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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown and Steve Blake discuss 86-85 loss to Utah Jazz

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers guard Derek Fisher

Lakers guard Shannon Brown

Lakers guard Steve Blake

--Mark Medina

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@The Triangulator

First off great pick for a song I love Marvin Gaye, all time Mo-Town artist. I understand your position and would have to agree that it is ridicules if a doc was made about some bad apples that insinuated or lumped all our Troops together. Our troops are the real victims; they are the inner-city/rural kids sacrificing for our government. I love your passion and appreciate it, I respect those who care, who are deep. In this blog all that matters is..........

The end is near and the begging is about to start. This is the best time of the year, we are emerging from the darkness of winter into the warmth of summer and now every game matters. 40 games in 40 nights, thank God for DVR. I will now start my reverse hibernation as I crawl into my room glued to the tv visiting my family intermittently to say hello and grab some food. The regular season seams a lifetime away as does the previous rounds when the intensity increases and June Gloom settles upon the NBA nation except in California where the Lakers shine as champions once again. It’s all about the love of the NBA, the Games, the Drama, and the Lakers. For me it is the NBA4ever.

This is the end

It's just about to begin

April 6, 2011
Game #78
Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors
Venue: Oracle Arena
Record: 55-22
Standings: Clinched Pacific Division
Western Conference: #2
League Record: Tied #3
Current Streak: Lost 2


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Angelica - Kobe is the greatest LAKER and one he will be the greatest of all time. Nobody can touch Kobe.
alekesam - And LO better get sixth man this year.
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Lakersfan91 - LETS GOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
96ws6lsx - I don't understand why people call lebron James a king... Kings have rings.
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Dave Weinstein - Come on Lakers - it's the homestretch - now go kick ass!!!!!
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OCLEZY - I can exhale now wooo;sigh of relieve. The boys are alright now. Go Lakers!
Bako Laker Fan - I hope to see this blog in postseason form soon so I can get my needed Lakers fix while toiling away at work.
Steve - We play for rings not regular season rewards... the MVP award is a joke and a curse.
Ganapia - Like a friend says, I don’t know where is the limit but I know where is not!! GO LAKERS!!!!

All together now...May we stay focused and have the inner strength to reach our goal of ultimate victory. Keep us free from injuries and injustice.
Keep us strong, determined and give us the will and stamina to overwhelm any and all obstacles.
We are the Los Angeles Lakers, and we spread the FEAR.
No one can beat us but ourselves, and we say to all, bring it on!



Good news!

Too bad Spiro will only have the gig for one season (unless he gets grandfathered over to the new cable channel). In my opinion, he is the best of those to succeed Chick.

I never liked Joel.


I have no words to describe what I saw: Kobe dealing with a rookie? I thought he was better than that, nah?

Kobe, learn to pick your figths.

Against a rookie? And the rookie looked good over KOBE?

I'm glad my kid was sleeping and didn't see that...

Did baseball season start already? I didn't know that... Zzzzzzzzzzz. Somebody pls wake me up when the playoffs start so I don't miss the fall classic

At least I know I won't have trouble sleeping sunday nights this summer... Sunday night baseball works better than sleeping pills. Those guys jon miller n joe morgan are great for rapid eye movement

Here we go again with a new round of threads of MM, wow yesterday you put up a lot of threads. I wish you get more involved in discussions on blog problems and other laker discussion rather than we just barely chasing ur threads. Just my 2 cents which are plenty today. The new threads are great with feedback from the losing players, what will they really say after that bad loss? Did anybody say I really "s*ck last night?" Nada...they just talk of the future and past accomplishments etc.

I want to compliment Justa for having the guts to narrate your struggle and being a great fan in coming back to the blog. As I said in my post that was buried by succeeding threads, I wish we can RESET the button of how we come to blog with cheers in our hearts and excitement in our mind in expressing our passion. Let's forgive and forget of any inappropriate transgressions hoping it will not happen again. I know you will have a problem in interacting with our friend, Mamba24. It will take time before wounds heal but I'm sure they will heal. Well, it is the season of Lent, also a season of rejoice and forgiveness.

Mamba24, I know you are too embarrassed on what happened? Perhaps, you have an uncanny way of being close to everyone which was misinterpreted as inappropriate intrusion. It belongs to the past now, you have to come back and offer an apology to Justa and to fellow posters, that's the best solution to repair the damage. We would always remember you as our sentry in the blog, the poet and first cheerleader so let us reset that button again. If God can forgive, why not us.

Last but not the least before I call it a day, I want to thank Triangulator and NBA4ever for finding the same path to their difference, we need u both in the playoffs and all other absentee posters out there.


