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Lakers Roundtable: L.A. Times' Mark Medina, Mike Bresnahan and Brad Turner preview Lakers-Hornets series

In a secret location somewhere in the city of Los Angeles, I stumbled upon a conference room with my colleagues Mike Bresnahan and Brad Turner. Like in Office Space, we were supposed to go over our TPS reports, talk about the company's policies on putting cover sheets over them and figure out who keeps stealing our office supplies. But then we got bored.

So we talked hoops, previewed the Lakers-Hornets first-round playoff series, explained why BT is excited about visiting his hometown of New Orleans and why all three of us believe the Lakers won't have a problem advancing to the Western Conference semifinals.

Among the highlights of our roundtable discussion

--BT explains why he's unsure of the Lakers' identity entering the postseason.

--Bresnahan isn't concerned one bit about how the Lakers match up with the Hornets

--We each offer our prediction and wagers

--And, of course, Brez talks about his playing days as a tight end on Buckley High's eight-man football team. You can ask him more about it when he hosts a live chat Friday at 11 a.m.

You can also follow Brez and BT on Twitter.

--Mark Medina

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How do we call you three?

Three wise men of LA Sports Dept.

Three musketeers of Laker spin zone

Three Stooges in the 21st Century Mike, Mark and Brad.....

Haha Edwin. I like that. Apparently I also have a new nickname from Brez. Switzerland because I go right down the middle.

This was supposed to be a round table discussion? But where was the table?! I didn't see it!

And the way BT was talking all relaxed and all, you would think he was half way into Happy Hour on Bourbon Street.

And one more point, just a suggestion. If you guys would all have turned a little to the right, then started to snap your fingers in unison, you could have done your own version of "My Girl" to spice it up and keep our attention better. Just a thought....

The many faces of Lamar Odom. Does it mean he will win the award this time?

@LAKERTOM - Hey man, I been around just not commenting, it's been a rough 2011 so far, but it's starting to pick up. REALLY happy we are playing NOH because any other team right now would have an excellent shot at catching us with injuries, motivation issues and other assorted Laker-itis symptoms.

@Fatty - I surely hope so, man!

@hobbitmage - The glare is back, the practice season is over and now we see who is the man coming round your block, it's me you see with the funky walk, I'm doing just what I want to...well, I'm sure you know the rest.

Well, I didn't see the last 2 games and really don't care.(LOL) I'm just glad the PO are here and we can finally get this party started with everyone 'relatively' healthy(knock on wood). :-)


@LRob:Yeah, you're right...'Cake' is cool.:-) Also, I believe I posted those songs(and a couple of others) by Bernard Wright in an much earlier thread, but of course, you can't have too much 'Bernard' least I can't.(LOL)


For today's musical contribution, I think, like you, I'll go 'old skool' again...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

AWB is just what we need to get it going, nice job...

The Lakers did it. I couldn't believe....but they did.

They manage to get the Hornets.

I have this masterpiece in my mind for days:


Hmmmm, I made some T-shirts for my Daughter-in-law: "I am Switzerland"


So Mark,

Do you speak Romansch?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mark M., if you're Switzerland then there should be curves in your chest representing the Alps. Brez looks like David in Florence with his serious face while Brad is indeed the Rock of Gibraltar.

Speaking of Mr. Turner, he has an in depth knowledge of the Lakers and a contemporary of Mr. Murray. I read his articles at Press Enterprise during the Showtime and yet he seemed to be a shy columnist. He is not as colorful as Mr. Heisler or as noisy as Bill Plaschke. Well as they say silent water runs deep. I wish he could open up to bloggers and go open forum or chat with his previous playoff scars.

Clinton "Trey" Johnson III

Stats in D league - PPG 25.5,RPG 4.20, APG 4.5,EFF + 20.00 Also, his FG% is .499 - very good for a guard.

Born: Aug 30, 1984 Height: 6-5 / 1,96 Weight: 215 lbs. / 97,5 kg. College: Jackson State - where he was ranked first in the nation in scoring (27.1 ppg) in his senior year ('06-'07). The same year he was named the SWAC player of the year.

He has played with quite a few NBA teams but never lasted for very long... for some reason. Maybe his time has come? I thought he did very well. He plays with energy. He likes to score. He can shoot the ball. That is what we really need - a shooter! We need someone who will hit a high percentage if left open - which is something that happens all the time when you are on the floor with Kobe, Pau, and Lamar... ;-)

I posted that I really hoped PJ would play Trey... and he did... ;-)

Play Trey!!!

Stats were for '10-'11 season.

Did you folks notice PJ's country plaid shirt in the previous thread? Could it be that his mind is past the playoffs and is somewhere in his ranch in Montana?

