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Lakers' last meeting at Arco Arena rekindles memories of contention with the Kings


They're a decade removed from it all, but assistant Lakers coach Brian Shaw and former Kings star Chris Webber still debate. They bring up the contentious history between the Lakers and the Sacramento Kings -- meeting in the first round of the 2000 playoffs, 2001 West semifinals and 2002 West Conference Finals. They relive the subplots surrounding the series.  And Shaw makes sure to boast how the Lakers proved to be the better team, winning all playoff series en route to an NBA title.

"When we bring it up and we talk about it, I say, 'You guys looked at it as a rivalry,' "  Shaw said. "But you never beat us. How could it be a rivalry?"

Much has happened since those matchups. The Lakers' franchise fragmented after the 2003-04 season, when the team traded Shaq, fired Jackson, Derek Fisher left via free agency and Kobe Bryant was left  to lead a less talented team. The woes stacked up with a missed playoff appearance in 2005, early first-round exits in 2006 and 2007 and an offseason in which Bryant demanded to be traded. But the Lakers have since appeared in three consecutive NBA Finals and won two NBA championships after acquiring Pau Gasol and Fisher in 2008. Meanwhile, the Kings followed their elimination in seven games in the 2002 Western Conference Finals with two consecutive semifinal losses in 2003 and 2004, two first-round exits in 2005 and 2006 and are likely relocating next season to Anaheim. Many of the best elements of the Sacramento Kings -- Coach Rick Adelman, a frontline in Webber and Vlade Divac and sharp shooting in Mike Bibby and Peja Stojakovic -- have long been gone.

The Lakers' 116-108 overtime victory Wednesday against the Kings offered up major storylines -- the franchise's last game at Arco Arena, the Lakers securing the No. 2 seed and facing New Orleans in the first round and ending the season on a positive note. But the cowbells, contentious atmosphere and Bryant's late-game clutchness conjured up memories of those playoff series nearly a decade ago.

"It's fitting the game would end like this at Sacramento," Bryant told KCAL-9's John Ireland after the game. "I guess the ghosts of the past have still been haunting us."

But in the Lakers' case, they're relishing it, Shaw believes, because "there were a lot of memories that took place that made the series a lot of fun."


Shaw seemed most fond of recalling the Lakers' Game 7 victory that clinched the 2002 Western Conference Finals, but little of it had to do with what happened on the basketball court.

Sure, he eagerly swiped at the Kings' long-held contention that the Lakers did not fairly win the 2002 Western Conference Finals -- a charge supported by disgraced referee Tim Donaghy -- because of  officiating that granted the Lakers 27 free throws in the fourth quarter of Game 6; Shaw pointed to the Kings' poor free throw shooting (16 of 30) and three-point shooting (two of 20) in Game 7. He also noted Vlade Divac's season-long contention that the Kings couldn't lose a series to the Lakers if they had home-court advantage. But Shaw's eyes widened the most when he told the story of how the Lakers, after the Game 7 victory, gave some Kings fans tit for tat. The group of Sacramento fans had mooned the Lakers when they first arrived at Arco Arena.

So, "we all got up against the window in the back of the bus," Shaw said, "and we all mooned them back on the way out. We got a big kick out of that."

Shaw had more stories of off-court shenanigans. In 2002, the night before a preseason game in Las Vegas, Shaw, Shaq and Derek Fisher arrived at Rain nightclub in the Palms Casino and Resort and noticed several Kings players, Mike Bibby among them, on the dance floor. Shaw said he and Shaq had the DJ play an Eminem instrumental so they could free-style trash talk about the Kings. The trash talk didn't end there. Shaq famously called the Kings the "Sacramento Queens."  And Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was known to have described Sacramento as a "cow town." 

There's the basketball side of it too. 

"They were trying to find their way and we were trying to find our way," Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons said. "It just so happened that we both were from the state of California and two pretty good teams."

That's why the 2000 first-round series proved to be something of a wild card. The Lakers at the time frequently struggled against early playoff exits. That all changed under Jackson's watch, of course, but this proved to be the beginning. Sacramento, after coasting through the first two games in L.A., seemed to light a fire under the Lakers prior to Game 3 and the emotions stoked a 2-2 tie. The Lakers put away a contentious five-game series to rest with a 113-86 Game 5 victory that featured Shaq out-rebounding nearly the entire Sacramento team in the first half, Shaq and Bryant sitting out most of the fourth quarter and the Kings' starters outside of Webber shooting a combined seven-of-22 from the field. But the playoff combat was just beginning.

