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Lakers, NBA to work with GLAAD to address anti-gay slur

Glad In light of Kobe Bryant's anti-gay slur uttered during Tuesday's game against San Antonio, which led to a league-imposed $100,000 fine, the Lakers and the NBA are working with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the advocacy organization said Friday.

"In light of this slur, there is a real opportunity to build support for our community and educate fans of Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the NBA about the use of such words," GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios said in the statement. "The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a positive step and we look forward to working with them to create messages from players and coaches that combat bullying. We also suggested and will continue to advocate for zero tolerance policies for anti-gay slurs at home games, similar to what the New York Yankees adopted last year."

Barrios is referring to the organization's partnership with the Yankees after video emerged showing Yankees fans shouting an obscene version of Village People's "YMCA" at fans of opposing teams. GLAAD also worked with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after a Feb. 21 broadcast this year featured wrestler John Cena trash talking to The Rock with homophobic lyrics in a rap song. A week later, Cena joked about "The Miz" and his wrestling partner being a secret couple.

Bryant directed the slur toward referee Bennie Adams in response to Adams' issuing Bryant his 15th technical foul of the season. The slur was caught by the television camera, and later the Lakers star appeared on 710 ESPN's "Mason & Ireland" show and said he planned on meeting with gay rights groups.

“I will be saying something,” said Bryant, who later apologized to the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. The group then praised Bryant for his apology. “I plan on talking to them. Out of this, I believe it's our responsibility as athletes and those in the spotlight to bring awareness of these issues. It's coming from a negative light, but it's our responsibility to make it into a positive and raise awareness as much as we can and say it's not OK to insult or discriminate. It's not the right thing to do. I will say something to them and talk about doing things to help prohibit hate crimes and violence. It's important to do that."

"What happened in Tuesday night's game is not representative of what the Lakers stand for," said Lakers spokesman John Black in the statement GLAAD released. "We want to reaffirm our commitment to all our fans and our appreciation for the support we receive from all segments of society. We also understand the importance of positive messages in helping us convey this. We appreciate the input we've received from GLAAD the past two days and will look forward to working with them on ways to help educate ourselves and our fans, and to help keep language like this out of our game."

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

Photo credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters

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Really? REALLY?

If you're actually offended by someone's use of WORDS, then that person isn't important enough to be worthy of being offended by.

This is so dysfunctional, artificial, and retarded.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


That's one powerful lobbyist group if they can force people to go against sound reasoning and make them do things they wouldn't otherwise deem correct. I'm seeing alot of fear out there from everybody involved.

Jon K

Agreed... but, it's not just the words, it's about television and super star influence on culture. In other words, clean up your act for the fans. My boys are goin' to Kobe camp this summer. So, what's the preferred slur at Kobe camp?... which btw it already is on the playgrounds in our neighborhood as the political correctness surrounding the issue seems to have suffered a backlash.

Granted, it's a cake the culture over bakes cause it sells, but if you gotta police Laker games for language you'd rather not have your kid use, maybe it's time to make a statement, but a quieter one... if that's possible.


Fear the velvet mafia.

It's about control. That's what happens when people with big egos run these special interest groups. It's human nature. I saw this crap when I worked for unions. A good idea quickly turns into something else.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

I have to agree with LakerTom, you really are beating this dead horse senseless. You're offended by interest groups, unions, political correctness and it might behoove you to take your own advice of what people should do when things offend them, which is to stop complaining about it and just distance yourself from it.

What a joke!! Are you serious?!?!? Pull it together. If I got mad everytime referenced a Jewish joke, I would walk around angry daily. Stop being such a f****t and acting like a little b**** and get over it!

Can we let this topic rest already MM...

I myself could care less about this, and it's water under the bridge...

Can we discuss what is ahead of us instead...We have some exciting times coming up...

I think you have invested enough treads on this one already...

your welcome, but the pay sucks for such outstanding investigative work.

I am a fan of gays and lesbian in fact voted for Prop 8 in the California election. However, it is not right to elicit revenge because of unkind words said during the ball game. I subscribe to civil disobedience of MLK and Gandhi who said: "Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself".

