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Lakers lack intensity and execution in 86-85 loss to Utah Jazz


The clock ticked away with the ball in his hands.

That's the cue for Lakers guard Kobe Bryant to make a game-winning shot. At first, it appeared he would follow the storyline the 18,8891 at Staples Center had seen plenty of times. He dribbled to his right, pump faked and then pivoted to his left. With 1.8 seconds remaining, there was more than enough time for Bryant to pull up for a jumper, secure the game winner, and all the  anxious fans would go home happy.

Instead, the ball went off his fingertips, bounced off his knee and provided an ugly ending to an ugly 86-85 loss Tuesday to the Utah Jazz, the Lakers' second consecutive defeat.

"It slipped," Bryant said of the final play. "It slipped out of my hands."

That's not the only reason the game slipped out of the Lakers' hands. You also can't entirely blame  Bryant's six-of-18 shooting clip -- or the fact that Utah guard Gordon Hayward hit one of two free throws and impressed Bryant enough with his 22-point performance on nine-of-14 shooting, including a one-handed dunk, that the Lakers star compared the rookie guard to former Jazz standout Jeff Hornacek.

There are plenty of reasons why Lakers forward Lamar Odom described the team's effort as the worst loss of the season, but he implored reporters not to spend much time dwelling on it.

"You can't dissect this game," Odom said. "There's nothing there. You can't find nothing. Don't get intricate in your writing. Don't do it. We played bad, really bad. It's time to move on."

60684543Lakers Coach Phil Jackson opened his press conference joking, "I wish Gordon Hayward would've stayed in college and helped out Butler last night instead of kicking our butts tonight."

Bryant expressed plenty of amusement, not only with the Lakers' lackluster play but also his recent Sprite commercial with Chinese pop singer Jay Chou. Odom laughed at the comparisons between the Lakers-Jazz game and the horrific NCAA national championship game between Connecticut and Butler.And Lakers guard Derek Fisher didn't blink once when informed the Lakers' (55-22) loss set them 3 1/2 games behind the San Antonio Spurs (59-19) for first place in the Western Conference and two games behind the Chicago Bulls (57-20), who own the Eastern Conference's best record.

"We're definitely not helping ourselves in that regard," Fisher said. "But like we've been doing, which allowed us to have the success we've been having the last couple of months, is we mainly focused on ourselves. We haven't spent a lot of time about other people's performances and what their record is and whatnot. Regardless of how we finish these last five or six games, and if we have homecourt or not, the reality of it is, we have to play the type of basketball we're capable of playing to beat the best teams. Obviously, homecourt by losing to Denver on Sunday and losing to Utah on Sunday. You can have homecourt against San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Boston. Obviously, if we can't beat teams on our homecourt, it's irrelevant. We just have to play better."

The Lakers have long fixated more on their own performance than how they fare in the standings races, reflecting their strong belief that they shouldn't feel the need to avoid playing certain teams in the playoffs. It's also necessary to point out the Lakers are 17-3 since the All-Star game, and a two-game losing streak isn't going to dilute that with five games remaining in the regular season. But the dropoff in effort and execution against Utah was in stark contrast to the impressive performances prior to the two-game losing streak. Unlike the Lakers' 95-90 loss Sunday to Denver, they can't blame an afternoon game or lost energy from an emotional win against Dallas and a come-from-behind victory against Utah the previous week. The Lakers' performance clearly showed their complacency and sense of invincibility kicking in, eager for the start of playoffs.


That attitude was seen throughout the game. Beautiful sequences, such as Shannon Brown's fadeaway jumper, Odom's three-pointer, Bynum's two hook shots, Bryant's floater, Gasol's hook shot, Artest's three-pointer and Odom's reverse layup were quickly overshadowed in the fourth quarter with turnovers by  Bynum, Bryant, Gasol and Luke Walton and Bryant getting stuffed. After drawing an offensive foul on Hayward, Kobe shot a wildly contested three-pointer with his jersey in his mouth with the Lakers trailing 85-82 with under a minute remaining. Bryant made up for it, tying the game at 85-85 with 16.2 seconds remaining, thanks a to a three-pointer off Gasol's screen on Hayward. But Odom reacted too late in closing off the lane on Hayward, resulting in a foul that wrongfully went to Bryant. That set up Hayward to hit one of two free throws and then Bryant's poor ball handling on the final possession.

