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Ron Artest downplays receiving few votes for defensive player of the year

The news was delivered to Lakers forward Ron Artest faster than a speedy scorer. His apparent indifference appeared as show as when Artest flexes his muscles. And his defiance sounded as defensive as ...well, his defense.

We're of course talking about Artest receiving very little recognition for being remotely considered for the NBA' defensive player of the year. Instead that award went to Orlando center Dwight Howard for the third consecutive season, an outcome so lopsided with 114 of the 120 sports writers voting him for first place. Scan the sheet and Artest's name is found 17 spots below other players, including Kobe Bryant, who's really sagged off his man and played the center-field position this season more than actually playing defense, but that's a conversation for another day. Artest has had a few lockdown performances on Portland's Brandon Roy, the Clippers' Eric Gordon, Golden State's Monta Ellis and Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant, with the sample size boasting more impressive than his frequent lapse in focus.

There's not really a debate whether he should've been on the top of the list. There is debate, however, on whether Artest cares about it.

After practice Monday at the Lakers' facility in El Segundo, Artest made various attempts to claim indifference. He remarked he's more worried about the Lakers' preparation for Game 2 Wednesday against New Orleans in a first-round matchup: "We have games to play." He brought up how the award bestowed on him for the 2003-04 season happened a season before the infamous Malice at the Palace and forever sullied his reputation: "Dwight is a pretty good pick. I probably would've gotten it three years in a row too. I got one year, got suspended the next year and one year I left Indiana. I got in trouble one year, but I could've gotten it three or four times." And then he attacked the messenger: "I'm not really worried about it. Those coaches know why they put me in screen and rolls. They don't want me to run too many isos with their best players. That's why a lot of coaches don't have jobs and a lot of coaches will be fired."

Artest had to change his strategy slightly in claiming indifference when told it's the media that votes for such awards, but that's besides the point. The public record suggests his other two strategies in wanting to focus on the playoffs and citing his reputation to mask his disappointment don't mesh either. Simply refer to the August, 2010 issue of ESPN The Magazine, where Artest graces the cover and, in Artestian fashion, interviews himself (as told by ESPN's Sam Alipour). One of the questions included what awards he'd love to have besides a championship.

"I would love to get back to first-team All-Defense," Artest said in the interview. "I own defense. It's like my corporation. I'm the CEO and everyone is just an employee. The fans and players know I belong. When you need a stop, who you going to call? Not the goddamn Ghostbusters, I'll tell you that. You call me."

That honor is indeed decided by the coaches, but considering many of the media's votes surely reflect their own research including from sources, it's a safe bet he won't even get a call there. Artest's contention that he doesn't care isn't believable. He spent most of the offseason slimming from 264 pounds to 250 by taking yoga classes, limiting calories and abstaining from alcohol so he could increase his mobility to defend quicker players. But at least, Artest expressing public indifference helps his mindset.

The value in speaking to Artest doesn't really involve acquiring information because rarely will he say the truth. No, the value in asking him about topics besides getting a good laugh entails trying to get a sense of his psychology. Just as Artest declined to make much of the defensive slight, he refused to bask in the contention from Phil Jackson and Andrew Bynum that he and Kobe Bryant were the only ones who showed up to play in the Lakers' Game 1 loss to New Orleans. This goes beyond media-athlete semantics, although that's part of it. The other points to his evolving change in not becoming overly fixated with defense itself.

Look at the Lakers' game against Miami, their games against Oklahoma City and their games against the Denver Nuggets. Not only do those games feature mixed success in defending LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. It shows Artest concentrating defending on them so much that he ignores other defensive principals, such as helping out on defense or becoming concerned with intimidating his opponents than actually stopping them. That's why this contention isn't contradictory at all: "I just focus on playing defense. I just focus on playing defense and do what we do as a team."

For Artest, his defensive performances and his career low averages in points per game and shooting percentage never mattered in numbers. It mattered in how engaged he was with everything around him. Artest touched on some of that in the same magazine interview. He pointed out he's sacrificed individual glory by taking a backseat in Houston two years ago despite being a free agent, and also shared his preference to set up Bonzi Wells in the 2006 playoffs when he played for the Sacramento Kings than scoring. But Artest's development has always featured stumbling blocks. Saying Artest has overcome those entering the playoffs is a stretch considering the Lakers have played one game. But keeping this mindset could ensure the Lakers credit his individual game as vocally as they did after the Lakers' disappointing loss to New Orleans. That'll prove more valuable than awards, so long as wins come with it.