Of the Three Musketeers...

Brad, despite his slight beer belly, looks like he's in the best shape, but, come on, SIX GAMES?!?!

No way.

Lakers in four.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mike Bresnahan,

Eight man football?

Are you kidding me?

Where did you go to high school? Boron? Trona?

Give me a break! My graduating class was 86 and we played 11 man football!


80 yard field? Give me a break.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm counting the days until Phil Jackson is gone............forever

Posted by: pfunk36 | April 14, 2011 at 07:09 PM

You must be looking forward to mediocrity. To each his own.

it gets more coverage than it would have without the fine.

Posted by: J. Walter Weatherman | April 14, 2011 at 01:00 PM

-- Well, how do you Sir? Welcome back old warrior, where have u been after a long silence. Another come back kid from Orange County, Kobesbad who got entangled with Sonny B just like the good old days. Utz got out of retirement, Justa is giving us the ladies choice and of course, Fatty-baby who is now on medication for blood pressure after watching Smush/Kwame years, fighting back at twisters and floods last year in Flagstaff. Welcome and let's roll the red carpet.

By the way, we have now a tradition in the blog to dedicate u some songs, LRob maestro here is my contribution........

I'm counting the days until pfunk36 is gone............forever


I'm counting the days until Phil Jackson is gone............forever

Posted by: pfunk36 | April 14, 2011 at 07:09 PM

You must be looking forward to mediocrity. To each his own.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | April 14, 2011 at 10:20 PM

You give Phil too much credit long as we have Kobe and a coach that doesn't have an ego and realizes at the pro's talent that wins championships and not will see a meteoric rise in consistency and stable play from these Lakers and most importantly..................a lot less of Luke Walton

Why is Island Priest such a tard?

He says he is a CPA and only speaks "facts", yet he has given no evidence that Kobe has not donated to the Japan or Haiti disasters.
He keeps saying that Kobe's money-grubbing maid was Korean, but she was actually Hispanic.
Ha said Kobe is uncultured but LeBron is? Kobe grew up mostly in Italy in a multi-cultural setting, where LeBron grew up with a drunk/crack-head mom and no dad in Akron.


Is Island Priest really that dumb?

I think the answer is yes.

LA Lakers 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions

Jon K - The fine was ridiculous. I'm going to write something tomorrow about it.

Just passing along a tweet from Andrew Bynum: "Had a great time with the fellas tonight! Looking forward to a hard practice tomorrow! 16 wins! Let's Go!"


@Fatty – thanks for the 6th man link. George Hill of the Spurs got one vote….hmmm from Bruce Bowen. C'mon Bruce if you going to be a journalist show just a little objectivity.

@MM - Thanks for passing along Bynum's tweet. A healthy and excited that makes my day!

@Lakerholic - Trey definitely had a nice the words of Vic the Brick...FEELING YOU!

@GDUB – I must be slippin if I forgot you posted Nard…lol. You went from Cake to Cut the Cake…nice segue. Of course, I love AWB. It seems like each one of their songs remind me of specific events as a teen.

@MagicPhil – where you been bruh? EWF is always the gold standard.

@Edwin – checking in with the incredible Babs…magnificento…one of the select few to win an Oscar acting and have a #1 pop song.

mm come on that was totally funny

How the shiz do *I* get a gig rambling about basketball in a dismal conference room in front of a crappy cellphone camera? They get paid for that?

since you allow that stuff I have to question your decision making (as usual)

Perhaps I should rephrased my deleted post

The last couple of days on this blog has been
totally ___ (rhymes with ray)

I have to admit that i'm going to miss the Utah Jazz and their home crowd in these years playoffs. The Jazz fans are one of the loudest in the NBA, and help prepare the Lakers for other hostile arenas they encounter during their playoff run. Maybe the Thunder crowd is gonna replace the Jazz crowd.

The last couple of days on this blog has been
totally ___ (rhymes with ray)
Posted by: Troll Man

May? LOL!!! That was funny TM.


Looks like Steve Blake's illness may have turned into a blessing in disguise. Trey Johnson might actually fit perfectly.


lets go lakerzzz

Yes...I'm back.

The fine for the Saint's homophobic expression was excessively high,
but this was necessary in order to divert attention.

He had already been T'd up.
Had already been T'd up!

Then, he threw his chair a throat punch,
and then tried to knock a whole in the floor with a towel...
(Hey...not making this stuff the video mush heads)
and then, then, there's more,
he made his now infamous remarks to the ref, which I might add,
were made in high def, and in clear view of every 12-year old Laker fan
with a television set or computer in the world. That's your hero.

