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Lakers vs Utah: Lakers defeat Jazz, move closer to Spurs

Lakers6_510 Lakers 96, Jazz 85 (final)

The Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz.

That wasn't the biggest news.

The important development was that the victory pulled the Lakers to within 1 1/2 games of the struggling San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the NBA.

The Lakers are 17-1 since the All-Star break. They have won nine consecutive games.

Kobe Bryant led the way with 21 points. Lamar Odom had 16 points, as did Pau Gasol.

 Lakers 71, Jazz 64 (end of third quarter)

It was a better effort by the Lakers in the third quarter.

They caught the Jazz at 62-62 on a Derek Fisher three-pointer and then they extended the lead later in the period.

The quarter ended with a Lamar Odom three-pointer that pushed L.A.'s lead to seven points entering the fourth quarter.


Lakers-Jazz photos

Lakers-Jazz box score

NBA suspends Matt Barnes for one game

Jazz 48, Lakers 42 (end of first half)

The Lakers continued to play poorly, going down by 17 points early in the second quarter.

But then they got it together and closed to within six points at the half. They stayed in the game by making 15 of 20 free throws in the first half.

Kobe Bryant had 13 first-half points for the Lakers, who are shooting 39.4%. Andrew Bynum had two points, both on free throws, and one rebound in 16 minutes.

The Jazz, which is making 42.6% of its shots, is led by the 12 points of C.J. Miles.

Jazz 28, Lakers 22 (end of  first quarter)

The Lakers didn't look very inspired in the first quarter at Utah, trailing by as many as 13 points.

The Jazz shot 50% from the field in the first, even after missing its last three shots.

C.J. Miles led the Jazz with 11 points on five-for-six shooting.


Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said he wasn't happy with Matt Barnes getting suspended without pay for Friday night's game against the Utah Jazz because it left L.A. "short-handed."

Barnes had pushed Dallas' Jason Terry during the game Thursday night after the Mavericks guard shoved Steve Blake down after being called for a blocking foul.

Terry, who was given a flagrant foul 2, Barnes, Blake and Dallas center Brendan Haywood were ejected from the game.

But only Barnes got suspended by the NBA on Friday for what the league said was "escalating an on-court altercation and actions following his ejection."

"Well, he's definitley going to have to check that stuff at the door when it comes to the playoffs," Jackson said. "You don't want to play short-handed in the playoffs. Third-partying is not a way to step things in the right direction."

Barnes' absence meant Luke Walton would be in the rotation.

The Lakers are 16-1 since the All-Star break and remain in the hunt for the Western Conference's top playoff spot.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Salt Lake City

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum is grabbed by Jazz forward C.J. Miles while going for a rebound during their game Jan. 25 at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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As usual Kobe is jacking it up. He'll will is way to make the Lakers to lose.

Kobe, dude, retire already. You're painful to watch.


Jason Terry had his flagrant 2 reduced to a flagrant 1 according to the Mavericks blog. Pretty disappointing decision making by Stu Jackson in my opinion. As to tonight's play, it's not too hard to figure out that copious amounts of alcohol and laughs about last night's play on the way to Utah had something to do with it. Wish teams had more discipline, but if I had been lucky enough to be there with them, I'd be feeling pretty used up myself.

Switch on -- switch off. I think that the Lakers switched it on after they learned that the Spurs lost to the Rockets. The third quarter is going to be all-Lakers.

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k.b. all day
Lakers Fan in Boston
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TRINITY - "What's he doing"?
MORPHEUS - "He's starting to believe"..... "He's the one"!!!


TRINITY - "You've been down that road before Mamba"
MAMBA - "And I'm going down it again"

This bus is on cruise control at the moment. around 9th gear now, going all the way to 17th gear!!

Lakers No. 1 of the regular season? Nah... I'd prefer them coming out as the Western champs. No. 1 in the regular season is overrated.

71-64, end of third quarter. Told you so ...

Kobe is the greatest LAKER and one he will be the greatest of all time. Nobody can touch Kobe.

Lakers 54, Jazz 37. Another dominating performance. The Lakers continue to win despite themselves.

GAme over!!! Lakers all day!!!

As usual Kobe is jacking it up. He'll will is way to make the Lakers to lose.

Kobe, dude, retire already. You're painful to watch.


