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1920's style reporter Scoops Callahan asks Phil Jackson question that leaves him saying 'Amen'

It's a stupid schtick, if you ask me. But for the sake of comic relief and for the fact that some Lakers fans might be wondering who that reporter was that asked that weird question to Phil Jackson following the Lakers' 122-86 Game 4 loss Sunday to the Dallas Mavericks, here's your answer. The name is Scoops Callahan, a character played by Tom Gribble of The Ticket (1310 AM), who asks athletes and coaches questions laced with 1920's style verbage.

It's funny for some, head-scratching for others and nearly impossible to really know what exactly he's asking person being interviewed. For my sake, I thought it inappropriate for him to ask the last question to Jackson, who as the most successful coach in NBA history should've ended his press conference in a better way. But based on Jackson's response above and some of the other athletes and coaches he's talked to below, it definitely leaves everyone by surprise.

--Mark Medina

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Sorry magic, you are wrong. Lets not blow up the team.Leave the starting line up alone and tweak the bench, bring in Laryy Brown for 1 year with a mutual option for year two and watch the lakers take off again

"And Odom and Bynum gave the Lakers organization every reason not to want to keep them on their roster next season."

"tarnish their reputations"

It's not reactive at all. There's way you can spin those

Posted by: Mark Medina | May 08, 2011 at 06:45 PM

What a Joe Buck type of righteous response is this? Give me a break, this post is a little extreme. I have never once since MM has been here criticize NOT ONE SINGLE post, this is outlandish and over the top. The funny part is do you think Mitch or Buss care about these two plays two days from now let alone July 1st when decisions need to be made to address our team’s problems?

It was the laker playbook ,not the players that was burned out. Every Coach in the league has the Lakers scouted to the tee but Phil was to stubborn and refused to adjust. When the Laker lineup was superior to everyone else in the league, Phil got away with it. Now the lineup lost a step and the rest of the contenders ate the Lakers up.

"Peja's already verbally committed to the Mavs. Just what they need. More defense.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 20, 2011 at 02:39 PM"

If the Lakers are going to continue to leave the 3 point line available for whoever wants it, this makes Dallas even more dangerous.

Posted by: Bay to LA | January 20, 2011 at 03:25 PM "

I guess I was right. Peja was unreal today.

The 1920's reporter schtick is from a DFW radio producer named Tom Gribble. He works on a early afternoon sports show on 1310 AM.

Bay to LA - kudos on picking the Mavs in 7. But I recall you dismissed the Mavs earlier when I suggested they would be the Lakers toughest competition in the west and you said the Spurs.

Bay to LA --

Point taken. Here's a sample of the illustrious decisions our GM, Mitch Kupchak, has made, just a sample over the last 10 years...

This year, Kupchak brought in Joe Smith in the middle of the season. The Mavericks brought in Peja Sojakavic for $700,000 (how many 3's did Peja have in games 3 and 4?). Midseason 2008, Kupchak brought in Ira Newble. The Celtics brought in PJ Brown, who was huge for them in the Finals, a tough defensive presence against Gasol that year. In 2002, Kupchak could've got Chauncy Billups. Instead, during the off-season after the Lakers beat Kidd's Nets, Kupchak signed Devon George to a huge contract. Billups was the 2004 Finals MVP against the Lakers! And of course, the coup de grace, Kupchak gave Wonder Boy Walton a lifetime contract!!! What else do you want? Brian Cook? Medvedenko? Sun Yu? Theo Ratliff? He even traded away Caron Butler for Kwame Brown!

Enough said!

I never listen to Bob and Dan on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket.

Grubes is my leader.

Dude..the Lakers season ended in DRAMA the same way the blog27 imploded in DRAMA, backstabbing, Stalking, little girls getting their feeling hurt. And little boys getting their feeling hurt and leaving the blog because they couldn't have their way. MM wearing an assortment of hat's because not wanting to take side and ended up being a boot lickin totie. What a YEAR, and the HEAT are about to win the NBA Championship. All you you like them apples.

The Lakers simply need to correct the problem they failed to fix this year. Point guard play and scoring/3 point shooting off the bench. Should have never let Jordan Farmar go... we wouldn't have "any" of these problems and we 3-peat. No need to blow up a very good team, just fix the flaws.