The whole performance reflected their attitude, with the Lakers shooting 31 of 82 from the field, four of 20 from three-point range, getting outrebounded against an undermanned and undersized Jazz team (52-49), conceding 15 second-chance points and the Jazz scoring 18 points off the Lakers' 19 turnovers. It was seen in the Lakers' bench, featuring a scoreless Steve Blake, a streaky Odom and Brown and a passive Barnes.

"We didn't execute what we practiced today," Jackson said. "That's something the coaches aren't happy about."

Theories conflicted as to why Gasol's apparent effort in overcoming his bruised right knee with 12 first-quarter points only ended with 19 by the end of the night.

"We tend to settle a little too much and went with tougher percentage shots instead of going to higher percentage shots," said Gasol, who added there was "pain" and "soreness" in his right knee. "We had a size advantage and I don't know how well we utilized it tonight."

"We didn't feature him like we featured him early in the game," Jackson said of Gasol. "Kobe didn't score much in the first half, and he came out and shot in the second half. Pau obviously took a backseat to that." 

"I don't ... know," Bryant said. "I'm at my wits' end with this garbage."

Answers ranged on why the Lakers played so poorly.

"We're just trying to go through the motions," Bryant said. "It was my fault. I should've came out much more aggressive to set the tone instead of being passive." 

"We're going out and trying to play hard," Brown said. "There's no lack of confidence. We just have to continue to get better. We didn't take them lightly at all. We were playing hard."

"We didn't come to play and the intensity wasn't there for 48 minutes like it needed to be," Blake said. "I have no idea why. I don't know."

Surely, there was nothing great to take away from this game.

"Out of this game?" Bryant asked rhetorically. "No. Flush that ... down the toilet and move on to the next one."

OK, maybe there was one. Bynum recorded a career-high 23 rebounds. But he wasn't really in the mood to talk about it.

"Tonight was a case of us coming out and thinking we could beat a team just by being there," Bynum said. "I don't know why we talk to ourselves like that. We know if we come to play, no one can beat us."

The Lakers didn't come to play, though. They reverted to that complacent attitude that contributed to such poor habits before the All-Star break. The Lakers spent 18 games correcting most of those bad habits. It only took two games for them to come back. The Lakers are surely eager for the playoffs to start, but it's necessary to look like a playoff team as the postseason schedule approaches.

-- Mark Medina

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Top photo: Kobe Bryant looks at his hands after fumbling the ball away on a last-second shot attempt during the Lakers' 86-85 loss to the Utah Jazz at Staples Center, April 5, 2011. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Middle photo: Utah forward Derrick Favors, right, blocks a shot by Lakers forward Pau Gasol during the second half. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

Bottom photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum, right, tries to put a shot past Favors during the second half. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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blah, blah, blah oh woe!

it'll be ok, and if not, it's a great ride. other teams don't get the thrill of winning like Lakers fans do. there are bound to be losses too. they suck. some days things just won't go your way. so it goes.

i'm ready for the playoffs.

Hello Everybody!

Finally the playoffs are finally around the corner!!
A few losses on the last games are normal now the goal is to be healthy on the playoffs. The starters have not averaged more than 30m per game lately which is a good balance to avoid losing rythym of competion.
I would love to have HCA mainly over Boston and Miami. Those are the two teams I respect the most. Boston might be struggling recently without Perkins but we know when it comes to playoffs they are a different team. Who wants to face them on a 7 game series?
Miami has very good players and those role players are veterans that never got a ring. Some of them came close like Bibby or Big Z and others like Miller can create a lot of trouble.
All in all, I feel pretty good about the Lakers. We will be finally starting (fingers crossed) the playoffs with our starters healthy. I have thought a lot about it and just can’t conceive any team can beat the Lakers in a 7 game series. Fish on playoff mode, Black Mamba, Artest on playoff mode, Pauer and The Beast eating any center for breakfast. The only way I foresee a disaster is with the bench mob dissapearing. If they are able to provide some help we are unstoppable.

Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!!


acb statistics

Ron Artest14
Pau Gasol 17
Andrew Bynum 30
Kobe Bryant 4
Derek Fisher -1
Lamar Odom 6
Matt Barnes 2
Steve Blake 6
Luke Walton -4
Shannon Brown 0
Team 74

Paul Millsap 19
Derrick Favors 16
Al Jefferson 13
Earl Watson 18
C.J. Miles -2
Francisco Elson -2
Kyle Weaver -3
Jeremy Evans 3
Gordon Hayward 21
Team 83

There are three NBA franchises that are very closely Gustavo Ayon: Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns.

It is the third most valuable player in the league (15.3), the second blocker (1.48), the second in two-percentage shots (66.1%), the fourth in offensive rebounds (2.3); eighth in recoveries (1.59), the room mates performed (1 per game) ...

A month ago, on March 6, Mitch Kupchak, Lakers general manager, came to him in a game of Fuenlabrada and was impressed with Ayon.

Worst game I have ever seen (or at least I can remember, in recent times) Kobe play. Forced almost everything. His man beat him almost every play (Hayward). Pathetic effort by Kobe. Time for PJ to rest (read: bench him) Kobe until April 17.

And what's up with the outside shooting by the whole team! They won't get very far without someone hitting an outside shot consistently or the bigs will have someone in their laps always. And a clear out for Pau with nobody moving to open spots for an outlet is just as hard for Pau to complete as a clear out for Kobe with nobody moving to an open spot for a release pass, also.

Time for the continuous mantra of the Lakers after a pathetic loss like this to STOP. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing how they didn't execute or didn't put out enough effort or excuse #7 of the #50+ excuse list they carry around in their head after each game. Man up and just do it! Quit talking about doing it. Show us those millions you get paid are not just a waste of money and those precious dollars we pay to see you in person or however live are not distastefully spit out like a spoiled glass of milk after such a horrid performances.

Mailing it in is inexcuseable, Lakers. Now you are locked into the 2nd, but maybe even third spot in the west if you keep stumbling into the playoffs like this. At least last year you had excuses that mattered and were understandable (injuries sidelined Kobe for one.) No such excuses this year. Guess who is advancing to the 7 spot rapidly!? Portland. Think we win one game against Portland with that effort last night?!? Heck, Utah is not even in the playoffs, so technically whomever we face will beat the Lakers in round one, as they are better in the standings than the Jazz at this point!

These are home games folks! Not some raucous crowd intimidating the refs in an away arena. Yikes! I think I just threw up a little in my they look just like they did going into the ASG!

The best news that I read this morning is that Joel meyer is no longer going to call Laker games next year There is a GOD THANKS

Hey Phil,

It would be refreshing once in a while with the game on the line like last night, that you used Kobe as a decoy. How about having Artest take it out as usual, Derek floating to the corner, Kobe taking the ball to the top of the key, Gasol setting a screen for Odom driving to the basket with a pass from Kobe. Then
Lamar could try for a dunk and possibly get fouled. Surprise!



I'm with MUD here, some days it just doesn't go your way. In this case, OUR way.

So, what!? We lost. Whatever. How many games did we lose last MARCH? Oh yes, one. Based on what I've read here, seems like the Lakers didn't make the playoffs.



For all you trolls, here's my music selections for you to enjoy.......




The best news that I read this morning is that Joel meyer is no longer going to call Laker games next year There is a GOD THANKS
Posted by: Ross Snyder Park | April 06, 2011 at 04:19 AM




Fisher puts HCA into perspective:

"You can have home court against San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and Boston. Obviously if we can't beat teams on our home court, it's irrelevant. We just have to play better."

