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Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom tarnish successful individual seasons with cheap shots in Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss to Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after the center was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times. With one dirty and unnecessary elbow to Dallas guard Jose Barea, Lakers center Andrew Bynum just wasted a season-long effort in avoiding a major injury, establishing a defensive identity and showing the dominance the organization envisioned he'd once own.

With one dirty and unnecessary shove with his shoulder into Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, Lakers forward Lamar Odom just wasted a season-long effort in playing at his most consistent, winning the NBA's sixth man of the year and continually earning the teams' respect as a positive locker-room presence.

Bynum and Odom might have acted out of frustration with the minutes waning in an eventual 122-86 Game 4 loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks that ended their season. They might have deviated from their normal character. And they might not have intended any harm on Nowitzki and Barea. But it doesn't matter. Their classless acts are repulsive and without any valid excuse.

Bynum and Odom set the worst examples on how to lose with dignity, making the Detroit Pistons' walkout seconds before the Chicago Bulls swept them in the 1991 Eastern Conference finals comparatively mild. Odom and Bynum gave the worst sendoff imaginable for Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, who already didn't deserve an ending in this fashionto what's presumed to be his last NBA game in a storied 19-year coaching career. And Odom and Bynum gave the Lakers organization every reason not to want to keep them on their roster next season.

Both have guaranteed contracts and represent a valuable piece to the Lakers. But with Magic Johnson's insistence that owner Jerry Buss "blow this team up" should the Lakers get swept, everyone outside of Kobe Bryant shouldn't be protected from trades and that they should do everything imaginable to obtain Magic center Dwight Howard, it's far from speculative that Odom's and Bynum's ejections will seriously dent their standing on the team.

That's a shame because, just like the Lakers' quest for a three-peat, this is not how it should have ended. Bynum was on his way to solidifying himself as one of the league's dominant centers, took large ownership of a Lakers' defense that largely spurred their 17-1 record following the All-Star break and appeared at his most healthy. Odom proved he was no longer the inconsistent player he had been for a large part of his career by becoming the team's most consistent player in the regular season, proved he could handle the potential distractions surrounding a reality television show with wife Khloe Kardashian and humbly accepted moving between starter and reserve.

After Bynum fielded criticism for missing the first 24 games of the season because he delayed his offseason surgery on his right knee so he could attend the World Cup, he proved the wait was worth it with a dependable force in the middle that arguably proved more valuable than Pau Gasol. After Odom faced uncertainty whether his experience in the 2010 FIBA World Championships would lead to burn out, he proved that experience helped him with his conditioning, leadership and hunger to win. And after ending the season the way they did?

Few will remember all the aforementioned accomplishments. With a long offseason awaiting the Lakers and a possible lockout looming, teammates, the organization and the general public will see countless replays of Odom shouldering Nowitzki and Bynum lunging with a forearm shiver at Barea. That aftermath might not be fair, it might not reflect their character and it might not describe their value to the team. But Bynum and Odom only have themselves to blame for that.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after the center was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Dallas. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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I've been watching NBA basketball since the late 1960's and I've never, ever seen such a gutless, no-class, cheap-shot display of basketball as I watched today. The Los Angeles Lakers are a team of spineless quitters who are coached by a front-runner coach who BTW has never built a winner in his entire career; only inherited them. Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, etc. are a bunch of 2-bit thugs who are a disgrace to the game. These guys should have their championship rings confiscated because they are a bunch of repulsive losers. Shameful! Disgusting!

LRob... you have class. Much appreciated.

johnny drama - ain't happening........if I'm Otis Smith, after I stopped laughing at Kupchak, I'd hang up on him!!

Building your team around players with Bynum's character will ensure many more frustrating days like today.

Bynum's shove was sissy stuff. I'll show you how to do it. Sincerely Kevin mchale

thank you Laker Nation all around the world (italian dude here), these 4 years have been awesome. all the nights spent watching the team live, from the semi-meaningless cold rainy nights in december to the crucial and anxious, hot early mornings in june, have been absolutely worth it.
thanks Phil, you're the greatest and I hoped for a different ending to your run. but still, I'll never be able to express my gratitude for the victories and the good times. we'll miss you.
thanks to the team, from Kobe and Derek to Pau, and everybody in between. it's been a hell of a ride, filled with awesome moments and I've been proud to call myself a Laker fan.
thanks to the organization, for making this possible. I'm hoping for a bright future for this team in the next couple of years, so that I can spend more early summer nights awake in front of my tv screen. I want this team to climb back at the top of the mountain, doesn't matter if it's Howard or Paul, but something has to and will be done. we fight for rings.
this loss made me realize the full extent of my love for this team. next year, I want to see the fire in their eyes, and hunger, hustle and pride.

Watch, as Lakers Nation meltdown on this forum. They'll pick apart everything about this article, but forget to analyze the team they support. Idiot homers with no big picture.

I'll give my two middle fingers to Bynum and Mrs. Kardashianodom.

