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Lakers injury update: Phil Jackson pronounces Andrew Bynum 'OK'; Matt Barnes says he plans to play; Ron Artest practices

The area the Lakers always deemed the most significant in their drive to three-peat this season involves health. So, on that front, the Lakers made significant progress during Saturday's practice in preparation for their first-round series beginning Sunday against New Orleans.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum participated in a full-court practice, and even though Coach Phil Jackson described him only as "OK," that didn't mean Bynum experienced any setbacks.

"I was a little bit concerned when we did some outright running," Jackson said of Bynum, who didn't speak with reporters after practice. "But he was all right."

After missing the last two games and abstaining from any practice since Tuesday because of a sore right knee, Lakers forward Matt Barnes practiced at the beginning of the session and said he planned to play in Game 1, even though the team has listed him as questionable.

"I got swelling and the fluid being gone," said Barnes, who had his knee drained Thursday. "I can bend my knee now. Before I couldn't bend my knee. I got all of that out."

And Lakers forward Ron Artest, who didn't speak with reporters afterward, practiced after hyperextending his knee in the team's season finale against Sacramento. Besides the absence of Steve Blake because of chicken pox, the Lakers enter the playoffs as healthy as can be, including Kobe Bryant, who said his 33.9 minutes per game through 82 games has helped him feel sharp for the postseason.

But as far as the Lakers' intensity? Not so much.

"We had a little lack of focus and were not quite as tuned in as we normally could be," Jackson said. "Some of it was a matter of the different schedule we had. Still, I'd like to see more focus."

There are plenty of factors that could weaken the Lakers' intensity. They've gone 4-3 in Sunday afternoon games this season. They swept the regular-season series against New Orleans in four games. And the team has an overwhelming size advantage with two 7-footers in Bynum and Pau Gasol and versatile 6-foot-10 forward Lamar Odom against a lineup that includes a hard-working Carl Landry and an undersized Emeka Okafur but will be missing David West.

Bryant characterized practice differently, but it could very well speak to how he wants his teammates to address the postseason.

"We don't need to draw on anything else because this is the time of year that gets us excited," Bryant said. "This is what we've been waiting for."

-- Mark Medina

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MM, IF Trey Johnson plays a few games in the first round and Steve Blake comes back, does Trey get a ring if they 3peat?




Tri- Dude when Blake gets back he'll be riding the PINE with LUKE.

I hope there are NO upsets in the 1st round, including Dallas/Portland matchup. If all of the top 4 teams from each conference advance, they all will have really tough matchups in the 2nd round, with the exception of the Lakers..maybe...

MM - what's up with the video quality?? This one looks like a Schwab commercial. Jeeze man - you need to get some better equipment or something. Pitiful... just pitiful....

>>MM, IF Trey Johnson plays a few games in the first round and Steve Blake
>>comes back, does Trey get a ring if they 3peat?

I'm not MM, but the answer is yes.

Each playoff team has to submit a playoff roster at the start of the playoffs. That is their roster for the full playoffs (i.e. They can't drop Trey after the first round and add Ebanks, or something like that). Even if Trey doesn't play a single minute, just making the playoff roster means that he will get a ring.

As for how much bonus money he'd get, the team votes on it. I doubt he'd get a full share, unless he plays well enough that the team thinks that he had an important impact on one or more games (e.g. 10 points in a close game? full share. 3-pointer in the last 5 minutes of a close game? full share. played 5 minutes total only during garbage time of blowouts? partial share).


oui, ca va.

hobbit - c'est bien.... :)


How big is a playoff roster? All signed players, so 14-15 players? I recall Ammo playing a tiny bit last year even though he had to be the 13th-14th man. He got a ring, yes?

Our weakest position on this team right now is at our pt guard spot. Fisher is very good, but without his backup Steve Blake, foul troubles could really limit the Lakers ability to control CP.

On the other hand, the Hornets strongest position is their pt guard. This is not a good equation for the Lakers. I expect them to play this position advantage and press it as far as they can. Now this is an obvious conlcusion, but it could lead to an unexpected very close game. If the Refs treat him like they did Rose today, it could a very frustrating game to watch for sure.

Game one is the Hornets best chance to steal one in LA because of this Lakers particular deficiency.

My prediction is a Lakers win, but it may have to be in the come back type variety in the 4th.

Blog en français...trop cool !

EDWIN … I sent an email to your hotmail address but no response- LT

-- I was out whole day and just came back. Saw your email that starts with (TomW)but afraid to respond, I thought you're another hacker cuz' no message except the heading.