Good point Fish.
They finished last year 34-7 at home, so far this year they are 29-10.
Maybe it just seems like the Lakers were more dominant at home last year.

Kobe turned to mambrika last night. He has to take the blame for this loss on his hands or head, and man up to it.
If there's a difference between Jordan and Kobe is that Michael hardly made stupid mental mistakes. Yes both are close in their physical style of play and intensity, but Michael wouldn't have made 7 or 8 turnovers or take such ridiculous shots.
If it's all about winning, it's also about being smarter.
Go to give it to Kobe to have at least five bad games a year. Hopefully, this paid his quota for the season, and Kobe doesn't have a repeat of last season's seventh game in the finals, needing Artest to bail the Lakers out.

If it's true that Meyers is out, that is good news. He may be a great guy, but he is the most annoying play by play announcer I've ever heard. Hiring him may have been the worst decision made by the Lakers since they came to LA.

Where are you spending your playoff refund $$$'s. Jack's going to Italy for a month.

Our fearless bench is clueless and averages 8.8 points per game, less than 1 point per. We need another scorer/shooter and Luke is getting playing time, why???

The best news that I read this morning is that Joel meyer is no longer going to call Laker games next year There is a GOD THANKS
Posted by: Ross Snyder Park | April 06, 2011 at 04:19 AM

Good news! I have always felt that whomever the Lakers hired after Chick passed, it was gonna stink for us. Now that we have done our time in Purgatory (post Chick), we can get serious about a quality replacement.

This was written:

If there's a difference between Jordan and Kobe is that Michael hardly made stupid mental mistakes. Yes both are close in their physical style of play and intensity, but Michael wouldn't have made 7 or 8 turnovers or take such ridiculous shots.

my response:

How many fractured fingers did MJ have & play through?

How many knee surgeries did MJ have & play through?

No, I am not making any excuses for Kobe. He played poorly. However,
if you're going to compare the two then shouldn't we know if they were
physically the same before you drag Kobe over the coals?

Best news from last night game was no injuries….especially after watching Camby and Mozgov (Denver) go down with injuries.

I watched some of the Nuggets-OKC game and the only thing I can say is I’m glad Ron Ron is on the Lakers. Durant was very comfortable shooting in the 4th. Also, OKC bench outplayed the vaunted Denver second unit.

@Israel – I mentioned Ayon here around the trade deadline when there were talks that the Lakers were scouting him. Have you seen him play? Does he remind you of anyone in the NBA?

@JovBatz- nice double shot of Aerosmith.

>>>Good news! I have always felt that whomever the Lakers hired after Chick
>>>passed, it was gonna stink for us.

Joel wasn't that terrible, he just had the best act in history to follow.

It's like trying to coach the Bruins right after John Wooden leaves...

Or trying to be the next shooting guard for the Bulls after MJ leaves.

If BShaw doesn't get a threepeat his first three years as head coach, he'll be heaped with derision as well.

No, he was terrible. Sunderland was much better.

Wow, the trolls have run amok since the loss. Now where did I put that can of troll-b-gone?

Oh. Here it is.

So the people pumping Kobe for his bad shooting (and it was very bad) might want to notice a couple of other things that were bad in the game:

Let's start with Shannon Brown's 2-for-6 shooting. Equally bad to Kobe's.

And Bynum, despite his 23 rebounds, hit just 5 of 13 of his shots. That's 38% shooting. With Kobe's two 3-point makes, his effective shooting percentage was 39%, slightly better than Bynum.

Pau was deferrant in the second half, instead of staying aggressive. He does that some times. Just getting out of Kobe's way, when he should go to the post and demand the ball. And he rebounded like crap. A 7 footer getting only 5 rebounds is utter poo. Several times I watched him STAND THERE AND WATCH while a Utah player got the rebound and put it back in. No attempt at a rebound, no attempt at a block - he should have bought a ticket. And of course, once again, Pau missed a free throw in the fourth quarter, when they matter the most.

Fisher missing three free throws? Pitiful. But congratulations Derek... with only 1, you had the LEAST NUMBER OF TURNOVERS FOR ANY LAKER STARTER!