It was a nice run Lakers and P.J.,thanks!

All I know is that the moderation on this blog has never been as one-sided against Lakers posters. This is worse than the refs have been all season.

Case in point. At 2:56 PM today, a Mavs fan going by Crazy Horse posted a comment about committing a vulgar sexual act on my mother. That post is still up and I presume Crazy Horse hasn't been banned.

I responded twice. The first response I didn't expect to be posted because I responded as anyone would after reading that comment. The second response was more calm and directed at the fact that I typically root for the team that defeats my team, but with Mavs fans like Crazy Horse, I will root for evey team including the Keltics and the Meat if they should go up against the Dallas SOWBACKS.

Now, Crazy Horse's post is still up and neither of my posts were posted.

It's bad enough that Pout Gasol undermined the unity of this team, but for this blog to allow such vulgarity to go without recourse is beyond comprehension.



When I heard that question while listening to the presser I had no idea what was going on. I just figured it was some guy trying to inject himself into the story. I thought it was funny immediately after, on NBA TV, when Vince Cellini said something like "anybody can get credentials from the NBA nowadays."

Jordan Farmar? Are you serious? The backup PG for the New Jersey Nets is not the answer. Magic Johnson is right. This team needs to be blown up. They embarrassed themselves, their organization, and their fans. 4-6 in the playoffs is completely unacceptable. The team lacks footspeed in the backcourt, perimeter shooting, pick and roll defense, and any semblance of a bench. This is not a team in need of tweaking.


I want the kind of coach who teaches his players how to be dirty and get away with it. Thibodeau and Spoelstra (learned it from Riley) are great at it.

I want a coach who will teach his players the art of dying when they are touched by an opposing player. (students=Paul Pierce, Dirk, and 1/2 the NBA)
That is what the NBA is about today.

I don't condone Bynum's foul but that foul is completely legal if he only does what Shaq use to do. Shaq would ram his 350 lb body into a player while making a feeble attempt at the ball. That made the Tony Parkers of the world think twice about going to the hole.

Bynum just hasn't been taught the fundamentals of todays basketball.

I want that coach

I just wanted to acknowledge a few Laker fans that exuded class when I scanned some of the earlier posts.

@troy – nice open letter to Phil at 1:47pm
@corner j – 2:57pm.
@LTLF – 3:04pm
@Exile – 3:12pm
@Edwin – 3:19pm
@Peace – 3:50pm
@Gem -4:49pm
@Laker Kev – 5:04pm
@LakerTom – 5:10pm (Although you pregame rant on Pau was interesting)
@Seely Iggy -5:41pm
@dice8up -7:07pm

@Benjamin – thanks for setting the record straight on Kobe and other Lakers communicating with Berea to apologize and check on his well being.

@Laker Kev/Ed – Thank you.


You can't blame Kupchak for not getting Peja. Buss wanted to cut costs. They had won 2 years without outside shooting, he took a gamble and it came up snake eyes. So it probably wasn't Kupchak's call. Also, Peja wasn't playing very well before he landed in Dallas. In hind sight, it was a killer of a bad decision, like drafting both Sam Bowie AND Oden. Not learning from history is inexcusable.

As for Kwame, that turned into Gasol. True that MGasol is playing better now, but not the past 2 years.

Walton was a horrible contract which is crippling the Lakers. Hope he learns from that. But Artest will probably turn out to be the horrible contract in a year or two.

All in all, Kupchak has done a good job. But what Buss and Kupchak need to know that enough is never enough. So even if they get Howard AND CP3 in addition to Kobe, if they don't surround these guys with 7 other solid role players, they ain't winnin it all. But the way my year is going this year, I don't think luck's on my side, so I'm afraid that we're going to be stuck with this team for awhile. Plus I don't want to jinx it by DH talk.


That's a pretty accurate statement concerning the blog this year, very uneven, no consistency, unnecessary drama and plenty of blame to go around.

Kinda like the Laker season

Well said Troll Man.

"Bay to LA - kudos on picking the Mavs in 7. But I recall you dismissed the Mavs earlier when I suggested they would be the Lakers toughest competition in the west and you said the Spurs.