Posted by: Terry | April 01, 2011 at 07:56 PM


Yeah, right. and let us have lebron james. and keep choking in the playoffs.

Kobe still commands triple team.. i like that. Let me know when teams cover Kobe one-on-one.

Go Lakers! Go Kobe!

Good Win! After a slow start the guys amped it up in the 2nd half. This team is kickin' arse and takin' names...and serving notice...the championship goes thru L.A.


@LRob: Yeah, ya can't go wrong with Jimi and Buddy, for sure.


For today's musical contribution, Imma go with a young artist outta Chi-Town...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

>>>As usual Kobe is jacking it up. He'll will is way to make the Lakers to lose

Yeah, yeah. That freaking ballhog took FOURTEEN DANG SHOTS!!! ME ME ME ME ME.

The guy who took the next most shots only took a measly 13 shots. Thank you for your restraint, Lamar.

I love that PJ's getting the second unit primed for the playoffs by giving them more minutes, while at the same time resting the starters more but not disturbing the rotations. I also like that Barnes got to rest his knee and hopefully he'll make up for the lost day's pay with tee-shirt sales!

Bad effort tonight by most of the team! Took Utah for granted. Shame, shame. Even tried to give it away at end. PJ has to be fuming about the end of game effort, at least.

My favorite moment of the night was when the Lakers came down on the break with the score tied in the third and Kobe casually passed it to Fish, who measured his shot and nailed the three.

Nice game for Fish.

Exactly dice8up Game over!!!
Thanks for coming jazz fans.Nine in a row oh what a differenc a half makes.Thought they were fold up and let that game slip away; which you can't blame them after finishing off the Mavs late last night, and having to board the plane. You know they must have been tired.But instead the fought hard,didn't quit when they were down,and got the win in convincing fashion.There focus and you can see it in their play.How good can this team be come playoff time?

Go Lakers!

Tha lakers is the best of all times and who ever said kobe need to sit down ur a hater dogg ass long ass he still can win them all he here 4 something keep doin ur thang go lakers!!!

The commentators in a couple of recent Laker games mentioned that they thought the Lakers were running up the score towards the ends of games -- having Pau or Kobe on the floor when they're up by 20 with 4 or 5 minutes left.

I didn't really see it that way.

Seems to me that Phil is just trying to instill to the team playing hard through 48 minutes of EVERY game. In November or January, sometimes the team will lose focus and let a lead slip away, or they'll get behind and not fight HARD to come back.

In May and June, you definitely don't want to fall into letting even a single game slip away because you didn't play hard the whole 48 minutes. So the time to work on that is now, in March and April. They're really almost ready for a serious playoff run. When they get a 10 point lead... they extend it to 20. When they fall behind by 17 in the first half, they slowly work their way back and end up winning by double digits.

... and with the Spurs and the Celtics sputtering, it's looking like maybe Chicago or even Miami could sneak in to take the East.

I will kudos to fish nice game tonight,you came through when the lakers neede you,keep up the good work.
pj need to have paul put some stick um on his hand he has a
hard time not loosing the ball.maybe the coach can recomend
some strenghteen excercise for his hands,so he want turn the ball over so much.

I like Angelica...
That was frickin beautiful. I've been ragin' on Steve Blake for months, but he has shown some good improvement lately(STARTING TO GO TO THE HOLE) and tonight he was awesome. The second unit with Luke in (thanks Matt, hows the Grotto treatment on the knee)just destroyed the Jazz...I'M VERY PROUD OF THIS TEAM! That was another thing of basketball beauty...AB, LO, everybody, NICE!
17-1...nuff said
Oh, by the way, is it to late to jump onto the buss...LOL? One game back in the loss column with 7 to play..."IT" is now possible! GO LAKERS

Lakers can't lose. Guys, I think that Kobe and Co. are going to have some sort of a record at the end of the regular season... something like only one loss since the All Star break.


You hating on Kobe is not going to get you in the to the haters hall of fame.

Step your game up.

this was written:

As usual Kobe is jacking it up. He'll will is way to make the Lakers to lose.

Kobe, dude, retire already. You're painful to watch.


Posted by: Terry | April 01, 2011 at 07:56 PM

6/14, 7/10 free throws, 4 assists.

And exactly why is that painful to watch?

