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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Hornets Game 4

To those who celebrate, Happy Easter everyone! Join the chat below and you might get an Easter basket

--Mark Medina

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Photo: New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul (3) drives past Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Blake (5) during the fourth quarter in Game 4 of the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs at the New Orleans Arena Sunday. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / US Presswire

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Game night!

One more win in a row tonight!

Purple 2008 MVP T on again, tonight!

Happy Easter all.

Game night!

One more win in a row tonight!

Purple 2008 MVP T on again, tonight!

Happy Easter all.

Stan Van Gundy has got to be the dumbest coach in the playoffs. Just think what Adelman can do for the Magic.

The facts on Landry vs. Pau last game...Landry tallied 23pts but only 2 of them were against Pau.

Here's a breakdown of Landry points...
He scored 6 hoops...(6 of 12)

1. a runner on Pau
2. Two and 1's vs. LO
3. A baseline reverse on AB (no one was really guarding him) on a nifty feed from Trevor.
4. A ferocious dunk btw LO and AB
5. A midrange jumper vs. LO

He scored 11 fts (11-12)

1 foul by AB, (2-2)
4 fouls by LO, (6-6)
2 fouls by Ron (3-4)

Posted by: LRob | April 24, 2011 at 05:26 PM


i love your acts of futility:

like @ 10:00 in the 1st (today) when Landry scored and Gasol was under the NO basket recollecting himself after falling apart?

how about the push in the back a few secs later, because he was LAZY to move his legs to take the reb at the FT line! great … ( I will let you fill the lines)

Looks like he is missing chippie after chippie!!!!!!!!! mmmmm…

We are lucky that his babysitter (Kobe) and chaperon (Bryant) is around to find his pacifier!

Kobe is racking up the assists. 5 so far. Nice.

Kobe will lose this game for the Lakers. He's a liability and the Hornets are taking it to him.

Wow, Kobe is stinking it up today.

Watched the 1st half of Hornets game tonite and Kobe is getting his butt kicked by Trevor Ariza. Ariza is running Kobe to the ground and scoring at will. Kobe has no defense and Ariza has too much speed for him. All Kobe is doing is moaning and crying about getting fouled. Come on Kobe this is a man's game so man up !! There is no respect for Kobe anymore. He is getting old and therefore he is slowing down and his shooting is awful. Pau is still playing soft. Bynum not doing much and Odom is just there watching the game.

The Black Mamba is being PUNKED in the first half. Ariza is eating his lunch and taking his milk money. Chris Paul broke him off at the ankles, Could it be TA the new Kobe STOPPER. And Kobe is doing a masterful job at CHOKING, please Lakerholics, that complaine about a the Ref's. They're just get foot up their REAR. There's hope, they have the second half. Don't tell me Kobe has 7 assist, that's some weak $hit.

@The bulimic

1 and 2 quarter:

Ariza 8-12 in Kobe's face
Paul 1-3 one basket in the face of kobe

Meanwhile Kobe 0-7

Today if the lakers lost the game you'll have to find another bitch to criticize.

Yeah 1/2 empty you blaming gasol but what about kobe i'm not talking about his 0-7 but his no defense on TA. Will S Perkins call kobe a buffoon if la lose? I expect kobe to come out blazing in the 2nd half.

We seem to have no answer for Ariza or Landry. Without Ron Ron, this game is a blowout for the Hornets.

Outscored by 6 in the paint in the first half to the Hornets?

Blazing what? his gun is empty.

14 points in a quarter is blazing. That was a beautiful hook shot by bryant. I remembered when magic hit that baby hook against boston in the finals. youtube it a thing of beauty.

Friday the announcers said that if you foul someone above the shoulders near the head area it's a flagarant file. Well that's exactly what CP3 did to Kobe.

Landry? why doesn't add a 'u' and make his name Laundry. That's cool. cp3 is exhausted that will cause the hornets down the stretch.

Hornets coach calls Stu Jackson in the NBA league offices and now they get calls. Did you see that beotch slap on Lamar?

Pau was simply atrocious. Lamar was even worse. Carl Landry, who is about 6'8", is the best "big" man in this series. The Lakers are in trouble.

well fellow lakers fans, this is what happen when kobe and lamar go a combined 6-25, and the team shoots 22-28 from the stripe. also gasoft once again forgets how to box out and grabs a MONSTER 4 total rebounds! game 5 is now not only a must win, but the lakers need to put the slapdown to remove any shred of confidence left in this one man team. and can someone please learn how to play defense on carl landry? this guy has been a thorn since game one, this series should not even be extended this far, and now kobe twists his ankle AGAIN! all lakers fans should be angry about this loss!

