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Lakers' 93-88 Game 4 loss to New Orleans Hornets feature plenty of lapses

61125821Time and again, images surrounding the Lakers' demise in their 93-88 Game 4 loss Sunday to the New Orleans Hornets played out on full display.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant shot Pau Gasol a laser-beam glare after Gasol fumbled a perfect pass placed at his chest. Lakers guard Derek Fisher shook his head after he lost control of the ball during a crossover, leading the Hornets to cash in on transition. And Hornets guard Chris Paul pumped his fist and yelled emphatically after nailing a late-game baseline jumper, just one example of how the Lakers had no answer for his triple-double with 27 points on seven-of-14 shooting, 15 assists and career-high 13 rebounds. He also made all 11 of his free throws when put at the line.

The Lakers could've featured a Hollywood ending, with Bryant making a game-winning shot moments after rolling his left ankle and initially refusing to sit out, helping take command of the series. But instead of pumping their chest much like Ron Artest did in reveling in the team's small highlight with 16 points on seven-of-10 shooting, the Lakers head back to Los Angeles with the series tied, 2-2, and all the same questions that plagued them after their Game 1 loss.

How can they stop Paul? Bryant jawing at him, the Lakers switching and certainly Andrew Bynum playing him one-on-one isn't going to solve that issue. The problem also extended to former Laker Trevor Ariza, whose 19 points on eight-of-17 shooting mostly came with easy drives to the basket and very little of the Lakers' front line stopping him from penetrating.

How can the Lakers get outrebounded, 39-32, go on a nearly three-quarter stretch without recording one offensive board and feature Gasol (16 points on six-of-11 shooting) and Bynum (11 points on three-of-eight shooting) having little involvement with the offense? Their 13 combined rebounds pointed to their lack of aggressiveness in matching up with an undersized New Orleans team. But their 19 combined field-goal attempts points to their teammates not properly looking for them.

How can Lamar Odom revert from regular-season consistency to postseason unreliability? For the third consecutive Sunday, Odom reserved his spotlight solely for the Khloe and Lamar reality show, while his production remained absent on the court with only six points on one-of-seven shooting. Connecting his playoff inconsistency to the show's airing is not only inconclusive, it's unfair. But the following conclusion isn't: After spending most of the season showing fans he's no longer the unpredictable underachiever he had been, he's offering doubt on whether he's really shaken that label.

And more importantly, how does Bryant end with zero points on zero-of-seven shooting in the first half and then suddenly springboard into 18 second-half points? Don't point to his seven assists in the first half as evidence that he just concentrated on facilitating because he also missed shots. It's maddening how an arthritic right index finger could prevent him from making first-half shots, but then his competitiveness to allow him to make 14 third-quarter points, including a sweep through in the lane that ended with a right hook, much to Magic Johnson's delight.

But there's nothing delightful about this game one bit. And the most visible reason points to when Bryant rolled his left ankle with 1:32 left in the game while chasing Willie Green on defense. Instead of reveling in the images of Bryant initially refusing to leave the court, coming back in and hitting a game-tying shot, the Lakers are left with Gasol dropping his pass, Bryant misfiring on an open three-pointer and the very strong possibility the injury could affect him in future games.

In typical Hollywood fashion, the Lakers just heightened the drama and made the stakes more exciting. But sometimes these scripts don't always work out the way the players want.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is forced into an awkward shot, and a miss, by Hornets defenders Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor during Game 4 on Sunday night at New Orleans Arena. Bryant did not score in the first half and finished with 17 points in the 93-88 loss. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / April 24, 2011

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Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | April 24, 2011 at 09:44 PM

Bynum not so beastly in this game. 3 for 8 shooting and bricked an absolute layup in the 4th.