I think its disgraceful that you would say this stuff about two of the hardest working players on this team. LO and AB both had lapses in judgement cuz their boy Pau was playing like a little girl. The fouls were hard (Bynum's was, LO wouldn't have been kicked out if he hadn't already gotten a T), but no one got hurt, so who cares? What we do care about is the fact that Pau has been daydreaming like an amateur through the entire playoffs, and that is simply unacceptable in the Lakers association. To be honest, I think Pau's reputation is forever tarnished, now being labeled as the absolute softest big man in the league. Despite the two rings he helped us win, his actions this year were unexcuse-able, and he is the only starter that has lost his spot on this team in my eyes.

LA cheap shot artists!

Whether its"'fans" in the parking lot at Chavez Ravine or the Laker players on the floor.... a bunch of classless CS thugs!

What's next????

So the only person that played at the “lakers level” was kobe? come on guys for real? Kobe is a major part of the teams lack of chemistry. A player handles the ball and he is paid to pass it to Kobe so he can make the decision.

Nobody is going to take luke. Stop putting him in trades. He should stop taking money for nothing. Luke lives the good life

The guys looked stunned, unprepared. They showed up and thought Dallas would bend to their will. The problem is Phil told everyone he was leaving. He should NEVER have done that. Do you listen to your boss if you know he's leaving? No. The problem was coaching. You heard Andrew. "They knew exactly what we were going to do." But the Lakers couldn't anticipate what Dallas was going to do. Coaching.

Titus McGillicutty, get a grip.

green headed bald man, I've lived in boston a long time. Totally classless city. Racist too. Like when the cops tore through Dorchester and caused an innocent preacher to die. What about that ape cartoon? I was there. Anyway, that's beside the point. Bunch of bandwagon fans. Where were the fans 10-15 years ago when the Sox sucked. They couldn't give the seats away. They were beating up New York Yankees fans because boston sucked and Yankees were winning championships.


If the Lakers weren't going to win today, and that was obvious early, I'm quite happy the so-called Laker fans don't get a game 5 at home. All they did for two series was sit on their hands and boo. They remind me of spoiled, privileged children who will turn on anyone who gets in the way of them retaining their self-worth which is derived solely from the Lakers' success.

MM, how could you let rrodriguzzi's racist comment go through? Probably from boston because that's how they all think in boston.

There is a big difference between a legit basketball play, and a criminal act.

The action of Bynum was intended to injure Barea, if passion can be an excuse, how about passion killing?

This is in the end, a game, to recklessly injure other player with no legit basketball move, is simply criminal. This is NBA, not street gang, Bynum cannot be tolerated in this league, because he endangers other players.

lakers 17 - say what you want about Boston fans, but we support our teams through thick and thin - unlike some people on here. NOT a racist city, that is categorically untrue....first team to draft a Black player, first team to have an all black starting 5, and first team to have a black coach. I have found more haters and racists in 4 years out here in CA, than in 47 in MA..................
and, you still think ORL will trade Howard for Bynum?

You, sir, are delusional.......still waiting for you to give me a reason why that would happen............Howard straight up for Bynum? You make me laugh!!

Clevin, get a grip.

Criminal act???

Bynum apparently didn't learn from his earlier suspension for doing the same thing. The league needs to throw the book at the idiot.

I care little about what Bynum did. Yeah it was a dirty play, but just as dirty as the typical foul that Brian Cardinal commits on a regular basis or what Rondo did to Hinrich 2 years ago where nothing was called.

But with all this outrage against Bynum, I want to know how Laker Tom is going to spin this.

I'm sure others have said it, but Bynums defense of the paint was not a big deal to me. I have seen too may only Celtics games, old Pistons games where this type of thing was just part of the game. I have to hand it to Barrea though the guy is relentless and that's what you need to beat the champs.

Not so sure of lasting impact. Is McHale soiled secondary to the Rambis clothesline? I don't think so. Just remembered a hard-nosed competitor.

some of these comments here are a joke? Bynum is a thug? haha he committed a hard foul from frustration on a smaller player, this league like every other other league has gone soft. what ever happened to playing with raw emotion? it's better to watch and you know which players actually care about the game, unlike gasol's gutless effort.

I am getting sick reading this post. How in the heck can you people really classify those plays as passionate? I agree the Odom wasn't as bad as that utter garbage Bynum tried to do, but still he meant to foul and it was far from a love-tap. There was ample time left in the game and Dirk was going out at the next whistle anyways. Barea has taken several cheap shots against you yellow and purple whiners. He deserves better than that. But I was completely ashamed of the Los Angeles Lakers organization. Maybe now you see why you're so despised?

Kobe has 50 points and the team is up 30. It's not important AT ALL to keep him in. Let's just keep Kobe in and see how much he can do with 3 minutes left in the game.

Mavs took JT and Peja out. Terry would have broken that record. We had class. We won. Knock on wood. Go Mavs.

I hope Bynum gets picked up by maybe the other LA team. the Clippers and he can fade away into obscurity happily without embarrassing a great organization and a legendary coach in the last 6 minutes of the game. Shame. Shame. Shame.

There's a horrible hypocracy in the league where post players like Bynum and Dwight Howard are pounded day in and day out by 3-4 guys on every play and not a single foul is called, and one forearm by Bynum and everyone is screaming bloody murder. What a joke of a league.

