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Lakers vs Utah: Lakers lose to Jazz; Kobe Bryant loses ball late

Kobe5 Jazz 86, Lakers 85 (final)

The Lakers had been riding a high, going 17-1 at point after the All-Star break, winning nine in a row in the process.

But now the Lakers have lost two straight games, the latest to the struggling Utah Jazz Tuesday night at Staples Center.

Kobe Bryant had a chance to give the Lakers the victory, but he lost the ball on a last-second shot as time expired.

It meant that the Lakers now are 3 1/2-games behind the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the NBA.

Derrick Favors made just one of two free throws for an 85-82 Jazz lead.

Bryant, who finished with 20 points on six-for-18 shooting, tied the game up with a three-pointer with 16.2  seconds left.

Jazz rookie Gordan Haywood was fouled by Bryant on a drive.

Haywood made one of two free throws for an 86-85 Jazz lead with six seconds left. Haywood finished with 22 points, but his miss left the door open for the Lakers.

But Bryant was unable to deliver for the Lakers.

Lakers 57, Jazz 57 (end of third quarter)

In a game that's struggling for excitement, the Lakers found a little when Andrew Bynum set a career high by taking his 19th rebound. Then  he took his 20th. And that was it for the exhilaration.

Both teams continue to shoot poorly, the Lakers stalled at 35.7% and the Jazz at 34.3%. It's ugly.

Lakers 40, Jazz 34 (end of first half)

It was not a pretty game, to be sure.

But the Utah Jazz has a way of making the game ugly, and the Lakers fell right into place.

It was so bad that Kobe Bryant picked up three fouls in the first half and was forced to take a seat on the bench.

Bryant had six points, all on free throws (six for six). He missed his only field-goal attempt.

The Lakers shot just 39.4% from the field in the first half, a big reason why they led by only six points at the break.

The Jazz shot just 33.3% from the field.

Lakers 24, Jazz 20  (end of first quarter)

It was clear from the start that Pau Gasol was just fine.

He had suffered a bone bruise on his right knee after falling hard during a game Sunday against the Denver Nuggets.

Gasol had 12 points on four-for-five shooting in the first quarter.

Gasol also had two rebounds and one blocked shot.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol would play Tuesday night against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center.

Bynum tweaked his right knee and Gasol suffered a bone bruise in his right knee during Sunday's loss to the Denver Nuggets.

"They are ready and willing," Jackson said. "They are able. I think at this time of the season, guys can always use the rest, but we tend to think that it's best for our team to keep playing."

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Kobe Bryant looks at his hands after missing a last-second shot attempt during the Lakers' 86-85 loss Tuesday. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Hello Laker nation!

I'm watching the game. Kobe is screwing it up. Lakers should be up by 10-12 points, but Kobe's mistakes cut the Lakers lead to single digit. I'm glad Shannon is in for this guy.

Hayward 3 over Kobe. Kobe playing stupid defense.

Kobe not taking shots in the game early is overstated, and his shots (or shot selection) late in the game in understated.

Kobe is overrated.

The game is so much fun to watch without Kobe in the lineup.

WintonDupree, I'm coming to you live. I think your head is in a a-hole. Pull it out from that dark place so that you can see it live.

Kobe is messing the game up and making it unpleasant to watch.

Kobe will *will* the Lakers to lose this game. Switching channels to GSW vs POR game.

See ya.

Once again I have to miss the 2nd half...bummer. I'm confident the guys will improve their play in the 2nd half and close this one out in proper fashion.


@LRob: Glad you liked the 'Gorillaz', that cut always makes me wanna dance for some reason.(LOL)


For today's musical contribution, this goes out to JAMF. There's no hidden message to my choosing this tune, it's just coz JAMF is a BIG fan of this group...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

I feel bad for those ordinary people who spend a lot of hard earned money just to watch the Lakers play in Staple Center only to see a lousy, uninspired, and ugly game against a bad team Jazz. I'm only watching in my own t.v. and I can't stand to see how the Lakers play much more if you pay a lot of money only to see a very boring full of error, ugly, ugly game in Staples. Even if the Lakers win tonight, nothing to be proud of as a fan. They're back to being the Lakers before the All Star break. It's like a feeling of choking all the players until they throw up their millions of dollars in their mouth.