I saw that missed layup I could have swore he got pushed in the back because he ended up way under the backboard. No foul called

Can anyone confirm this through DVR replay?

hahahahah its just gonna get worse for this lake show, this is only round 1 of the play offs,,this team is old and slow,,thay cant keep up with a young team, and half way throuth the 4th quarter thay looked to be out of gas,,,i love it tho,,its game over for this lakers if not this round in the next thay will not make it pass round 2 of these play offs

Uneven game all the way around. Typical Laker playoff run. They will make adjustments. Get their heads on straight and come out Tues with their best effort of the playoffs, go bach to NO and win a close game! Lakers in 6. There is no way the Lakeshow will win out, and I dont think even the staunchest supporter thought they would. But new flash! They dont have to. A .571 winning pct. will get it done. I dont see ANY team beating a PJ coached team in a 7 game series. 2 down, 14 to go for #17. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Bulimic 1/2 Empty Glass

I most certainly concur with your beautifully written post. Win or lose the best thing that can happen to the Lakers is the departure of one Phil Jackson who is an astoundingly bad coach. Phil manages to escape scrutiny by simply going out of his way to somehow blame Kobe. Phil is constantly the narrative as he uses his minions impersonating as beat writers and columnist to shape the Kobe story.

When you look at the Lakers offense or the triangle it is almost pathetic that the Lakers do not run any plays for Kobe.................when I say plays I mean Phil doesn't design action to free Kobe or create space for Kobe like Boston does for Ray Allen and Paul Miami does with the Pick and roll for LeBron and especially Wade late.

All you hear from these coaches like Jimmy Cleamons is............"We want the ball to go into the bigs"............really? How many championships have you won running your offense through Bynum and Gasol??

This dumbed down media just parrots what they hear........"yeah, get the ball into the bigs"................This is just repeated without anyone saying........"wait a minute"................"is this the best plan?" Our last three runs to the finals have all been spearheaded by the play of Kobe Bryant. Can you imagine for a second that Phil would even suggest that the ball should go to Pippen or the Jordan era?

It is time for Phil Jackson to go and take the triangle and Luke Walton and Derek Fisher with him.

@MM.. I like it.. call out the players and write with a chip on ur shoulder!

@Trollman.. Sorry I would try and help but in this household a laker loss gets deleted immediately after viewing!

Disgusting game! I thought I'd see the champs go for the throat tonight but our bigs played like pansies.. Pau still in a funk and seemed to me bynum was favoring his knee and lamar just went houdini again.. Can somebody tell me how a trio of landry/gray/okafor can outplay bynum/pau/odom for 2 out of 4 games??? And how do u let ariza blow you up singlehandedly carry their offense and keep them in the game for an entire half (I mean have some frickin pride here!).. And yeah looks like monty won this battle (easily my vote for best coach of these playoffs so far) and he made a great move keepin jarrett in the end alongside cp3.. Don't be surprised if monty ends every game with this combo.. And very curious to see what phil will have in store against cp3 next game... And shannon please just give up the ball and don't ever waive off blake ever again??!! WTF was that?

Sorry just venting people.. Nobody said it was gonna be easy but 6 games against a team that probably shouldn't even be in the playoffs with a starting lineup consisting of bellineli/landry/ariza/okafor is gonna make this lakerfan go ballistic!!

I expected the 3peat to be difficult, but I'd thought the real challenges would start in the 2nd round. It should be fun around here the next 24 hours because their certainly was enough blame to go around. I didn't see anyone play above average tonight other than Ron and Blake. And Phil and the coaches were just a bad. Anyway props to CP3 for a great game and Trev for a very good one.

I just hate the way Phil Jackson is coaching the team.... he should put Artest and Kobe on the court sooner in the 4th quater.... we lost this game cause Mr Zen... do everything wrong in the 4th..... too bad. I hope Kobe is OK.. that was scary as hell!

If an overrated Lakers team couldn't play consistently in just a few consecutive games during the play off, you might as well write them off as championship contenders this season.

Just compare their top three (Bryant, Gasol, and Odom) players' performances this year as compared to last year. You could say that this is not the team worthy of championship. Compounding their woe is the lack of bench players who could cover for them.

It's time for an overhaul of the team for the next season. Start with the coach. I don't really think that Phil Jackson deserves the accolade of being a top notch coach. He's not a good game strategist. Kobe's performance has been deteriorating. Look at his statistics: low shooting percentage, lots of turnovers and poor court leadership. Gasol, he's slow to react on defense and his shooting percentage has plummeted. Odom is consistently inconsistent. Fisher, it's time for him to be replaced by a good point guard with high assist rate. Walton, why does the team pay him that much if it can't get anything in return?

