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Poll: What should the NBA do about Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is in some hot water today for a comment made during Tuesday's victory over the San Antonio Spurs. You can read all about that here and here.

What should the NBA do about it? Fine him? Suspend him? Do nothing? Let us know what you think by voting in our poll.


-- Houston Mitchell

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muckraking again....

shameless, just shameless.

Do nothing or a fine..............except maybe they should mic up KG and his ilk if they want to hear what really happens in a MAN's game every night!

Shallow Thoughts by Troll Man

1. So what if Kobe said an expleted followed by the English word for cigarette? Let's take an unofficial poll and see who has muttered (or yelled) those very same words. I have said it many times.

2. Lamar looked good at the point last night, especially when he posted up the smaller defender.

3. The bench is worrisome Lamar is essentially a starter.

4. Is it just me or has Steve Blake looked like he has been playing with the effects of the Chicken Pox all year?

5. Without Bynum tonight will D. Cousins dominate Gasol?

6. OK it's Sacramento so for Sonny B. and everyone else here's a link to The Rocks famous rendition of "Leaving Sacramento"

7. For the hearing impaired here are the Lyrics.

Leaving Sacramento Sacramento There I Go
Leaving Sacramento Sacramento There I Go
They Got Some Fat *** Women There And Rock Is
Gonna Just Say No
Well I Might Take A Plane
Well I Might Take A Train,
How Do You People Live Here, You Must Be Insane
I'm Leaving Sacramento, Sacramento I Won´t Stay
Check This Out, Check This Out
But I'll Be Shore To Come Back When The Lakers Beat The Kings In May
I'll Be Shore To Come Back When The Lakers Beat The Kings In May

Give me a freakin break LA times.. Are u serious? That's already 3 separate threads today dedicated to this??!! Yikes!

Why is this blog being moderated?

So.......just for fun in a Laker's (basketball) blog, I'll repost this to get things stirred up a bit in terms of basketball and not some political blog (see other hyperlinks for those folks):

Found the valium. Got the bourbon by the designated Laker rooting chair. After 25 some games without a rooting t-shirt or hat, tonight I'll put them all on. Wife is ready to ride her rooting poise to 2nd seed tonight.

After that, it will be need to be miracle time. Time enough to get?:
AB back to 90%.
KB shooting >45%.
PG psyched enough to be an inside force.
LO focused on basketball instead of whatever outside.
Shannon finding his shot.
Shannon passing instead of dribbling.
DFish finding that magical outside stroke >45%.
Blake getting back by game 5 of first round.
No other Lakers getting chicken pox.
RA random drives to the trees gone.
KB taking a breath when his teammates actually provide help.
PJ actually coaching and running some plays several times a game.
Joe Smith and Theo getting some quality run (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Trey actually contributing (may take PJ getting chicken pox for this one).
Lakers running Chuck Person's defense that worked so well for 17-1 streak.

Other than those miracles, nothing else to report, except hopefully I make it through the playoffs without more ER visits!


Posted by: NuggetsCountry | April 13, 2011 at 10:59 AM

MM how about a statement to the effect that the blog is being moderated so that I can not be bothered to write anything.

I'd say do nothing, bc things like that are said every other minute in every single sport that men participate in. It was a heat of the moment thing...didn't Eminem already handle this? lol

Understandable if they fine him...sometimes the league has their backs put against the wall, and they face unnecessary scrutiny if they just "do nothing".

Troll Man is at it again with posting under multiple handles

hhmm, toll man, could be on to something here, for whom the bell tolls.


It’s not the love of the Lakers, because if Curt Schilling was a Laker I would still think he’s a tool. The ones on the blog you hope have a better heart, don’t. They are who they are period. If the ref was indeed homosexual, then it would have been demeaning and derogatory of Kobe to call him that. It doesn’t make it right; I just don’t think he actually was using it in that context that is all I’m saying. I still think he should apologize and explain that it isn't how he feels about that group.

