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Lakers Fan Q&A: Matt Barnes on abstaining from trash talk on Jason Terry, explains his contentious play last season with Kobe Bryant and contends the 'Killer Bees' will improve

A split second decision that Matt Barnes said wasn't premeditated immediately defined who he is to Laker fans.

A regular-season game last year with the Orlando Magic featured Barnes pretending to throw an inbounds pass to Kobe Bryant, who didn't flinch for one second. That move, along with Barnes' general chippiness that he hoped would give him a "mental edge" against who he considers "the best player in the world" in Bryant, sparked plenty of upset Laker fans sharing their grievances to him. Even when he signed a two-year deal worth $3.6 million this offseason with the Lakers, he still met some skepticism from fans who couldn't forgive him for his aggressive play against Bryant. Slowly but surely, Barnes has noticed the tide shift, noticing fans showing appreciation for standing up for Steve Blake when Dallas guard Jason Terry pushed him out of bounds, bringing instant toughness to the Lakers' bench.

"I think the misconception of who I am is that I'm trying to start trouble and fight," Barnes said in a recent sitdown interview with The Times. "It's nothing like that. I play hard every single possession. "I have a football players mentality. I love to mix it up and play physical. I don't back down from a confrontation. I always have my teammates' back. I look at teams as a family. If you have a problem with someone on my team, I'm definitely going to help that out."

Meanwhile some of those fans that talked trash to Barnes are now asking him questions via Twitter. He gets plenty of questions, ranging from his relationship status (he's engaged to reality T.V. star Gloria Glovan), to his two sons (Isaiah Michael and Carter Kelly) and on Lakers' overall play. I delivered some of those fan questions directly to Barnes, who talked about a wide-collection of topics, including Terry, his altercation last season with Bryant and what the "Killer B's" in Barnes, Steve Blake and Shannon Brown need to do to improve their consistency off the bench.

--Mark Medina

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@Mark Medina...are you kidding me? A Mao tattoo? the guy was a mass murderer and tyrant.

MM. Nice camera work.

Carlos - Hey a fan wanted to know

Do any of y'all remember way back when?

When the issue of complacency was raised?

I won. I can afford to let it slide.

Remind me, didn't the Lakers just finish a defending-championship season in which they were almost more complacent than competitive?

But when you get to the bottom line and you're not ready to punch the clock, advance the cohesion still not yet attained with fellow tower Pau Gasol or run hard toward your self-declared goal of making your first All-Star team ... then you should be criticized. Not condemned, but criticized

[ note: before someone thinks I'm bashing Bynum. I'm not. Notice that I
say nothing about him. This was one of the first articles on a google search
for Lakers & complacency. I'm good w/ the way Bynum is playing. ]

A poster made an uneducated comment yesterday, about martial arts,
being for grunts. I let it slide, but ... I've decided to address it.

That is an elitist statement from an ignoramus. W/o martial arts, in it's
broadest form/term [ weapons ], there would be no freedom, no
pursuit of life, liberty & happiness. It also shows that his sole focus
is on the united states. No asian country would agree w/ that sort of
asinine opinion.

back to basketball:

Did anyone catch the Pacers/Bulls game?


Good interview. Glad he realizes that the Killer B's need to pick up there game. When did the interview take place? Was it prior to his latest injury setback?

The Lead Killer B's. Bums they all are.
Of course we watched the Bulls/Pacers game(s).
We are BB fans and watch every playoff game.
We will kick ass tomorrow like Hit Girl and Big Daddy.


Thanks for posting the Ding article. My rationale behind approving of Drew's delay was when you reward employees by allowing them to do things that are important to them, they'll respond, be more motivated and do and even better job in the future.

I agreed with the FO handling of the situation because I believe they knew Drew and understood what motivated him.

Thus far Drew has not disappointed. If the Lakers don't 3peat I don't believe Drew will be reason, but we shall see.

Did anyone catch the Pacers/Bulls game?

Posted by: hobbitmage | April 19, 2011 at 08:37 AM

I did catch 2nd half. Typical Thib's type game where scoring is difficult and each point is a premium. That one circus shot by Rose was worth the price of admission. It was a tough break for Indy with Collison going down, which could kill any chances of them eeking out a game.

I’m all for honesty…but I didn’t like Doug Collins comments last night.

'If they're playing great, they're a better team, OK?' Collins said. 'If they're playing on top of their game, they're a better team. They won 58. We won 41. That doesn't mean that we aren't going to play and compete and fight. But when they come out tonight and defend the way they did, and Bosh and LeBron play the way they did, and Joel Anthony gives them a lift defensively that he did, it's going to be very difficult for us to beat them. I mean, at halftime our starting front line had 10 points. Our top two leading scorers had eight. We can't win.'