The Lakers sneered at the Kings the following year for celebrating their first-round victory against Phoenix, their first playoff series win since 1981, and swept them without a sweat. Not so much in 2002, where they split the first four games, Bryant suffered what was believed to be food poisoning prior to Game 2,  Robert Horry hit a game winner in Game 4 that Divac considered lucky, and Bibby hit a game winner in Game 5 that put the Lakers on the brink of elimination. But the Lakers won the last two games, matchups that provided both challenges and plenty of trash talk. 

"Vlade was a little bit of a flopper, but that was his given personality," Cleamons said. "He wanted to win. You do what you think you need to do to try to win. It’s OK. At the end of the day, the best team is going to win nine times out of 10 anyway."

The Lakers were always the better team, and Shaw always reminds Webber of that notion. But all the name-calling and animosity revealed something special about how the Lakers viewed the Kings, even if they didn't consider them a rivalry.  

"We respected them, but the way we showed them the ultimate respect was by showing them no respect at all," Shaw said. "That’s how I’d sum it up." 

-- Mark Medina

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Top photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives past Kings guard Francisco Garcia in the first quarter Wednesday night in Sacramento. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press / April 13, 2011

Bottom photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant looks to pass after drawing Kings defenders to him under the basket in the first half Wednesday night in Sacramento. Credit: Cary Edmondson / US Presswire / April 13, 2011

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did u write all night? :-)

Rivalry? No. Fond memories? Yes.


Fish practicing some playoff mojo with his three to start OT.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | April 13, 2011 at 10:57 PM

Forget OT, did you see Fisher's 4th quarter mojo? Ballin!!!!
Whoa, I'm so dizzy from this spin.

i wonder if sonny belfast realizes that he should be more careful with his words, which, typically ends his postings with "GO KINGS GO", i think that the maloof(?) finally beleived him.

Does anyone besides me, love Kobe's glare?

Hey! Practice season is finally over. *chuckle*

They are CHAMPS not chumps!!! This is for the Lakers'fan click below YOU WILL LOVE IT!! C H A M P I O N

No mention of the Rick Fox - Doug Christie brawl?

Has anyone seen or heard a peep from Sonnybelfast this morning?

It is too bad another team is moving to another place because the owners were dissatisfied with their revenues and other wishes. Wishes that are whims and capriciousness of owners. Wishes that impossible to be met by fans who are currently suffering from effects of recession and reduced farm revenues. The powerful Commissioner could not do anything but abide with the decision of the owners. It happened to Seattle, one of the finest city in USA now to Sacramento, the seat of California capitol and a key city in Northern California. Why move to Anaheim? We already have two teams here, one good and one bad. Is Southern California the only favored place in America? People here are also insolvent similar to the Northerners and Las Vegas. Why not move to the birthplace of the Kings which is the Midwest? Do something creative like playing 50% in Kansas City and another 50% in St. Louis, MO? The distance of two big cities is only 250 miles, yet it has two big population that could support a team. You can create a Kings niche or fandom in two states which are essentially have the same mojo as MidWesterners taste. Here is the problem area where we need the leadership and ingenuity of the Commissioner. Unfortunately his expertise is fining players and reinventing the game by giving too much power to referees. Like what he did in Seattle, he will be acting again as a tool of the owners, the casino owners of which their casino in LV is also on the red. NBA needs a creative Commissioner too, not just clad with an iron fist in his governance of his league but a visionary leader with democratic ideals to all parties concerned. Fair to the fans of Sacramento Kings, to Sonic fans and to all abandoned NBA places. Another idea is give the people of Seattle another chance of having an NBA team. What are the demands of these owners? That cities should build a state of the art stadium with club boxes thereby they could sell this to millionaires/billionaires at a hefty price. Maloof Bros believed there is so much honey in Orange County that residents here are willing to remodel Honda Center in the future at the expense of tax payers. OC is the home of conservatives in California, they don't want to pay taxes in fact if possible eliminate IRS. lmao! Do you expect the residents here to support the wishes of the Maloof? It is so sad that every time there is a money problem in small market, the owners want come to a big market SoCal for solutions. It is like the future contestant of American Idol who'd like find gold in Hollywood. There is gold mine everywhere if you try to search it. Make it work in Sacramento, perhaps you can also consider playing half of the time in San Jose, where moneyed people reside at Silicon Valley. You can play in both places so that the fans of both cities will get excited of having an NBA team, the beloved team of SonnyBelfast which is a cellar dweller team.

