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Caught in the Web: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appears on the Colbert Report and coaching search updates

May 20, 2011 |  8:30 am

Photo: Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says his relationship with the team could be coming to an end. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / June 5, 2009. --The Times' T.J. Simers argues Kareem Abdul-Jabbar deserves a statue, but believes it is petty for him to be lamenting that he doesn't have one.

--The Times' Mark Heisler reports that Rick Adelman and Mike Dunleavy are the leading candidates to coach the Lakers. Heisler also offers this humorous nugget: "And in a blockbuster, The Times just learned there's a new candidate: Pat Riley. (Not really. I made it up to see if any ESPN guys will claim it as a scoop in two days.)"

--The Times' Shan Li reports there will be limited edition video trading cards coming out in mid-June that will feature 20 minutes of career highlight footage including Kobe Bryant.

--Abdul Jabbar appears on the Colbert Report.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick also mentions that Adelman and Dunleavy are receiving "serious consideration. 

--The Orange County Register's Earl Bloom talks about what he misses about the Lakers. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky provides a report card for Pau Gasol.

--The San Jose Mercury News Tim Kawakami reports that Jerry West will join the Golden State Warriors' front office in a non-decision making, advisory role. 

--Fox Sports' Michael Martinez mentions how Abdul-Jabbar's missing statue has been a metaphor for his feeling disconnected from the organization. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne believes that Abdul-Jabbar has always been misunderstood, but also argues his decision to speak out on not receiving a statue and feeling disrespected by the Lakers isn't the right approach. Shelburne also looks at the approach Kobe Bryant's taking with managing his body

--The Daily News Elliott Teaford talks to Lakers spokesman John Black, who said there is no timetable for when the Lakers will next unveil a statue, but that it will definitely feature Abdul-Jabbar.'s Mike Trudell mentions that the Lakers were surprised about Abdul-Jabbar's comments. 

--The New York Post's Peter Vecsey argues Abdul-Jabbar deserves a statue, but believes "the ones who count obviously remember Kareem being fundamentally unapproachable, impolite and exhibiting a superiority complex."

--Silver Screen and Roll's Actuarially Sound offers a well-reasoned rebuttal to my take about why the Lakers should keep the triangle offense. The article outlines in great detail why the Lakers should abandon it.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Eric Freeman believes Abdul-Jabbar overreacted. 

Tweet of the Day: "This not just about a statue its about being appreciated by the people that I worked so hard for. The statue was just the last straw. " -- kaj33 (Former Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "If Lakers are in WCF, do you think we have these stories about KAJ? Nope. It attracted attention because it's coming from Soap Opera origin whether about Gasol, Kobe now Kareem. There is always something interesting to talk about the South land personalities or else the Conference Finals will be boring and it comes from an absentee, under performing team and under employed Superstar. If you were Kareem, your student Drew get 13M, sloppy Gasol gets 17M, On & Off Odom get 9M with reality TV, perfumes on the side and Kobe 24M while KAJ may be getting 60K per year, or less. well, it's time to whine and squeak in order his systems gets oiled.

How many of Kareem contemporaries getting this mega millions per year during their time? Therefore, if he barks loud today, he will paid by the media, a prologue for his book and somehow, JB might agree to settle to keep his mouth shut. If he remains quiet, then it's back 60K and low rate attention from everybody. Getting hate & praise from fans means the message is going through in full speed. If this is not profitable, how many threads have been issued out from this topic." -- Edwin Gueco


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Photo: Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says his relationship with the team could be coming to an end. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / June 5, 2009.