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Lakers vs Portland: Lakers keep on losing, this time to Trail Blazers

Lakers1_510 Trail Blazers 93, Lakers 86 (final)

It was yet another Lakers loss.

It was yet another poor effort by the Lakers.

It was yet another game in which the Lakers didn't have enough energy.

And now the Lakers have lost four straight games, tying their season high.

They seem to be a team waiting on the playoffs to start, a team just playing out the string in their 82-game regular season.

This is the same Lakers team that went 17-1 after the All-Star break, including nine victories in a row during that stretch.

Now it's a Lakers team that can't seem to win anywhere -- at Staples, where they lost two straight, or on the road, where they lost at Golden State Wednesday night and here in Portland where they lost Friday night at the Rose Garden.

It's not the way the Lakers should be playing with the playoffs a week away.

The Lakers trailed by 24 points in the third, by 17 in the fourth.

They tried  to make it a game, getting to within seven points, but that was as close as they got when the game mattered.

All five of Portland's starters scored in double figures, led by LaMarcus Aldridge's 24 points, 11 rebounds and four blocked shots. Gerald Wallace finished with 19 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 24 points, but he was only 10-for-25 shooting from the field.


Lakers-Blazers box score

Lakers-Blazers photos

Trail Blazers 74, Lakers 62 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers opened the third quarter getting outscored, 10-0.

That put the Lakers in a 63-47 hole early in the third.

Portland just poured it on the Lakers, going up by 24 points, seemingly having it easy.

 Lakers Coach Phil Jackson called two timeouts in a four-minute span.

That still didn't help the Lakers.

The Lakers missed a shot out of the timeout, and Brandon Roy scored to give the Trail Blazers a 74-50 lead.

When the Lakers finally started to play, they scored the last 12 points of the third and pulled to within 12 points entering the fourth.

They finally looked alive.

Trail Blazers 53, Lakers 47 (end of first half)

The Lakers went to sleep in the second quarter, falling behind by 12 points.

It took four straight three-pointers by Kobe Bryant for the Lakers to wake up and get back in the game.

Bryant missed on a fifth attempt just before the half ended.

Bryant had 14 of his 18 first-half points in the second quarter. But Bryant did miss all three of his free-throw attempts in the period.

The Lakers shot 51.4% from the field in the first half, but the Trail Blazers shot 55%.

 Lakers 21, Trail Blazers 21 (end of first quarter)

For some reason, the Lakers continually failed to get back on defense in the first quarter tonight at the Rose Garden.

As a result, the Trail Blazers kept running the ball down the Lakers' throats, getting fast break after fast break.

Portland scored 10 of its 21 points in transition.

Still, the Lakers kept it close because of their work on the backboards.

The Lakers had 13 rebounds, seven by Pau Gasol, who finished with six points on three-for-five shooting.

Andre Miller led the Trail Blazers in the first quarter with eight points.


Besides wanting to sweep the four-game season series from Portland, the Lakers might want to send a message to the Trail Blazers on Friday night at the Rose Garden.

It's possible that the two teams could meet in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

The playoff matchups may not be decided until  the regular season ends Wednesday.

The Lakers could possibly play the Trail Blazers, New Orleans Hornets or Memphis Grizzlies in the opening round.

If it is the Trail Blazers, the Lakers want Portland to know it will be tough to beat L.A. in a best-of-seven series.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum missed the team's shoot-around earlier in the day because of flulike symptoms, but Coach Phil Jackson said Bynum would play.

The Trail Blazers will play without center Marcus Camby, who has a bad back.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Portland, Ore.

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant pulls up for a jumper over Blazers forward Gerald Wallace in the first half Friday night in Portland. Credit: Steve Dykes / Reuters

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Contact the NBA offices and let them know how you feel about the refs anti-Lakers bias:

looks like the Lakers are losing on purpose? trying to stay healthy during the playoffs.. don't be fooled! Lakers already proved they can go 17-1.. still have #2 seed secured at home.. only against Spurs/Bulls.. no worries!

