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Lakers Q&A: Trey Johnson expresses confidence he can make an NBA team


This is the seventh post in an occasional series of Q&As with a member of the Lakers organization.

Below is a recent conversation with Lakers backup guard Trey Johnson, whom the Lakers recalled April 13 from the Bakersfield Jam. He is on the team's playoff roster, and he scored six points on  two-for-three shooting in 13 minutes in the Lakers' season-finale against Sacramento and then had three points on one-for-two shooting in the Lakers' 109-100 Game 1 loss to the New Orleans Hornets.

How has everything gone for you since joining the Lakers?

It's been great. It's everything that you dreamed and worked for. You realize the dream and I'm doing that right now. I've been in the NBA before and with the Lakers in camp before, so I knew what to expect in the sense of this is a very storied organization and top-of-the-line organization. Guys like Kobe, D-Fish, Lamar and Phil Jackson, I know there's a lot that they expect and they're going to hold you accountable for every action on and off the floor.

I already know how to come into this situation and handle myself and be a professional and come in and learn and help the team in whatever I can. It's definitely a winning culture. When I say winning, it's every aspect in the word, from the front office guys, scouts, coaching staff and players. Everything has high expectations and it's expected to happen through the hard work that's put in with building this organization from the ground up. Even when Magic was brought in, they brought in the right type of guys. These guys are winners. They have the will and desire to win.

April 13 is when you got the call. What do you remember about that day? I remember getting ready for a D-League playoff game and I was ready to take a nap. My phone rang and it was my agent. He gave me the news. I was thankful God put me in this situation, and I called my parents and I was on the next flight out of there. I was definitely missed. I felt like I was a leader of that team and people looked at me as a leader and a captain. So I think they definitely missed my leadership on the floor. But those guys wished me well and nobody had any hard feelings about it. Now I'm in the playoff series.

Kobe was complimentary about how you've been doing, with fitting in and being aggressive. How have you tried to fit in? Truth be told, I haven't shared this before with Kobe, but growing up I studied Kobe. In college, I was the so-called Kobe Bryant on my team. On the D-League team, I was the so-called Kobe Bryant of my team. I studied him from his footwork to his moves and I know what spot he likes to get to on the floor. I model my game after him. I don't shoot a lot of threes, but I can shoot threes, which is the same thing as him. He feels like he can get to whatever spot on the floor he needs to on the floor and he takes the game very seriously. This is what he does. He plays basketball and he studies every aspect of the game. He's a very intelligent basketball player and a very intelligent person. I always took that from the outside looking in in watching him, and then to be around him and see the more detailed part of his game on what he works on, I've always patterned my game after him.

Who else do you pattern your game after? Growing up, I was a Bulls fan and I liked Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen was my favorite player because he could do everything. From the time I started playing basketball on a competitive level seriously, by that time, Michael Jordan wasn't really playing anymore. It was Kobe Bryant. He's the best so I didn't look to pattern my game after anybody else. He's the best so why not the rest for the bench. I always watch a guy like Chauncey Billups too. I was the same type of build. I watch whoever has a high IQ of the game.

And Kobe has given you his shoes? I just happened to wear the golden size, size 14. I get an unlimited pair of those.

Any other perks you've been getting? I'm wearing the Los Angeles Lakers uniform across my chest. That's recognized worldwide. I walk out and people know who I am. Coming from a town in Jackson [Mississippi], our whole community is excited for me. I'm one of those guys who grew up from there and they see me all the time. To see me in this situation with people they see on TV all the time, it's amazing.

How did Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks do in Bakersfield this year? It was more difficult for Derrick because we run an up-and-down style. He enjoyed it, though. For Devin, it was good for him. We ran up and down, he scored, rebounded, filled the passing lanes. The way we played, it was perfect for him. He could run the break and we'd throw it up for him.

So what was Derrick upset about [at a recent practice] about you playing him one-on-one?

He called me out and I had to take care of him. He wanted to play me and I was just shooting. He said, 'Let's play one-on-one.' We played two games to five. I beat them 5-2 both times. He's a big guy and I'm a guard. I'm supposed to beat him. I have to beat him.

As you've progressed in the D-League, your efficiency has increased. What's gone into that?

Paying more attention to detail. I go back and watch a lot of film and watch plays and shots I've taken, which ones are the easiest. It's the small things, like I faded too much on this shot. It's just I'm focusing in more on every little detail. Am I straight up on this shot? Am I leaning a little bit? After you play, it's kind of a feel. I start feeling things out a little bit more. I start feeling things out so I know if I miss these two shots, I know exactly why I missed it and I know exactly what I need to do the next time to make it. I just focus more on the small amount of the details.

I've definitely focused more on my defense this year. I've always been able to score. People have always questioned if I can play defense. It never was a factor on whether I could play defense. I had always been in situations where I carry a heavy offensive load so I wasn't always called upon to be that defensive stopper until it came down to a certain situation. I tried to pick that up even more so from the beginning until the end, putting together a whole defensive game, putting pressure on my guy, fighting over screens and taking charges.

You said you've always felt that you've been viewed as an undersized guard. Has that reputation faded for you or do you think it still exists? It probably exists in some people's eyes, but I definitely feel like that's a wrong perception of me. I came from a small school, and they looked at it like I was a mid-major gunner. I shot a lot of shots and that was it. But anyone who has been around me and knows me knows the type of basketball player I am. I think perception is reality in a lot of cases. That was the perception of a lot of people's view of me off of seeing me play one time in college or seeing me twice instead of being around me and understanding what type of person I am and what kind of work I put into this game and the sacrifices I've made. Not to say that anyone else doesn't, but I have the resume to prove on every level I've been on that I've been successful. If I'm all these things that I say I am or that I aren't, how have I been successful at each and every level? It's a situation that they just need to get to know who I am.

Do you believe improving your efficiency has helped offset that reputation? (Synergy Sports Technology tracked that Johnson shot 50% this season with Bakersfield on shots between 17 feet and three-point range.) Definitely, the more I understand and realize the professional aspect of it. I didn't come into the season saying I was going to lead the league in scoring. I approached it like I wanted to be the best player I could be and I understood that in a sense, you will be judged by what they see. A lot of times, they got their own season going on so you're going to be judged by these numbers. When they see these numbers, I want the numbers to stand out at them and make them want to come see me and figure out how I'm shooting 50% and averaging 25 points. I know it works hand in hand so I needed to focus on that.

It goes back to what I said about studying tape and watching Kobe. It's all about getting spots out on the floor and figuring out what is a good shot for me. I know that since I've been playing basketball, a mid-range jumper is my bread and butter. It was just about spots on the floor. I know what's comfortable for me and I know how to hit that. I'm confident I can get any kind of shot I want when I want to get that shot. It comes from knowing the offense and know what I should get out of this set and what I can get out of this. It's being a student in the game.

