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Lakers send Derrick Caracter to the Bakersfield Jam, again

Lewdmtnc That was quick.

Some may not have noticed it, but rookie backup center Derrick Caracter was on the team's active roster for its 86-85 loss Tuesday to the Utah Jazz as an insurance policy surrounding Pau Gasol's bone bruise in his right knee. But with Gasol's health improving, the Lakers sent Caracter back to Bakersfield on Wednesday in time for the Jam's post-season matchup with Rio Grande Valley, which begins Friday.

Caracter was just in Bakersfield last week, where he played in three games, started in one of them and averaged 8.7 points and 6.0 rebounds in 20.0 minutes per contest. That move coincided with the Lakers recalling Theo Ratliff following a five-month rehabilitation on his surgically repaired left knee.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Derrick Caracter #45 of the Los Angeles Lakers controls the ball against Samardo Samuels #24 of the Cleveland Cavaliers at Staples Center on January 11, 2011. Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

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No offense but the Lakers deserve the best play by play announcer and that's


Story Time with Kevin Calabro
Riding Hood

Haven't been here for awhile. Just wanted to say hello..

I think someone should digitize all of Chick's broadcasts and then during games, an able dj could "remix" his commentary live..

and I know this topic is uncomfortable, but I wanted to offer something to anyone who thinks that idealizing women isn't a dangerous business.. for both parties.
This is from Baudelaire:

“I once knew a woman named Benedicta, who infused everything with the ideal. When one looked into her eyes one wanted nobility, glory, beauty, all those qualities that make us love immortality.

But this exquisite woman was too beautiful to live long; she died in fact shortly after I met her, and it was I who buried her one day when spring was waving his incense even through the cemetery gates. It was I who buried her, well encased in a coffin made of a wood scented and eternal as the treasure boxes of India.

And while my eyes remained fixed on that spot where my jewel lay entombed, I saw all at once a tiny human being much like the dead woman, doing a bizarre dance, violent and hysterical, on the loose earth. She howled with laughter as she spoke: ‘This is me! Benedicta, as she is! I’m trash, everyone knows it! And the punishment for your stupidity and your blind head is this: You’ll have to love what I am!’

I went into a rage and said, ‘No! No! No! No!’ And in order to give strength to my no, I stomped the earth so fiercely with my foot that my leg sank into the freshly turned earth up to my knee, and like a wolf caught in a trap, I am now tied, perhaps for the rest of my life, to the grave of the ideal.”

I don't think the Lakers will re-sign either Joe Smith or Theo Ratliff. Will Derirck Caracter be the 3rd string center next season? Intersting to see if the Lakers will sign another over-the-hill veteran or keep Caracter as the 3rd string center.

And another thread!!! Oy Oy Oy ... MM you do know that you can go back and edit a previous thread and add minor news/information you get throughout the day right? Oh wait the PSP forgot, that might reduce the number of hits on new pages LAT gets. Tsk Tsk

Not so thankfully
PSP Officer

The RSP concurs with the PSP

Might as well go for 1000 threads today

I don't mind bringing back ex-lakers such as Mbenga or Turiaf either.....Preferably Turiaf although it will require more money than the Lakers are willing to pay.

"I don't think the Lakers will re-sign either Joe Smith or Theo Ratliff. Will Derirck Caracter be the 3rd string center next season? Intersting to see if the Lakers will sign another over-the-hill veteran or keep Caracter as the 3rd string center.

Posted by: LakerPeace | April 06, 2011 at 02:51 PM "

I think Smith and Ratliff are gone for sure and I would be surprised if they held on to Caracter. He's not big enough to be a true center and there are guys like him available in the draft every year. I wouldn't even be surprised if Ebanks wasn't back next year.

Golden st tonight, hope the Lakers decide to play tonight and show some interest in the game and end this short streak at 2.

Go Lakers!

Well, since next year we won't have a coach like PJ who would not play these 2 vets, we could bring on a vet who could actually contribute! I love Turiaf, also, but doubt Buss will shell out more money. The odds at a 3 peat+ look dimmer each game/month/year Kobe ages, so Buss will be looking at that also and thinking about some youth movement 2s and 3s probably. If we go away from a triangle coach, then a real point guard will also be needed.

I sure miss those once-a-game getting into the passing lane for an interception Ariza, Farmar, and Sasha used to give us quite often. Game changers.

All bad moves in FO due to PJ's idiosynchrosies.

Ebanks and Caracter would be good to nurture, but PJ doesn't do that.