"I don't care about individually," Artest said. "It never matters to me. Whatever individually, it's of no importance. It's not important. It's important what we do as a team."

--Mark Medina

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LRob, they were all flat-footed to a certain extent, but that happens when a few players (Pau and Odom) started the trend. It becomes contagious.

Well, actually the others become off-balanced because they aren't sure if Pau and LO have their backs. And so, instead of being on the balls of their feet, their on their heels and off-balance. In remembrance, here's a 'lil ditty:


OK, to make up for that last ditty, here's some real jazz for the show the Lakers are going to put on Wednesday night:


Great! Just what Thriller and the rest of the team needs to spur them on to greater defensive heights!

Artest is very valuable and versatile, but really how does Dwight not receive every vote? That guy makes the Magic a top 5 defensive team every year, with no other defensive presence to speak of and now no back-up center. Ron should get all- NBA1st team defense over LeBron James in my opinion, because LeBron continually guards the other teams worst offensive player and gets his steals and blocks more off of "gambling" and "jumping" the play.

That Testes was slighted actually bodes well for the Lakers.

Look for him to tear it up.

Unfortunately, it won't be enough.

Forget how you managed to sleaze out of having to play Portland...

You might not get past the N'Olins.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!
Go World Champ Los Angeles Dod...woops...San Francisco Giants!
Go San Francisco Forty Niners!
Go Los Angeles NFL team...right



I am not one to get too obsorbed with a single game or individual performance. I leave that for my more rabid and intelligent, stat-inhaling buddies. So, my comments here on Pau Gasol will be short and sweet... but worth considering (self-promotion not withstanding).

Knee injuries are SCARY and PROBLEMATIC for big men. We Laker fans know all about that. How much of our time has been devoted to an obsession over Bynum-all-things-knee?

But, is it possible that we have failed to consider that Pau is being a silent warrior and refusing to acknowledge his own knee injury? That fall he took late in the regular season was SCARY looking. It looked worse than Bynum's hyper-extended event.

As I watched Pau in Game 1 versus NO, it sure seemed to me like he was avoiding mixing it up inside. Nonaggresive for rebounds. Settling for outside shots (even a 3 pointer!). Not cutting to the basket. It all adds up in my opinion.

So as we say a prayer for continued knee health on our baby Drew, perhaps we would all do well to offer the same for the Spaniard?


"When you need a stop, who you going to call? Not the goddamn Ghostbusters, I'll tell you that. You call me."

Thriller is the fricken best.

That guy fricken rocks.

Better than awesome.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K --

Totally agree with you, regarding the wildly entertaining beast that is Artest (as my 10-year old nephew says, "Artest is our best!"

Wish we had him years ago when he was at the very top of his game!

Without Artest, we lose again to Boston last year in game 7! Without Artest, we would've been down 22 points in the 3rd quarter instead of 13.

And for that (as per Robert Horry and Derek Fisher, without whom we would've lost game 3 in Boston last year), as devoted and loyal Laker fans, we will forever be indebted to Artest for his immortal services wearing purple and gold. Fortunately for us Laker fans, that list is very long (Michael Cooper, Jamal Wilkes, Brian Shaw et al), but Artest is right there amongst the very top tier role players we have ever had!

Thank you, Ron!

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much for Game 7!

That was truly inspiring!


Game 7 made Artest an immortal Laker!

Jon K. -Dude...You must be TRIPPIN, Ron is Not and should not be rated in the top 20 in DEFENSE. Get real or your real STUPID, put down your PIPE NOW. If the the Show loose in game two, it's over...your biggest fear, the DREAM become a NITEMARE. Lakerholics fear the King with no rings finally gets his BLING. Sonny B is so right about Laker Fans.

Did they have a practice today?

They need to practice everyday especially in the FT line,Kobe is missing some of his free throws compared to his % before. Ron Ron and Lamar always live one miss every time they're on freebies. At least, Shannon is reliable on the free thrown line. Every player should be shooting 500 per day which if you divide that in 7 hours on staggered basis, that's only 71 per hour. I think that's achievable for Artest and Odom, try to sacrifice the time spent on twitter and reality TV, focus on free throws.