Wow! Out hussel and out played,seems like the Hornets was getting to every loose ball.Now they have to play an extra game for no reason.Lakers in six still.

Go Lakers!

That was a dominant performance by CP3. 27 points 15 assists and 13 rebounds. That line about his momma was funny. CP3 is a great great player. A 1 superstar team is taking the ferrari Lakers to game 6? LO was atrocious.


I hope Kobe's ankle holds up.

Hope this is the reverse of 2008, where the C's were struggling and Lakers were rolling before the Finals.

See you guys in Game 5.


As long as the Lakers keep playing like chumps they'll get nowhere.

Friday the announcers said that if you foul someone above the shoulders near the head area it's a flagarant file. Well that's exactly what CP3 did to Kobe.

Posted by: Laker-Babe | April 24, 2011 at 08:41 PM

that was ABSOLUTELY a flagrant, paul did not make a play for the ball, and there was clear intent to send a message to kobe, to injure him! regardless, it was a pathetic shwoing by the entire lakers team with the exception of ron ron.

also, chris paul outrebounded gasoft 13-4 , are you kidding me?! this guy seriously looks out of sorts, pau and kobe better wake up or the lakers might not make it past this round!

Bynum not so beastly in this game. 3 for 8 shooting and bricked an absolute layup in the 4th.

I don't understand leaving Bynum guarding Chris Paul. That was the difference in the game, when they went back to that over and over and over.

Bad shooting night for Kobe. Bad shooting night for Lamar.

Pau shot okay, but TWICE in the second half, Kobe drove, drew the double, dished to an unguarded Pau and Pau got zero points out of it. A turnover, and he got blocked trying to take a weenie shot instead of dunking. And another 4 rebound game for Pau - very weak. Chris Paul outrebounded Pau and Lamar combined.

Oh well. Gotta go to 6 games I guess.

"That was a beautiful hook shot by bryant. I remembered when magic hit that baby hook against boston in the finals. youtube it a thing of beauty.

Posted by: island priest | April 24, 2011 at 08:39 PM "

Beautiful indeed...And yes, that shot reminded me of Magic's shot too...

Oh well...

Yall remember that ankle insurance kobe used to sell? now he needs it. LO was turrible. CP3 had as much rebounds as the beast and gastrong combined. That's ridiculous. Plus he had more assists than our starting lineup. WTF?

Great Game to watch. Time to give N.O. some credit.

Paul had his way tonight and he made most of his shots

Not a great game by Kobe but he did get 7 assists in the 1st half

I think that missed passed to Gasol by Kobe will finally wake him up.

Bynum needs to play more in crunch time

Why Can't the Lakers stop or delay the picker from getting into position

Shannon is a horrible dribbler

Lakers did not get into the passing lanes. To many times Paul would penetrate and find the wide open 3 man or the cutter. They can fix that.

Kobe was atrocious tonight! Cost Lakers at least 10 points in early bad plays. And now with his ankle tweaked who knows if we win another one.

And Landry is shooting out of his mind at the free throw line! What's up with that!??!? He is 24/25 meaning better than Ray Allen or John Stockton!

The Lakers had better figure out some way to stop the P&R or just hang it up this year. Why is it that EVERY other team in the NBA has at least one of the fast P&R nemesis that we cannot deal with!?

I guess if we are going to get #17, it will have to be us scoring more than our opponents..............and how did that work for the old Suns or and D'Antoni scoring binge team.............

I still want to know why PJ has two bigs he will NEVER play on the active roster and not deactivate one of them and put another guard (Trey) who could actually help in certain situations.

Brown has become almost comically (predictably) worthless. I cringe every time he enters the game. Basically NO and every other team in the NBA has absolutley no fear of anyone we have on the floor, especially Pau in his present state. Not even AB since he relies on an entry pass to get his and since we can't hit an open shot from the perimeter, they just zone off any big we have on the interior.

RA had another good game wasted!

I am conflicted........can I survive 4 rounds of this absurd poor play that leads to cardiac worthy games.....or should they just move on to the inevitable gone fishin' and keep us fans from such anger at their underachieving on such a regular basis?

I see this going 7 games and I have no confidence we can take that game even on our home floor!

Next game is win or go home, IMO.

"Friday the announcers said that if you foul someone above the shoulders near the head area it's a flagarant file. Well that's exactly what CP3 did to Kobe."

If CP3 pulled out a knife and started stabbing every Laker and the refs they wouldn't have called a flagrant foul in that situation. WWE folks. They want to see this go 7. Stern wants to see Miami, the most hated team in the league, go up against OKC in the finals because the polls show that if the Lakers make it to the finals again, a high percentage of people said they'd stop watching basketball. Stern wants to create drama by putting up a team everyone hates, Miami, against a team that he wants to turn into the new IT team, OKC. It's all business. Anyone seeing the OKC-Denver series will see that, and I HATE the Nuggs.