You had said God will put you in a position that will put you in a place to give yourself a chance to show what you can do, even if it's on a roster where you're not playing much. What are you trying to prove that you can do? I'm a faithful guy to God. I believe that everybody goes through situations for a reason. Looking back now, two years ago and I was put in this situation, I wouldn't be ready to handle this situation. But going through the things that he helped me through, I was able to come into this situation right here and step right in and not miss a beat and be extremely confident in what I can do and be myself and go out there and help the team anyway I can. I'm just blessed and thankful for it.

I was told, and I don't know if you're aware of this, but the Jam is in the process of getting your Lakers jersey, framing it and putting it in [Rabobank Arena]. What's your reaction to that? I didn't know that. That's an honor. Anytime someone thinks highly of you to put you in a situation of history, it's great. The owners have been great to me and spent some point in my career for the past four years in Bakersfield. They've been tremendous in building that organization and treating guys like professionals. They've done everything they can to help me get to this point so I appreciate that.

Brandon Wallace and Stephen Dennis went to Game 1. What did they say to you after seeing you play as a Laker? They're definitely excited for me. With Brandon having played in the NBA before, he knows what it is and what its all about. Stephen, a young guy, is looking at it and it's hope for him as well, knowing that we spent a lot of time together and working out and learning the game and picking each other's brains, and stuff like this so it reinforces to him that he's on the right path.

How would you compare your stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers (two 10-day contracts in 2009) to the Toronto Raptors (two 10-day contracts in 2011)? Cleveland was another situation where I was playing with a high profile player [in LeBron James] and being with the show everywhere we went. It was a steppingstone to me learning what it takes truly to be a professional. Looking back on it, I wasn't ready to step in and play. Coming from where I come from, I learned a lot of stuff late. I came in from a small school and a small Division I school. I didn't grow up as a basketball player. I grew up as a baseball player. There were a lot of things I was learning later on. The Toronto situation, I knew I was ready to step in and produce. It just didn't work out in the sense of long term. That's the difference between 2009 and 2011. In 2009, I thought I was ready. In 2011, I knew I was ready.

You have also played in Serbia (2007-08 for KK Hemofarm) France (2009-2010 for BCM Gravelines) and Italy (Pallacanestro Biella in 2010). Are you still keeping your options for that or are you just holding out on the NBA for now? I hope this is the beginning of a steady NBA career, hopefully a long NBA career. This is a platform. The Lakers have solidified me in saying I'm an NBA player. If I'm good enough to play with the best team in the NBA, I feel like the rest of the teams will recognize that and say he's got to be doing something right. Hopefully it's the beginning of a long NBA career.

My whole reason of going back to the D-League was to go to the NBA. I'll always keep my options open and not close any doors. But this is my goal, my dream and where I want to be. God forbid, something doesn't work out, then of course. I'm not against playing international. This is a business as well so you have to provide for your family.

For the Lakers to be willing to give you some minutes in a playoff game surely is a good sign. But has Phil or anyone on the coaching staff given you feedback on your game? Not really. But with Phil, it's understanding the game. He's a very a high basketball mind and is very particular about the fundamentals of the game and I think that's my game. I'm a student of the game and I think that's what he appreciates about me more than anything because I understand the game and the triangle isn't a foreign language. It's not something that takes me forever to pick up.

I learned it from watching. Before I came to camp here when the Lakers used to have their D-League team, the D-League team ran the triangle. I learned it from scouting against it when we played their D-League team. When I was in Cleveland, we played against the Lakers. From the outside looking in, that's how I learned it. When I came to camp, it was getting all that particulars and reminded myself that I remembered that. The triangle is just basketball. People think it's so foreign, but it's just basketball. All it is, once you understand the foundation of it, it's like clockwork.

Going back to how you used to play baseball, you were drafted in 2002 by the Kansas City Royals. How did you ultimately decide to play basketball. I used to play baseball and that's all I knew. I was a sports fan and I played every sport. But baseball was my favorite sport. My dad spent seven years in the minor leagues and played for the Red Sox. I was an outstanding baseball player growing up. but it was such a job to me at an early age that by the time it was my 11th grade year, I was burnt out on it. It was fun to me, but at the same time it seemed like it was so much work for me. When I was young, I felt like it was a job. Going into my 11th grade year, I was burnt out and wanted to do something different. I had always played basketball, but I hadn't played on the AAU level or anything like that. I decided I was going to continue playing baseball, but I won't take it so serious anymore. 

I played basketball and started developing a love for it like I had for baseball. By the time I was drafted, my mind was made up I wanted to play basketball. It would've been different if I was drafted in the top five rounds. I was a 30th round pick. It wasn't that much money. The Royals had my rights all the way up until the next year of the draft. I went to JUCO [at Alcorn State] for that reason and played basketball. By the time baseball season came around, I played my freshman year and my love for the game wasn't there anymore. My mind was completely focused on basketball. 

And you got hurt? My sophomore year, I went to Alcorn State on a basketball scholarship, but I went out and played baseball. After basketball season, the first game I played in baseball, I tore a ligament in my elbow. That was the end of it.

So when did you become serious about basketball? My junior year, I got serious and tried out for the team and ended up making the team. The rest of it was history. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Kings guard Beno Udrih dives on a loose ball in front of Lakers guard Trey Johnson in the fourth quarter Wednesday night in Sacramento. Credit: Cary Edmondson / US Presswire / April 13, 2011

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MM, one reason why so many bloggers of the recent past are no longer blogging at your site because you have lost control on the management of posters. You have allowed all kinds of trolls with multiple handles to populate your blog. We have talked to some decent posters during the memorial of Rick and this is one of their complaints. I am a free loving poster who welcomes everyone including trolls but at a certain point you get fed up with the abuses that brings decadence in blogging. I hope you can investigate other sites and see how they manage their blog. Just my 2 cents

Trey surely is not for a loss of words, no?

@Fatty - Well to Trey's credit, he was willing to give me the time. He obviously is trying to make it so any pub is helpful.

@Edwin - I understand your concerns, but that's one of the down products with insta post. I'm more than willing to put that back on, but the minute I do people complain about it. How do people feel about insta post?


you're in a hard place w/ the posting. I think I care less about the insta-posting
and would be more interested in the banning.

It sucks that this has to be thought about. Oh, well.

Go Kobe
Go Lakers!!!


Trolls are a necessary cost of freedom of speech (as I write this, I cringe harkening back to that disgusting troll who used to routinely abuse the very good name of one Derek Fisher), but once you start policing these slime balls a little too tightly next thing you know, there goes our freedom of speech, yours and mine, and the troll's. It's a slippery slope as they say, and one that's best left untinkered with, as much as possible.

If this site is worth the undertaking, its good citizens will (and should) police its product. My two cents.

Maybe I'm late with this, but here's a MUST read on our young, blossoming center, Andrew Bynum, for those who have not read it:
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | April 21, 2011 at 03:58 PM

where the heck have you been 888?? obviously not paying attention?!
Lakertom only copy and pasted the entire article like 3X and even added his trademark .................. between paragraphs for even spacing !!
the real season started and you been MIA!! snap out of it!!


I like Trey, I think he's an NBA caliber player, specially if he can match his gifted offensive game with a serious dedication to defense. In the NBA, everybody and their second cousin can score, but only the most dedicated become great defensive players.