Bring back the Lakers that played in 3/31 against Mavs, and next day against Jazz 4/1....those were the last quality wins of the Lakers. I don't know what happened the succeeding games that started with Nuggets wearing their Sunday best white uniform which signifies "surrender". Sonnybelfast may have hired a witch in Thailand! lol!!! To all Laker fans, please avoid buying the white jerseys, it doesn't represent the Laker colors. Laker colors are purple and gold, please stick to those colors Mitch or PJ, this is part of your Zen's charms and amulets. I have proposed a long time ago, burn those Los Lakers shirts, they only look nice on reality TV worn by the Kardashians. lmao


LRob Maestro, here is my theme song for this campaign.

The Lakers need to win Wednesday if only to shut up some of these guys with the alias handles. OK so that's the pot calling the kettle black but if they are bugging me.....


Have you got someone over here spying on me?

Actually, they are imports I flew in from up around La Union, San Fernando neighborhood.

You know the ones. Without breaking skin, they reach in and pull out hearts?

Go Kings!

It's past your bed time.
All Laker fans rest up.
You're gonna need it.
Disappointment's gonna take the wind out of your sails.


Repost Compost

Exhibit A of a life filled with hate and bitterness. Kids, this is how you avoid being successful in life.

Posted by: EJK | April 18, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Exhibit B of a life filled with arrogance, self-indulgence, and presumption.
Kids, this is what it means to be a Laker fan, and how to really be a success in life.

Go Kings!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 18, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Dear Mr. Jerry Buss,

I know you're a cool-headed owner since you bought this franchise from Mr. Cooke. I just believe you have dropped by to their practice sessions in El Segundo and give the team a pep talk.

Shout and yell for God sake and ask a return for your investment. Set the fire on their arse gosh, you invested 91m minus luxury taxes and this is the effort on leash we all witnessed on the first playoff game. 30m for Centers alone two 7 footers out rebounded by 6'10" star and a rookie with total salaries of 15m. What happened to your good stocks JB, are they watered down or water damage? They won't listen to their fans on the blog but I'm sure if you raise your voice, show some concern they'll listen to the real boss that signs their check. We need your involvement Sir JB before we fall behind 0-2 against a scrubby team of DJ Mbenga.

Thank you Sir.

Damn, Lebron only shot 10 for 19, scoring 29 points,
with only a half-dozen or so assists and rebounds.
Sure is a good thing Bosh has found his game.

Otherwise, the Heat might only win, and not dominate every game they play
from here on out.

What's a good loss over/under...1-1/2?

They could probably keep Wade on the bench and still get the job done.

In any case, being "in- Heat" won't be the Faker's problem.
They are past their due date.
But the Mavs, Spurs, or Sonics are definitely gonna have their hands full.

Who didn't know this was going to happen?
Certainly not any game savvy NBA fan!

Go Kings!


Shallow Thoughts by Troll Man

1. Imagine Phil will come up with a counter plan for game 2. He's always had trouble with in-game adjustments. That's what's so cool about Phil ( As I start singing the song from Annie),
I love ya
You're always
A day
A way!

2. So many players that don't show up to play in games this year. Inconceivable

3. Derek (I can't believe they gave me 3 more years) Fisher- would match up pretty well against Mike Bibby, Jason Kidd, and Andre Miller.

4. Steve (I can't believe they gave Fisher 3 more years) Blake- has been the biggest disappointment this year. Perhaps he can pull off an Artest of last year.

5. Pau Gasol, Pau Gasol, Kobe should rocket a pass up side his head like Magic use to do.

6. Lamar is still the same Lamar, Manu deserves the 6th man award. Don't you just love it when he has a crappy game he never blames himself, a true Phil Jackson disciple.

If the lakers don't blow out the hornets in game 2 i am not very hopeful of them going beyond round 2.

Game one was one of the most pathetic playoff performances i've watched from this team. they need to be fired up and kick NO's arse on Wednesady. If they can't get up after being humiliated on their home court they can hang it up.

hoping to see sweeping changes on this lethargic team next season. the bench totally sucks!!!