@People comparing it to the “N” word

You can’t compare it to the “N” word. That is a much more complicated word with all its meanings throughout history. When someone uses that word it is meant exactly as it has been meant throughout its shameful history. It represents a much deeper thought regardless of its intention there is no way around that. With what Kobe said in that context (unless the ref is homosexual) is the same as when growing up someone would say to another kid acting oversensitive or ratting, there is no actual connection cognitively(sic?) using it in that context and the actual act of homosexual activity. Don’t think it needs to be blown out of proportion that is all.

@Mayor of KobeTown
Just now?

It was probably good your post didn’t get posted; they were probably as ignorant as the first one.

@HB Dude
Don’t try to make any sense; people might get confused unless it’s a witty one liner they can remember.

Yea I was roflmao too. Because it was so lame and pathetic.


This is because journalism has become "media."

Media gains attention through the creation of controversy.

Controversy is based upon eliciting strong emotional reactions from people.

Strong emotional reactions are not processed like intellectual analysis.

By stoking the public's reactionary nature, it creates a "discourse" not based upon analysis, but based upon emotional reactions...

Which only stimulates further emotionally reactionary discourse...

Which keeps the public's attention focused on the outlet which initiated the controversy...

The media...

Which generates larger objective numbers for that outlet...

Which they can then use to present to potential advertisers...

To justify their rates...

And sell future advertising...

To make money for the owners of said media outlet.

The only workable solution is to take personal responsibility for our emotional state and not blame others when someone "offends us." This de-personalizes things, limits the effect of ego, and diminishes the artificial control of controversy in dialog.

And lets us return to intellectual analysis of a given phenomenon in the hopes of working out a reasoned, mutually beneficial consensus that supports the greater good.

Shame is a weapon used to control. Keep that in mind.

Political correctness is retarded.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hmmm...quite the firestorm here today. Definitely a poor choice of words by Kobe.

Good to hear Drew is upbeat about his knee. Hopefully him and Barnes will get a clean bill of health.

There should be multiple threads detailing the potential harm done from hyper extended knees, possible recovery times, how Bynum's absence might effect matchups and rotations, etc.... and any and all updates related to Bynum's status. Give us some expert medical opinions regarding hyper extensions! After all, Bynum's knee might be the most important Laker story of the season. Instead, there is nothing but this nonsense. This is a Lakers blog, right?

Other random thoughts....

Speaking of poor choice of words...after Charlie Villanueva went ballistics and threatened to kill Hollins the other night, I'm thinking maybe he was more at fault than KG in their war of words earlier this season.

So Memphis sits Zach and T. Allen last night...does that mean they prefer the 8th seed and playing the Spurs.

The results from Bynum's MRI might very well decide, not only this year's NBA champ, but Bynum's future as a Laker. This afternoon will be a pivotal moment for Bynum and the Lakers.... and all we're talking about is this nonsense, that has no relevance whatsoever to this team or it's championship aspirations. Manufactured controversy will generate more hits, but this is a Lakers blog, and I want REAL Laker updates and news.

this blog isn't being moderated enough....three or four things said in the last thread that make kobe look like martin luther freakin king jr.

The outrage of the commenters here about their boyfriend Kobe is fun to read. If he said something that was homophobic, he should get punished in a manner that actually is a punishment. Virtually no fine levied on him will make a difference to a multi millionaire so make him miss some games. Mistake or not, its not acceptable especially not on TV.

If this was any other team and any other player, the Laker cult members would be out for blood, so lets play it fair. I am surprised that the LAkers Times even reported on this.

Hey Troll Man,

Although it is superior in many ways to the L.A. area,
I have never lived in or near Sacramento, nor would I choose to.
The lyrics are funny.

DMC would dominate either of them, again.

Get ready to face Portland!

Go Kings!


Can we get some real the results of AB's MRI...

This is too funny. I'm not sure how freedom of speech even came up in all of this. Freedom of speech grants you a lot of things, but it does not give you the right to say whatever you want to whoever you want with no risk of punishment/liability for what you have said.

This is not a political correctness issue either. If I directed similar words to a person of authority in my workplace, I wouldn't have a job tomorrow and I think just about everyone here would be in the same boat. Kobe is really quite fortunate that all he is having to worry about right now is a small fine (in relative terms) and perhaps a technical / one game suspension.