Mamba24, it's time, bro. The refrigerator door is closing. The Jello's jiggling. The butter's getting hard. It's Laker Season Winning Time, and we need you back to lead the roll call's, dude.

For wherever there is injustice, you will find us. Wherever the striped forces of Darth Stern gather, we'll be there. And wherever the pretenders to the throne of our WORLD CHAMPION LOS ANGELES LAKERS assemble to yet again be humbled by the Black Mamba, and left once again hearing the lamentation of their women and their forever unfulfilled trolls who dare to taunt us here in Bloghalla, we'll be there, because we are...

The Laker Amigos...LET'S RIDE!!!

Yes! Finally this puke inducing regular season is over. We almost laid an egg the size of Staples Center in this last game and took our fine brand of SMUSH-ball to even "higher" levels.

My prediction is that we'll be sleepwalking through the first round againts the depleted Hornets and if that doesn't bite us in the B-hind maybe we'll wake up in time for Dallas and show some championship colors.

16 W:s to go!!!

Let the Quest begin

Them were some very distant memories......The real up and coming rivalry will be which team will be the sorriest franchise in the NBA? The Sterling lead Clippers or the Malloofs 'Goofs' of Anaheim?

The Lakers own this rather large town inspite of the LA Times declaring a few years ago the Clippers as LA's team. The Clippers failed experiment will be followed by the Royals effort in futility.

The only good thing about the Anaheim Royals is that we will have two more home games added to the Lakers schedgule and us fans can get better seats to see our team play.

And to add....My brother in law who is a Clippers fan only because he hates the Lakers, will now have two teams to root for in his backyard. He's so giddy, he can't sleep. I plan on getting him for Christmas a reversable jersey. One side Clippers, the other Royals.

Who can forget the infamous pre-season tunnel brawl of 2002?

"The trouble started after Christie drew an offensive foul when Fox turned and knocked him down with an elbow. After Christie got up, the players exchanged words. Fox pushed Christie in the face with an open hand and Christie responded with a left-handed punch to Fox's jaw.

After they were ejected, the players left the court in opposite directions, but Fox apparently went around the back and met up with Christie in the tunnel that leads to the locker room area.

Fox grabbed Christie in a headlock, and they had to be separated by security, as well as the entire Kings bench. Shaquille O'Neal, in street clothes, attempted to separate players."


Last nights game.....

I will admit, there was NO WAY I was going to see those Kings fans, lead by Sonny Belfast, storm the floor after their come back. So with 9 seconds left in the game, I switched the channel, but just in case, left the DVR on.

I let 2 minutes go by, then checked ESPN for what I thought was a dissapointing Lakers loss. When I saw OT, the TV was back where it rightfully belonged. Oh, I love this new technology!

You have to feel, that made shot by Kobe may have changed the Lakers season for the better with playoff seeding and all. Even if not, it certainly burned into the 'Kings fans' minds and hearts, one long lasting seared impression.

1ST Practice Round? lol

Good Morning Laker Nation,

Regarding last night's the words of Sac announcer Grant Napier, "if you don't like that you don't like NBA basketball". Another incredible game by Kobe and the rest of the starters were solid. Good to see Shannon have a decent game and nice to see Trey embrace the bright lights.

It looks like we're back to talking bball, so what's up with the moderation?

Okay, so next season we're up to 3.

Just 27 more teams to collect and it will be the L.A.B.A...

The Los Angeles Basketball Association.

a couple of things: 1. where in the hell is sonny belfast hiding? ha ha! 2. fatty, you may be right about kobe's shot....when was the last time he hit a buzzer-beater? 3. we've got the seeding we wanted, now let's take care of business. 4. okc will knock out san antonio in w.c semi's 5. that'll give a us h.c.a. over okc. 6. the best news of them all.....BYNUM IS BACK ON SUNDAY!


"Has anyone seen or heard a peep from Sonnybelfast this morning?"

Posted by: CornerJ | April 14, 2011 at 07:26 AM

As usual, I'm two steps ahead of you dolts.
These were posted hours ago. Remember, I'm on Thai time.
I posted two or three times following the game.
Will put em' up again...but don't expect me to respond.
Off to Myanmar (Burma) again in a few hours.