Lakers/Butler - disgraceful showing AGAIN!

Time to rest/bench Kobe until April 17.

Why wasn't Bynum in there for the last possession to complement Pau and Lamar? There was no reason to settle for a jump start when this team's supposed strength is their HUGE front line. I think it was a HUGE coaching mistake to have Bynum on the bench, with the game on the line and resorting to a jump shot by Kobe who shot 33% from the field. NEXT!

pau gasol- where is your heart??????

wow, the lakers got beat by a rookie named gordon, are you serious?!

Well, we are crawling, like usual, to the finish line. Frankly, I don't give one iota about HCA with Chicago and San Antonio, and we most likely won't catch either.

BUT I am VERY concerned about HCA with Boston and Miami. I think it is critical that we maintain HCA with both of them, because the 2-3-2 format favors heavily the home court.

We are one game up on both Boston and Miami right now and we need to maintain that. And unfortunately both teams hold the tie-breaker against us, so we need to stay up that game.

I hope they don't give up this last week. They have some tough games coming up and they need to win every one of them.

Kobe, as usual lost this game. He played crap, as always, all game and tried to a hero towards the end and became a zero.

What did I say, what did I say, people. Just watch Kobe play, you'll puke. My ct pukes, too.

I repeat. Lakers will have 3 consecutive losses, including tomorrow one against the GSW.

Kobe, trade him already. His hands are worse than Kwame's.

Lakers/Butler - disgraceful showing AGAIN!

Time to rest/bench Kobe until April 17.

Posted by: NuggetsCountry | April 05, 2011 at 09:56 PM

I'd go a step further by benching him forever. Better yet, trade him.

We have no extra shooters, everything awaits Kobe. Team has a BIG problem. On the road in the playoffs , this team is going to find a rude awakening. Other teams have more options and are learning how to defend us.

Phil better pull one of his hat or suit up. Losing tonight is an embarrasment.

We don't play this June..........................

Kobe's super clutch right?.

Kobe "the Hero Shot" Bryant

Great time to go on another losing streak, Lakers.

Catching up to Spurs & Bulls nearly impossible now.

Effectively 3 games ahead of Mavs, 2 games ahead of Cs, and 1 game ahead of Heat.

They'd better stop the losing pronto this time because HCA does make a difference in the Finals.

Kobe's 7 turnovers and 33% shooting more than offset Bynum's 23 rebounds, incl. 7 offensive.

Kobe's very predictable in the clutch. Defending against him if you have a good coach like Sloan is pretty easy.

wow, the lakers got beat by a rookie named gordon, are you serious?!

Posted by: jerseylakersfan | April 05, 2011 at 10:02 PM

Correction. Kobe got beaten by a rookie names Hayward! Kobe got punked!.

Lakers reverting to the mean. Kobe going back to one on five ball. He almost lost Game 7 of the Finals last year. Artest bailed us out.

Posted by: Terry

His hands are worse than Kwame's.


not quite but is cause for concern.

Kobe: 7 points, 6 of 18.
Bynum: 23 boards, 7 offensive.

Who had a better game?

kobe bryant 7 turnovers!!!. That kid sometimes gets to my nerves with his selfish play and I know better than Phil attitude.

Laker fans sleep well. Same time tomorrow, you'll have 3 consecutive losses.

Kobe crotch shooter. Like I said, Lakers will not get out of the first round. Trust me.

Now, all hail the King. LeBron James.

Mrs. Steve Blake Is Religious And Odd,

Do you not follow basketball? Did you not watch the game or did you just read the box score? Sloan isn't coaching anymore.

And this loss is all on Kobe, Gasol, and Fisher. And WTH was Walton doing in the game?

Hi Putrid.

I thought it was your mom sucking Laker balls?