He messed up, he has a small price to pay for it, and it'll be overwith.

How bout we take a new poll?

How pathetic have the LAtimes staff become in sensationalizing a seemingly insignificant story and turning it into major headline news?

A. Purely and utterly pathetic
B extremely pathetic
C. Somewhat pathetic

gay rights activists will be out in force tonight in cowtown.


Police in the building; been catching up on all the comments from Bynum to Kobe. The PSP will not get into the debate about Kobe and what he said BUT the PSP will say that Chuck was right when he said that athletes should not be looked upon as role models. That right there is part of the fundamental problem; how the heck do you expect insanely rich, young, mostly superbly built men to act like 60 year old priests?

They will drive fast expensive cars, the finest women will lust after them, and they will do things that most of us on here can only dream about ( what's that french word for coupling among a man and about 4 women?)

MM, a hundred threads about THE SAME ISSUE already today? Great job man, what is your excuse this time?

Oh and yeah, the PSP also want to know why the blog is being moderated.

PSP Solutions Architect

this will be all over every channel on tv. from fox news to cnn to local channels. maybe he should have just called him a pr*ck instead.

S Perkins

The PSP would like to know if you are Jordan Farmar in real life? I promise the PSP won't tell anyone.

PSP Intern


Did I really get my post deleted though it was devoid of offensive content?

I hope not.

That WOULD be Orwellian.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K. And Others,

Political Correctness is now a fact of life. It began in certain schools of higher education (I'll use that term loosely) and has evolved into our society through media indoctrination.

It used to be we judged people by the "Intent" of their words. If a guy said "she's a beautiful girl" in a conversation he was not scolded by a casual listener (who was not privy to the entire conversation) with "excuse me, that's 'Woman!'"

That actually happened to me back in Graduate School in 1990. The fact was, I was commenting to my friend how beautiful his 6 year old daughter was.

In a court of law you are judged by your "intent" in most situations, but in today's society you are judged by the generalization associated with the word(s).

I expect the next post to be "U.N. to Hold Human Rights Trial on Kobe Bryant's Anti-Gay Utterances!"

Someone on this blog posted "sticks and stones." This has more relevance than mere words. We are more preoccupied with apologies for our unintentional utterances (Did anyone believe that Whaquille intended to slight the Chinese people when he imitated the Chinese language talking about Yao. And yet they demanded an apology then, too.), than with countries that still stone people to death for being homosexuals.

Unfortunately, political correctness is now the accepted norm for this society, at least when it comes to the media.

Frankly, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

The next time someone calls anyone a Homosapien, we should all demand a public apology.

Jon K, I can't help but notice you are rallying against political correctness with much more fervor than anyone that is rallying for it. If you want them to suck it up and deal with it, why can't you do the same?

Thanks, Mitchell/Medina for affirming my faith in the openness of the blog.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why moderate comments if you aren't going to remove the offensive ones?


Andrew only has a Bone Bruise... Expected to play this Sunday for Game 1

Also ...
Matt Barnes’ sore right knee showed no new damage. He is also expected to be available this weekend.

AB has bone bruise


Did you really create THREE blogs about this issue that has nothing to do with actual basketball?


>>>How bout we take a new poll?
>>>>How pathetic have the LAtimes staff become in sensationalizing a >>>seemingly insignificant story and turning it into major headline news?
>>>A. Purely and utterly pathetic
>>>B extremely pathetic
>>>C. Somewhat pathetic


He should receive a fine AND be required apologize to the referee.

breaking news fellow lakers fans, the bynum injury is ONLY a bone bruise! he will be ready to go game 1 of the first round, pheeeww.

To those that are truly oppressed in the world. Those that are incarcerated, stoned to death, tortured, etc., for their beliefs or ways of life, I present the song of the day:

People Gotta Be Free by The Rascals (my cousin's group)



I'll go with A.