Klunk-klinko, or whatever the big dude on Utah is called, took three huge whacks at Kobe, and then tossed a ball at him. Kobe nearly went after him on that last one, and had to be restrained. Klunk-klinko should be subject to some league discipline. Kobe Bryant is the NBA's mealticket, and this Utah clown is sticking his leg out, etc., bush league shennanigans ...

Im just here to say LAKERS FOR THE 3PEAT

... and with the Spurs and the Celtics sputtering, it's looking like maybe Chicago or even Miami could sneak in to take the East.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 01, 2011 at 10:24 PM

Gee...ya think? Just kidding, one or the 2...take your pick right now. I completely agree with you. Lets win the West first, OKC will not be easy IMHO! Dallas and SA don't really worry me. I'd be more afraid of a first round match up with a team that has nothing to lose. GO LAKERS

Big Bomb -

His name is Kyrylo Fesenko. Mostly I thought he just made legitimate hard fouls. Throwing the ball at Kobe when he was on the ground was a classless move, though and deserved the tech.

Great Second Half by our guys. As far as I'm concerned, that first half never happened, just like Rocky V, Aliens vs Predator, Ishtar, Batman and Robin, the Star Wars Prequels, Greedo shooting first, Rodman joining the Lakers, and Emo.

Can you clarify whether the Lakers would win a tiebreaker with the Spurs and the Bulls (assuming the Lakers win their last matchup agains the Spurs) since they would all would be tied in the loss column?

If they have the advantage, then with tonight's Spurs loss and Lakers win, the Lakers control their own destiny with regards to the #1 seed in the NBA.


Pretty soon Popavich is going to have to decide what is more important, the #1 seed or rest for his players before the playoffs.

Spurs have always had wear and tear entering the playoffs and have not made it past the 2nd round in a long time.

Good win the for Lakers, as long as Bynum is healthy and Lamar is putting up 15 points a game, 3 peat sounds ensuring.

Posted by: troanother | April 01, 2011 at 11:06 PM

You mean we should be running around crying like Nancy Kerrigan screaming "WHY!?! WHY!?!" as the world crumbles because our insurmountable lead in te west crumbles? Nah, Lakers Fans are much more calm and composed. I think I'll stick to being calm and composed ;)

6/14, 7/10 free throws, 4 assists.

And exactly why is that painful to watch?

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 01, 2011 at 10:39 PM

Bobbit, look, have you watched any games recently?

Kobe doesn't play within the offense, his shooting % is below 40 (where as the team % is > 50), he's too slow, he doesn't play defense, his man played a much more efficient game, he doesn't command double/tripple coverage anymore, and the list goes on and on.

So, what do you have say, Bobbit.


Hint: It's April Fool's Day.

It's Signed by "Terry"... You know, the player from the Mavericks? The guy who thought he was so tough that he'd do a two hand push on the smallest, scrawniest guy on the Lakers thinking he's all tough.

The guy who was talking all smack, how the Lakers weren't ever going to catch the Mavericks, yada yada.

it's funny, i've heard the same thing the last 3 years about how Kobe is old, slow, lost his lift, yada yada yada.

I swear, it's like i'm in a twilight zone where every year, the same events reoccur over and over again.

but hey, if the twilight zone is showing me 3 straight trips to the finals and back to back championships with a 3peat insight, then keep playing that twilight tune baby!

Dude's just another hater, or maybe just the same troll Hobbit has been continuously embarrassing this whole month only changing the handle to see if Hobbit will give up. Knowing Hobbit, he's just licking his chops for another chance to embarrass this fool another time. It's a cycle on the blog, what can I say? I would just throw up a Gif like the ones they throw up on SS&R, you know, the one that says: HATERS GONNA HATE!!!

Kobe just has been named as the Player of the Month for his "recent plays" during the month of March.

terry u are truely ignorant ..kobe was triple/double teamed most of the night. do you watch any games or are you a sportscenter rerun? you are'nt to bright thats for sure. you come to a laker fan blog and bad mouth possib ly. clearly. obviously the greatest player EVER...well at least you can confide in the knowing that if this whole laker lust doest work out for you you can always fall back on rocket science, genuis..that or cross dressing..LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

The Lakers are the freakin' Borg! Resistance is futile! You will be assimmilated (or, in their case, defeated!)! I saw it got asked but, didn't see a response. If Lakers and Spurs/Bulls all end up with identical records, who gets the overall number 1 seed?



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