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Lakers-Hornets Game 1: New Orleans 109, Lakers 100 (final)

Lakers22_510 Welcome to a series.

The Lakers got the opponent they wanted, and now they have exactly what they were fearing, a genuine first-round test.

What happened to San Antonio at the hands of Memphis a few hours earlier managed to unfold at Staples Center this afternoon. The injury-riddled and underdog Hornets defeated the Lakers, 109-100, on Sunday afternoon despite 34 points from Kobe Bryant.

Game 2 is on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Point guard Chris Paul led New Orleans with one of his vintage performances, falling three rebounds short of a triple-double. Paul had 33 points, 14 assists, seven rebounds and four steals while getting a huge assist from the Hornets' bench.

Reserve center Aaron Gray and point guard Jarrett Jack combined for 27 points.

Not only did the Laker reserves falter but Pau Gasol was a virtual non-factor for the Lakers, scoring eight points.

New Orleans shot 52% from the field and had only three turnovers. The Lakers committed 13 turnovers.


Lakers-Hornets box score

Lakers-Hornets photo gallery

Poll: Are you still confident that the Lakers can win it all?

Hornets 90, Lakers 85 (5:54 left in fourth quarter)

If New Orleans loses this one, the Hornets can only blame themselves for stumbling at the free-throw line.

The Hornets are 13 of 22 from the line, while the Lakers are 22 of 29.

Biggest shot of this stretch? Kobe Bryant’s three-pointer to cut the Hornets’ lead to three with 6:20 left. Bryant is now at 34 points.

One other telling statistic: The Lakers were 7-18 in the regular season when they trailed heading into the fourth quarter.

Getting awfully quiet here in Staples Center.

Hornets 73, Lakers 72 (End of third quarter)

Kobe Bryant carried the baton for most of the third quarter and reserve Shannon Brown took over in the final 42.4 seconds, scoring four points in rapid-fire fashion,

Bryant, despite his injury woes, had 11 points in the third quarter. He is 10-of-17 shooting from the field for 27 points.

The Hornets have two players in foul trouble: center Emeka Okafor and power forward Carl Landry have four each. And the other issue of major concern for New Orleans is former Laker Trevor Ariza, who is two for 13 with six points.

Hornets 63, Lakers 57 (5:53 remaining in third quarter)

The Lakers pulled to within a point with 9:13 left in the third quarter but the Hornets managed to extend the lead back to six.

New Orleans has not trailed in Game 1.

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant, who provided a big scare at the end of the first half, was back in action in the third quarter after hitting the back of his head and neck on an empty courtside chair. The chair happened to be next to AEG chief Tim Leiweke.

--Lisa Dillman

Hornets 55, Lakers 47 (end of first half)

Kobe Bryant gave the fans a big scare at the end of the second quarter after he scored a basket and then fell into the first row of courtside seats.

Bryant, who appeared to strike the back of his head and neck area on an empty chair, stayed face down until the halftime buzzer sounded. He eventually got up with help and walked to the trainer's room holding the back of his neck.

Bryant scored 16 points in the first half, which ended with Chris Paul making a three-pointer on the Hornets' final possession only to be outdone by a Ron Artest's half-court shot that just beat the buzzer.

Pau Gasol also left the second quarter with a cut beneath his right eye after colliding with the chin of New Orleans center, and former teammate, DJ Mbenga.

Gasol had only four points on one-for-five shooting.

Paul led New Orleans with 11 points, 10 assists and three steals.

Hornets 37, Lakers 33 (6:05 left in first half)

Though Kobe Bryant took control early in the second quarter, the Lakers still trailed.

The Lakers were just OK on defense.

They shot 43.3% from the field early in the second.

Hornets 33, Lakers 24 (8:46 left in second quarter)

The Lakers continued to play sluggish basketball in the first half of Game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs.

They fell behind by nine points early in the second quarter at Staples Center.

The Lakers' bench didn't provide a quick spark for the Lakers, especially Lamar Odom.

Hornets 26, Lakers 24 (end of first quarter)

Though the Lakers started the game slow, they finished the first quarter in the right way.

Pau Gasol stole a pass from Hornets point guard Chris Paul late in the first quarter and threw a pass to a streaking Shannon Brown for a left-handed layup to beat the buzzer.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with nine points in the first quarter.

Hornets 19, Lakers 17 (2:07 left in first quarter)

When Andrew Bynum picked up his second foul with 5:05 left in the first quarter, he was angry.

When he took a seat on the Lakers' bench, Bynum yelled at nobody in particular and looked disgusted.

He had scored five points, grabbed three rebounds and blocked one shot.

Bynum looked like he was ready to play.

Then with 2:07 left in the first, Matt Barnes checked into the game after missing the final two regular-season games with a sore right knee.

Lakers 13, Hornets 12 (5:52 left in first quarter)

The  Lakers started slow, missing their first two shots while falling behind, 12-4.

But with Derek Fisher making a mid-range jumper and a three-pointer, the Lakers claimed a 13-12 lead over the New Orleans with 5:52 left in the first quarter.

That forced the Hornets to call a timeout because the Lakers were on a 9-0 run.


The Lakers might have swept the New Orleans Hornets in four games during the regular season, but Los Angeles doesn't want any of its players thinking the first-round playoff series will be easy.

With the Lakers ready to face the Hornets this afternoon at Staples Center in Game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson didn't want to talk about his team sweeping New Orleans.

"They are an athletic team," Jackson said. "They can get up and they can create turnovers. They can get steals and get run-outs."