Will also be a nice change to see a new coach - maybe this team will listen to him. And then they can finally get rid of walton since his "father" will be retired. Of course no team wants walton but buy him out already.

Not to worry. The pain will be over soon.


Go Kings!
Go San Francisco Giants!


People are calling Pau, Gasoft. Pau is an humanitarian. But the problem is that Pau is worn down from playing with a self centered, egotistical, maniacal ball hog for 83 games now. One day soon Pau will speak up and tell it like it is about Kobe Bryant. Kobe taking 26 shots is why LA lost. Pau is just discouraged because the lakers true enemy involves its best player Kobe. If kobe feeds pau and the beast la will dominate each and every series. But if kobe plays hero ball and just pad his stats, la will struggle and some contender in the west will put us out of our misery..... Medina is biased with his blogs sometimes. He had the nerve to criticise Gastrong but never criticises Fisher about his deplorable play. Why because Fisher has hit some shots in the past. He even ban a player from giving constructive criticism on fisher. What? Medina show some journalistic integrity.

The Lakers won games without Kobe, the Lakers won games whitout lamar, the Lakers won games without Bynum and Artest (championships whitout Bynum, too) the Lakers won games without Fish. Why cant the Lakers win without Pau?????????????????? If Pau has a off game, Lakers has Kobe, Fish, LO, Artest, Bynum....... All them superplayers. Last year, Lakers won vs. Spurs without Kobe!!!!!!!!! Pau is injured right now (his knee obviously).For me is Phil absolutly guilty and I have only a answer for this enigma LAKERS CAN´T WIN WITHOUT PAU GASOL OR WITH A GASOL´S BAD GAME.

Pau Gasol is the real Lakers superstar. No Pau, no ring. Here in Barcelona, we call Pau, EL CRACK of the Lakers. The rest are simply role players, Kobe too.

In fact pau, lo, brown and barnes are all discouraged by kobe's play. You can tell by their body language. Kobe's idea about leadership is dsyfunctional at best. Leadership means that he should take the most shots game in and game out. Pau should take the second most shots. Huh? Yet yall wonder why a 1 superstar at 6' can beat the mighty lakers? The reason is because CP3 is a far better leader than kobe. Kobe is great but is just simply lucky to play with europes best player, a young dominant center, a lock down defender, a 6' 11" 6th man of the year etc. CP3 lost his running mate West and still dominated the mighty lakers. Why because he involved everydody and makes everyone feel important and focus on the common goal. Did yall hear his postgame interview? He said and almost pleaded that they needed Gray. Kobe is too selfish to ever acknowledge he needed someone. I don't expect NO to win but game 1 showed that they are a more cohesive team led by a real leader. L A on the other hand is just more talented but kobe is no leader.

All you trolls and Laker Haters, you have 2 days left to talk smack and say things that really doesn't make sense. After the Lakers win Game 2 on Wednesday, most of you will most likely disappear. Well except S. Perkins, Island Priest, and Sonny. D-Fish and Kobe will still be playing thus further angering S. Perkins and Priest, and Sonny will still remain an unhappy miserable person.

Go Anaheim Royals, and Potentially LA 49ers.

To S Perkins i know you wouldn't like reading this but fisher is real important to the the lakers success. You are right he can't shoot, pass, make a layup, defend, rebound or do anything good basketball wise. Also he is ready for the glue factory. But his real value is leadership. Kobe is no leader and without Fish the lakers will implode. mud, hobbit, eddie, jon k all know that is true but due to their blind loyalty can never acknowledged that true statement. Fish is strong willed enough to pass the ball to other people. Can you imagine a young talented player being point guard? kobe will intimidate him to get him the ball 95% of the time. Even the team around kobe is talented but laid back. Gasol talented but a serene person, bynum dominate but docile, lo multi faceted but laid back, brown explosive and great potential but a docile person as well. ron and barnes crazy people but mitch have already read the riot act to them.