This team winning on the road against Boston or Miami in a close game with this immature kid playing in "HERO MODE"?. I'm not liking the chances of a 3-peat right now.

Kobe is not the problem you need a good point guard.and why wasnt bynum in the game the last three minute?

I love it when little trolls (they must have no life) take their time to post on a so-called opponent site.

Trolls like terry and ninoy are always most likely to go postal.

One of the main reasons I sport the CCP. Boom boom Pau!

This from the Golden State Warriors; we look forward to you punk-ass Lakers.

All hail the king, the one and only LeBron James. Kobe, how does *my* ass taste, say the king.

6 for 18.... dang it! Pass the freakin ball!!!

Kobe is and will always be a better player than Lebron.

The only thing I didn't like about it was on fox sport west when they show THE GAME HIGH LIGHT OF THE NIGH, they show that pussy ass ale hoop of Shannon Brown and Steve Blake, ew whip T do, lame give it too Utah or show something else, what there to be proud about we lost, there's better ale hoops than that, come on man, lame

I'll add putrid (nuff said) to the list of freaks. Go get a life guys. Go outside. Take to someone, maybe even a wowan!

I love it when little trolls (they must have no life) take their time to post on a so-called opponent site.

Trolls like terry and ninoy are always most likely to go postal.

One of the main reasons I sport the CCP. Boom boom Pau!

Posted by: WintonDupree | April 05, 2011 at 10:20 PM

Really, Dupree, this is what you got? Sad.

I love the Lakers. And i hate Lebron James

The sad part is that Golden State is jealous of the KINGS!

Everyone wants to be in LA losers!

Dude I hope you actually arent counting on Lebron to win you a championship......Seriously if that was the case he would of won the last two years now....

Look people, what u guys need to realize is Kobe is getting old. and with age ur game is thrown off a lil, and hes had a few injuries. Give him a break it isnt just his fault. The Bench, REALLY, REAALLy, needs to step up their game. phil shouldnt even be playing the starters as much cause we want them all to be healthy. Kobe is still a great player, he just needs some rest. i say let shannon brown, steve blake, and barnes play so they can work on their shot and learn how to not lose leads and prepare them for the playoffs. i have faith in my Lakers.

Lebron will never win anything. That is why he is the Queen of the NBA.

That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, I would be down about that game too much, their were some good things about it.

Oh and im really proud of Lamar odom. He will definetly be a great factor in the post season. Bynum is also playing great. And i hope Artest starts to be consistent.

I read a lot of garbage comments here...Am I in the Lakers blog site?

I agree with Ahhhaaalala. What he meant was that this game was meaningless, KB did not need to bring the A game, and the bench needs to step up.

And they should be running more plays through Drew...or Pau...or Lamar or whoever has the matchup down low. But it will most likely be Drew.

As long as we have the HCA over Miami and Boston then we will be fine. Last season we finished out the season badly and we all know what happened in the Post season.............

Can someone please explain to me why does Phil Jackson put in Luke Walton and allows him to jack up threes. Oh my bad I forgot the scouting report says to leave him open and guard the others because he couldnt shoot in college nor in the pros, and the Lakers are paying him to do what exactly.....

Phil needs to rest his stars ( Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, and Odom ) and let the rest play and maybe they can gain some confidence before the big push.....They can count out getting the #1 seed they'll be lucky to maintain the #2 spot.

Kobe had an all around bad game, especially leaving Hayward open most of the game to score at will. The Lakers should NEVER double team the person Bynum is guarding. Bynum could almost guard Dwight Howard 1-1!!! Why the heck do you need to double team Jefferson when Bynum is guarding him? Maybe helping out if Bynum does get beaten on the perimeter is one thing, but coming with a hard double and leaving Howard open was HORRIBLE defensive strategy. Kobe playing free safety has been killing the Lakers for years and he just needs to stay with his guy, period! And the effort just wasn't there. There were a couple of loose balls that the Lakers just didn't bother chasing down. Totally unacceptable. They decided to just take the night off I guess.

