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Laker girl profile: Brittney recalls emotions surrounding Lakers' 2010 NBA championship

April 30, 2011 |  1:00 pm


Laker Girl Name: Brittney

Year on Squad: second

Hometown: Laguna Niguel

Area of Residence: Ventura

College/High School: Alumni, Chapman University 2010, business administration with an emphasis in marketing

What prompted you to want to become a Laker Girl? It’s been in my head since I was a little girl sitting on my grandpa’s lap, watching the Lakers games. I think I was a fan of the Laker Girls before I could really understand the game of basketball! Also, I love to dance. When you can mix your favorite sports team with your No. 1 hobby, you can’t go wrong.

What do you think stood out to the judging panel about you? Definitely confidence. Even though I was trembling inside, I feel you absolutely need to exude confidence in your abilities, or you won’t make it past the first few rounds.

What do you think makes a good Laker Girl? I feel a good Laker Girl is responsible. Also, she should have great time-management skills, a warm personality, care for herself -- as well as others and “live in the moment.”

What is your dance experience? I was a song leader in high school. I danced on dance teams and in dance studios. I majored in dance for a little while in college, but I figured I’d switch majors to something a bit more practical for myself.

 Favorite dance routine as a Laker Girl? We’ve had some great routines, but I would have to say that my favorite so far is “On The Floor” (a song by Jennifer Lopez). The choreography feels great to my body -- very natural.

Favorite uniform? It’s a two-piece called “Purple Fringe.” Think a cross between Tina Turner and Laker Girl. It’s so darn cute!

Favorite Lakers Player? I would have to say Pau Gasol. His size and presence both dominate the court. Yet, he is able to move with so much agility and speed for a “big man.” He’s a great asset to the Lakers.

Favorite Laker Girl memory so far? Game 7 versus Boston! I went through such a roller-coaster of emotions. There were so many great highlights of that game. I remember after we won, Magic [Johnson], who was on stage, leaned over to us [Laker Girls] and said, “Congratulations ladies, this championship belongs to you too.” It really struck home for me. We got to be an integral piece of this historical moment and it was so special.

What do you like most about being involved, as a Laker Girl, at local charity/community events? Some people are really affected by the Laker Girls simply participating and supporting their events. I feel like such a normal, everyday girl you would see on the street -- yet, when I’m in uniform and at a charitable function, the Lakers fans are so excited to meet us (it’s neat)! I just love seeing a smile on people’s faces. The thought that I was able to brighten someone’s day just by smiling, or talking, to them gives me a warm feeling inside.

What would you say is your beauty secret? I drink a lot of water. I don’t really like soda or juice. I’ll have a coffee on occasion, but I usually just stick to water. Also, I’m a fanatic about washing my face and moisturizing every morning and night.

What diet/workout tips do you have? When you feel like you need to work out, go work out. Try not to make excuses. If you feel like you’ve eaten too much junk lately, eat better. I think your body will tell you when you’re doing a good job and when you’re not. Listen to your body -- and it will reward you.

What are your hobbies? I really like sewing -- more specifically, clothing design and construction. I like making costumes and fun clothes to wear out. Going out with my friends is always fun as well -- to the beach, to the movies, downtown, out to lunch, wherever. I also have a beach cruiser bicycle that I like taking down to the boardwalk/pier. In addition to those things, I’m kind of known for quoting movies way too much. People kind of laugh at me for my movie references.

Career aspirations? I really feel like I could go in so many directions. There’s so much I would love to learn. Right now, I think I want to go into managing property investments. Design and engineering are of great interest to me too -– and if I can incorporate aspects of that into my career, that would be great. If I can do something I love, I’ll be happy.

-- Mark Medina