Lamar's 41% shooting? not good. And Lamar has this habit of tipping himself rebounds or trying to just tip them in with one hand. Sometimes effective, last night terrible. On 2 or 3 possessions in the second half, he could easily have secured the rebound with 2 hands, but instead he tried tipping and either bricked a close putback or had a Utah player steal the rebound from him.

Steve Blake once again looks afraid to shoot. So for example, despite having a fairly open 3, he instead chooses to pass to Luke near the end of the shot clock. He needs to take that shot.

Lucky Luke got to join in the parade of sucktitude with a crappy 0-for-4 night.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Kobe. He had a bad night and that's for damn sure. But the Lakers played poorly as a TEAM and lost as a TEAM. And not by much. Even with all that Mount Everest of Sucking, it took Gordon Hayward to play out of his mind and Kobe to not get off a final shot to secure the loss.

And most importantly, so what. The Lakers will get their act together before the playoffs.

And just like the orgy of dancing trolls that occurred at the end of last season when the Lakers were bored and stumbling into the end of the season, this lot will shut their pie holes when the Lakers start slashing through playoff teams like a light saber through butter.

When Kobe's celebrating his finals MVP in a champagne bath, Terry's big hero LeBron will be fishing, as I'm sure he wouldn't have the stomach to watch another finals that he couldn't qualify for.

Hire Kevin Calabro. He's one of the best and I believe he's available. I always enjoyed his call when the Lakers played the Sonics.

Mornin' CRUE!

That was rank.
Good thing there's a game tonight to take away the stench.
'Nuf said.

mgeezy - Sunderland!! I was thinking the exact same thing!! I don't think Stu liked him that much, so that's why he didn't last long. He was pretty good though - better than Joel. Although Joel doesn't bug me as much as he does some of y'all....

LTLF - gotta disagree with you. Princess WILL be watching the finals. She'll be commenting about how if she was there she'd be playing better than the guys on the court, and of course she'd wax on about how much better she'd look holding up the trophy. And her posse will be nodding in agreement. THEN they'd go fishing :)


Well, Joel Meyer was good enough but not enough for Laker fans. He has a top act to follow, he is subservient to Stu Lantz. His basketball knowledge or even its historical perspective is zero. It was reported that Spero Dedes will be the replacement. Before jumping into it, I would like to recommend a former Coach who also acted as replacement of Spero on radio and was the broadcaster at the Fiba Tournament, his name is Fran Fraschilla. This guy has knack for basketball and a former Coach of St. John. With regards to Stu Lantz, he's OK but sometimes I get tired of his analysis style that starts with "he should have done this move". If STu knows everything, then he should replace PJ. lol! Another a good analyst is Coach Miller on ESPN, he feeds insights to the BSPN people who are a bunch of galloping ignoramus who are fond of indicting the callers. They just keep on espousing their own analysis, practically listening to themselves so why join the radio broadcast? The best thing these BSPN broadcaster do is just face the mirror and talk to yourself lmao! At least with Coach Miller, he listens to callers insights before providing his own twist and supplements what they just said.

Lakers were daydreaming last night with long shooting and thought they can just beat the Jazz by doing nothing. The switch was flipped again on auto pilot while the fans continue big bucks to see the game.


23 Rebounds for Drew. I was like HTH do we get outrebounded when Drew is going thru like 3 bottles of Windex. LO had 8 which is fine I think, Pau had ~5 which is not so great, but Watson had 8 for the Jazz, all defensive.

LLT - Edwin's right - the Lakers were on auto-pilot. They were going through the motions and that's being polite. Complete waste of a career high for Drew. Still - 1 of 82. To quote 888 - give me the playoffs already. Cuz you KNOW that ish won't be happening then LOL!

"The best news that I read this morning is that Joel meyer is no longer going to call Laker games next year There is a GOD THANKS

Posted by: Ross Snyder Park | April 06, 2011 at 04:19 AM "


"Hire Kevin Calabro. He's one of the best and I believe he's available. I always enjoyed his call when the Lakers played the Sonics.

