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Caught in the Web: Mike Brown could become the next Lakers coach

61863981-- The L.A. Times' Broderick Turner reports the Lakers have put together a deal to hire former Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown as their new coach. Turner also reports that if Brown agrees to the deal, he'll sign a contract for $4 million to $4.5 million per season for three years, including a team option on the fourth year that would give him partial pay if he were not retained.

-- I highlight Jerry Buss' comments made to Playboy Radio's Michael Eaves and Bonnie-Jill Laflin on Sirius XM Radio regarding the coaching search to replace Phil Jackson. Read the entire transcript of the interview

-- The Times' Andrew Blankstein and Richard Winton report that the family of a child who died after plunging at least 30 feet from a luxury box at Staples Center earlier this season at a Lakers game filed suit against the owners of the venue, alleging that a poorly designed barrier led to the incident.

-- The Times' Lance Pugmire highlights the NBA Basketball Players Assn. filing an unfair-labor-practices charge against the league with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging "harsh, inflexible and grossly regressive 'takeaway' demands."

-- The Times' Mark Heisler describes the Bulls-Heat game as a "1980s-style superstar shootout."

--'s David Aldridge reports that the Lakers have narrowed their coaching search to Brown, Rick Adelman and Brian Shaw.

--Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick talks to a source who indicated Kobe Bryant was "surprised" to hear the Lakers favored Brown and that he was never consulted about it. 

-- The Orange County Register's Janis Carr highlights Theo Ratliff's charitable efforts in Alabama. 

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky talks with Hawks forward Josh Powell about what it was like to play under Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw and Mike Dunleavy

-- The San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami has an in-depth Q&A with Jerry West on, among other things, serving in the role of advisor for the Golden State Warriors. 

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin and's Marc Stein report that the Lakers are in "serious talks" with Brown. 

-- Fox Sports' Brian Lowry doubts Jeff Van Gundy would make a good candidate to coach the Lakers. 

--HoopsWorld's Eric Pincus writes that Brown is (unofficially) the next Lakers coach. 

-- Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that the Lakers were in "serious discussions" with Brown.

-- The San Francisco Chronicle's Vittorio Tafur argues that the Golden State Warriors hiring West as an advisor is another sign that owner Joe Lacob "plans to be aggressive in retooling the Warriors.

-- The Daily Breeze's Mike Waldner says Adelman would be a good fit for the Lakers. 

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano looks at how Andrew Bynum can improve next season. 

-- Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore doesn't sound too thrilled with the possibility the Lakers would hire Brown as their next coach.

Tweet of the Day: "I reached out to Mike Dunleavy and Brian Shaw today, both were surprised by Buss saying a decision would likely be made within a week..although neither felt such a timeline either helped or hurt their chances.. Sorry, but I don't have Rick Adelman's number or I would have called him too!!" -- michaeleaves (Fox Sports West/Playboy Radio's Michael Eaves)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: What a joke! Lebron is going to be queen for a day and dump his lame excoach on us. The only hold up is money. We better hope Brown is greedy. Adelman, Van Gundy, or Shaw...ANYONE but Brown! Surprised they didn't offer the job to McHale. Quick someone call Jerry West for advice, wait, sorry, forgot he works for Golden State now." -- Reality Check Time

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Mike Brown in 2008. Credit: C.J. Gunther/EPA

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Mike Brown? Really.

This really is a mixed feeling.

I became a Laker fan almost instantly since I started watching the NBA. And I'm always supportive of the team. I have my opinions of what's wrong with the team but in the end it's the team I like.

For me worse than losing it's not be able to watch a Heat-Lakers match up in the finals. Even if we would lose eventually I wouldn't mind, because what I miss most is the team competing. That's why I always prefer good effort rather than pure talent.

After the Lakers were eliminated it was tough to accept that, but after digesting it all, the hate toward the other teams vanished. And right know I'm trying to enjoy the rest of the playoffs, 2 weeks ago this would never pass through my mind.

Now about LeBron in 2007 I supported him and rooted for him and his team through the playoffs because our team was not that good. I was a little disappointed in the finals with him playing below his potential.

Nonetheless I still think Kobe is a better player (with some faults and with his mileage).

Right now it is obvious LeBron has more help but I must give him props to him, because he did it. He built a team in 1 year, with some faults but still a great team. I still think if the Lakers played their best they would eventually beat the Heat, but the if's don't count for nothing.

So congratulations to the Heat & LeBron. I hope the Lakers learn a lesson and next year can compete with this team.



I am currently signed in as "nobody", of well, nobody doesn't like this coach decision, double negative and all.

man, what happened to ma baby bulls =[

and where is ma baby daddy dwight.. i don't want no mike brown...

Okay I set up acct with Twitter. It only took a couple of minutes and was painless. (Although I did have to add the #2 to my handle since LRob was already taken).

Like some of the others here I've resisted Facebook, but signing up for Twitter was really simple. I would encourage others to try this route.

It's 2011 people! Like the Lakers we either have to adapt or get left by the wayside :-)

You are currently signed in as (nobody).

Good bye Triangle offense.

What i didn't like about the Triangle is the limited selection of players who fit the system. And teams were figuring out how to defend the Lakers by playing Zone D or packing the paint with our lack of outside shooting.

The defense will be a welcome addition to this team. We saw way too many teams beatdown our Lakers this season. When we lost it was UGLY. I'm not sure if it was the way practice were held or just lack of team motivation to dedicate themselves defensively... but i'm glad it will come to an end.

Thank you Tex for your offensive scheme that brought us many titles.


Agree with those props for LeBron as well as the Heat, though it ain't over till it's over they are pretty darn close to 'walking-the-walk'.

Maybe coach Spoelstra should have been COY instead of Thib. The Heat have come together nicely.

Heat-Mavs should be a good series. a toss up to me. I think the team that handles the pressure the best will prevail.

typepad sucks. Echo(((((You are currently signed in as (nobody)

What does Mike Brown bring into the table that other coaches already don't? I mean seriously here, I wake up in the morning turn on the radio and I narrowly miss some story about Mike Brown? The last gibberish was something about the Buss family being "blown away" by Mike's interview? I am not here to knock on him, he is certainly a smart guy, good communicator, he knows basketball, if you want a defensive minded coach, he was the last guy I would have thought about heading an "aging" core of players though.

The Priest endorse Coach Brown for the Lakers' coach.

Mike Brown is a defense expert but will need to bring an offensive coordinator. Obviously the Busses are not pleased with the Mamba. Your general endorsed Shaw but they went in an opposite direction by getting a Brown or Adelman. Way to go Jerry you are the best.

Lol. Mark Whicker (OCRegister) on Brown's presser [ ]:


For instance, Brown enumerated his three tenets of offense and defense, just to satisfy those who thought he had none of one and six of another.

It is difficult to postulate that James disdained Brown, because that means he must have signed with Miami to fulfill his boyhood dreams of playing for Erik Spoelstra."

There is no indication Brown and Bryant won't get along other than Bryant's inexplicable failure to hire a skywriter to decorate the sky with "I Like Mike."




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