No Jon,

It isn't going to be the Los Angeles Royals. You're confused.
Although, if you get smart, it can be your Royals.

On the other hand, the Kings, er, Royals will always belong to me.
And soon, they will be the best team in Socal.
It's never too late to hop on board!

Well, after blowing a 20 point lead in the fourth quarter,
it took a last ditch three pointer from the adultering,
cheap-shotting homophobic to tie the game...

and fittingly, the U.S.A. Champ cheat-squad was
able to pull out the game in O.T.. against a very young,
25-game winning Kings squad.
Impressive. Congrats.

Now, the Lakers stand a chance
of actually making it out of the first round.

Go Kings! (They are, afterall, still in Sacramento...although,
not a whole lot of difference to me...
wherever they end up, still my team)
Go SF Giants!
Go SF Niners!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 14, 2011 at 01:03 AM

Frankly, I find it amusing that BOTH Memphis (vs the Clippers) and Oklahoma City (vs Milwaukee) essentially tanked games to avoid the Lakers.

I know you may be looking at the OKC game and saying, "Hey! They didn't tank!"

Oh yeah? Well if that's the case, then why did Byron Mullins put in 29 minutes? Why did Royal Ivey hit the floor at all, when they have two good PGs in Russell Westbrook (21 minutes) and Eric Maynor (12 minutes)?

NOBODY wants a piece of the Lakers in the playoffs.

Repost Compost

If they move, this is actually going to be fun.
On my trips to the States, I can take in Disneyland
while watching the Kings, er, Royals
(gonna have to get used to that, although I like the ring to both)
whenever they play the real class of the league,
one of the best honest teams in the NBA,
such as Portland or San Antonio.

I know, I know.
Don't forget to bring my own water, food, earplugs,
and a gas mask, with extra heavy duty filters.
(How you can survive in that filth...shish)

Presumably, the arena is climate controlled and the air filtered.

Go Kings/Royals!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 14, 2011 at 01:11 AM

Repost Compost

Only got to watch the final ten minutes of the last quarter.
(It was a great quarter, by the way)

Conspicuous by his absence was DMC.

Not until after the game did I discover that he had been ejected.

Last year, it was ROY Reke.
This year, it was the Cuz.
Same ol, same ol'
Not even surprised by it.

Cuz, the rook, who is more than a match for either Gasol,
or Andrew, gets ejected.

The day before, the pointy headed adultering, cheap shotting,
homophobic Los Angeles God, stays in the game.
(It was necessary...gotta beat the Kings...can't have the Fakers
getting eliminated in the first round by Portland).

Same old story.

People don't hate you because they ain't you.
They hate you because you are you.
People don't like cheaters.
Laker fans are proud of their cheating accomplishments.
Do the math.

Go Kings!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | April 14, 2011 at 01:35 AM

Practice 1st round?

FAtty oh Fatty, you are also the fair weather Laker fan described by Lakertom, the typical LA fan who hates losing. Lakerholics cheer their team when they're down and alsowhen they are up & cheer until they reach heavens above. Well, my friend your are not alone. I covered my eyes with two hands and peep on my fingers and what would happen next? Lo and behold, Kobe made it which recently missed all attempts in several losses lately. Oh my, what a season of inconsistency? There were minutes yesterday where they dominated the Kings, LO moving to and fro with ease and there were also minutes where LO & Gasol combined could not contain Delembert. Artest had a lot of steals but also a lot of bricks on a lay-up, a lay-up without any body english, it is so awkward similar to the basketball confidence of Luke. My oh my, practice season may be over but our dear Lakers needs more practice in these four days.

So let's see. New Orleans should be comparatively easy in the tough western conference (not as big a pushover as Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, or Indiana, but easier than the rest of the teams in the west).

But then the Lakers will have to face two TOUGH teams who have played them hard lately.


Portland and Oklahoma City in the 2nd & 3rd rounds of the playoffs will be a big challenge for the Lakers.

RIP to the Kings. I'm sad to see them go. No more Sonics and now no more Kings.

I'm so glad this tortuous regular season is over - these last two weeks have been brutal. I don't think I could've taken one more practice season game.
Bring on the playoffs!
I really like the way things set themselves up for the Lakers - that upper bracket that the top seeded Spurs drew is a NIGHTMARE!

Okay, enough of these 82 preseason games.

Let the 16 win season begin.

hey MM, what's up with the delay in the posting of the blogs? they usually go right through.