And the biggest thing that ended the Lakers 1st Dynasty??? Only true fans know this. All you fake fans don't know this. It was a RULE change by the NBA allowing zone defense to prevent Shaq from dominating. That's the REAL reason why the Lakers weren't able to win more with Shaq. It's like the Lew Alcindor rule in college.

Yeah the Lakers benefited in 2002. I admit that. Sacramento got screwed in game 6, but Lakers also got screwed in game 5 when the ref swallowed the whistle when Kobe was clearly fouled on that last shot.

And the reason why I KNOW the NBA is fixed is that in game 2 of this series when the Lakers HAD to win, who does the NBA assign to the Lakers home game??? Benette Salvatore of course. If you watched the game, he did everything he could to help the Lakers win, but we STILL couldn't win. But in the same fashion, Lakers got screwed in 2008 when the Lakers were favored, Stern fearing a Lakers sweep of coursed assigned Salvatore to game 1, a home game in Boston. Just like how Dan Crawford was assigned to help Portland win a must win game. Does it always work? No, but it shows the NBA is a total joke.

And so all you Lakers haters, you can cry all you want, but all other teams are just fodder for the Lakers. We might not win for a few years, but no way NBA will allow us to stay a lottery team for too long. All you other fans are just rooting for the Washington Generals. Suckers.

I am a Laker fan but am disappointed by the actions of Bynum and Lamar.
Champions should loose with class. Thanks Phil.

Boy a lot of people are taking pot shots at the Lakers today. There is undoubtedly a lotof talent in the NBA, but lets focus on how difficult it is to repeat.

Just like I told the Pistons (1 and done) fans, when your team plays in the finals 3 years in a row then I will listen. Until then your just another dope taking out their pent-up frustration on the champions.

I wonder about Magic, sure now he is not a part-owner so he isn't really part of teh team anymore, just a spectator.

But didn't he say, keep the problems in house? Why go on national media and shoot your mouth off? Save that for a private meeting. You are not holier that thou.

Pau just needs to work in the weight room on his lower body strength. ask Kareem, he did the same thing the summer before the 85 campaign. Oh and stop looking at the refs after every play and stop falling so much.

One thing is for sure NBA league pass is not worth it. The regular season is a joke and just mild entertainment as compared to the real season

The Lakers whole team checked out of this game early. Kobe tried to ignite them by opening the 1st period agressive, but the team did not pick up so I think he checked out too.

The cheap shots at the end by Lamar and Bynum surely will get them fined.

Here is how the Mavs fans desided to get back at LA by attacking Kobe on FB

I think they missed sasha (person that can be sasha who can "spark" something, drill 3's and does some dirty things too); lakers could've use him to guard terry or peja..

they also missed farmar; farmar with his quickness and athletism can somehow contain barea

additions of blake and barnes are total failures

Bynum did the same to Beasley about a month or so ago. Kobe was there to say Bynum "earned his stripes." I say they're all thugs but Fisher. I'd be ashamed to be on the same team. They are encouraged to act out like this by their coaches and team mates and then people act suprised. Artest was just back from suspension. The only thing thing I found really suprising was Barnes didn't kick Barea after he was knocked down.

Lakers-16... Go to bed!

Lakers17 - I can no longer discuss anything with you intelligently. You clearly know nothing about basketball, or Boston. LARRY BIRD was not that good????
Are you saying he was so revered because he was white? Who are you, Dennis Rodman? LARRY BIRD would make 90% of people outside of LA's TOP 5 list of all time!!
Magic, Jordan, Bird, Mailman, Russell
Stockton, kobe, Erving, McHale, Kareem.

That's from a Boston fan- you must be the true racist!!

The only problem I have with both so called dirty plays/cheap shots is that it was not done in the 2nd quarter when the Mavs started pulling away. The guards and wings did NOTHING to stop Berea from going anywhere he wanted on the court. Made that scrub look like Steve Nash. Bynum had been pleading with his teammates to help communicate but that fell on deaf ears. True...he did not have to elbow him to the ground but hit him hard while going for the ball so he will think twice about going in the lane again. As a baller and Laker fan I am not mad at the foul...just the timing of it. The Laker I am most pissed at is Magic Johnson. He has been commentating too long and needs to quit. I lost a lot of respect for him.

Time for a reality check!, first, props to Dallas AND Mark Cuban (kept his mouth shut and showed some class this series). I wish them well but jump shooting teams rarely succeed for long. Unfortunately the biggest winner today was Miami. It looks like Queen James will get that monkey off his back this year.

Now, I realize that blogs are built on hyperbole, but today things are really getting out of hand. We all understand that the haters will celebrate before heading back in to their parent's basement to play their X-boxes. But the true fans should be more reflective. The franchise has had a great run.

Time for a reality check! Let me be one of the first to predict.Trade between Lakers and Orlando... Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson for Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Steve Blake and a # 1 pick.

What a classless way to go out.

Isn't that the second time that Bynum elbowed someone while they were in the air He could have caused a career-ending injury. Bynum obviously thinks he's still on the playground, where anything goes. But these are the Lakers, and they demand more respect than that.

Magic said it best at halftime - the Lakers were thinking about Cancun again, as they had obviously already given up. Not even a fight in them to make it respectable.

This was as humiliating at the lopsided loss to the Celtics in the Finals a few years ago, if not more.