I believe if they just let this issue runs its course without being feisty and combative as if they're oppressed, it sends more chilling message that Kobe made a mistake of being careless with his words of anger. Silence is golden and speech is silver on this particular minutiae/example. It is like playing chess, sometimes you have to sacrifice a rook in order to gain positional advantage. The fight for their cause will be a long journey to be traversed, not just the punishment of 100K from Kobe which is really nothing in the long run.

@LAKERMIKE ... LOL. Just pulling on your chain. And I do remember that game. Need we say old school? Like the Spurs tanking an entire season to get Tim Duncan. AB – Finals Co-MVP with KB. Personally, I’ll agree with Mitch’s take that if Drew plays like this and stays healthy, the Lakers would not trade him for “anybody.” And I do believe that “anybody” includes Dwight Howard.
@LEWSTERS ... What a prodigy. Reminds me of a young Jonny Lang, white suburban kid who plays and sings the blues like a crusty old soul man. You could say the Blues are moving uptown. What are you and Cora planning to do when you’re in NorCal? When is your daughter’s graduation?
@EDWIN ... Have to disagree with you about Drew being motivated due to the Melo rumors. Per Phil, it was the motivational talk given to the Lakers by George Mumford when the Lakers were in Boston that inspired Drew’s sudden focus on rebounding and defense. It had nothing to do with the rumors.
@CHICNSTU ... I’m going to the game with Rose (iheartbk24) who had the connection to get us the tickets at face value. I may try and do a Lakers Blog sign to identify us. Going to meet with other Lakers bloggers after game at Barney's Beanery afterwards for anybody interested in joining us. And word is that Drew IS going to play on Sunday as well as Matt Barnes.

It's nice to transfire this unfortunate incidence into somewhat positive awarness.

"For every problem there is an opportunity." -Anonymous-

Laker Tom -

We are all very excited about my daughter graduating Law School. I will be arriving on May 12th. We will hang out in Sac Town on the 13th, and graduation ceremonies are on the 14th, and then SF for the whole day on the 15th, and I will be leaving on the 16th...

Laker Tom you will have a KILLER time at that game...those are PHENOMENAL seats...iheart turned me on to them for the Portland Game...

If you bring a sing, make sure it's on something you can fold...They will not let you bring in the sign if its cardboard. Also make sure the sign is not to big...If it is to big, and it hinders the view from the fans behind you, they will not let you waive it around...I wouldn't make one more than 3' wide...

How about "Nor Cal in the House" or "Bynumite is a BEAST!!!"...

Since the Portland game was not on national TV, the camera angle didn't support those seats...But if it's national TV, the camera angle wil be behind the player shooting free throws, instead of the side angle when we attended...

It is during this time, that you will have the best chance of getting a shot of you and your sign on TV...from our view, you and iheart will on the left side...

I will be looking out for you!!! Way to represent!!! You guys have fun and be safe...

Wow! Some people's behind must be really sensitive!

I don't know what's the big deal about calling someone a cigarette??? why are gays so offended by this?

Bay to LA,

You've lost every single argument you've initiated with me and you keep coming back for more.

Glutton for punishment.

I make my own decisions, thank you. I'll stop commenting on this subject when the threads stop referencing something that I believe is rotting our society in a significant, meaningful and dangerous way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Guys - I won't address the topic anymore. I already gave my two cents about it. But this was a news item. If there's news up about the Lakers, it'll be up here

"Bay to LA,

You've lost every single argument you've initiated with me and you keep coming back for more.

Glutton for punishment.

I make my own decisions, thank you. I'll stop commenting on this subject when the threads stop referencing something that I believe is rotting our society in a significant, meaningful and dangerous way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | April 15, 2011 at 12:32 PM "

The thing is you're doing everything you're claiming to be against. You're not letting things roll off to the side and you're rallying against things that offend you until the offenses stop happening. That's exactly what GLAAD is doing.