Posted by: LRob | May 08, 2011 at 08:02 PM"

I can't take credit, I had a feeling the Lakers would get caught slipping in this series but I completely underestimated the magnitude. It's not like the Lakers got blown out every game but I thought this series would go down to the wire.

I did think San Antonio was a tougher matchup for the Lakers but Dallas played unbelievable basketball all series. I think San Antonio might have been doing the same thing if they had been in the same place. Phil's defensive mindset is that teams eventually die by the three but both of these teams had the shooters to make them pay for that.

Don't say anything bad about BAD Radio or the Ticket or you will be Sturminated!!!!

Triangulator - Hey sorry for missing those comments. That's my mistake. I just deleted those

Why are you yelling? You're a foot from me.

After initially feeling some reluctance to embrace the Bynum for Howard camp, I am now 100% behind such a move. I have great admiration for Drew, and tonight's cheap shot has nothing to do with this, but 6 points and 6 rebounds from your starting center in a closeout game is simply not going to cut it. On top of being a much better defender and rebounder, there is simply no way that Howard goes out with a 6&6 effort.

Then there's the issue of Pau. Playing alongside Howard might make Pau's finesse game more tolerable, but if the Lakers can trade Pau for an elite PG like DWill or CP3, then you have to make that move.

Sorry, but Kobe + Cp3 + DH = juggernaut.

Everyone here kept saying MIA only had three guys, but look how easy it was for them to find a few pieces... and we haven't even gotten into a second off season where they can continue to accumulate talent.

The thing with the Lakers is that too many players are either past their prime or moving into the late stages of their prime. A good mix is ideal (young Kobe, older Shaq for example)

Unfortunately, this league will make it difficult for the Lakers to do much at all.... it will require the right mix of disgruntled stars and other teams in equally bad spots.

Search 1920's reporter guy on YouTube for more fun and yucks from America's favorite radio station. Sports radio 1310 The Ticket.

Only a moron like Otis Smith would trade Howard for Bynum after what Bynum did today. But then again, it's Otis Smith.

We're having fun here, no?

Let's not go overboard on the Bynum foul.
Cheap Shot? Yes!
Horrible Timing? Yes!

It's kinda like in the days of Wilt. Wilt would give that forearm now and again to remind players that the paint was his.
Wilt coulda hurt many a players but always pulled back.
Bynum's shot wasn't a throw your forearm out with all your might shimmy, he put it out there and nudge it a little more when he made contact.

The paint is Bynum's and he's beginning to defend it like a king, a young king who will learn how to play dirty in a politically correct NBA way.

With respect to Dallas, I think Phil's right- teams do eventually die by the 3, and that will happen to Dallas eventually (though who knows, really). But I think of Ortlando in 2009- they made it through to the Finals riding the three ball plus Howard. They beat a few good teams along the way with their hot hand before going cold against the Lakers. We're just like one of those early Orlando opponents- getting the bad end of Dallas's shooting. Here's the trouble- the Mavs have good shooters, and enough penetration to make you have to collapse on point guards. Basic drive and kick basketball. With faster defensive players, they don't get the same collapse and don't get the same open looks. Then you just have Dirk, whose shooting seems automatic but can be stopped. The Mavs are a jump shooting team, and they made their shots, especially when it counted. The Laker defense isn't really structured for this kind of team- we wanted people taking the same midrange jump shots that Terry, Dirk, and Marion kept hitting.

Honestly, I saw a lot of problems with the Lakers. But ulimately, this was a Mavs team designed to go up against the Lakers. They had the size to keep the bigs in check, the speedy point guards to tear up our defense, and a go-to shooter to hit big shots down the stretch. We tried to make it a 3rd time with the same core, but we couldn't, and other teams made some big adjustments to stay ahead.

While I find it hard to fault a GM who got us a team that made three finals appearances with an injured Bynum and Kobe, I have to wonder why we don't have anywhere near the depth that some of these other teams do. The celtics, heat, mavs, ok city...all tooled up their lineups and already had a lot of talent. I look at the Laker's roster, and I'm not sure why we have the league's biggest payroll. There are some bad contracts in the roster. Not bad players, necessarily, but bad Lakers players. I think of Glen Rice- fantastic shooter who fell off the map- along with every other shooter we've ever brought in up to Blake. Is it the triangle?


