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Poll: After Game 1, how confident are you in the Lakers' chances to repeat?

The Lakers didn't seem to come to play today, taking the court with little sense of urgency in a Game 1 loss to New Orleans, a team many expected them to sweep.

So has the Game 1 loss shaken your confidence in the Lakers' ability to win it all again this season?

Vote now and let us know.


--Houston Mitchell

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Dreaded Repost but, Oh Well...

Kobe shot 50% on 26 shots, 5 assts, 5 rbs and 5 of the team's 13 TOs. When was the last time Gasol shot 2-9 in successive games? The team missed another golden opportunity to put away a weak team: No David West and at one point, late in the contest, they were shooting a little over 50% at the FT line.

Wednesday will be different. This could be over in 5 games. The Lakers had their wake up call. This team really has only two consistent problems: that lazy transitional D and getting back on offense . No more jogging to the opposite end of the court and that's after one of the "Bigs" has had a 5 minute consultation with an official over a "call." Get back on the D and for goodness sake, run back on offense.

It's no wonder this team has no "inside" game. By the time they get to the offensive side of the court, the opponent's D is already there waiting for them! Pau, Bynum and Odom are the biggest culprits. No streaking Bigs running down the court toward the cup demanding the ball.

Correctable? Yes but is the desire to do those so-called "little things" still within those guys or are they satisfied with what they’ve accomplished in their careers so far? Not everyone wants to chase records, be the best and win as many championships as they can. We all want to be rich but how many of us are willing to do the things to become rich? We know it’s hard to run up and down that court after offensive and defensive sets but as Phil told Pau one day at practice: of course it’s hard, that’s why you’re paid as a professional.

That's the mental problem with this team all season long. There's really only one person who has that mentality and he's the one considered a ball hog: 13-26, 5Rbs, 5Assts and an attitude that no one can match or dare exceed. Will Kobe be enough? This afternoon's game has answered that question for Lakers Nation.


frmkt, nicely said. kobe is the only player on this team who REALLY wants to put forth the effort to do to win. others appear to be satisfied with what they've already accomplished. PLUS they get paid whether they win or luke walton's bloated contract.

this team does not have what it takes to win it all.

i think the bulls or the thunder have the talent and the desire to win it all this year.

How low can this team go? It is a slap on all Laker fans. I don't think their so called switch is working. The body language is not good( I wish I go wrong).Let them show some heart in the next game. When will we see a balanced all around smart game from this group.

MarK D

NO and CP3 can't play any better, and the Lakers will realize that they need two bodies in CP3, plus Gasol and Reality-boy can’t play any worst... Purple/Gold in 5......

Fight on!!


lakers look sorry!!!!!!!

kobe isnt the player he used to be with costly turn overs and when he goes to the rim he dont want any contact so he puts up weak lay ups and he thinks he get fouled on every play so when he dont get the call he complains to the refs instead of getting back on defense. he is no longer a top 5 defensive player instead of giving a hard foul like how other teams foul him he just looks at them go up for dunk this is his and the lakers last best title run nobody fears the lakers anymore and no matter how many big shots fisher has made over the years he should not be startingwho ever they play he gonna get killed by chirs paul westbrook tony parker kidd any point guard on the nuggets etc if they make it to the finals he gonna get killed by derrick rose rondo etc

Put down the razors and hide the knives in the kitchen,
Step off the ledge and come back inside.

Lakeshow doing it the hard way by losing Game 1, but remember last year's series vs. OKC when they appeared to be going through the motions before they woke up and then let go of this loss.

Pau won't play this poorly again, LO will get his head back in the game rather than worry about his goofy reality show (the K-curse) and Drew will be more active in the paint.

They'll get Game 2.

Inspiration must be a hard thing to find sometimes huh? And it's easy for us to forget the moments of sheer dominance this team has displayed this season after a loss like that one. It's even more worrisome after seeing younger, seeminly hungrier squads like Oklahoma City and Denver go after each other like starving dogs in the street.

But we've been here before, and we've still got the team, the ZenMaster and the Mamba.

Gasol does this every year: gets pushed around for a game or two until he gets angry.

Lamar waits for Pau to get going and then feasts on whatever mismatch he gets handed.

And as for Ron Artest I'll just say this- when the Lakers were staring a game seven finals loss directly in the face he was THE one guy on that squad who kept his composure.

Derek Fisher likes to say that every championship team has to find it's own way, and this one's no different. The road is always rocky and there are moments when all seems lost.

But they just ran into a Hornets team rolling on the mysterious drug known as "inspiration" and believe me - they caught a whiff.

Game two is a double-digit blowout.

