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Send your fan photos to The Times' Lakers blog

April 28, 2011 | 11:09 am

Laker Tom
We here at the Lakers blog know how important the fans are. You’re cheering them on in the stands, diligently watching the game at home (while you scream and yell, of course) and you're even sporting Lakers gear around the city. Now we want to see it!

Since the playoffs have started and the Laker flags are waving, The Times is asking readers to submit their Lakers photos, whether it be you and your family at a game or a pic of the guy on the Metro wearing his purple-and-gold wig on the way to Staples Center. We want it all.

Each week, this blog will feature a Lakers fan photo in one of the "Caught in the Web" posts so the rest of the city can see Angelenos' boundless dedication.

The photo above features frequent Lakers blog member LakerTom and his grandson, Nick, at a Lakers-Warriors game earlier this month in Oracle Arena where they didn't take kindly to the "Beat LA" signs. "As I was starting to take the photo, Nick told me to stop and then picked up one of the "Beat LA" signs and tore it in half and told me now I could take the photo," LakerTom wrote in an e-mail. "I consider this to be Nick’s personal LAKERS MOMENT."

Here's how to submit photos: Perhaps the easiest way is to upload a picture on the L.A. Times' Lakers Facebook page. On the go? Send us your pics through Twitter. Just include the hashtag #latlakers when you create your tweet. And if you’re on Flickr, join the Lakers@L.A.Times photo pool. Or you can just email them to

DISCLAIMER: All photos must be: 1) original — because it is so uncool to steal other people’s work; 2) unaltered — you know what we’re saying. We’re looking for a real moment, no showing off every Photoshop skill you ever acquired. Of course, slight exposure and color correction are acceptable; 3) Recent photos, please –- we’re talking current moments, not from your archive collection. Be sure to describe your photograph in detail, including where and when it was taken. Photographers must agree that The Times may reproduce the photos in any format.

-- Sarah Ardalani and Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at