Nornally, Jackson wears a championship ring from the last year his team won a title.

This time, Jackson wore his championship ring from 1973, the one he won as a player with the New York Knicks.

Jackson said he wore the ring for "personal reasons."

Jackson also said center Andrew Bynum, who missed the last regular-season game with a bone bruise in his right knee, was going to play.

Jackson added said that reserve forward Matt Barnes, who missed the last two games with a sore right knee that required fluid to be drained, was going to be on the active roster.

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Hornets forward Trevor Ariza gets inside Lakers power forward Pau Gasol for a layup during Game 1 on Sunday afternoon at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Pathetic performance

This is the Lakers team that won't win the NBA championship this year.

They either commit to playing D or they are going down..hard.

IT's their choice and noone can help them but themselves.

and Kobe will need to score 40 if Ariza is going to score 20. Points in the paint are killing us! Laker bigs have to GO GET rebounding position!!!

To only be down 8 at the half with Gasol scoring 1 basket and LO scoring 0 baskets, they're very fortunate not to be down 15-20.

Stop the Late Night Spanish Meals Gasol! As Red Auerbach said to Russell, Go Back Into That Locker Room and Throw Up! Purge Baby, Purge!

Lamar! More Skittles, More Skittles!




I hope Kobe is OKAY -- the neck, spine is nothing to phuk with!

A bit uninspired play by most of our bigs especially defensively. They must've thought Hornets were just gonna lay down for them! Andrew needs to stop jumpin up and down like a kid with a temper tantrum when he gets called for a foul, concentrate on defense and getting good post position -- they just look out of sorts on the court and the spacing sucks!

Hornets played their A game so I dont think they can play any better, hopefully, we can make them miss a few shots and get this game back.

As usual, our bench was useless. Okay play by Trey out there, everyone else was whack!

Too Much Paella Pau!




Lakers not getting back quick enough on their transition defence.

unbelievable, they just gave up HCA to this bottom feeding team. you should be ashamed of yourselves lakers!

where was that layup all game, gasol? pathetic, pathetic LACK of performace

let's see, besides kobe bryant and andrew bynum, all i have to say is PATHETIC!

let's see, besides kobe bryant and andrew bynum, all i have to say is PATHETIC!

So much for flipping the switch, Lakers.

CP3 has put on a clinic today and exposed our biggest weakness. We should be able to win this series despite the loss today, but I don't think this team has the hunger to go all the way this year.

Oh well... gotta blame the 2K11 simulation for this loss.

Pau was absent in this loss.

Game 2 pls.


We suck...

This team is dead.

No chance to three-peat.

Bad way for Phil to end his career...but I guess that's life.

Yikes! Great performance by New Orleans. The good news is that they really can't play any better. They shot better than they can possibly do going forward with fewer turnovers as well.

We weren't horrible (okay, except for Pau, Odom and against CP3). I honestly felt the Hornets were just that good.

With Aaron Gray out for a bit at least (not a mild sprain) and a little wake-up call I'm confident we'll still be fine in this series.

Though he got caught on a few lame fouls I still felt that Fisher did a pretty good job on CP3. Keep Pau off of CP3 and we'll be fine.

We need to do a much better job of utilizing our bigs advantage.

We'll fix this. Ignore the trolls. They'll get theirs.

N.O. in 5 games fools.Pimp it Paul.......LOL

sorry, i forgot to mention ron ron, he was the only other one who hustled. artest with 11 rebounds! gasoft with 6, LO with 1, that is UNACCEPTABLE!

N.O. in 5 games fools.Pimp it Paul.......LOL


This is hilarious. Hilariously pathetic.

I've been saying it, Kobe and the Lakers are not Michael Jordan the prime-time Bulls. This is what happens when you play lazy. Lakers fanatics act like Kobe's the second coming of Michael Jordan and that the Lakers were just waiting for the playoffs to start.

Well, the playoffs have started, at home for the Lakers... so what excuses will their fans make now? Are they waiting for the second game? The third game to turn it on?

That was special...i can only hope it will wake this team up, we were sleep walking all game. Flush it, on to game 2 which is a must win for us.

Pau Gasol looks exhausted. Or has a health issue that is not being disclosed.

And the Lakers still cannot contain a fast and smart guard, especially not the leader in that category -- Chris Paul.

i would have gasoft come off the bench in game 2, odom can rebound well, and he is more aggressive than gasoft. this game should make ALL lakers fans angry, this is an unacceptable way to start the playoffs!

Lakers=Losers! Great win Hornets, only three turnovers and you made Kobe cry. Beautiful.

Well we cant blame this one on Ron Artest, he showed up. Pau Gasol showed once again he is a chump AKA "SOFT" he was out worked and didnt show up for Game 1.

Well, they coughed up a fur ball today. Looks like New Oreans in 6.

Kobe will be crying tonight. He'll probably go and rape some innocent housekeeper at a local hotel.



Lakers lead the league in post-screw-up shrugs.

OK Phil, time to get out of your high chair and coach. This Laker team was not ready for the Hornets today and responsibility rests on you, my friend. Let's see what Laker team shows up on Wednesday.........

CP3 >>>> Kobe

CP3 is doing it with scrubs and killing him.

They always say that the Lakers is just waiting for the play-off to start and that they are just bored of the regular season. It's play-off now and they still lost to the undermanned Hornets in their home floor. The fact is this Laker team don't have it to win this year again. They are too old, soft, not hungry anymore. Only Kobe shows he wants another title for personal glory. Phil wants to win again for the last time to have that three-peat three times but he's not playing and the fact that he is consider a lame duck coach because he is retiring after this season. The Lakers will win one game and that's about it. Hornets in 5 baby!