It's a matter of commitment and hard work, and quick hands wouldn't hurt. Trey should perhaps watch a little Artest on film, as well as Kobe. How lucky is he to be playing with one of the best offensive players ever (Kobe) and one of the best defensive players of his generation (Artest).

I wish Trey well, perhaps with the Lakers next season!

God bless your efforts in these monumental playoffs, Trey!

Good luck!

MM, I was amazed at how talkative Trey was. So many times, you hear short abreviated, canned answers. But not with Trey. In some ways, he was quite articulate.

I like insta-posting, but sometimes the site needs to be moderated, especially if its a hot controversial topic.

I find myself looking first to the name and then to the comment to avoid the junk. Of course deragatory name calling should be deleted. It serves no useful purpose.

I hope Trey makes it in the NBA. At 27 years of age he is not a spring chicken but what i have seen of him in the brief appearances he has had on the Lakers he looks like the real deal. He has no problem scoring and so as long as his defense improves he should stick with the big boys. After playing in Europe and with the Cavs and Raptors the guy has definitely paid his dues and that's another reason I hope he makes it. Seriously right now he can probably contribute more then Luke (no knock on Walton cuz I like him) but Trey has to have the opportunity.

where the heck have you been 888?? obviously not paying attention?!
Lakertom only copy and pasted the entire article like 3X and even added his trademark .................. between paragraphs for even spacing !!
the real season started and you been MIA!! snap out of it!!

Posted by: yellofever | April 21, 2011 at 08:04 PM

A friend of mine died. Been elsewhere. That's why I said: "Maybe I'm late with this, but ..."

Anyway, challenge #1 met last night, challenge #2 tomorrow night. The Lakers like challenges. They respond to challenges. It gets their juices flowing. A repeat defensive performance in Game 3 would go a long way toward re-establishing our post All-Star break excellence and swagger. Pau will be fine. He will find his rhythm. I still believe that if Bynum can stay healthy, no one can beat us.

@MM - Good interview. I believe Trey went to the same high school as Mo Williams. Maybe you can ask him about that and other players from Jackson. I'm thinking Lindsay Hunter, Monta Ellis, etc.

What's Trey Johnson's exact position? PG or SG or play both postions?
He is listed as SG, so if Shannon is not coming back next season, the Lakers may consider him to fill Kobe's backup position? By next year, Kobe will be 33 with plenty of mileages in his career. It is really important for the Lakers to have a consistant and reliable Kobe backup to reduce his playing time next season.

Pau is the big ticket!!

Great interview about Trey

It's a sad day when a talented guy like Trey who models himself after Kobe with his tremendous work ethic ..................and has to go back and forth from the NBA to the D-league trying to make a roster..............while Luke Walton sits on the Laker bench making $6M to do nothing..............Luke doesn't even have to work on his game anymore.........he's just there.......Naked under his warm-ups

Keep your head-up Trey.............If we can get Phil Jackson to should be a Laker next year


786 DAYS..........00 HOURS.............23 MIN............EST

Glad the guys were able to bounce back. Still hope to see the real Pau next game.


@LRob:Hope you enjoyed 'Soulive'.


For today's musical contribution, Imma go old skool again with one of my favorite bands from back in da day...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

@888.. my deepest condolences. please take your time coming back.. i hope you're right about pau.. another few more stinkers and its gonna be panic time though.

@MM.. talk about an in depth interrogatory interview. brought back memories of roy firestone in up close !

MM, one reason why so many bloggers of the recent past are no longer blogging at your site because you have lost control on the management of posters. You have allowed all kinds of trolls with multiple handles to populate your blog. We have talked to some decent posters during the memorial of Rick and this is one of their complaints. I am a free loving poster who welcomes everyone including trolls but at a certain point you get fed up with the abuses that brings decadence in blogging. I hope you can investigate other sites and see how they manage their blog. Just my 2 cents

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 21, 2011 at 06:32 PM


The bigger turn offs are the Inner Trolls who persist in making comments such as the ones at 8:32 PM and 8:36 PM. There's nothing interesting or funny about those comments, but they ARE counterproductive.

Who wants to be associated with fellow fans who go out of their way to feed their warped egos by trashing our players and head coach at every opportunity? If those are the kind of diverse opinions that people want to read around here, then it's a fraternity that is doomed for failure. Edwin, I know what you think about me, but at least I don't waste my time constantly posting about non-issues or trashing our record setting head coach. You'd think they would spend more time talking about the Lakers' effort last night than wasting space whining about a player who didn't even play. Trey Johnson (another waste of a topic) was just the platform to trash Luke this time. Also, the fact that this same blogger trashes Phil Jackson at every opportunity speaks volumes.

The trolls I can handle. It's those people who call themselves Lakers fans but who get more joy with their less than constructive criticism who give the rest of us a bad name. They show ZERO appreciation for all they have been bequeathed. They are the reason why Lakers fans are despised.

MM, one reason why so many bloggers of the recent past are no longer blogging at your site because you have lost control on the management of posters. You have allowed all kinds of trolls with multiple handles to populate your blog. We have talked to some decent posters during the memorial of Rick and this is one of their complaints. I am a free loving poster who welcomes everyone including trolls but at a certain point you get fed up with the abuses that brings decadence in blogging. I hope you can investigate other sites and see how they manage their blog. Just my 2 cents

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 21, 2011 at 06:32 PM

Dear Edwin:

How about if you practice the following:

1. I see no evil
2. I hear no evil
3. I speak no evil

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ramanathan

@MVP - My condolences on the loss of your friend.

@GDub - Oh yeah definitely enjoyed Soulive. Their cuts with featured vocalists are cool, but I like other stuff a little better.

You know I'm feeling my homies Rare Earth. Pete Rivera was very underrated. Excellent choice.

Eddie you would have been great working at the local paper in 1940s germany. If you don't like a particular blogger's opinion you don't have to read or respond to it. Same thing with you hobbit. As leader of this blog all opinions are welcomed reflective of a free society. Medina you are apart of the 4th estate so stop pandering to fascists.

The Priest doesn't need anyone to respond to his incisive commentary. When i comment it is factual and required reading to thousands of fans. This is because the Priest has the combination of intelligence and a complete knowledge of the game of basketball and football. Eddie it would be a shame if you stopped blogging like the "decent" fans you met at the memorial....Look at game 1 kobe took 26 shots hogged the ball and the lakers lost soundly. Game 2 he played a fantastic game by taking about 9 or 10 shots and the game was never in doubt because everyone was involved. I read a few months ago where media wrote that bynum role was to defend and rebound only. That was kobe's take and it was idiotic. Bynum is a viable option in the post. If Bynum who shot 77% in game 2 is the focus la will roll. i read a stat where if kobe takes 25 or more shots la is 9-9. if he takes far less shots la is almost perfect. As far as gasol goes the toll of playing with game 1 or hogging the ball kobe all season long might of taken its toll.

