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NBA makes right decision in suspending Matt Barnes, but questionable why Jason Terry goes unpunished


Letting out a deep sigh, Lakers forward Matt Barnes pondered for a few seconds.

He had been asked whether he thought the NBA would suspend him for his actions that sparked an ejection in the Lakers' 110-82 victory Thursday over the Dallas Mavericks. He could've offered the same chippiness as he did when he pushed Jason Terry shortly after the Mavericks guard gave Lakers guard Steve Blake a hard shove to the ground. Barnes could've answered with the same defiance when he broke free from the bearhug of Dallas assistant Terry Stotts from around his waist. And Barnes could've responded with the same swagger that he's demonstrated throughout his eight-year career and when he took off his jersey before he threw it into the Staples Center stands as he walked toward the entrance tunnel.

Instead Barnes shook his head, stared at the ground and sighed. "I don't know," Barnes said. "I don't know. I have no idea."

Clearly, Barnes wouldn't have been surprised or shocked had the NBA suspended him, a decision the league didn't announce until five hours before the Lakers' game tonight at Utah. When the NBA announced he would serve a one-game suspension without pay, Barnes immediately went to his Twitter account, eager to embrace the positive he could make of sitting out for a game and losing $17,650 in pay. "I get an extra day of rest for my knee," Barnes tweeted. "Ill be watching the game 2nite w/the rest of the laker fans, on tv. All good team will keep it ... Rolln 2nite vs the Jazz.. Ill be bak sunday. Appreciate the support from all the lakeshow fans.. RESPECT!!"

The NBA properly characterized Barnes' intervention as "escalating an on-court altercation and actions following his ejection." Barnes also properly characterized his involvement in wanting to stand up for Blake and sending a message to Terry and any other opponent that "you're not going to come into our house and try to throw us around." The NBA mistakably didn't send the message to Terry.

Instead, the league downgraded Terry's flagrant foul type 2 to a type 1 and declined to suspend him. Apparently the NBA rulebook that says it determines suspensions based on "how hard the foul was; the outcome of the foul (e.g., whether it led to an altercation)" doesn't apply in Terry's case. Terry's foul on Blake was intentional and hardly fit the description of a basketball play simply because he pushed him. The outcome of the foul sparked Blake to jaw with him, Barnes pushing Terry as officials and teammates tries to separate the two and officials levying out ejections during the entire sequence to Barnes, Blake, Terry and Dallas center Brendan Haywood. How that doesn't fit the description of a foul leading to an altercation is beyond me.

Barnes sitting out a game won't mean much in the long run and a suspension was worth what Barnes did against Dallas. As much as the bench would like to sharpen its chemistry and consistency before the playoffs begin, Barnes' decision to stand up for Blake bolstered their relationship, continued a pattern where the Lakers are demonstrating their toughness and, on a lesser note, gave him a bigger platform to sell his newly released T-shirts. But the NBA's inaction on Terry will only fuel the animosity between the Lakers and Terry. He's already boasted Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher are too old to guard the Mavericks' backcourt, called Barnes "as soft as Charmin tissue paper" and can laugh gleefully over escaping the NBA's wrath. 

Barnes, for one, won't forget it, showing the chippiness, swagger and defiance that was absent when addressing a possible suspension but forever present on the court when the Lakers needed it the most.

"NO ONES worried bout wat Jason Terry is talkn bout," Barnes tweeted. "everyone remembers the 07 season ... Me & the Golden St homies laid out the blueprint on how to beat Dallas.. "PUNK'EM" Aint [expletive] changed homey.. So enough w/the small talk."

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Matt Barnes, left, is restrained by teammate Lamar Odom, center, as Lakers assistant coach Frank Hamblen looks on during the second half of the Lakers' 110-82 victory over Dallas on Thursday. Barnes was ejected after getting into a confrontation with Dallas guard Jason Terry. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times / March 31, 2011

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I'm feeling the Pistons vs. Chicago tonight. I'm hoping they come through in front of the old "Bad Boys" and pull out a victory. A Chicago loss would help the Lakers as well.