Look at LBJ stat line last night a dominate performance. He scored 29 points on 10-19 shooting, 7 rebs, 6 assists and 0 turnovers. Kobe the other day had 34 points on 13 for 26 shooting, 4 rebs, 5 assists and 5 turnovers. LBJ will not win the mvp again but he will clearly finish above kobe. I know someone will post kobe 5 rings and LO 0. But LBJ is better than kobe just not as lucky. Kobe is playing with the best big talented man in all of the nba in Pau. Plus kobe has a dominant big man in Bynum who can defend the likes of howard 1 on 1 and make them work on the defensive. LBJ has the big z and dampier as his centers. Yall see the disparity? Earlier in kobe's career he played second banana to the most dominate center of all time Shaq. I have seen players shatter the back board before but shaq used to rip the rim from the board with one hand until the fines got to him. Shaq at 1 time collapsed the whole rim assembly including the pole. here is a formula kobe - shaq or gasol = first round playoff exits. Shaq - kobe = 1 championship ring.

" have 2 days left to talk smack and say things that really doesn't make sense"

Posted by: Joe_Corad | April 19, 2011 at 02:05 AM

Maybe they does make sense.

Anyway, you know what your cuz Charlie says:
"No sense, makes sense"...well, if it do.

But unhappy and miserable? Okay-aaay

Guess I better hop in the water one more time,
and take another hour on the table.
Oh yea...Thai food tonight.

The misery.

Go Kings! (Happy to see that you are rooting for an honest team)


Shut up Lakers haters your just jealous because lakers always defeat your team.Anyway all of you will be hiding again come June.Your teams suck anyway...

I've noticed that all this Lakers haters has one thing in common they're all delusional and psychotic in nature...

I am a laker fan but the priest calls it like he sees it Kobe facilitates and pass the ball la will roll. kobe the ball hog will result in struggles and an early exit. Book it.

By the way you know what is an oxymoron. kobe is a leader. Now that is the most absurd statement.

I'm only rooting for the Anaheim Royals because they are going to be in the OC LA metro area. I would of thought you had that figured out since it seems you pay attention to grammar/ sentence errors. Honest team? More of a whiny team that sunk low. Their claim as well as yours; Lakers ruined my life. Cuz says, Lakers WINNING

I'm only rooting for the Anaheim Royals because they are going to be in the OC LA metro area. I would of thought you had that figured out since it seems you pay attention to grammar/ sentence errors. Honest team? More of a whiny team that sunk low. Their claim as well as yours; Lakers ruined my life. Cuz says, Lakers WINNING

Posted by: Joe_Corad | April 19, 2011 at 03:10 AM

Don't know if you've been reading the news, but it's far from a done deal.
If there is one commodity that Sacramento has, it's lawyers and political clout.
I wouldn't go counting your Kobes before they are hatched.

I'm a Kings/Royals fan, but not in any way shape or form a Sacramento
person, although admittedly, I'd choose Sacramento over that human
detritus pile the Lakers call home in a heartbeat.

Sacramento fans are some of the best in the league.
It comes as no surprise that none of this matters to you.
Further, your comments alluding to a potential move by the
Forty Niners (truly delusional I might add) only underscores
the mentality of the L.A. fan base. Cuckoo birds.
Thiefs, and cheaters. Enough to make YOU proud, obviously.

Lakers ruined my life?

Hardly. I don't empower them, or any game that way.
You do, and that's your problem.
What do you play for????
My appreciation for the athletes and the game is a bit
different than yours I would guess.

On the other hand, I am having a blast.
And it's only going to get better.
Stay tuned, dolts.

But hey, if you want to be a Kings/Royals fan, great!
But you're gonna have to develop traits of dignity and fair play first...
Otherwise, you'll be completely out of your element,
and will be as miserable as you think I am, no doubt.

Go Kings/Royals/Sacramento/Louisville/ Seattle/Anaheim/San Jose!!!


Go Giants go!


I could care less if the Kings or 49ers move south and call SoCal their new home. Say what you want to say about LA, I was born and raised in LA and i'm always going to back and support any team that plays here. As for yourself, you claim that you are nowhere near the Sacramento or Bay Area.
Only because I root and cheer for my LA teams, doesn't mean that I ignore and defend each teams super star and their actions, or the fans that scream pride, supposedly. What if the Dallas Mavericks or the SAn Antonio Spurs got those favorable calls over the KINGS? Would you be on their blog site talking the same garbage?
The Lakers ruined your life, still holds to your messages that you post. Keep the 49ers and the Kings, losers of their respected league.
One more think to add to your assumption borderline paranoia of LA, do you think the Giants would of won the World Series if the Dodgers were in it? Go rant about that

