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Laker girl profile: Jessica is a student of dance and a fan of Stephen King

JessicaLaker Girl name: Jessica

Hometown: Grapevine, Texas

Area of Residence: Downtown Los Angeles

College/High School: Grapevine High School and Oklahoma City University with a bachelor of arts in performing arts and a minor in history.

What prompted you to want to become a Laker Girl? My dream was always to be a dancer. When I moved out to California and began auditioning, around the same time every year the buzz around the dance world was about the Laker Girls audition. The prospect of being able to dance, be a member of the premiere NBA dance team and represent the most recognized/talented team in the league was exciting to me. I was determined to audition until I made it!

What do you think stood out to the judging panel, about you, regarding your audition? I do not know exactly what it was that made me stand out to the judges, there are so many talented and beautiful ladies who audition each year. I believe that my dance training had something to do with it and maybe that I just kept smiling the whole time.

What do you think makes a good Laker Girl? To be a good Laker Girl, it takes much more than looks and good dance ability. Professionalism is one of the most important qualities in all of us. There are many rehearsals, games and community events that we take part in that we must be on time for -– not to mention, be ready to put our best foot forward.

What is your dance experience? I have been dancing since I was 3 years old -- mostly jazz, ballet and tap. I also have a degree in dance performance from Oklahoma City University, where I studied pas de deux, choreography and theater cance. 

What is your favorite dance routine as a Laker Girl? "Mercy" stands out in my mind because it was a fun dance but also because it was what we performed at the audition the first year I made the team. But I think this year my favorite dance is "For Your Entertainment."

Favorite uniform? I love wearing our Sunday whites! When we walk out and everyone is all in white it makes me feel connected to the Lakers tradition! I particularly liked the sparkly white one from last year.

Favorite Lakers player? I would have to say that Shannon Brown is one of my favorite players. He's such a dynamic player and always very exciting to watch. I also think he always shocks us all with how high he can jump!

Favorite Laker Girl memory so far? Of course my favorite memory as a Laker Girl was being on the floor as the buzzer announced the end of Game 7 in the Finals last year. The feeling was indescribable. Being able to share in that moment in NBA history, with everyone at Staples Center, and the whole city of Los Angeles was incredible!

What do you like most about being involved as a Laker Girl at local charity/community events? I like that our status in the community helps us make more of an impact at charitable events/functions. If being there as a Laker Girl helps the charity raise more funds or have more success in getting their message out, then I am happy we had the opportunity to help.

What would you say is your beauty secret? I do not really have any secrets. I would have to thank my mother for her genetics and a good diet.

What diet/workout tips do you have? I think it is important to have a well-rounded workout regime. Basic cardio and weights should be used in conjunction with Pilates or resistance training. Yoga and stretching is good for you too. When it comes to diet, I am a believer in "all things in moderation" and that you should watch out for sugar (although I admittedly have a huge sweet tooth).

What are your hobbies? I love to read, I enjoy Stephen King and am a huge Harry Potter fanatic. I enjoy puzzles and I am also learning to golf!

Career aspirations? There are so many things that I am interested in. I obviously would love to keep dancing for as long as I can and one day hope to open a studio where I can develop my own teaching method. But also, being a Lakers TV host has peaked my interest in broadcasting, public relations and the sports world in general. Who knows what will come next....

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

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Isn't it odd that none of the Laker Girls ever pick Kobe as their favorite player?

MM, you ever ask why?

I suppose you don't even want to go there.

This kind of post seems better suited to the wasteland that is the offseason....

Art - Yeah that is interesting. But I don't think it's them saying they don't like Kobe as opposed to they like some of the other players more. More than likely, they've had interaction with the other players


Good explanation.

I think one of the Laker girl that MM featured before likes Kobe if im not mistaken.Jessica are stunning and very pretty.Go go Lakers...

Looks like the bulls are losing this game,Drose was having an off night....


You want Vanessa to to have their head on a platter? eh Art? Like MM did SonnyBelslow, just a warning this time. :-)

Indiana about to take one from the Bulls; shouldn't mean much except that series will go on for a bit longer. The PSP is more interested in the next game; if Portland can tie it at 2-2 then Dallas is in hot soup!

PSP Officer

Chicago is not getting out of the East. It's either going to be Miami or Boston

Mr. Medina

Why do you think so? Not that the PSP disagree but did something you saw in today's game make you say that?

PSP Intern


Nice to see you make a solid prediction with no waffling.
Though I disagree, I pick the Bulls, but if I'm wrong about that, then the Heat.


Yeah, I thought about that too!!

Pacers are horrid! Larry Bird must be having a coronary, even though when they show him he looks calm! Disgraceful collapse in this game!

@Art.. Good question. Very puzzling. I think I may a theory to that.. Most women still remember colorado and kobes name still carries a certain stigma to them. Maybe its some girl power thing sexism thing? Who knows? Whatever it is don't take this at face value!

I like boston to come out of the east and Lakers will defeat them 4-1 in the final.The refs are not giving Kobe the same treatment as Drose,Lbj and wade and still Kobe average decent scoring number not far from this guys.

I have a thread on Bynum's knee right now. I thought Chicago would get through, but it's troubling that they're struggling so much to beat Indiana. No doubt they're good at closing. But it seems like Derrick Rose is carrying everything and that's it. Boston seems more balanced

The Heat will come out of the east. The heat have two supermen and 1 robin that is plenty for anyone to handle.

I think boston will win 2nd round againts the cheats 4-3.

"Chicago is not getting out of the East" - MM LA Times Lakers Blog

What are you trying to say? That when the Bulls get to the Finals, all the games will be played in Chicago? That seems odd. Can you share a link to this new playoff format?

This just in from the Lakers site.

The Lakers have agreed in principle with GLAAD to promote awareness of discrimination of gays in our community. First, through education of its players, staff, and the public by PSA commercials. Further, the 'Laker Girls' will now be accompanied by the 'Laker Boys' doing dance routines during timeouts. Tryouts to begin immediately following the conclusion of the playoffs.

MM - You can censor this post if you want. It won't hurt my feelings...

fatty why censor your comment?

The best thing to do with a moron is ignore her.

whodattalking2 - Your reply is better than my comment. I like it....


You are familiar with the dancers and the Lakers TV hosts. How does one make the transition from a career like this to sports media like this girl is aspiring to? I, too, am interested....



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