That was some video you posted about the old Pistons. They were beyond dirty!!

Well, the moment Matt Barnes got thrown out, I said to myself, "Well, it looks like Matt Barnes has officially become a Laker."

Every player has that moment where they earn their stripes.

Ron Artest's came last year in the playoffs with the game winning basket against Phoenix.

Matt Barnes just had his moment last night. He's officially Purple and Gold from now on.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


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k.b. all day
Lakers Fan in Boston
London Laker

TRINITY - "What's he doing"?
MORPHEUS - "He's starting to believe"..... "He's the one"!!!


TRINITY - "You've been down that road before Mamba"
MAMBA - "And I'm going down it again"

This bus is on cruise control at the moment. around 9th gear now, going all the way to 17th gear!!


@Triangulator: Thanks for that 'Brecker Bros." track a few threads back. They were one of my favorite bands back in da day. Unfortunately, we lost Randy not too long ago but, Michael is still goin' strong...good stuff,thanks again!!!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

"Every player has that moment where they earn their stripes.

Ron Artest's came last year in the playoffs with the game winning basket against Phoenix.

Matt Barnes just had his moment last night. He's officially Purple and Gold from now on."

100% agree.

I'm feeling the Pistons vs. Chicago tonight. I'm hoping they come through in front of the old "Bad Boys" and pull out a victory. A Chicago loss would help the Lakers as well.

That was some video you posted about the old Pistons. They were beyond dirty!!

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | April 01, 2011 at 05:03 PM
Its early but it doesn't look like DRose wants to cooperate in the Pistons feel good moment....ha!

Not really any good early games tonight. Best one on paper is Mem/NO and SA/Hou.


Yahoo story about Barnes' suspension....

The article mentions that Barnes threw off the assistant coach, Terry Stotts, and how that action involved some contact with fans in the very expensive seats. The league's thinking was probably swayed by that. The NBA is very conscious of its image and has very little tolerance for any forceful interaction with its high paying customers. The Barnes suspension is a little more understandable when looked at in that light. It does not, however, explain why the league office lessened Terry's penalty and why they didn't see fit to suspend or fine him for starting the whole thing.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | April 01, 2011 at 04:49 PM

Just saw Shaq will be back Tuesday at latest. God please let us face and beat the Celtics in the Finals.


Yeah, it may have been wishful thinking about the Pistons on my part! But I've still got hope for SA/Hou!

BTW,in that video about the Bad Boys, I found it funny that Rick Mahorn was fighting with Detroit at one point, but fighting AGAINST them when he was a 76er. I guess Rick just liked to fight! LOL!

go Matt Barnes!!!!!

this is BS, nba.

love the win Lakers!!!!!

@blf: That 'Bad Boys' Pistons team was the dirtiest that I've ever witnessed. They were rivaled only by the hated evil Greenies(The Cs)...I hate teams that play like that...that ain't BBall...that's NFL ball and it should not be tolerated by the NBA. Stern and Stu Jackson allow that crap to go on, and then when it gets outta hand they try to appear noble by overpolicing and issuing fines and suspensions. How about instructing the zebras to nip that crap in the bud so it doesn't reach that point in the first place. I guess that would be too much like right.(LOL)

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

I thought Terry's foul was stupid, but was a flagrant 1. Blake was not endangered. If Kobe committed that foul we would all say, flagrant, but come on, no suspension, he didn't hurt the guy.

I understood Blake getting in his face but that was an automatic ejection and possible suspension. And there are plenty of hard fouls. You can't go off on every one. I thought Barnes' made a questionable but understandable-in-the- heat-of-the moment decision to jump into it.

I thought Barnes was stupid to keep yelling as he went off the floor, to not heel when Crawford tried to corral him, to shake off a coach and to keep yelling as he left the floor (Odom had to control him a little) and to throw his jersey into the stands. All of that guaranteed his suspension and risked adding one for Blake just because it heated up the whole thing. But again, it was all emotion of the moment. I understand that.

