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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian fight in second episode of reality show

April 18, 2011 |  1:45 pm

You knew this was coming.

This is reality television after all, where the characters actually exaggerate the drama, tension and excitement over everyday minutia. But it's a shame because the first episode of Lamar Odom's reality television series with Khloe Kardashian featured a sensitive subject involving Odom's estranged relationship with his father Joe, whom Odom has said is a heroin addict and is shown always asking Odom for money and gifts. The second episode featured you'd expect out of any reality show: pointless fighting.

Khloe remains frustrated that Odom's best friend and business partner, Jamie, is always hanging out at their loft, believes Odom is too nice to him and that their product line, Rich Soil, isn't run as well to Khloe's liking. So Khloe changes the locks and tells Jamie to stop hanging out with Lamar. After Jamie pulls the "I'm his friend" argument and Khloe responds with the "He's my husband card," Jamie mentions his 20-year friendship with Lamar and remarks on how the two have only been married for a year. Before closing the door in her face, Jamie tells Khloe to "grow up," to which Khloe tells Jamie to do the same.

"Lamar is too in love with all of his friends and Lamar feels like if he doesn’t, there not going to be his friends — that's what happened in the past," Khloe tells directly to Odom as to why she changed the locks.

Odom simply glared at her, responding: "What kind of preschool s*** is that?.'" No wonder Odom at times didn't want to do this show. There's more important things to talk about, such as why the Lakers played horribly in the playoffs thus far.

--Mark Medina

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