EL SEGUNDO – Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who injured his right knee in last night’s game versus the San Antonio Spurs, had an MRI this morning. Results of the MRI showed that Bynum has a bone bruise, but the injury is not deemed to be serious.

Lakers forward Matt Barnes also had an MRI exam on his sore right knee, which was surgically repaired on January 11, 2011. Results of Barnes’ MRI showed no new damage.

Both players are expected to be ready to play when the Lakers open the playoffs this weekend.

The Triangulator,

Things change. Political correctness is dysfunctional. A new, more adaptive dynamic will evolve for the better, especially if we collectively maintain pressure for it to evolve.

Bay To L.A.,

Political correctness is idiotic. I enjoy making fun of it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So while we are having 100 threads about Kobe said and Kobe said not, there has been an update on the Bynum injury and so the one time a new thread should go up asap we are still here debating this nonsense.

And yes, the PSP also wonder why we are on moderation when all kinds of comments are going through anyways ... oy oy oy oy oy

PSP Intern

How about some REAL basketball issues, huh?

Maybe a blog about one of these topics...

1. Who would the Lakers prefer to see in the first round - Memphis or New Orleans?

2. Should New Orleans or Memphis tank their last game so they won't have to face the Lakers in the first round?

3. Should New Orleans or Memphis HOPE to win the 7 seed so they can face the Lakers without Bynum in the first round?

4. How is Andrew Bynum? Will he play in the playoffs? In the first round?

5. Who would the Lakers rather see in the finals? Chicago? Boston? Miami?

6. Will Phil REALLY retire? (yes... even that old retread is more interesting than 17 more threads about political correctness)

Funny how everyone has so quickly forgotten about Charlie Villanueva's Super Spaz against the Cavs' Ryan Hollins and subsequent ejection a few days ago. Dude went bananas! That kind of violent behavior should not be tolerated. Kobe has had a couple of run-ins, too (Reggie Miller, Chris Childs), I know. However, since Kobe is Kobe, this will inevitably be blown way out of proportion. Villanueva's violent outburst, face rake, arm flailing, temper tantrum, and rundown of Hollins after the ejection go far beyond the rules of the game. They border on criminal activity. Mountains and mole hills, people... mountains and mole hills.


Good grief! Now some group is upset about Steve Blakes 'Chicken Pox' not being politically correct......

C.L.U.C.K. Chickens Legally United against Cruelty and Killing wants the name changed to something less offensive. "We are very upset to think in this day and age, people are still using the 'C' word when refering to this dreaded virus. It puts chickens in a bad light and we find it MOST, I say MOST DENEGRADING" says Rooster Cleghorn, spokeschicken of C.L.U.C.K.

"I say, I say, ....WE DEMAND an opology! As Rooster was saying while scratching the ground.

Funny it could be, last night when it happened it was a non-issue. Today, it becomes an issue to be exploited and earned by the so called blog media. Wow, you are now practically taking emotions out of human being to get mad. Shall we say reality TV prohibits profanities and getting emotional. What a freakin' world this could be, aperson is no longer to say anything.

Visiting the First Amendment issues, a person can utter things out of emotional outburst and he or she is entitled to it as longs as he did injure another person. The threshold of the law says I quote: "No actual injury: If there is third-party communication, but the third-party hearing the defamatory statement does not believe the statement, or does not care, then there is no injury, and therefore, no recourse."

It appears the injured party is the media and therefore go for news like what William Randolf Hearst in 1895 during the Spanish-American war with sensational news to beef up the paper circulation. Is history repeating itself in the new media?!5791516/kobe-bryant-calls-a-ref-something-he-shouldnt-nsfw

Am not here to criticize or endorse what a basketball player said to a referee in the heat of the moment during a critical game.

This whole political correctness game is little more than a method right out of the Rand Corporation to control people who are inclined to be controlled,
which is most people, especially those who think they are intelligent.

What the Saint said was not nice.
Some people are (or want to believe they are) offended by it.

The real crime, in my view, is clear as day in the video clip.
Just based on his actions, no words, he should be fined and suspended.
Almost any other player in the league would certainly be looking at some
forced time off. more pressing matters.