@Tri – that Flat Footed Floogie…hilarious. Max Bennett…much better :-)

@Edwin – I hope the Lakers follow your advice and Surrender all focus to the game. I think that was one of the first spins for Celine here :-) Nice.

@GDUB – Enjoyed your soulful entry with Mick and the boys.

@PLG – Friedman worthy comment of the day at 6:35am

excellent posts :

Artest is top defender on team, no matter what Kobe thinks. Kobe calling himself the black mamba is so fitting. The snake does not travel in packs, it does it alone and that is exactly what Kobe is doing. His radar is off. He is supposed to bring the other team down, not his own. When Fisher controls the floor, Kobe's touches are limited, the ball gets inside. The last month Kobe has countered that by leaving his man and getting in position for rebounds so he can have the ball. The problem is, most of the time his player puts the ball in. Kobe is counterproductive. He gives up too many points. Jackson should make it clear to the team that everyone can be replaced during the game whether they are getting paid $50,000 per game or $300,000 per game if they don't follow the game plan. They can't keep playing two different plans during the game. When Kobe wants to do it his way, he ought to be benched, just the same as anyone else. The most effective lineup is Odom, Gasol, Bynum, Brown and Artest. Either Odom or Brown can be the "facilitators". If Kobe wants to conduct a shooting clinic, he can do it before or after the game.
Posted by: hmcsp | April 19, 2011 at 08:38 AM

Look at LBJ stat line last night a dominate performance. He scored 29 points on 10-19 shooting, 7 rebs, 6 assists and 0 turnovers. Kobe the other day had 34 points on 13 for 26 shooting, 4 rebs, 5 assists and 5 turnovers. LBJ will not win the mvp again but he will clearly finish above kobe. I know someone will post kobe 5 rings and LO 0. But LBJ is better than kobe just not as lucky. Kobe is playing with the best big talented man in all of the nba in Pau. Plus kobe has a dominant big man in Bynum who can defend the likes of howard 1 on 1 and make them work on the defensive. LBJ has the big z and dampier as his centers. Yall see the disparity? Earlier in kobe's career he played second banana to the most dominate center of all time Shaq. I have seen players shatter the back board before but shaq used to rip the rim from the board with one hand until the fines got to him. Shaq at 1 time collapsed the whole rim assembly including the pole. here is a formula kobe - shaq or gasol = first round playoff exits. Shaq - kobe = 1 championship ring.
Posted by: island priest | April 19, 2011 at 02:34 AM

By the way you know what is an oxymoron. kobe is a leader. Now that is the most absurd statement.
Posted by: island priest | April 19, 2011 at 03:08 AM

People are calling Pau, Gasoft. Pau is an humanitarian. But the problem is that Pau is worn down from playing with a self centered, egotistical, maniacal ball hog for 83 games now. One day soon Pau will speak up and tell it like it is about Kobe Bryant. Kobe taking 26 shots is why LA lost. Pau is just discouraged because the lakers true enemy involves its best player Kobe. If kobe feeds pau and the beast la will dominate each and every series. But if kobe plays hero ball and just pad his stats, la will struggle and some contender in the west will put us out of our misery..... Medina is biased with his blogs sometimes. He had the nerve to criticise Gastrong but never criticises Fisher about his deplorable play. Why because Fisher has hit some shots in the past. He even ban a player from giving constructive criticism on fisher. What? Medina show some journalistic integrity.
Posted by: island priest | April 19, 2011 at 01:47 AM

LAT just won 2 Pulitzer prizes despite their limited budget, one of them is their courageous exposure of corruption in the City of Bell. Will Mark Medina get an award someday for the coverage of the blog? Let's see, if the threads deal on reality tv, profiles of laker girls, profiles of bloggers, rcotd and whatever news and info. that clicks in other sites on "me-too" theory, will this be enough to earn recognition? I think the panel needs more, perhaps a stirring expose' of root causes of Lakers complacency and lackadaisical-ism, something that is an extraordinary which will cater the interest of the blogging sports world. Yes it's improbable but not too late to wish for another Jim Murray in the modern media, just continue wishing.