Posted by: LRob | April 06, 2011 at 08:16 AM"

We should start a bandwagon for this one. I agree 100%.

Don't freak out lakernation.. I know after going 16-1 its appalling to lose to the jazz n now 2 in a row.. Some of yellofever's game highlights:

-- gordon hayward r u kidding me? I don't necessarily mind losing to a better team on a given night but I do mind losing to gordon freakin hayward every freakin day and night... It was like watching hoosiers last night all over again but rooting for the bad guys. Btw, that foul that sent hayward to the line yesterday was complete bullcrap..(Nobody touched him!) It was also a bit disturbing to see kobe not create any separation on hayward on the final attempt.. He couldve easily pulled up and shot over him or drove the lane and there was no need to pumpfake gordon freakin hayward but maybe kobe thought he could use him as a practice cone for the playoffs.

-- bynum 23 rbs WOW! Watching this kid dedicate himself to defense and rebounding has been a mind numbing experience.. We still got some game left till playoffs so still keeping my fingers crossed he stays healthy

-- luke walton LOL.. Sorry but that was one of the most hideous 5 minutes u will ever see out of professional NBA player.. Chk his statline 0 across the board but in one sequence he actually went for a block on the defensive end (Really luke don't overexert urself we don't want u to reaggravate that pinch nerve) and then on the other end he drove the key for a layup and got denied AIRMAIL EXPRESS VOLLEBALL SPIKE SPECIAL courtesy of paul millsap.. Now that was a funny luke moment!

-- in other news.. Tub of lard o'neal returned this week before suffering another injury and is now on the verge of shutting it down for the year... Uh oh.. Somehow I don't think that should come as a surprise to anybody.. And maybe I was right instead of spending his time off conditioning looks like he may have been putting more effort eating and making latenight drive thru visits to burgerking for that double whopper with cheese! Great move danny!


Does the change of broadcasting personnel have any bearing on the entrance of Time Warner Cable on Laker feeds in the future? What happens now to FSW subscribers, are we going to pay 2x for cable feeds? How about the main cable providers like Directv and Dish network, do we all switch now to Time Warner cable because of the Lakers? This move is good for Buss Family but not good for avid fans out there. Laker owners are already well established while Laker fans in general are on payday to payday existence. IMO, we are again manipulated and exploited, it used to be the media now the owners/players using passion as the tool to sack in our hard earned money!!!

how many ways can you say, they sucked? we will see

Kobe said it just slipped out his hands. It happens sometimes.

Avril – Slipped Away

LRob, for those of us on a slippery slope. Clarence Carter-Slip Away

god, that was an ugly game! i guess i'm guilty like the Lakers were last night! i thought i could take my daughter out to a movie last night and come home to nbatv and watch the L.A. hi-lights of an easy win over utah, right? wrong! that's why they play the games, huh? from seeing all of the low-lights and reading your comments, it seems like the Lakers just SHOWEDUP, thinking another win. L.A.'s bad losses this year, to BAD TEAMS, happen when they disrespect their opponent for the evening......guess what, the Lakers did it again. plus the frustrating aspect of the game was utah barely shot 40% and still won! these are types of games that drive a person to drink....thank god i don't have an addictive personality, ha ha. i thought they would blitz this team, being p.o.'d after the nuggets loss, where L.A. blew a nice double digit lead to start the 3rd qt. well, well tonight we'll see if kobe and company "flushed this loss down the toilet and have move on to the next game"!

The only freak out Laker fans are having is that Playoffs are almost here.


I noticed it happens all the time because the ball is always on his hands. Another player who has slippery hands is Pau Gasol, they are so tender like the hands of a Seniorita. I wish they have the hands of a digger like the hands of Artest. Well, last night talking about hands, we have the atrocious hands on Luke Walton, the wild hands on DFisher, the hands that is chasing the 6th man award in Lamar Odom and finally the great rebounding hands of Bynum in forcing shots. If Bynum wants to improve his shot selection, he should watch the old tapes of the legends like: Moses Malone, the dream Olajuwon, Bill Russell and Elvin Hayes. Try to copy/practice their moves in the post and he will find a space and create a new set of pivotal shots.