I am hopeful I don't have to shut down the TIVO after tonight until playoffs, due to a no-Laker show tonight! GSW are going to be harder than any of the past several games in their house, tonight.

My take on the game is that the NBA is full of talented players, even on the teams that have poor records. Gordon Hayward had a magnificent game, Kobe had an absolutely awful game, especially by his standards, and the playing field was evened. People may disagree with me, but I think the Lakers tried their best to win last night and just fell short.

Posted by: Bay to LA | April 06, 2011 at 02:03 PM
Lakers took the shortcut most of the game. Attention to detail was very poor. There was so many “fly by” on pump fakes, poor coverage on pick/roll, and going for the home run (shooting 3’s) instead of easier 2pt shots. All of the above means they were not focused.

@MagicPhil – congrats on the Friedman.

@Lew – I didn’t say Biggie was from Detroit, he’s Brooklyn all day. When you posted Hypnotize I referenced Biggie’s line when he said, Pink Gators My Detroit Playas. (I didn’t mean he was from Detroit, but was showing the D love).

@LT – Enjoy the game tonight. Bring home a W for the Lakers.

@Triangulator – the Adderly bros…superb. Carlton wasn’t bad either…haha!

@Peace – You mean Theo Ratliff & Joe Smith are on the Lakers?

@paTroll Man – Good call on Calabro. He’s been a favorite of my for a while.

Yellofever agrees with the RSP who concurs with PSP...

MM just pulled the plug on what was developing into a very interesting discussion on joel vs spero for a quick announcement on caracter goin back to the D league??!!!

About as predictable as rain in the northwest…Abbott has a column on Kobe after last night’s failure in the clutch. Funny, but there was no article after Kobe torched the Blazers earlier this season. Is bashing Kobe his life mission?

At least tonight I won't recovering from the trauma of an ER visit during the day, like I had yesterday. (Old guy chest pains.) I was fretting the ER docs to let me out to see my Lakers last night. They let me out, but that effort almost put me back in the hospital.

Let it be done - Lakers put in a game effort tonight. That's all I ever ask to see. No going through the motions.

Hollinger showing Drew some love by putting him on the All-Defense 2nd team. I can't post those whole thing because its from ESPN Insider...but here's what he said about Drew.

Second team: Andrew Bynum, L.A. Lakers (minus-3.71). I'm a little skittish about ranking him so highly for what is basically half a season of work, but Bynum has been so good in the second half of the season that it's hard to put him any lower. He moves surprisingly well for a player of such immense size and has great timing for blocks, but it's the shots he doesn't block that have just as much impact -- so much that J.A. Adande is tracking them during Lakers games. His injuries actually make it easier to see his impact, because the Lakers immediately morph into a Phoenixy, offense-first type of team any time he checks out -- and revert to playing championship-caliber D when he comes back.

LRob - no I didn't ask you if Biggie was from Detriot from your post...I read it somewhere else where he was giving Detroit city bunch of love...

He must have roots or family in Motown City then...

"About as predictable as rain in the northwest…Abbott has a column on Kobe after last night’s failure in the clutch. Funny, but there was no article after Kobe torched the Blazers earlier this season. Is bashing Kobe his life mission?

Posted by: LRob | April 06, 2011 at 03:47 PM "

I imagine it's something that grew over time. I'm sure his e-mail is getting flooded any time Kobe makes a clutch shot so he loves to be able to write another article to shoot back at them once he has the opportunity.

Just watched "Yes Sir" Jack Nicklaus about the 86 Master

that was something and you never seem to tire of the story

Truly one of the greatest sport stories of all time

Whe Bynum is in he is grabbing every board, but other Lakers are starting to count on it. And when he is out no one is rebounding.

Rebounding is still a team thing. When Bynum is up around 20 his teammates are not going at it hard enough, and there are too many misses to grab.

Lew - uh...okay..thanks. Hmmm I'll have to investigate.

@LROB … Thanks for posting the Hollinger insider quotes regarding Drew making his All-Defense 2nd team. It’s good to see Drew finally getting very valuable recognition for his impact and value. Hopefully, that will help his game cred with the refs and result in them giving him more leeway. I sure hope Kobe has a better game tonight. The turnovers and volume shooting are killing us.
@NUGGETS COUNTRY … Chest pains are a scary thing when you’re older. Hopefully, you were just suffering from post game heart burn due to the Denver game and nothing more serious than that. I am sure that the psychological impact on your lifestyle and morale dive when the Nuggets pulled off that victory. And of course, going home to watch Utah couldn’t have helped much either. Don’t worry. My record at Oracle has been Lakers 9 - Warriors 0. So tonight will be easy on you.