Laker haters love it when Kobe doesn't have a Kobe-type game. Whatever makes them happy.. they have the best player, best coach, best line up, best 6th man. Ya its shitty when your team SUCKS and hasn't won anything in years, I'd be bitter too.

Lakers rule, shut up!

Problem is , putrid pos that your life is in yo momma's basement. Maybe yo gramma's, no disrespect to tem. It's not thier fault they raised a fool

It almost looked like they were trying to lose on purpose so that they stay 2nd seed so that they won't have to play OKC or Denver(who's playing the best team defense in the league right now, almost as good as UConn did against Butler) if they make the 2nd round, or Memphis in the 1st round, both tough matchups. If Portland faces Dallas, Portland may actually beat Dallas.

I wonder if these trolls will be back when the lakers win the NBA championship? The NBA Championship is NOT won during the regular season. As Pippen once said "72 and 10 don't mean a thing without the ring."

Now, all hail the King. LeBron James.

Posted by: Terry | April 05, 2011 at 10:14 PM

terry, take your troll legs out of here and go to the miami beat fan page. all hail who? queen lebron is more like it, the guy chokes so many times in the playoffs, the heimlich maneuver should be named the lebron maneuver. black mamba 5 rings, your precious queen lestink a big fat ZERO! the knicks will take care of your big two and ahalf and the rest are crap in the first round.


You do realize who coaches this team right?

Nothing just happens, there is always a reason.

and thank God the troll's moms made them go to bed!

It's gonna be fun!

The Lakers just need to focus on the remaining 5 games this season and get ready for the Post season. The most important thing is to ensure that our players are healthy entering the post season.

Jerry Sloan is not coach anymore. do you even follow basketball -___-

it's tyrone corbin..

bynum didn't play as much because they do not want to risk him. what's the point in playing hard now when you're seeded. save your energy for later where it truly matters.

also pau is very very soft... he needs to learn to how man-handle his way into the key..
kobe is just being kobe. you guys who call him "bad, terrible, sucky, overrated"
i'm pretty sure all great players had their time of verbal abuse such as jordan.
you have a high caliber player shoot bad (kobe being a franchise/history maker) and he's automatically the worst player in the league.
and what makes a player truly great is how much will power and energy he puts into EVERY single second of the game. something the lakers have no grasp but kobe and only kobe.

@Terry - you post the same nonsnese over and over again. we get it,you don't like Kobe and you think he lost the game. LOL

Might be good if you knew
Gordon Hayward is the player that shut down Kobe...not Gordan Haywood. Maybe he will have to shut him again, so you will know what his name is.

Good god, we sucked two games in a row now. Both times some retainer-wearing 13 year old helped beat us. I want to throw up.

Kobe, Pass the f*g ball. Please.

OMG, how did we lose to the lowly Jazzies? Can someone tell Kobe roundball is a team sport? When you're not open, maybe let one of your 7 footers shoot it from, I don't know, 7 feet out?

Hey Laker haters, why do you come to this blog to spew your filth? Your diatribe is incoherent and boorish. "This game is a @#@$$% joke". Really? That is what you are going with? A profanity? LOL. Where is the breakdown? Let me offer my services you poor, uneducated, bottom feeding troll. You could have pointed to the Lakers lack of energy, excluding Bynum who had a career high rebounds. Maybe you could have mentioned their failure to run the offense down the stretch which resulted in the team standing around watching Kobe, although he did make the tre to tie the game. Perhaps talk about the fact that another let down should not have been totally unexpected given their stellar play since the ASG and a 82% winning pct. is unsustainable. No, you had to break out the old troll favorite, Lakers Suck. Yes, my fuzzy little friend, that they did on this night. However, the road to the O'Brien trophy goes right through the City of Angels. May the best team win. My bet is on the Lakers.

Kobe didn't lose this game. PJ and Luke did. Per usual.

listen, kobe with 4 fingers is still better than the rest of the league. quit trippin on 1 play in regular season. how bout gettin kobe in a rythym sooner. he needs more than 10 shots thru 3 qtrs anyway.


