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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 86-85 loss to Utah Jazz

--Mark Medina

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Be careful with the homies.

Let's all hope the Lakers are not beginninga funky loss period(which hallmarked thiseasonLakersmust realize they have a good chance at NBA imortality in a treepeat!


I think you meant to say "Six time champion and best player on the team BALL HOGGER"

you're welcome.

With our remaining tough schedule and fighting for HC over as many teams as possible, that was "not" the game to loose...

I'm sick and tired of the 17 and 3 talk. They are 0 and 2 now which is their realtime trend! The last 2 games have shown how weak this version of the team is in mind and focus. I'm not even sure they have the physical talent/condition necessary at this time of the season - with Kobe's chronic injuries affecting his shot and turnovers. I am with JDizzle in that a lockout would give KB the opportunity to actually get his fingers fixed and give it one last run at the next ring, next year. Kobe cannot continue to force things with absurd numbers of turnovers and have any expectations that the Lakers will advance in the playoffs. His mano-a-mano garbage with whomever challenges him du jour will be the Lakers undoing, even when it is a rook like Hayward!

They need to solve the outside shooting weakness they have as a team next year. They certainly will be hard pressed to get through to a ring without this help this year. Seems like everyone else has a Korver or House or Allen or Frye or some such shooter who cannot be left alone on the perimeter; why not US!?

BTW, 'boring' may be better replaced by 'painful '(to watch).

It is also obvious to anyone that they have developed BAD habits, nevermind hoping to suddenly turn a switch on and turn those away for good habits!??!! 'Habit' implies a consistent pattern of behavior. The only patterns that have been obvious this season are BAD ones.

Lol, fair weathered fans. Two losses mean nothing. You forget their dismal record ending last season. Kobe was ailing so badly he was sat out of games. And forget Drew. The fact is the team is healthier this year. No team ever goes in 100% healthy at this point. A champ wills his way to the fifteenth round.

Drew was not even half the force he is this year. Lakers have proven to have gears other teams simply don't have. They have also proven they will not only play through pain and injury, but find a way to win. So take off the sheep skin, don't pretend to be a Lakers fan, if ur jumping ship now. When it comes to play offs, the lakers are a team with the heart of the fictional character Rocky Balboa. Except their for real.

Plus second place offers a better match up. Chicago has no prime time experience. Heat have proven to wilt under prime pressure. Celts have gone small. Spurs are just or even older. Dallas, well need I say more.

Thunder is q challenge, but Larkers still have more size, and a stronger bench than last year. We had no bench last year. It is possible. Very possible. I didn't even mention the motivation of Mr. Phil Jackson's last stand. Let's get some perspective.



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