@DJ ... LOL. Much as I hate to say it, I would make that trade too. Just not the Drew for Dwight.
Great line, Mike. Of course, reality is that the layoffs come after the playoffs.
@LAKERMIKE ... My take is that Pau’s problems started well before tweaking his knee. I hope my concern that Pau has lost his fire to play and win is way off mark and he shows up Wednesday.
@TROLL MAN ... Nice list. I especially like #5 – rocket a pass up side Pau’s head. Kobe actually has done that before when Pau was playing soft, firing a laser of a pass to force Pau to make a great play. Let’s hope he doesn’t need to do that tomorrow.
@DAVEW ... “Will also be a nice change to see a new coach.” Anyone who is pining to see Phil Jackson retire is short-sighted. We will miss Phil like we missed beating the Celtics in the 50’s.
@ROSSDOGG76 ... So let’s see. We get rid of Kobe, Pau, Drew and Luke but keep Lamar, Artest, Blake, Brown, and Barnes and we have a championship team? ROFLMAO. More like HAD one.
@TIM-4-SHOW ... Hang in there, Tim. Wednesday will finally bring well-needed relief.
@JOE_CORAD ... We took away Sonny’s right to be a Niners fan when he fled the country. And Bill Walsh 2.0 is going to surprise the NFL West and propel the Niners back to their rightful place at top.
@LAKERLEGEND ... “The BALL moves faster than any player on the court.” The first lesson in teamwork that EVERY basketball player has to learn. Sort of like asking MJ who was open.

My take is that Pau’s problems started well before tweaking his knee. - LT

~~Does he need therapy too for tweaking his knee, or shall we say need a hypnotist to tweak his brain and say "tener valor amigo" (have courage my friend). It sends the motor nerves to his heart and used his height in dwarfing Okafor and Landry. In the kids language, I want Gasol to be plastic man, unfortunately it's a child wish and far from reality unless Ricky will continue praying for his paisano to give one last try, coraje senor like the legendary Catalan, El Cid.


re: the Ding article. As I said, I'm not bashing Bynum. What I am against
is the complacency that the Lakers have shown from the word go.

some trolls ( Island Priest, Oxymoron, Kobefan, etc. ) will try to make this
about how Kobe sucks, is worthless, is responsible for all that is wrong,
w/ the Lakers. I simply point out that there were concerns about
complacency before and every player, not named Kobe, needs to ask if
they have been complacent.

Some will ask, why are you excluding Kobe? The answer is quite simple.
I don't think he's been complacent. He & Phil came up w/ a game plan to
conserve Kobe's strength last year and they stuck w/ it this year. If you
have a problem w/ that you should talk to Lakers mgmt and Phil Jackson.
When have you seen Kobe *NOT* try?

Some trolls will refer to him being a ballhog. Odd how he hasn't won a
scoring title in 4-5 years now isn't it? You'd think that someone who is only
concerned w/ his own stats/glory would try to win the scoring title or the
MVP or get some sort of accolade, wouldn't you?

In terms of leadership, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make
them drink. Hopefully, the loss to NO will remove the complacency and they
will dominate for the rest of the playoffs.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Hey guys. Just received an advisory from the Lakers that Lamar Odom is having a press conference to make a special announcement at 3 p.m. at an LA Hotel. The Lakers aren't commenting what the announcement is for, but I think first instinct is that he won 6th man of the year.....or maybe he has a new unisex fragrance. But just wanted to give a heads up.

Wow. Finally.... just maybe some good news


"some trolls ( Island Priest, Oxymoron, Kobefan, etc. "

~~add here the back private who is torturing the blog. I say it is about time to ignore these trolls. they'll bait u in getting to debates then change another handle just to insult jon k. It is a nuisance blogging, I don't mind having conversation with a new handle that raises a valid issue or get into festive humor like sonny b but to an unknown quantity w/o any courage to respect a name, then it is an exercise in futility. I hope everyone will just ignore pests and leave them alone.


Some funny stuff today, but with a hint of truth, I like it.
As for Pau and blogger Ricky, I wonder if Ricky may be on to something.
I have wondered for a while now if Pau was just plain not happy with the struggle anymore or if there might be a real chemistry issue developing.

Ricky's comments about Pau wanting to go back and play in Europe crossed my mind a while ago. When I first considered it I dismissed it as absurd but I wonder if that's in the back of his mind, yet knowing he has a couple of years more on his contract is weighing on him.

I can't see him retiring with all those millions left as well as the contract commitment he would be breaking, but wow, wouldn't that be a blockbuster move.

Of course it's all probably just our imaginations running away looking for reasons for Pau's sometimes subpar play.
But then, if it's the least bit true, he should do it.
If he can't bring it anymore he should do what's best for him.

Or maybe he is just tired. Tired of the grind of playing until June, the criticism of being soft, the expectations to be a top NBA player and the increasing physicality that opposing players throw at him. And none of us know what the internal relationships are really like on the team.
Maybe he's just tired of it all.

Who knows?