Staying ahead of Miami and Boston will be tough. This was a game they had to win. They still face OKC, Portland, Spurs. Celtics have Chicago and Miami, but they will likely crush Miami. So Lakers can forget about catching Chicago and San Antonio, but they have to stay ahead of Boston. Don't expect San Antonio to go through another stretch like they did the last 2 weeks. In the playoffs with more rest, an older team like the Spurs will be as dangerous as the Celtics were last year in the playoffs.

In any game where Kobe tries to take over, the Lakers lose. I understand if the other players are doing nothing, but the Jazz could not stop Odom in the post, so they should have milked that more.

Very disappointing loss. Although the Lakers have a 1 game lead over Miami and Boston, both will have the tiebreaker over the Lakers. Miami since they beat the Lakers twice. If the Lakers and Boston finish tied, since they split, it would go to the conference record. Because Boston has a better conference record currently and since each team will not only play their own conference teams, if they finish with identical records, Boston will have the better conference record, giving them HCA over the Lakers. So basically, the Lakers have to consider themselves as having the same record as Boston and Miami.

The Lakers only hope then is that Orlando knocks off both Chicago and Boston/Miami. I think Orlando has a shot if their 3 point shooters get hot for a few games. Chicago, now that they got the defensive scheme down, will be tough to beat. Most likely, they will beat Boston since they know Boston's offensive scheme.

OK, Sloan doesn't coach anymore. My mistake. When will Kobe admit he's mortal and pass the god damn ball when he's getting schooled and turning the ball over, shooting 33%? Why does he play free safety badly and help out Bynum on D? He plays hard - no one is tougher or has a better work ethic or will - but he does not play smart. If he played like Tim Duncan, he'd have 14 rings by now.

back to back champs. home court or not the lakers will be there in the end. kobes played for the title over half his career. this year wont be any different. lakers win title 4-2 over the celtics. this time in boston. sit back and witness some real history. peace

LOL, ok, ok. Kobe is mortal. I get it. He does screw up a lot. But we are doing well overall. Big picture.

For all the criticism against Kobe, i bet a lot of people (if not most) around the league will be sad seeing him retire in maybe 2/3 years. And for all the times we criticize him, i will always remember the times he saved the Lakers.

He may be slowing down but he still has the biggest heart of any player in the NBA.

Oh my, the trolls have no curfew! Well, it's way past my bedtime. My mom is yelling at me to turn off the lights in the basement, so nite-nite! Love you all, especially you, Kobe, you sexy beast - love those hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who cares? This game meens nothing to them.. they're the defending champs.


with kobe going 16 - 45 in fga the last 2 games, just wondering if he's tired? now that L.A. is 3 behind in the loss column to san antonio, just wondering if p.j. should rest some of the players like kobe, pau and even bynum. playing as bad as they did, no way they should have lost this game. it's not like the jazz played exceptionally well and shot the lights out! losses like this, along with the other 21 lossed can drive us fans a little crazy. anyhow, HCA, is all but gone, but i'm still confident in our guys once the playoffs starts. i don't have a problem losing when we play hard, especailly against a GOOD TEAM! but i have to admit when they tank it against a sub-.500 team, it does PISS ME OFF A BIT!

Kobe seems to be regressing as he gets older. The best thing i like about the showtime lakers was that they use to milk the advantage until it went dry. If worthy had the advantage which he normally did against an opposing player the lakers used to go to him every trip until the other coach made an adjustment. Ditto for magic and kareem. but on this team kobe feels that he has to be the hero and thats the real problem. he saved the lakers season in game 6 last year but almost lose it in game 7. he needs to realise if bynum, gasol or odom is rolling feed them everytime cause it will make his life easier. when the other coach makes an adjustment you switch. play smart ball kobe!

kobe have so many weapons he doesn't have to play the way he does. pau, bynum and lo are some great players. he is no longer playing with smush and parker. it is aggravating when kobe tries to go 1 on 5 with the tools he has. but the die hard kobe fans will say kobe can do no wrong. kobe is the reason why mike from duke refused to coach the lakers. he wants to take all of the shots. kobe is back to that comment he made when he had shaq as his teammate, he trust his teammates, but he trusts himself more.

