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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Utah Jazz

Tweetable items from Phil Jackson's pre-game press conference.

Phil Jackson on Utah Jazz

Both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol will suit up Tuesday against Utah. Said Jackson: "They're ready and willing. At this time of the season, these guys could use the rest. But you'd think it's best for them to keep playing

On home-court advantage: That's something you always say, 'No you don't' when you don't have it. Then you say it's really great to have when you do have it."

Jackson answers the argument from Amare Stoudemire and Kendrick Perkins that Pau Gasol is still soft.

If there is an offer he couldn't refuse to continue coaching: I haven't heard of it or anticipated it." He said a potential lockout partly affected his decision to retire.

Join the chat below the jum!

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Utah Jazz Gordon Hayward (R) works against Los Angeles Ron Artest (L) during a NBA basketball game in L.A. Tuesday night. Credit: Paul Buck / EPA

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Lamar absolutely clowned his defender w/ that one handed layup....fended off the defender and make the bucket w/ the other! ill.

Can someone please tell me why Phil Jackson puts in Luke Walton and allows him to jack up jumpers when he CANT shoot. He couldnt shoot in college nor the pros, so why does he throw up three's.....Oh yeah my bad other teams no he cant shoot a damn lick and they leave his azz open for a reason.

This was a terrible, disappointing lost for the Lakers....Makes me wonder if they really want to win it all this year.....

I say rest your start studded players and let the bench play for the rest of the season, maybe some of them will get some confidence in themselves and learn the magnitude of what the team is trying to accomplish.

They will NOT be handed the championship, everyone ESPECIALLY Miami wants to be the one to knock Kobe off the Jordan mark of 6 rings.....This is the year that Phil is going to have actually coach and come up with some game plans if he wants to ride off in the sunset on his high horse..... Sit Kobe, Bynum, Gasol and Odom down.... We have enough big men to play with....



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