@Justa - Yes, that's being very polite...good to hear from you :-)

@fever - Going 3rd person on us...nice. I agree that shot Luke got blocked was baaaad.


You're right about Pau's hands. It seems like he's been struggling more with holding on to rebounds this year than I remember in the past.


April 6, 2011
Game #78
Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors
Venue: Oracle Arena
Record: 55-22
Standings: Clinched Pacific Division
Western Conference: #2
League Record: Tied #3
Current Streak: Lost 2


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London Laker - a lakerholic while living in london
VirginiaLakerFan - Go Lakers--all the way to 17 & a 3-Peat.
Lakers Por Vida - Livin' La Vida Loca
Jolly Rancher - Lamar's favorite baybee...
AndTheJellosJigglin - Chick's legacy lives on!
Don't Blame Del Harris! - I haven't been this excited for a new season since the summer of '96! Woot-woot!
Allnet - Like in "swish"...
The Outlaw - Wanted Dead or Alive
htj - "I'll take our best two vs.their best two, any day and twice on Sunday."
Kobe81pts - "absolutely don't ever want LBJ, the big spoiled brat to play for the Lakers....NEVER!!!!"
LakersWorld - Global Warming
Let's Go L's! - Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! Peace.
JustASouthCalFan - Laker fan for 28 years...
TNTLakerFan - It's time to proceed on the quest for the 3peat!
longtimelakerlover - GO LAKERS!!!!!!!KILL HOUSTON!!!!
wildone - This could be the greatest Laker season ever...
Larry of LA - Really psyched about the season...
WintonDupree - Let's get this Three-peat 2.0 party started!!!!
Kobefan in Cupertino - Oh yeah baby...... we're BAAAACCKKKKKKK
Jeanette - "I love Ron so MUCH..."
OCisMambaCounty - 1, 2, 3, RING!!!
Purple & Gold Reign - Thy Kingdom Come...We get another One!
OneLakerNation - Is there any other?
Jackie Robinson - G-d bless the Lakers!
srafrank - Crown Royal 3 shots
Lakerman420 - "I need to post"
D(erek)J(eter) - Lakers will hold up my Yankees...
Art - FL Laker Fan - Covert opps deep behind enemy lines...
DC Mamba - Can't wait for the Ring Ceremony!
traveling laker - All roads lead to Staples...
qs - i think it's just right that i start the season right...let me in that bus. =)
LakerSunshine - ShineS as bright as Laker Bling...
Magia32 - Glad we didn't go for Bosh
Laker Kev - serving up baguettes and eclairs on the glorious Laker bus
Kobeayashimarue - Oh, by the way, is it to late to jump onto the buss...LOL?
alberto esmeralda - No. 1 in the regular season is overrated.
Angelica - Kobe is the greatest LAKER and one he will be the greatest of all time. Nobody can touch Kobe.
alekesam - And LO better get sixth man this year.
YRM - NBA effectively set up what happened with Kobe tonight in that everyone knows it's open season on L.A.
soshibo - Tex Winter in the HOF...about time!
Annanotherthing - can't we all just show a little more love?
Lakerholic - Go Killer B's...Go Lakers...I am a Lakerholic...
E! - At least Kobe is the MVP financially! And Phil as MVCoach financially.
Laker Fan in Seattle - As long as Bynum is healthy and Lamar is putting up 15 points a game, 3 peat sounds ensuring.
Doug from ME - The Lakers are the freakin' Borg! Resistance is futile!
Oregon Wade - Ah yes. Life is good...
NuggetsCountry - Kobe's 81 brought tears to my eyes to watch it live.
Stockton Showtime - Does the bus stop in Stockton???? I'm on it man....GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Jack Bauer - Kobe and co. will be OK. Go Lakers!
DOC4DaLakeShow - Lets count your nugget titles...done...go away
desertlaker - 2nd seed in the west is a good draw. Go Lakers
dan the man - The fact that Kobe isn't the runaway favorite for M.V.P. is a disgrace to basketball.
Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
NBA4ever - We already have seen we can win with a limited Bynum, but we can’t without Gasol.
Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
Lakeshowinphx - memo to L.O., stop hurting your teammates and block out when the game is on the LINE!
billy in slo - Like Kobe said, we are right where we want to be.
OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!