Jerry West pointed out the problems with a Bynum/Gasol lineup a couple years ago.

I would keep Bynum, Gasol is really a center in a power forward body who can't play power forward.

and God your no Jerry West
he made a hole-in-one this year without your intervention

Thanks Scoops!

Bynum for Howard? Meh. Better defense, less offense, wants to be more of a focus. CP3? sure, if we're running an offense besides the triangle. But what will we do with Fisher and Blake?

I don't share the dislike of Fisher. He's a good pg for the Lakers- "initiator" of the triangle. Let's figure out how and by whom the Lakers will be coached next year, and the roster will follow. If it's Shaw, then we should keep our point guards and pick up some speedy D-league or draft pick. If not....well, that's the nuclear option Magic was (prematurely) talking about before the game. All bets are off.

My vote would be to keep the core, or most of it, shift a few players around here or there, put Shaw in charge, and make the most of the long and expensive contracts we have until 2013 or 2014 when we completely retool. Unless there's a real set of trades we can make to get good value for Blake and Artest, I think we're stuck. Even more stuck if they put a hard cap in after the new CBA. Make the most of it, and ride the hunger to another finals. Blake will shoot better and be able to take more duties from Fish, Bynum will be a year better, Gasol and Odom will still be talented, Barnes will have rehabbed the knee and be back at 100%, and they can add some talent around them- speedy PGs and athletic shooters. Keep Kobe and the Bigs.

All you guys who want to give Bynum away are nuts!

We don't need Howard off that team, we need Jason Richardson or JJ Riddick. That's what this team needs, 3-point shooting. I don't want Howard, I think Bynum has a huge upside -- he didn't get hurt this post-season, did he?

He's just getting better and better.

Get Richardson from Orlando (he hasn't been a good fit for them) (or Riddick or both) and get that twit Walton OFF THIS TEAM!!! And while you're at it, give them back Matt Barnes! He stinks! Blake too, if they want him. He had one good game in his whole career, and that was against the Lakers (triple-double in the last game of the season last year!). Mitch the fool fell in love with Stevie Blake based primarily (I bet) on that game! Remember, decent players on bad teams SUCK, ala Charles Smith! Just ask any Knick fan!

Get Richardson andRiddick here, forget Howard!

Well, here are my thoughts. Howard, CP3 and DWill have their Player Option during and after next season, just like Melo this year. When we talk about Bynum for Howard and why would Orlando do that, basically if Howard demands LA or he'll play out the season and Orlando gets NOTHING. It's basically up to Howard. Melo wanted to go to the Knicks and that's where he went, Denver had no choice. Salaries also match well. Again, it's all in Howard's hands.
Same is true if Lakers want to trade Gasol for DWill or CP3. If one of those guys wants to come to LA, Nets or Hornetts have very little leverage. Okay, do we all have that straight now?
Kobe, start making phone calls, ha, ha.

"Kobe + Cp3 + DH = juggernaut."

Yeah, but you need to surround these guys with shooters and defensive players who can guard their guy 1-1.

Also, to get both CP3 and DH, minimum you'd have to give up would be both Bynum and Gasol, maybe even Odom.

The starting team of Kobe, CP3, Artest, Odom, and DH would be great, but Artest would still be the weak link. You can't have a guy standing at the 3 point line on offense missing open shots like that. With that line up, I'd almost rather have Artest play the PF position on offense, at least against teams with an undersized PF like guys like Landry, but SF on defense. That way, Odom who's improved his outside shot, can stretch the defense, and Artest can hit the boards. Odom and also drive from the outside as well. But otherwise, I think Artest has to go for someone who can shoot from the outside better.

Also, another reason why this team won't work is Lakers have no other big men, and no one to come off the bench.

Otis Smith --

Give us J-Richardson and Riddick, you can keep Dwight Howard!

What do you want, Otis?

Walton? Absolutely! LOUDER: ABSOLUTELY!!!
Blake? You got it!
Barnes? I'll buy him the freaking ticket to Orlando myself!
Ratcliff? I'll see if his retirement home will give him a season's pass to Florida.
Joe Smith? See above for Ratcliff.
Shannon Brown? Outta here, UPS overnight!
Draft picks? We don't have any.
Cash? Dr. Buss is stingy when it comes to role players, would you take Lakers season tickets and one of his many 19-year-old sweethearts?