Sure I will be there between 8:3o - 9AM. Change of venue instead of Lawry's which opens at 11 am CHANGE it to The Original Pantry Cafe 877 S. Figueroa opens for 24 hours. (See the links below) This place is a little bit crowded but offer great food for breakfast. I say might be ninnies because it's Palm Sunday masses are a little bit longer.

Everyone is invited but you have to pay your own meal. lol! I wish others will join with us especially MM. Oh I forgot he'll be busy composing threads j/k.

...Wow D12 can't catch a break,46 points and a loss.All those past playoffs and the talk about throwing it in to Howard.Well so much for inside out(this time)anyhow. Wonder how often has Drew and Pau combined for 46??Guess the moral of the story is.It doesn't hurt to have a mamba on your team..A few more hours til gametym......GO Lakers...........


With regards to PJ, his effectiveness is on the preparation, days before the game itself. It's mind conditioning, practices and ind'l. positioning on plays, videos, book distribution and handing down individual responsibilities on game day. As a result, we don't see those things just the stoic facial expression and body language on the bench, we often misinterpret as if he has not been complacent w/ his job, questions his rotations, substitutions and so forth. Well, we all react for the moment while PJ sticks to the plan. Last week, there was one game wherein he opted to play Walton instead of Shannon before the end of 1st Q, later on we learned he close the game with Shannon. Most of all, he plays with match ups based on who is playing on the other team. After all these preparations, it really falls on the ability of the player to implement the plan, the coach can only influence the game based on substitutions and time out.

He is effective in a 7 game series because of the interval of games and adjustments made in every game. It is different during season where you go from one city to another, go with another team. During playoffs the preparation is more on target only w/ one team. He can condition his players and rerun all plays/video that they would expect from the game while he prepares variety of options focused on one team. If you are on the other side, it's hard to read PJ's mind and his adjustments. You will have the tendency to fall into his trap by doing the same play over and over again.

Well said Edwin.. well said.

Ah,lets get it rolling now.Its winning time,starting tomorrow with New Orleans.Lakers have to continue their dominance over this team.I say lets go for the sweep and get some much need rest for our players.

Go Lakers!

Finally, it's April!

Cry Havoc and loose the dogs of war!


Est-il vrai que Kobe peut parler français?

The Snake,

re: Kobe parle francais. Je pense oui parce que de DJ Mbenga.

From what I remember, the playoff roster is 15 like the regular season with 12 who are active for each game. Though you can't add or subtract from the 15, you can pick which 12 will be active for a particular game. My guess is the roster will be Kobe, Pau, Drew, Artest, Fish, Lamar, Barnes, Blake, Brown, Luke, Smith, Theo, Trey, DC and Ebanks.


Ou de Ronnie Turiaf?

Next time, Kobe should just curse the referees in French or Italian; he might get away with it...

Roosters? Found this from the NBA 2008, which I think still applies.

“Our owners are intent on making the playoff seeding more fair for all teams going forward and in quickening the pace of the end of games,” said Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. “The Board also thought it made sense to allow teams to utilize the same 15-man roster in the playoffs that they use during the regular season.”
The rules changes were recommended by the Rules and Competition Committee at its annual meeting in June, and approved this week by a vote of the Board of Governors.

J'aime les séries éliminatoires et ne peut pas attendre demain. GO LAKERS!

Je ne parle le pas?

Bonsoir Monseir/Madam, parlez-moi, parlez vouz anglais?

It should be "excusez-moi" lol!

Nous avons eu un fil passant en français, alors j'ai pensé: pourquoi pas?

Change of time on tomorrow's brunch. I got an email from LakerTom & requested to move it at 10am.

Everyone is invited to have brunch with us tomorrow with LakerTom at The Original Pantry Cafe 877 S. Figueroa, LA (one block away from Staples) Well, we'll recognize each other through LakerTom, since he posted his picture on the blog. If he's absent that will indeed be a problem we'll be hollering each others' name at the Cafe competing with the waiters: "Edwin Gueco with two eggs and a toast" lol! at 10 am with LakerTom

Guys, English only.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mark Heisler is the worst writer on the L.A. Times. How does he still earn a paycheck? I will never know.

His columns are so dis-jointed; does he ever write a complete sentence? Did he ever take a creative writing class? No one talks like he writes. How did the L.A. Times ever keep this guy employed forever? And he always had a hard-on for Dennis Rodmin. Please, retire this guy, please. He is one of the worst writers in L.A. times history. My grandmother could write better than this guy could - and she can't go to her left!

Seriously, I am so sick of Heisler, I could just throw up. Honest, he just needs to go away forever. How he keeps earning a paycheck, I will never know.

The Triangulator - That's an interesting question. I'll find out.
JAMF - I completely agree with you. I have no idea what's wrong with the video because it was shot the same settings and uploaded the same way. I hope you don't hate me too much, although you probably do.



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