Edwin Gueco...The Kings "birthplace" wasn't the Midwest. Gotta learn your history. They started in Rochester, New York. They won the title in 1951. They moved to Cincinnati. Ever heard of a guy named, Oscar Robertson? Then to Kansas City and for a short time shared games in Omaha...then they moved to Sacramento. If they do indeed move to Anaheim, the franchise will hold the record for the most moved in professional sports.

When pursuing a championship it helps to be lucky, and after a very bad week or two, the Lakers got a little luck yesterday.

First, positive news about Andrew means a title is still within grasp (bad news would have likely ended a realistic chance at winning it all this year).

Second, the 4th quarter collapse (one of the worst I've ever seen by a Laker team) that saw the team go from 22 points ahead to 3 points behind with under 10 seconds to play did not cost them a very important game. Losing that game would have meant a first round matchup with a Portland team that, frankly, is playing better than the Lakers right now.

Third, the Grizzlies absolutely laid down against the Clips, allowing the most favorable first round matchup anyone could have hoped for.

Fourth, the best team in the West watched one of its top 3 players go down with an injury last night (Ginobili).

None of this stuff guarantees a title, but it sure does make the path a lot easier....

Mark Medina

Would you like for everyone on the blog to kneel and bow and beg you to TURN OFF MODERATION before you do so? jeesh man

PSP Intern

hey LTLF, i was thinking the same thing....memphis and okc tanking their games to avoid playing L.A. in the 1st and 2nd rounds respectively. hmm, maybe okc is still not that confident, despite beating L.A. last sunday. i watched the replay yesterday on nbatv. a couple of things on that game. 1. okc shot 56%, aint gonna happen in the playoffs. 2. the Lakers turned the ball 9 TIMES in the 4th qtr. after only having 1 through the 1st 3 qtrs. 3. the game slows down in the playoffs. 4. okc played their best game of the year against L.A., even though the Lakers lead by 1 with 3:01 to go in the game. 5. THE LAKERS ARE THE DEFENDING CHAMPS!

So the regular season is over and I know what a lot of you are thinking...

How can we improve at point guard this summer.

just kidding.

Happy playoff season everybody.

Thanks for the correction Larry DuBois.

Among all places mentioned, I think Kansas City should be given another chance. It is the home of UK Jayhawk. If the market is so small, share it with St. Louis, the home of the Cardinals.

By the way, nobody mentioned the first professional game of Trey Johnson as a PG and a temporary reliever of Steve Blake, he's good in fact more he has more poise than Shannon as though he has been playing the triangle all season with Gasol and LO. He has a better shooting % than Artest made 2 out of 3 shots while Artest was 2-11. Both players were better than Luke who made 0 attempt, 2 rebounds and 2 turnovers. Whoaa, what a waste of time in the 2nd unit. I hope Trey will be given more playing time in the playoffs.

@JAMIE SWEET ... Great to hear from you, Jamie. Finally, the real season begins. Drew is healthy. The Lakers are going to sweep the Hornets 4-0. Healthy Beast in the playoffs. What could be better.
@TOM DANIELS ... Right on about Kobe’s shot selection. I would like to see Phil tweak the offense so that Kobe could get just as many shots as he is shooting now but all within the offense.
@EDWIN ... Have to agree with you that it is sad to see the Sacramento Kings go the way of the Seattle Supersonics. The Oklahoma City Thunder and Anaheim Royals just don’t cut it.
@FATTY ... There are 15 other NBA teams out there who probably counted their chickens before they hatched, presuming the Lakers had fallen to 3rd seed and forgetting about Kobe Bryant.
@KOBEMVP888 ... I thought for a minute we really were going to test the limits of the practice season theory by losing our last game. Then Kobe put his signature on the game and all is well.
@GOD ... Thanks for making sure Drew’s knee would be OK. Oh, wait. That’s the “other” God. Yes, we were pretty lucky to survive the practice season and the Lakers with a healthy Drew will shine.

How is it that Demarcus gets ejected,
and the Saint doesn't?

How is that even possible?


Don't need any responses from Laker fans on that one.
Many of you will say or do anything to stay warm and cuddled
inside the strap. And you'll have plenty of like-minded weak-minded dolts
to keep you company and stroke you while you're there.

Besides, the rest of the league already knows why.
No, really, we do. It's been obvious for years.

Whatever it takes to get the Fakers to the finals, right?

