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Laker girl profile: Brittney recalls emotions surrounding Lakers' 2010 NBA championship


Laker Girl Name: Brittney

Year on Squad: second

Hometown: Laguna Niguel

Area of Residence: Ventura

College/High School: Alumni, Chapman University 2010, business administration with an emphasis in marketing

What prompted you to want to become a Laker Girl? It’s been in my head since I was a little girl sitting on my grandpa’s lap, watching the Lakers games. I think I was a fan of the Laker Girls before I could really understand the game of basketball! Also, I love to dance. When you can mix your favorite sports team with your No. 1 hobby, you can’t go wrong.

What do you think stood out to the judging panel about you? Definitely confidence. Even though I was trembling inside, I feel you absolutely need to exude confidence in your abilities, or you won’t make it past the first few rounds.

What do you think makes a good Laker Girl? I feel a good Laker Girl is responsible. Also, she should have great time-management skills, a warm personality, care for herself -- as well as others and “live in the moment.”

What is your dance experience? I was a song leader in high school. I danced on dance teams and in dance studios. I majored in dance for a little while in college, but I figured I’d switch majors to something a bit more practical for myself.

 Favorite dance routine as a Laker Girl? We’ve had some great routines, but I would have to say that my favorite so far is “On The Floor” (a song by Jennifer Lopez). The choreography feels great to my body -- very natural.

Favorite uniform? It’s a two-piece called “Purple Fringe.” Think a cross between Tina Turner and Laker Girl. It’s so darn cute!

Favorite Lakers Player? I would have to say Pau Gasol. His size and presence both dominate the court. Yet, he is able to move with so much agility and speed for a “big man.” He’s a great asset to the Lakers.

Favorite Laker Girl memory so far? Game 7 versus Boston! I went through such a roller-coaster of emotions. There were so many great highlights of that game. I remember after we won, Magic [Johnson], who was on stage, leaned over to us [Laker Girls] and said, “Congratulations ladies, this championship belongs to you too.” It really struck home for me. We got to be an integral piece of this historical moment and it was so special.

What do you like most about being involved, as a Laker Girl, at local charity/community events? Some people are really affected by the Laker Girls simply participating and supporting their events. I feel like such a normal, everyday girl you would see on the street -- yet, when I’m in uniform and at a charitable function, the Lakers fans are so excited to meet us (it’s neat)! I just love seeing a smile on people’s faces. The thought that I was able to brighten someone’s day just by smiling, or talking, to them gives me a warm feeling inside.

What would you say is your beauty secret? I drink a lot of water. I don’t really like soda or juice. I’ll have a coffee on occasion, but I usually just stick to water. Also, I’m a fanatic about washing my face and moisturizing every morning and night.

What diet/workout tips do you have? When you feel like you need to work out, go work out. Try not to make excuses. If you feel like you’ve eaten too much junk lately, eat better. I think your body will tell you when you’re doing a good job and when you’re not. Listen to your body -- and it will reward you.

What are your hobbies? I really like sewing -- more specifically, clothing design and construction. I like making costumes and fun clothes to wear out. Going out with my friends is always fun as well -- to the beach, to the movies, downtown, out to lunch, wherever. I also have a beach cruiser bicycle that I like taking down to the boardwalk/pier. In addition to those things, I’m kind of known for quoting movies way too much. People kind of laugh at me for my movie references.

Career aspirations? I really feel like I could go in so many directions. There’s so much I would love to learn. Right now, I think I want to go into managing property investments. Design and engineering are of great interest to me too -– and if I can incorporate aspects of that into my career, that would be great. If I can do something I love, I’ll be happy.

-- Mark Medina

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LEWSTRS - Driver
cofm99 - Entertainment Director
Lakemelody - History Consultant
VtLaker - Hooter Girls...yeah yeah okay I'm on board

Come aboard...

Open Bar
Hookah Bar
Egg Rolls
Buffalo Wings
Hooter Girls

Add me aboard, cpt.!