Reality check - you have NO #1 pick this year, and that trade would NEVER happen, do you really think Otis Smith is that stupid to trade his two best players for your junk?

Those days are over, man!!

Bynum should be suspended for the start of next season but the NBA will probably forget about it.

Lamar was just a shove/shoulder bump so no suspension warranted.

How tradeable is Bynum going to be this offseason after this? Especially if he picks up a significant suspension going into next year?

Someone mentioned blowin up the team&someone else said "lets concentrate on a pt G:Chris P or D Will. As a long time Net fan {who woulda drafted Kobe but were afraid of losing him as he stated had no desire to play in Jersey in 1997} I can tell you 3 things.The Knix 'll want D Will too/& you have no chance of getting the face of Brooklyn>Nets r moving there in 2012.He will b an MVP candidate next season after wrist surgery-you pirated the Dodgers_dont even think @ this guy.Also Bynum could have really hurt Barea &Aterst is still a poison even if u won 1 w/him. Classless Fakers.

These two are dispicable. For me, Bynum was one of the only current Lakers that I respected, until today. That is the worst play I have ever seen.

So, he's so frustrated that he takes a cheap shot on a vulnerable player, who happens to be the smallest one on both teams. He doesn't even have the guts to go after someone his size. And he's so tough that he doesn't look at any of the Mavs on the bench on his way out..

If the Lakers truly are the class franchise that they claim to be, they should trade him this off season. Otherwise, they are who I've suspected that they've become; douchebags!

And the NBA should suspend him for at least 15 games.

Time for a reality check! Two teams with high expectations had very disappointing outcomes: Orlando and LA.... now the stars are locked up long term for LA but Orlando will lose Howard after next year. They can follow the Cleveland example and DARE him to leave or they can make a deal and insure they receive something in return. I think they will make the right choice.

By the way, any trade of draft picks does not have to only involve this years picks. If teams feel we are going downhill so fast then our future years picks will be more valuable.

Some of the post here are complete jokes and some of the posters are complete morons. Bynum's foul was not that bad? Give me a effen break. He could have ended JJ Barea's post season. What would you idiots have said if the Lakers were cruising for a sweep and Chandler did the same to Kobe and he separated his shoulder forcing him to miss the rest of the playoffs? It doesnt matter that Barea was ok, he really could have gotten hurt. The reason for such a problem with both plays is why they happened and when they happened. Why didn't Bynum do that to Barea after he was tearing them up in game 2? He knew he would get suspended for the rest of the playoffs and so he waiting until he knew it was over. He did the same to Beasly and like that time, he showed no remorse. If they dont suspend him for more than 2 games, then the rest of the league should take note. Next time the Lakers are winning big against your team, get pissed and when he plants his leg, go straight for the surgically repaired knee and snap it in half. Then talk about it in the locker room after the game and say you just got frustrated. No big deal. Then maybe some of you posters here will get the idea.

WE MUST keep Bymun and Gasol in Laker jerseys!
THE TEAM IS FINE!..But THE HUNGER for a championship must return
Blake, Barnes, Ratliff & Smith must go and Kupchak must do his best to bring in MONTA ELLIS

This was a very frustrating season. Started strong followed by embarrassing losses before the All-Star break followed by a strong finish. The Jackson era has ended and he deserved to go out with more fight and respect from his team. I am a Laker fan for life....but this team has some serious issues that need to be addressed. The issues are not physical but mental.
Bynum will be suspended whenever the NBA decides to start a next season as he should. However, it should be only 1 game.
Otis Smith WILL trade Howard to the Lakers if he is smart. Their first round exit makes it certain that Howard will leave Orlando. It may not be next season but it will be the season after at the latest.
We had a great run......time to reload.

Time for a real reality check -
surely the Magic can do better than Andrew Bynum for Howard. They could trade him to the Nuggets for Nene AND Galinari. It's different than the Melo situation, because of the lockout AND because Kupchak has burned too many one wants to deal with the guy.

After over a decade of hating the Lakers and feeling that they've only gotten lucky, winning championships by benefitting from better teams' injuries and the conspicuous behavior of the league and it's officials, I wondered if I was really being fair. I started to doubt my LA loathing until today. The behavior of Ron Artest, Lamar Odom and especially Andrew Bynum made it ever so clear and reaffirmed my long-lived beliefs. This Laker team is a bunch of classless disgusting losers and worse. Everyone is at fault. Kobe's arrogance and Phil's laid-back approach permitted the inevitable downfall we saw today. The whole team is guilty by association. From the front office all the way down the bench. The appropriate response to this thuggish behavior should be permanent suspension from the NBA until the players can prove that they have learned what the true concept of dignity is. When you put on a uniform as a professional athlete you have a responsibility to act correctly and to the highest degree. Losing a GAME does NOT give you permission to hurt another player any more than wearing the wrong jersey gives fans the right to put someone in a coma. We need to hold our athletes to a higher degree of accountability. Until then, the acronym remains:

On the Top 100 dirty hits list in the NBA of all time - Odom's was probably in the 90s somewhere and Bynum's in the middle. Classless acts of all-time right up there in the top 10. People calling for "lifetime/one year" suspensions apparently never watched NBA in the 80s and early 90s. Karl Malone is laughing his butt off somewhere. Couple games each to start next season.

