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Lakers decline comment on Derrick Caracter's arrest

Derrick-caracter_250 Lakers rookie forward Derrick Caracter walked past a couple of reporters following practice Monday and declined to address his arrest early Sunday morning in New Orleans that involved him allegedly striking a cashier at a restaurant. Nonetheless, Caracter tweeted, "The truth will come out.. Believe me."

"We're looking into the situation," said Lakers spokesman John Black, who addded Caracter's status on the team hasn't changed. "It's inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Caracter was detained and booked under several charges: one count of battery for hitting the employee, one count of public intoxication and one for resisting arrest. He was later released from jail after bond was posted. Caracter, 22, reportedly grabbed and shoved a cashier at an IHOP restaurant on Canal Street, according to New Orleans police.

The account, issued in a police news release Monday morning, said the Lakers rookie forward had been refused service at the IHOP because he was "obviously drunk, unruly." A police officer was summoned to try to defuse the situation. Backup arrived after Caracter would not cooperate.

Caracter has played a limited role with the Lakers, appearing in 41 games and averaging two points on 48.5% shooting in 5.2 minutes a game. He also had two stints with the NBA Development League's Bakersfield Jam.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Derrick Caracter. Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times

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I realize Kobe has a mentality sometimes of not seeing the forest for the trees, but always plays hard and does what he thinks best (agreed not always correct). I look at all the rest of our guys and see this:

Artest-Solid D, off and on shooting
Gasol-Sure, soft, but he's never gonna be Shaq, plays well most of the time
Bynum-Playing well lately, but gets pushed out of a good post, Gasol too
Odom-Fairly consistent, but don't know when he's made a real difference
Fisher-Non-factor usually
Barnes-Tries hard
Blake-Over his head, evidently
Brown-Way too erratic
Walton-Unfortunately his days are numbered as a Laker, numbered TOO high
Ratclif-Again, who

Just my assessment, where am I wrong?


Individually, all the Laker players have some merits and also demerits. In fact, it was proven in the last four games that they can't stop or slow down Paul. However on Game 3, they did something right. They help one another, switch and double cover, it worked. However on Game 4, they lost again on pure hustle for rebounds and 2nd chance possession. My son-in-law, a Cavaliers fan who watched the game with us was commenting "as if they're not talking to each other, they just follow what PJ mouths to them." True indeed, if they just work as a team and help each other in providing defense and on offense be ready for follow ups for missed shots just like how we all play basketball in the park, the tall team always win.

Smush Parker anyone?


Like Edwin said, each of the players have their strengths and weaknesses, and you hit a lot of them. I'm not going to comment on each one, but I will say I don't think Blake is in over his head.

You can almost blame everything that’s wrong in the world today to our settling for the easy fix. Procrastinating rather than confronting problems. Taking the easy way out rather than working things out. Not happy at work, get a new job. Not happy with your spouse, get a new spouse. Not happy with your team, get a new team. Or taken a step further: Happy with your job but see a better job, go after it. Happy with your spouse but see a better spouse, go after him or her. Don’t worry about your old job or spouse or what you might owe them. Life today’s about taking the easy fix.

I really don’t blame those fans that want to trade Andrew Bynum because they’re just doing what talk radio and fantasy sports have taught them to do – make a trade. If you only have the second best center, then it’s time to trade for the best center. I think they’re wrong because the Lakers aren’t going to trade Andrew Bynum despite the risk of injury. I’m angry at them because I believe their trade chatter is disrespectful of Drew and unappreciative of the fact that his sacrifice transformed the Lakers and turned their season around just in time for the playoffs. And I feel sorry for them because they obviously cannot see how valuable and important Drew has become to this Lakers team.

Where we differ is that these fans have been brainwashed by the media and fantasy sports to believe that the best and right way to build a team is to trade and trade and trade. Forget about how the player fits. Fans have been weaned on instant gratification and have lost sight on how you really build championship chemistry and character. They don’t realize or appreciate that great teams developed into great teams by playing and growing together for seasons. They don’t have the patience to invest. Their answer to every problem no matter how inconsequential is to trade or cut a player. Well, it doesn’t work that way in the real world. There’s a multitude of issues that become relevant.

Trading Andrew Bynum in the real world is far different than their fantasy world. You have to take into consideration the financial impact of the trade because it will definitely increase our payroll. You also have to consider the potential impact on the team chemistry. Dwight has been the number one option where ever he has played. Would he be willing to settle for being the third option? Maybe it’s the constant grin, but I wonder if he really has the heart of a champion. We know Drew does. All I know is that it’s fine to talk about trading a player who has slumped. What grates me is talking about trading a player who has been playing great. That to me is disrespectful and unappreciative.

