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Lakers' Lamar Odom wins Sixth Man Award

Lamar_250 Lakers forward Lamar Odom has won the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award, according to multiple league officials.

Odom will receive the award later today at a hotel near LAX. Kobe Bryant had a similar award ceremony near LAX when he won the MVP award in 2008.

Odom, 31, averaged 14.4 points and 8.7 rebounds while playing all 82 regular-season games. He shot a career-best 53%, started 35 games and helped the Lakers weather the in-and-out tendencies of Andrew Bynum.

Dallas guard Jason Terry was considered Odom's main competition for the award.

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Lamar Odom. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Lamar Odom, I salute you!

Finally, something related to the League & the Lakers actually worked out the way it was supposed to.

Maybe this will give the Lakers a little motivation, eh?


Congrats LO! So proud to be a fan! 3Peat!

A well-deserved award, LO. Now I'd like to see you prove that you deserve it through the playoffs.

Go Lake Show!




What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We all know LO wants an Emmy.

Congrats to LO...he's very deserving. Now go get that 3peat. This one goes out to LO...

Drake - (straight from Degrassi to blowing up the charts) Congratulations

FINALLY! For one year all the Lakers didn't get snubbed! Lamar Odom deserves it. But that is the least of L.A's concerns rite now they need to beat the Hornets tomorrow!


Well deserved, LO.

Now spend today with the Bees, making sure Blake is ready to play, Barnes head is screwed back on straight and Brown is focused. Lakers will need a bench in these playoffs.

Well, that was easy...




Now go out there during game two, and show everyone just how much you are the X factor for this team.

Congrats Lamar! It's about time you get recognized for your talents and hard work. Now get your eyes on the prize. 1 game at a time.

Go Lakers!
Play the game! 48 minutes!

Damn! Made my day!

Now go out and show them why LO, through the rest of the playoffs! 17pts/13rebounds/2 steals/1 turnover/4 assists for the remainder of the 2011 playoffs LO!


Someone wake up Lamar and tell him he won the award. Please also mention to him that the playoffs have begun


One game into the playoffs and Fishers still playing like it's the regular season. What gives?

That's nice...

That's very encouraging news for LO, about time to be recognized by NBA. He got two rings, one gold medal in FIBA now the 6th man award. Next year, he should aspire for MVP and he wills it, he'll get it like the 6th man award.

Now let's get back to the game because this is another award that everyone should aspire 3-Peat, how many teams have been given this rare opportunity to go for three consecutive wins? Very few like Celtics, Bulls and Lakers. LO, use that 6th man award in action starting on Wednesday.


This is GREAT news!!

Congrats to you, Lamar - you deserve this one for sure. I hope it brings more satisfaction to you than being selected an all-star ever would.

I'm very happy for you!!!

Congrats Lamar! Forget the show and lets focus on the 3 peat!

Good on ya Lamar!

Which episode of his reality will the award be presented on?


I didn’t take your post as “bashing” Drew. I don’t like the complacency I’m seeing either. I did cut the team some slack during the regular season, due to the difficulty of the journey they’re pursuing ( 3peat and 4th straight trip to the finals). But this is the playoffs…no excuses accepted.

As far as the Kobe bashers go, I scroll past 95% of their comments once I identify them as a Kobe basher.

Regarding Kobe & Phil’s arrangement: I know that Red Auerbach & Bill Russell had a similar agreement. Russ said he didn’t go thru the normal practice with the team his last two years.

I do think that Kobe not practicing with everyone has hurt the in-game chemistry and knowing who is doing what and where in games. Watching from the sideline is never close to doing it on the court gouing hard in practice.

I am hopeful he practices every day the rest of the team does for at least half of the time each practice day.

Lamar! Cool enough!



Happy Passover to you as well my Brother!


For the first time the last couple of weeks I was wanting LO and Bynum to finish the game rather than Gasol. It has always been a question of LO or Bynum in the last 5 minutes of the game, no question that Gasol would be the other closer. In the past month or so I have questioned that because of the lack of heart it seems. Bynum is young and hungry and ready to break out as the number 2 option. LO is finally motivated to live up to his potential and I credit it with the fame and living up to it.