i think it is not a fixable problem. as un fortunate as it is there simply isnt enough time for it to be resolved. heres why. first off gasol doesnt want to play in the american(nba) anymore. he isnt used to being attacked by classless athletes that dont have nearly the skill and talent as him. he doesnt understand it. in europe people respect each other. here its trash talk and intimidation. perkins and all the other babboons that have attacked him publicly use intimidation to make up for thier lack of talent. gasol simply isnt that way and he cant deal with it. its obvious. as much as kobe and the rest of the team has tried. he just cant do it. next is bynum, he isnt a consistant threat and is very soft. he doesnt have the mental toughness along with the physical . next is desire, see artest is mentaly unstable, meaning he is terrified of phil and kobe, he is bi-polar and is nervous and afraid of failing his team, it is effecting his defensive greatness. now i know it all seems like excuses, but its the truth, that is why if we get past the hornets, we will likely be an early out to our next opponents. i love the lakers but i know when its over, i have been a fan for 28 yrs and i know my team. they are not together and that is fatal. so now my solution.( you all are gonna hate this one). first you TRUE lakers fans need to ask yourselfs if you are laker fans or kobe fans. there is a huge difference. i love kobe and what he has done for the show, to me he is the greatest laker and maybe player in the history of our world. but we have to trade him, he still has 3-4 good yrs left and we can get a country for him, he is high value and we need that for d.howard. pau and bynum go as well. chris paul will join howard and we win within the next yr. we keep artest, his defense is pricless( when he isnt timid), odom stays as well, he is and should hav e been our starting pf. we keep brown, blake , and barnes and walton are gone. its time lakeshow, it is hard to accept but we as a family have to move on, the hardest thing sports wise in my life was losing magic, was devastated, but we regrouped as we will now.

I do agree, The Kings/Warriors/Sharks fans are one of the best if not the best in the country. They deserve to have their teams. But it's fans like you that Laker fans as well as others ignore or forget about the loyal fan base up there.

"What if the Dallas Mavericks or the SAn Antonio Spurs got those favorable calls over the KINGS? Would you be on their blog site talking the same garbage?"

Which favorable calls are you talking about?

" you think the Giants would of won the World Series if the Dodgers were in it?"

Don't know how that would work exactly...but, nope.

Go Kings/Royals!

Go San Francisco Forty Niners
(a storied franchise...never lost a Superbowl...just ask Laker Tom)!

Go San Francisco World Champion Giants
(Dodgers gotta get out the division before they can think about playing for a Conference, much less a World Series Championship)!

Go L.A. NFL Football Team (what's-their-names)!

I bet you're a big Saint Cryant fan though, aren't ya?

Go Kings/Royals!


I bet you're a big Saint Cryant fan though, aren't ya?

Go Kings/Royals!


It is easier to link me to a group of people and make your assumptions that LA fans are thugs/ignorant or stupid. That we cheer for a team that has won their titles in questionable calls.
Talk to me one on one about basketball and about our preferred teams. Hopefully I can enlighten you that LA is not a wasteland where everyone's mind is poisoned to the point that we are blind from the dirty business that is the NBA, I repeat the NBA; not the LAKERS.
If the Lakers have their way as you claim they always have, then you can still root for your Sacramento Kings; not my Anaheim Royals.

Just watched a five minute interview with the King, hands-down,
the best player in the league.
If he keeps his head, one day he'll truly be considered the best to ever
play the game...we're talking Jordanesque here.

I'm done.

Won't read comments until after N'oluns has there way with you.
Take your meds, and don't do anything stupid...
well, all things into account...too stupid.
Some things just can't be helped.
Especially you, lews(t)er.

Go Kings!


I used to come here to alleviate any suffering... but right now in my time of need, it's only making things worse. Lakers, you have got to play up to your abilities!

Come on, let's do this

Lakers haters you still sucks,your team sucks and your opinions sucks.Go get a life losers...

Lakers will crash NO in the next 4games.You can take it to the bank haters.

Any NFL team that LA will eventually get is going to win a Superbowl faster than the over glorified franchise in the Bay Area that Sonny worships? Go Niners disappoint again like last year when they were chosen to win the NFC West.
GO 49ers
Go Giants
Sonny just make sure to add Go __ at losing

we will be the champion in the end.
i care least with what people say againsts the team.
i bleed purple and gold.

i believe and never waiver that belief.