Final game of the season.

Could it have been scripted more perfectly.

Lakers need the game badly.
If the Mavs win,
a loss by the Lakers tonight could cost you a championship.

It may be the last game the Sacramento Kings ever play.
Nuff said.

It will poetic justice when the Sacramento Kings of Basketball,
wipe your Hollywood sissies up with the floor tonight.

Bynum - Gasol?
Doesn't matter.
Soon to be superstar DMC will dominate either.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!


I'm with those who think the LATimes and their writers should be ashamed for sensationalize this issue. Do you guys really want to stoop to the level of the National Enquirer and the Star?

In the heat of the moment Kobe lost his cool and his control. Perhaps he should have used a different swear word but that's exactly what it was in this CONTEXT. As a common swear word only and not what his personal belief or philosophy.

Context, context, context... people!

Plus he already apologized for it so the whole matter should be done with, over and out already.

Best response from the NBA? Issue a reprimand to admonish Kobe to not use the kind of language again.

There case closed.

@FATTY ... ROFLMAO. Man, I’m so glad to see you back and in playoff form already. There are lots of uses of the word chicken that C.L.U.C.K. should investigate. Unless they’re chicken &(%$#.

So, where were the HRC and the Advocate when this famous altercation happened? It's okay for someone gay to shout this out in a derogatory way?

Last night game against SA was EXACTLY why the Lakers should not have been complacent the last five games and gave them away.

Had the Lakers taken care of business and say won at least three of those five games they could have done like SA and rest their important players. Like say, to avoid possible injury going into the PO.

Instead they had to run their starters ragged to try to achieve a must-win game. And sure enough karma is a b... and they got nailed.

So now they are looking at a PO possibly without Bynum and without HCA.

Yeah, good going the Zen Meister in motivating and driving the team for the best possible chance to win a ring -NOT!

My wife went to Facebook and un-friended Kobe.
Punishment received, glad that's over.

Sounds like Kobe would make a good recruit for Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church I attempted to address their bigotry and insanity with a portrait of the good reverend on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!



How about we ask PETA for a little clarity on this one?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I guess the above poll have spoken... AGAIN ''why is this an issue'' in ALL male sports guys are called f@** and worse. I watched on ESPN just now a story about little league hockey literally before the Kobe story and the little league coach told his kiddy team they were playing like puss** and acting like F@**s, the same word the media is grilling Kobe about. P.S the hockey story was about little league hockey kids getting concussions. NBA players curse each other out on the court EVERY game without penalty I've read plenty of lips; why is this case different. KG cursed out spike Lee the other day and he's not suspended or fined. Looks like just more Kobe haters.....

WTF....I've had it with political correctness. I find interesting how thin GLAD skin is.

Right on Kobe,for using a word that 99.9 % of all men or straight.

BTW ...phobic means fear of, I doubt many straights fear gays, why don't hear more about heterophobia.

100K is over the top. The gay community would have picked a lower number than 100,000. David Stern is a....jerk.

1. He didn't say it under his breath, as some aver. He yelled it directly at the ref.

2. That's not exactly the family-friendly atmosphere the NBA wants on display. I don't care what the players say to each other, but yelling it across the floor is bad form and tasteless.

3. Whatever you think of the refs, they deserve respect. He should be tossed for that alone.

4. If I hear one more idiot talk about free speech and the First Amendment -- regarding a private enterprise in no way connected to the government -- I'm going to scream.

5. No, it is not true that many of us have used that phrase many times. Just because Kobe obviously does, and you do, doesn't mean we all are that low-class.

I'm SO glad Kobe is appealing the fine , i know he'll win once he brings evidence (video's) of player's using this term and many more directed at people without fines. If i were him I'd sue the league for being hypocrites. AND for the gay who are offended, a lot of them are hypocrites to because i have a gay brother and sister in-law who I've heard call men and boys f@**s before; at least in the context in-which Kobe used it.

I don't see what the problem is. Kobe is an international guy. The British know he was just stressed and jonesing for a cigarette and asked the wrong person.

completely unbiased lakers fan



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