Haha.. My bad on the 3rd person.. That was very spontaneous of me.. Maybe the PSP is rubbing off on me.. Only he can do it and look good doing it.. But it was fun while it lasted I think I may experiment with more a few times :-p

Nice job on the roll call, as usual, Lewsters! Jefe101 - checking in!
Yeah, that was a pretty miserable effort last night - the Jazz simply out-efforted the Lakers, that's pretty much all there was to it.
The Lakers clearly seem to be in cruise-control at this point in the season, going through the motions until the real season begins. Can't say I blame them, but it's not pretty to see. Not worried though, the Lakers will kick it into high gear when they need to - of that I am sure.
It's always nice to have a game the next day following a bad loss like that.
The Lakers will bounce back at Oracle tonight - book it!
Come Back!

@LEWSTRS: thanks for the roll call.

I'm sick and tired of the 17 and 3 talk. They are 0 and 2 now which is their realtime trend! The last 2 games have shown how weak this version of the team is in mind and focus. I'm not even sure they have the physical talent/condition necessary at this time of the season - with Kobe's chronic injuries affecting his shot and turnovers. I am with JDizzle in that a lockout would give KB the opportunity to actually get his fingers fixed and give it one last run at the next ring, next year. Kobe cannot continue to force things with absurd numbers of turnovers and have any expectations that the Lakers will advance in the playoffs. His mano-a-mano garbage with whomever challenges him du jour will be the Lakers undoing, even when it is a rook like Hayward!

They need to solve the outside shooting weakness they have as a team next year. They certainly will be hard pressed to get through to a ring without this help this year. Seems like everyone else has a Korver or House or Allen or Frye or some such shooter who cannot be left alone on the perimeter; why not US!?

BTW, 'boring' may be better replaced by 'painful '(to watch).

It is also obvious to anyone that they have developed BAD habits, nevermind hoping to suddenly turn a switch on and turn those away for good habits!??!! 'Habit' implies a consistent pattern of behavior. The only patterns that have been obvious this season are BAD ones.

Well 2 game losing streak...This is the only selection I think we need...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


The PSP does NOT rub against anything without a perfect ehmm ... rack so you best watch your language! :-)

Where have you been anyways? The PSP hasn't seen much of your posts in the last few days.

MM, you really do need to put up less posts man; the PSP is not the only one that shares this sentiment, read the posts!


PSP Vice President

@888 - WOW what a stinker game you got to see with great seats...

@PyschedLakerGirl - Thanks for representing in PHX...

@Lakeshowinphx - Yes...the BUS will roll again tonight...

@jefe - breaking out the J.Giles Band...nice

@NuggetsCountry - last night was both Boring and Painful...

@LRob - What you got today...

Hmmm...GHayward - maybe him going off yesterday & the Lakers poor shooting was a little karma for all those hating on Butler's poor showing...I'm just saying.

@Mark G – not many remember Clarence Carter – good stuff.

@NBA4ever – Classic Doors. Yes I’m ready for the playoffs already.

@Lew - Thanks for the roll call Purp & Yellow back on track tonight. I dropped my selection on the first thread....also did you see my last prog. rock contribution last night.

@jefe - nice selection with Geils.


I know u are our ambassador of peace our jimmy carter (and I mean that as a compliment) but this may be one of those times when things may be better left to be resolved between the parties involved.. Until any of us have details of what exactly transpired perhaps we should respect everyones wishes for privacy (unless u know something we don't).. And I agree its not like MM is helping matters though by keeping everything hush hush

But there sure has been a lot of olive branches and apologizing lately.. Lol.. Things have been eerily calm and awkward lately but I think something is brewing. I can feel the tension in the air.. Like the calm before the storm.. Just gonna take one little prick before this bubble bursts... I think MM needs to think about stepping up the homeland security terrorist alert from green to orange
before all hell breaks loose.

LRob - yes Parsons Project...great choice...

Hey was Biggie Smalls from Detriot...I thought he was from NY...

It's almost like Kobe has these games on purpose...

Last second shot to win the game...Ball is in Kobe's hands...Laker Fans know what is coming...yikes...A TURNOVER...

Does Kobe have these kind of games to show he is human...

Maybe the Black Mamba is not a cyborg after all...


You were absent yesterday, everything was spilled from early morning to mid afternoon, no need to know more of the Soap Opera. Review all the threads my friend, Jimmy Carter is too old huh! Just call me, Money Pacquiao, good for San Manuel casino.