Gasol on the other hand I think has accomplished everything in his basketball world except for an Olympic gold medal. I don’t think he’s lost his passion to be a champion, I think he’s lost his passion to be an NBA champion. I have a lot of friends in the city from Spain, I tell you they are a different culture for sure. The love of life, food, fun, and Spain is like no other. Maybe crazy Ricky is on to something, he’s over it and he wants to go back home. I don’t know what it is but I have noticed “something” is not right over the last couple of months.

Congrats my man Lamar.....Well deserved.

Whew! Just in time for tomorrow's game. Everything is now in place for the Lakers to sweep the rest of this series: Lakers in 5 and let's move on to the next round. No more fooling around unless they're going to use the remainder of the playoffs as "practice" for The Finals!

Let's Go Already!!


Good points you made on the previous thread.
Something else I noticed is that in the last 3/4 of the season when Bynum decided to become the designated rebounder it looked to me as if that was when Pau began playing less inside, less going after rebounds.

I did a little research to see if this was my imagination.
In the Lakers first 61 games, Pau had single digit rebounds in 25 games.
In the Lakers last 21 games, Pau had single digit rebounds in 16 games.

That's a huge decline, yet there was that 17-1 record during that time so in a strange way Pau's lack of inside game was rewarded with W's.

The thing is against N.O. Pau has totally dominated.
In March against N.O. Pau had 23/16, in Feb he had 34/10, in Jan 21/13.
Only the Dec game were the numbers on the low end where he got 11/12, but that was a blow out win.

It's hard to figure why Pau can't avg 20/10 against this N.O. team.

Switching LO and Pau might help, but I doubt PJ will go there.

And really, maybe he just had an off day.


There once was a team that some said was a dream
Coached by a man selling elixirs and a few magic beans
Serendipitous doubters cry, fortuitous others sing
Only to be devoured by the mighty Lord of the Rings
Clues there were if you only need look
Everywhere he's been he nothing but took

But first and foremost was the worst deed of all
The logo left tinsel town the greatest of all falls
The rings kept on coming fulfilling fans tastes
Few barely envisioned the ultimate of fates
The actors were exposed for what they were worth
Oh what a crash that was heard falling back to the earth

The medicine man went on to the next town
Leaving the team of LA looking old and rundown
The new sheriff was abhorred at first sight of this team
No basketball smarts no fundamentals not one to be seen
No player was willing to learn what was needed
The Elixir Man's preaching’s would not be unseeded

The players rebelled at what they were asked
Pass the ball? Play defense? That's too much of a task
But miracles upon miracles began to unfold
As memories of the false prophet started to mold
The logo came back in all of his glory
No more Theo's or Smith's end of that story

Still there are those who worship his Ringship
But the Lakers now play with pride and a kinship
Long gone is the Triangle forever may you rot
And as for the Elixir Man, God you are not
Coaching and teaching is not what you did
Stay long in Montana The devil is dead

Congrats Lamar, truly a well-deserved accolade!

MM: Enjoyed the interview with Barnes. good stuff.



I don't care if Paqu is not "feelin'" the NBA lifestyle anymore. The dude is on the books for like $60 MILLION more dollars to play a sport in front of thousands of adoring fans. He is not on the books for being a coal miner, a garbage man, a cellmate who makes liscense plates, or a rock crusher. The dude is making HUGE coin to play a sport that many of us would give our left something or other to do!!!

I really hope this is not the case.

Dude...LO Well deserved.

ross doggie dog aka...Snoop's little imitator, feeling are mutual.

There are 4 lights,

I thought there was 5.

@NBA4EVER ... Tell me about it. Late in the game on Sunday, every time there was a lull in crowd noise, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for Phil to bench Pau. When he did, I rejoiced watching the Spaniard put a towel over his head and head to the end of the bench. Little did I know that a few minutes later, Phil would signal Pau who like a puppy slobbering jumped up and came back into the game while Drew sadly walked to the end of the bench. I sure hope Ricky is not right.
CONGRATS, LAMAR. Now put everything else on hold and come out and play like you can.