Indeed, a monster fine would be needed to provide just enough
distraction and cover for the fact that the pointed headed little twerp
wasn't ejected from the game, as he rightfully should have been.

Forget the words he spoke for a moment.
Why wasn't Kobe thrown out of the game for demonstrative behavior?
I mean, they do it to Demarcus Cousins all the time, for much less.
That's the question many NBA fans are asking.

What we get from Lakerville, instead, is:
Why is the fine so high!
Just hatin' on Kobe again!
Whine, whine, whine, idiocy!
Is there not one of you who thinks
he should have been thrown out of that game?
Truly, not one of you?

Naturally, the rest of the country knows exactly
why Kobe didn't get that 2nd T.
The Lakers would need him against a much improving Kings
squad to secure the 2nd seed. It's really as simple as that.
God forbid you have to meet Portland!
Suspend DMC by all means...but no, no, no...don't suspend the Saint.

How much more slack are they going to have to cut
the Lakers this year to get them into the championship game?

Even though it might not work this year, they'll do what they can...
you can bank $$$ on it.

Go Kings!


You give Phil too much credit long as we have Kobe and a coach that doesn't have an ego and realizes at the pro's talent that wins championships and not will see a meteoric rise in consistency and stable play from these Lakers and most importantly..................a lot less of Luke Walton

Posted by: pfunk36 | April 14, 2011 at 10:32 PM


I will never disagree with anyone more than I disagree with you on this. The fact that Phil Jackson has won 11 championships in his previous 19 seasons gives me the huge edge in this debate. Championship basketball is a half court game and the triangle offense is designed to make maximum use of the 24 second clock and keep it a slowed, down half court game that involves every player on the court, and which properly utilizes dynamic scorers like Kobe and Jordan as well as talented big men. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant had a grand total of ZERO rings until Phil Jackson entered their lives. Bud, it is absolutely, unequivocally, categorically and indubitably the system and the man behind the system whose Zen philosophy you abhor so much that is the main reason why he has an extra ring for his big toe. There isn't a fan amongst us who fully understands how Phil Jackson has gotten the most out of his players ... modern day professional athletes whose egos are the size of Staples Center. There are no words to describe the level of Phil's basketball genius. I'm sure that you acknowledge that you are in the clear minority with your disdain for the greatest coach in professional sports history, but with that you should also acknowledge that you simply don't know how he does it instead of simply giving ALL the credit to his players. There is SOOOOOO much more to it than that! All I know is that given the choice of head coaches who I would want coaching my team in the playoffs, it isn't even close.

19 seasons
13 NBA Finals
11 NBA championships
48-0 when his team wins Game 1 of a playoff series
11-0 when his team wins Game 3 of a 1-1 series
7-0 in championships]when his team has a 60 win season
4-1 against Gregg Popovich's Spurs in the playoffs
.704 regular season winning percentage (1st all-time)

pfunk36, if you have some empirical evidence to support your disdain for the NBA's all-time greatest coach other than the fact that he trusts Luke Walton (who isn't even worth talking about right now because he's not in PJ's rotation), please educate us. You can't. Phil's numbers dwarf even the great Red Auerbach.

He did all of those things AFTER already getting one technical.

Gee, we better make the fine real high...or people might squawk
that we didn't send him home like we rightfully should have.

No way the Lakers will go anywhere if the Saint ain't playin'.

Gotta do what's necessary to see that the Saint plays.

I mean, do you really want to see Lebron vs Durant?

Go Sacramento Kings!


Posted by: pfunk36 | April 14, 2011 at 10:32 PM

As long as we have the ballgog we are invincible, wrong!! We had Del Harris, Rambis and Huston coach and the results? Perhaps, greatest coach must know how to win besides the ballhog.

Troll Man - Thanks actually for sending me that comment because I missed it. You are right that it was inappropriate.

Trolls everywhere!!! Troll Invasion!!!!

Yes, it is indeed the Playoffs already.


People who try to diminish Phil Jackson's accomplishments are the equivalent of Teabaggers.

Go Lakers!

@UTZ....Totally agree with your previous come out of retirement and enjoy the run to the ride down (Fiquiro sp?)
@pfunk36...Be careful what you wish for!!!BShaw isn't a proven winner yet! Who else has won Championships besides Pop, Doc, Larry Brown and Riles? And who is going to come in on white horse and manage these diverse personalities that is availble? We as Laker fans don't always agree with what Phil does but he does pull the right strings!! It will be very interesting and uneasy w/o Phil next year. With him, we know we're a winner!

pfunk36 why are you on any sports blog? Your lack of knowlege and inability to see the whole picture is
apparent in your post. You must be a fan whose team
is runnerup to the Laker's every year Maverick.



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