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Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom tarnish successful individual seasons with cheap shots in Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss to Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after the center was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times. With one dirty and unnecessary elbow to Dallas guard Jose Barea, Lakers center Andrew Bynum just wasted a season-long effort in avoiding a major injury, establishing a defensive identity and showing the dominance the organization envisioned he'd once own.

With one dirty and unnecessary shove with his shoulder into Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, Lakers forward Lamar Odom just wasted a season-long effort in playing at his most consistent, winning the NBA's sixth man of the year and continually earning the teams' respect as a positive locker-room presence.

Bynum and Odom might have acted out of frustration with the minutes waning in an eventual 122-86 Game 4 loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks that ended their season. They might have deviated from their normal character. And they might not have intended any harm on Nowitzki and Barea. But it doesn't matter. Their classless acts are repulsive and without any valid excuse.

Bynum and Odom set the worst examples on how to lose with dignity, making the Detroit Pistons' walkout seconds before the Chicago Bulls swept them in the 1991 Eastern Conference finals comparatively mild. Odom and Bynum gave the worst sendoff imaginable for Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, who already didn't deserve an ending in this fashionto what's presumed to be his last NBA game in a storied 19-year coaching career. And Odom and Bynum gave the Lakers organization every reason not to want to keep them on their roster next season.

Both have guaranteed contracts and represent a valuable piece to the Lakers. But with Magic Johnson's insistence that owner Jerry Buss "blow this team up" should the Lakers get swept, everyone outside of Kobe Bryant shouldn't be protected from trades and that they should do everything imaginable to obtain Magic center Dwight Howard, it's far from speculative that Odom's and Bynum's ejections will seriously dent their standing on the team.

That's a shame because, just like the Lakers' quest for a three-peat, this is not how it should have ended. Bynum was on his way to solidifying himself as one of the league's dominant centers, took large ownership of a Lakers' defense that largely spurred their 17-1 record following the All-Star break and appeared at his most healthy. Odom proved he was no longer the inconsistent player he had been for a large part of his career by becoming the team's most consistent player in the regular season, proved he could handle the potential distractions surrounding a reality television show with wife Khloe Kardashian and humbly accepted moving between starter and reserve.

After Bynum fielded criticism for missing the first 24 games of the season because he delayed his offseason surgery on his right knee so he could attend the World Cup, he proved the wait was worth it with a dependable force in the middle that arguably proved more valuable than Pau Gasol. After Odom faced uncertainty whether his experience in the 2010 FIBA World Championships would lead to burn out, he proved that experience helped him with his conditioning, leadership and hunger to win. And after ending the season the way they did?

Few will remember all the aforementioned accomplishments. With a long offseason awaiting the Lakers and a possible lockout looming, teammates, the organization and the general public will see countless replays of Odom shouldering Nowitzki and Bynum lunging with a forearm shiver at Barea. That aftermath might not be fair, it might not reflect their character and it might not describe their value to the team. But Bynum and Odom only have themselves to blame for that.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after the center was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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i think the way the lakers played was awful. but it wasnt all kobe's fault because in the first half kobe came out with intensity just like he needed to. he played awesome! but for the rest of the team they were just sluggish and had no defense and barely any offense. And as for lamar and andrews little situations i dont think either one should have been thrown out. Barea is a pest and just had one good game he shouldnt get used to it cause the lakers arent like this 99.9% of the time.:)

i think the way the lakers played was awful. but it wasnt all kobe's fault because in the first half kobe came out with intensity just like he needed to. he played awesome! but for the rest of the team they were just sluggish and had no defense and barely any offense. And as for lamar and andrews little situations i dont think either one should have been thrown out. Barea is a pest and just had one good game he shouldnt get used to it cause the lakers arent like this 99.9% of the time.:)

i think the way the lakers played was awful. but it wasnt all kobe's fault because in the first half kobe came out with intensity just like he needed to. he played awesome! but for the rest of the team they were just sluggish and had no defense and barely any offense. And as for lamar and andrews little situations i dont think either one should have been thrown out. Barea is a pest and just had one good game he shouldnt get used to it cause the lakers arent like this 99.9% of the time.:)

It's pretty simple - Bynum showed what's he's really made of. He'll never be a champion, even if he wins. That video will always be there to show what he really is. Frustration? Embarrassment? Go back and watch some films, Bynum, of how real men handle it. Of course, Bynum's idea of a real man is probably Dennis Rodman. Maybe Bynum would feel more comfortable in heels and makeup.

