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Andrew Bynum gets five-game suspension and $25,000 fine

Fabforum Lakers center Andrew Bynum was suspended by the NBA for the first five games next season and fined $25,000 for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea on Sunday.

Bynum will forfeit $677,272 in salary. He apologized for the incident on Tuesday, saying it didn't reflect his upbringing or the Lakers' organization.

He also said he was relieved Barea wasn't seriously injured.

Bynum was ejected from the final game of the Lakers' season after delivering a forearm to Barea while the diminutive guard was in the air for a lay-up attempt.

 --Mike Bresnahan


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Photo: Andrew Bynum forearms J.J. area during Sunday's loss to the Mavericks. Credit: Tony Gutierrez, AP.

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That's a tad too much, IMHO.

Seriously? 5 games? BS = Stu Jackson

5 games? I think that's way over the top. But apparently the NBA wants to send a message to disgruntled players in their last games of the season.

This reflects immaturity of Drew.He will never be an elite player.I never believe in him.


Andrew cold-cocked a player who is a foot-and-a-half shorter and half his weight, while that player was in the air, on a meaningless drive, in the last minutes of a 30+ point loss.

Some of you people need to grow brains.

It was a cheap shot, not part of the game, and Bynum knows it and apologized. 5 games sounds about right, and the fine is a drop in the bucket. Take the pain.

His conduct was disgusting.

There was NO NEED to foul Barea period, let alone so violently when the game was completely lost.

Really Jamie? You're going to defend Drew on this one? I'm a huge fan of Bynum, think his potential is very exciting. But this bush league foul is right up there with LeBron leaving the court defeated and not shaking hands with the victors. It's not professional, it's not safe, it's not the image the NBA or the Lakers want to project and it's not what I want from the athletes I support. Should have been 10 games.

So New Orleans or Orlando will start off the season without him.

five games $25K big deal - grow up dude

He got very lucky. Most recidivist Assault & Battery felons get sent to prison. The crap that he was doing had nothing to do with basketball.

Stupid foul ! Bynum walked off the court shirtless and had no remorse after the game....Just plain foolish. TRADE HIM ?


As a lifelong Laker fan, that fine and suspension wasn't enough. What he did brought the proper condemnation from two of the greatest of all Lakers, Jerry West and Magic Johnson. They both used the word "embarrassed," and they are right.

What a joke. Bynum gets a 5 game suspension and fined $25k for clearly a cheap shot. Then he takes his shirt off and then he apologizes. He apologizes because the team makes him do it. He doesn't mean it. If the league had any balls they would start fining players are lot harder. This is chump change for Bynum. For all you Laker fans that think the fine was too much just think if Kobe or Fisher were hit like that you would be crying that the fine was not enough.

look at this way, 'drew did barea a favor. hollywood will be calling when j.j. finishes his career. they like the way he takes a fall. a great stuntman in the making, ha ha

...bynum is a sore loser period. isn't basketball a "no-contact" sport?...this foul was intentional and to top it off the basket had no direct outcome of the game....this looks like commando bball, anything goes in the paint!!..he is lucky i am not the nba commissioner, i 'd suspend him for a year...go heat!...go celts!....better bball ahead!

It's not surprising no one has yet commented on the fact that "Bynum will forfeit $677,272 in salary..."

This is an entertainment culture. We're all entranced by a flagrant (though meaningless) foul in a sport played by extraordinarily well-paid professional athletes. Meanwhile, we're clueless as to what else is going on in our culture...

* Emergency Financial Managers have taken over multiple cities in Michigan
* Whirlpool, GE, B of A, Qualcomm pay no federal taxes
* Our President refuses to restore habeas corpus (What's that? Look it up)
* We continue prosecuting multiple wars as we bleed the country dry

I'm certain it's just me, but you'd think among intelligent readers of a publication like the LA Times would be worried about this instead of the actions taken by one professional athlete.

Oh well, here's to taking a glider ride into history!

How about 5 games and an assault charge tried by Judge Judy.!

Hopefully the fines and lost salary go to some sort of NBA charity, like a giant swear jar for the poor. I don't know what the hell could make a person being paid $100k a game to play basketball snap like that. There's nothing you could do or say to me that would get me that upset if I was being paid that much money to play a fucking game. Ri-dic-u-lous.

What a joke but what's new with NBA decisions. Hope the bully gets a taste of his own medicine some day.

