history and Laker no-show in midday games on Sundays (games 5 and 7).

when we build a lead tonight, let's keep it!

Spurs=slow and old=out
Celts=slow and old=out soon
Lakers(save Kobe)=unmotivated=?

Time to change that rotation skip, keep your best in in the 4th Q!

I would like to relay the message to Kobe that you did not lose the game in the last 3 seconds or having no more clutch power. You were driven again by the frenzy of your power as a great Superstar. Use that power wisely for the benefit of your team.

On the other picture, to Pau Gasol please try to consider yourself worthy to be called as a Spanish superstar and the best import in NBA with two Championship rings in your resume. Use that power and Catalan pride to uplift yourself to another stardom. All the countries in the Iberian peninsula are behind your back, have a sense of pride to represent them in the playoffs. If the german-made Dirk can do it, I think you are much better than Dirk. You just have to prove it.

Note to Pau: That is Dirk guarding you. In other words, there is NO ONE guarding you. Go strong to the rim, Pau. All night long.

That is all.

Go Lake Show!

Kobe isn't the problem here. Like usual, he's the answer. The problem is that he was the ONLY answer on Monday. It can't be like that tonight. Bynum needs to dominate the paint. Pau needs to show why he's a better back-to-the-basket player than Dirk. Ron needs to get in someone's face, get some steals, and hit the wide-open three.

Come on, Lakers. I believe in you.

Go Lake Show!

"Note to Pau: That is Dirk guarding you. In other words, there is NO ONE guarding you. Go strong to the rim, Pau. All night long."


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

I also noticed that during a loss I don't see the best writers in this blog posting like LakerTom, KobeMVP, Tom Daniels, Let's go L, PLG, LakerTruth, Thirty two, Tim4Show, Phred (where are u), Mamba24 (Ithough you'll be back during the playoffs), dj. LRob, 63, Justa, lakerMike, JollyRogers and if I missed some couple names please forgive me I can't remember everyone. Please get back to the blog. Don't be frustrated on what you read. There has to be a counter balance on bad postings. As the saying goes: evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

We want to hear more from your perspectives and hopefully MM will eliminate those malicious and unworthy posts.

Thanks for the gameday roll call and prayer Lew!
@ Edwin, love your sentiment to Pau about using his Catalan pride to uplift himself to another level.
C'mon Pau, "more black swan, less white swan!"
Jefe101 checking in for this "do-or-die" (as much as a Game 2 in the WCSF can be "do-or-die") tilt with the Mavericks.
"And the man at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz"

Mamba24-Dude....have you completely RETIRED or WHAT?





*LAKERS IN 4* : [Crashed, 2 flats and out of commission]

===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\___.,,,
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 0 ------##
L___(X)l______l__ ____l(X) {

JovBatz24 - In my opinion, THE LAKERS WILL SWEEP THE MAVS.
Caliphilosopher - Lake Show in 2 - they beat Dallas so badly that anything and everything "Californian" or "West-Coast" gets banned from the state of Texas for 3 months.
segeboy - see our bigs drawing the attention and Kobe burning them in the first two games ...I'm calling a sweep...
LakerTom - Game 7 would be played on the 15th. That would be a great game for us to watch when you come north. But… sorry, Lew. Lakers in 4...
Xeoh - Lakers in 4!
The Snake - I will ride the trend and say that we sweep 4-0 in the second round, just as it happened last year.



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 1 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LEWSTRS - Lakers in 5...we close this at home...
cofm99 - Add me to the 5 bus...
Lakemelody - I say Lakers 4-1.
KobeMVP888: Lakers in 5.
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board
mclyne - LAKERS IN 5! We have officially gained our swagger back and will dominate the soft Mavs for four out of the five it will take.
Wallace - Just got my bus pass. I'm on board. It will be another week before I return home from Thailand
Fatty - Who predicts the Lakers in 5 LEWSTERS.
Maxximo - For the last time...Lakers 4 vs Dallas 1
Purple & Gold Reign - My newly cleaned and polished-up Crystal Ball tells me the Los Angeles Lakers will crush the Dallas Mavericks in 5 thrilling, hard-fought games.
LakerSean - Been away for a while, it's good to be back with the Laker Mafia. we're a family, once you're in, you never leave. Lakers in 5.
NewMexicoLL - Put me on the Lakers in 5 Bandwagon...Think they learned a lesson with the Hornets! I Love Our Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim-4-Show - In the end, we're far superior inside, and they really don't have much of an answer for Kobe.
The Outlaw - I won't be surprised if this series is over in 5. I don't think the Lakers will be sleeping on any teams from here on out.
Diandra - Lew- Lakers in 5
yellowfever - Lakers in 5! Or 6 if the refs screw us on the road!
LALakerz213 - Lakers in 5! count em...
Troll Man - Lakers in 5 unless they lose another game