And since the NBA has A LOT riding on making sure the Hornets succeed, the Lakers are shark bait. If the Hornets go bankrupt, then there are several other marginal teams whose values will plummet.

And the reason why Stern wants the Magic to lose in the 1st round is that he wants Howard in New York, so that they can battle the Heat for the next 5 years.

I can't watch this crap anymore, just like how I stopped watching baseball and cycling after all the steroids.

And to Sonnyboy "aka instigator aka ho hum" belfast......

RIP SACRAMENTO QUEENS of Basketball. Hope that Division Championship Banner and CWebb's Jersey retired gets kept- that's the only thing that has been hanging eversince.

Oh wait.....let me check did you actually win one?




oh yes, I was right, there was none! As Wiki said, "do not give up hope, friends".

And Sonny, Don't bother addressing me any comment. I won't read them anyway....forever.

Your previous reactionary post wasn't read, I just read your name and scrolled away. Don't even think about it, I knew that was a reactionary post because I knew you would react to my post, ho hum.


Tonight the Lakers were TERRIBLE -- AWFUL, really -- and still, they were only down TWO points on the road with 9 seconds left.

That tells me that the Lakers are a much better team than the Hornets, they just don't always show up and play their best, which makes it so frustrating as a Laker fan! There was no sense of urgency, no effort tonight. If the Lakers did show up each game, this would have been a SWEEP!

lakers stop with the conspiracy theory. CP3 just kick our ass tonight. Did you see that move he put on the beast? He made bynum look stupid by spinning around and around. That was funny.

Game 4 vs Hornets----Lakers Loose---Kobe looks old. For the first time, its really noticable to me. I only hope its noticable to Kobe and Lakers Coaches. Its time for Kobe to be just another player and play his two position well, as well as he can anyway. Kobe is a sinking ship now and if he isnt careful he will take the rest of the Lakers down with him.
I am a Life Long Lakers fan but lets face it, 15 years in the league and Kobe just doesnt have the Cojones he used to, well he still thinks he does, but you can see the edge has finally fallen off. I bet thats why he wears his haircut like that too.. otherwise all the grey in his sideburns would show up. The guy is a top 5 hall of famer, but hey, he had better adjust his game to let more of the lakers in to take up the Slack now.

Well, that was somewhat less than satisfying.

lakers stop with the conspiracy theory.
Posted by: island priest | April 24, 2011 at 10:04 PM

Agree. LaUndry and Okafive was on foul trouble. And the Lakers shooting free throws already at the 7:00 mark of the 3rd shows there is no conspiracy.

We just got beat and it SUX.


"lakers stop with the conspiracy theory. CP3 just kick our ass tonight."

Lakers sucked, played with no heart, that's true, but it's easy to play when you know that you're going to get every call when anyone touches him.

The flagrant foul rule is as clear as it can be. If that was not a flagrant foul on Paul, then why did they call a flagrant foul on Barnes in game 2 when he hit the ball, arm, and barley touched Ariza's head???

This is total BS.

I know s perkins will love this, barkley called out fisher by saying he must play better. He only had 1 rebound and 2 assist. Dfish is the worse starting pg in the nba no doubt. The priest at 6' 4" could get about 6 rebounds and 5 assists with ease. no way would the priest allow a midget get 13 rebounds over me.

Every season I've gone to watch a Lakers game in person, they've lost in the playoffs. The 5 years I didn't go, they won it all. This year, I saw 2 games. We're doomed.

Man, Laker fans are such crybabies. The Illuminati and global banking elite need this to go to 7 games, that's why they caused 9-11 and the wars in the middle east, all of it was a build up to rigging the NBA Playoffs.


I knew that this game wasn't worth seeing. There's no way that David Stern would let the Lakers win. And it's a Sunday game, so zero chance they were going to win.

With Kobe hurt, I'm not sure they're going to win game 5, even if he plays. In fact, if he plays hurt, I guarantee a Lakers loss. If they win game 5, I'm not going to bother watching game 6 because there's no way that David Stern will let the Lakers win game 6. Hate to say it, but it's just like how David Stern wouldn't allow the Lakers to lose game 6 in 2002. It's just business as usual for the NBA, the joke of the three major sports. At least baseball and football are trying to clean up the steroids. But in basketball, the fake show goes on an on. The joke of professional sports.

Pathetic conspiracy theory excuses. It can't just be that the Lakers just SUCKED and lost the game. Because the Lakers are an invincible team who never lose. Stern paid off all the players, coaches, and refs to throw the game...right.

