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Lakers vs. Golden State: Lakers can't slow Warriors, lose third straight game

Lakers1_510Warriors 95, Lakers 87 (final)

The Lakers have lost three consecutive games, two to teams with records below .500.

The latest defeat came to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday nighit at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

The loss left the Lakers 4 1/2 games behind the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the NBA.

It means that Lakers will be hard-pressed to catch the Spurs.

The Lakers have four regular-season games left, the Spurs five.

The Lakers couldn't stop Golden State's backcourt of Monta Ellis (26 points) and Stephen Curry (20).

The Lakers fell behind by 19 points at the start of the fourth quarter, a sign that they still weren't quite ready to play.

They cut the lead to 12 points behind the inspired play of Matt Barnes.

But after Curry made a three-pointer for an 82-67 Warriors lead with 6:14 left, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson called a timeout.

He was looking for a way to get his team going.

Kobe Bryant went to work, scoring 11 of 13 points for the Lakers at one point, pulling them to within 90-82 with 2:16 left after they had trailed, 86-70.

Bryant finished with 25 points on 10-for-20 shooting, but it wasn't enough.


Lakers-Warriors photos

Lakers-Warriors box score

Stu Lantz returning for 25th season as TV color commentator

Warriors 72, Lakers 55 (end of third quarter)

When Dorell Wright made a three-pointer from the corner in front of the Lakers' bench to put the Warriors ahed, 67-54, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson had seen enough and called a timeout with 2:12 left in the third quarter.

Jackson probably was tired of watching his team play with no energy, with no desire, with no effort.

The Lakers were outhustled and outplayed by the Warriors in the third quarter.

That was never more evident than late in the third quarter when Lakers power forward Pau Gasol had his defensive rebound ripped from his grasp by Lou Amundson.

Then with the Lakers down, 70-54, Gasol made only one of two free throws.

It was that kind of quarter for the Lakers.

The Lakers were outscored, 29-16, in the third.

This came on top of the Lakers being outscored, 29-15, by the Warriors in the second quarter.

Monta Ellis has 24 points through three quarters to lead the Warriors.

Warriors 43, Lakers 38 (end of first half)

That strong start by the Lakers in the first quarter didn't carry over to the second quarter.

Instead, the Lakers looked like a team content with the nine-point lead they had at the end of the first quarter.

The Warriors scored the first 10 points of the second quarter to wipe out that lead, and the Lakers also played uninspired basketball, turning the ball over seven times in the quarter.

They had shot 52.4% from the field in the first quarter, but wound up shooting 40.5% by the half, scoring only 15 points the quarter.

Monta Ellis scored 10 of his 14 points in the second quarter, giving the Lakers all they could handle.

Lakers 23, Warriors 14 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers opened the game eight for 10 from the field, building a 12-point lead.

The Warriors, on the other hand, started the game two for eight, putting themselves in a big hole.

But the Lakers cooled off somewhat, though they still made 52.4% of their shots in the first quarter.

The Warriors shot only 24.1% from the field in the first.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers in the first quarter with 10 points on five-for-nine shooting.


The Lakers know they didn't "respect" the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night and wound up losing the game.

But the Lakers claim they won't make the same mistake against the Golden State Warriors tonight at Orcale Arena in Oakland.

The Lakers might have beaten the Warriors three times already this season, but L.A. knows that Golden State plays hard.

"This team still has guys that are on the team that average big numbers," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

Guys like guard Monta Ellis, who averages 24.3 points a game, point guard Stephen Curry, who averages 18.3 points, Dorell Wright, who averages 16.3 and David Lee, who averages 16.4.

The plan is for the Lakers to attack the smaller Warriors inside with 7-footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Oakland

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant attempts a reverse layup against Warriors power forward David Lee in the first half Wednesday night in Oakland. Credit: Ben Margot / Associated Press

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If I was Steve Blake I would spend every waking hour shooting the threes, maybe 2000, 3000, 4000 shots a day. You dude are the lakers weakest Link!

If you just look at the box score it looks like Pau is the hero of the game instead of the reality that he is the goat. Weak! Soft. Whatever describes no will to win a possession/rebound. He is all that.

Can we have some shooting practice and free throw practice!!!!!!

And some basketball 101 instruction on boxing out.