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 2 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LRob - Sorry Cubes, your Mavs are on the tracks and the Laker Express is smoking thru.
OCLEZY - But the Lakers are the more physical team with Bynum up front,and Artest, i'll take Lakers in 6.
Edwin Gueco - Lew, I treat Dallas with respect than NO, so I pick Lakers in 6, I believe in destiny and I also believe in big business. lol
truongcali - Lakers in 6 baby !!!
Art - Once again, the Lakers finish it off in 6.
D(erek)J(eter) - These are still our goofy Lakers, Lakers in 6.
hobbitmage - Lewsters Lakers in 6.
Desi - Lakers over Mavs in 6 (due to lack of motivation; they own Dallas)
longtimelakerlover - I'm looking forward to a GREAT series between these two clubs. I say Lakers in six
Lakeshowinphx - Marion he's an "energy guy" and scares me more than dirk and jason terry. Lakers in 6!
Magic Phil - Put me in the Lakers in 6 bandwagon. Gracias.
jefe101 - Lakers in 6 - while allowing their opponent the customary split at Staples in either Game 1 or 2.
ChicNstu - Lakers in 6. We have the better 6th man but they have a deeper bench.
NBA4ever - put me down for Lakers in 6.
jordan - My guess of the outcome of the series is L.A in 6 games.
Hugo Boss - Lakers in Sixx...
desertlaker - I need a ride on the "Lakers in 6" bus! Lakers should have learned from the first round and come out fighting from the start of this series
Justa (formerly justalakerfan) - Lakers in 6
Troll Man - Lakers in 6 unless they lose another game



===------ === ------====
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll l ----- Lakers 4 - Mavs 3 --------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

LakersRule(Amit) - I think Dallas matches up well with LA..and they have certain definite advantages over us...Lakers in 7.
Kobeayashimarue - Cuban built this team to match up with the we'll see. Glad we have HC, I'm thinking 7 games for sure.
Long Time Laker Fan - I have a feeling this is going to be a tough series for the Lakers. I think it'll take them 6 or 7 to get past the Mavericks.
Bay to LA - I would really be shocked if this wasn't at least 6 games and I still see it going 7.
Lakers in 5 unless they lose another game
Troll Man - Lakers in 7



Come aboard...and join a wagon!!!


You just messin around about Fish?
Where is that news?

After losing the series opener at home in each of the first 2 rounds, no team has ever won the championship.

Houston lost the first game of the first 2 rounds and still won it all in '95, but their loss was on the road.

Guess we'll see if history can be made...

I'm becoming a bit skeptical.

Anyone remember that open three look Kobe got in, I believe it was game 6 against NO, and that it was a swisher? You wonder how many wide open shots he gets a year? Not many, so it amazes me that he passes to Ron or Fish or whoever and they can't knock it down on a consistent basis. I bet Kobe is thinking if only he could get open shot after open shot, wow!

Khloe Kardashian is literally the least interesting person in the world.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Man cant wait for the game tonight!!!!

Dalls is out of the playoffs in 6!!!

is it 7:00 yet?

Go Lakeshow!

@MM - that Tony Romo post was not by me - someone hijacked my ID...that's a first!

The only problem we has is our inability to hold a lead. Solve that problem and the rest will be our history.

Key player of the game tonight???

Andrew and LO both with double doubles

also, watch for much productive bench play...

Lakers tie series 1-1 going back to Dallas...

The Lakers ultimate strength is that they have the greatest coach and one of the top players in NBA history. However, game 1 was lost largely because of both men.

At this stage of his career, the Lakers are not at their most dangerous when Kobe takes 29 shots and has zero assists. Worse, not one of Kobe's baskets was in the paint. There is no doubt that his teammates were not playing well, but one of the greatest players in NBA history needs to make his teammates better by getting them easy baskets. That didn't happen one single time, and that is inexcusable.

Phil Jackson knows this team and its history and tendencies better than anyone. The Lakers were up by 16 in the third quarter, at home, in a playoff game against an opponent with a reputation of collapsing. The second that Dallas made consecutive baskets off of two bad Laker possessions PJ should have called time out. He knows his team has a propensity to let teams back in games, and it was totally clear that this was about to happen again. He should have made it clear that right here, right now, you can win not only this game but likely this series. You can drive a stake into the heart of the Mavericks by simply crushing them.

The Mavs came in thinking they could compete with the Lakers, and thinking that they were different this year. Upping the intensity in the 3rd quarter and blowing the Mavericks out would have severely wounded the confidence of a Mavs team that thrives on confidence. PJ should have known better, and he should have taken steps to prevent the (now totally predictable) Laker arrogance from causing the team to squander such a huge lead and opportunity.

I have a bad feeling about this one.

Don't know if we have a comeback in us.

Jerry Buss obviously worried as well.

i Senors, My taco stand will be giving out free tacos and a soda if we win this series, just like we did last year. You just have to have a Facebook account on this site with a registration and all are welcome.

~~ Absolutely not my post. bythistime, you are aware of all my miscues in posting. this post is perfect but still dirty as it can be.