I never saw a leader call out his team the way dhoward did tonight. both howard and his coach threw his team under the bus. dhowrd say they will be having shooting practice tomorrow and hopefully his guys will make shots. howard is as good as gone. van gundy and otis smith will get fired if atlanta wins the series. otis smith just made some dumb moves.

I don't blame Howard for his comments...look at the numbers he's putting up in the series yet they're still losing. The team isn't doing jack and Howard can't do much more than he is already.

on another note, i don't think any lakers fan is complaining that mitch didn't pull the trigger on trading ron ron, not that there were any buyers probably.

yeah i don't blame howard but guys normally beat around the bush. But his message to the magic fans was see i'm doing all i can but this team sucks so don't blame me when i skip town.

Man, Laker fans are such crybabies. The Illuminati and global banking elite need this to go to 7 games, that's why they caused 9-11 and the wars in the middle east, all of it was a build up to rigging the NBA Playoffs.

Posted by: PK | April 24, 2011 at 10:13 PM

you're right about everything except for the last part, 9/11 was an inside job, rigging the nba playoffs, debatable.

in the playoffs you need to end series quickly. if kobe is seriously injured there goes the playoffs. you can't play down to your competition. thats what lakers have done the last several years. boston getting a week off and we will be playing up to thursday at least.

there sure is alot open mouths tonight, all you are crying and mouthing off like you know anything other than revenge. shameless people , ZERO chest plates. the demise of the lakers is what makes your world go round then you all are in for a short life. they are the winningest team in the last 25 years by %48 more than the second winningest team. in any sport. 16 championships in 40 years. lets see. thats about one every 3 yrs, all you online tough guys that only come around when the lakers are beat will never have the pleasure of knowing what it feels like to win as much as the lakers do, deal with it, or dont, i dont give a shyte, but leave us alone cause youre tears are ruining oue socks. so go back to beating up people in thier sleep and foot racing those with no legs, cowards!!!!

Very well said, rossdogg76. These loser-haters come out only when the Lakers have a bad night. When they win, which is rather often, it's crickets around here. Sad sacks, the whole lot of 'em, never hugged by their parents. Lakerhaters by definition are losers.

Rosspuppy-You're a certified CLOWN, go back to the GHETTO with yo RAP MUSIC.

Many Laker haters are created by Laker fans. It's a vicious circle.

Laker haters love to gloat because on the flipside of the coin Laker fans these days are some of the most obnoxious Kobe nuthuggers on the planet, flooding videos, message boards, and other forums with KOBE BEST EVER MVP or MAMBA OWNS ALL type of bs and just being a nuisance online and in the real world.

I was a Laker fan back in the Sedale Threatt/Perkins/Van Exel days but the Kobe era has brought some of the worst fans out of the woodwork.

I live in Lakerville and the amount of idiotic new Laker fans I've dealt with just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, to the point I ALMOST want the Lakers to lose so these "fans" can feel some misery. Cholos with Laker flags cutting me off in their ghetto rides, causing a ruckus and starting fights at Buffalo Wild wings or other venues. Not to mention the looting, rioting, destroying of property and car burning.

Basically, Laker fans are the new Raiders fans.

@deets, tell the truth. i was born and raised in texas, im white as bruce willis, i hate rap, and i'm sorry your cleverness has gotten you as far as a laker blog , where laker fans blog, cause you know , we are laker fans. couple of college professors is what my guess would be...idiots. tell the truth, you are constantly lied to. and deets its pretty embarrassing that you are admitting your loyalty towards a team is based off the reactions of other fans..oh and not to mention your love for the lakers when they went through thier only stretch of its existance without winning a title( van exel, divac, sedale, really? sedale?). so go back too the crossdressing or hair and nails blogs you two came from, i'm sure we'll hear from the both of you the next time the lakers lose. assuming they do. C L O W N S. (un-certified)

LA is just trying to make this series be more interesting for the Hornet's fans period . They are in control of this series and could close out whenever they really wanted. Trust me, you will see they blow em out next two for sure.


So it's a bad thing to like a team when they're not winning? I liked them during that era because that's when I was in my teen years. I was a little kid during the showtime era so couldn't really appreciate it much. And what's wrong with Sedale? He was a solid player. 15 pts 7 assists 50% FG. Hell even Elden Campbell was a solid guy. Van Exel was fun to watch. Lakers were more fun to watch back then than these current "winning" Lakers imo.

Also I said I ALMOST want them to lose just so these new douchebag "fans" can eat some crow. Nothing wrong with that.


So it seems that I am more a true Laker fan than most because I supported them during the downtime and I DO appreciate guys like Sedale and Elden. You on the other hand seem more like the fairweather fans this article talks about, the way you make it sound like a bad thing to have liked the Lakers during their losing years.




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