Pau Gasol is 2 times NBA champion. We know he can´t be a "legend" in the Lakers history as Kareem, Magic and others. In this current era, Kobe will be the legend, the true champion and Pau will be "the sidekick", de 2º banana, 2º fiddle............ You should understand that´s not the best situation for Pau. "Aux contraire", here in Barcelona (Spain) Pau is a superhero. NBA and USA basketball fans call Pau "Gasoft", "Soft" "softie" when he has been a true champion his entire life, here in Spain, and in USA, too. Pau is done in NBA. He is tired, exhausted, a true Gentleman playing BB with "gangstas". Sorry, but it is what it is.

Obviously, "Paqu" was supposed to be "Pau."

I really hope this is not the case.

Posted by: mclyne | April 19, 2011 at 11:23 AM

Agree 100%, I don't care what his personal issues are or how he "feels". We all have personal issues and desires, don't bring them to work and give 100% for what you are being paid to do.

Congrats LO! Well Deserved For Sure!

Now Take Those Sixth Man Talents to the NBA FINALS and Get that 17th Larry O'Brien Trophy for the Lakers!

Help The Black Mamba to His Sixth Ring!



Don't listen to these guys.

Pau had a bad game at the wrong time. It happens.

He's not going anywhere and someday his uniform will hang from the rafters at Staples Center.

As will Kobe's, Derek's, Lamar's, Andrew's and Ron's.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Congratulations to Lamar. Now he needs to be the sixth man of the playoffs!

And hopefully Pau will win Most improved Player from Game 1 tomorrow!!

Much deserved LO!!! You should've been an All-Star too

Congrats Lamar!!!! Truly well deserved, he FINALLY got recognized and maybe just a little extra incentive for tomorrows game to show why he got the honor. I'm with Justa, I'm sure in the long run he would rather have this award than the All Star game.

Sorry, Lamar did not deserve the award, Manu deserved it.

How interesting that this most inconsistent of inconsistent players and one who never worked hard to reach his potential is now rewarded for disappearing for only 1/3 of the year instead of his normal 1/2 of the year.

and how ironic is it that he would win the award after the first playoff game where he literally was Casper.

10 points, 6 of which were last minute garbage points
1 rebound

Yeah that's what a 6th man of the year is all about

Pau is done in NBA. He is tired, exhausted, a true Gentleman playing BB with "gangstas". Sorry, but it is what it is.

Posted by: Ricky | April 19, 2011 at 11:28 AM

Got to agree with this statement 100%. Very little appreciation and respect for someone who was a major contributor to our glorious back2back championship seasons.


I agree with you about something.

"Pau had a bad game at the wrong time. It happens.
He's not going anywhere and someday his uniform will hang from the rafters at Staples Center."

I also think it was just a bad game, I don't know what to call it but he sure has had some heartless performances. Little example...getting the ball ripped from your hands by Louis Amundson and Channing Frye? WTF? It seems there has been a lot of those little plays in the last month.


It's admirable, your love of Pau. For a player that never won a single playoff game prior to becoming Kobe's sidekick. With that said, TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! But players can lose championships by having more hunger for paella than they have for another ring.

Congrats to Marc Gasol for helping break the Memphis curse. He helped do for Memphis what brother Pau couldn't: Win a Playoff Game. Baby Steps Marc, Baby Steps...

Here's a song dedicated to you from Pau:


Pau is done in NBA. He is tired, exhausted, a true Gentleman playing BB with "gangstas". Sorry, but it is what it is.

Posted by: Ricky | April 19, 2011 at 11:28 AM

hahahaha...Pau aka Biff

Congrads to LO, the most consistent Laker this year other than Kobe Bean Bryant, he is a 2time NBA champion, olympic gold champion and now the first laker to EVER win the sixth man of the year award so............ "THERE ARE 4 LIGHTS" CHEW ON THAT while you watch the Spurs go down

Good for L.O., he does deserve this and we fans are happy for him. Now on to more important things like where has he been for the last two weeks? In fairness the whole bench has been boo boo, but Lamar has way more responsibility to play well. Just looks like his desire was strong for 3/4 of the season and now just "going through the motions". I expect a better game from him and everybody tomorrow, but we can not be beat when Lamar plays great!