GO Lamar, KObe, Ron, Pau and Drew!


Once again, called out Sonny to actually talk basketball or sports, and what does he do, calls other people names and categorizes everyone together; how weak. Oh man what a waste of time; but at least not as much as what he wastes hating life and how the LAKERS RUINED HIS LIFE

Ross doggie dog-Dude...Tru da, nice comment. But I would keep Barns and trade Blake, Kobe has great value. But he'll die a Laker and SAD to will the team. This team is very timid around Kobe, hell the coach's walk on egg shells and afraid to say something to him. The organization would never have the STONES to consider trading Kobe, the backlash would be CATASTROPIC...But the right MOVE. Still diggin the Lake Show from a DISTANCE, but it's the HEAT year.

Can't wait until tomorrow. It must be the playoffs and the Lakers surely must have lost a game because this place is infested with trolls rambling with their mumbo jumbo nonsense.

Maybe tomorrow we can get back to real discussions like the LAKERS and how they are going to bring back their focus and go on a championship roll.

Cheers all - PLG

Time and time again I was apalled how EASY it was for NO to dictate Lakers defense, namely making Pau Gasol guarding CP3. Sure it started with a high screen but why on earth did Derek Fisher not ever try to SCAMPER or SCURRY back as soon as possible to switch back with Pau?
Posted by: Psycorp | April 18, 2011 at 05:41 PM

Dude....C'mon now you really know the answer, Fish had his ankles broken by Paul and had enough. Paul processed to break Kobe's, Ron Ron, and pau's it was a EMBARRSSING moment for the GIRL's. Just Sayin.....they played like GIRL's.

We need that Lakers switch and need it now! My question. Is it of the emotional, mental, psycological variety? Or of the physical type? Like the one granny used to chase us around the yard when we were bad as kids.

PLG all this Lakers haters or trolls come out because we lose,I bet they will keep quiet once Lakers win tomorrow.hahahahahaaaa


In your humor lies a good question.

g money you have it wrong. i'll die a laker. there will be rings after kobe, and i wasnt pointing out a reason to turn my back on them and i surely wasnt trying to get on the good side of a embarrasment of a fan as you are either. i was stating what un fortunately needs to be done to get the 2 best players in ( d.howard, c.paul) for the next 10 years in purple and gold. so dont ride my nuts cause i dont like you at all.

Dude and Dudettes....What ever happen the the Mamba Clan? Just Sayin... A dead issue i GUESS.


You do realize Kobe has a no trade clause in his contract which allows him to veto any trade, and that the Lakers will not ever trade Kobe. He will retire a Laker, good or bad, like it or not.

Artest is top defender on team, no matter what Kobe thinks. Kobe calling himself the black mamba is so fitting. The snake does not travel in packs, it does it alone and that is exactly what Kobe is doing. His radar is off. He is supposed to bring the other team down, not his own. When Fisher controls the floor, Kobe's touches are limited, the ball gets inside. The last month Kobe has countered that by leaving his man and getting in position for rebounds so he can have the ball. The problem is, most of the time his player puts the ball in. Kobe is counterproductive. He gives up too many points. Jackson should make it clear to the team that everyone can be replaced during the game whether they are getting paid $50,000 per game or $300,000 per game if they don't follow the game plan. They can't keep playing two different plans during the game. When Kobe wants to do it his way, he ought to be benched, just the same as anyone else. The most effective lineup is Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Brown and Artest. Either Odom or Brown can be the "facilitators". If Kobe wants to conduct a shooting clinic, he can do it before or after the game.

The BALL moves faster than any player on the court. Move the ball, draw the defender and find the open man. That's what we were doing during our post all star win streak. The bigs have to get deeper position in the paint earlier in the shot clock. Not fighting for their space like i've seen in the past. We can not just "go through the motions" against the higher quality teams or we will make a quick exit from this years playoffs. I believe we can still win the title, but they need to dig deep and find that hunger again. The only player bringing that dedication is Kobe and he needs the others to step up and show the same drive to win......that is all. Have a wonderful day :)

HMCSP you sir are spot on with your analysis. This is why the Lakers struggles because Kobe does what he wants on the floor. Phil and his assistants want kobe to pound the ball inside but kobe wants to take the most shots as the "leader". I was starting to think I was crazy because only I was noticing how detrimental kobe is to the team.