I'm losing the argument because you're failing to see your own hypocrisy on the issue and since I know I'm not going to get through, I won't do any more to inhibit your rants. I don't care about political correctness and I don't care when people that don't use political correctness get in hot water because of it. I'm neither here nor there. This just should have been over a long time ago and you won't let it die.

Mark the Priest and you don't see eye to eye but report the news without apology man. Be that as it may, yall see how soft the black mamba really is. He punched the seat and cussed like a sailor. Even in interviews he cuss liberally to sho he has street cred. now he is crying like in 2004 saying how wrong it is to use the slur. lol. No one believes for one second that kobe is a least bit regretful. He is only worrying about his fragile and repaired image.

Kobe was told to apologize in the PC world. I bet all gays say that slur to each other all the time. But when it's said outside of their world, it's offensive? Let's just watch basketball. Don't you all notice that the drama intensifies as we get closer to the playoffs? It's life with the Lakers. Go Lakers!!!

GLAAD is happy Kobe did that, they are getting millions in free bunk advertising. Lame

Bay to LA,

You've lost every single argument you've initiated with me and you keep coming back for more.

Glutton for punishment.

I make my own decisions, thank you. I'll stop commenting on this subject when the threads stop referencing something that I believe is rotting our society in a significant, meaningful and dangerous way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | April 15, 2011 at 12:32 PM

@Bay to LA

LOL, He's right you have lost every single argument!

You can't argue with an irrational hypocrite biggot!

@John K: Please stop preaching'Bro. This story is a dead horse. That said I do not want to watch a Laker Game with my son when Kobe (Leader of the NBA world) goes off and says something foolish. Try explaining that to your boy?

That is the issue here. Kobe has a responsibility to represent. By representing I mean being held to a higher standard. You get the rings you get respect-with that comes responsibility. Now let this go and let's focus on the positive- PLAYOFFS!

will this ever go away? omg, they are making such a big issue about this! when i was growing up in lakewood, california in the early 60's (s.w. of Los Angeles)living in predominantly anglo neighborhoods, i was called some pretty bad things too! being of mexican descent, i heard wet-back, taco bender, beaner, greaser, etc and was even called the "N" word, even though i told my racist neighbor i was of mexican descent. those were some pretty crappy things to say to a young kid. so now, they blow this way out of proportion, even BSPN, did an "outside the lines" on it today. luckily, john ireland and stephen a. were on kobe side. listen, no one is saying that what kobe said wasn't wrong, but he apologized on talk shows, he got fined, can we just move on? is being called a faggot any worse than i was called as a kid? i don't think so, but then again, i'm not a top notched pro athlete either. politically correctness has really GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL!


I really don't feel like working tonight.


Okay, unless you guys or a thread brings this up again or a related subject I'm done with this, but a couple of things first:

1. You guys are idiots. (Not an insult. Just an observation.)

2. Bay to L.A. you keep calling me a hypocrite because things do offend me. Your logic is muddled. I've never called on people not to be offended by things. I call PARTICULARLY to judge and be affected by people's ACTIONS/BEHAVIOR, not their words. Words are empty; actions matter. So, if someone makes an off-color comment towards me or someone else. It's empty. Let it slide. If someone punches me, I'm going to punch them back, as I suggest anyone should.

3. It is right to be bothered by true injustices in life. If there was child sex slavery in your neighborhood, you sure as hell better do something about it or you are a worthless piece of scum. I am offended here by an ACTION: The histrionics of GLAAD and NBA against Kobe's "Word Crime." If you have trouble seeing the difference between action and words, then you are an idiot.

4. NBA4EVER, calling me a racist hypocrite is firstly inaccurate and second an example of the problem I have been addressing: To be frank with you, your use of shame as a weapon means nothing to me. I see right through it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Just ridiculous!

Soon you won't be able to say anything without offending someone, then a fine.

The groups just want their 10 mins in the spotlight and are probably hoping for a chunk of that outrageous fine. I'm all for the support of GLAAD, but this is just stupid.

Complete nonsense. To the gay community: This is not productive or in your best interests. You don't deserve special consideration because you achieve orgasm differently than most people.