I hesitate to say that the series ends in five, because the road is still rocky, but it certainly could and beyond that, Dallas doesn't scare me.

If the Lakers face Oak City, I'll be glad we're at home, because that team does.

As does Miami, who beat us twice.

But here's where experience comes to play, as the playoffs are a marathon, and not a sprint.

We'll be there down the stretch. Just take a deep, deep breath and remember this is fun.

Had not been watching my team why? Turn my stomach to watch my team play like they have all ready won or have lost the championship. They have look this way the entire season. Its like they just came back from Mars and they have space lag. Kobe played good yesterday shot 50% had some rebounds assits and a few turnovers. and he played hard, but man he is 32 most of his speed has left him, but he continune to try and be 25. Bynum had seven shots, you get my drift. See fellows all the greats got older and they made adjustments to there game to enhance there teammates, the ball should go to Bynum first and then back to Kobe or on the other side of the court to Gasoft, then back to Kobe and there will be more lanes to drive to the hoop. Kobe has never figure this out or maybe he will not conform to what's best for his team. Maybe he will be just as hardheaded as he has always been. Have you notice teams have gotten better defending our offense when it is not run correctly to much dribbling, by our guards those you start and the guys who come off the bench. So inside out pass around the D-open shot not a shot off the dribble. Basketball is simple the players make it hard, and at this time that's our problem on offense. Well defense is another problem but just do not have time to debate that one. So my opinion is this we are in a place at this time that does not look good for us if not now but later as the playoff move forward.

Game two is a double-digit blowout.

>>Au Contraire mon frere. U just resistated a franchise. Orleans should change the name from hornets to Gumbos or Voodoos.

Lakers will tighten screws .. yes but the Gumbos will run at Fisher/Artest/Kobe/Gasol/&Bynum.. they + 29 other teams like even Golden Gate Children figured that out. Phillup can put Blake/Brown/Barnes to counter and take Bynum/Fisher out but then u loose Length and experiece. Back to square 1 and now u play their game and not urs. Triangle works in slooooooooow games not against run & gun... Gumbos will take their chances in up and down..

Run for 48 minutes for next couple game and definitely legs will wear out on the already worn out Yellow Purplets..

oh i gots an idea.. put snicker bars by the boards.. dat way Odum will have some incentive to play harder...

Laker win Game 2 .. 50/50 but i say no blowout. Gumbos know what spices work for them now. U r in for a Pox Fight

It was definitely difficult to watch such a loss. Yet, let's hand it to the Hornets for a game well-played! All their players showed up to play the Lakers!

I am CONFIDENT that co-captain Kobe Bryant and Coach Phil Jackson will inspire the troops to stay focus on the mission and goal they committed to fulfilling this 2011 Season.


I blame the loss agaisnt New-Orleans not on mr Gasol who had a bad game.
The blame game should go to mr Bryant,who i think is the best NBA player right now.Not following the triangle ,too much one on one and on some turn over in the fourth quarter that he made.

Watch these other games, teams are full throtle units, with everyone competiting.....we're not there with our line up.

It's too obvious that the Lakers are good only if the front line play well. That is there strength . Most of the games they lost in the regular season were because too many jumpers and not get back on defense. You would think they have learned it from the past, but I guess not. The Lakers are getting older in the back court and other injuries that cause them slow transition defense . If they were to take long jumpers then there is no different between them and Sun . The Lakers can loss to anybody in a 7 games series if they do not willing to work the ball inside out.

I'm not a Laker fan but I'll bite. The Lakers should be scared of any team that's more scrappy and active than them. There are at least 2 other teams who they should be most worried about in the West--OKC and Denver. Fortunately for them 1 of the 2 will take the other out. I also believe if Portland can upset Dallas, they could take out the Lakers as well. But that's the consistent thing this year in their losses: they lose to teams that have more fight than them. It's been 3 years we've been calling them a "finesse" team, which I'm sorry, is code for "soft." People keep saying the Lakers need to wake up, they're lazy, they're bored. I'm not sure when all of you are going to realize that you're seeing their full potential right now. This is as good as it gets right now. If you're not ready to play in the playoffs, when WILL you be ready???

How can you win when you have too many outside distractions

* Odom Reality show during the basketball season dosen't help
* Artest: too busy making recordings. Lat year in the gym every day.
* Fish: President of Players Assocation. Meetings in NY.
* KOBE: Selfish. Dribble too much. Lots' of turn overs
25 shots too many.
Odom & Artest get paid enough to play basketball, foget
the other till season is over.

Their will be big changes next year. Won't make it out of the 2nd RD.

The players have adopted the traits of the coach, old and arrogant and uncaring and slow. Time to clean house.



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