This series was a humbling reminder that the Lakers are human too, and capable of failure.

I was starting to forget how much I hate the Lakers, but in the last five minutes of this game Odom and Bynum reminded me exactly why I hate them. There are handful of Lakers that are great players and deserve respect, but most of the team's "stars" are a bunch of little babies that shouldn't be allowed to play professional basketball.

Over and over again this team demonstrates poor sportsmanship that simply should not exist at the "professional" level. Odom stunt was unpleasant and almost forgettable, but in combination with Bynum's cheap shot these images served to underscore who the Los Angeles Lakers are today.

A championship team should not exhibit behavior like what was seen by Odom and Bynum yesterday. And right after Odom's play Jackson should have called a short time out and asked the rest of the team to finish losing the game (they were down almost 30 points) without losing their digity.

I'd like to believe that Lakers management and owners frown upon behavior like what happened and have the guts to make a change, but I am pretty sure the whiners will be back next year.


Thank you for not being a sycophant like 95% of Laker fans.

Don't forget the cheap shot that Artest took in game 2. I'll give Odom's blindside of Dirk's 7 foot body a idiot pass--at least it was against a man who could look him in the eye when the deed was done. Artest and Bynum displayed their inner thug on a 5 foot nothin BACKUP guard and showed the world that the words "professional" and "basketball player" don't always go together.

Lakers are who we thought they were, a classless organization.

Why didn't Bynum try a cheap shot against Tyson Chandler? Because Chandler would have gotten up and whipped his butt. Bynum's a coward for doing that to the smallest player out there.

And what's with Bynum taking his shirt off? Did he score the winning soccer goal or something, in his mind?

I have been watching the NBA on and off for the last 30 years. I have witnessed all kinds of acts over the years from sheer Herculean efforts to truely classless acts of contempt. However, I cannot recall any playoff series where three different players on the same team committed such egregious fouls as those by Artest, Odom and Bynum.

Sincerely Phil Jackson deserved a better ending than this. It is unfortunate but this send off will assuredly be burned into the psyche of many NBA fans. Not so much the blowout loss and being swept but the thuggish play of his team. Laker fans and fans of the NBA itself deserved a better display than this.

The inmates are running the asylum. It was ok to have an Artest as long as you have Kobe and Fisher, just as MJ and Pippen could contain Dennis Rodman. But the flavor of LA is now punk dysfunction and there is no way the legit pros on the team can set the tone. Phil Jackson, the man of thought and pursuasion was reduced to an irritable grandpa punching players in the chest to get their attention.

As any big from the 80's or 90's would tell you... Bynum's big mistake wasn't fouling Barea hard... it was waiting until game 4 to do it. If he clobbers Barea in game 1 (though, not a clothesline, just a "go for the ball but I missed and knocked you on your ass hard" kind of foul), then Barea would be thinking about that every time he waltzed into the lane, and it would affect his shot.

By the time Bynum threw his chuck, the series was over. Not only classless but stupid.

Bynum is a punk, plain and simple. He should be suspended for 1 year.
1 action does define your character, and Bynum showed he has no character and has disgrased the great history of the Lakers

5 Movess to fix the Lakers:

1. Trade Andrew Bynum-This guys a thug and he is showing he is not a team player year in and year out. Best to part ways with him now...CLEAN HOUSE!
2. Matt Barnes is useless as well, he did nothing this year but show off his tattoos and get arrested.
3. Get rid of useless Luke Walton.
4. Get rid of useless #1 Smith, whoever he was...
5. Ask Jerry West for help!

Oh and lastly...Lets wait for DWIGHT HOWARD

Lamar shoved Dirk and probably deserved to be tossed considering the circumstances, but it wasn't that bad at all- generally no one is going to get hurt on a play like that.