Unfortunately, with wiener Pau play, the Lakers won't go far this year. Maybe someone needs to tell him that without him they are toast.
Pau seems like the type that needs ego boosting to bring out the best in him, not criticisms.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 19, 2011 at 09:42 AM

You are full of kaka and you think you contribute to the blog? You try so hard at getting RCOTD by trying to speak with your mouth full and it shows in your composition old man!!

Carlos Echevarria,

Mao directly and indirectly (policies--Great Leap Forward) brought about more deaths than Hitler and Stalin combined.

So... there's that.

There's nothing cool about genocide... or the people who engineer it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"I say it is about time to ignore these trolls........... I hope everyone will just ignore pests and leave them alone.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 19, 2011 at 09:42 AM

Hear ye, hear ye! I try to never get into a back and forth dialogue with these Laker/Kobe haters as they obviously have a blind seen by the troll response a couple of posts back. :-) They are ignorant trash, so why attempt to have a reasoned (fact based) conversation with them?

Now, I too, from time-to-time, have my issues with this team and even Kobe sometimes (I always hate his center-field defense of recent years as an example), as any reasonable observer of my posts knows, but never a blind polarized position based on some personalized hatred or political agenda, or some blind agenda promoting some other legend beyond factual certainty!

Trolls begone! I am tired of trying to find those occassional buried posts from those I respect or at least those bloggers who take some semi-defendable position/perspective!

aren't we tired of giving analysis, reactions and players are not into it?
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | April 18, 2011 at 09:29 AM

Edwin please explain as to why are you still posting your analysis, hahaha?

@ART ... I posted the same concerns about Pau after Ricky’s post. I sure hope Ricky is full of his usual because we need Pau to show up if we are going to three-peat. We want WINNER PAU not WEINER PAU. Lol. Here’s hoping that WINNER PAU shows up tomorrow.

@Art:"As for Pau and blogger Ricky, I wonder if Ricky may be on to something. I have wondered for a while now if Pau was just plain not happy with the struggle anymore or if there might be a real chemistry issue developing.

Ricky's comments about Pau wanting to go back and play in Europe crossed my mind a while ago. When I first considered it I dismissed it as absurd but I wonder if that's in the back of his mind, yet knowing he has a couple of years more on his contract is weighing on him.

I have been pondering the same things. It really does look like Pau is mailing it in.....maybe thinking a new coach will give him a better role in the O. Another poster claims that knee injury may also be contributing to his reluctance to bang and be aggressive. This would coincide with his past history of injury caution.

I think all these points may be cumulative and the real issue. I doubt a lame-duck PJ nor even an in-your-face-Kobe confrontation will get him to the level we need him for the remainder of the playoffs. He'll have to decide to turn it around himself. I am skeptical, at best.

Back in the day a coach would bench someone who was in that kind of funk. Maybe bringing him off the bench and having LO out there with the starters would give us a more aggressive rebounder (LO) with Kobe and more touches (or at least no easy excuse for not getting them) for Pau with the bench. Frankly, when I played, I would go to the rim when I played with a shooter (trolls call him ball-hog) like KB who was going into his shooting moves, knowing I could get putbacks and pad my rebound totals. We don't really have that now, except for a short run after ASG with AB (where did that go?).

you know tom i try to have respect for everyone especially laker fans, but if you would read what i wrote before you start running your mouth you would have no need to be un-pleasant. i didnt say get rid of them for a twix and some candle wax, i said that for kobe, gasol, and bynum we could free up our roster for the aquiring of howard and paul. the players i thought we should keep are key players at key moments and we will still have room for an addition player if needed. thats all, i didnt pour salt in your tea or call your mother a pig farmer so why are you insulting my opinion....sir..

The Killer B's will decide our future this second season...and they better step it up or we will not make the finals!

NOERKA LIGHTING&FIXTURE CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of mining lamps such as high pressure sodium lamp,metal halide lamp and other related products manufacturers.

@ Jon K.

That was precisely my historical reference, you and I are in total agreement, which is why I raised it to Medina...everything you stated I know quite well, you are dead on!

I don't like getting political but I just had to address that...Yes, we play for ring and the O'Brien Trophy, I am an Old School, 2nd generation Lakers fan, (since age of 9), late 70's, though born and raised in Miami, my relatives live in Southern Cali.

You should see how I have been going at here with the idiotic Miami Heat fan base since Bosh & LeBron came on board, LOL

The average Heat fan has NO clue of Pat Riley's trajectory, since college, '72 team, assistant coach, coach, etc nor of McAdoo's contributions (Heat assistant) during the Showtime Era!!!!

@ Mark, fair enough, you were relaying a fan's question, I comprehend that...and I commend you, in general, for giving the fans an outlet and exchange with Barnes.....GO LAKERS



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