@Laker Tom, Lakerevolution, and anyone else from the Nor Cal Chapter attending the game tonight....Have a great time representing...I will see you all in May...hopefullly there will be a playoff game we can watch...

@Edwin...I agree with yellowfever on the Mamba/justa situation...

@FEARless - thanks for the Spero article...I had no problems with one can replace the greatest Chick Hearn...It's like Shannon coming in for Kobe...

I considered last night's game a victory...We came in whole, we escaped whole...any game from here on in with out an injury or an ejection/suspension is a big victory...


I want to correct my post on what I said about our great President, Jimmy Carter. He is just too great to be put in the same level of a blogger. He is now in Cuba trying to release that American contractor sucking up with whatever Fidel Castro want to say. Is he not great to have the time to listen to Fidel?

Congratulations Texas A&M for capturing the women's NCAA, what happened to the broken record of U Conn? Coach Geno was humbled, he said, "our fans are spoiled," any similarity with Laker fans.

Lew, continue the great job, did u get the ticket my friend? REmember, the longer is the wait, the cheaper it will be. lol!

@THE TRIANGULATOR ... Great to see you and NBA4EVER work things out. You both have so much to contribute that it would have been a shame to lose either of you. Let this be an example for everybody else. If we remember to care, we can usually work things out amiably.
@LEWSTERS ... Thanks again for Roll Call, Lew. Got my game face on and great tickets for tonight. We’ll end this 2-game mini-losing streak tonight. No worry tonight, Lakers fans. I guarantee a victory. I’ve watched 10 Lakers games at Oracle and have never lost.
@JAMF... Great to see you back posting, Marina. We miss your virtual smile and good vibes. Look for me and my grandson tonight. I’ll be wearing a black Lakers T-shirt and Nick in gold KB24 jersey. We’ve got great seats directly across from the Lakers bench midway up lower section.
@MAMBA24 ... Life is too short and we all are too human to worry about mistakes in the past. Just eat your humble pie and be here for the playoffs. Time and exemplary behavior can repair the mistakes we sometimes make and regret but you need to have the courage to face up to them. The only way you really let yourself and all of your friends down is by running away and hiding. We know you are better than that.

@Lewstrs... Way to get the party started!
@Laker Tom... I expect you and your Grandson to cheer the Lakers on to VICTORY tonite and a shout MVP for Kobe at the foul line!! Well, it would be nice to have HCA in the West, but nice to have the Spurs deal with OKC or Den. I am really hoping the Bulls lose a few games, that's the most important!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Roll Call... Present & Accounted For!

Just a thought: perhaps this Lakers team this season needs to finish 3rd or 4th in the league in order to motivate themselves to play the way they’re capable of. Perhaps they have to be behind the 8 Ball this entire post season so they won't fall asleep at the wheel. This team just might not be disciplined enough to handle HCA. Whatever it is, they really don't have a choice. We're all waiting and watching. The playoffs are right around the corner and it's still difficult to fathom this team losing a series against anyone in the league. This team has the proven talent and proven results. We'll soon find out :-)

For tonight's contest against the Warriors - let me verify that. OK, against the Warriors the only thing I'm fearful of is Kobe getting caught up in a shooting match against Ellis. I think teams know that Kobe can be easily coerced into trying to shoot the lights out and Ellis is a sharp enough shooter to draw Kobe into one of those matches.

For a Lakers team whose assets are supposedly their big front line, it just doesn't seem like they're used enough on the offensive end. When Shaq was in town, there was rumbling that "inside out" ball was boring. It may be boring but with the right personnel, it certainly wins games.

We're worried about our execution. That's all we did then and that's all we'll do now." #24 K. Bryant

"Everything about the Lakers is geared toward winning playoff games. It's what they do." J.A. Adande

"Even when we didn’t make the playoffs, I thought we'd win the championship." Dr. Bus

"...they're shaking like virgins on prom night."
viewer comment by faithdalakerfan @ 10:03 pm

Go Lakers & In Buss We Trust!!

@PSP.. Been around just lurking.. And MMs frenetic pace of putting up new threads is already makin my head spin.

@edwin.. I did read yesterdays exchanges but plenty info still left unsaid. Maybe none of our business but I'm sure even tmz would pay for that story But ur right my friend no need to relive the past. Let's get back to lakertalk!

If the rumors are true about Spero taking Joel's spot on the TV broadcasts, I hope they give Stu's spot to Mychal Thompson as well. Spero and Mychal complement each other well and have been so much better than Joel and Stu. Joel with his unwarranted braggadocio and Stu with his pretentious made up conversations between the players, is just not what I like to listen to. Mychal and Spero just call the game and aren't afraid to admit it when the Lakers aren't playing the right way.