But their 19 combined field-goal attempts points to their teammates not properly looking for them. The writer of this blog is talking about Bynum and Gasol participation offensively in this game. Gasol for one cannot complain about touches as the ball went in to him and of course he held it, ball faked a couple of times and passed it out as the bigs of New Orleans got into his body. I cannot remember he pulled down 4 or 6 rebounds as a 7 footer for a complete game. He is Ralph Sampson all over again. The bigs missing layups and complaining about getting pushed and giving away soft fouls instead of taking a hard one early to let them know this game is not going to be the same. The LA bigs just played guttless basketbal. I must not go before mentioning Shannon Brown the most brain dead basketball player on the Lakers roster. What I cannot understand for a player with such physical gifts how he cannot keep anyone in front of him. He has a player's option for next year let's hope he uses it at least Sasha tried to play defense. A shooting guard who cannot shoot and cannot play defense getting major minutes what a joke.

lakers miss farmar and thoughness of sasha...wat happen to brown i notice his not playing well after sasha trade..b4 brown fighting for playing time wid sasha brown is playing well..beter brown has competition in playing time..PAU And bynum cant play together i notice since last year..lucky last year both of themm get injured..Pau is tired in playing in playoff,its time for pau to trade for howard...

My allegiance to the Lakers is to the organization, and not to any one team. I have been saying most of the year that I do not like the attitude of this year's team, and I don't. They are presumptious, self-entitled, arrogant, lazy, and always full to the brim with self-serving excuses for their not showing up to play. If they go out against a vastly undermanned team, New Orleans, that has the heart of a lion, then screw this year's Lakers. It will have served them right! They have consistently disrespected all of the other teams in the League, the Laker organization, the Laker fans, and also themselves. If they get thrown out on their ears because of their bad attitude, then this is one year that I will cry less!!!!!!!!!!

This year's team is fast starting to close in on the Laker team that I detested the most, the one with Payton and Malone.

When a team manages to alienate even their fans of decades to the point where their bad attitude becomes an issue, well, it just detracts from what should have been the most exciting part of the season, the playoffs. Many of the old-timers, myself included, do not see things like the younger generations. For many of us, a team that makes itself unworthy for its lack of character, will not be remembered fondly. There is just something poetically just that such a team meet ruin, and are shamed by people (other teams) that are not playing with their minds full of a sense of entitled past glory. That I, a fan of over fourty years, must harbor these sorts of feelings towards this particular squad is very unfortunate! I have seen a few references made by those associated to the FO, some by Jeanie Buss, etc., that recognize that this year's team has become through their own fault, a team that is difficult for the old-time fans to care about. The Lakers have always been not only the most followed, but the most hated team in the League. What they don't need is to lose support of the older fans.

Regardless of the outcome of this year's playoffs, which I predict will be disastrous because of these character flaws, changes will have to be made. Heaven save us from more crap like Kobe's ridiculous fashion statement, Ron's rap career or being constantly appraised of his tenuous psychiatric state, the adventures of Lamar and Khloeca and their surreality crap. We don't want to hear about it, we don't want to know about it. All we want to know is if the Lakers are a team of players that play with pride and respect for themselves, the fans, and the game. We want them to play ball, not just go through the motions.

Lately we have been seeing the cropping up of a lot of physical problems. Obviously, the Laker team has glommed onto them like a man dying of thirst would suck a bottle of piss because it allows them to wax eloquent with their infinite capacity for camping excuses for their not putting in the effort during games. However, I am starting to wonder if there is just some sort of cosmic Standard & Poor that is trying to tell this team something. That something is, they have been using their credit card too much. Their credibility is in the red. Their Karma index is now biting them in the butts for their presumption. Perhaps the forces of universal justice will simply not allow these jokers to repeat.

Hahaha haters come out again in full force after a Lakers lose.The Buss Family will have more money if more games played in the playoffs so they don't worry about it.Its evidence last night that Lakers bigs lose this game for us.Their lazy and soft,hope they bounce back in game 5.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Now it has become the best of 3 series. Looking for comfort after the G#4 loss to NO is few, far and inbetween for most angry, disgusted fans.

I really felt that this year was going to be a challenge for the Lakers as a group regardless on any situation it would face.

Remember, your talking about a team that has been to the Finals THREE CONSECUTIVE years, winning TWO straight and looking for ANOTHER one. Think about that feat for a moment....attempting FOUR straight Finals appearances. Heck, I can't even comprehend what it takes to get to a higher level of play FOUR times!