Posted by: island priest | April 21, 2011 at 09:59 PM

EDDIE migrated to USA to escape the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and now he wants to police who should be allowed and what should be post, what an irony? Therefore I suggest that he practice:

1. I see no evil
2. I hear no evil
3. I speak no evil

Dr Ramanathan

The problem is, we can't just keep putting Kobe on the other team's PG (like Westbrook last year)
If you'll notice, Traitor Ariza struggled in game 1 with KB24 guarding him, but then exploded once the switch was made in game 2

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | April 21, 2011 at 10:58 AM

good point.. kobe cant afford to keep running double duty to make up for his PG defensive inefficiencies anymore at this age.. its obvious guarding cp3 severely limited kobe offensively and goes further to prove my point that expanding energy defensively directly impacts your offensive production

@yellofever--Adelman has been to the NBA Finals twice in his career and B. Scott has back-2-back NBA Finals appearances. NJ had talent, but not the talent of Adelman's Portland Trailblazer teams or Sac Town for that point. Yes, I place B. Scott in the LVL 4 category. He's an excellent coach that has now inherited a poor team. With that said (and even though Byron is a former Laker), I would pass the reigns to B. Shaw over taking B. Scott (a LVL 4 coach).

Posted by: The Triangulator | April 21, 2011 at 12:11 PM

thanks for the comments... byrons resume pales in comparison to adelmans and i dont think its fair to base your conclusion on number of trips to the finals.. i think one should also analyze the "quality" of their opponents to make a fair conclusion and both times byron made the finals it was against a washed up eastern conference who barely had just one 50 win team... as for adelman in the early 90s the west was loaded with magic and the lakers, david robinson and the spurs, kevin johnson and the suns, and even malone/stockton every season.. and then later during adelmans tenure with the kings you can bet the farm he makes finals at least 2 more years and even has a ring or two if not for the kobe/shaq dynasty.

A Tale of Two Gasols
(with apologies to Charles Dickens)

Posted by: The Snake | April 21, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Haha.. good one!

Mark Medina,

Solid interview. Thanks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Anybody have any thoughts on bringing in Kareem to coach!?


Yes, seeing how some of these D-Leaguers have to bust their butts to get an opportunity in the NBA and how Luke Walton, the Prince, PJ's adopted son, sits on his butt year-in-and-year-out, without any real contribution to the team -- there's something wrong with this picture.

A conspiracy perhaps, with PJ, Walton's daddy and Kupcheck at the center of it all (I just don't know how Jim and Jerry Buss have gone along with this conspiracy all these years!).

I don't know how this guy, the Prince of Staples Center, can stay on this roster year-in-and-year-out with a free pass. PJ used to crucify Sasha for any mistake no matter how insignificant, bench him for weeks even, but PJ seems, at best, indifferent to any Walton blunder, of which there have been gazillions over the years!

The BIGGEST indictment on Luke Walton is this: ****After some 7 years in the NBA, he STILL does not have an outside shot!!!!****

Hey, Luke, with all the easy money you make sitting on your rear, you don't need a second job in the off-season, pal, so why the frick don't you practice on your outside shot, huh????!

Notice how Trey Johnson pays homage to Kobe's work ethic??? How 'bout you hit the frickin' gym 5 am like Kobe and develop your frickin' non-existant outside shot, huh??? I bet in all these years you've never hit the gym at 5 am!!!

Why would you, you're the Prince!

Just look at Jason Kidd, when he first came into the league, he had no outside shot, ZERO!!! NONE! Now, the guy's one of the leading 3-point shooters in NBA history -- top 3 in fact!!!

The guy had NO outside shot whatsoever! And Luke STILL has NO outside shot after 7 years in the frickin' NBA! NONE! The guy is either a lazy bastard or just doesn't care or has no talent, in which case, he should've been outta here years ago!!!

JUST IMAGINE if the Lakers didn't have to pay Walton's $6 million a year, they might've been in the market long ago for a worthy back-up center or a better point guard -- hell, they may have gone after someone like Korver in the offseason last year, cause that's what this team needs the most, a consistent 3-point shooter for spacing purposes, a position they had hoped Sasha would fill!


Man, I'm sorry about your friend.

My condolences.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@yellofever, I didn't say that Byron was his equal, I just ranked the two of them as LVL 4 (Excellent Coaches that could possibly win a title depending upon the competition they go up against).

You actually are saying something very similar to what I said. Adelman's team in the 80s was loaded with talent, but so were the Lakers. And the Lakers had their LVL 5 coach, Pat Reilly (I didn't list him in my previous post because he's not currently an active coach and the discussion was about active coaches). He then went up against Detroit and it's LVL 5 coach in the Finals. And then, when he made it back to the Finals, it was PJ.

And the same thing happened when he coached in Sac Town. There were two LVL 5 coaches he had to go up against to get out of the West (PJ and Popovich).

And you can see the frustration he's had throughout his career. I give him credit though, he didn't run to the Eastern Conference like some other coaches and players.


hey weren't calling fouls on the moving screens and there was a lot of traveling and carrying on both sides that was missed but am I missing something about Kobe? I don't remember any shot attempts this game that he deserved free throws and didn't get them. Can anyone refresh my memory?

Posted by: Bay to LA | April 21, 2011 at 12:22 PM

what game were you watching? or were you viewing with your kobe hating glasses again? SNAP! now you just had to make me go back to the game film...

for those with DVR:

1st qtr 6:23.. kobe called for travelling.. the most ridiculous call you will ever see.. not only was it NOT travelling only rookies get called for this

1st qtr 4:40... kobe and grey both tip ball out of bounds.. ref in baseline doesnt have to guts to make the call and looks all the way over to tony brothers (who has to run down from midcourt to make the call) and without any hesitation he quickly calls it against kobe

2nd qtr 0:40... kobe drives the lane and there is hard contact with the defender clearly inside the dotted circle.. again no call

2nd qtr 0:08... kobe drives again next possession... again defender makes contact this time directly under the basket... again no call.. no way this should be no call its either charge or blocking.

3rd qtr 10:41... kobe drives lane again... again no contact.. seeing a pattern here every time kobe drives the lane? can you IMAGINE if any of these drives to the basket was lebron or dwade?

3rd qtr 1:50... kobe drives the lane again.. this time willie green clearly does not have his feet set and shifts his body towards kobe who btw is trying to move away from him.. again there is clearly contact and no call. even reggie miller acknowledges shouldve been an AND ONE.

this is just game 2.. i think game 1 was worse but i'm not goin there right now. i'm done time for bed!

Posted by: Ludgwig | April 21, 2011 at 10:31 PM

To Blogs Dictator Edwin:

Would you qualify this post as a troll post? Would you say this verbatim to Luke if you were face to face with him? In the spirit of freedom of speech. I say it is all good. With one caveat, as we all sow and reap our own KARMA.

DR. Ramanthan

Here's a drummer that many of you will be unfamiliar with. Stan Levey:


" Would you say this verbatim to Luke if you were face to face with him?"

Dr. Ramanthan, is this a joke?