Five freaking games???? WAY too much! The NBA is screwed up, starving for money! TWO games is more fair! I still love you, Andrew. I understand your frustration, you're a winner. You don't like to get embarrassed in front of the whole freaking world. Who does? But you have pride, others don't. I love that about you, Andrew! Keep it up, bro, but watch the little guys. They go down hard, making it look worse than it is.

By the way, great post-season, Andrew! The sky is the limit for you, bro! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!! Kareem once said that a Center in the NBA doesn't find his game until he's 25 years old. Andrew Bynum is only 23 and he's well on his way!!! This kid is a LAKER, homegrown, I don't want no guy from Orlando taking his spot, no way!

Let Superman go to Gotham City with CP3!

How about a 40-game suspension, and a one-million dollar fine?

This twerp and others might get the message.


I think ur right, it's either Gasol or Drew who will go to Orlando. Rightfully, Orlando and New Orleans will trade for Drew or Gasol because they have values in the trade or else they will be caught empty handed without a player exchange by the end of next season. Secondly, Dwight Howard is playing it low key but he continuously refused to sign any extension and has expressed that he named Los Angeles as one of his possible destinations. CP3 is just waiting for DH's move and if Paul does not grab that opportunity, it could be Deron Williams in the wing waiting. Another LA resident and a good PG, Westbrook is also expiring at the end of next season. Take your pick Lakers: CP3, DW or Westbrook.

All you sports pundits out there who have reacted with a collective gasp at the classless and thuggish demeanor of the Lakers as they were swept out of the playoffs by the Mavericks, need to sit back, chill-out, and shut up. Planted in your cushy seats in the clouds above the fray and passing judgement while tapping giddily away at your keyboards doesn't take much moxie and does not give you license to denigrate the men who were in the midst of that humiliating pelting. The Laker players, proud champions, didn't observe the ignominy being rained down upon them by the upstart Mavericks, they lived it. The Lakers, as witnessed by the world, were undergoing one of the most severe beatings in NBA playoff history. So what if they lost composure at the end? Understand it. Grasp it. Get over it. And what gave you the idea that basketball is a non-contact sport? J.J. Barea is a tough little guy who knows how to take a hit, how to fall, how to minimize potential for injury. He put in his few minutes of garnering sympathy on the floor and got up unscathed. I gotta be honest, when Andrew had his fill of the smallest man on the court, game after game, continuously driving for the basket unguarded by Laker perimeter players and then decided in a moment of passion to swat him down like a bothersome gnat, I let out a shout of approval. Enough is enough. And for those of you who just can't stomach this kind of horrible aggression in sport. Watch tennis or golf, for God's sake.

That fool should have been suspended more games. If that would have happened to a Laker, the brainless Laker Thug Nation would have asked for more. Especially if it happened to the ball-hogging rapist.

proves once again that you can take the negro out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the negro

It really wasn't that bad a hit. Hell, it wasn't even as hard as the Beasely hit.


He should be kicked out the league entirely,

We do not need that kind of person on the court.

Can't believe some Laker fans actually defending his unprofessional actions. Goes to show how entitled they think their team is in every regard. The Lakers were soundly swept and the Mavs had every right to put a smack down in the 4th, because the Lakers, veteran champions that they are, could very well have staged an improbable comeback. As for Bynums' suspensions, does it really matter? He'll probably be injured in the pre-season anyways.

The gold standard of NBA franchises gets swept by a better team and they decide to go out in a flurry of dirty plays? Shove the star of the other team to the ground for no good reason? Biggest guy on the court throws a dangerous, cheap shot elbow into the ribs of the smallest guy on the court when he's vulnerable in the air? Strongest guy on the court does a pro wrestling clothes line on the aforementioned smallest guy on the court? Way to set an example for how the premiere franchise in basketball is supposed to respond to adversity. The class franchise of the NBA does not reside in LA, it's in San Antonio. I don't care about the severity of the penalties, that's not the point. The point is the Lakers have no class if they behave this way. Makes me sick as a fan.

It's an insufficient penalty. Bynum is a classless thugh. He won't be deterred by missing five games. Bynum should be given a choice: either suspend him without pay for 41 games; or have him play all 82 games next year, but he gets JJ Barea's salary for the season ($1.815 million) and Barea gets to take home Bynum's pay ($13.7 million). That would teach Bynum to show some class.

I'm a long time Lakers fan and used to be an Andrew Bynum fan, but this behavior is beyond inexcusable. If a person assaulted someone in my home or business in this manner they would never be welcome again. I think Bynum should be criminally prosecuted in Dallas, and permanently expelled from the league. There should be no place for assault & battery in the NBA or any sports event.