Lets' not kid ourselves. Every veteran team is going to be challenged in the playoffs. The Lakers are no different. EVERY team wants what the Lakers have, which are CHAMPIONSHIPS. Why not?

I felt coming into this season that if they were to go for the 3-peat, two things had to happen for them this year. the GROWTH and PRODUCTIVITY of the bench and their collective HEALTH past 30 years of age. So far, both have somewhat failed them at certain times throughout the season.

Keep in mind that KB24 for the last few years has dealt with a mangled shooting hand, sore ankles, and a killer bum knee that no question require major surgery on all counts. Hey, despite his health issues, he still played and won TWO consecutive CHAMPIONSHIPS. Also, Bynum and his knees have robbed him of any consistency on the court each and every year. For Pau, his issues have always been physical associated with sore hamstrings and suspect immunity illnesses. Last year was probably the best Ive seen him physically (quite bulky) out of the three years since 2008. The list goes on and on....HEALTH is EVERYTHING!

Also, the bench has not jelled all season, particulary when confronted by long absences by Barnes and Shannon's mysterious play the last three months. Lamar practically had to do double duty for long stretches with guys struggling. Heck, even Blake was delat a child's disease....Just has not worked out thus far. I suspect that PJ has cut down hard, long practices this year. Also, he surprisingly has not cracked the whip with a fevor up till this point. Hmmm.... However, with all the issues, the Lakers have kept afloat. I can't imagine what its like for this team to stay on TOP EVERY YEAR since 2009.

Whoever thinks that CHAMPIONSHIPs are easy to win, might want to reference HofF John Stocton, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley who are some examples of great players who never got over the hump. Just THINK about that for a moment....

Furthermore, whatever is plaguing the Lakers at this moment must keep in mind that through ADVERSITY, comes success. Until ALL the Lakers players understand SACRIFICE as a unit, they w ill find themselves STILL finding their games within the game. This team is too smart to ignore opponents weaknesses. But hey, you still gotta PLAY the GAME by playing to your STRENGTHS!

Regardless of what happens in the NO series, which they will win, there is no doubt that the Lakers will continue to get the BEST of ALL teams it faces NOW and in the near FUTURE. That, my friends, is the result of their SUCCESS. BTW, you don't think that the Celtics are hungry this time around (NY Knicks anyone)? Take a look at the 2009 and 2010 Lakers...

I still believe that the Lakers will take care of business on the way towards the 3-peat, but have to be mindful of their HEALTH and BENCH PLAY moving forward. The beauty about their situation is that they can only get better, not worse. It's all about taking care of business on the court. The question is, "Are they still up for the 3-peat?" That, no one can sugurcoat.

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Another one plundered. UGH.

But the conspiracy theory is starting to creep into my head. The NOH are owned by the NBA. Don't you think Stern wants to have as much revenue as possible? The only way that happens is a 6th game.

I feel much better now. Lakers will come back strong for these next two games - there won't be a game 7.

Cheers all - PLG

Good thing David West isn't playing or the Lakers would be headed to Cancun instead of game 5

They are just as some have commented, old and slow just lazy. It's our passing skills I thought but it's really Gasol being weak and slow and Bynum not really able to move smoothly around the basket every night. Our bench get's a failing grade every other night, that's a surprise those guy's have been around a few years. We can't shot and whatever defense they have going on is failing. I said two years ago that whatever advantage we have in size we give it away too the others team point-guard. Fisher is maybe a good role player coming off the bench. The man is slow and in the way, ever so often he make a few play's but if we make the next round Kidd is too big and terry to fast so the out come will be the same tough we are big everyone else is fast except OKC they are big and fast so if we make it that far look out. I see us going down too OKC in 5-6 and I am a diehard laker man since 1965 it's time for us to pay the drummer. Hate these word but the future has arrivial Heat and OKC era is upon us. I maybe wrong and I hope I am but the hand writing is on the wall I am reading it you should to.

1) Why was the bench in for so long at the beginning of the fourth? That was the perfect time to win the game and starters should have been in to do so.