Who do you think Luke Walton is, Bill Lambeer or Charles Oakley? Now, I may take a second to think it over if I was going to bust on Oakley or Lambeer face-to-face, I probably still would give those two goons my two cents, this is America after all, not Lybia --

but it's Luke Walton we're talking about here! The Prince of Staplestown! What is Luke going to do really, sock me in the mouth (he'll probably miss as he misses most of his shots) just because I said that after 7 long years in the NBA he STILL doesn't have an outside shot?

Maybe he may, for the truth does invariably hurt, sometime a lot.

@Island Priest- If it’s a fight you’re looking for I’m not your huckleberry, punkafied, glorified, Necrotic, blathering Island Priest. I’ve tried coming at you as an adult, you decided to dodge that approach, for whatsoever reason, I could care less. Than, you bad mouth me, disrespect me. Look you, I am in school for 8 hours a day, I’m studying for another 5 hours and sleeping for another 8 hours. And guess, what? The other 3 hours I spend with true fans. Not some, cheap, soft, rigid, dimestore cliché 90’s Michael Jordan is better than Kobe Bryant fan. Look, you obviously have no life at all if you talk erroneous garbage, about some guy who you argued with once as somehow a profound accomplishment in your life, so you have time to think about me. Wow. You need help. I advise you to seek out your nearest Mental Health or Wellness Center. If that’s what you have to show as one of life’s victories. You are petty, sad and need to talk to someone about these insecurity and immature issues your dealing with.

It's going to be interesting to see what type of crowd shows up for the Hornets vs Lakers game. Most likely their is going to be a huge amount of Laker fans that make considerable enough noise to make the Lakers feel that they are playing Game 3 at the Staples Center.
In my opinion i would rather have the arena packed with only Hornet Fans. Kobe along with other Laker players have said that they love to play games on the road where the crowd is hostile; thus elevating their focus and making them play harder to get the win. Just a random thought.

Look at that photo. Look at that photo!

I do believe Trey is checkin' Beno's package!!!

Yep...he may be a perfect fit with this Hollywood Troupe.

Go Kings! (Looks like they ain't goin' anywhere but up, anytime soon)


Sean if you are in college then you are between 18 to 21. Now i understand guys like you and hobbit. You guys were only 5 or 7 when jordan won his last chip. Yall cannot appreciate how great Jordan was. So you grew up watching kb play. However, one thing about university is that you learn about and tolerate diversity. You should know about the evils of group think like what you and hobbit practice. The priest graduated university many years ago and hardly had to study. i graduated with a cumulative gpa of 3.6. I went to work as a radar controller. Several years ago I decided to give accounting a try. I took the cpa exams with the following results:

Auditing and Attestation - 91
Regulation - 93
Financial and Reporting - 89
Business and Economic Concepts - 87

Good luck with your studies but The Priest who have more free time than you at this stage will continue to give fair and deserved criticism about the lakers. You were born probably from 1998 to 2000. I was a laker fan since 1981 so no one is more of a "true" laker fan than the Priest.

Island priest your not a Lakers fan dude your just sore haters or trolls and will always be a loser...

Island Priest-
Common man, give it a rest. If you were truly a Laker fan as you say you are, your statements wouldn't be all about how Kobe is not Jordan. If you don't like Kobe, just come out and say it without mentioning Jordan. Or like some have said, you are living your life through Jordan's accomplishments.
MJ had his time, and now he is running his own team and living his life. Why can't you?

accountants, lawyers and … winkers. wondering if the switch is ON or stuck on OFF.

It is nothing less than amazing (comical at times) how Laker fans
cannibalize each other.

Over the years, no player on your team, perhaps in the league
has been more polarizing than Saint Cryant.

Nothing has changed in that regard, but the sooner Laker fans
who are stuck in the Saint's strap can acknowledge that many
knowledgable former and CURRENT Laker fans
find this ball hogging slug more than a bit distasteful,
the sooner you'll be able to hug, kiss, and comfort each other,
something I might add, that you'll be in dire need of soon enough.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!
(Maybe soon to be the California Kings...nice ring to it)
Go San Franciso Giants!
Go San Francisco Forty Niners!
(The jury of loyal Forty Niner fans is still out...deliberating as we speak
as to whether Laker Tom should recieve disqualification, or merely,
a severe reprimand for questioning the creds of a fellow decades long,
loyal Niner fan...some believe he was merely exhibiting Laker fan
traits, and may only require re-education and training on the minimum
levels of intelligence and sophistication required of a true Forty Niner fan...stand by)


IMO, Trey Johnson is a good player. He is capable of making the Lakers line-up.

That said, it's GAMEDAY!!! Let's go Lakeshow!


Sonny belyas your just a troll and a bitter sore loser as my Lakers always beat your queens.hahaha


Your progressive Alinsky-ism doesn't work against someone with a brain,
so you resort to the only thing you have left.
Whine, whine, whine.
Cry foul!
And then finally, after all else has failed,
people of your thread scream "Ban Ban Ban!!!"
Ban them for any reason, but especially those with whom
you disagree, or find distasteful. Tough titty said the kitty.

It may be difficult for you, but for one moment
just think about how utterly stupid and wrong your position is.

Instead, why don't you suggest that people be allowed one moniker
per URL? That way, everyone can say their piece,
and abuse of this forum is kept to a minimum.
Or something along those're a smart person.
Figure it out for us, but stop your whining.

Otherwise, it is morally repugnant to many, many Americans,
that other Americans try to step on the free speech rights of others.
Not that you have personal knowledge or experience with it, I wouldn't know, but a right to absolute freedom of speech is what a lot of people have died for.
If you don't like what you are seeing, scroll down mush head.

If you want to censor somebody, censor yourself.
That's fair enough, don't you think?

Go Kings!


Sonny belyas your just a troll and a bitter sore loser as my Lakers always beat your queens.hahaha

Posted by: Adrian Palomar | April 22, 2011 at 04:51 AM

Adrian, Adrain, a drain.

Are you Rocky's old lady?

Go Kings!



did u just confuse Hobbit with Edwin Gueco?

Empty Glass,

I don't know. Did I?

Unfortunately, these days I am unable to get to most of the posts...
(which is why I don't respond to more posts, especially those directed to me)

but Edwin, if you are an advocate of censorship...

Uh hum, old friend...

Go Kings!


My oh my...

Some of you are early risers!

Is it that the air got to thick for you to sleep?

I kind of like this Trey fellow.
Seems like a thoughtful, articulate young man.
(How the heck did he end up in the sewer?)

I'm going to call him Magic!

Magic Johnson!

Go Niners!


Today's final score:
(Remember: I'm 15-hours and a day ahead of you)

Hornets 102
Lakers 94

Lay those bets!

But not to'll still be in it!

Go San Francisco Giants!


Hope Boston sweeps NY.


I'm not even going to mention the injury.
Don't want to make anyone's day worse
than it already must be down there?

Is Magic Johnson going to play today?