I'm not a fan nor believer in DWill.

I also think the bigger pieces are the harder ones to get and the easier ones to build around.

This core could have a few more years of open window (maybe 2?) but they would need overhauls in the support positions. Upgrading or swapping primary parts IMO would extend that window out several years. But is it even possible? Will it be possible once the new CBA is determined?

What the hell? The Lakers have given us a good ride for so many years. The truth though is that Kobe has never really had a great shooter on the floor with him aside from the "big guys." Fisher might have been that other shooter years ago. regardless, he's a class act. A lifetime contract with Luke Walton? What did Walton ever do for the Lakers. Can't shoot, can't pass, can't play defense.

The D-Will/CP3 and D12 additions to the lineup are wonderful- if we aren't playing the triangle anymore. Besides, end up with Fisher and Blake as backup point guards getting paid a bunch, and no big men outside Howard and Odom. I don't think you trade them both.

82 and 16 to #17

The one thing Walton CAN do is Pass. Take that part back Joel

Yeah, take it back, Joel (dripping with sarcasm).

Boy Wonder Walton can pass, but he's slower than my grandmother, he shoots like her too (Sorry, granny!), and he plays defense like my little sister. Other than that, he's sooooooo great!

Oh, those beautiful passes...

To hell with every single goddamn pass Boy Wonder ever made (his best one, by the way, was his rookie year to Shaq between traffic for a dunk, game 2 against the Pistons, 2004 Finals at Staples) to hell with his passes -- get that semi-pro garbage off this team!!!

By the way- I will note that the Lakers might have the biggest payroll, but that is not reflected in the talent level. Walton, Artest, name a few...all are overpaid by a good amount. I always get a little bugged to hear that "highest payroll" thing thrown around as if we're the Yankees. The Lakers have spent a little more to try to make up for some bad contracts on the roster.

82 and 16 to #17

You've all been lucky enough to experience the greatness of the ticket....

I also think that it was not right for him to ask the last question to Jackson

That reporter is a straight up D-Bag!
Some people will do anything to get aattention.

Borrowing from the often used quote "...all good things must come to an end..." is certainly applicable to the 2010-2011 Lakers. Phil Jackson lost this team when he allowed the team captain to skip practice whenever he wanted to. That killed the camraderie of the team. It gave the message to the other laker players that they have a leader who's heart wasn't really into it completely and tired of the competition. Kobe needs to take a year off and get the juices going again. Jackson harping on Gasol all season long finally affected his psyche. Why Jackson tried this boggles the mind as Gasol was doing good destroying his reputation of being a soft player.

This team also need to get rid of dead weight like Fisher, Walton, Brown, Blake, and Barnes.

To use an analogy, even a Ferrari needs an oil change every now and then and this Laker team is overdue for an overhaul.

Phil? Phil? Does it hurt?

Another way to go out.Its been a long time since i was preaching that Kobe is not good enough and this Laker team is not good enough.Phil(who took Michael Jordan and his Bulls to 6 Nba championship) since he started to coach Lakers in 1999 encountered selfishness among the players,players who couldnt win a ring,players who believe that the game of basketball could be won simply by one and one situation rather than a collective team effort.So what did Phil did and what changes did he make ?Firstly he brought in experience players who played on his championship team-players like Horace grant,John Salley and Ron Harper and even a veteran of Robert Horry-so that they can impart and teach the younger players about the triangular offence.He also teach the young Kobe,Dfish,Shaw,Rick Fox and Shaq how to play together and with this calibre of players the Lakers went on to win 3 Nba championships.Eventually in 2oo3 after these players left and they drafted Karl Malone and Peyton who didnt have a clue about the triangular offence the Lakers lost and was blown away by the Pistons.What was so disturbing was that Both Phill and SHAQ had to leave the Lakers because of the selfish attitude of some players.That cost the team dearly and it had to take another 5 years again before the Laker made it to the Nba finals and was apparently blown out of the finals but Phil still stick to script and he won another 2 rings,what a journey?But this Laker team was never good enough,they embarrassed Phil Jackson,Tex Winter,Cleamons,Frank Hampblem and even the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.These hall of fame players would complain and would have the right to say that these Lakers never did any justice to Phill and the triangle offence.They never did and they suffered embarrassing losses to much weaker team.If it was Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan in present day the both would have never allowed the Maverick to Blow them out of the Nba play off,i love my Lakers but i what i can say is that they are awfull.