N.O. in 5 games fools.Pimp it Paul.......LOL

>>>>>Lakers fanatics act like Kobe's the second coming of Michael Jordan<<<<

I heard couple of years ago that Kobe was better then MJ in LA.. he is going to have more titles then MJ .. more points then MJ..

i think he will also have more jacked up 3rd pt shot then MJ also.. more turnovers in the last minutes of the game

BTW there was no MJ stoppers .. many tried especially in NY & Cleveland.. no one came close

who is that guy .. Tim Allen.. pretty much stuffed Kobe couple times a game last year.. get the tapes if u think i am drunk or something.. pour more Gin!

Right! The NO scrubs schooled Jackson and the Lakers.
Should lay a 2 by 4 on the side of Kobe's pride.
On the rebound, hit Fish twice over, he can't handle CP3.
But Kobe is not playing any defense on the NO guards either.
Gasol guarding Paul tells everything you need to know about Jackson's trademark defensive scheme.
No one in the local press will call him on that, that's for sure.
This loss shouldn't be the end of anything after the first game against a seventh seed, but this is uncharted territory for Jackson.
I still say the Lakers are overrated and shouldn't win anything.
The Spurs, although they didn't have their best player on the floor, put up a better fight.

Lakers got their azzes whipped today. Paul was great...Pau was not. The NO bench did great. The Lakers have to do a better job, plain and simple. This is not a matter of playing hard, it's a matter of execution, especially on defense. If this doesn't wake them up, nothing will.

WOW!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE WAT I JUST SAW!!!!!! First of all I don't care wat nobody says; PAU GASOL IS SOFT OVERRATED, NOT CLUTCH TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked like he was scared and everyone says Pau and rest of Lakers would turn it on wen playoffs started!!!! Pau Ga-no show is one reason the Lakers lost; but another reason is Lakers are paying for not going out and trying to get a better, younger, quicker, and more mobile point guard!!!! Derek Fisher is too old! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR LETTING ONE PERSON (CP3) BEAT THE WHOLE TEAM! Paul had 33pts 14ast, 4stl, 7rebs, there is just no excuse for that!!! Now imagine if L.A goes to the finals and they gotta face Chicago; Rose is much faster than Chris Paul and bit better! If CP3 can murder L.A imagine wat D-Rose can do?! And when Lakers put Kobe on CP3 he couldn't go anywhere and then for some reason they decide to put helpless Derek Fisher on him and then the game just turned for the worst! Every point guard has a great breakout game against the Lakers!!! People like: Russel Westbrook, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Rondo, Jameer Nelson, and even Ramon Sessions and Mo Williams have had breakout games against L.A (and Ramon Sessions is a bum!) Lakers played awful team defense (ESPECIALLY PAU GA-NO SHOW!! No one can place ANY blame on Kobe he was the one who even kept the game in striking distance until CP3 went on a tear! I don't know wat to say about L.A! I think Lakers can win this series but it will be awfully tough possibly 7 games! But one thing to remember is that in 2009 Lakers lost game 1 to Rockets in 2nd round and also Lakers got blown out a couple of times in that series but they eventually won a championship.



STEVE BLAKE PLEASE HURRY BACK!! Because Trey Johnson is a bum that I have NEVER heard of, and Fisher is defenseless!

The only two people that showed up for this game was Kobe with 34pts and 5ast and Bynum with 13pts and 9 or 10rebs.

The Hornets must've heard everyone saying that this will be an easy series for LAL and they went all out!

For L.A to 3peat this must happen: NO MORE INJURIES, Pau Gasol must be consistent, Lakers need to got down low into the post more, Kobe just keeps being Kobe having 25-40 points each game, Lakers must actually play defense, Lakers MUST contain pick n rolls, Lakers must stop consistent penetration, limit mistakes! All of these things is just fundemental basketball and Lakers are capable of doing it with practice and repition like Kobe always says!!


Went to the AZ/SF MLB game last night and had a bi-polar episode. My Diamondback self threw my Giant self to the ground with predjudice. So as I sat and watched the LaCkers game I was hoping the whole thing was a Percocet induced hallucination. It wasn't! The only hallucination is the one that has the LaCkers 3-peating.

@CaptainJackSparrow, yes, it's so amusing how people qualify things, how they bend and shape reality just to make Kobe the King.

They give Kobe credit for every title the Lakers won while Kobe was on the team, conveniently ignoring how Shaq was the Man for those first few they won.

Michael Jordan was The Man for every title he and the Bulls won... how convenient the Lakers fanatics overlook that, too.

No way in the world would Michael Jordan and the Bulls have lost a home opener in the playoffs.

Well, I'm sure the Lakers fanatics will still wait for the Lakers to turn IT on. Someone tell the Lakers the playoffs have started.

Wednesday Lakers should wear Butler U. uniforms to change their luck. How can PJ. and the coaches be so complacent watching this.

Only 3 more games for our playoff ticket refunds. #1 and #2 seeds lose, is it fixed for TV coverage??....Memphis looked tough all game.
Tell me how we're going to stop Chris Paul...........................

So the Lakers stunk it up today with zero help from Pau and resident reality star Lamar who got some garbage points toward the end. But let's remember that Chris Paul is going to have to average 33 points like he scored today for his N.O. buds to get past the Lakers.