To the dolt who went by the name Blinding Flash: Are you a bigot or what! To denigrate everyone by the actions of one is incredibly narrow minded and incredulous. For those who are saying that the fine was too much, go over to Bynums house and have him do it to you.

Five games? That's it? And you guys have the audacity to say the NBA hates the Lakers? Get a clue! There is NO PLACE for that in the NBA. As for the Lakers having their pick of CP3, DW or RW, guess again.

First, no one's trading for Bynum. If he can't be dominant on the league's favorite team, there's no way he'll have a chance elsewhere. The refs will eat him alive. Second, there WILL BE either a HARD cap or a franchise tag, and the Lakers better HOPE its only the franchise tag, because that only means they can't go in and raid other teams' rosters. If its a HARD cap, we'll be watching a Lakers fire sale before next season. The Lakers will be lucky to fit Kobe, Artest, Gasol and Bynum under the cap, much less 11 other players. You'll be the SF 49ers all over again.

Being born and raised in LA it is extremely disturbing to read the comments of the knuckle heads I share a city with. And we wonder why someone going to a baseball game ends up in a coma. A baseball game? Coma? Make sense? Unfortunately, LA sports fans are turning into Philadelphia sports fans. Folks, it is entertainment and a game. No one should lose their life, family or ability to earn a living as a pro athlete because of un-sportsman like conduct. Bynum was wrong. No rationale can justify his behavior. At least he apologized and expressed true remorse. I encourage the 'fans' to follow his suit. When wrong, recognize it, apologize and don't do it again.
Now I know why road rage exists, bunch of knuckle head sports fans getting there aggressions out on people trying to just drive to work and earn a living.
Post Script to Jerry Buss: Larry Drew

@candressuhmoose ---

100% the class franchise of the NBA is in San Antonio. They got their butts handed to them by the #8 seed Grizzlies, and they took it with class. Season's over and you move forward and try to get better next year.

Pay ATTENTION, Lakers and Lakers fans. THAT'S how you do it.

at least the celtics are going out with some class.
shame the lakers couldn't do the same.

@Danny Stark,

Remember your own words when Brendan Haywood body-slams Kobe next year at American Airlines Arena. Let's see how many "shouts of approval" you let out when your team is on the receiving end of some lost composure.

Hockey players have gone to jail for this kind of crap. From a Laker? Mitch should add on another $25K fine, take the whole thing especially the unpaid salary and donate to a youth org that teaches ethics and sportsmanship.

Cheap shot artist, just like Artest.

Ask yourself if it's just a coincidence that Artest felt the need and/or desire to smoke Barea in the garbage time of Game 2 while Bynum also felt the need and/or desire to smoke Barea in the Garbage time of Game 4?

Then watch Barea in the video of the aftermath of the Odom foul/ejection in Game 4.

Defend your Lakers players. Just because The Ultimate Sissy Mike Tirico dropped his purse on national TV when AB manslapped JJB to the hardwood, it doesn't mean you all have to agree.

Lots of pieces moving on the chessboard here. Be patient and wait to see how it plays out.

5 games... really for the 3rd time he has done the same move. He needs to get the message that if you get paid millions of dollars to be a professional athlete, you need to act like a grown adult and handle situations with class. His apology that he made is a total sham because you could see by his body language right after the hit that he did not care whether the guy was hurt or not. He instantly knew that he was going to get ejected because just started walking off the court after the hit.

On another note, his suspension shows that the NBA only cares for its superstars. Had it been Jason Kidd or Dirk that Bynum hit, his suspension would easily have doubled or tripled. His immaturity exposes a rule that the NBA was good to get rid of with kids coming straight out of high school into the league. In my personal opinion he should have been suspended for at least 15 games and upon his 4th offense either banned from the league or suspended for an entire year.

Obviously, a low point in the Lakers' history. He's a good kid, and I'm sure he'll be a player the fans can be proud of again.

I was a huge Bynum fan, but not anymore. This is the second time he's done this, and apparently he never learned the lesson after the first time.
Why wait until game 4, down 30+ to get angry?? Where was his anger and passion early on? And I'm speaking to Pau, Ron, Fish, Lamar and the WHOLE freakin bench!!

bynum action where wrong but i understand i think stu was fair

Bynum did the same thing to Michael Beasley less than two months ago and he got suspended for 2 games. Apparently he didn't get the message. 5 games is probably about right, my dad thought he should get suspended for 20.