Bynum's cheap shot was really bad though- Barea could have been seriously hurt on the play.

First off, I am a Bulls fan...that said, I respect the Lakers and what they have done over their History, but I am sorry that demonstration of piss poor sportsmanship has no place in any sporting arena. I too think that today's NBA is much different from past ERAs, and that today's NBA players are coddled too much, and that toughness is gone from the NBA.. too many open layups.. but I can't remember any of the old teams, the Pistons, Celtics, Bulls, Knicks ever doing something like what Bynum did, he never even made an attempt at the ball... and...his team was down 30 since in hurting someone then...I am all for getting back to the basics and not letting these so called stars go to the rim un-contested, but that was clearly un-called for. The Lakers organization deserves better than that, and they should show everyone that they know it...Bynum has not only hurt his self, but the Lakers franchise, he is probably un-tradable now, at least for anyone that the Lakers need. The last thing I think needs to be addressed, if you still are in the crowd that is trying to justify what he did, I ask you this...Did Phil Jackson deserve to leave the game in the wake of Andrew Bynum's actions, how can any Laker fan think that was ok... after all Jackson did for this franchise?

I agree Bynums act was TERRIBLE and he's done in my book. No room for that in the NBA.
I agree Odoms was just out of Frustration and Dirk did act a bit. That happenes every night in the NBA what Ododm did it was just a over reaction act as well by Dirk. But still no room for that on National TV it just looked bad.
I think the Laker Nation can live with Lamar's error in Judgement but no way can we live with Bynums! No WAY!

Not trying to Justify in any way the Bynum hit ....but no one said anything to Bereas pop to the head with the shoulder to the Lakers #5 on that same drive.

By the way, I wouldnt say Phil Jackson is done ...yet!
Seems like he may consider staying? Or Coaching somewhere...?
This on the heels of the press conference afterwords...


You are an excellent example of why so many people despise the Lakers, similar to how everyone hates Philadelphia.

Lakers just need to get rid of the rough housers on the team and the guys who dont contribute...Find some great guys who can play ball, like in the past!

Well people thought RonRon was done after the Palace brawl so i think Bynum can and will redeem himself and come back more matured. He let his emotions get the best of him and for those split seconds, he wasn't thinking logically. Everyone is one mistake from EFFN up their lives. Its not to excuse him, hell, I didnt even have the gumption to watch my Lakers for fear of disappointment but I have been young too in my life and some of the jacked up stuff I did back then, I would not think of doing today..That's all. I dont think it will hurt his value but time will tell. I still think if Orlando wants to get something for Dwight then it'll be like they have to make that move or end up with zilch...

On the Coaching Situation...The Lakers need a new coach who is great, how about Coach K at Duke? He would win instantly or Roy Williams at UNC? these are coaches who will not put up with bologna. That's next as to what this team needs. I do not buy that Brian Shaw is the Answer, nor did I when Kurt Rambis took over way back when...we need a solid coach.
Take a look at our past agree or disagree?


Im sure I forgot someone here...

WOW! ludwig and lakers17 are 2 of the most delusional posters that I have ever read. to rationalize those assaults by saying it was commonplace in the 80's can only be coming from demented minds. This is not the 80's, it's a whole different game. The NBA has implemented rules to safeguard defensless players because fans were tired of going to a basketball game and a hockey game would break out. There is no place for that in any GAME! These guys are supposed to be professional, when in reality they are children in mens bodies. The 2 aforementioned posters have no clue about sportsmanship, role models, or class. I bet they both condone the Giants fan getting murdered at a Dodgers game, because he should not have been wearing his Giants gear. It's not all about winning, Charlie, it's how you play the game! You 2 need to get a life!

I don't forget that athletes are human beings too. Everyone does something they regret in an heated and emotional moment. It's part of the game. You run up a score on someone they are going to get angry. Even if I don't condone what Bynum and Odom did, but, as an former athlete I understand it. Coach Carlisle should take some of the blame, he knew what could happen if you run up a score. And besides if my memory serves me right Charles Barkley recommended that Ron Artest should be hit in the throat. Thank you Los Angeles Lakers for 3 straight years in the finals and 2 titles to boot. The most bragging rights and excitement that any fan could ask for.