This team hasn't played well in a month. The offense is stagnant and ineffective, and the defense is lazy and soft. You don't win many playoff games by forcing three turnovers. This team continues to underachieve, and at this point there are at least four other teams that are much better than the Lakers.

Thats not nice thing to say SULLYINLA. btw the maids r not so innocent they probably cash in on five million in settlement. He probably do that in New Orleans cause his PR Team probably tell him .. listen ur ratings in LA gonna go down if u go after a local maid..

Maybe now the Laker fans will realize they can't cakewalk to a third championship. All I heard from them all season long is wait 'till the playoffs. I'm still waiting. Go Celtics

Lakers look old and slow.

agreed. Old slow and lethargic.

This year Lakers do not have the heart or intention to go all the way to finals.Past performane is not a guarantee for this year. Better to look for next year. Lakers have to get rid of a lot of players starting with Luke Walton. How can anybody pay him 5mil is beyond me. It is pathetic to watch Lakers loosing.

Hi Laker girls Too bad so Sad. and We will do the same thing this is what your lakers for swweeping us during the regular season .their for this is just a warning to you the next one is when cp3 takes over for real. victor from monroe,louisianaand victor says the lakers dynasty ends here get the message?

So, the media is saying NO is hurt and injured! Well so are the Lakers! Stop it already! Granted DWest is better than most, but he never hurt us like some of the NO bench did today. Our bench is ridiculous. Several unforced turnovers by them that were mind boggling! Shannon's forced passes into double coverage - JUST STOP IT!!!

Too much reality TV crap for LO - if any of you have been following his twitter feed it is incessant 24/7 LO tweets about the damn show! Time for Pau to be traded for someone who is hungry for another ring after this season (he is obviously one of those Kobe called out earlier in the practice season for being satisfied with the rings they already have) - he obviously never shows up for these early Sunday starts due to some absurd allegiance to his Spanish traditions for late night whatever!!!!

I need a drink!

First all yall see The Priest movie promo. Can Island Priest pick a nick name or what. If Kobe had ask me i will give him the nickname Kobe The Priest Bryant. How cool that would have been? Black Mamba is so false. Be that as it may the lakers including our fans are too arrogant. If the regular season is the practice season you practice to be good. The Bulls won 72 games and so they practiced to be perfect. You don't practice to bad. Look at all of the Rocky montages. He trains to be the best. Kobe must be a facilitator for the lakers to win. I said that months ago and this playoffs will show that. CP3 is nuch better than kobe. He is playing with no name players and he whipped our asses. CP3 shot 11 for 18 for 33 points, 14 assists, 7 rebs and 4 steals. Kobe shot 13 for 26, only 4 rebs and 5 assists.

Michael .. Cheers and enjoy the moment.. today is like when it rains in LA.. all those souped up honda's & Laker Flag masted SUV's drive like grand ma's.. oh no its raining!

Too bad it does not rain much in LA.. with my bad luck they will be in the Finals and win their 3rd title.. Artest probably knee CP like he did to Ray last year.. or Fisher might give him bloody nose like he did to Scola and Nash.. Phillups 11 th title might come on heels of chicken pox.. yes chicken pox.. Phillup's trump card will be to tell blake give CP a bear hug couple times in the next game to give his germs.. Gonna Pox their way to 3peat..

Someone asked a few weeks ago "how do the Lakers beat themselves?"

You just witnessed it.

Was there stellar D on Gasol to cause him to score in single digits? Answer: NO!

Was there stellar D on Odom to cause him to score in single digits? Answer: AGAIN, NO!

Those two alone held themselves to 20+ points below what they average.

Add to that flat-footedness on D and lackadaisical turnovers and you've just given away HCA. The difference between Memphis beating San Antonio and this game is that Memphis actually matches up well against the Spurs.


I joked about Pau's late night meals and Odom's junk food, but something was definitely off with both of them today.

Frankly, I was concerned about the early afternoon start and it turned out to be a righteous concern.

If one of those two bigs would've stepped up, this wouldn't have been an L!!!


That's all I have 2 say. See everyone after game 2...

@Mark: Only way to get rid of Luke is to buy him out. Which I agree they should do.

They should also clean out the rest of the PJ/MK leftovers to try to get some youth with skills and energy. Of course a different coach would have played what appears to be bench trash right now (no fault of their own) - and maybe they would be contributing in games instead of trying to throw off rust in the GD playoffs!

Only way I can see getting going is to play Kobe 42+ minutes a game, with some other willful-energy and fiesty types who will show up every game - RA, DF, MB, AB? max minutes, also.

Somebody needs to read the riot act to LO and Pau for different reasons. April garbage play continues.............

Did Phil forget to tell his team the playoffs started today?
I'll bet that's

AND (as mentioned by Van Gundy) the Laker bigs are loafing back on D! RUN damn it! RUN!!!!

CP3 is a better leader than kobe as well. CP3 is an edgy player as well. Kobe is playing with an all star team and couldn't beat an one star team in CP3. I mean NO is full of scrubs and they controlled the whole game. LO is the 6th man of the year. Kobe former mvp and all star. Pau all star. Phil 11 rings. Fisher 5 chips. Bynum the Beast. UPS a 50 inch vertical leap. Yet they go down in flames.

Even though you are a troll, I agree with this and have said so for 7 months!

"If the regular season is the practice season you practice to be good.

Posted by: island priest | April 17, 2011 at 03:58 PM

Other than that, your incessant Kobe-hate crap is garbage.

