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Lakers recall Derrick Caracter from Bakersfield Jam

Lamlhonc The Lakers recalled backup forward Derrick Caracter from the Bakersfield Jam on Tuesday.

The Lakers currently face injury issues in their frontcourt. Forward Pau Gasol suffered a bone bruise in his right knee and is listed as day-to-day. Lakers spokesman John Black said Caracter was brought in case Gasol is limited. 

After the Lakers cleared Theo Ratliff following a five-month rehabilitation on his surgically repaired left knee, the Lakers sent Caracter down to Bakersfield last week. He appeared in three games, averaging 8.7 points and 6.0 rebounds in 20.0 minutes and starting in one contest. Caracter has played in 40 games for the Lakers this season, averaging 2.0 points and 1.1 rebounds in 5.3 minutes.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Derrick Caracter dunks the ball against the Nuggets during a pre-season game at the Staples Center October 20, 2010. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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MM - Thanks for my first actual "Friedman Award" I am very honored...

Blog Family - Thanks for all the kind words...I'm celebrating my 1 year Anniversary on this great Lakers Blog...I have met so many passionate Laker fans, and thanks for accepting me into this Laker Family...

It pains me to see us in limbo during the most crucial time of the year...Everyone and anyone is shooting for our Lakers, while our current Dynasty is going for the 3Peat and 4th Consecutive Finals...How fortunate are we that we have such a successful team, giving us tons of memories, championships and a tradition of winning...I am PROUD to be a Laker Fan, and proud to be a member of the Blog...

Do we take this for granted...Absolutely...look at all the teams and their fans out there, that would give their first born, to have half the success of our beloved Lakers...Ask Bulls, Heat, Denver, Spurs, Orlando fans if they are jealous...Of course they are...

Let's all try to get the right perspective...justanothermambafan and Mamba24 are cherished members of this blog...If they have some issues, please that is their business...It is not Mark Medina's or the rest of the blog members responsibility to fix that...It is between them, and we should respect their privacy and let them be...

Please let us not get sidetracked...Our boys need all the cosmic positive energy we can send to them...Let's stay focused at the task at hand...To finish this season with our team 100% present and healthy...Let's witness greatness together...

This Blog is like the Lakers...The whole is greater than the individual...Like the Lakers, it's not about Kobe, PJ, Fish, Pau, Andrew etc...It is about what is in front of their jerseys...LAKERS!!!

This is the LA Times Laker Blog...Not Days of our Lives or General Hospital...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Right on Lew! Very well said my man.

- - -

Hope DC gets to see some action, lets start giving our starters some rest down the stretch.

- - -

Edwin, I only caught the second half, I realize that Butler was playing better the first half than they played the second half, but it was pretty ugly watching them clank one shot after another.

To me the biggest difference is the individual skill level. I guess for basketball purists, the college game is a purer game. I'm sure coaches can appreciate the games more. I'm more fan-oriented, more Harlem Globetrotter or And-1 I guess. I love the Shannon Brown dunks, the Bynum stuff-blocks, the mamba shots behind the plane of the backboard. I miss that stuff watching college hoops. That is also why I just can't get into the WNBA.

I also like knowing more than one, maybe two players on a team.

A lot of college teams are well coached. The average college player plays at a higher energy rate than the average NBA player. They also play D with a lot more passion (well except Jimmer Fredette, who seems to be above playing D, or taking smart shots for that matter).

It's a different game. I'll catch the occasional UCLA game or college game channel surfing, sometimes get into it. Last nights game though, at least the second half, you've gotta admit wasn't pretty.


63: Growing up I thought smog was only half a word, it had to be preceded or followed by L.A...

Congrats Lew... keep up the good work in Larry's absence.

LRob -This is what I got today...

Brings back some crazy


lance from da bronx: "b-ball and soccer. b-ball was created to give soccer players something to do during the winter months in order to stay in shape. it uses the triangulation strategies used in football ( i hate saying soccer, football is what it is ,but we already have one of them so,)growing up with both, i was always amazed where two seemingly different sports have similar the way, CyberCosmiX, right now the best soccer curently being played on the planet right now is in the the spanish league, with Barcelona the best team in the world and Lionel Messi, clearly the best player. this week they play Real Madrid for EL CLASSICO"
Speaking about just the sport, the pure sport, you are right. There are a lot of similarities between soccer (football!) and basketball. They are free-flowing, transition from offense to defense, use roughly similar types of pass/penetration type strategy to score.

Sadly, most Americans are conditioned better than Pavlov's dog to follow the same sports. I'm going to tick a lot of people off, and I'm a Raider/Dodger fan, but as far as pure sports neither football (American) and especially not baseball can hold a candle to basketball or soccer. To me, baseball has become nearly unwatchable even for short stints, I was a diehard football fan but watching games I can't do anymore.

Messi? He's brilliant, as in Magic Johnson brilliance. He is Kobe's fave player too, what he does is amazing. Players like him are a joy to watch, he see's the entire pitch an entire second or two ahead of everyone. My son is a bigger fan of Euro soccer, I spend more time watching NBA but a game like El Classico is must-watch.

I wish people would stop hearing Jim Rome bashes on soccer and actually give the sport a try, a lot more people would see it's a beautiful game.