As for injuries, they’re part of the game. Drew has not been the only player who has had a few scares the last few weeks. The good news is that the brace Drew wears has protected his knee exactly as his doctors and trainers intended. Right now, I’m more worried about Kobe’s ankle. If he can’t go tomorrow, the Lakers could be in danger of losing in the first round. Just look around the league at the different players getting injured and changing the fortunes of their teams. Already, I’ve seen posters starting to question Kobe and whether he still has it. I hesitate to think what these fans will do if the Lakers don’t three-peat. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them demand a new owner.

And what if Drew remains healthy and we not only win the championship this year but also next year? That’s what is really silly about the trade talk. Not happy with a player, get a new player. Thank God the Lakers front office has more business and common sense than bloggers who would trade Drew. Ironically, I personally think Jerry Buss values loyalty more than fans on this blog. While it’s a business, Jerry has always had a special place in his heart for players who’ve only worn purple and gold, like Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, and Andrew Bynum. I think Mitch on behalf of Jerry when he said they would not trade a healthy Andrew Bynum for anybody and I believe he spoke the truth.

Laker Tom - It is what is wrong with our society today...

It's called "Instant Gratification"...

What have you done for me lately, baybee!!!

LakerTom, they are all happy with what Bynum can do, but just can't refuse a better offer. If you could teach Dwight how to shoot ft's he is almost a perfect player. That's why my friend I want both, being Lakers let's buy/pay both but the problem is how to acquire the player who is not with the team in exchange of scrubs and future draft picks. As the game progresses, it is like the weather vane it changes the direction where the wind blows. During the Easter egg hunt yesterday morning, the Laker fans at the party were unanimous, next year will be a down year i.e. clearing of contracts and get on the youth movement if ever there will be a season after the lockouts. Of course, I don't agree with them being a die-hard lakers blog member, come to think of it there's truth on those observations. What I'm saying after the lockout, it may not be straight up Bynum and Dwight, it could be a group of players.

Welcome Back LT ... I always make it a point to read your posts.

Tom, since you brought it up....

Not everyone is as easily put into nice little categories as you suggested. Some of us who recently commented that trading Drew for Dwight (if such a deal were on the table) would make sense have long supported Andrew Bynum. You seem very clear-headed about a lot of things, but on this topic you seem very emotional, and it seems to have affected your judgment.

Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA. BY FAR. It isn't close. He's the best rebounder in the league, the best shot blocker, and the best defender (3 times running). He's also 25 years old, and has missed 7 games in 7 years. To suggest that those who suggest trading Andrew for THAT guy are being "disrespectful" is preposterous. If anything, it is incredibly complimentary to Drew to be considered tradeable only for a guy of Howard's ability.

Andrew, as I've pointed out before, is my favorite Laker. He's also very, very unreliable from a physical standpoint. The record stands for itself. At his healthiest, I think Andrew is the 2nd best center in the league, but if you are watching what Howard is doing to the Atlanta Hawks and NOT thinking of what he could do when surrounded by guys like Kobe, Pau, and Lamar, well that's just crazy.

Personally, I'd love to see Andrew regain his health, and then maintain it for a full year. However, at this point, considering that Bynum has never made it through a full NBA season as a starter (while Dwight has essentially missed 1 game per year), you have to concede that the odds are a lot better that Howard will hold up in the future better than Drew. That's not disrespectful at all of the young man who has shown great character in fighting back from these setbacks. However, if it is, I'm sure the blow is cushioned by the $15 million he'll make this year....

Another thing I'd like to add, you said:

"I think Mitch on behalf of Jerry when he said they would not trade a healthy Andrew Bynum for anybody and I believe he spoke the truth."

~~At some point they also have to be realistic in thinking if he becomes unhealthy who can we trade for him?

okay i'm ashamed to admit but just tuned in to espn radio and listened to stephen a smith.. he actually made a very valid suggestion... why doesnt phil ever play shannon alongside kobe?? i know i said shannon but before you flip out let me finish:

- shannon is our BEST athlete and much better one on one defender than dfish and blake at PG
- playing next to kobe and the first unit would require substantially less decision making.. shot selection, and creating his own shot (his 2 biggest weaknesses)
- with the first unit primary duties would be defense, spot up shooting, running the break and finishing which he excels at.
- adds much needed speed with athleticism and more speed.
- this is already a recipe that worked very effectively 2 years ago his first season when he stepped in for a struggling dfish in the playoffs and contained chauncey and deron

Man, it looks like the "elders" in the playoffs are having a hard time with the "youngins." I don't count the Bos/NY series but the C's are getting some valuable down time right now. No way S.A. pulls out a win tonight. They're in the "mud" in this series. I don't see them coming back from a 3-1 deficit.

Not that Orlando would willingly trade Howard for Bynum, but if there's a chance they're going to lose him for nothing, then there's a good chance that the Lakers can get Howard for Bynum. Then trade Gasol for Paul.
Paul, Kobe, Artest, Odom, Howard. Sign Yao Ming to back up Howard and to play 40-50 games a year for 10-20 minutes. Fisher, Blake coming off the bench, don't re-sign Brown and have Fisher or Blake play the 2 guard sometimes. Sign Trey Johnson. Barnes and Walton coming off the bench. Caracer and Ebanks coming off the bench, but give Ebanks more PT.