But the t-shirts after he had a chance to calm down? Classless. Eliminated any question on the suspension. And makes him and the Lakers in general a ref target.

I am a lifelong Laker fan and a Bruin and I love Barnes and the way he actually made himself into a basketball player. But none of this was too smart.

Good job by Artest of staying out.

all of you talking about "class" are not blue bloods. give it up. there was nothing wrong with the t-shirts, i don't mind the aggressiveness. the Lakers are obviously not wining through violence, but i love that they can dish out what they take. if the Lakers weren't winning because of basketball skill and savvy, it would be another matter. the game is physical, there's nothing wrong with that.

there's no way that Blake shouldn't get in Terry's face. there's no way that Barnes and Brown shouldn't stand up for their teammates. it's universal, when bullied, one must stand one's ground or forever be bullied. it's disgusting that in this day and age, bullies are protected by rules and laws that are supposed to protect the innocent from those bullies.

the "Noble Class" is no one to aspire to or emulate. they are famous for mass murder, patricide and other forms of family mayhem and for marrying their sisters and first cousins. just because they have nice manners while doing dirty things doesn't make them nice.

Well I finally got home and getting ready for game day. I just finished reading all the threads and am finally caught up. I noticed one thing...Today is game day and we have had no Roll Call posted. As the one who invented Roll Call on my old Forum on ESPN, I have been posting roll call since 07-08...In the time that I was doing that...I missed posting Roll Call 3 times...and we lost all 3 games...

Call me superstitious, but a Roll Call is part of game day, as much as me wearing a Laker jersey and flying my Laker flag outside. But cutting and pasting Mamba24's Roll Call to me is like sleeping with my brother's (might be a bad example)...

So this is the closest I can come up with a Roll Call...till I can make one similar to Mamba's...

(Please post "add me to Roll Call" if you are not on it...)

|___ LAT BLOG ROLL CALL _\__\__

LEWSTRS - (Driver) Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation
NewMexicoLL - (Shotgun) From Land of The Original Lakers
Caliphilosopher - British Correspondent
justanothermambafan –(Security) Fabulous AND Funny dammit
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LakerPeace - Ready for the Quest for #17
Houston Laker - Needs a game day Link
Noah - Gods favorite
JustaLakerFan - Got some tunes to strike up the band
63 - Footer - Ready to put some foot into some Heat behind
Magic Phil - He of the magic skill
#4 - He knows this is Phils 4th 3-peat
EastCoastJessie - Latina Princess
Tim-4-Show - Shannon Browns advisor
Lone Star Laker Fan - Olde Timey Historian"
LakerJ - Fire Fighter - Will Extinguish The Heat
Cofm99 – In House Guitarist
Segeboy/Taliq – Sheriff: "A new season is upon us."
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Baby Outlaw – Defense Specialist in Training
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LEWSTRS checking in fro Roll Call...

Let's keep this streak alive...Slam the Jazz early, so our starters can rest the 4th quarter...Utah will be half a team tonight, so that is not a tall order...

Last nights game was the best of the year...It had everything we could of asked for including a double digit beat down of the Mavs...

Terry is a wannabe, especially when he said on an interview on TNT, that the Mavs will be the last team standing...yes they will the docks waiting to board the boat so they can go fishing...LMAO...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!! The Friedman Season...

Thanks for the slammin' roll call, LEWSTRS!! How can we lose with the stuff you use? The tradition continues!

add me to Roll Call - serving up baguettes and eclairs on the glorious Laker bus

Roll Call! Present and Accounted For... Let’s keep the streak alive and hope that SA, BOS and CHI can drop their games tonight. Dallas? Dallas who? They have proven once again how insignificant they are. The 2nd highest payroll in the league and another year missing the Final Dance. And let's not mistake rivalry for hate. There is no rivalry with the Cuban Mavericks unless you want to talk payroll! LOL LOL Believe it or not, I used to like Jason Terry. I respected his game coming off of the bench but after last night's fiasco, he's at the bottom of the pile right along with LBJ - like I'm sure they care!