LAKERS IN 5! We have officially gained our swagger back and will dominate the soft Mavs for fou out of the five it will take.

I think Shaw probably has a 85% chance of being the next coach. If we were going a different direction with our personell, then it would propbably be someone else.

If it is someone else, I would take Adelman or Sloan. I love what Adelman did with those Houston squads- talk about overacheiving!

I've always loved that Sloan demands intense focus of his teams for 48 minutes, but after being coached by one of the most laid back dudes in coaching history, this might be too much of a polarizing change.

I'm not sure if Coach K is down with all of the pressure of holding the reigns of the most beloved and scrutenized teams in all of sportsdom.

I couldn't agree any more with Andy K's take on Phil playing his starters at the ends of blowout wins. I just don't get it either. Why risk your entire championship run by toying with fate?

As for the Celts vs. Heat series, this is going to be a seven gamer.

I'm impressed with the Grizz, but I think the Thunder will crush them in 5.

The Hawks will be lucky to get one win out of the Bulls. I predict they will eek one out and go down 1-4.

Celts will beat the Bulls in 6.

We will beat OKC in 6.

We will THREE PEAT in 6 over the Celts.

My first selection of the day- it will be my dedication to my wife tomorrow at my sister's wedding:
"Amber" 311

We're only gonna be in Texas for two games, just long enough to install some steer horns on the hood. I'm on the bus with a broom.

GO LAKERS ! ! ! ! ! !


mclyne - Got you on board...and congratulations to your sister on her special day...Great to see your tribe grow...perfect song selection too...

If Kurt did not take the MIN job, there will probably be little discussion on who would succeed PJ. Does anyone when Kurt's contract is up?

Hey everybody on the blog.

Well said, Snake.

I think kobe had a great quote about the hornets series i think yesterday. He said the lakers advantage was that they learned what they needed to do and the thanks went to the coaching staff.

Part of their whole won't put teams away thing I think is about the approach they take. It's very much like watching Ali box; just hang around for a few games, see what the other team does, throw in a few moves by the greatest and then destroy them

I am actually posing a question here- Re Gasol being soft- I have seen a lot of commentary on the game chat that criticizes Pau, but I don’t think it has been the kind you really go back and say ‘well, they made a point there.’ It is more the kind that some drunk guy yells from the cheap seats. But my question is- doesn’t Pau actually play better over the last couple of years when guarding big less mobile centers than he does when guarding smaller PFs who take it away from the hoop? The guys who strike me as having more success against us are more like soft touch shooter and surprisingly undersized Glen Davis, more jumpshot threat than dunk kind Kevin Garnett, and this year Carl Landry slashing. We all should remember what Pau did to (admittedly offensively challenged) Dwight Howard. But I really don’t have the stats or the game film to say this, so I pose it as a question? What do you guys think?



Some of you guys are unbelievable. This is a blog about Brittney and here you are smacking your lips about the Dallas series.

Jeez, get a life!

Unlike some Laker girls, Brittney seems to possess a rather high Basketball IQ, as I quote, "I would have to say Pau Gasol. His size and presence both dominate the court. Yet, he is able to move with so much agility and speed for a “big man.” He’s a great asset to the Lakers."

She comes off smart, period. Wish her well, a real authentic, life-long Laker fan, unlike many of the other Laker girls (transplants from across the nation). Good luck, Brittney, keep the water handy -- good for the body and soul!

"Bay to LA

Actually, I am a believer in the old adage that "history repeats itself" and the use of historical trends therefore becomes fascinating to me. In my post I SAID it bothered me that the Lakers (not just Phil Jackson, so don't put words in my mouth) have never won a championship when they lost the first game of the playoffs. I didn't throw that out there for no reason.