Good thing it's only a practice series

Dude and Dudettes, Is it still PRACTICE season? because your team just got it's @ZZ kick. ARROGANT coach, ARROGANT team, and the WORST ARROGANT fans. Dis-respecting the game and Disrespecting other teams, the Hornets read all the clippings how the Lakers wanted to SWEEP them.
Enjoy your slice of HUMBLE PIE, and hope you don't have to eat the WHOLE thing. I've aways said the HEAT will be there, not so sure you will, and the New NBA Champs. WELL you Know....Carry on

BTW, where is Mamba24?

The Lakers players have been very inconsistent with up and down play all year. They seem to think that they can flip a switch when ever they want to and play great. Well they found out today that the switch doesn't work. In future games, if they dont come out and play every minute like their lives depends on it, they will not go very far in these playoffs. The Lakers are larger than most teams but their big men are not very physical. They were totally unable to control the paint against the Hornets smaller inside players. In the NBA, if you're unable to control the paint, you're not going to win consistently.

Well, on the bright side, Charles Barkley said that we're not gonna win the championship this year. Which means we still have a chance at this thing.

It'll be much better next season after the Lakers sign Chauncey Billups.

God Forbid if Lakers loose in 1st round.. this is going to be Kobe's Demand List in Offseason:

1. PJ to coach until they win 6th.. Before PJ uesd to look like Frankenstein.. now I think he is really is Frankenstein.. with a smirk
2. Get another Point Gaurd. Fisher go back to Utah or something.
3. I don't know who he will blame this one on. Last time it was Fat Shaq. Lets see Pau Gasol?
4. Get Howard for Bynum. Then he can blame Howard's Technical's. Doesn't Hoard remind you of Arsenio Hall or John Elway or Sarrah Jessica Parker.. they all look like they are from Barbaro's family.. Barbaro the horse .. remember him..
5. Or Keep Bynum so we got excuse for next years title run.. he knees gave up again
6. or Tell mgmt to get .. Blake Griffin.. remember how Lakers got Byron Scott from Clippers for Nixon.. u prolly forgot.. ok this era it was Pau from Memphis for peanuts.. how do u pull those trades off.. well no.. Griffin in Lakers would take all spotlight .. Kobe can't have that.. how did he get Finals MVP last year??? i remember Gasoft putting up shots and rebounds every game.. Even Artest had like more points in final game..

i need more Gin.. if .. and only if God Forbid Lakers loose next game i will come up of more items for Kobe's offseason overhaul of Lakers.

incessant Kobe-hate crap is garbage >> is welcome on my island.. haha .. garbage is when u cough up da ball on some 3rd stringer for a looser team.. I think lakers don't know it was a playoff game.. they partied on sunset till 5 am sat night.. they will be okay .. next game on a weekday.. Jack Nicholson probably go knocking on Jerry Buss's house Tuesday night.. if Odom is out at 7 pm! BTW I cannot stand 2 things a grown up man doing.. eating candy .. and worse is to have a lollipop in ur mouth and walking around.. i see lamar doing both.. u can pick ur nose in public .. u can clean ur nails on dining table.. but a man should not be sucking on a lolipop!!!

I am so over watching the Lakers fail in 12:30 Sunday games... wtf

Odom and Gasol, that was utterly, 100% unacceptable.

However, it's just one game and both, as professionals, will have huge comeback games and the Lakers will win game 2 and they will take a couple in N.O. and end this thing soon thereafter.

The Hornets did EVERYTHING right in Game 1. They had EVERYTHING go right for them. They cannot play any better, no way, no how! Only 3 turnovers. Can they repeat this performance?

Fat chance!

Lakers in five.

True Laker fans, not to worry.

If memory serves, the Lakers also lost Game 1 of the Rockets series a couple years ago and still managed to win the Championship (2009).

Trolls (haters), you're just jealous of 16 glorious Championships and many more to come. Suckers, all of you.

Don't you know, jealousy kills.

We lost the game because...

1. The Hornets played fantastic.

2. Pau Gasol played like crap.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Yall noticed how clumsy kobe looked today. He was on the floor more than insects. 5 assists but 5 tos. Kobe is no longer a good ball handler and teams are always looking to strip him. People accuse me of spewing kobe hate but it is not hate but truth. I love kobe but the priest always have to be honest. All i am saying that cp3 is a better player at this stage in his career.

Lewis you need a psychiatrist. Chill man before you have a brain aneurism. Why don't you get Kobe's game shorts he played in today and throw is over your head and inhale deeply. Repeat several times kobe is better than jordan, kobe is better than jordan. Be that as it may how pathetic kobe looked in the 4th when he had to grab on a new orleans player leg to prevent the fast break. Kobe is aging too quickly.

Lakers just take a dive already. I am so sick of watching this pathetic team play like crap. just lose already so us laker fans can spend our time on better things.

This is not a one game series. Whoever wins 4 first will win it. We will find out who wins out.

Kobe took 26 shots and no other laker had 10 fg attempt. How in the blue blazes the lakers expect to win with that disparity? Kobe you need to take less shots and share the ball.

Gasol has nothing left in the tank. This is why you should rest players when they're hurt so that they don't have nothing left in the tank when the real games are on the line.

This is the 3rd time where Lakers lost a game after a clean block was called a foul and Lakers fell apart.

KB24 to Jordan because the Mamba is just that great
>> u said it right KB24 is prolly 24th on da list

To captain Jack sparrow *blank blank blan*
>> i appreciate ur comments.