2) Lamar's inconsistent post-season play is back; I can never understand it-he should control the second unit, but he never seems to

3) Matt Barnes didn't show up yesterday at all-much like Game 1; while many hyped him up all season, I always worried abt his inconsistent play esp in the post season (look at Orlando last season) and post-surgery he hasn't been the same

4) Offensive Rebounds-or the lack there of by the Lakers-you can have all that height and not use it; painful to watch

5) Spilt Shannon's time with Trey. Unfortunately Shannon is a better player when he has competition-his play when Trey was there the first 2 games and before the Sasha trade. Unlike many on the thread I am not going to bash Brown-his amount of raw talent is crazy, he lacks the proper court knowledge (something to be worked on during offseason) in this case I rather not see him learn on the court in the postseason-so limit his minutes and use him when he is being productive.

6) Lack of PG- Trey Johnson isn't the answer, Fish is older, and Blake wasn't the best move in the off season. While much of the league has gotten younger and faster, the Lakers have not. I think the Lakers can make it work for the rest of the season, but will be addressed in the off season.

7) I still think the Lakers will when this series and will go on and win the ring. However, they are making it much harder on themselves and the fans in the process.

Oh well, that sucked.

Someone said it isn't really even a series until each team wins on the other teams home court.

Looks like we got ourselves a series.

Darn it.

Psyched Laker Girl ....

Well then, by your guidelines I guess we should end the MLB season right now. Why bother playing? MLB OWNS the Los Angeles Dodgers, so I'm sure they will want them to play as many games as possible. Therefore, it stands to reason they'll win the World Series.

Losers, all of you. Its exactly that arrogant sense of entitlement from Lakers fans that makes everyone hate you so much. I don't even hate the team, they play for whomever pays them. Its all you bandwagon, frontrunning, arrogant Fakers fans that really get me.

However, it was damn funny last night at the Arena to see Kobe pissed off when the crowd started chanting, "Kobe, You Suck!" That, plus CP3 getting in his head, made Kobe go all Mamba and go away from the game plan. THAT's why Bynum and Gasol didn't get many touches in the second half. And THAT's why you lost.

The hardest thing from a coaching standpoint on taking care of a winning team is keeping them interested.

Its actually much harder than it seems to keep a team motivated and hungry. Especially one that has pretty much dominated for three years straight. However, blaming fish and phil jackson is ridiculous.

The one thing we can point to is the distraction phil has brought along all season in that this being his last season and all.

If anything is wrong with the lakers right now its pau gasol's effort and consistency. As a veteran on this team, its missing. Fish isnt option 1, 2 or 3. In terms of defending cp3, it has to be done by a fully motivated team defense. LO watching cp3 launching wide open corner 3's is a bigger concern to me than simply saying "fish sucks".

Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Derek Fisher have proven that their formula for success has worked time and time again. Blaming them is amateur. I think the key to winning is pretty simple...BOX OUT. I don't care if Pau is quitting on offense, at least manage 12-15 rebounds, at least earn some of what you're being paid to do. If pau can establish himself, that will open opportunities for kobe, and the hornets will be playing a different ball game. Man up and box out LA, jees.

Its TIME folks and the Laker Players to WAKE up. They are a bunch of arrogant individuals who this year are going to receive a reality check in that they are NOT going to win a Championship this time. If they were as good as they think they are, they would had won the first round in 4, but we see that did not happen. Watch Kobe and the other players when they are being interviewed in front of the cameras, NONE of them can look straight into the camera to speak, their eyes and heads are moving all around. A BIG SIGN of A INFLATED EGO--NOT!!!!! You ever try to get one of their autographs---you have a better chance of winning the Lottery. Gone are the days when Magic, Kareem, Worthy, etc would give you the time to say hello and NOT think they were above everyone else. This year the Lakers will soon be history in the plat-offs.

Stephen P.

Very well written. You captured my sentiments exactly. I left this blog months ago specifically for the very reason you suggested. For the true fans of Lakers, the long time ones I mean, most of us just can't harbor any interest in this current squad. Unlike your typical cheerleader fans, who don't get upset (read- don't care) if the Lakers win or not, I do (or did) care, and this was leading to high levels of stress, which in turn made watching the games more of a chore as opposed to a sense of pleasure.

To be honest, I haven't watched a full Laker game yet. I completely missed the last game, and I didn't even care. This is coming from a fan who watched virtually every Laker game since the days of Adrian Dantley and Mark Landsberger. This current Laker team just ain't fun.