I don't think Joel is a Lakers fan in real life and he tries too hard to overcompensate. I actually prefer when the commentators aren't fans of the team and are instead just fans of the sport and call the game without bias. Even though Mychal is a Laker for life, he appreciates the competition and gives credit and criticism to both sides and doesn't just let his fandom blind him. Spero is right down the middle and never makes himself a side story. Different story with Stu and Joel. They both come across as homers who really want to stick it to the other team. Someone on the Lakers makes a wide open jumpshot and Joel says that he "burned" the other team, then Stu will ad lib a conversation between the Lakers players that scored where they talk about who will score and who will get the assist. Give me a break.

Lakers will lose HCA in the Finals ( if they reach that far ) if they lose one more game ; they will lose the 2nd seed in the West if they lose 3 more games .The worst could easily happen . No ones seem to realize about this , they might lose to SA OKC and Portland easily.

@NuggetsCountry (9.54 AM): The Lakers were overdue for one more flat stretch and now that they got their playoff prep done early, that is what you are witnessing. They played bored and disinterested the last 2 games. Yes, they are tired, but that's more a function of their schedule than anything else. Remember, they had a nice long 7 game homestand with at least 1 day in between games (which they swept) and now they are back and forth and playing back-to-back games again, so their biorhythms are thrown off. They are also ready for the playoffs and need a real challenge, so they ARE bored. There is NO need to be concerned whatsoever. I'm convinced that this team is primed for a memorable playoff run.

i just did something i should'nt have the nbatv replay of the Lakers/jazz game from last night, ha ha. god that was painful. i should have just left it alone at watching the low-lights, ernie, kevin and c webb's comments, my fellow Laker bretherens takes on the game, BUT NO, i had to watch it. is it just me or does luke walton looked totally overmatched out on the court? bynum looked huge at times, couple of 3pt plays. no one hit the boards besides 'drew. kobe shot was really off until his last two 3's. making freakin', former ucla scrub, earl watson, look like reggie miller......ect, etc, etc. i could go on and on, but results will be the same A LOSS. let's hope our Lakers are as disgusted as we were with their performance....afterall, they've got another game tonight against golden state! no time like the present to get that awful taste out of their mouths!

Bay to LA,

I also really enjoy Mychal Thompson. He's the main reason I tune into 710AM.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


No excuse to lose to a team like struggling Utah... but psychologically, I think letting Gasol play (and not resting him) for yesterday's game was a mistake. If Gasol had not played, the rest of the team could have stepped up and raised their intensity level to win the game. The Lakers players had no intensity whatsoever yesterday. On the other hand, the bad game like this may be needed to bring back their fires once again. Very interesting game tonight to see how the Lakers respond...

From today on, the Lakers dont need to concern too much about the seeding and HCA, but concentrate on execution and staying healthy. It's been a long roller coaster season to say the least. We are almost there......#17

Please... there is no mamba/justa "situation". I'm done. No going back. Now can we drop it? Please?

Lakerholic checking in.

Lucky me! I missed it. Had to read about it though. Yuck!

With no chance at catching the Spurs, have they decided to rest? What about momentum? What about pride? What about the fans? What about...

I miss Mamba24. He would always chear me up after a tough loss like this one. All of us make mistakes. We are all human. Be like Kobe and stand up and face the music. You will be amazed at how far a "I f$#%ed up and I am sorry" will get you.


Go Lakers!

I am a Lakerholic.

How about this for the end-of-game play last night:

Kobe inbounds the ball to RA. RA tosses it back to him while AB, PG, LO, and RA race to the rim for the rebound. Kobe throws up a shot before 5 seconds to the rim and we have 3 bigs at the rim for a 2 point putback to win by one. Sounds fairly straighforward to me, since the Jazz would never expect to see Kobe inbounding.

This way we use our bigs where they do the most good (at the rim.)

Or just throw the damn ball to the backboard from out of bounds and have 4 bigs at the rim to rebound and putback?

Oh thats right..........I forgot..........they have to be able to box out......not something Lakers are noted for.

Edwin - This video didn't come up until 9:30. The previous post was at 12:30. I know obviously most are sleeping then, but that's for people who want to read what happened once the game ends and we collect everything from the locker room. Unfortunately, 90% of what athletes say are cliches, but that's not an excuse for not putting up the video. I often take heed to their mood more than what they actually say.

Edwin - I will admit I need to be more engaging with the blog. I frankly was not liking how the atmosphere was with all the name calling and how my persistent callings for everyone to stop speculating about justa/mamba24 fell on deaf ears.



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