Once again - in desperation mode - clear out and let Kobe try to drain threes and drive to win the game...down by 16. Nice teacm play and stellar defense....not so much.


Quit yelling or the PSP will have to write you up.

S Perkins

The PSP knew you would be here! The Lakers as a team played horribly, your boy D Fish included.

Oh well, looks like we will be ending this season the same way as last; that may or may not be a good thing seeing as we ended up winning it all last year.

PSP Officer

the lakers cant rely on just 4 ball playing 5,because fish cant shoot or guard anybody.other than kobe and sometime pau
the other players cant make a shot or lay-up.
pau play like he is confuse and dont have any agresiveness in him.pj need to lean how to call time out once the other team start a cool them off.
thank god he is retiring maybe the next coach can get the
team to play like they want to win.

Trolls are busy again tonight, cannot blame you, savor the juice as long as you can, playoff is coming that means Lakers will dominate again...whether you like it or not for that is the reality....lakers 3 peat and beyond...

Has the live chat changed it's format. I saw no avatars or and stuff like that. Was it just my computer? I haven't live chatted in a long time.

S Perkins... Derek Fisher is a proven clutch playoff player, hence Jackson has cut his minutes during the regular season for he know his value when it counts. Fisher has proven he does not shrink for the moment . He has history to prove his case. When Fisher's minutes increases during the playoffs, his consistency will come. Blake however has not earned his stripe as a Laker ever. Given that both of them has not particularly shone this regular season, I will take my chances on Fisher rather than an unproven playoff player in Blake. Blake has not proven himself during the regular season and I don't see for see this to change anytime soon. Blake is the weakest link!

I cant believe sperk posted without mentioning his lover Dfish. lol Thank you Rene!

Boston Celtics, just keep dreaming....better come out of the east or else you will just keep watching the Lakers dominate the playoff this season not last year...only fools will say the Lakers will not win the first round....if you know basketball you will not make your belief as your contention....go to your blog man......

Thank you Terry, and goodbye.

Pau Gasol's soft reputation continues to be overblown
April 6, 2011 |  5:08 pm
-- Mark Medina

What a timely and brilliant post/thread!


Gasol gave up like 7 points at the end of the 3rd. - 4th

A Girl with pony tail RIPPED the ball out his hand. (remember the same in the Denver game - it was Nene)

Next possession lost the ball again (same reference - Denver game)

And for the Grand Finale, he shot AN AIR BALL.
(His face looked deflated on the bench while thinking - "I'm not on the court at the end of the game? What's wrong with Phil? I'm his favorite player to WATCH")

Why Phil didn't do that against Utah and Denver?

I know, I know… He is the most skilled BIG in the NBA.
He is the Leader of the Lakers.
He is a Superstar.
He is an All Star.
He has CLASS.

If you repeat that many times as the Lakers Mantra, or if the LA Times will repeat it for you, together with ESPN, TNT, ABC and Yahoo, you have to believe it!

Sleep well Lakers Nation. Amar'e and Perkins are smiling from the sky!

I'm bulimic and I need more Gasol to feel Full. But I'm not a Fool!

WOOOO HOOOOO Vamanos Spurs! Puro Spurs bueyes!

The road to OUR O'Brian trophy comes through San Antonio cabrones! The Flakers don't stand a chance!


glad to see the ballhog shooting all the time instead of going to gasol and bynum

well if celtics win last 5 gms they will probably get home court over LA...kobes stinkbombs vs den and utah will cost them, 10-27 and 6-18, pathetic and reminiscent of his 6-24 choke job in gm 7...refs bailed them out though w/ 37-17 ft 'disparity"

give celtics gasol and let kobe rebound all his own bad shots...if magic or bird had a gasol and bynum to play with those 2 would avg at least 15 shots a gm, not the gunner

Replace "Lakers will be hard-pressed to catch the Spurs" with "it is mathematically impossible to reach 60 wins from 55 with only 4 games left".

Monte Ellis & Steph Curry...most exciting duo to watch...Warriors will make playoffs next season!!! I still believe

Who the heck wrote this blog post? The Spurs only have 3 games left and with the Lakers loss tonight have locked up the #1 seed in the West.
Do your homework before blogging dude. That's pretty lame reporting. lol

Another great game by Drew
Time to feed the big man for his efforts.

