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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Spurs

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Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on Spurs

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--Mark Medina

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Photo: DeJuan Blair #45 of the San Antonio Spurs and Lamar Odom #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers reach for a rebound at Staples Center April 12, 2011 in L.A. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

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My God what's going on with my Lakers,they're droping like Flies.This is not they way to you want to enter into the playoff.I pray tomorrow when Bynums mri comes back good and he won't need to miss much time.I don't think they can get out of the west if he's not playing.

Go Lakers!

Lets hope Bynum will be OK.

I'm 10 times better than Luke Walton

It's so hard to watch this game. Lakers is so pathetic. I wish Stern can just replace the Lakers and have the Clippers play in their place instead. At least the play of Blake Griffin will be more exciting to watch rather than the slow, old, boring play of the Fakers. How did they became a two time champion? They play like the Timberwolves.

NiNoy, being an exciting team have nothing to do with titles. If it does, phoenix would have had 10 Champioships already with D'antoni and Nash.

As Kobe said, "Not too high, not too low..."

Go Lakers!

Oh, and did I mention Cleveland and James last year, they were the most exiting team in the regular season...

I think we all need to take a deep breath and just wait for Sunday. We'll be just fine. It'll be a dog fight as usual but the Lakers will do what they do. Win.

I love the Lakers,
If they had taken care of business last week they would not be in this situation.
The coasting is gonna cost them Bynum at least a couple of games.
They will lose to the Kings tomorrow with no bench what soever.
This will cost them the second seed.
Joe Smith/ Theo Ratliff/Luke Walton HELP!!!!!!
No Bynum/No Barnes/No Blake and Shannon "I can't play in control" Brown.
This year Phil really should have used Eubanks and Chracter.
Look the Spurs second unit almost beat our starters.
They better hope they don't draw Portland who happens to be locked into the 6th seed.
I don't know who the next coach will be but a priority better be to play youth.
I "hope" Bynum will be ok. I think he is scared now every time he hits his Knee.



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