Go San Francisco Forty Niners!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 22, 2011 at 05:56 AM
Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 22, 2011 at 06:00 AM

You do have a sense of humor :)


Being a diehard laker fan all my life and being from Mississippi, I'm definetly rooting for Trey. Not only is he a great basketball player, but he is an even better person. I remember when he played at Jackson State, and they were playing Florida in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Trey was on fire, and they gave Florida all they could handle, but they ended up pulling away late in the game. It was then that I knew he was special and would one day be a NBA player. Good luck Trey and we are definetly rooting for you back home in Mississippi.

Sonny Belyas lakers will demolish Hornets like your Sactown queens losers like

re: Free Speech.

Island Altar Boy & Sonny Belfast,

you are actually wrong on your interpretation of free speech.

this blog is considered private property. The LA Times has the legal
right to moderate it. Part of moderation would be the banning of
people, who's sole purpose is to disrupt/cause fights. yes, that would be
a judgment call by the moderator. As an employee of the LA Times it
would be his legal right to do that.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Good point Hobbit,IP and Sonny belyas has one thing in common once a losers will always be a loser and as well as infectious

Its game day and I am cautiously optimistic, but just as equally pessimistic.

The Lakers should play well, but may throw out a stinker.

When asked as to what we can expect from this Lakers team, Phil Jackson responded with a "who knows?!" That will give a fan some confidence, no?

Questions that are weighing in on us....

Will Pau Gasol come to play and dominate like he used to? "Who knows?!"

Can Kobe come back after his poor shooting game two? "Who knows?!"

Will the Lakers contain Chris Paul or will he riddle the Lakers defense like in game one? "Who knows?!"

And when will Fatty stop writing these ridiculous questions? "Who knows?!"

Lakers, for the sake of us fans. Let us have some fun tonight and make it look easy in the 'Big easy'.

Fatty - Who is starting a letter writing compaign to the Lakers, to get Laker Tom's money back from the game one lousy showing. Will it work? "......Who knows?!"




April 22, 2011 Round 1 - Game 3
Venue: New Orleans Arena
Series: LA 1 - NO 1
Game Time: 6:30 PST


|____ LAKERS 3 PEAT BUS _\__\__

Rick Friedman – This Season is Dedicated to You!

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desertlaker - 2nd seed in the west is a good draw. Go Lakers
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Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
NBA4ever - We already have seen we can win with a limited Bynum, but we can’t without Gasol.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!
Lake Show - The check is in the mail...
michael H - Pau and Drew are usually more involved in the offense. We have to get back to that.


All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice. Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles. We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!



#17 COMING UP!!!

Nice one Lewster.Thanks pare...Go go Lakers...

Nice write up, gives you a little more insight on what some guys need to go thru to get a shot in the NBA. Under the right conditions, I love to see Trey get a some floor time (such as when the Lakers are blowing out a foe) .

And a
good morning to you too, LEWSTERS.....Well done!

Thanks for the Roll Call, Lew!

15 Wins to go! Let's do this Lakeshow!


Lots of people are Laker fans but can't stand the way Kobe hogs the ball and crys, whines and throws a tantrum when things don't go his way on the court. I know Kobe said in the shaq/kobe era that he trust his teammates but he trust himself more. But this is 11 years later and he feels the same way? Kobe threw shaq under the bus after the eagle incident now he is throwing pau under the bus. Kobe is a man who doesn't follow the zen master game plan and takes 26 shots and then blame gastong. Only hobbit and eddie were impressed because kobe own coach said ron was the best player in game 1. I am a true laker fan and has been since I was 10 years old. If yall want to get the priest banned asked medina cause he seemed to be yall lap dog. He just pander to you guys all the time. But yall even attacked him when he wrote the story about kobe's gay slur and the fall out. He was just doing his job. Any perceived slight on Kobe is attacked by some rabid kobe fans. Lol. You guys are fanatics and I have a huge advantage when I have to debate any of you intellectual deficient persons. Yall want a piece of the Priest just don't sing it bring it!!

Good morning LEWSTERS CRUEsters! Game day. Focus and determination one game at a time.

*Good luck to Trey Johnson. It's amazing how such talented guys fall through the cracks in the NBA. Bottom line, you have to be super good to play in the NBA. To make it, a player has to be more talented in basketball than in any other sport in my opinion. Especially as a point guard.

*Let's go Lakers! Stop playing games and take it! The Hornets will not give it to you!

Go Lakers!

@LEWSTRS: Thanks for the roll-call. It took a long time to scroll past all the fighting and troll garbage, but I persisted.

I threw out a possible Head coach name in Kareem, but got no takers. I know his intrapersonal skills are not the best, but he certainly knows basketball. Maybe even an assistant under whomever..............?

Hey guys i intercepted this letter intended for Mark Medina. My my, my. Tsk tsk tsk shaking my head.

22nd April 2011

Mark Medina
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mr. Medina,

Re: The Banishment of The Island Priest

Please Mark we need you to ban the one called Island Priest. This man is a troll and a Kobe hater and you know it. Good fans are not blogging anymore because of this person. The Priest writes that kobe is a ball hog. Forget that Phil and Fisher might have said it. Mark forget that Gastrong and LO may have insinuated it in their comments. But the Priest have no right to say it. Then the Priest when and stated that jordan was better than kobe. On top of that he produced stats that show it. Then he referenced an article where Phil said that jordan was better. But if he wants to say that crap he should go to a chicago website. The Priest is too intelligent for us and we can't seem to get an upper hand on him. But you have the power mark because this is a private web site and no free speech is allowed. If persons don't recite that kobe is the GOAT and can do no wrong they should be banned starting with the Priest. Mark we know you acquiesced when we complained that you were putting up too many new threads. Plus you acquieced when we complained about the moderation. If we complain about the video quality you get it fix. Now we are real desperate about this Priest fellow and need you to get it done. Granted the blogs will be boring without the Priest comments but forget that, BAN THE PRIEST MARK NOW!!!

Yours truly,

Eddie Gueco and Hobbitmage

We got roll call, now we just need the W to with it.

Anything less than a W tonight is a failure. And, I fully EXPECT the Lakers to win tonight. I see no reason not to. Get 'er done!!!

LEWSTRS Roll Call ... Checking In!!!

That pivotal Game 3. We win tonight and PJ has a chance to extend his record to 12-0 in playoff series when his team wins Game 3 after being tied at 1-1. When was the last time that happened? Last June in Boston. The Lakers are a great road team who have won at least 1 road game in 11 out of their last 12 playoff series, including 8 in a row, the only failure coming in the NBA Finals in 2008. So let's see if the 2011 version can extend that streak to 9 in a row tonight and give Coach Eleven Rings a shot at that 12-0 record.

Health and unity, baby!

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Posted by: Ludgwig | April 21, 2011 at 10:31 PM
Regarding Luke, just having the right paint job is a BLESSING.

Good Morning Laker Nation,

I'm looking forward to a solid Laker victory tonight. Give the Hornets credit for their fight thus far, but they just don't have the necessary firepower to do much more damage.

@Lew - Thanks for the Roll Call.

@Nuggets - Kareem was one of the smartest players to ever play, so he obviously know the game; and judging for the work he's done with Drew he's a good teacher. But I think you hit the nail on the head regarding his people skills. I would love to see him as an assistant coach.