Both were unnecessary shots delivered near the end of the game. Hard fouls during a competitive game? OK. Odom and Bynum's timing discredits any siuch claim. Both diminished sportsmanship since each could have injured another player. Both should receive multi-game suspensions, Bynum more since his shot on Barea happened while he (Barea) was in the air and was delivered under circumstances that could have ended his (Barea's) run thru the playoffs. Shame on both. Kudos to Kobe for calling both of them out.

It is sickening to read those rediculous comments defending and minimizinhg the actions of LO and Bynum. LO's was an uncalled for cheap shot that cannot be excused or tolerated. Although not severely dangerous, it is totally unexcuseable and it should be dealt with as totally unacceptable basketball. Bynum's was beyond concern for the individual and we cannot have that kind of player on the court. You are looking at a player that was extremely lucky in that he wasn't seriouly injured - a broken bone, a snapped neck are not unlikely consequences to a man tipped upside down when helpless in the air. Excusing such a move as frustration would tell us that nobody should be in prison if they acted out of emotional frustration when the disregarded life with their actions. WAKE UP DEFNEDERS!!!

Blame the Kardasians.

So Bynum is a failure to the sports world and not worthy of Team Laker. He also has bad knees. Here's a quick way to get him off the roster, send Oregon's Tanya Harding down there. She could pick up a bat at any L.A. area Big 5!

Inexcusable. Even Kobe (who had Drew's back in the Beasley incident) couldn't defend what Drew did yesterday.


and i hope somebody busts bynum's head... pathetic tough guy wannabe!

Bynum and Odom showed exactly what's wrong with so many players in today's game...a real lack of character. You can excuse their behavior as frustration or misplaced passion, but ultimately they've shown they're not "sportsman," they're selfish individuals who act like spoiled children when they don't get their way. These are young men who, because of some rare physical skills, have been rewarded with millions of dollars and world-wide fame, all for being able to play a childrens game; meanwhile millions of people who try to "play by the rules" in life suffer trying to provide for their families on menial wages. Athletes are not role models, we know. But they should at least make an effort to reward those who look up to them by behaving professionally. This is a life test, and these two athletes are failing it.

Sorry guys, but the only thing more important than a first impression is your last impression. This will haunt them for at least a year or two after this and rightfully so, morons deserve the negative attention, they should've known better. This was the absolute dumbest and worst decision they could have possibly made, and Bynum's comments at the end of the game only poured kerosene on the fire, what a couple of morons!

I hope that Bynum taking his Laker jersey off, is THE LAST TIME he EVER takes one off. What a classless clown. If it weren't for the NBA, this MORON would be sitting in a jail somewhere where he belongs. I haven't even seen the idiot apologize. If I were Barea I would honestly press charges and have this dumbass arrested.

Ok I agree, Odom's hit wasn't too bad, but Bynum?
That classless punk needs to get kicked out of the NBA, this is not the first time he does something like this. And then after the play he could have cared less. The NBA should suspend him indefinitely, Bynum is garbage to me now, and he does not deserve to play in the NBA. He was one of the few players I liked on the Lakers but now…
Everything positive he did this season will be clouded by this shameless act. Send him to the D-league if anything since he doesn’t know how to play defense.

The Lakers have punks for team leaders who pretend that taking cheap shots at opposing players equals "toughness." This what they have passed on to Lamar Odom (who I agree normally wouldn't act like that) and Andrew Bynum. It doesn't!

Laker players are encouraged by their teammates to commit flagrant fouls, especially by the ones who are supposed to be the team leaders. While it is easy to forget that Andrew Bynum is still one of the youngest players in the NBA, he has done this several times before (against Portland and the Clippers) and Kobe publicly praised him the last time he did this. Derek Fisher is supposed to be a team leader and he did the same thing that Lamar Odom did today against Houston last year in the playoffs. That's why I put Lamar's flagrant foul in this context.