All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice.
Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.
We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!



LEWSTRS Roll Call ... checking in!!!

So the interesting part of all this is whether Dallas can hang on to the #3 seed and whether the Lakers can stay ahead of the Heat and the Chowds. The good news? After taking a stupid breather, the Lakers have another challenge! The reality? The Lakers NEED a challenge! Seriously, look what happens to them when they're BORED!

As luck would have it, the Warriors are actually on a roll. Winners of TWO straight, they demolished the Blazers in Portland last night, 108-87. That's something we can't do for some reason, so the Warriors will return to Oracle tonight a very confident bunch. So we shall see.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!!

Good morning team!

PLG is checking in from PHX this morning. And I have to tell you the best thing about being here in PHX was seeing an older gentlemen all decked out in a Laker hat and bright purple Laker t-shirt. YES, that's a good sign!!!

And add me to the happy to hear Joel Meyer is gone list - he was so annoying. He was always trying to take over and interrupt Stu.

As for game day - let's go Lakers!!!

Cheers all - PLG

Would be a shame to loose HC over the Celtics and Cheat after such a great run. Time to right the ship tonight...GO LAKERS

PLG, are you a zonie? i've been here in the desert for....omg, 22 years. of course i love when our Lakers are on top! it makes it much easier to wear my Laker paraphanelia! ha ha. there a lot of Lakers fans in the valley of the sun. i'll be rockin' one of my many L.A. jerseys today. have a great day PLG!

LEWSTRS, the bus is ready to ROLL TONIGHT!

Hey, how come Gordon didn't get a "rookie call" for touching Kobe, when Kobe misdribbled, Gordon, grabbed Kobe around the jersey area and just moved him to the side, and Utah had a fast break...this was with a few minutes left, I wasn't focusing on the game because I knew they were going to lose. As for Kobe's mishandle, damn if you do, and damn if you don't...look at pics of his fingers, hunt them down, one finger is really thick and wouldn't be able to tell by his stats, which are somewhat consistent for his age and other's a "flush"....move for Bynum not being able to put the ball in the hoop, he's probably rushing it, and getting bumped a bit more, as the refs will call 3 seconds or an offensive foul if he clears out space....If he were putting those balls in, when he was under the would have been a different game...David Stern got to him....and now Amare is putting down Pau???, Dude, when you have something on your mantle besides a picture of yourself, then you can talk...until then, go talk to your future cohorts....guys on other teams, that will probably think twice about NY, because of the coaching situation, and I think bad chemistry...


You're right about Pau's hands. It seems like he's been struggling more with holding on to rebounds this year than I remember in the past.

Posted by: LRob | April 06, 2011 at 09:25 AM"

I had noticed that as well, players will slap at the ball and it's loose again...I guess the "arm is part of the ball"....because the hand is part of ball rule was never used....never...if they ever called it, they would have to put another statue outside of Staple's.....with a bronze plaque that has the passage from the rule book explaining it....

I missed the game because I had to work on my project AGAIN until late, but I was utterly shocked when I saw the final score.

I don't feel good about this.

A little sick, actually.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe is a ballhog and takes too much erratic and reckless shots.

TMAC - I think you make a good point in the sense that the Lakers can't always ask Kobe to bail them out on the final play and have him run in isolation. But you want the ball in Kobe's hands. The team just needs to run screen and rolls. I'm not a fan of him always running iso because of things like what happened yesterday, with the ball slipping out of his fingers.

@Edwin - The news about Joel and Spero is definitely related to the Time Warner deal but we don't know yet to what capacity since the Lakers are refraining comment until after the season ends.



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