Do you actually believe Shaq would have won without kobe
>> Shaq did win 3 titles without kobe. I believe he was the MVP

Be serious you *blank* prick
>> I am so grateful to ur nice comments

How many Rings did Shaq have before KOBE
>> Kobe had zero without shaq also.. dude even Phoenix the pompom wearing lolitas even beat u without shaq.. u needed Gasoft, Bynum, and Atest to make up for Shaq.. As Michael said.. u so convieniently forget.. can't believe my vocabulary is getting better on blogs

And still dumb ass people on these blogs say Kobe was a robin smfh
>> Maybe he call him robin for diff reason.. was robin striaght.. no wonder kobe lashed out to some other gender league .. hmmmm

Jordan but fail to mention he played with two hall of famers in Rodman and Pippen smh
>> Right .. Pippen got like 6 finals mvp.. last time i checked he was throwing chairs when MJ did not play.. lol kokuc took final shot.. oh he blamed everything on Barkeley when Rockets choked in 1st round or something.. right .. Shaq did not take Tragic to finals before.. i am so tempted to say same thing for heat .. well heat had wade did it all alone .. never seen anybody but Jordan to win a championship totally alone..

Mention the times Jordan struggled against fucking Hersey Hawkins
>> no i don't but i will look it up when i am not drunk and get tapes( i forgot i can utube it) on it. i do remember MJ beat Sonics, Jazz, Trailblazers, Knicks, and cleveland browns.. all alone.. i don't remember MJ ever having a 7th game in finals.. refresh my memory..

don't put Magic and Kobe in the same sentence. Don't. Magic offered so much more to basketball then n e one in NBA.. no don't bring that era.. Those Lakers had class.. Still do..

Ur comments show ur class.. btw u got got a suv? Chrome Wheels? and a lakers Flag ..

I sometimes get real low when i see pple u all praying to the garden snake.. but then when i go to a 24 hour fitness and see Magic support for local community or see Worthy driving by i get a sense that LA still has some classy individuals .. and though Kobe is no way going back to the dump Philly or Italy.. I do see ur PJ going back to upper Manhatten where he belongs.. pretty much even the MTA Cleaners (their subway system) has same smirk on their face.. its is NYC thing.. they were born miserable.

Next time break ur paragraph.. its really hard to understand.. or should i say comprehend.. understand.. compre.. under.. dude ur paragraph was like one giant blob aka bynum.. i like shaq though.. at least dat blob had or still does have personality

Did Fisher play any defense in the 4th quarter?

After the game, Phil said the Lakers don't play well in the morning. Hmmm, why did the other team show up to play in the morning?

Now Wednesday is a must-win for Lakers. If the Lakers crash and burn this post-season, it's going to be a spectacular flame-out

Keep the faith, guys. Just one lost. Yes, they're playing like scums tonight. Pau must proof himself that he's not Mr. Charmin' like the one that was pushed around by Garnett in the 2009 Finals...

Go Lakers!!!

Would not be surprises to see lakers lose in the first round. this teams pisses me off so much. losing game one at staples against a team with one great player. ef me!! no more freaking excuses you pathetic team.

... would rather see the thunder and bulls play in the finals.

What's up with all you so called "Lakers Fans!" I'm upset too. This is still my team though. No matter what happens I'm not going to put down my team. This is the Lakers we're talking about. The Two-Time Defending Champions. I'll be the first to admit that my favorite player, and I do mean FAVORITE PLAYER, Kobe, aka the Black mamba, has gotten slower, and less athletic. He's still Kobe Bryant though. Even as he is now, he is still better than 90% of all players on the planet. That's amazing! Let us try to remember that we've all been down this road before...but we always come through. I say we cause when the Lakers fall we all feel it. We all have a part in this team. Let's support our troops. It's time to do battle and they need us. If you're a Laker, then be a Laker. If you're not, you're the enemy...stay off this blog!

Hate these Sunday noon games..they RARELY play well. That being said, NO wanted to stop all the 'sweep' talk and CP3 showed why the DRose show talk lasted but one day...he's amazing.

They should get it together for Game 2...don't see Pau AND LO both being nonfactors in a big game again.


Phil Jackson is right. This team has tuned him out. There isn't any semblance of offensive balance or commitment to working the ball inside, and defensively this team continues to play atrocious perimeter defense and cannot stop the pick and roll.

If Chris Paul and Jarret Jack can run the P&R with such success with the likes of Aaron Gray, imagine what Derrick Rose will do to them if they can escape the west (which doesn't look so goodnright now). Oh, and before all the "it's just one game" rationalization starts, let's point out that it isn't just one game; it's the last month....

"Kobe took 26 shots and no other laker had 10 fg attempt. How in the blue blazes the lakers expect to win with that disparity? Kobe you need to take less shots and share the ball."

The reason why Kobe had to take 26 shots is they got teammates shooting 2-7.

Spurs go down, Lakers do too, Celtics trailing by six in 2nd quarter

Even if all three of these teams win their series, it sure looks like the old guard is on the way out. There's a very real possiblity that none of these three franchises, who have won 10 of the last 12 NBA titles, will make the Finals.

That's why lakers don't need shaw to be the next coach....he is going to be just like pj. he lets them "learn on their own". eff that - get sloan and he won't take carp from these big babies...needing to be coddled and pampered.

run these lazy bums and make them work hard or get the ef out of a laker uniform.

where is the heart, the pride, the desire to win. only kobe has it...even if it's for his personal glory - at least you know he is giving it all every game.