To call what the Lakers did the result of "frustration" is a cop-out. There is no excuse for what these cheap shot artists did today. Kobe and Fisher checking on the health of the Dallas player that Bynum cheap-shotted was nothing but damage control. The leadership by example that these two have provided show that they could care less about good sportsmanship.

I have followed the Lakers since the days of Elgin Baylor and Jerry West and I say that this Lakers team is a disgrace. It is said that one should never underestimate the heart of a champion, but I say that these Lakers need to watch what the the Boston Celtics did yesterday if they want to know what "heart" really is. Rondo came back out, played hurt and his teammates didn't use his injury as an excuse to quit.

In contrast to the Celtics, this Lakers bunch has no clue about what "heart" is. As soon as the going got tough, they quit on their coach and each other.

Meanwhile, PJ sits back and does nothing. The tone is set by the head coach and he didn't set it.

This fish stinks from the head!

Bynum now has a history of being a dirty thug. He broke Gerald Wallace's ribs, hit Barea in the same fashion and don't forget Michael Beasley. The league better suspend him for 10 games. They need to send a message and protect their assets from stupid plays like this. It's illegal to assault someone on the street and it should be illegal on the court.
Send this neanderthal to jail where he belongs!

Given that this was Bynum's third cheapshot forarm to a player in midair, the other one to Beasley from Minnesota this same year resulted in Beasley injuring his hip. In 2009 he commited a similar foul against Wallace that led to him going to the hospital with a collapsed lung and broken rib. Here's the scary part. His other cheapshots against Beasley and Wallace were during close games. In all three of the games he was in a position to make a good defensive play. I can understand, barely, if he was beaten and the only way to stop a basket was by grabbing the other player but if he had just attempted to block the shot he may have made some spectacular blocks. Instead, he throws an elbow to the ribs of a player in mid-air where they can't possibly control their fall. It was plain and simply an attempt to injure. I believe that the suspension next year will be significant and hopefully a warning that further fouls like this will result in a 1 year or permanent ban.

Commissioner Stern's slap on Artest's wrist obviously did nothing to discourage criminal assaults by Laker thugs. At least Lamar Kardashian cheap shotted someone his own size. Coward punks Ron Artest (6'7"/260lbs) and Andrew Bynum (7'/285lbs) didn't have the guts to take on Tyson Chandler or Brendan Haywood. Oh,no! They both sucker punched the smallest white player on the court, JJ Barea at 5'11" and 175 lbs.
Since Stern can't stop these assaults, the Dallas County District Attorney should prosecute the Laker punks' attacks for the hate crimes that they are.

Shameful. I have never forgiven Kobe for his behavior during his rape charge. He is a whiny spoiled brat. With the sweep game against the Mavs, Odom and Bynum show us that Kobe's behavior has rubbed off. This team has no class. They don't represent LA.

Let us not forget Artest's cheap shop in game 2, which suspended him for game 3. That's where it all began, Artest not being there to help his teammates during a very close game 3. The whole team has long been playing like a band of thugs, but now the referees aren't letting them get away with it.

Lamar found out Khloe had her money on Dallas and took it out on Nowitzki.

How can you say it deviated from Bynum's normal character when he was suspended for a very similar cheap shot less than 3 months ago? He has serious character issues. And should receive a minimum 10-game suspension for his gutless and dangerous play yesterday.

Thugs, plain and simple. So sick of the NBA and all of these animals

Their no-class thug behavior was repulsive, disgraceful, disgusting, childish, and downright stupid!

Pot smoking losers!

But what did you expect from a bunch of lazy, over-paid, wanna-be hip-hop gangsters?! If I want to see that crap, I'll go see a Dodger game!!

Lakers have done cheap things like this before bynum and kobe undercutting perkins game 6 last year, the lakers got the same thing done to them as kobe did to kate faber... im talkin about those game 4 daggers stole kobes swagger dont deny that he forced kate faber the celtics want 18 need 18 and as long as we got sugar ray gettin free off a screen

"People handle frustration in diferent ways."