Dump Caracter ASAP. Sorry, but that is not professional during the playoffs.
Drunk and disorderly when the organization's survival is on the line?
Not a Laker.


HERE is my assessment for this series.

KOBE is KOBE. thought it was a perfect strategy to become a distributor and get his teamates involved first..BUT, he still needs to score and in game 4, it didnt help that he went scoreless in the first half.

THE bench definately needs to get younger .Ratliff, Joe Smith and Luke Walton doesnt serve any benefit at this point and are really just stealing money. Personally, i feel that Devan Ebanks and Caracter should have been getting playing time throughout the season . As you have seen withyounger players on up and coming teams such as Memphis, Philly, OKC, Indiana,etc..these two guys could have really helped vs the Hornets and beyond. Enough already of old injured nice guys taking up roster space. That goes for Shaquille O Neal also!! Enough is enough--RETIRE NOW!!

Back to the assessment:

Gasol--playing very soft ,mental lapses, he only had 4 rebounds last game, yet someone 5-10 gets 13 boards? That is embarassing and yes, he is getting PUNKED and needs to call his brother and see what he is drinking down in Memphis..

Lamar Kardashian-Gone Hollywood. Seems distracted, not focused and carries an "i dont care" attitude after playoff losses. It may be time for him to bounce. Some players love winning titles and competing..Others get complacent after one ring..This is Lamar Odom. Inconsistent. Its obvious, he is the wife in the relationship and got overruled in filiming a reality show during the season. After the game 1 loss, he mentioned something about the game in a Tweet, and followed it up with a request for everyone to watch Lamar and Khloe..That tells me something about his drive and commitment.

Shannon Brown--Got the big contract and has been average. Some days good, some days bad..definately not the player he was last year.

Blake--he is fast, and havent really hurt the team this series. Made a couple of big three pointers. I like him.

Barnes--He has been Okay and plays hard.

Artest- has been one of the most consistent players. Phil messed up by taking him out when he was hot and playing well.he sat for an extended period of time in game 4 and that hurt us.

Fisher--the dudes feet has been stuck in cement the last couple of years, especially this one..but?? what else is new? you can never question his work ethic and he will get that one major stop and has hot big shots in the past...He is a piece of a championship puzzle and those big shots and key stops outweigh his liabilities.

Bynum--He has played pretty well overall.

My overall assessment is that despite the inconsistencies, I will still take an experienced team-Champions over a younger one in a 7 game series..But, dynasties end after 3-5 years..That is the reality and byproduct of playing so many extra games..Your body takes alot of abuse. But, this Laker organization is built to win NBA Titles and not division or conference ones. Win or lose, they will be back sooner than you think.

THE hornets have good young players who are hungry...Our sucess depends on Odom and Gasol. We need at least one of them to have an outstanding game in order to win. Both of them cant stink.

that being said, I think the Lakers will prevail in this series and beyond. OKC, hornets, memphis--they all remind me of the 2000-2004 Sac Kings..young, brash, cocky(CWebb,Bobby jackson, a young Mike Bibby,Stojovik)...but in the end, the old heads won and won again!

LAKERS all the way!!

I realize Kobe has a mentality sometimes of not seeing the forest for the trees, but always plays hard and does what he thinks best (agreed not always correct). I look at all the rest of our guys and see this:

Artest-Solid D, off and on shooting
Gasol-Sure, soft, but he's never gonna be Shaq, plays well most of the time
Bynum-Playing well lately, but gets pushed out of a good post, Gasol too
Odom-Fairly consistent, but don't know when he's made a real difference
Fisher-Non-factor usually
Barnes-Tries hard
Blake-Over his head, evidently
Brown-Way too erratic
Walton-Unfortunately his days are numbered as a Laker, numbered TOO high
Ratclif-Again, who

Just my assessment, where am I wrong?

nobody mentions he or kobe the head coach right now?

The reason Shannon doesn't play along side Kobe is cause he STINKS!!!

As a native New Orleanian, I would like to comment on Caracter's arrest.

That IHOP is steps from Bourbon St. They deal with drunk people all day/night. He must be an exceptional a-hole to be first refused service and then arrested for being drunk in public at that location.


The problem is that Shannon is perhaps the worst passer on the team. With him on the floor instead of Blake or Fisher, Bynum and Gasol would get half as many touches.

"Just my assessment, where am I wrong?

Posted by: gmoney | April 26, 2011 at 05:52 AM


With only minor tweaks I might suggest, I would say your analysis is spot on.

I might add Trey into the mix although it seems PJ is ignoring the fact that we need help at PG for this series, at least! WTF!? He prefers to have two bigs he will never play in meaningful game time in JS and TR instead of someone he could actually use on the active roster.



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