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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers

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--Mark Medina

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Photo: Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher (L), Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (C) and Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol (R) look on from the bench late in the third quarter of a NBA basketball game against the Portland Trailblazers at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon April 8, 2011. Credit: Steve Dykes / EPA

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This Terry dude is a real piece of work! What rock did he crawl out from under???

Putrid, you realize this is still regular season, right? i would love to take on your Blazers in the first round and see if they can unset my Lakers. I would bet 1K$. How's that?

Go lakers!!!

Putrid, you realize this is still regular season, right? i would love to take on your Blazers in the first round and see if they can unset my Lakers. I would bet 1K$. How's that?

Go lakers!!!

Posted by: dice8up | April 08, 2011 at 08:09 PM

dice8up, I'll wager you to $1k so that you stfu. How's that

Terry, Let's get it on! 1k$ .. first round! Let's where your mouth is.

Terry, you don't have to curse.. to wager.. it just goes to show what kind of person you are. Wager your 1K now!

@Terry, This is a good time to bet against the Lakers.. they are losing and playing horribly... Wager your 1k now against the Lakers!

Go Lakers!!!

kobe has 18 shots, bynum 2 and gasol 8. Is it no wonder the lakers are down by 20+. this game is really blazers vs kobe bean bryant. but delusional fans will say kobe is the only one bringing energy but he is not passing the rock to his bigs. good grief

Putrey, do you think you can count all those championship banners hanging in the Rose Garden?

Hint: There's less than two. The latest one is from 1977.

it just have to be demoralising for everyone for kobe to just keep on firing shot after shot. is it no wonder phil is calling it quits after this season? he can no longer stomach kobe selfish play. the lakers can play better than this if they go inside.

Phil has two artificial hips and is 65 years old.

That travel has been killing him for years.

He actually talked about this in an interview yesterday.

phil once wrote in his best seller that kobe was uncoachable. that was when kobe was on top of his game. imagne now with kobe taking more shots than his entire starting lineup. i look at the boxscore and kobe has a -28 +/-. It has nothing to do with phil hip surgery but the whole in phil's stomach caused by the renegade actions of kobe.


Phil did write in a 2004 (!!!) book that Kobe was uncoachable.

Suffice to say that their player-coach relationship has grown since that point.

Read what Phil said yesterday, in 2011, not 2004 if you want to know what's going on with him right now. He also said that he was about to retire after last season but that Kobe and Fish helped talk him out of it.

Yeah, he took advice from "uncoachable" Kobe and stayed on one final year.

it has grown but has soured again thanks to kobe. i watched an interview where kobe said if he was on the bench and the lakers were playing poorly he would check himself back into the game. That showed no respect for his coach. No player in the league would have shown his coach up like that except for kobe. Phil already zinged kobe a few weeks by saying that kobe can't compare to jordan and now once he is retired will reveal how much he dispised this ball hogging brick layer. Book it.

I LOVE the Lakers

The Lakers are my favorite team.

I'm sure Kobe's departures from the triangle offense and regressions into Bad Kobe ballhogging exasperate Phil. I'm also sure Phil doesn't despise Kobe.

Don't forget that Kobe both lobbied to bring Phil back after the Tomjanovich disaster year and bugged Phil to come back for this one last season. Phil's relationship with Kobe is complicated but there is no way Phil despises him. How could he? Kobe's been an integral part of five of Phil's eleven NBA titles.

It's just a little roadblock on a lengthy road, Putrey. See you in the Finals--if your Celtics make it!

As men we all want to be respected. One of the worse thing for a man is to be disrespected. Yeah kobe and fish lobbied for phil to come back but kobe went and totally direspected the man with those checking himself back into the game comments. Remember phil is a zen master so he will not reveal all until he is ready but that had to hurt him. kobe played the right way against the magic in the championship 3 years ago. his best play was when he was on a fast break and spun around petrius leapt in the air and no look passed to gasol for a slam and pinned howard back. Where is that kobe? Now he feels he has to take 30 shots a game. kobe can averaged at least 8 assists a game and the lakers record by now would be 65 and 11. kobe has the talent but it is a shame that he feels he has to play this way.

first of all, trolls, the lakers are STILL the back to back defending champs. so until your crappy teams can dethrone them, shut your stupid, ignorant mouths! now, i do have a HUGE complaint about this bench. shannon brown and steve blake have been atrocious for quite a while now, odom is basically the ONLY bright spot. if the bench doesn't wake up soon, there is trouble in the playoffs for this team, especially if the lakers let the 2nd seed slip from their hands, and are matched up with the blazers. i STILL do not understand why the lakers let jordan farmar and vujacic go, either of those two would be doing a better job right now than blake.

Sadly, I must announce: "Put a fork in the Lakers, they are done."

Oh well, another what...just stay healthly.


@LRob:I wasn't able to get online the last couple of days, so here's my musical contribution for today...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Time to get worried. These habits/patterns are what they are. They are not abberations.

Too bad we have no backup guards anymore.

people ask how can the lakers have a losing record against the injury prone blazers? the priest gives them one answer and it is kobe bean bryant. if kobe missed these games the lakers would have a winning record against portland.

forget about the celtics getting past the first round, they can't even get past the fact that their stupid fool of a GM traded away their darling perkins. celtics have been done ever since the KP trade, so to all you celtics trolls, go your pathetic blog and cry some more about how you hate danny ainge and how much rondo misses his girlfriend perkins. hahaha

Smart post, JerseyLF.