Yea, and the lakers showed they handle frustration like losers. Your spoiled brats shook the losers hands in every one of their last 2 titles, but when theyre on the other stick of it they try to INJURE the WINNING TEAM.

the LA Fakers earned that name-they are fake champions as was illustrated by their classlessness and childish actions

All you LAKERS haters and turncoats need to chill. It's not easy to be a Threepeat Champion. The Lakers are still a class act. I bet some of you people couldn't contain yourselves if you were playing. The LAKERS could still beat that bunch with the players they have on any given day. They did it during the regular season. It all boils down to one thing and that is it wasn't in God's plan.

What shows their character is that both acts were deliberate, and could have resulted in serious injury to players about to move on in the playoffs... but so far, neither Odom nor Bynum have apologized.

Apparently, the way they have been taught to think of themselves is that if they are truly expressing their emotion, that makes them honest and decent people. But it does not...and I hope those in the Laker organization will get through to them on this...or lose them.

I hope the all-too-many TV "analysts" will not fail to notice the lame self-justifications which are so far all that their egos permit. This is not the same as "toughness." It is deliberate and dangerous viciousness.

Jeremy L is right both Bynum & Odom need to apologies to each individual and move on from there to keep the teams class act intact otherwise LAKERS will be always known for them being unsportsmanlike.

andrew bynum should be banned from playing many games. That's when people like these will realize what unsportsman conduct can lead to and fans will not tolerate such cheap shots.

Don't drive like that in the lane with 14 second on the 24, up by 30, with 8:30 to go in the game.

There might be an accident.

to make matters worse, mister bye bye bynum takes his jersey off after the assault like he's some kind of tough guy. Where I come from, going after the smallest guy while he's in the air and defenseless is not a tough guy move -- its the mark of a coward and a thug.

Still waiting for some official position on this from the Laker organization. What if Barea became the 3rd player Bynum caught in a vulnerable position and put in the hospital this year, causing the Mavs a chance at the championship?

This is criminal behavior, and not covered by pop slogans like "let's move on."

Likewise I was stunned by Odom's deliberate body-block on the Mavs' #1 player. "Frustration," is not an explanation, unless we are talking about a small child.

Yes, it is frustrating to be out-played, and to lose. That does not mean one therefore gets to hurt someone. We will see if "the NBA cares."

bynum should be tried for attempted murder. calling bynum's GF , i am sure he will hit u too. see how he picked a guy 100 lbs smaller hahahahahhah

lakers should have kept ariza.....tsk tsk tsk

The only laughable moment during this game was Ron Artest escorting Bynum off the court.

Soar losers is all that is. Time for Laker fans to have their bubble burst and realize their "bought team" is over and so is their championship runs. Anyone remember when Jason Terry punched Ginobli in the balls a few years back in the playoffs? If you can't grow up and win or lose like an adult when your on national television, then when will you?

Playing basketball and other competitive sports since I was young, I understand the reason behind hard fouls and agressive play. Honestly, Lamar Odom plays that way and his foul was not as severe as Bynum's. Should he have gotten ejected - absolutely. What makes Bynum's foul unnecessary and violent was that it was out of frustration, he wasn't going for the ball, and it was delivered in such a way that could only cause harm to the other player. It doesn't matter what team you root for, what was happening in the game, or that it was a deciding game in a series. Bynum's play was not a basketball play. It was a forearm/elboy to the exposed ribcage or Berrea. It was a cheapshot -plain and simple. People do things out of frustration, their actions are not defensible based on that. I believe that Bynum is a good player but his actions here are wrong. Frustration or not.

I can't believe some of the Lakers fans here even trying to justify the actions of the Cheap Shot tres amigos Bynum, Artest and Odom. Really?
But as a Laker hater I love it that not only were they beaten so badly, they
had to go out in such a shameful fashion. For me there couldn't have been a better ending. How shameful!! and I love it :-)

Champions vs. Losers: Elbow grease

When Boston’s Rondo hustled, he dislocated his elbow; when the Lakers’ Odom and Bynum used their elbows, they dislocated the team.

These two Laker losers owe apologies to Dirk Nowitzki and Jose Barea, as well as to their respective Moms, given that they intended to seriously injure their sons on Mothers’ Day.


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