@T Young - Thanks for the insight on Tre's college days.

@Fatty - keep the questions coming.

island priest | April 22, 2011 at 07:42 AM


>>>Luke Walton, the Prince, PJ's adopted son, sits on his butt year-in-
>>>and-year-out, without any real contribution to the team

So, I guess you started watching the Lakers this season, huh? Luke contributed plenty to the 2009 championship, though less to the 2010 title. He contributed a hell of a lot more than most D-leaguers are capable of, let alone a bunch of whiny bloggers who can't even make the d-league.

When he retires, Luke will have 5 rings, at least a couple of which he earned.

what have you got?

Hope you're right about Walton having 5 rings when he's done.

Sure would be nice to raise #19 in about two more years


>>>After some 7 years in the NBA, he STILL does not have an outside shot!!!!

Actually, he does to some extent. In the only season where Luke played a lot of minutes, he shot 39% on 3-pointers for the season. And even last season, when he wasn't playing much, Luke hit 41% of his 3-pointers.

So maybe in the 12 games you watched this season, Luke bricked all of his 3-pointers. But you know what, those 12 games don't make up the entirety of Luke's career or his contribution to the Lakers.

re: Free Speech.

Island Altar Boy & Sonny Belfast,

you are actually wrong on your interpretation of free speech.

this blog is considered private property. The LA Times has the legal
right to moderate it. Part of moderation would be the banning of
people, who's sole purpose is to disrupt/cause fights. yes, that would be
a judgment call by the moderator. As an employee of the LA Times it
would be his legal right to do that.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 22, 2011 at 06:41 AM

Yeah...we got a smart one here.
Your interpretation is too simplistic...surprise.
Your own argument would have you banned,
as you often seem disruptive and to cause fights.
Why is that?
Do you have something to prove?
As for me, I do it just for the hell of it.
You like to split hairs. I like to dye and fry them.
It shouldn't really matter though, should it?
Do the splitters get to exert control over the dye'ers and fry'ers?

And what's your point, anyway?
Any entity, including or especially the Latimes,
which chooses to hang its hat on your little 'brief',
and in doing so prevents "freedom of speech",
the kind I am talking about,
(about which you seem to have little or no reference)
(and apart from that which is physically threatening...can't yell fire in a theatre)
is either going to severely narrow their readership,
or put it out of business altogether, probably the latter.

Besides, many of the institutions and laws on the books
which you seem to hold in such high regard are meaningless...
because they are subjected to contant interpretation,
including yours, and if you haven't noticed,
sometimes they change as quickly as they are adopted.
How in the hell do you think lawyers can afford season tickets?
Just ask the Lews(t)ers on this board.

If you want to hang your hat on your own interpretation of
private ownership rights in publishing, fine.
But you hang your hat there, and don't touch mine.
I fry and dye.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!

Go San Francisco Giants!
(World Champs...and their fans don't cowardly beat opposing fans into a coma)

Go San Francisco Forty Niners
(Jury still out on the temporarily shunned, former Niner fan, Laker Tom...
but we're hopeful to have him back before the season begins)

Go Oakland A's!

And the Sharks! Now we're talking!
Up three to one over the miserable Kings...woops...that would be the
La La Land Kings, of course.



>>>JUST IMAGINE if the Lakers didn't have to pay Walton's $6 million a year,
>>>they might've been in the market long ago for a worthy back-up center or a
>>>better point guard -

And now you've displayed that you don't have any idea about NBA contracts and the CBA.

Luke's contract has not stopped the Lakers from acquiring a single player.

Not one.

If Luke Walton HAD DIED after the first year of his contract and the Lakers hadn't had to pay any of the rest of it off, they would not have had ONE MORE DOLLAR in cap space or exceptions. (well... technically, they would have gotten an injured player exception for half of Luke's salary - about 2.5 million back in the summer when he died)

The truth is that the Lakers have spent EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR THEY COULD stocking up the team. It's gotten them guys like Artest and Blake and Barnes, as well as re-signing Bynum and Odom and Fisher and Brown.

You can't get a top-flight point guard for MLE money or less. IT CAN NOT BE DONE. And the only way the Lakers could get under the cap enough to sign a top level PG like Chris Paul would be to cut ALMOST EVERY PLAYER ON THE ROSTER EXCEPT KOBE.

Not Luke. Not Luke and Fish. Almost EVERY PLAYER.

If you keep Kobe and Pau, then you don't have enough to sign CP3.

If you keep Kobe and Bynum, you don't have enough to sign CP3.

You could keep Kobe and Lamar, but not Kobe, Lamar, and Artest.

The thing that keeps the Lakers from going out and signing a top point guard is NOT LUKE. Get that through your skull. It is Kobe and Pau and Drew that make it so the Lakers can't afford a pricey PG.

By the way, in case Ludwig decides to post another rant that is devoid of factual information, I'll point out in advance these things:

Luke did not bomb the Twin Towers

Luke was born in the United States and he's not a muslim.

Luke did not cause the financial collapse or take 2/3 of the bailout money.

Luke did not cause Firefly to be cancelled as a TV series

Luke does not catapult puppies into the ocean for fun. (actually, I can't confirm this one, but I suspect it's true)


Latest update on pfunk stopping whining like a little girl about Luke (and shifting his whinyness to some other player)...

Already told you the score of today's game.

Not going to repeat myself.

Lay those bets!

No excuses for any of you not to be flush by the end of the day.

Go San Jose Sharks! ( they need my help...superior Calif)

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball (Sorry Disneyland)


@IslandPriest- I said two posts ago that I was done arguing with a 40 year old man who acts like a gossip girl. This is it.

Oh, so you post your 'grades' that's supposed to impress me. Just because you write gospel doesn't make it true. All things you speak of now, are dubious.

I SAID I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR 'GRADES'. Here's the worlds smallest violin for you and your whining. When I do have free time, I spend it with real fans, I guess you don't read my posts just repond with that, weak, lethargic, erroneous garbage.

This is what happens when you mess with a bull that's bigger than you. You got the horns and can't take it. Your a bully, and a terrible on at that. I see through you.

And don't worry, George W. Bush, thinks of himself as intelligent, you're in good company when it comes to delusions.

Not that it's any of your business how old I am, I'm older than what you assume. And we all know about assumptions.

P.S. I've been through life's ringer, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to get to me. And you don't/won't/can't. Your barbs are weak at best and frankly redundant. I'm out, remember what I told you, there's a lot of great wellness centers and mental health facilities, get those problems straightened out.

Anyone has anything intelligent to say to me...
save it for tomorrow this time.

The other 95% of you, blather on.

Go Kings!


>>>longtimelakerfan - Luke...I am your Father...


Yes... Luke... I am your father... now buy me a Maserati with some of that insane cash they're paying you.

Actually Sonny, I've got something Intelligent for you.


Lakers 16

Sacramento 0

The Sacramento Kings moved from Cincinnati, who were called the Royals. That championship was won in Cincinnati, who doesn't have a team anymore. Don't think you can grandfather a championship from 60 years ago.