Watched a play in the 4th where Drew had position down low and Fisher throws this horrible pass that Drew has to run down at the baseline.
Man, me or you could have made that pass. Anyone ever wonder if the games are fixed? Does Dr. Buss have a secret signal to lose a game?

Nah, I just don't want to blame anyone anymore, it's getting so old.

Yes they are going to be really hard pressed to catch the Spurs. So hard in fact that they will have to do it in next year's regular season since it's mathematically impossible now for this year.
This post was very informative. Not!!

Old, slow, arrogant! This team believes they just have to step on the court and they will be blessed with a victory. How they can still believe this brings their intellects into question also. If there is actually any justice the Lakers will be swept out of the first round of the POs by a team that plays with desire and heart and take nothing for granted.

not a great evening for ron-ron, dish, blake and brown. they collectively went a combined 4 - 27. such a great beginning in the 1st quarter for L.A., too bad they couldn't keep it up! so disappointed, don't know what else to say except, damn!

How embarassing. I figured they'd be tough again come playoff time but maybe not this year. Kobe is their only hope as usual. Jackson should just sit him until the post season. Gasol is soft. That's not news. Bynum is a moron. That's not news either.

wow, all you celtics trolls came out of hiding tonight. you all have been crying for the past month because your old team has been stinking it up, and fat shaq can't even stay healthy enough to play 10 minutes in a regular season game. the perkins trade cost your team a trip to the finals, good luck getting past the second round, danny ainge sure is a genius haha!

Gee it wasn't an early starting time either. The Lakers and their fans are running out of excuses right now. How about they're a bunch of stiffs and Kobe. When they play no defense they look like any other crummy team.

Phil Jackson is a total idiot. I think he's lost his mind. Resting the starters for the playoffs is more important than home court advantage or who they play. It shows in the 8-0 start and the run after the All Star Break. With rest, Lakers play well. Not well rested, they're average. When tired, any team in the league can beat them. REST the team. If they can go 15-1 in the playoffs, they would be 1 win away from winning it all, although I guess losing 3 in a row would bring them to game 7 likely without home court advantage.

Hopefully the Bulls will beat the Celtics.

wow....they lose and all the women run wild...this blog will be real in 2 more weeks. a fact. so keep your safe distance chula's...cause we put the fear into everyones championship hopes..NO TEAM STANDS A CHANCE IN A 7GM SERIES. FACT..RENE,SPANDEX IN MY DADDY, TERRY, S.PERKINS,AND ALL YOU PROM NIGHT POPULARS, THIS IS WHAT IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.....LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

Auerbach get ur stats right before u embarrass such a honorable name. celtics got 197 fouls called in thier favor, lakers 144 in the series, doesnt matter though cause we went through u for the duece, but you know what else, LAKESHOW BABY! ALL UP IN YOU!

i disagree with you lakers 17 pj is not an idiot he just
hhvent had to coach in past years because he had a few
self motivated players who really wanted to win and spent
the time working on their game.instead of benching pau why
didnt he bench fish,i just hope when pj retire the lakers
bring in a coach he is not affiliated with pj.

I couldn't watch this game or the last game cuz I could tell they were going to lose. All Laker fans know that the Lakers always do this. They totally amaze you and then they make you bite your own tongue off. I can't stand it, but I guess the reality is the postseason is all that matters. The truth is we are better off with the no.2 seed. Now we just gotta hope we get that cuz the way we're playing Dallas has got a big smile on their face right now.

Phil I know your the Zen and all but please for the love of god stick to the freakin plan of playing inside out. I can't watch anymore really. It kills me and all us fans to see the game given away because kobe or shannon or anybody not named gasol or bynum isn't touching the ball when we come down the court. Luke you should be ashamed right now. I'm not even going to start on you and your play this season. Also, why did we sign theo and joe exactly?

Honestly I was hoping we could shut it down right about now and just concede the no.1 spot and rest Kobe, Bynum and Gasol from here on out. Now we gotta play them hard down the stretch, this is ridiculous. Phil you made your bed and as always its up to Kobe to make it up.

we just looked crap. maybe we need younger hungrier guys out there. the vets in particular look like they would rather be someplace else, like maybe on a boat, fishing. zero motivation. lets hope they find



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