Lakers are sore losers! Bynum/Odom are a disgrace to the NBA, what a bunch of jerks

Lamar stood up Dirk and gets tossed? Was it a foul? You bet. A, why are you still in this game, foul. A, get your best player out of the game with a 30 point lead in the 4th quarter, foul. But that was it. How he got tossed for that was beyond me. Oh how this league has gotten soft over the years. Poor Dirk, running into Lamar and flailing. Come on. They're men.

As for Bynum's foul? Possibly he saw Barea (sp) giving Lamar the little man syndrome stink eye while the refs sorted out Odom's foul. Seriously get away from him. I don't mind a hard foul when the other team is rubbing it in, still bombing away from 3 point land, but you have to make a play on the ball and Bynum didn't even look at the ball. Bad foul and deserved tossing. I don't condone that type of hit. But like I said, you wanna come into the trees be ready to get fouled hard especially in a blowout. But make a play on the ball 'Drew.

Tough year. Tough playing deep into the playoffs year after year with everyone gunning for you. Trades need to be made and some athletes need to be picked up.

Ludwig, you're ridiculous. I'll tell you what. You stand next to me and jump in the air. I will proceed to slam my elbow into your ribs as hard as I can, laying you out. When you come to, I'll be like, "Hey dude, I was just frustrated by your flimsy rationalizations. Guess my passion got the better of me." I will then walk off without apologizing and take my shirt off as a final act of contempt.

By your logic, my behavior = perfectly acceptable, even admirable.

Dear Kobe,

If you cut your salary into half, I will give you shares (ownership) of my internet company so that the Lakers can hire Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant...... then, your future is quiet bright in the next 5 years.

Dear Luke,

Pls. give it up already ~ RETIRE!!!! This would be your greatest contribution to the Lakers organization. Help the Lakers recruit better younger A list Franshise Players....

Note: the rest of the Lakers Bench, pls. trade all of them!!!!!

Yea, Odom should have been careful

Dear Kobe,

If you cut your salary into half, I will give you shares (ownership) of my internet company so that the Lakers can hire Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant...... then, your future is quiet bright in the next 5 years.

Dear Luke,

Pls. give it up already ~ RETIRE!!!! This would be your greatest contribution to the Lakers organization. Help the Lakers recruit better younger A list Franshise Players....

Note: the rest of the Lakers Bench, pls. trade all of them!!!!!

ahr175 --

You don't know what you're talking about, dude, put down the pipe. The point is, what now? It happened. It was wrong, but this sort of shiite happens in the NBA a lot. Didn't that "thug" Jason Terry throw Blake to the ground in a cheap, pathetic reaction to the Mavs getting their brains beat in back in March by 30 points? Did he get suspended? NO! In the '80's, this type of rough play was what made the "Bad Boys" from Detroit so famous (and successful). Yes, Bynum was wrong, but the guy was tired of the little dude trying to score down the middle. My only regret is that Bynum should've done this in game 1, not when they're down 30, down 0-3 in game 4. A message should've been sent much earlier.

It's one thing to commit a dirty foul hoping to injure the other player if it's in retaliation for something the other person did, like when Bruce Bowen played us. It' entirely another thing for the biggest player on the floor to try to injure the smallest player because that small player beat three of your teammates on the way to the basket and you on the way to an easy lay-up (which was made despite the cheap shot).

It's also another thing if Bynum was playing well and keeping us in the game. Scoring 6 points in a close-out about-to-be-swept elimination game with our team down by 30 points, Bynum did not DESERVE to give that foul.

If anything Bynum should have clotheslined HIMSELF for his terrible play was worst for our team than anything anyone on the Mavericks did.

Dear Kobe,

If you cut your salary into half, I will give you shares (ownership) of my internet company so that the Lakers can hire Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant...... then, your future is quiet bright in the next 5 years.

Dear Luke,

Pls. give it up already ~ RETIRE!!!! This would be your greatest contribution to the Lakers organization. Help the Lakers recruit better younger A list Franshise Players....

Note: the rest of the Lakers Bench, pls. trade all of them!!!!!

Pretentious post. Absolutely ludicrous that these two plays take away a person's accolades. Less unnecessary pathos, and more sports-like logos Mark.

Dear Kobe,

If you get a salary of $1 dollar each year, I will guarantee to compensate you with my own internet company shares/ownership.

The lakers need Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin,

either Bynum or Pau stay

and the rest of the team should be traded immediately!!!

Luke Walton,


Odom and Bynum just did what I was thinking the 80's players were leveled regularly to make them think about driving to the basket so non-chalantly ...C'mon... now we have political correctness on the NBA floor baseball it is the brush back pitch ....they did the deed and will pay the price and frustrated or not ....they will be back next year and face the same players ...we will see how much integrity the opposition has next year ...if they retaliate or not ...I will be watching ....they remain two of my favorite NBA players ...humans ...not some made up fantasyland computerized ballers ...but human beings ...I love them...!! Thanks for another amazing season or lose I am there with you!!

Laker4life24 --

"It' entirely another thing for the biggest player on the floor to try to injure the smallest player..."