I see it's troll day.

Oh well. Ron and Kobe suffer from the Stearn/BSPN hype machine of the current day, which flits like a butterfly from one overhyped player to another (LBJ, Rose, (anybody but Kobe/RA)). Granted Howard can easily be justified as top banana for DPOY, but Ron should be way up the list and certainly well above Kobe, for one! Even some of our idiot Laker writers have drunk the kool-aid and joined the in-crowd voting patterns for these awards. I can see why Kobe/RA discount these (now) garbage awards by media types. Just listening to ESPN each day over the course of all the different sports pundit feeds, you would think that nobody but Lebron and Rose play in the NBA! And every game they pick someone other than Kobe as the difference in any Laker win! Are you SH _ _ _ ING me! If Kobe was not on the court every game we would probably not make the playoffs! So...........MVP? Most Valuable Player until he retires will be Kobe on the Lakers and just because someone else takes down a few rebounds above their average or a few more points above their average is no reason to discount a player like Kobe or Ron (getting back to my point) and their much underrated contributions to their team and the overall NBA!

YES - Kobe is underrated! And this absurd vote shows that Ron-Ron is also!

Nuggets Country is a Troll. If Kobe was not a part of the team Lakers still make the playoffs. During last season when kobe sat some games out the Lakers rolled.

Kobe is a Laker legend and will go down statistically as one of the best NBA players of all time, but to win games the legend needs to be a team player. All the sports commentators have implied recently what I said previously. It's hard to watch legends age. You become embarassed for them, because they won't let go. The Lakers starting line-up is one of the slowest in the NBA. When the bench is in, they are one of the faster teams. I don't know why the bench is always put down. The only time they haven't done well is if kobe is the one starter who is on the floor with them. In many games the lakers would be behind when kobe sat down and the bench would put the lakers ahead or at least make the point gap smaller and then Jackson would put the starters back in. Kobe's shooting is very exciting, but it loses its effectiveness if he doesn't defend and gives up almost as many points as he scores and he has done that too many times this season. If they limit kobe's minutes, they will make it to the championship very easily.


Goodness.. Haters are everywhere... lolz.

@island priest - not hating on Pau, but how many times do you want to feed him the ball? Once they passed the ball to him, he'll just passed it again and the worst part there is that the ball will get back to kobe with the clock winding down. this is why kobe took the move earlier and create his own offense. This was also the result of Shannon brown shooting too much in the second unit with Pau. Dude, watch the game.

All you trolls and Laker Haters, you have 2 days left to talk smack and say things that really doesn't make sense. After the Lakers win Game 2 on Wednesday, most of you will most likely disappear. Well except S. Perkins, Island Priest, and Sonny. D-Fish and Kobe will still be playing thus further angering S. Perkins and Priest, and Sonny will still remain an unhappy miserable person.

Go Anaheim Royals, and Potentially LA 49ers.

Posted by: Joe_Corad | April 19, 2011 at 02:05 AM

Great Post Joe

Annually, there are trolls talking bad to LAL.. but every June, they just shut up.

I agree with Showtime: every year it's the same snot from the trolls, just different handles.

The funniest thing about it is...they want to get under our skin SO BADLY, they just can't shut up. Look at how many times Sonnybelfast felt SHE had to post a comment, for example! Crikey, you'd think she'd have something else to do with her life? Oh that's right, she's a Kings fan! Didn't mean to rub it in!!

After all, who are we to tell people how to find their fun? And it's not like any of us supporters actually READ what these sad individuals are posting, now, is it?

As for Artest: he is the man. Frustrates me on a regular basis, to be sure, but so does everyone else on the team. And then there are those golden moments when he's...just...Gold.

I love these Lakers, and am all in this season. The roster's already set don'cha know, trolls, we win or lose with the players we have. And I for one still like our chances. Wouldn't trade anyone for anyone else right now, no matter what. Next year perhaps, but then next year is not the 2011 postseason.

We've taken NOR's measure the hard way, and we've made the proper adjustments. Now, let's go out there and win another banner to finally, FINALLY, be tied for most Championships.



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