I wonder if Dallas would trade us Peja + Haywood for Bynum?

Nip. Nip. Weiner.

just heard on ESPN that Mitch "Up-chuck" gonna get "duds" mgr "maa-teen-glee" as neXt lakers' coach, & first reac-shun is that donnie-boi has no head-coaching xperience, butt he also laX any MLB managerial Xperience too, so he's the most-logical choice, & a virtual lock 4the job!!!!

You have the perfect wife, she gives you beautiful children, washes and irons your clothes, keeps a perfect house, answers calls for you, and is flawless in every way. But the first time she burns the roast you are ready to throw her out?

I can only rejoice in what the Laker organization has given me, as a fan since Dr. Buss came here.

Most of you are too young to remember the Imhoff and Mel Counts years, (not fun being a Laker fan) and, as Jeanne Buss states: "Dr. Buss is very good at fixing things"! We still have the nucleus minus a few missing pieces, and with Buss at the helm, we will once again be victorious!

Phil Jackson, thank you for a wonderful and thrilling ride! The success that the triangle offense brought to the Lakers was outstanding, but as the architect, Mr. Tex Winters became less engaged, the fine tuning and the genius of his trademark became a bit dull, and it showed. It took the both of you to really make the "triangle" work. Lakers, please be sure on the next selection for coach of this team!

Um, Paul in.....

The great thing about racism is...

Scoops Callahan is possibly the best beat reporter in the nation--he's a real go-getter.

Hey, one comical question doesn't take away the fact that he's got more rings than Douglas Fairbanks has Oscar trophies!

Loved the way the Lakers died. Funny that they felt it necessary to throw cheap shots in the end. So we kick your ass playing the game, so you're trying to send a message now? That's pretty sorry. Oh well, bye-bye.

>>>bring in Laryy Brown for 1 year with a mutual option for year two

Actually, not a bad idea. Larry Brown is a high enough caliber coach that he could win and keep the respect of the players. And if he could get to the finals with Iverson and a bunch of scrubs, think what he could do with this squad of Lakers.

I bet Larry Brown would use Caracter & Ebanks and get some good minutes out of them.

>>>This year, Kupchak brought in Joe Smith in the middle of the season. The
>>>Mavericks brought in Peja Sojakavic for $700,000

The Lakers had an injured big man. Did you expect Peja to step in and play center for the Lakers?

>>>Point taken. Here's a sample of the illustrious decisions our GM, Mitch
>>>Kupchak, has made, just a sample over the last 10 years...

You left out a couple of tiny little details in your review of Mitch's management... let me fill them in for you:

- Brought enough talent to the Lakers to allow them to win 5 championships and make it to the finals 7 times, more than any other team in the league.

There... that's better.


>>>The Lakers simply need to correct the problem they failed to fix this year.
>>>Point guard play and scoring/3 point shooting off the bench. Should have
>>>never let Jordan Farmar go...

Amen. Or Sasha either. I said it during the playoffs and I'll repeat it now: Jordan + Sasha > Barnes + Blake. If they'd kept Jordan and Sasha instead of Barnes & Blake, the series would still be going on.

Well, the Kobe haters should be happy.

Getting swept out of a potential 3peat should put an end to the "he has a chance to be as good as Jordan" argument.

Even if Kobe does get 2 more championships, getting swept in the 2nd round with this much talent on the team looks bad.

>>>By the way- I will note that the Lakers might have the biggest payroll, but
>>>that is not reflected in the talent level. Walton, Artest, name a
>>>few...all are overpaid by a good amount

Sheesh, not this again.

Walton, Artest, and Fisher are not the reason the Lakers have the biggest payroll.

Kobe (the highest paid player in the leauge), Pau (the 6th highest paid), and Bynum (the 28th highest paid) are the reason they have the biggest payroll in the league.