Excuse me, how the hell do you know that Bynum was trying to INJURE the little dude? Are you in Bynum's head? Do you have remote viewing skills? Stop this nonsense! He was frustrated at getting embarrassed all game long, he was trying to send a message, i.e.. 'don't try to drive down the middle, it won't be such an easy ride anymore." He wasn't trying to INJURE the guy! You're nuts if you think that!

This is not the first time Bynum has committed a serious cheap shot...the gutless big man took down Gerald Wallace and Michael Beasley with similar cheap shots...Or did the Bynum apologists' forget about these incidences (all were this year too)?

Paper tigers...both Khlomar and Bynum.

Lamar's hit deserved nothing more than a technical. The fouls were against us all series. It was insane.

The only problem I had with Andrew's foul is that it wasn't harder and wasn't much earlier in the game.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Any one going to the 3 - peat parade ?.......ooooops , there won't be one.....

Has it come to this? Players not playing with "Pride, Honor or Respect" for the game of basketball? As a laker fan I am ashamed of Lamar's and Andrew's cowardly way of giving in to their personal "Hollywood and Selfish" agenda!! Having pride and glory in winning is easy since your being validated by the satisfaction of championships but, true pride and glory is given when you show class in losing to the better overall team effort of your opponent. The Maverick's not only out played the lakers but, they also out classed them by far!! Bynum has lost all respect,,,

My reaction to the 2 cheap shots: should've done them earlier in the series.

LO's shoulder was not a biggie, he shouldn't have been tossed for that.

LA should've delivered a hard foul to JJ earlier in the series, see if that deters him from coming in again.


Blake was semi-out of control and his momentum was carrying him out of bounds anyway, plus he was NOT IN THE AIR. Pushing and shoving isn't quite the same ballpark as throwing your elbow into the body of someone who's off the ground going for a layup, size differences notwithstanding.

And you keep bringing up the physicality of the 80's, as if that somehow lends credence to your argument that Bynum's play was somehow acceptable. Just because things used to be a certain way doesn't automatically mean that way was better. Pitchers used to habitually throw at guys' heads, too. Player's safety should always trump fans' taste for violence. Take it too far and we have no sport to watch.

So what now, you ask? Probably a stiff fine and 5 games next season, given his history. And I get your point about sending a message, but you're missing mine: there are ways to send a message without risking serious injury to the guy you're sending it to, like the way Odom did (don't agree with the ejection). And Bynum couldn't have done what he did in Game 1, because he wouldn't have been playing in at least the next two games, the timing of which makes it all the more cowardly, IMO.

Finally, I find it odd that you're the one telling me to put down the pipe, when you are the one who's very much in the minority on this, even among your fellow Laker fans.

Jon K,

I'm very curious...if you didn't think Bynum's foul was hard enough, exactly what would you have preferred to see happen to Barrea? Please indulge me, I'd really like to know.

Andrew Bynum's suspension and fine should be harsh. Remember what he did to the Boston Celtics', Kendrick Perkins, in the 2009-10 play-offs . . . Bynum is a goon and should be traded to Minnesota, the team with the worst record and coldest winters. Lamar Odom . . . no one can respect you airing your private life with "The Kardashians" . . . very embarrassing to the Lakers organization.

How is this classless behavior surprising to anyone? In the 2009 playoffs against the Rockets, Fisher had a cheap shot on Luis Scola and got suspended. Kobe also had a cheap shot on Battier that resulted in a nasty bloody gash on his forehead. It was in game 2 and it looked like LA was going to lose again and go down 0-2 at home. So this isn't anything new. If Fisher and Kobe can act this way, the entire team is nothing but a bunch of classless thugs.

WOW, its so funny to see Lakers fans come to the defense to Bynum. The article is not over the top, it is what it is. The Lakers are the premier franchise in the League, they're the Yankees of Basketball (ofcourse with Boston). They are held to a higher standard. That comes along with being a Champion and a winning storied franchise. You want to cheer when your team wins but want to defend such classless acts makes you pathetic like Bynum's antics.

Also, yes, this ONE PLAY will overshadow their season. Only Laker and LA area fans will think about all the great things that happened this season. The rest of the country will see this season as one of the most pathetic efforts and sore-loser mentality of a team...Live with it until you win another title and I guarantee that Bynum will be moved along with Gasol. They need the cap space if they are to go after Howard and I am pretty sure he'll go there...until then man up and accept the circus show your team created.

I didn't like the Pop from Lamar on Dirk, but at least it wasn't a blow to the head, Dirk is about the same side and Dirk wasn't defenseless.

Bynum on the other hand is a dink...picks out the smallest man on the floor...waits until he is defenseless then sucker punches (elbows) him in the ribs where he loses balance and lands on his side.

If this had happened to Kobe or Fisher, etc...there would be calls for blood and month long suspensions. I look forward to next year when the Mavs and Lakers play again. If I was a Mav I would simply warn Bynum to keep his head on a swivel...he is gonna get laid out.

And shame on you fans for making excuses or even defending his actions...

These comments suggesting that lakers should have hurt JJ earlier in the games is a good representation of the thug mentality of some of your fans, which I'am sure give Bynum support.