"We're worried about our execution. That's all we did then and that's all we'll do now." #24 K. Bryant

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Bus

"...they're shaking like virgins on prom night."
viewer comment by faithdalakerfan @ 10:03 pm

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

What law school did David Stern attend??He couldn't have graduated. If Terry doesn't push first, what happens??Not to suspend him creats a format, for more harm, no foul!

David needs days more than the players. Have a new t-shirt in place with David's mug on it. I'll buy 6 for the gardner and the poolman. A Texas Laker!

Laker Kev - serving up baguettes and eclairs on the glorious Laker bus


Got you on there Kev...

I figured Stern would go all "Bynum" on Barnes and give him 2 or 3 games. One game is actually correct...go figure. Blake still can't hit a shot, but he is taking it to the basket more which is real good. At least he showed he is ready to fight if necessary...good job Killer B's! Got to survive a back to back next...GO LAKERS!

I've been very busy lately, unable to actually read all the comments...mostly headlines...Then I see this: Barnes punished BUT TERRY GO AWAY WITH HIS CRAP?

No comments on Barnes...but the punk that started all this goes unpunished?

Bad move, NBA....bad move...

The Spurs are losing AGAIN!!

This time to Houston, down 64-55 at half.

@Lew - Thanks for the roll call. Carry on!

@mud - I’m all for playing physical and having your teammates back. No problem there. But I’m not a fan of the t-shirt. We can agree to disagree. Anyway, having class has nothing to do with being a blue blood.


it's cool, it's a stupid shirt really, though...

having "class" DOES refer to royals. there are high and low class, rulers and workers, Nobles and Serfs(slaves). the concept of "class" is based on envy of those who rule. rulers still do horrible things, they just do it with "manners" and "class"...

This just proves the NBA holds the Lakers to a different standard than anyone else in the league.

Someone check Stu Jackson's checking account. Something tells me you'll find a nice deposit courtesy of Mark Cuban in there with today's date on it.


I'm with you. They're different definitions of class. No biggie.

It's funny I was never worried about Ron crossing the line with the Lakers, but I am with Matt. So far however...he's kept everything in check. Now the Lakers need to show him support with a W tonight!

back to back, let's go Lakers-

once again:

April Fool's Day:

don't be fooled, enjoy the game & have a great Friday night-

How the heck did Tony Terry--I mean, Jason Terry--not get a 1 game suspension as well? Lil punk. That's alright tho' because it just shows we're in their weak little heads. Maybe when he was talking about soft, he was talking about his own team? Jus' sayin.

Applause to the Lakers for not backing down and not letting the Mavs back in it. They kept the throttle down almost the entire game. 28 point beatdown never sounded so sweet. Ahhhhhh...

And LO better get sixth man this year.


I'm with you. They're different definitions of class. No biggie.

It's funny I was never worried about Ron crossing the line with the Lakers, but I am with Matt. So far however...he's kept everything in check. Now the Lakers need to show him support with a W tonight!

Posted by: LRob | April 01, 2011 at 07:15 PM

Matt said you simply don't come into our house and start throwin' us around...that's why I reacted. You gotta just love that(I'm sure you do) and yes...they have his back, just like the team had Drew's back...awesome!

Why does everyone refer to Jason Terry's shove as a "foul"? Clearly the foul came earlier, and then Terry shoved Blake as an afterthought. Moreover, just because Blake managed to guide his fall with feline agility, should that really factor into the decision regarding penalties? Following that logic, a drunk driver should simply get a ticket after a vehicular accident if his victim survives intact. By penalizing the Lakers more than the Mavs, the NBA effectively set up what happened with Kobe tonight in Utah. Very likely there will be more of this to come, now that everyone knows it's open season on L.A.





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