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Lamar Odom admits he pondered quitting reality TV show

Only three days into the filming process, Lakers forward Lamar Odom said, he became so frustrated with the time demands and pressures surrounding his reality television show with Khloe Kardashian that he wanted to end it.

"I thought it was going to be easy," Odom said recently on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. "It's really tough. ... three days into it, I was like, 'Do we have to finish?'"

Kardashian squelched that idea, however, saying that it'd be logistically impossible to halt production and get out of their contract. Incidentally, it was Kardashian who initially shot down the idea of a reality show featuring the two newlyweds. She said she drew on her experience with "Keeping up with the Kardashians" in predicting that the show demands would prove too overwhelming.

"I just didn't want to put Lamar through that pressure," Kardashian said. "Lamar was like, 'Let's do it. Everyone keeps asking. Let's do it.'"

When word initially leaked out that they would do the show, Odom made it clear to reporters that he didn't make a definitive decision for some time because he wanted to make sure he could fit the project into a busy schedule without diluting his performance on the court

That hasn't been an issue as Odom enters the Lakers' first-round playoff series against New Orleans on Sunday as the team's most consistent player and its third-best scorer (14.4 points) and rebounder (8.7 rebounds). He's also in the running for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Odom's revelation that he wanted to quit isn't an example of him stretching himself too thin -- after all, things have worked out -- but it points to a recognition that sometimes it's better to say no and that less can be more.

-- Mark Medina

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Oh boy MM - you are really starting something



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you today. It’s been kind of hectic, but I’m having a great day also.

I was definite feeling your first set. Petty’s “You Don’t Know” is a great cruising record…One Headlight still rocks and the Wilbury’s speak for themselves!

I also loved reading about the guitar prodigy. God has truly blessed young Tallan with some incredible skills. I’ll be looking out for him. Thanks for posting it.

Since you, Jefe & mclyne are rolling with “Guitar Heroes”, I’ll check in with another that was a child prodigy who was touring with the Allman Brothers when he was 12. Of course, he comes from some great genes…his uncle is Butch Trucks.

Derek Trucks - Rockin Horse

@jefe – loved the Stevie
@mclyne – Jack & Dan…yes sir!

Posted by: LRob | April 15, 2011 at 02:01 PM

One of my favorite part of the playoffs other than the games is the “trash talking” between games. Looks like it’s off to a strong start in the Denver-OKC series
Here what George Karl and Raymond Felton said referring to when OKC beat them last week…

"We know what they were saying after the game here," Denver coach George Karl said. "We know what they were saying. We know. I'm not going to bring it to the public, but we know. It gets back to us. We have ballboys in that locker room. We have agents of players that have the same agents. We know what's going on."

Raymond Felton was the first to throw down the gauntlet. The Nuggets guard made it clear about a week ago he wanted to play Oklahoma City in the first-round series and cited loose lips from the Thunder as the main reason why.
"Hopefully we get Oklahoma City because I feel like we owe them," Felton said then.

Asked if his teammates felt the same way, he shook his head and put it all on himself. "They -were doing a little bit of trash-talking, so I want them."
OKC’s reply….

“We haven't (done anything) but win basketball games,” Perkins said. “But if you feel that way, the only thing you can do is do something about it. If not then be quiet.”

You can't be too nice in this league,” Durant said. “I guess that's what they're referring to. But we don't do any talking in the media. I make sure guys don't do any of that. So I don't see where they get those comments from.”

Hmmm…KD said his guys don’t talk trash in the media. Someone forgot to tell him about Perks comments about Pau & Phil. Plus, didn't KD call Bosh out also!

L.O. that should be a NO BRAINER.

When Kobe meets with GLADD maybe he should take his photo-op picture, number 3 and 4 would win them over. All is forgivin.

I'm loving the show so far, and he seems more focused! Best of both worlds!

So the black mamba will be wearing a pink tu tu and princess crown on the gay pride parade this year? Kobe this is what happens when you act like an idiot and spew obscenities. Your father Joe raised you better than that.

Well, just thank God that the shooting of the series is over.

We need additional distractions in the playoffs like we need a chicken pox infestation.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Bynum is L.A.'s biggest question mark, having suffered a bone bruise in his right knee in the second quarter of L.A.'s second-to-last regular season game and thus missing the last. However, he is expected to start in Sunday's series opener, after having five days to get his knee right. Meanwhile, Matt Barnes - who missed L.A.'s last two games with knee soreness - will be available, meaning that Steve Blake's bout with the chicken pox makes him the only player unavailable for Game 1.

Bynumite is on ESPN right now saying he is all right...Pau saying he looks normal...

#17 Coming Up!!!

I'd like to see Trey get some of "The Brick's" minutes...anybody know if he will make the first round roster? Maybe he and SB can step up to help Fish run point...

I watched an episode of L & K's reality show that dealt with Lamar's interaction with his dad, Joe. Really poignant stuff about their relationship was revealed.



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