The real problem here is censorship. I really have a problem with these groups that profit off of celebrity mishaps. Example: When Don Imus made his infamous remarks about the Rutgers woman basketball players, he spent the next year pandering to the likes of Al Sharpton and other so-called race groups. When Mel Gibson made his anti-semitic remarks, he spent the next year pandering to the Jewish groups. Such is the same for the recent CEO who shot an elephant overseas and is now pandering to PETA and the humane society. These groups make tons of money when a high profile figure makes an inappropriate remark. This has to stop. An apology should be enough. It is disgusting to me that once the offending celebrity makes a donation to their cause, they stop their criticism and start praising the offender. This is a racket. Whereas I disagree with racism, anti-semitism, sexism, and homosexism (lol!), I disagree even more with people who profit off of it. Enough with the thought police stuff. An apology is enough. I should not have to kiss your ring, beg for your group's forgiveness and made out to be something that one word is incapable of making me. Whites call whites derelict names. So do blacks. So do Jews. So do homosexuals. One heat of the moment remark does not determine the bent of my life and make me anti-all the member of the group. Face it, we all like to have people beholden to us...especially when we can profit off of their groveling.

what a coincidence the holy word and the priest on the same blog. The priest doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle. But supports everybody right to choose. The priest is married but twice a year i travel to havana to party with the chicas and smoke cohibas and drink guapo or cane juice a natural viagra. Men who our gay i say thank you because there will be more women for the priest.

This is just so ridiculous. People say things all the time that could be taken as offensive but you just move on. Someone else said you would not believe what they actually say on the's much worse...we just don't hear it and it's not caught on tape. Kobe just got busted by the camera.

I'm getting sick of the nba.


Do ya think we'll see any gay major league players "come out" over this? That's the real question, the tipping point and the real test of success of any claim to "zero tolerance" for bigotry, as it's been for every other traditionally oppresseed group. Most of the rest is PR & PC flackery, bruised egos and aggressive avoidance, as we see bold relief here. But so far the answer to the question is a resounding NO in Amrican professional sports, so the closets remain firmly established at every professional franchise, and we'll continue to see, hear and read these bigoted, juvenile eruptions and endure & cringe at the transparently scripted, maudlin, mawkish public media passion plays & confessionals. On the other hand we have openly gay and lesbian doctors, lawyers, actors, cops, judges, politicians, reporters---OOPS!!! There are no really open gay or lesbian staff writers, staff editors or staff columnists at the Los Angeles Times and never have been, so lots of stuffy closets remain there too. This is virtually unique among major American daily newspapers. What does that tell us? Doctor heal thyself.

Village People will now be played during all home games. Bless you America!!

Seems there are a lot of Kobe supporters that don't mind that he uses offensive slurs and that the only thing that matters is winning. I'm sure that many of your children are going to grow up being responsible, well behaved and always classy individuals.........especially since they will follow in your footsteps adoring a stupid n****r as a role model. Hey, don't derogatory slur deserves another.

So what if he made a common generalization of character toward a referee. You condone to racial negativity on every level, allow commercialized sodomy on internet and television. Allow and pay rappers and musician to use derogatory and inappropriate language towards all bias, but yet in still you disapprove and try to blow up a commonly used lingo like faggot to try to jeopardize a career and welfare of maybe the best player that ever played the game of basketball. Faggot i mean come's not like he called him a fucking cracker pig or something. This is definitely deformation of character toward Kobe bryant and if anything this referee, the NBA, and GLAAD should be apologizing to lets win anther title LAKERS!!!!

Too bad they couldn’t fight teen drop outs.