If you subtract Kobe's salary (JUST KOBE'S, NOBODY ELSE'S), then the Lakers are the 17th highest payroll in the league.

Walton and Fisher are overpaid. Artest is a bargain for his skill level.

>>>A lifetime contract with Luke Walton? What did Walton ever do for the
>>>Lakers. Can't shoot, can't pass, can't play defense.

Spoken like someone who didn't watch the Lakers at all during the down years and just started watching last season after they won the first championship.

>>>Walton was a horrible contract which is crippling the Lakers

Total lack of understanding of the CBA, much?

>>>>Bynum for Howard? Meh. Better defense, less offense,

Uhhhh... understated much? wrong much?

Bynum is a good defensive player who averaged 11.3 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 1.96 blocks this season (his best)

Howard is the defensive player of the year (and an MVP candidate) who averaged 22.9 points, 14.1 rebounds, and 2.38 block per game.

Also, Bynum regularly misses half of each season with injuries. Howard missed 4 games this season, and that's the most he's ever missed in 7 years in the NBA.

HUGE difference between Bynum and Howard.


>>>Honestly, I saw a lot of problems with the Lakers. But ulimately, this was a
>>>Mavs team designed to go up against the Lakers. They had the size to keep
>>>the bigs in check, the speedy point guards to tear up our defense, and a go-to
>>>shooter to hit big shots down the stretch.

Yep. Yep. an yep.

Cuban did a good job of building a team specifically to challenge the Lakers. Can't win a championship if you can't get out of the West.

Last season, Nash and Westbrook made it clear the Lakers have problems with small fast guards. And Phoenix also got a lot of mileage out of hitting a lot of 3-pointers to overcome the Lakers bigs on defense. But the Lakers still beat them because of the big man advantage on offense.

So Dallas got enough bigs (Dirk, Chandler, Heywood) to slow down the Lakers' bigs, while adding a 3-point shooter (Peja), and they already had several small quick guards to break down the Lakers (Barea, Terry, Beaubois).

Unfortunately for Dallas, I'm not sure their formula will work as well against whoever they face in the finals (Miami, Boston, or Chicago). I kinda hope it does, especially if they face Miami.

Why are you yelling? You're a foot from me!

LTLF - if there is such a HUGE difference between Bynum and Howard, why would ORL make that trade?

and stay hard...

sko lip dip!



Ha! Cheeka-pa-tah! Woo-tah he-na-na!

He also wore shoes with live goldfish in the heels. Now can i go rip a line off the toilet seat at Cape Buffalo

You all have been ticket schticked, enjoy

If Jackson is the half superman half demigod of coaching, then let him take over the Clippers and prove it.

most interesting and weird questions of the week. Leaves me off guard even knowing it's coming.

It takes a P1 to be one!!! Radio Gold

Baby Arm!

The time is 3:24 pm… 24 minutes past 3 o’clock central daylight time according to the tower of the friendly mercantile.
The tuner is tuned to America’s favorite radio station, Sports radio 1310 The Ticket.
Warmest greetings Tick-heads and Ticket-chicks.
Warmest greetings to the remainder of America and to all the ships at sea.
Today is Monday, May 9, 2011.
I would be Mike Rhyner, alongside me today is Dan Paul Merle Berle Jim Ed Butch Red Balis. Ty with that ticket ticker you so desperately need, ready to scale Mount 12 Big Ones. Barb Smith with Traffico-Traffico, Grubes at the helm, and Shoopy.
Its time to heave to, trice up, and make sure all stations are tuned on sportsradio 1310, doing whatever is necessary to insure they remain so into perpetuity.
And now let me introduce the most abrasive, outlandish, over the top personality in Dallas radio, The cobra.

UH UH Paul in Grapenvive

Baby Arm

Baby arm

Do you like this gig....that wasnt the question ?!?

Where's Greggo?

Scoops is good...but the best "radio-guy" in Dallas is Burrito Jimmy!!!


baby arm

i don't like the way the lakers play

thank you Mr. G's!

Reminding the P1's to be one...

By the way, worst E-news ever!

Tune us in, Turn us up, Keep it on 1310 THE TICKET!



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