If your 7' big man can't deter a 6' JJ with legit basketball move, go back to school and learn some. Rather than puting other people's health in danger.

What is a hard foul? Unnecessary action intend to injure, Bynum is a man, do that flag 2 foul in a street, lets see if police gonna jump in.

And you really think just a laker can be a thug in the game? The way Bynum plays, somebody gonna take him out down the road. Call the revenge if you will, its sad NBA degrade into street fight, unless Bynum is severely punished.

The whole organization is filled with thugs from players to fans, apparently.

People, don't pay attention to this article. One cheap shot doesn't ruin a career. I am proud of Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. This is a case of the natural man. Do you remember the 80's. This is nothing. Odom and Bynum are too valuable to give up. The Detroit Piston's walkout was worse, but it was AWESOME! The natural man does not like losing, and in today's sports, there is no such thing as sportsmanship, its all about gamesmanship. Besides, David Stern hates Mark Cuban so much, he is just teasing them into the Finals and then repeat the beat down by the Miami Heat. So who is the real loser now.

Oh wow, I have gotten about 3 or 4 different samples from major brands. It is not difficult to find them. Search online for "123 Get Samples" you can find them easily.

Some of the Laker fans are defending Bynum?! Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You guys deserve each other. Imagine if it was Tyson Chandler doing it out of frustration to Kobe... How would you feel about that play. Would you defend it? Have some perspective. As for this being out of character for Bynum, he's done this three times. I'd say that's pretty much his character by now. How many times has a classy player like Grant Hill taken a cheap shot at anyone, let alone a 5'10 player, that's right never.

No, not okay, okay, so what. You cheap shot losers didn't have the stomach for the fight and now you want to brush your ghettoblaster mentality aside. Still making excuses for inexcusable behavior? Shame!

jon k -"Lamar's hit deserved nothing more than a technical. The fouls were against us all series. It was insane.
The only problem I had with Andrew's foul is that it wasn't harder and wasn't much earlier in the game."

To Jon K and all others that posted something similar, you guys are serious bad losers and just overall losers. M.M.'s assessment is right on the money. Lamar and Bynum are both great players but those fouls were fragrant and unnecessary, especially Bynum's. Reader Paul made a good point that is the Lakers wanted to deliver a rough play to send a message then do it earlier in the game and set a tough winning tone, but these cheap shots happen when its all over.

I love tough play (get rid of Gasol) but not cheap shots (thats not the Lakers that I followed my whole life), the Lakers have much more class than that.

Disappointing ending to Phil's coaching career, I would have love to see game 5 at staples but the Lakers were simply out played. Pau really stunk up the court and I really wonder if he will be on the roster next year. I think Magic is right, an overhaul is in the cards and the big piece change will be Pau Gasol. There were many other Lakers players that just plain sucked but Pau is the biggest name.

The Lakers starting 5 next season will only feature Kobe and Bynum from this years starters. The Lakers will get new players for the Power Forward, Small Forward and Point Guard positions and will get them by trading Pau and Lamar Odom. Fish and Artest will come off the bench (they are only still there because they are too old for anyone else to want them, plus as role players off the bench playing only 15 - 20 minutes, they can be effective in the contents of this limited role).

Here is what they need get for Odom and Gasol - 1. An all-star point guard that can penetrate and finish. Kobe's numbers (FG percentage) is go way up, if he gets someone that knows how to pass the ball. Kobe's never had that on his team before but at his age now he needs someone that can consistently get 10 assist per game.
2. A small forward that can shoot the ball and is not a defensive liability.
3. A power forward that rebounds and loves getting offensive rebounds (AC Green, Horace Grant, Rodman, Rambis). We don't need a superstar just someone thts a beast on the boards and can finish around 2 feet.

With this lineup, Lakers can make another championship run next year (Kobe is not done yet) but if the Lakers don't make these big moves, next year will be like this year except the old guys are a year older. No way, I don't want to be San Antonio (how boring). With Pau and Lamar as trade bait we should be able to get one All Star and one solid starter, I've had it with these two weak, inconsistent players. Bring on some Kobe grit, there is more in the tank and makes next year all the more interesting.

I think the Bynum foul was the most beautiful thing I have seen since 80s basketball. Made it my screensaver . The Rambis clothesline , the Rodman push of Pippen ,etc. Players hated each other. It was great. I personally wish he would have came down and planted the little chump. The NBA is made up of soft players. My God the foul on Dirk and he goes falling back like he got hit by a truck. No blood , no foul . Gasol you got millions of dollars and you quit playing because your girl dumped you? Man please! Magic I wish Bynum would elbow you in the mouth and the sissy who wrote this article. Remember the Bad Boy Pistons? If you went inside they knocked your head off and Jordan used to cry after losing . What did he do? He MANED up. Basketball is a contact sport . You weak weenies

Bynum reacted just like a typical frustrated N****R! Pathetic!
I think the league needs to come down HARD on this stuff. Let's say a $300k fine and a 30 game suspension? Second offense is termination of playing rights in the NBA!