Kobes efforts do not appear to be Genuine. It appears he again is trying to rehabiliate his image. The last few seasons at half time it showed Kobe on his way to the dressing room stop in the hallway and pick up his kids and kiss them. Then he would kiss his wife. The family man. Fair enough he was a young man and no one was sure what really happened in that Colorado hotel room with the young lady who claimed she was raped. For the most part he was on his way again to endorsement city on a Global scale. This time he gets a technical foul and he uses derogatory language on the referee. This time he got caught. Anybody who watches any of the games on Satellite know that the players use vulger language thru out the game and they call each other the N word.Kobe has a lot to lose in terms of endorsements. He is a spokesman for Turkish airlines, and also the Goverment of China amongst other things. You have to give Kobe credit for playing thru injuries, his work ethic and his will to win. On the court there is not a player in the NBA who has better work ethics.On the other hand we also see a brooding self centered player who in last years finals tried to be the hero. It was only after Derek Fisher took control that the lakers were able to recover and win the Championship. Kobe does not get the foul calls like he should for that reason. I am in a minority group, and yes Words are painful, they do hurt. I do not like putting up with it. And why should a Gay man or Gay woman have to either. If Kobe wants to be Gladds spokeman maybe he can get the message out it is not cool to make fun of anybody. Regardless of color, Religion , Sexual preference, whatever.At the end of the day we are all gods creation, and God does not make mistakes.

Sorry Kobe, Apology Not Accepted

When referee Bennie Adams issued Kobe Bryant a technical foul in a NBA game against the San Antonio Spurs, TNT cameras caught Bryant yelling a derogatory homophobic slur at Adams.

The Los Angeles Lakers star called the ref a “f****** *****t” and slammed his towel to the floor. I was watching at the time. I was outraged.

Amid much criticism, the NBA reviewed what happened and has fined Bryant $100,000 for the anti-gay slur, according to multiple news sources.
"Kobe Bryant's comment during last night's game was offensive and inexcusable," NBA commissioner David Stern said in a release. "While I'm fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated. Accordingly, I have fined Kobe $100,000."
Bryant released a statement after the tirade saying that what he said does not reflect his feelings toward the gay and lesbian communities, and he did not mean to offend anyone. Sorry Kobe, apology not accepted.

Everyone associated with the NBA should know that insensitive or derogatory comments are not acceptable and have no place in professional sports. But who is kidding who? The NBA culture, management and the players haven’t changed much since its inception nearly 60 years ago-- they are still crude, insensitive, overpaid, misogynistic and extremely homophobic people.

Openly gay former NBA star John Amaechi says Kobe Bryant is no more homophobic than the average person, and I believe him. That is what is so disturbing about this whole ordeal.

The "f****** *****t" blurb is common language among NBA players. Don't take my word for it; ask any worker close to the league. Amaechi says it was an everyday phrase that he heard all the time. The NBA could care less about tackling homophobia-- and there is no reason for us to believe that outbursts like the one Kobe spewed won't be forthcoming on the next video telecast streaming into your living room or desktop in the very near future.

The diversity policy for the NBA is a joke. I don't see it getting any better anytime soon. Fining a player? Big deal-- Kobe has more money than he knows what to do with. Why doesn't he shell out a half a million of his own money to support the Matthew Sheppard Foundation? Then maybe I might think differently about him. Until then, no way.

Personally, I have had just about enough of these pampered, rich-beyond-their-wildest-dreams NBA players. With his spin doctors by his side, probably the same ones who advised him during his rape trial, Kobe did put in a call to Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese. Bryant apologized for using the homophobic slur. Bryant told Mr. Solmonese that he regretted how his words, “which were hurtful and could be used by some to discriminate.”

Sorry, Mr. Bryant, I'm not buying your act one bit. When you spout those wrong and ignorant epitaphs heard by millions of people, you forfeit your right to be indignant regarding negative slurs against gay people. The damage has already been done. You Mr. Bryant, have once again put yourself smack dab in a controversial light that gives every breathing human being a better illumination of your true nature and character. You have proven time and time again you are a thuggish, shallow, hate-filled man. You had your chance to make amends, and you blew it.

In the final analysis, you cannot make such theatrical homophobic comments and a day later distance yourself from it by saying you "think it may be hurtful and could be used by some to discriminate." No shit, Sherlock. I don't believe your sincerity for one second and neither should the rest of the world.

An Accused Rapist, a Homophobe, and a Tall Black Man walk into a bar...

and the Bartender says,

"Hey Kobe, can I have your autograph?"



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