I have a feeling Pau will miss tonight's game and that's probably a good thing. Utah is going to be physical tonight and this team will need a healthy Pau to get through the playoffs. I think Andrew will pay more attention when he's on the court in regards to avoiding accidents which may cause harm to his knees. In fact, I think he should brace/protect the other knee as well!

"We're worried about our execution. That's all we did then and that's all we'll do now." #24 K. Bryant

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Bus

"...they're shaking like virgins on prom night."
viewer comment by faithdalakerfan @ 10:03 pm

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

Wow - Lewsters bustin' out a little early 70s prog-rock, courtesy of ELP, to spark things up, nice! Here's one of my fav's of the same ilk and era...

Excellent took my lead and ran with it...Here's another one to keep it going...

LRob, 63 Footer, mclyne, ms, etc...

Your thoughts?

I wasn’t even going to post in here anymore or read anything but what MM posted. I got sucked in one last time reading some of the “other drama” going on in here. I felt I should at least show you the respect to respond as I called you out specifically mostly because I didn’t feel you read my post with the way you responded to Triangulator and knowing you would somewhat agree with me reading some of the post you have written over the years and the respect you garner on this blog.

The issue was about basketball and if Cuban would be a good owner for the Dodgers. Triangulator issued the political statement first stating that Cuban was an idiot who created Michael Moronic movies. I am sure he has never watched a Moore film, and if he has it wasn’t with an open mind. For the record I would never watch MSNBC either and don’t like the righteous on the left as well as the right.

My only response was that I didn’t think Cuban was an idiot and I had more respect for him knowing he was that deep (right or wrong- if I agree or not). To have my simple post and defense of Cuban turned into him leaving and vilifying Kobefan and I was very offending and self serving on his part. That is why I felt I too don’t want or need to be part of this.

@LEWSTERS/Edwin Gueco
I completely apologize to the Triangulator and hope he accepts it as far as a misunderstanding. I can assure him I feel the SAME way as he does as far as the troops. I would never ask normally but considering the accusations I would expect the same from him when he returns. I don’t hold grudges and hope he doesn’t either and would like to be the first to welcome him back when he returns. We all LOVE America and the Lakers (except exile SonnyBelfast) so let’s all get along.

I don’t care how anyone on here wants to paint you. I simply think you are the funniest person here. I can’t stand the buddy system either. I think there are trolls who just say things in order to irritate and get a response. I don’t however think that way of the rational fans of other teams that state their opinions with logic and rational. I love what Red’slovechild and 131 bring to the blog and respect their insights. You are not a troll just because we disagree with you.

I’m glad you got that, because that is exactly what it was.

Somewhat off topic but ...

Oy! Messi who? Cristi Ronaldo is better than Messi! Maybe it's because of his physical advantages over Messi but Cristi shoots leftie, rightie, heads, free kicks, penalties, pace ... both don't play an ounce of defense so thats a moot point. El Clasico this weekend will be great!

PSP Officer


Would you prefer Bud or Miller? The PSP will be buying with the pittance the PSP gets paid.

PSP Intern

@Lewstrs........ Great post and Congrats on the Friedman! I honestly didn't know all this was going on..I just have to say one thing...Mamba24..You are the VERY FIRST one that welcomed me to Laker Nation Blog and ALWAYS have made such NICE comments to me. I even said to you, your Mom did such a great job instilling manners,morals and being SO thoughful and conciderate to other peoples feelings!!!! Don't know why this is an issue and I for one have your back and really wish you would consider coming back!!! It is really NOT the same with out your up beat posts!!!!!!!!!!:-{ Lewstrs and Diandra do a great job filling in but WE you TOO!!

don't get me wrong, renaldo is a great player, but now is messi's turn and time. also less drama than renaldo . enjoy El Clasico. as for our boys. this , like every remaining game IS a statement game,so with the concerns for injuries, a deep bench is a blessing. i must say i am glad it's at staples, though.

Well Lew compadre, now that u got the first Friedman award, you are like Tex Winter, it is way overdue and I think you will get more in the future.

I enjoyed the innovations introduced by MM on the blog like this award, the profiles and more chats. However, with it there are also some liabilities or shall we term it limitations, risks in their usage. If abused, it would not meet its purpose of promoting harmony and friendliness. I want to revisit the past when Mamba24 and Justa first logged-in to the blog, there was cheerfulness, excitement among us and also with them. We enjoyed the personal banters here and there just like what we used to do with Mike T. in the past stages of this blog. I wish we could hit the RESET button and start all over again and act as responsible bloggers as a whole. That wish maybe too ideal or searching for a place called Utopia. It should not have arrived to this situation where the concerned parties are saying "goodbyes" because of that incident. The same situation between Triagulator and NBA4ever on one particular subject matter, they part ways immediately. We have to agree on misunderstandings and as adults, we must moved on as normal bloggers as though nothing has happened. It is sort of a "forgive and forget situation just don't do it again thing" which common happening in any household.

On the part of the Moderator, he should perform his responsibilities by implementing its legal spiel. One part of term says: "We discourage divulging personal phone numbers and addresses or other information that can be used to identify or locate you." Therefore, if you wish to push through with reader awards, profiles and others be aware of the possible consequences and/or legal limits. As a moderator you have a huge responsibility in balancing marketing and the legal terms enumerated in your spiel.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

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