Can I still blog on this site master?

I love LA.. well even Lakers before PJ and most likely after PJ. I just can't stand him .. but then i got issues.. dates back to the days of bulls it a real long hatred.. i would not like any team dat man coaches.. thank God Pat Riley got bigger ego to not bring Phillup for all the money in the world.. too bad u all sold ur soul to the devil.

U guys don't like him.. but u want to know compton gardena or inglewood .. look at Paul Pierce.. young kids tough like him that represent south bay

u wanna know easy going west la .. get to know Regi Miller.. smooth talking easy going.. always comes through ..

both loyal in their own ways.. never bail out or threaten to bail of their sorry teams and situation.. still tough as nail .. those r LA Atheletes.. and there r more.. just none on LAKERS TEAM!

0-1 Hornets just got lucky. It was a Sunday game.
0-2 Lakers will turn on the switch.
0-3 If the Red Sox can do it, so can the Lakers.
1-3 See, I told you so.
2-3 All you Faker fans who didn't believe, get off the blog!
2-4 ????

It's just one loss, but the lack of hustle, not getting back on defense, poor shooting, poor defensive rotations, these are not things that the Lakers can just fix over night. They're in big trouble. I have a sick feeling that in 2 weeks, we're going to be talking about how we're going to get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Fans will get a site. and so on


I love you as a Laker fan, bro, but what are you smoking? You write, "Even as he is now, [Kobe] is still better than 90% of all players on the planet."


It's more like 99.9%!

The ONLY player in the world I would take over Kobe RIGHT NOW is D-Rose, and that's because he's so young and has a very long future in the NBA, whereas Kobe only has a couple years left in his prime. Having said that, and not taking their respective futures into consideration, I would take Kobe over Rose as of right now, in the present!

There's no one better RIGHT NOW!!! Just ask the Suns coach or the Thunder coach (who have said this on record), and many other coaches around the league!

Kobe -- as slow as all you fiends make him out to be -- still scored 34 points! The Lakers lost today, not because of Kobe's aging, but because of the GLARING absences of Gasol and Odom, PERIOD!!!!

Gasol had 6 points all the way to the very end, Odom's garbage points don't count!

Let's not obsess about Kobe yet again, the Lakers did not lose today because Kobe is getting old and slow.

Time for all you "Lakers Fans" to take a chill pill. You know who you remind me of? I'm from New Orleans, and you remind me of LSU fans. They think their God's gift to college sports. They should be perfect, never lose, win every national championship in every sport. And arrogant as hell. Just like Lakers Fans.

I'm not a Kobe fan, but I respect his talent. However, the way to beat the Lakers is to make Kobe shoot, like today. You know that's true. I even read in your paper that the Lakers were 9-9 this season when Kobe takes 25+ shots. When Kobe shoots all the time, the rest of the team does not get their heads in the game.

But notice what I said; "make Kobe shoot", not "let Kobe shoot". If Kobe forces contested shots, he'll make more than his share, but the team will be worse off for it.

If YOUR JOY comes out of the Lakers' fall, then I can imagine how much YOU have been suffered or will suffer..I just feel it's not good for YOUR soul! Seriously....

0-1 Hornets just got lucky. It was a Sunday game.
0-2 Lakers will turn on the switch.
0-3 If the Red Sox can do it, so can the Lakers.
1-3 See, I told you so.
2-3 All you Faker fans who didn't believe, get off the blog!
2-4 ????

I was with u LAKER-17 until u put Red Sox in there.. Red Sox r like unique.. in their misery .. well their city does seeth like Kobe .. but their hate is more imp for Yankees than their own existence.. only city i know wears HATE YANKEE Shirts and Caps.. i think they get more happy by Yankees loosing than them winning.. Truly cursed even in victory for some reason.. they r not happy winning the championship .. but worried how they will beat yankees next year even after winning a championship.. u go to boston and all they talk about how NY is dirty, how NY is this and NY dat..

If you wear a Yankees cap which I did just to bug them in Kenmore Square .. u better be right next to a cop.. well never know if that cop can be trusted but..

so when u say Red Sox u r putting a BAD BAD OMEN on ur LAKER TEAM .. curse of Babe will follow even from a distance of 3000 miles.. this is foreshadowing now.. i am not really supersticious.. well i am .. Curses I do believe in..

U not me put a curse on these lakers now.. u put the Curse of the Red Sox on urself.. i will stay here if u go by this round and not leave .. I will accapt i was wrong .. and take it like a man.. but i think this curse is going to take ur Lakers down..

u put Red Sox Stigma on urself


At least you have a day like this too...Enjoy it fully for your hurt soul.

Ha, Ha, What a pathetic effort by the Fakers! If it wasn't for the horrible free throw shooting by the Hornets, they would have won going away. All you Lake fans, stop blaming Fisher and Gasol. They are not problem, Koby and PJ is the reasons the Lakers lost.

How can you lose to NO with two monsters in the middle? You lose cause you don't use them. With Koby and the others keep jacking up jumpers, the Lakes will not reach the finals. Why is PJ not telling them to feed the two bigs. Is Koby and the others not listening? Its a no brainer to me. And whats with PJ using a 12:30 game time as an excuse? Pathetic! How much more of an advantage does he want. n7ow NOs big man Gray goes down.Lakers get lucky again, just like the 7th game against the Celtics.