I hate, with passion, Derek Fisher. I am so sick of him I don't know what to do. And I am tired of Pau Gasol, too, and I am wary of the Laker bench. I don't like watching my team lose when they should win...nothing is more devastating then watching potential spoil before you very eyes.

I don't even care about when the next game is. My only NBA passion is fixed on one distinct goal... I DO NOT WANT THE MIAMI HEAT TO WIN IT ALL. Whether or not the Lakers win, I really don't care anymore. Honestly, I don't. I will watch them if time/interests permits, but I really don't care if they win or lose anymore. Maybe next year will be different.

I love it when Jackson uses words like "punked." I know that since the Sex Pistols/Ramones that word changed its meaning.
But, as an older than dirt fan, I still remember when that word meant getting abused.
Is this the first time in NBA history that a back-to-back champion with supposedly the "best" player in the league is "punked"?
Did the 11-ring guru get "punked," too? Or, was he checking out already?

Solve the pick and roll with CP3 and Bynum/Gasol, solve the series.

That is all.


I think kobe maybe burnt out. He spend the regular season going hard at the scoring rankings that he has little left for the playoffs. kobe should have spent the regular season being a facilitator and building the confidence of gasol and lo. Then he should have taken the fantastic raw talent brown under his wing. Ala michael jordan did with scottie pippen. Remember pippen was a nobody from a small school but he had raw talent and mj groomed him into a top 50 player and hall of famer. If he had made the game fun instead of his me me me me attitude, we would have won more games and have a better team. Gasol confidence is shot and he was no expecting that pass.

Since Artest was shooting 70% and had made 2of4 3 pointers, and kobe shot 27% and missed all his 3pointers so far, why didn't Artest take the last shot? For that matter why didn't he get the opportunity to shoot, the second half? kobe can't get mad at Gasol for fumbling a pass when kobe has missed over 70% of his shots. When he started taking too many shots in the second half, he should have been taken out of the game and kept out and the Lakers would have won.
I'm sorry that kobe reinjured his ankle and I hope it heals quickly, but he needs to wear his Laker jersey when he plays and not his kobe jersey. NOH loves it when he takes all the shots, it always gives them the edge.

One year ago the first round series with OKC was 2-2 after the first 4 games. Lakers will come out on fire next game and win game 6 in NOLA. Lakers do need to begin looking toward the future and try to get Dwight Howard and a true pg like Paul,Westbrook,or Williams. The young NO coach Monte Williams has done a good job and looks like a future NBA star coach.

The biggest mystery in sports is how did phil win 11 rings besides jordan and kobe? if a laker player is rolling besides kobe phil will pull them and cool them off for the other team. H you are right ron was clicking on offense and defense and didn't get too many shots after the second half.

in a way I was happy for Ariza and Mbenga as former lakers. Ariza reminded us when he gets in a zone how good he really can be. Here he was guarding one of the best ballers on the planet and then taking to him on the other end. Mbenga had a nice nifty over and under shot and played good defense and a few rebounds. A hard worker. i don't know why we got rid of mbenga for theo.

Hope he's back for Game 5. It'll keep things interesting.

Lakers could have won the game. If Jack misses the last shot it would be only 2 pt game.

I think if New Orleans wants to go to the next round they have to execute better in the final minutes. I thought I saw them imploding.. probably combination of Lakers D or inexperiene.

I still don't see Hornets beating Lakers 2 out of 3.

Lakers haven't had eye of the tiger all year. Just don't seem hungry. GirlSol has reverted back to his European sissy ways, it seems too.

Wow. Haters are sure chewing on a mouthful of our loss.

I'm gonna like it when they choke on it.

I think what the haters don't realize is that just because we lost this game doesn't mean they're right about any of what they think. Again and again this team comes back and wins. They just do. Remember last year, down 13 in game seven? The haters were gleefully cackling, their mouths full of a certain loss. They were choking on their mouthfuls then, believe me.

This is a championship team. They will make the adjustments. They will go on to the next round, while everyone who predicts their ousting in the first round will have to choke again. This team has heart. This team has talent. This team will win. Simple simon.


I thought Fisher played good D on Paul in the closing minutes of the game. And Fisher was 4 for 7 fg for 10 points...decent game for his standards.