Watch the video of Kobe being the idiot fool that he is,
and tell me that you don't think the refs who were officiating that game
might not have had whispered in their ears "Well, it would probably
be best not to take Kobe over the limit on the T's...wink wink)
Again...nevermind. Already know how the multitude of apologists
will respond. Truly pathetic.

The irony? It took your team all it could muster
to beat a team which has won 24 games all season,
what, average age about 22 (without Sammy),
with a payroll about half that of the Fakers,
in a game that mattered big time to you.

Hey, but the U.S.A. champs pulled it out. Impressive.

The most pathetic aspect of it all
is that so many of you truly think Laker
accomplishments are something special,
when actually, the are the logical result.
How can you not win?

Super cushy schedule the first month plus of
the season, fewer back-to-backs than almost
any team, and more home games than any team...
and that's the tip of the iceberg. Just witness the
Saint remaining in the game after slammin his chair,
slamming a towel to the floor, and verbally displaying
his true homophobic nature...

Demarcus, of course, gets ejected.
The one big threat the Kings had, gets ejected!!!!

Oh, but it's Kobe...can't kick him out of the game.
If we do, the Lakers might have to play Portland in
the first round, and that wouldn't be would it?

People do not hate you cuz they ain't you.
They hate you because you are you.
And you are proud!
I guess that means, proud to be so pathetic.

Go Kings/Royals!
Go SF Giants!
Go SF Forty Niners!

When in the heck are you going to get an NFL team...
Geez, it's been a while hasn't it?
Oh well, I don't think they like football in Socal...
probably to rough a sport for you anyway.


KOBE come correct!!, don't make your self look so bad. you insulted and hurt people. you yourself said that you are a role model. then model!i am not gay, but i feel that you owe something to the gay community. i wonder how many 15 year old kids are going to feel that it's ok to use this word to insult others

The basketball gods once again smile on the Lakers and through their subtle ways of altering what we think of as reality once again give the Lakers the easier path to the Finals.

The kept Bynum from serious injury, and sprinkled magic dust on Barnes knee.


Well, he must have some bad karma to work out, or, keeping in line with the gods assistance and them doing things even though we may not understand why, perhaps because Blake was playing worse than a first year rookie they put a pox on him so the Lakers would call up Trey Johnson. Now, if TJ gets playing time, watch him come through with some clutch play as the other teams don't pay him adequate attention.

So if the Lakers do their part a match up against any of the big 3 in the east, Celts, Heat, Bulls; all have their own special story line.

Celts: nothing to say, epic.
Heat: the NBA finally gets Labron into the Finals against Kobe
Bulls: Phil comes full-circle.

Now it's up to them.

By the way...even if I wasn't heading out and had the time,
am not interested in reading any of your responses,
and thus, won't.

But I will be back, as always.

View this as an opportunity to cuddle inside the strap.

Lewsters will show you the way.


Dear SonnyBelfast,

How does it feel to have the Lakers, the team you claim to hate, but we all know deep down inside you love, be the team to put the final purple and gold nails in the coffin of the Sacramento Kings?

I know how I feel about it: ecstatic!

I do give you respect for showing up here after their demise. One thing, since they are no longer the Kings and will reside in Anaheim, just next door to where I live, they will no longer be your team. They are now MY team. Sorry, but your services are no longer needed.

@The Snake and billy in slo

That Foxy vs. Dougie altercation is and will be one of my favorite memories of just how much we always owned the Sacramento Queens.

So they were the Royals, and then became the Kings. When they move to Anaheim, they should consider renaming again.


Empire is bigger than a kingdom so an emperor is better than a king.

Wait, no scratch that.

Perhaps they could move into modern times and be the ORANGE COUNTY PRESIDENTS!!!!

Most of the remaining Kings and Queens in the world don't really rule their countries any more, they're just puppets - it's kind of a hollow title in the late 20th & early 21st century (sorta like the Sacramento Kings). Presidents are much more powerful. or Prime Ministers, but this isn't freakin' Britain, so we'll go with Presidents.

Or if they want to rename to reflect where the power REALLY is in the 21st century...

Ladies and gentlemen...

may I present...


kobe playing head games with kendrick perkins! closing second of the Lakers loss to OKC. here's kobe talking to perkins. "you happy about this win?" perkins didn't reply back to kobe, but here's what he said about kobe. "it's kobe being kobe," perkins said. "this game probably didn't mean nothing or probably did. i don't know. they'll never show it." LET THE MIND GAMES BEGIN! HA HA

>>>None of this stuff guarantees a title, but it sure does make the path a lot easier....