To all Laker haters

If you don't like our players and you say we cannot trade them, what do you propose in coming to this blog? You have to make sense or else you're just pure hating gutless individuals.

I'm trying to digest your posts but it's pure hate and bias. We don't condone what Andrew did nor LO nor Artest but it is what has happened. Deal with it, give us some ideas to improve our team if it's not your team.

Also, where were you when we were winning Championships in the Conference and NBA Finals?

I don't believe there is any way to justify letting Bynum continue to play in the NBA. This is at least the third time he has assaulted a player. He broke Gerald Wallace's ribs with the same punk shot. He should be banned. I was a long time Lakers fan, but no more.

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you people are such mindless drones. Really not that big of a fine. yeah only 25,000 dollars but no one is mentioning the lost salary (together over 700,000). That hurts. I don't care how much you make. And to think people are making such a big deal over this. Many lakers including magic johnson himself have done cheap shots. Its nothing new to sports, and while regrettable, it happens. Sports are aggresive by nature. Lets all calm down and just go on with life. No big deal

That's not enough no one in pro sports should do anything like that or think they can jeopardize another players career! What you guy forget hats the second time! Kick that loser out of the nba!


Put down the pipe for a second, you were never a Laker fan to begin with. You hear, homie? You don't know squat about the NBA either, now you can pick up the pipe.


Hey, Rip, I'm sorry to break it to you, bro, but...

a bag of dicks has more brains.

Bynum showed the worst sportsmanship I have seen since I played in 8th grade. He is an adult and apparently overpaid. I would have made the fine half his contract and no games suspended. If you can't play the game and act like an adult then get out!

What a thug mentality. He ripped off the Laker uniform after his classless act. Could be the last time he ever plays in a Laker uniform.

@Edwin Gueco:

"We don't condone what Andrew did..."

Actually, some of them are. And I don't know whether I'm more disgusted or frightened by those individuals.

Thug mentality?

You people are pathetic. He's a kid for crying out loud, 23 years old. Tell me you didn't do anything stupid at that age. Pathetic phocks. You all wanna ship this kid outta here when I used to see '80's ballplayers do far worse and get away with it, all the phocking time!

Haters, the whole lot of you arm-chair d-bags!

The thug should be ejected from the league. Typical POS Laker. Guess you take a Laker out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of a Laker

cheap shot from a big player to the smallest,but barrea got up and brush it off take a licking and keeps on playing just like all the great boxers we have in puerto rico take beating and keep on fighting.

bega vaja p.r.

Tell 'em Ludwig. Everyone keeps mentioning how in the new millenium, the game has changed/it's not like the eighties anymore. Yet, to this day, nobody ever called for Rick Fox to be kicked from the squad when he not only got into it with Doug Christie on the court, but jumped him in the tunnel when Christie got ejected. If anything, whenever someone brings it up, it's always for a good laugh. And yeah, Bynum may look older because of his size but people keep forgetting he's 23-24. Kobe went through the same kinda crap and did stupid things when he was that age until he finally matured (for the most And I can't believe someone brought up the Celtics having more class in a LAkers blog. Pretty classy how Paula Pierce headbutted ol' whathisface from Miami, their sole shooter not named Wade and Lebron.

@Danny Stark
EXCELLENT POST!!!! Keep em coming!
These types of fouls were common place throughout the 80s in the NBA.

Westbrook? Oh man, if he shows just the slightest hint of wanting to come back home, Buss and Mitch would be wise to wait for his availability. If not, I would be perfectly happy with either CP3 or Deron.

Also, I just roll past any of the losers who decide to show up here only when we're down. It's easy, just read the handles first, then bypass.

I wanted to get your take on how well Bynum and Howard could play together if it became a reality. With the recent play of our two bigs, I would much rather keep Drew over Pau, but I am concerned that there just wouldn't be enough room on the box for both Drew and Dwight to operate there at the same time. What do you think?

5 games? Should be more!
This is not his first time.
Search "Bynum rejected" on Youtube.

I bleed purple&gold and I was ashamed and embarrassed when Bynum's incident took place...that's enough to make a Lakers fans vomit. GREAT CALL

@Danny Stark
Yes it's a contact sport, but it's not boxing. I'd like to hear all your fancy words defending Bynum had Barea been seriously injured. I'm not talking about a fractured arm, i'm talking about a fractured rib and possibly a collapsed chest.
This is UNACCEPTABLE. If that was jason kidd, at his age with a weaker body, he might have died. Also the laws of physics could sometimes be less forgiving. If barea was hit with similar force at a higher point in his body, he could have fallen in such a way that he could not control a painful landing on his back, which could severely injure his spinal cord at his height and weight.

