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Laker update: Stopping Chris Paul and other issues for Gasol


So, what does Pau have to say about stopping Paul?

That would be Lakers power forward Pau Gasol on trying to slow down Hornets point guard Chris Paul. Paul, of course, had a triple-double (27 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds) for New Orleans in Game 4.

"We have to be aggressive with him," Gasol said after practice Monday afternoon. "He's been too comfortable handling the ball. His decision-making has been way too effective. So we need to make somebody else make the decision that he's making. Basically just attack him a little more. Attack the ball, attack him. Just force him to make errors."

Meanwhile, Gasol remains fully confident that Kobe Bryant, the reluctant patient with a sprained left ankle, will be in action during Game 5 on Tuesday night at Staples Center. 

"I think he'll play no matter what, regardless," Gasol said. "So I'm not going to think about anything else. If there's an injury, guys will step up."

Leadership will not be an issue should Bryant be unable to go in Game 5. Or down the line.

"I've led many of my teams. I wouldn't have a problem at all," Gasol said. "But, like I said, that's a hypothetical. I plan on my teammate being there because I know him. It's not like he has a broken ankle."

Lastly, Gasol said he felt "too sluggish" in the first two games, and then too antsy. Finding the right balance has been a problem, 

"Obviously I've had bad games and I've had worse games," he said. "I don't like to have bad games even though they kind of hurt. Two consecutive ones, that was not usual. I was confident last night." 

--Lisa Dillman

Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol tries to cut off a drive by Hornets point guard Chris Paul on a pick-and-roll play during Game 3 of their playoff series. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire

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Gasoft basic response all year, "we have to be more aggressive." And he is the softest and is getting pushed around by Carl Landry, 5 inches shorter but 5 times stronger, needless to say that Aaron Gray and DJ Mbenga are also taking him to task. He should do what he says and stop making chump statements. Has he taking him four games into the playoffs to figure this out, or is it just an automated response.
Come on Laker insiders be more aggressive with your questions, don't take that crappola.

Well, be glad we aren't Spurs fans, wow! Memphis!

Under the last thread, LakerTom and God had two very well written, well reasoned posts about Andrew Bynum. The reason LakerTom seems to get "emotional" about the Bynum topic is because of the nature of the way Bynum is attacked in here, IMO. God's rational post is the kind of counter discussion that Tom would welcome any time. It was written in a very respectful tone and it rationalized the sensibilities behind those whose opinions on the topic don't always come across as sensible. Kudos to both of you!

The games a business, and the goal of the team is to win. If Orlando wanted to trade Bynum for Howard, how could you NOT trade him. If OKC wanted to trade Durant for Kobe, wouldn't you? It's no disrespect to Kobe, and Kobe may even be a better player than Durant now, but if YOU were the GM, who on this blog would not make the trade?

Hope you're right, KobeMVP888. I have a great amount of respect for Tom, and tend to agree with most of his stuff.

Lakers 17, I'm with you. Trading Kobe is unthinkable in many ways, but if you have a chance to improve your team no player is untouchable.

Trading Kobe?? Is this a serious thread? The Lakers will have to get younger next year. So that means Gasol. Bynum will come alot cheaper than Howard. If im playing GM id send Gasol up north to Sota and bring down K Love.

This is playoffs basketball, yet Paul was waltzing into the lane for layups untouched. It is the same problem, year after year, somebody stops him, for crying out loud. Play playoffs basketball, hard fouls but clean, not flagrant.

About trading Kobe, he has a "no trade" clause in his contract. Unless both he and the team agree on the trade, he is going to be here until the end of his contract.

Gasol thinks he can lead .. please. As Bob Knight (and I'm sure others) have said "he couldn't lead a whore to bed." Definitely true about Gasoft.



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