And you left out a couple.

Chicago's best wing defender, Ronnie Brewer injured his thumb.

Jerquille O'Neal (that's Jermaine PLUS Shaquille) - 73 cheeseburgers eaten and 68 minutes played (combined) in the last week. That's in 5 games. A combined 8 DNP's, and only one game with more than 20 minutes (by Jermaine).

Edwin, it will be hard to shake my 'fairweather' status for sure. But the truth is, I'm too much of a Lakers fan. What do I mean by this?

Well, years of close calls and dissapoinments have taken there toll, not only on my emotional well being, but on my physical and mental health as well. (probably the same for most of you)

I've been dealing with elevated blood pressure so my doctor has changed my diet a little and increased my exercise regimen from a little to a lot. She had me get one of those blood pressure monitor thingys to test throughout the day. Its amazing to see as to what elevates it.

Too much time on the computer and it goes up. Finger exercise apparently is not enough. Watching TV is okay, unless there is excitement involved. Which brings us to the Lakers games. Close games for sure bring the expected high blood pressure. But its the little things, you would not expect to cause issues. Like blowing leads, Phil not calling time outs, bad calls by refs, lazy efforts, Luke being inserted into the game, cutting away from the Lakers girls for comercials, get the picture.

Last night was no exception when the big lead was starting to dwindle. Didn't even need to check the monitor. My wife was saying, "Is that your heart I hear pounding?" So, my DVR has become a medical necessity, especially these last two weeks. I record the action, and watch when capable.

The good news is, its working. Blood pressure is way down without meds, and now I'm playoff ready.

Great weight loss tip: Ride exercise bike during Lakers games. Easily a few hundred calories can be lost and you feel like you just played the game when your done. After the game, I come out to the living room with a towel around my neck looking like Lamar all sweaty post game, and telling my wife. "Yeah, it was a tough game, but we pulled out"

It was as if Kobe wanted to torture the poor King fans ONE MORE TIME. Like if John Elway broke the Cleveland fans hearts for a fourth time, and then that was the last game they ever played in Cleveland ...

Oh, and by the way -- Shaq's "Sacramento Queens" comment. Where's his $100,000 fine?

Well, he must have some bad karma to work out, or, keeping in line with the gods assistance and them doing things even though we may not understand why, perhaps because Blake was playing worse than a first year rookie they put a pox on him so the Lakers would call up Trey Johnson. Now, if TJ gets playing time, watch him come through with some clutch play as the other teams don't pay him adequate attention.

Posted by: Art | April 14, 2011 at 09:46 AM


I thought TJ did well on the court last night. Especially with him as PG (more so than Blake), and Brown as SG. Both are athletic and young. Moreover, He was aggressive and not afraid to shoot, which I think in turn made Shannon play smarter and not take a lot of unnecessary shots/over dribble. It will be interesting to see how the minutes are split between Blake and Johnson come play off time...I think he presented what people thought they were going to see from Blake this season.

Time for the playoffs!

since they didn't show the Lakers/kings game in phoenix, BSPN, chose to show the VERY IMPORTANT clippers/grizzlies game. afterall, clippers and grizzlies had such important playoff implications! ha ha. anyhow, how did trey johnson look? 6 pts. 2/3 fga, 2/2 from the ft line. could this guy stick with L.A.? also, is just me OR do feel scared sh**less too, when luke walton is in the game? inquiring minds want to know!

I know what you mean. I couldn't watch the Lake Show at all through the early season until my Blood Pressure medication got corrected to keep my eyeballs from popping out. I am also back on my bike (on the road) and moving about a whole lot more than I was.


It's funny you know, that stupid Laker fan always talks about how this isn't a rivalry. But if it isn't, why are they so obsessed with it and relish is so much. They care about it MUCH more than Kings fans. Actually, the phrase "Laker Fan" is an oxymoron.

I was at the game last night, and even though we lost, what was great was the knowledge that the support and craziness displayed by Kings fans in Arco last night will never be experienced by Faker fan in Staples.

It would have been interesting to see Trey Johnson get a shot with the big team this season. The Lakers need to infuse some youth into the mix sooner or later. The guy that torched them last night, Marcus Thornton, was something like the 42nd pick (2nd round) in the 2009 draft. Lakers could have had him. Think he'd add something to the laker mix?



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