There are problems with this bench, big ones. I actually thought that the bench this year would be impr0ved with the addition of Blake and Barnes but the former has been a disappointment and the latter has had injury problems. Off his play with other teams I thought Blake would flourish here but his jump shot has been awol for months. Shannon Brown seemed to be an improved player early on but hasn't fulfilled his potential either.

As for Farmar, he didn't seem to really want to play in the triangle offense so a move was probably better for all concerned. Vujacic did hit those two big free throws in the victory over Boston last year but also exasperated me with his fouls 40 feet away from the basket and overall inconsistent play.

I agree that the bench had better get it together.

Thanks again for your thoughtful post!

how can the beast only have 2 shots? kobe must be thinking that shaq is living vicariously through bynum so he is hell bent on freezing him out. bynum was correct with his comments that the lakers but he was meaning kobe was playing stupidly. how can the whole coaching staff preach about going inside first but yet kobe and the mentalist ron ron take 39 shots tonight? if the lakers play like this it would be a long shot to get out of the first round.

As fans we went through this same scenario last year. The Lakers were playing atrociously as the 2010 season would down. I didn't think they were going to make it either.

The bench concerns me more than anything. Kobe will get back to playing a team game and the ball will start going inside again as it should. I have NO doubts about that.

I do wonder whether the bench players will start earning their money. If they don't, the Lakers won't get to the finals and the Happy Trolls here will have to find someone else to hate.

I agree that the bench had better get it together.

Thanks again for your thoughtful post!

Posted by: d | April 08, 2011 at 09:46 PM

thank you, d. i'm just so damn frustrated with this bench, although i do agree with island priest also, that black mamba does take WAY too many shots, that hurts the team and costs them wins. i do hope kobe changes his style in the playoffs, bynum should be getting at LEAST 10 FG attempts a game, if he can stay out of foul trouble that is. again, thank you for your appreciation, d.

Kobe goes through phases. Not only did he go through them last year, he has gone through them his entire career. He's ultra competitive and sometimes when he gets frustrated he turns into Bad Kobe and departs from the offense, going one on five. The time it really cost them was during the '04 finals, but that team had serious chemistry issues and it just was not title worthy, despite the big names on the roster.

Having watched Kobe his whole career I fully expect him to curtail the ball-hogging and get back to business. There is TOO much at stake here. First of all, Kobe's running out of chances, his body's giving out. And more obviously, it's Phil's final year.

Having watched Kobe his whole career I fully expect him to curtail the ball-hogging and get back to business. There is TOO much at stake here. First of all, Kobe's running out of chances, his body's giving out. And more obviously, it's Phil's final year.

Posted by: d | April 08, 2011 at 10:02 PM

very well said!

Said it many times...Fisher is the Lakers weak link. I respect Asst coash Shaw but I do not think he is ready for prime time. He does not have the cajones to coach especially with Kobe. He will be under Kobe's thumb and command. A coach with first class experience is needed and one that will put Kobe in his coach Sloan from Utah Jazz. Laker's need to rehab the entire team this summer where no one's job is safe. Get rid of Fisher or offer him a broadcasters job. This is going to be short playoff.

D, can you count how many times the NBA has given the Lakers a championship?

Hint: One that we know of. Game 6 2002 Western Conference Final Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers. Stop crying front runner.

kobe endorsed shaw for coach that means mitch should hire somebody else a no nonsense coach who will demand that kobe passes the ball.

Shame kobe's body is gving out so young...better get some advice from grant hill...and why does kobe keep making all defensive 1st team. D wade is in the top 50 in block shots every year and he is a guard. Kobe has never been able to survive without a big man saving his ass on defense and offense. Gasol is soft and so is Odom. The key to beating the lakers is to attack. Kobe will make one defensive move and then let you go by. Kobe doesnt follow anyone to the him next time. I mean this guy has the most horrible stat lines. This guy is so not a complete player and not a leader. He is no jordan, hell he is not half the defender and leader dwayne is. Jordan was always the best defender on his team. Lebron was the best defender on his team. Wade is the best defender on his team. Artest is the best defender on the lakers. and this stupid triangle offense. Are the coaches in the NBA retarded. Im just some guy, and I have already disected and debunked this lame half court system.. It is so easy to defend, as proven last night. Eventually they abandoned it and started shooting 3's , and throwing up shots from anywhere on the court. Look at the jazz game, kobe got abused on defense by some scrawny no name guard...Face it laker fans, you dont want to see portland in the 1st round...Kobe is not the best player in the nba. and the laker run is over!!!!
oh and D wades stat line a couple weeks ago
D. Wade 39 Pts, 11 Reb, 8 Ast, 3 Stl, 5 Blk

The reason for this commentary of the Los Angeles Lakers is this team is not a true champion. The quality of play is just terrible and this team has demonstrated a total disregard for any support from me and should be echoed from the fans that support this team. Here are some reasons. No team continuity and too many mental break downs that have caused this team's demise. Kobe Bryant is no longer a player who can do it by himself. His supporting cast is just not strong enough to contend for another title. The point guard position is weak. Ron Artest, where is he and is inconsistent. The frontline of Odom,Gasol and Bynum is good but could be better. Overall this is not a good team. I believe this team will lose early in the playoffs. Do not expect any miracles. I am completely upset and refuse to be supportive of this team at this time. Thank you.

Yeah right! All of you band wagonners, jump off the sinking ship fast before it is too late!

Come on! I dare you all! Jump off the lakers' ship!

Go lakers! Go Kobe!

Banner 17 is coming!

Yeeehaaaaa! just like old times baby. Same thing all over agin. last year and the last.. the same thing all over again.

I love this team! especially fans who give us ZERO chance of making it to the finals at this time of the year.



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