The Lakers are old...Ya, they had some great days but they have no energy, no fire and what appears to be too much "personality".

And to add to all of the failing team, Dr. "King's New Clothes" Buss thinks he's cutting off all the freeloaders that get to watch a few games on KCAL starting, is it next year? (his new agreement with free games...everyone pays).

Hey King...the party is WAY over with the Lakers.

@Eddie; don't be so perky with this loss, we don't want to be in either Boston or Miami in the finals

Looks like Pau Gasol decided to put on a Lakers cheerleaders outfit again. This guy plays as if he's Lisa Leslie. It's embarrassing for a 7 footer to play this poorly.


Soft, soft, soft.

This team is baby soft. Gasol's new nickname is Pussy Paws.


as a bikg man pau plays like a sissy.and fish is the worse
point guard i have watch in 40 years.this guy is a disgrace
but i fault the coach for playing him.pj should send him and
luke to the d league.these two guys wouldnt make a colege team.the lakers need to trade pau.

It's bad enough Gasol plays like crap on offense, but then he always compounds his mistakes by crying to the refs instead of getting back on D. Then he swipes at his man and commits ticky-tack fouls to throw a mini-tantrum.

Looking like Kupchak should have pulled the trigger at the trading deadline after all. There is no way this team repeats. They officially declared surrender when they rolled over to Cleveland and they aren't going to turn it around in a week or two.

Was a nice run.

I am ashamed of PJ and the Lakers. You do not lose four games against lesser teams unless you have other priorities.

Two obvious priorities:

a) Help the lesser teams sell season tickets next year by promoting a lie that the lesser teams are competitive with the Lakers.
b) Coast thru the end of season games so as to preclude injury.

Either priority is contemptible. Basketball is a competitive sport, each and every game, it is not a show. Win or lose you must do your best every game. Game integrity is everything, show time is nothing.

I only support teams who have pride and integrity. The Lakers and PJ have lost theirs and have lost this supporter.

PJ, tell me I am wrong.


My God this Laker team is frusterating! They go 17-1 and look unbeatable and now they're loosing again. This team looks bipolar, with their ups and downs of the reguler season I don't know if they can measure up to the elite teams in the playoffs. The last 3 years it was easier for them to get into the finals because the western conferance wasn't as good. This year it's tougher and now the Spur's have home court advantage. For a team trying to make a 4th consecutive finals appearance they're taking the hard road to get there. I'm still optimistic but not as confident this year, and believe home court advantage would've helped espicially trying to 3peat.

Possible Lakers drop to four seed?

(laughing like you're holding in a sneeze)......hello? Can't anybody but me see what the ZMaster is doing? The ultimate set up - for the ultimate triumph:
Four ThreePeats and retirement. Don't let these silly meaningless games worry you, Laker fan. We (Laker fan since '72) have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. This run is the lock of the decade; no WAY (barring injury, and don't even get me started with the '89 Pistons. MAGIC pulled a hammy in game 2 and didn't play the whole series. Neither did B. Scott and Cap. That was just bad kharma or something...) We have a team that's gonna turn it on WHEN EVER it wants during the playoffs, and make it as dramatic as possible for the viewers. Bet on devastating home losses and clinical road victories, like when we're down 2-1 in the second round at Dallas...dagger. It's gonna be DRAMA at it's finest, but trust me Laker fan...just know. Just know in the back of your mind, throughout this historic playoff run, that your Lakers WILL 3 Peat and then prepare themselves for the unprecedented FO ON THE FLO next year! It's all good.

Laker fans: Victory parade, Figueroa Street, late June. Haters: Keep talking. We'll toast you as we're drinking to Phil's last hurrah: a three-peat.

The Lakers always struggle in Portland. You're blaming the refs when the team has played bad ball for over a week now? Gimme a break.

I started wondering last year if things were "fixed" when they had to play
all the championship games. Now I just think it is "fixed" and its some other
team's year to win.

L O L...No matter what, I LOVE THEM...



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