Of course it is better to have HCA than not have it. Duh. So let's cut to the chase about HCA. It's overblown and overrated. In the last 32 years, since the advent of the three point shot, there have only been five 7 game series in the NBA Finals and let's face it, it's Game 7 where it matters the most. The home team has won all 5 of those series. There has never been back to back seasons when the NBA Finals went 7 games, 4 years between 7 game series being the closest gap. As memory serves me, last year we had a 7 game series in the NBA Finals, which decreases the odds of it happening this year.

So we're talking about a 15.6% chance of a 7 game series in the Finals (or less). I PREFER to look at Phil Jackson's three-peat teams and their NBA Finals playoff series, as self-serving as that may seem to you. In both 1993 and 1998, PJ's Bulls did NOT have HCA, yet won both times. Isn't THAT a much more relevant way to look at this? Those series fell within the 84.4% chance that the NBA Finals will NOT go 7 games.

Just like in 1998, Phil Jackson's second three-peat with the Bulls featured HCA all the way UNTIL the Finals. The parallels. The potential irony. I love this game!

So please counter this:

55-1 when he has a lead in a playoff series
48-0 when his teams win Game 1
12-0 when his teams win Game 3 after being tied 1-1
11 close out games on the first try in his last 12 attempts
6 straight close out wins on the road in his first attempt
2-0 in three-peat attempts without HCA
3-0 in three-peat attempts .. period!
13 trips to the NBA Finals
11 championships

I'm sure I am missing some Dimaggio-esque numbers, but this is actual data relevant to THIS head coach and his teams. Does this guarantee ANYTHING? Of course not. The NBA's elite seem stronger than at any time during PJ's illustrious coaching career and it will be a daunting task to defeat the Mavs, OKC or Memphis and whoever comes out of the East should we be fortunate enough to get that far.

So I rely on some data to help fuel my optimism while you rely on your half-empty gut feeling. They are simply two different approaches. You are comfortable with your and I am comfortable with mine.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | April 30, 2011 at 08:07 AM "

I am glad you admit that HCA is better than not having HCA. You seemed to be disputing that earlier. HCA gives you the first two games at home, making them more winnable, and you see what Phil's history is when his team wins the first couple games of a series.

I think you're making to much of the game 7. HCA gives you a head start in every series and that momentum is huge. If you win the first two games, you only need to win 1 out of 3 on the road to be in a commanding position and have two chances to put it away on your home court.

You say that the series going to a game 7 last year DECREASES the chances of it happening this year and that is absolutely false. They are completely unrelated events. If you flip a regulation coin 5 times and get heads 5 times, you still have a 50/50 chance of getting a heads the first time. You're not "due" to receive a tails just because it hasn't happened in a while.

Why would I want to discredit Phil's record? The problem with putting such a heavy emphasis on historical records is it does not tie in the present in any way. It assumes that all of his threepeat teams were created equal and face a similar level of competition. If his current team is worse than any of the threepeat teams or the matchups or competition they face is greater, it throws it all out the window.

I appreciate that you admit you rely on data that fuels your optimism. That is all I was trying to get you to see all along.

How many Laker Girls are there?

I have a question - if the "curse of the Queens" will prevent Bibby or Peja from reaching the promised land, then tell me again why would we want Adelman as our coach?


I think Pau has trouble with guys built like Landry and Baby. They shorter, have strong lower bodies, and are at least as quick if not quicker than Pau. On the offensive end they give Pau trouble because 1) he can't back them down due to their lower body strength, and 2) they're quick enough to stay in front of Pau. On the defensive end, Pau has trouble staying in front of them.

@Brittney - Congrats! Thanks for representing Laker Nation!

@MM - I think her comment of "a cross between Tina Turner and a Laker Girl" is RCOTD material.

@phred - Ditto what Mark G said about Landry. I don't think Baby is a problem for Pau.

I am actually posing a question here- Re Gasol being soft- I have seen a lot of commentary on the game chat that criticizes Pau, but I don’t think it has been the kind you really go back and say ‘well, they made a point there.



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