Are you kidding me? Anyone who doesn't think Bynums acts don't warrant a multi-game suspension are idiots!! That shot from Bynum could have easily broken the other players arm if not more! I am a Lakers fan until I die but that was just ridiculous!! I hope Bynum's fined a quarter mil w/ a 5 game suspension to start next season and I hope he never returns to the Lakers! As for Odom, I do believe that a lot are overreacting on his "shot." That was just a hard screen w/ a little frustration. Bynums shot was like him saying GO TO THE HOSPITAL YOU PIECE OF ****!! I don't think I'll ever like Bynum again after that.

The one thing I hate is a quick response to this situation! Why are Laker fans shocked? I have seen them play in this fashion the entire season. The key is their bench. Both Barnes and Blake were busts and need to be replaced. They played great at the beginning of the season and played like crap the rest of the season. Guards need to be evaluated and adding some big men on the bench needs to be the objective. The MAVS are playing great ball and the Lakers played the way they did during spots of season. It is a shame it ended this way but this bunch has continued to play irresponsibly the past two seasons but they overcame "themselves." This season, they failed not because the MAVS beat them, they beat themselves! Go Lakers, make smart decisions!!!

At Mace: Smush Parker and Kwame Brown were on the Lakers team between the Shaq/Kobe era and the Pau/Kobe era in the 2000s. Pau played bad but if you think the Lakers would have won the last two championships without him, you are wrong! I have been a fan since the 1980s as well and I plan on sticking with them with or without Pau or anyone else on the team. EVERYONE on this team was responsible for the terrible play of this team, even Kobe! I defend this team even when they lose and I am a huge Kobe fan! Maybe you should jump off the bandwagon because regardless of their play, I will support them because that is what "REAL" Laker fans do!!! I say keep Ron and Bynum. This team won 50 plus games this season. They played and beat a faster and better team than the MAVS. Their defense was terrible but keep in mind, they said the same thing about the 1980s Laker teams when they lost! THEY ARE TOO OLD! Some of you fans are just too critical!

Bostonjim, Phil Jackson could choose to stay with the Lakers and win more titles but it is what it is! Jackson 11 rings v. Red, 9???? PLEASE!

Laker fans, you all are right about these acts, the ones by Bynum and Odom. Yes, the two players, are still talented. Yes, the two plays/fouls are dumb, unnecessary and show lack of class, maybe lack of intelligence.

But you all miss the point, who were the two fouls directed at? it wasn't vs. Tyson Chandler, Spencer Haywood, or Shawn Marion. Oh no, the two shots were directed vs. two non-african american players on the Mavs. Oh, you say, that does not mean anything? well, who was the cheap shot to the face directed at by Artest on game 3? again, a non-african american player. Maybe it was just coincidence that the two shots were against Dirk and Barea? Right.......

You can dismiss this all you want. but the facts are there. If Bynum is such a tough (or frustrated) guy why doesn't he pick on Haywood or Chandler? At the end of the day, the best thing you can say about Odom and especially Bynum (and you might want to make room for Artest also) is that they are cowards, the worst is that they very prejudice, frustration or not.

Andrew Bynum and Mr. Kardashian are sissy little bitches. Mr Kardashian had to wait until the man he wanted to attack wasnt watching and Andrew(big baby) bynum had to go after the littlest guy on the court. I hope you both get traded to some team where they have no chance so you will both realize how lucky you were to be with the Lakers. Spoiled little bitches

Dallas made cheap shots the whole series. was Bynum's cheap shot bad? Yes but don't act like Bynum and Odum where alone. you people in the press are prisioner's of the moment..

Frustration. Yes. But I think the players mirrored the coach's aura. He sat there stoically when he should have been excited and mad that his players took cheap shots. His reaction made it look like he expected those things to happen. In my opinion, this classless exit from the game was his karma for unprecedentedly suggesting another coach would be fired earlier this season.

The Bynum play was very dangerous. That's his second or third time he's leveled a player that was in the air. He needs to be suspended at the beginning of the season for a week or two and warned the next time it will be for a half a season. Somebody needs to teach him how to play rough and not dirty. There is a difference.

the lakers are WINNERS regardless if they win or lose....... Love KOBE BRYANT.......... #24

I think the league is going to have to look at the flagerant fouls committed during this series. I didn't go unoticed that the most egregious fouls were against white players. I think Odom and Bynum would have team retaliation had they done that to black players.

This is the typical violence associated with Los Angeles sports...Flaker players and Dodger fans.

Disturbing pic of the Mavericks eliminating the Lakers in the 2nd round of the playoffs:

BOOM!!! Down goes Odom, Down goes Bynum.

How's that saying go? Win with class and lose with dignity or something like that. Whatever the saying is, yesterday wasn't.

Sad Phil has to leave the game with the memory of those two plays at the end of his coaching career.

Selfish, selfish, selfish. That be them.

Dodger thugs, I mean fans, think Bynum's actions were reprehensible.

Not that they would know what that means.

What do you expect from a couple of "hood"lums?

Hey, it's bball and playoff bball at that. A lot of physical play is expected
but Odom crossed the line. It is cowardly to vent your frustration on the smallest man you can find. It shows what his true character as a player and a person really is. Never been a Laker's fan but at least Kobe kept it together in play and in the post interview - Odom and Bynum have much growing up to do. I do think Phil smokes peyote.

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