Not a whole lot to breakdown here. The Lakers didn't respect the game and lost. Like LO said they got what they deserve.

Whoop it up Laker haters. Today is your day!

good point island priest, but kobe along with coaching staff have to realize that too! telling kobe "it's just not your night", might to be too hard for the coaching staff to tell him that. also, what player has the "nads" to tell kobe that too? sometimes, maybe his mates should just avoid passing him the ball. at this stage of his career, kobe is still very effective driving the lane, drawing a crowd and then dishing off. i'd like to see more of that from him. but this game wasn't lost by kobe alone. every member of this team with the exception of bynum, should be EMBARASSED for their effort OR lack of it!

Kobe was badly outplayed by Gordon Hayward. Let me repeat that. KOBE WAS OUTPLAYED BY GORDON HAYWARD. I can't believe people have the nerve to compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan. Jordan would have destroyed this kid and no it's not a racist thing because god knows Mullin always had good games against the Bulls but that was Chris Mullin, not a rookie who's career high is 22.

island priest,

"milk the advantage until it went dry"

I totally agree. Why not post up Odom? They couldn't stop him in the post. Or post up Gasol instead of having him get the ball from 20 feet out? What kind of offense was that? Or run some pick and rolls with Kobe and Gasol in the first half???

Also, not to harp on Kobe over and over, but it seems like recently Kobe seems to kill momentum. Three times in this game, the Lakers either had or were building a lead, he jacked up a three, and missed leading twice to layups at the other end or an easy shot at the other end which started a run for the other teams. Only once have I seen him make that shot to put the Lakers waaay ahead but then he tries it again, and it leads to the other team coming back. He's been doing this the past several games. In fact, starting from the Minnesota game the Lakers have been really shaky, playing with much less energy than they did right after the All Star game. They were lucky to beat Portland, barely hung on against Phoenix, their win against Clippers wasn't very impressive, they were lucky to come back against a terrible Utah team in Utah last week, and then their two losses. So in the last 2 weeks, they've really only had 2-3 quality victories after starting with some solid victories after the All Star game against teams like San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta.

I think they're probably going to go 3-2 the rest of the way, if n0t 2-3, may not even keep HCA over Dallas, but think Dallas is vulnerable if they have to play Portland so it may not matter.

Lakers just lost to a team that played 2 aging veterans, 3 veterans under the age of 27, three rookies, and a d-leaguer.

It's a good thing the media is there to constantly highlight the minor injuries to Gasol and Bynum. They don't really talk much about the fact that the Jazz have 6 players out with injury, five of them could have been starters tonight.

But that is okay, we are used to people making excuses for them.

Why not post up Odom? They couldn't stop him in the post. Posted by:
Lakers-17 | April 05, 2011 at 11:38 PM

I don't recall Odom scoring on any postups. He had 5 hoops. He banked in a 3pt, hit a short jumper, scored on a fluke loose ball layup late in the 4th, hit a driving layup and scored on a feed from Drew. I don't think any of those were give the ball to LO in the post and let him do work. I'm not saying he couldn't...I just saying he didn't yesterday. LO was part of the problem like everyone else not named Drew and Steve.

Here we go again another loss,Phill Jackson wouldnt be happy.It was a very simple game for the Lakers to win.I am a big Laker fan but there is no way that that we can compare this present unit to Phill Jackson'S Bulls.No Laker fan can compare anyone to the his Airness Mr Michael Jordan.In these last post seasons games Jordan and his Bulls would be pulling away from all nba opponents,routing every teams in their way.There is no one like Mike,no one to compare and i agreed with island priest all the way.

Why does everyone hate on Kobe so much its really disgusting. He lost the ball oh well. The Lakers are back to back champions give kobe and the team some respect. They are still 2nd place in the West and third overall in the nba. Everyone needs to shut it about them because they will be there in June and i will be at the Laker parade b@tc@S



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