Did you see rajon rondo hyper extend his elbow on that unlucky fall? And that was an injury from pure bad luck. Baskbetball is already a dangerous sport, and dumb career ending plays like that have no room in this sport. If you think this is how passion in basketball is expressed, then you don't know the first thing about basketball.

By the way, NBA is watched by kids all around the world. When the pistons-pacers brawl broke loose artest was suspended for a season. No blow that day was as dangerous as this play that andrew bynum made. 5 game suspension, for potentially killing\disabling someone? Are you going to teach your kids that if they are going through a hard time in life, it's okay to be aggressive and hurt someone to fix it? Are you going to teach them that if, lets say, they were being publically humiliated by their boss at work and then fired in front of all their colleagues, that throwing a hard punch on their boss's chest is the way to go?

Finally, your logic and reasoning in itself is skewed. You are in a game, you are losing in front of all these people, you just want it to end. You want to make a statement? Just walk off the court or demand you be benched. Changing the game from basketball to ultimate fighting champion isn't going to get you fan points. The lakers, as kobe and phil (whom i hate with all my basketball fansmanship) and many have mentioned, could have lost with dignity like champions.

Please, don't anyone try to justify what Andrew Bynum did, for the sake of humanity. It was wrong. You can forgive him. But you can't defend it, or say it's understandable. How angry he was while losing might be understandable, but the action is not.

I love the hysterical over reactions to the foul. "Trade Bynum" "He's a bad guy". Puhleez. It's an ugly foul and he got what he deserved but that's it. He's owned it and seems to genuinely regret it. As long as he learns from it going forward, I have no problem with Andrew Bynum.

Colin Cowherd is right. Fans and the media are sometimes knee jerk Henny Pennys.

5 games? Not enough. It was stike 2. They should have hit him for 20!

Cheapest shot I can remember. No different that a sucker punch.

If he thinks he is tough then why did he do it to the smallest player on the court? Would love to see him try that with someone bigger than him. Perhaps shaq or kg. Hell, i bet yao ming even wouldnt let that crap go. If it is street ball with street rules he wants to play then the NBA isnt a place for him. Cant believe some people back that kind of play. Sad!

as a 3rd time offender, bynum should have at least a 20 game suspension. next offense should definitely be a ban from the league. bynum's apology did not seem sincere. it was scripted... sorry>>>

i don't think the suspension is even any close to his action. 5 games what happen if he really hurts someone than what. why can we send a larger suspension of at least 15 games and more to avoid other players to follow his footsteps. most of these players don't care about the money. if you look at the tape again he shows no remorse or care if he hurts the guy. this is basketball not boxing or kick boxing we have no room for these type of tyrant act we need to put a stop to and make a example of him with this 5 games suspension which let players know if you are not happy just foul the guy like andrew byrum and you will sit out 5 games as bench mark. we can't tolerate these type actions if you don't believe me just listen to the commentator's comment of his action. next time something like this happen and the player gets hurt real bad or cripple because the other player is upset losing and expecting only 5 games suspension. than I hope the NBA commissioner can sleep well. look at the NHL and MLB they are starting to clean up the rough stuff. we have 82 games season what's 5 game not even 1/10 of the season game. don't forget he's only 21 years old so what if he does it again what's going happen 10 games suspension. this is a joke.

Five games is nothing but a slap on the wrist! Bynum should be looking at assault charges for his mugging of JJ Barea. Bynum's cheap shot elbow to the ribs knocked a defenseless Barea's head sideways, and spun Barea's body to parallel with the ground at the top of Barea's leap! These guys don't have pads and aren't playing on mattresses or grass or even on padded turf! They're on hardwood! Barea landed hard on his left side from the top of his jump and is lucky he didn't break something or leave the court on a stretcher! If the NBA is going to allow players to get away with potentially career-ending shots for nothing more than a short term suspension, every team is going to need to get a knee-capper to even the odds!

IMO, he got off easy here. The behavior that Bynum displayed shouldn't be tolerated PERIOD. Cheap shot doesn't even begin to explain it, and he could've taken away Barea's livelihood in an instant of misjudgment. A very strong message needed to be sent, and I believe that's what they tried to do, but $25K to Bynum is like $5 to the average person, and 5 games at the beginning of the season? Who cares?



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