In 60 years the Lakers have been to 31 championships winning 16. We're working on #17 and our 32nd championship.

How's that for intelligence.

The biggest problem with Luke Walton is that you can't trade him. The reason you can't trade him is because: 1. his contract is too long 2. his contract is too big 3. he may not even be able to pass a physical

Getting a player like Cp3 (which if this were possible without giving up anyone would basically make the lakers unstoppable for years to come) requires SWAPPING equal value in terms of salary and benefit to the teams.

No one here would want to trade out the value portion of the roster - so obtaining said star is effectively impossible. Hence the need to draft or somehow acquire a diamond in the rough.

Maybe Trey Johnson is just the sort of person we're looking for.

Sean have a good day in school man. Continue to study 8 hours a day and stuff. Sean remember to say your prayers, take your vitamins and exercise. I was only hard on you because I didn't realise that you were a teenager, The same with hobbit and eddie. You guys are kids man and priest love the kids. I will send medina some lolipops to give to you guys as a way of apology. Ok guys.


Let me clarify myself, I have never been against posters who identify themselves like you, island priest whatever you believe that's really your decision. What is really unfair is for a poster who has one IP Adrress and use this blog as his domain in producing multiple personalities in so many handles. No conviction and pure cowardice to own an opinion and defend it. As such, we are not on the same playing field, it's pure gamesmanship of "children". I know I just have to omit or avoid their rants I'm just saying to MM one of the reasons why fans with passionate interest with this team could not stand anymore getting mixed us with these childishness. I'm sure I will have another dozen attacks again as facists from different names who have the temerity to hide within an anonymous setting. My proposal is simple, one IP Address = One handle. I don't care of your opinions and what u say in your posts but be ready to own it and defend it without shifting or hiding to another handle.


If you are referring to inner trolls or fans that are antagonistic to players and coaches like pfunk, lakertruth, yellofever etc. what is the purpose of the blog if there are no exchange of views. They make their points and defend it and fair enough to stick to their handle, I think there is nothing wrong about that. The blog is not designed just as a cheering section but a forum among laker fans. When you say laker fans, they are just like the people you meet at bars, streets of LA, at the Staples everybody has a point of view "how to skin a cat". What I raised to MM are the posters who are playing gamesmanship within the blog by producing several identities attacking bloggers and players.


Latest update on pfunk stopping whining like a little girl about Luke (and shifting his whinyness to some other player)...

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 22, 2011 at 08:49 AM


Nah, he's better off wasting his time on Luke. He'll just shift his vial opinions and embarrass himself and this blog more by refocusing on his hatred toward Coach Eleven Rings. No wonder there's so much pollution on this thread.

if you can't trade walton, give him away....he's been an embarrassment for years...and yes, keep trey johnson and let him play in this series more, mr. jackson...

Trey's got a sweet looking midrange "J," but in the games I've seen him play he seems to lack lateral quickness. So far, he looks like a small forward in a shooting guard's body. If he was just two inches taller... such a thing is so often said for these "tweeners" like Trey.

this guy's great! a throwback to players who simply love the game...jackson should play him a lot more since he already knows the triangle well...

Gotta get some sleep tonight, but can't resist...
Sean to the Priest

"And don't worry, George W. Bush, thinks of himself as intelligent, you're in good company when it comes to delusions."

I mean I've never been big on the Bushies either, but Sean,
does that mean that you've got an MBA from Yale and can fly jets too?


You guys are smart.

Turn down the volume in the 2nd're not going to want to hear it.
It gives me chills just thinking about it.

Good night.

Go Kings!



you wrote: Your own argument would have you banned,
as you often seem disruptive and to cause fights.
Why is that?

my response: You haven't been paying attention. I *specifically* said to MM
that I would understand if he decided to ban me. I *specifically* told him to
do what he needed to do.

Since *I* work w/ the computers & the internet my understanding of what the
legal issues are, as viewed by the courts, may be different than yours.

Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

PSP Intern


how is the far east son?

PSP Intern

Mr Ludwig you wrote below in response to my post: Posted by: Dr Ramanathan | April 21, 2011 at 10:45 PM

Your response: “What is Luke going to do really, sock me in the mouth (he'll probably miss as he misses most of his shots) just because I said that after 7 long years in the NBA he STILL doesn't have an outside shot?
Posted by: Ludgwig | April 21, 2011 at 11:00 PM

My response:

My post was in response to incessant complaining from Mr. Edwin Gueco on two fronts, his fixation for anonymous bloggers and too many new threads, in spite of correct responses from the LAT. I also stated that I believe in freedom of speech and all was good with regards to your post.

The irony of it is, Mr. Gueco migrated from Philippines to escape the tyrannical regime of Ferdinand Marcos to seek freedom and good life in this USA. Now that Mr. Gueco is on the this side of the fence he is demanding a martial law suggesting WHO should post and WHAT type of content and that NO ONE should be allowed to have an opposing view. Does this sound like a dictatorship? He even has categorized different types of “trolls”, some ok and some not so ok, talk about being granular and justifying what meets his approval. I find this ironical and a sham!!

Now back to your response, I stated “verbatim” which meant the entire paragraph word for word. So you conveniently pick the least offensive of the words in your defense. Please reread your post in its entirety. You wrote about Luke : “The guy is either a lazy bastard or just doesn't care or has no talent, in which case, he should've been outta here years ago!!!
So I ask would you walk up to Luke and spew these words to him, your call.

Have a nice day sir!!

@edwin.. Thanks.. Every laker fan is built differently.. Whether one is a diehard pom pom waiver or a cynical pessimistic fan no all lakerfans are created equal.

@LTLF.. How noble of u to come to lukes defense again? And pfunk may be a phil hater but he backs all his points with convincing arguments a lot better than you back all ur luke arguments. Is even a lakerfan not entitled to his own opinion? To question his fanhood is ridiculous IMHO

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 22, 2011 at 09:23 AM

I strongly urge and recommend that you practice what you preach:

1. Speak no evil
2. Hear no evil
3. See no evil.

I would say not good for your personal health to walk around with anger and hatred for others and demanding martial law!!

So, sonny,

Flying a jet makes you intelligent, and make up for loss of life that could've been prevented and 8 years of mistakes and stupidity.

Wow. I'm not shocked. Ladies and Gentleman, lend me your ears, I rest my case concerning delusions.

Sonny, your trash talk is weak, sickly and totally passive. Flying Jets makes you intelligent, if Bush is such a great intelligent, flyer, why didn't he fight in Vietnam? A scared, 30 year old boy.

Chicken Hawks fly together. Sonny.

Tonight I feel the Lakers will look more like our Lakers who played great during that 17-1 stretch. Last game our defense started looking like our usual 'lock down D'...and tonight our offense will get back to it's multiple option domination.

Our number 1 and 2 options will be back to form...Kobe and Pau will once again be our deadly 1-2 punch. By the time we finish off with these pesky Hornets, winning the series 4-1, our chemistry and execution will be flowing again.

We are just warming up...Watch out when this machine is firing on all cylinders!!!

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