Kobe shot 50% on 26 shots, 5 assts, 5 rbs and 5 of the team's 13 TOs. When was the last time Gasol shot 2-9 in successive games? The team missed another golden opportunity to put away a weak team: No David West and at one point, late in the contest, they were shooting a little over 50% at the FT line.

Wednesday will be different. This could be over in 5 games. The Lakers had their wake up call. This team really has only two consistent problems: that lazy transitional D and getting back on offense . No more jogging to the opposite end of the court and that's after one of the "Bigs" has had a 5 minute consultation with an official over a "call." Get back on the D and for goodness sake, run back on offense.

It's no wonder this team has no "inside" game. By the time they get to the offensive side of the court, the opponent's D is already there waiting for them! Pau, Bynum and Odom are the biggest culprits. No streaking Bigs running down the court toward the cup demanding the ball.

Correctable? Yes but is the desire to do those so-called "little things" still within those guys or are they satisfied with what they’ve accomplished in their careers so far? Not everyone wants to chase records, be the best and win as many championships as they can. We all want to be rich but how many of us are willing to do the things to become rich? We know it’s hard to run up and down that court after offensive and defensive sets but as Phil told Pau one day at practice: of course it’s hard, that’s why you’re paid as a professional.

That's the mental problem with this team all season long. There's really only one person who has that mentality and he's the one considered a ball hog: 13-26, 5Rbs, 5Assts and an attitude that no one can match or dare exceed. Will Kobe be enough? This afternoon's game has answered that question for Lakers Nation.


ken - you're right to a point. it's not freaking rocket science to utilize your greatest strength (lakers length) but they refuse to use it. They should be clobbering the hornets but they want to jack up jumpers. Frustrating all season long. pathetic team peformance - terrible coaching. should be next guy to chuck up a jumper will be benched...but he let's them continue in their stubborn losing ways.

oh well - they'll be out by end of second round.

This year doesn't feel right. It started when the killers b's started sucking and they still do.
We need a speedy point guard and we had chances to get Jack, either Williams, or Carmelo. Mitch blew it.
In two years we will have Howard and anyone else who wants to play hard.
Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Shannon, Derek, Luke- all gone.
I have more to say but first I have to buy two new t.v.'s.

Keep in mind that Phil has never lost a game at home in the first round when having the home court advantage. Since the playoffs expanded to an eight team format in 1984, when Lakers have been seeded higher than 4, they have not lost at home. All these signs show that the Lakers will not survive this year. Either they will be knocked out in this round or the next round. This crew is not worthy of sixth ring. What a waste. I think everyone in league has figured out the triangle. In today's league, you need a team the run up & down the court and play smothering defense. This years team just not capable of maintaining that effort for 48 minutes this year. Their bench just cant' get it done and Pau has reverted back to 2008 finals soft. After Phil sails off into the sunset, management needs to make major changes in order capture more rings.

If yall did listen to the priest from the season began no one would be surprised. Kobe is shooting too much and needs to facilitate. A few weeks after i said that hall of famer barkley and back to back champion kenny said the same thing. Today it prove that even a scrub team with 1 superstar can beat kobe. kobe needs to feed gasol and the beast. N.O. hopes he scores 40 on wednesday cause the series will be 0-2. Its a team game kobe.

If yall did listen to the priest from the season began no one would be surprised. Kobe is shooting too much and needs to facilitate. A few weeks after i said that hall of famer barkley and back to back champion kenny said the same thing. Today it prove that even a scrub team with 1 superstar can beat kobe. kobe needs to feed gasol and the beast. N.O. hopes he scores 40 on wednesday cause the series will be 0-2. Its a team game kobe.

Ken-who is Koby??

truth seeker,

way to go, way to jinx it so that the Celtics will win by saying that they're down. Celtics will end up winning by 15. Just watch.

It's going to be a long time, May of this year to November of 2013 before the next Lakers game. I can't believe the Lakers are giving us this type of effort.

Barkley - 0 ring
+Smith - 2 ring
Total: 2 rings

Kobe - 5 rings

Where are these trolls come from? Dang, one (bad) loss, all the sudden this blog is full of genius!!

Kobe is not the one who is responsible for this loss. Keep in mind that Bynum is not 100% for this game. Pau & Lamar need to look at themselves in the mirror and man up!!!! They are being whipped thoroughly by the inferior players tonight!!!

I'm still believe....Who is with me?

In Kobe, I Trust!!!

dont compare barkley to kobe but since u r comparing the two..

barkley was in philly team for like a decade that had to go against Celtics, Pistons, and then Bulls. Kobe could not beat pom pom wearing lolitas alone u think he would do any damage on the Pistons? Last time I heard him crying against Piston (04) when they triple teamed him.. u ever remember some ghost crying about triple or quadruple or like put sextuplets on him.. so Barkey come in Suns takes them str8 through to finals.. elbow broken and out of shape but his old east coast nemesis got him again in finals.. still won 2-3 in chicago .. at the height of chicago bulls team..

still respect him for putting up that fight.. rebounds points .. above all his leadership.. yes .. leadership.. yeah Zero Rings.. NADA .. nothing to show for it.. did not cry.. did not blame on Marjle (how do u spell dat guys name) .. i guess like the bricks he put on game 6 of finals.. n e way.. triple overtime in chicago .. did not lay down .. yeah DAT WAS A MAN!

i am ok with that.. I am okay with Zero Rings .. better than 10 championships under someone else's shadow.. Hell he made Cedric Ceballos look like a all star..

He made the greatest player of all time sweat..

I am okay with that.

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