Police here; listening to Cowherd this morning and he made LOTS of valid points. The way the Rockets played against us last year was the exception not the rule ( no bench is going to shoot 3 pt shots at a 50% clip over a playoff series). In this series however, CP3 will continually be a problem for our PGs and Landry will be a thorn in the side of Gasol and LO; not the exception but the rule.

But wait a minute, the PSP is getting ahead of the PSP. It's practice playoff season, nothing to worry about; if we lose we still going to round 2!!

PSP Officer

2 years ago* not last year

I just received a $20,000 fine from the NBA due to language I used during the final 3 mins of game 4. I didn't know the mike was on.

GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! (just not like yesterday)

>>>Win or lose the best thing that can happen to the Lakers is the departure of
>>>one Phil Jackson who is an astoundingly bad coach.

Yeah, right. Jerry "no rings" Sloan would be Soooooooo much better.

Troy and Steve P. summed up my EXACT FEELINGS about this team. I don't even watch the games anymore -- they are sickening. I've been a fan since before the first championship in LA, and I really can't stand this particular Lakers team. Also, for all long time Lakers fans, it's agonizing to see the CELTICS play with more heart and fire then these Lakers -- right now, the Celtics have WAY MORE HEART.

In my opinion, there is ZERO chance of this team beating OKC in the next round. In fact, my prediction is that we will lose in 5 games, much like the way we lost the 2004 Finals to the Pistons...we'll win one game on a desperation shot by Kobe, but we'll be embarrassed the rest of the series.

And, if Kobe's ankle is really bad, we'll lose to the Hornets in 6 because, other than Kobe and Artest, who else on this team really brings it every playoff game? Right, nobody...of course, we can always hope Pau will step

My only real interest in the NBA Playoffs right now is MIAMI LOSING...I can even live with the Celtics winning it all over least the CELTICS and Doc Rivers actually play with passion, unlike the Lakers

They basically don't care. They don't care if they win or they lose. They expect teams to lay down for them. They also appear to be very poorly coached. Every change New Orleans makes has to be countered the next game; I guess no sense in having coaching experience that could counter it in the current game.

James Carvell on Obama,"If Hilary gave him one of her balls, he'd have two..."

Maybe if Kobe gives one to Pau...oops, math doesn't work, he'd still only have one!

Calm Down people!

I have before predicted that this laker team would go 16 - 7 in this year playoffs and so far it is going just like I thought.

For you guys to relax: 1st round Lakers 4 vs Hornets 2

2nd round Lakers 4 vs Mavs 1

3rd round Lakers 4 vs Guess who?

Finals Lakers 4 vs Guess who?

Wait and you will see exactly what I am saying


GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last season they looked like they weren't going to make it,
but they did.
Never cared for Fisher, but in the end they always seemed to prevail.
look for Fisher to start taking cheap shots, you all know what I'm talking about.
He does it when he is exposed.

It’s disheartening to see some Lakers fans question the Lakers desire to win. Please remember this is a team has been to the Finals three consecutive years, winning two straight and seeking another one. I couldn’t imagine the mental fortitude required to remain focus year after grueling year. Yes, there are issues, but adjustments will be made. Be proud of how far they’ve come, support them through adversity and cheer them to victory!

Pau really messed this game 4 up. He is a true soft sissy. Nothng but grunts, no action. Cannot even catch passes under basket. Kobe should never play if he is not 100 per cent. He is hurting the team and the game and coach should sit him but he has no balls. Ariza ran all over Kobe and CPaul did a game on Kobe also. Odom missed the bus to the game because he was not there in the game. Barnes has been a big disappointment and Brown is getting there fast also.
Lakers have no bench to rely on. Coach Jackson is first out the door this summer (which is in a week or so) and there should be alot of others behind him. Clean house !!

the lakers have only got to solve one problem and that is fish you cant expect to win a championship with four(4) players against five(5).fish havent played good all year so
how is he going to turn it on now,and as far as pj he is a lousy coach who has won 10 rings because in the past he had
great players who wanted to win and played far as pau
he plays like a sissy.lamar need to decide if he wants to play basketball or become a actor.

the team need to bring a new coaching staff in from the outside who has not been influence by blake,walton
brown,pau,lamar you cant trade fish because any team who take
him must be despereate or crazy.

I think this loss is worse than the one in Game 1.



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