I back Tom Daniels post 100%
I am noticing that because AB is being so fierce going for boards everyone else has just given up. We got out rebounded on a night when Andrew Bynum made a career high. Just because AB is shoving you out of the way to get rebounds doesn't mean you can't do it back when he's not in arms reach.

@ Noah - What the hell are you talking about? I haven't had a chance to read the blog for 2 days should I read back? Am I missing something

That's the thing that ticked me off the most about the game last night...

Drew goes for a career high in rebounding and we still lose??

Oy vey....

GUYS - PLEASE - REBOUND THE DANG BALL!!! Drew's name isn't on it. As a matter of fact - Stern's name is on it. Go after it like you want to choke it LOL!

Diandra and Tommy D

This is all part of the practice season. It is time for the youngster to gear up for the playoffs, while the veterans go on cruise control a bit. This is just a piece to the puzzle, so I am thrilled that AB's gobbling up all the rebounds for now. It serves the dual purpose of boosting his confidence, while saving LO and Pau for more important things that lie ahead. Andrew is 23. He can afford to play more aggressively during this part of the long 82-game mess, while Pau and Lamar rest a bit, even while on the floor. Another blessing is the new found confidence that Drew has with his knee brace. He no longer is thinking about protecting his knee after the brace "saved" him from yet another injury in the meaningless loss in the Nuggets game.

Frankly, this is the subtle brilliance of Phil Jackson at work. Last night's loss was meaningless in the scheme of things. Andrew continued his growth, which is more important for the playoffs. When veterans Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom are dialed in with maximum focus to go along with a confident Bynum, good luck to everyone else. They will need it!

Posted by: migeymoto | April 06, 2011 at 04:14 PM

"Ha ha ha ha this fool said stu still has great insight and feel for the game....sure, if you have never played or watched basketball in your life...."


Is this really necessary - to call yellowfever a fool because he likes Stu?

What is the deal with the name calling? He just offered an opinion on whom he likes to hear (or conservatively, whom he thinks it better). I can assure you, as someone who has had productive conversations with yellowfever, that he definitely watches basketball (Lakers basketball) for sure.

However, you probably should have known that, since Stu is the Lakers color-commentator, that yellowfever watches Lakers games. It's a transitive property - in order to have a coherent view about whom one likes as the *television* color-commentator, one has to watch a Lakers game (on television, the internet, iPad, or another device that *has a screen*). As evidenced by his posts, he has definitely *watched* at least 1 Lakers game. Technically, yellowfever only needs to watch one game because your statement (a negative universal) can be falsified by one instantiation of the positive.

*Example: to falsify the statement that "No swans are non-white", all one needs to do is to find a non-white swan (which are in Australia, by the way)*

But who's one for being contradictory when they're too busy trying to call someone a name in order to be funny/antagonistic/attention-getting?

Please think about posting something coherent next time (i.e. not a direct contradiction). Actually hitting the "Preview" button is a good start; you'll be able to read what you've written.

Another way that you can keep things nice and tidy on this blog is to ask a follow-up question, especially if you don't understand something. An example of this would be "Hi Yellowfever! I was curious to know more about why you think Stu is the better of the two. Can you please elaborate? I'm interested in what you have to say" (Note - the use of pleasantries is optional but highly preferred for keeping the focus of the response on the content of the question *instead* of the intent of the person asking the question).

I haven't seen you post before, and while I realize that may not be a representative sample of who posts here, I can *definitely* tell you that yellowfever has been posting here for a while, with coherent thoughts on a number of things. If this is your first time posting, I believe that calling someone a "fool" is a poor way to introduce yourself to the blog community, yellowfever included.

Posted by: migeymoto | April 06, 2011 at 04:14 PM

"Ha ha ha ha this fool said stu still has great insight and feel for the game....sure, if you have never played or watched basketball in your life...."


well, it goes to show how little you know. Stu just happens to be one of the TOP teachers of the game for professional and soon to be professional players in the NBA. he is known as "the shot doctor" and he's been teaching in the famous Pete Newell Big Man Camp for quite some time. typical internet **** who thinks he knows more than he really does...

Guys I'm sorry but news is news. I space out the threads every few hours, but if news break, I'm sorry it has to go up. It needs to be in a new post because people who may search for Derrick Caracter or Lakers in general on a search engine won't find the news because it was buried in a previous thread on an unrelated topic.


Yes they will if it's done the right way ... talk with one of your IT guys that understands how a search engine works; he should know.

PSP Intern



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