Lamar- you earned it! Congratulations. Show them some of that talent tomorrow night.

Going back to the Matt Barnes blog- I've been a fan of his since his year in Golden State. Then when I saw him in Phoenix, I wished he'd be a Laker. The episode with Kobe topped it because he didn't back down from anyone. I like Kobe's quote --something like, anyone crazy enough to mess with me is crazy enough to play with me. Not that his quote was directly like that but you get my drift.


Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!


I call em as I see em no rose colored glasses here

exactly what did you think of Lamar game against NO.

Was that the stuff the 6th man of the year is all about?
Think Ginoboli would give that kind of effort?

I got it, why don't you chew on some of Lamar's candy.

Congratulation, LO! Well deserved and overdue award.

I hear that Odom is the first player in Lakers history to win the award?? Michael Cooper never won it?? Wow..

There are 4 Lights:

You realize that Manu started in 79 out of the 80 games he played in this year? I know the NBA has some loose standards on the pre-req's for this award, but I doubt that a 98% starting rate qualifies for 6th man.

L.O. get's what he deserves. Well done. Now let's get back to the real business at hand.

Congratulations Lamar

I have always known You are a player of need. Whatever the TEAM needs you fill that role. Without you, the LAKERS are lacking, with you, a weakness becomes a strength. Thank You for your ability to fill the need, and play every position on the court with intensity and desire. There are very few players who could fill your role, and I am not talking about this season, I am talking of the seasons and players before and after you. I personally have always thought of you in that light. You deserve, and have earned this honor which, I rank second only to the MVP, and equate with teams that win CHAMPIONSHIP.

The fact that LO averaged 4 more points, shot 7% better and is doing it in about the same amount of on-court time as last year, this is a no-brainer. He has been incredibly consistent. Moreover, if LO isn't scoring, he's rebounding (a little bit less than last year, but still around 9), and providing some great defense.

Definitely the clear choice for this award, and Lakermaniacs couldn't be more proud :-)

Congratulations, Mr. Lamar Odom. Awesome accomplishment! Being an all-star would have been a cool accomplishment,as well. But remember, you get it for what you have only done for half the season. The 6th man award is given to you for what you've done entirely. That makes you an all-star in my book. Congrats!!

Someone wake up Lamar and tell him he won the award. Please also mention to him that the playoffs have begun

Posted by: SgtSchultz | April 19, 2011 at 10:26 AM

That some funny stuff, I was thinking the same thing!
Congrats LO now go kick sum noleans arse!!!

Congrats Lamar - well deserved and long overdue - Get out of my way, Saturn!
The Candyman Can, 'Cause He Mixes It With Love!
Now go knock one out of the park tomorrow night!

yay! lamar, he is one of my favorite players of the lakers!

Lakers, Champs again this June. Always my favorite way to silence the many naysayers. You'll see, doubters. Stand by for another parade down Figueroa Street. Prepare to be humbled, haters.

A deserving award for a very worthy Man, Go Lamar, We Love you!!!Just make sure you keep making those all important free throws...

6th? What is that all about?

Congratulations Lamar. You deserve all the accolades that come with your winning. You have come a long way. I am so proud of you. I have watched you grow right before our eyes. A New York LA fan. Go Lakers!

Congrutulations, Lamar Odom. Even though you never thought you'd win the award since you "always thought you'd be a starting player," sit back, sip some Bolly with your Skittles and look at it this way:

A very rare basketball 'Triple Crown' is now yours for the taking:

-FIBA Championship
-Sixth Man of the Year and (with just a bit more effort):
-a 2011NBA Finals Championship!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, LeQueen (still uncrowned, I see!!)


Congratulations LO ! ! ! ! GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! !

Lamar is making Laker history! The first Laker to be awarded the sixth man. Nice!!!! Let's Go Lakers!!!!! I'll be in LA this summer for the parade!!! Lol.

Well deserved. Congrats LO !!!

Queens Finest !!!



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