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What happens to Kobe Bryant's $100,000 fine?

Lfpv3enc NBA Commissioner David Stern slapped a $100,000 fine on Kobe Bryant Wednesday for his anti-gay slur during the Lakers-Spurs game on Tuesday.

So where's the money go?

To charity.

According to terms of the NBA labor agreement, all the fines paid by players are split into two pots.

Half the money goes to the NBA Players Assn., which then gives the money to charities of its choice. The other half of the fines, held by the NBA, is given to charities approved by the Players Assn.


GLAAD says it has talked to Lakers about Kobe Bryant's anti-gay slur

Kobe Bryant says his anti-gay slur should not be taken literally

Video: Kobe Bryant appears to direct anti-gay slug at referee

--Barry Stavro

Photo: National Basketball Association commissioner David Stern in New York Oct. 21, 2010. Credit: Richard Drew / AP

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I knew they would fine him...but 100K? Whoooo. I bet that every time we see Kobe on the bench now, he won't speak without first covering his mouth with a towel. LOL

Let's remember MJ called k. Brown the same when they were both in Wahington!

so you can not vent your frustration to the referees because they are now protected by GLAAD... that's is so funny and g...y! hahaha

Thank you Barry for answering my post. May we know furthermore who are the charities sponsored by NBA or player association? If it is for a good cause, well at least the fine and the issue was resolved in a right manner, however if it only went to pseudo charities who promote political lobbying for their own causes or charitable institutions used solely for tax shield only while using the poor masses as a tool to raise money then Kobe is being victimized twice. There are also charities wherein the officers of the charity enriched themselves the charity of Madoff. lol! They pocket the 90% and distribute the 10%, if slurs happens, well we are also surrounded by b/s. I think Kobe's penalty will be well served if we can track the funds how they were distributed among the poor and/or the afflicted.

Has there been a game day post yet?

finally, let's go Lakers-


since missing some players tonight, :


enjoy the final reg game-

David Stern is just a political coward, has no backbone!
Just when America becomes a communism country and people cannot express their frustration, emotion, and feelings?!
Where is the right of freedom of speech gone?!!!
Unfair treatment to Kobe.


Will I ever be able to say anything positive about you...?

*clock ticks as a tumbleweed rolls by*

I thought about it. Nope. Couldn't think of anything. And truthfully, I wish I was a celebrity solely to use my fame to get my NBA out of your tyrannical clutches. Really. Every chance I get, I would bring up how bad the refereeing is, how you play dictator with people that work for you...and then LAUGH as you squirm like a little child because I can say whatever I want and you can't do a damn thing about it. Can't fine me because I don't work for you. You can't suspend me for the same reason. And you know what the final kicker would be? I'd straight up reverse your little comment about Stan Van Gundy and say "My guess is you'll be hearing a lot from me from now on"

I think it is ridiculous the amount of money that Kobe or anybody in the NBA got slapped with for saying what he did. Let's look at the context of when it was said. It was said in the heat of things, with the way the ref was treating him. Should he have spoken out like that? No. But, that's why it was in the heat of things. Does he deserve some sort of punishment, e.g. a fine. Yes, I would concur? The question though is how much. This is the answer that I don't have to. I would say a $5000 or even a $10000. But, a $100,000, that's a lot. Simply outrageous! I don't know how or where the Commish get the figures to slap the fine. To me, there have been actions by players in the past four weeks that I would find more problematic than what Kobe said given that he said it during a competitive/heat of the moment thing, and their punishment isn't as close. This fine needs to be reduced is my opinion! I would say the same thing if it happened to a player other than Kobe. Commish, a word of advice, you need to chill out with your political correctness stuff.



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