@ God - very good points, may i also add that when we blow large leads is because either we have way too many turnover or we just cant score!!!!!!!!!

how many times have you seen the lakers, up by a double digit lead, cant score in lets say in 3-5 minutes of play, which gives the opposite team to make some baskets and catch up... that is usually how are leads are blow, I remeber every time, looking at the screen and screaming " WOULD SOMEONE MAKE A FREAKING BASKET ALREADY" that tends to be a major problem, i get the feeling the lakers get discouraged or something, because i hate it when we have a huge lead but we cant find the basket for some odd reason.

i think thats our major problem regarding our blown out leads that we had, even in the Mavs game, when we were up by 16 we let them come and make every single shot in our basket but we couldnt convert in theirs!!? how come??!?

"@ God - very good points, may i also add that when we blow large leads is because either we have way too many turnover or we just cant score!!!!!!!!!"

Agreed, and that's one of the things that I find most disturbing about Phil's "let them figure it out" routine. Part of why they cant score in situations like that is that they stop running their offense, which is precisely what a time out can help them accomplish.

Sloppy ball handling and shots outside the offense are almost always the source of opponents' comebacks. I think the failure of the coaching staff in game 1 to stop that nonsense was particulary bad because the large lead was somewhat illusory in that the last 5 seconds of the first half, and first 2 minutes of the 2nd half were probably about the worst exhibition of basketball by a Laker opponent all year long, and you had to know that was not going to continue. That just made holding (and building on) their lead all the more important. Failure to do so not only puts them in a 0-1 hole, but much more worrisome is that they now have an opponent brimming with confidence....

@ God again good points all around...

Also what i find disturbing is that when they run the "offense" Andrew and Pau are no where in the post, they are always getting pushed around until they are way out in the paint and have to come and set a pick for Kobe or Fish to be able to make plays.

Andrew and Pau need to set themselfs in the paint and get ready for the ball instead of letting the opposing team push them out, thats what happend in Game 1... Andrew and Pau were no where near the paint, they were constantly getting pushed out, by chandler or haywood

thats another concern, that we have when we blow the leads, we need our bigs to get themselfs in post up position ready for the ball....

but not being able to score for long period of time from the lakers gets on my last nerv... its so disappointing that you dont even want to watch the game...

we need Andrew to punk Chandler around, even though his from Compton, but we have seen Drew punk him before, he needs to show Chandler who his messing with.

"reports are it is not serious"

Oh great. Just what we need, right when we needed it - for Fisher to get slower because his ankle is jacked

I mean, Fisher had a pretty awesome game 1. But this guy doesn't have enough of an edge on everyone (like Kobe does) to overcome more adversity

Art, Meet me at Chippendales tonight, they are having Latin Well Hungsters Night, Ole, Ole..
Posted by: G..Money | May 04, 2011 am

Dude...What's up, why you want to JACK my handle?

Phil J - how about putting Tray Johnson in for Game 2 for blake, lets see how that works out no?

any thoughts?

G Money,

Best to just ignore, I knew you didn't write that.
That wasn't me who supposedly responded either.

This place seems to attract some very immature people...

if true, then:

fish = rest
blake = start
trey = sub

since so many of you are giving up, might as well play a d leaguer and give up. amirite?

we're fine. we played like crap and lost by 2 to a team that wouldn't miss a shot. think. if everyone contributes and plays to their actuals, this is an easy win. game 2 tonight. stop being emo and let's get crunk for this one. GOSH.


err, not actuals sorry.. their averages. month end is c a r a z y

Game 2 - watch for Artest being more productive on Offense...

he beraly played and made just a single shot agains the Mavs, he jacked up couple of wide open 3's that he normally drains, i think we would have had that game if artest at least made couple of more shots, he needs to be a little more consistant in this series, because for some odd reason the Mavs, can not miss a freaking shot, the whole time, i watched Game 1, it was either Dirk or Kid making shots left and right, even when they challenged Dirk he would tip toe and make this freaking unbelivable basket, that made you wonder... but they are not going to get lucky anymore, I smell a very bad night for the Mavs tonight and a very good offensive from the Lakerz...


Not exactly accurate that Kobe didn't set up his teammates for shots, Ron missed at least 2 from Kobe alone.

this team is done, just like the celtics are done.

@ sally

dont you wish!!! Lakers loose against the Mavs?

in your dreams..... lakers in 6!!! somehow i cant help but notice that we have been in this position before against this very team, hmmmmmm....

Dallas just looks good on paper, but thats about it... they can try as hard as they can but they gotta go throught us in a 7 game series, you think PHIL, KOBE or BUSS will give the series to MARK CUBAN??? ummm I dont think so...

Go Lakerz!!

Lets talk about the future of the Lakers

What NBA team is more likely to be a top contender for the next 4 to 5 years?

@213 >>> you think PHIL, KOBE or BUSS will give the series to MARK CUBAN???

Don't really want to see PHIL, BUSS, and MARK on the court in NBA Uniforms. Sometimes I wonder if OLD HAG PHIL is made out of wood that parasites aid from some coffin.

CUBAN thinks he is in college again wearing t-shirts. Deprived College days .. prolly dad did not let him stay in dorms.

Please pass the PREPARATION H to PHIL before tonights match.

2-3 Years >>

Lakers will get CP3 & Howard. Win 3/4 championships. Kobe will get 3 with them totalling his tally to 9 championship.

Kobe might challenge phil on his 12.



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